[Senate Calendars for February 26, 2013 - 113th Congress, 1st Session]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office]

                             GENERAL ORDERS

                             UNDER RULE VIII


 Order  Measure Number           Title                 Reported or       
  No.     and Author                              Placed on the Calendar 

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    3      S. 81     A bill to provide         Jan. 28, 2013.--Read the 
         Mr. Paul      guidance and priorities   second time and placed 
                       for Federal Government    on the calendar.
                       obligations in the 
                       event that the debt 
                       limit is reached.

    4      S. 82     A bill to provide that    Jan. 28, 2013.--Read the 
         Mr. Paul      any executive action      second time and placed 
                       infringing on the         on the calendar.
                       Second Amendment has no 
                       force or effect, and to 
                       prohibit the use of 
                       funds for certain 

    5      S. 83     A bill to provide for     Jan. 28, 2013.--Read the 
         Mr. Paul      continuing operations     second time and placed 
                       of Government in a        on the calendar.
                       fiscally responsible 

    6     S. 124     A bill to provide that    Jan. 28, 2013.--Read the 
        Mr. Heller     Members of Congress may   second time and placed 
                       not receive pay after     on the calendar.
                       October 1 of any fiscal 
                       year in which Congress 
                       has not approved a 
                       concurrent resolution 
                       on the budget and 
                       passed the regular 
                       appropriations bills.

    8     S. 164     A bill to prohibit the    Jan. 29, 2013.--Read the 
         Mr. Paul      United States from        second time and placed 
                       providing financial       on the calendar.
                       assistance to Pakistan 
                       until Dr. Shakil Afridi 
                       is freed.

    9     S. 177     A bill to repeal the      Jan. 30, 2013.--Read the 
       Mr. Cruz and    Patient Protection and    second time and placed 
          others       Affordable Care Act and   on the calendar.
                       the Health Care and 
                       Reconciliation Act of 
                       2010 entirely.

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   10     S. 201     A bill to prohibit the    Feb. 4, 2013.--Read the 
         Mr. Paul      sale, lease, transfer,    second time and placed 
                       retransfer, or delivery   on the calendar.
                       of F-16 aircraft, M1 
                       tanks, or certain other 
                       defense articles or 
                       services to the 
                       Government of Egypt.

   11     S. 204     A bill to preserve and    Feb. 4, 2013.--Read the 
       Mr. Paul and    protect the free choice   second time and placed 
          others       of individual employees   on the calendar.
                       to form, join, or 
                       assist labor 
                       organizations, or to 
                       refrain from such 

   12     S. 209     A bill to require a full  Feb. 7, 2013.--Read the 
         Mr. Paul      audit of the Board of     second time and placed 
                       Governors of the          on the calendar.
                       Federal Reserve System 
                       and the Federal reserve 
                       banks by the 
                       Comptroller General of 
                       the United States, and 
                       for other purposes.

   13     S. 252     A bill to reduce preterm  Feb. 14, 2013.--Mr. 
      Mr. Alexander    labor and delivery and    Harkin, Committee on 
        and others     the risk of pregnancy-    Health, Education, 
                       related deaths and        Labor, and Pensions, 
                       complications due to      without amendment. (No 
                       pregnancy, and to         written report.)
                       reduce infant mortality 
                       caused by prematurity.

   14    H.R. 307    An act to reauthorize     Feb. 14, 2013.--Mr. 
                       certain programs under    Harkin, Committee on 
                       the Public Health         Health, Education, 
                       Service Act and the       Labor, and Pensions, 
                       Federal Food, Drug, and   with an amendment in 
                       Cosmetic Act with         the nature of a 
                       respect to public         substitute. (No written 
                       health security and       report.)
                       preparedness and 
                       response, and for other 

   15   S. Res. 12   Resolution recognizing    Feb. 14, 2013.--Mr. 
      Mr. Nelson and   the third anniversary     Menendez, Committee on 
          others       of the tragic             Foreign Relations, with 
                       earthquake in Haiti on    an amendment, and an 
                       January 12, 2010,         amendment to the 
                       honoring those who lost   preamble. (No written 
                       their lives in that       report.)
                       earthquake, and 
                       expressing continued 
                       solidarity with the 
                       people of Haiti.

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