FSC 9310                                                         JCP Q20
Cardboard                                               February 1, 1999

Use information: This paragraph is informational only and is not 
    exclusively definitive of the end use.
  For letterpress and offset printing of signs, display cards, cloth or 
paper-stripped covers, two-piece covers for use with bindings such as 
plastic combs, wire-o, and spiral. Printed matter may include text, line 
illsutrations, and solid reverses.

Stock: Facing sheets shall be uncoated and shall not exceed 25 pct 
  groundwood pulp.
    Note: Not less than 80 pct total recovered fiber of which 15 
  percentage points shall be postconsumer fiber. Postconsumer fiber, in 
  any percent over 15 percentage points, is encouraged, provided that 
  the requirements of this Standard are met.

Thickness: Average (mm)......................     0.45     0.76     1.22
  Equivalent (inch)..........................   0.0180   0.0300   0.0480

  Tolerance: Plus or minus (mm)..............    0.026    0.050    0.065
  Equivalent (inch)..........................    0.001    0.002   0.0025

General appearance: The color and cleanliness shall conform to the 
  standard sample(s) adopted by the Government.
  Color: The paper board in the order (or publication) shall be uniform. 
  The color variation shall not exceed DE(CIELAB)=1.0 with a target 
  brightness of the white board not less than 79 pct.

    For colored stock, board shall match one of the established 
  standards. Colors shall be ash gray, blue, buff, green, orange, red or 
  as specified. The commercial color standard is applicable, unless 
  specified that the color shall conform to the Government standard. 
  Colors shall not fade and shall appear even and uniform on the surface 
  of the board.

Sampling and testing: Shall be conducted in accordance with standards in 
  Part 2, Government Paper Specification Standards.


 Unless otherwise specified, the following is automatically waived when 
  printing or duplicating is to be accomplished on commercial contract
Curl: Paper board shall lie flat with either no tendency to curl or with 
  a curl which can be overcome under reasonable working conditions.
Size and trim: Paper board shall be furnished in the size(s) ordered and 
  shall be flat, trimmed square on four sides with clean smooth edges, 
  and evenly jogged. A tolerance of 2 mm (\1/16\ inch) shall 
  be allowed. Successive sheets within any package
  shall not differ from each other by more than 0.5 mm (\1/64\ inch).

  Paper board with the long dimension 813 mm (32 inches) or less shall 
  be considered square if the variation does not exceed 1 mm (\1/32\ 
  inch); over 813 mm (32 inches), 2 mm (\1/16\ inch).
Grain: Direction of the grain on flat board shall be as ordered.
Pressroom conditions: The bulk of this paper board will be used in air-
  conditioned pressrooms maintained at 24  deg.C 2  deg.C 
  45 pct 8 pct relative humidity.