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20 CFR 404.1594 - How we will determine whether your disability continues or ends.

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Document in Context
Collapse    Title 20 - EMPLOYEES' BENEFITS
Parts 400 - 499. April 1, 1996.
Toc - Table Of Contents
Toc - Table Of Contents
Toc - Table Of Contents (Parts 404 - 404)
Sec. 404.1501 - Scope of subpart.
Sec. 404.1502 - General definitions and terms for this subpart.
Sec. 404.1503 - Who makes disability and blindness determinations.
Sec. 404.1504 - Determinations by other organizations and agencies.
Sec. 404.1505 - Basic definition of disability.
Sec. 404.1506 - When we will not consider your impairment.
Sec. 404.1508 - What is needed to show an impairment.
Sec. 404.1509 - How long the impairment must last.
Sec. 404.1510 - Meaning of substantial gainful activity.
Sec. 404.1511 - Definition of a disabling impairment.
Sec. 404.1512 - Evidence of your impairment.
Sec. 404.1513 - Medical evidence of your impairment.
Sec. 404.1514 - When we will purchase existing evidence.
Sec. 404.1515 - Where and how to submit evidence.
Sec. 404.1516 - If you fail to submit medical and other evidence.
Sec. 404.1517 - Consultative examination at our expense.
Sec. 404.1518 - If you do not appear at a consultative examination.
Sec. 404.1519 - The consultative examination.
Sec. 404.1520 - Evaluation of disability in general.
Sec. 404.1521 - What we mean by an impairment(s) that is not severe.
Sec. 404.1522 When You Have Two Or More Unrelated Impairments - initial claims.
Sec. 404.1523 - Multiple impairments.
Sec. 404.1526 - Medical equivalence.
Sec. 404.1527 - Evaluating medical opinions about your impairment(s) or disability.
Sec. 404.1528 - Symptoms, signs, and laboratory findings.
Sec. 404.1529 - How we evaluate symptoms, including pain.
Sec. 404.1530 - Need to follow prescribed treatment.
Sec. 404.1535 - How we will determine whether your drug addiction or alcoholism is a contributing factor material...
Sec. 404.1536 - Treatment required for individuals whose drug addiction or alcoholism is a contributing factor...
Sec. 404.1537 - What we mean by appropriate treatment.
Sec. 404.1538 - What we mean by approved institutions or facilities.
Sec. 404.1539 - How we consider whether treatment is available.
Sec. 404.1540 - Evaluating compliance with the treatment requirements.
Sec. 404.1541 - Establishment and use of referral and monitoring agencies.
Sec. 404.1545 - Your residual functional capacity.
Sec. 404.1546 - Responsibility for assessing and determining residual functional capacity.
Sec. 404.1560 - When your vocational background will be considered.
Sec. 404.1561 - Your ability to do work depends upon your residual functional capacity.
Sec. 404.1562 - If you have done only arduous unskilled physical labor.
Sec. 404.1563 - Your age as a vocational factor.
Sec. 404.1564 - Your education as a vocational factor.
Sec. 404.1565 - Your work experience as a vocational factor.
Sec. 404.1566 - Work which exists in the national economy.
Sec. 404.1567 - Physical exertion requirements.
Sec. 404.1568 - Skill requirements.
Sec. 404.1571 - General.
Sec. 404.1572 - What we mean by substantial gainful activity.
Sec. 404.1573 - General information about work activity.
Sec. 404.1574 - Evaluation guides if you are an employee.
Sec. 404.1575 Evaluation Guides If You Are Self - employed.
Sec. 404.1576 Impairment - related work expenses.
Sec. 404.1577 - Disability defined for widows, widowers, and surviving divorced spouses for monthly benefits...
Sec. 404.1578 - How we determine disability for widows, widowers, and surviving divorced spouses for monthly...
Sec. 404.1579 - How we will determine whether your disability continues or ends.
Sec. 404.1581 - Meaning of blindness as defined in the law.
Sec. 404.1582 - A period of disability based on blindness.
Sec. 404.1583 - How we determine disability for blind persons who are age 55 or older.
Sec. 404.1584 - Evaluation of work activity of blind people.
Sec. 404.1585 - Trial work period for persons age 55 or older who are blind.
Sec. 404.1586 - Why and when we will stop your cash benefits.
Sec. 404.1587 - Circumstances under which we may suspend your benefits before we make a determination.
Sec. 404.1588 - Your responsibility to tell us of events that may change your disability status.
Sec. 404.1589 - We may conduct a review to find out whether you continue to be disabled.
Sec. 404.1590 - When and how often we will conduct a continuing disability review.
Sec. 404.1591 - If your medical recovery was expected and you returned to work.
Sec. 404.1592 - The trial work period.
Sec. 404.1593 - Medical evidence in continuing disability review cases.
Sec. 404.1594 - How we will determine whether your disability continues or ends.
Sec. 404.1595 - When we determine that you are not now disabled.
Sec. 404.1596 - Circumstances under which we may suspend your benefits before we make a determination.
Sec. 404.1597 - After we make a determination that you are not now disabled.
Sec. 404.1598 - If you become disabled by another impairment(s).
Sec. 404.1599 - Work incentive experiments and rehabilitation demonstration projects in the disability program.
Sec. 404.1503a - Program integrity.
Sec. 404.1519a - When we will purchase a consultative examination and how we will use it.
Sec. 404.1519b - When we will not purchase a consultative examination.
Sec. 404.1519f - Type of purchased examinations.
Sec. 404.1519g - Who we will select to perform a consultative examination.
Sec. 404.1519h - Your treating physician or psychologist.
Sec. 404.1519i - Other sources for consultative examinations.
Sec. 404.1519j - Objections to the designated physician or psychologist.
Sec. 404.1519k - Purchase of medical examinations, laboratory tests, and other services.
Sec. 404.1519m - Diagnostic tests or procedures.
Sec. 404.1519n - Informing the examining physician or psychologist of examination scheduling, report content, and...
Sec. 404.1519o - When a properly signed consultative examination report has not been received.
Sec. 404.1519p - Reviewing reports of consultative examinations.
Sec. 404.1519q - Conflict of interest.
Sec. 404.1519s - Authorizing and monitoring the consultative examination.
Sec. 404.1519t - Consultative examination oversight.
Sec. 404.1520a - Evaluation of mental impairments.
Sec. 404.1569a - Exertional and nonexertional limitations.
Sec. 404.1592a - The reentitlement period.
Sec. 404.1597a - Continued benefits pending appeal of a medical cessation determination.
Sec. 404.1525 - Listing of Impairments in Appendix 1.
Sec. 404.1569 Listing of Medical - Vocational Guidelines in Appendix 2.