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Frequently Asked Questions for Vendors

  1. How do I bill GPO?
    Visit the following website for complete instructions on preparing your voucher and barcode cover page:
  2. How do I find out what agencies are authorized to use the SPA?
    How the information is furnished may vary from office to office.  You may visit and/or contact your SPA Representative
  3. Can I send marketing materials to agencies?
    Yes. Once certified as a SPA contractor, you may provide authorized customer agencies with marketing materials illustrating your capabilities and specialties. 
  4. Does Contract Terms apply to each order?
    Yes, Contract Terms applies to all SPA work orders as referenced in the specifications for each SPA program.
  5. Does the Quality Assurance Through Attributes (QATAP) apply to each order?
    Yes, QATAP applies to all SPA work orders as referenced in the specifications for each SPA program. 
  6. Who do I call for questions?
    For specific work order related questions, you should contact the name listed on the work order. For SPA contract, billing or other GPO related questions, you should contact your SPA Representative
  7. What happens if I accept an order which is over the agency limit?
    You run the risk of not getting paid. This situation can be prevented by verifying authorized users spending limit via the SPA website ( ) and/or by contacting your SPA representative (
  8. Who handles complaints?
    Agency/contractors are instructed to work together to see if an equitable solution can be obtained.  If a dispute cannot be reconciled, then the agency/contractor may contact their GPO representative for intervention.
  9. What do I do if I need a modification?
    • Modifications are to be handled by the originating customer agency or the GPO office that issued the work order. The modification will be accomplished via a written Contract Modification, or by annotating the original work order with a summary of the change and its cost.  A copy of the Contract Modification/annotated work order will be furnished to the contractor.  The contractor shall provide a copy of the Contract Modification/annotated work order with their invoice to GPO. 
    • If a change should cause a work order to exceed the SPA cost limit ($10,000 limit per order), a formal Contract Modification MUST be written by GPO.  Only a GPO Contracting Officer can issue a modification to a work order that causes a cost increase above the SPA cost limit.
    • Note:  Your GPO SPA Representative can always be contacted to provide administrative and technical support for complex change requirements or questions regarding SPA spending limits. 

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