Congressional Directory for the 105th Congress (1997-1998), June 1997.
[Pages 970-1003]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office,]



                    The Capitol, Room S-325, 224-6421

Director.--Lawrence J. Janezich.
      Assistant Directors:
Jane Ruyle
Diane Lane
Michael Mastrian
Gloria Halcomb


                    The Capitol, Room H-321, 225-5214

Director.--Tina Tate.
  Assistant Directors:
Beverly Braun
Gail Davis
Olga Ramirez
Andrew Elias
Erik LeBlanc


                                            Victor Ratner, ABC News, 
                                            Joe Johns, NBC News
                                            Jim Mills, Fox News Channel
                                            Dave McConnell, WTOP Radio
                                            Brian Naylor, National 
                                                Public Radio
                                            Keith B. Plummer, Hearst 
                                            Evelyn Thomas, CBS News


    1. Persons desiring admission to the Radio and Television Galleries 
of Congress shall make application to the Speaker, as required by Rule 
34 of the House of Representatives, as amended, and to the Committee on 
Rules and Administration of the Senate, as required by Rule 33, as 
amended, for the regulation of Senate wing of the Capitol. Applicants 
shall state in writing the names of all radio stations, television 
stations, systems, or news-gathering organizations by which they are 
employed and what other occupation or employment they may have, if any. 
Applicants shall further declare that they are not engaged in the 
prosecution of claims or the promotion of legislation pending before 
Congress, the Departments, or the independent agencies, and that they 
will not become so employed without resigning from the galleries. They 
shall further declare that they are not employed in any legislative or 
executive department or independent agency of the Government, or by any 
foreign government or representative thereof; that they are not engaged 
in any lobbying activities; that they do not and will not, directly or 
indirectly, furnish special information to any organization, individual, 
or group of individuals for the influencing of prices on any commodity 
or stock exchange; that they will not do so during the time they retain 
membership in the galleries. Holders of visitors' cards who may be 
allowed temporary admission to the galleries must conform to all the 
restrictions of this paragraph.
    2. It shall be prerequisite to membership that the radio station, 
television station, system, or news-gathering agency which the applicant 
represents shall certify in writing to the Radio and Television 
Correspondents' Galleries that the applicant conforms to the foregoing 

[[Page 971]]

    3. The applications required by the above rule shall be 
authenticated in a manner that shall be satisfactory to the Executive 
Committee of the Radio and Television Correspondents' Galleries who 
shall see that the occupation of the galleries is confined to bona fide 
news gatherers and/or reporters of reputable standing in their business 
who represent radio stations, television stations, systems, or news-
gathering agencies engaged primarily in serving radio stations, 
television stations, or systems. It shall be the duty of the Executive 
Committee of the Radio and Television Correspondents' Galleries to 
report, at its discretion, violation of the privileges of the galleries 
to the Speaker or to the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, 
and pending action thereon, the offending individual may be suspended.
    4. Persons engaged in other occupations, whose chief attention is 
not given to--or more than one-half of their earned income is not 
derived from--the gathering or reporting of news for radio stations, 
television stations, systems, or news-gathering agencies primarily 
serving radio stations or systems, shall not be entitled to admission to 
the Radio and Television Galleries. The Radio and Television 
Correspondents' List in the Congressional Directory shall be a list only 
of persons whose chief attention is given to or more than one-half of 
their earned income is derived from the gathering and reporting of news 
for radio stations, television stations, and systems engaged in the 
daily dissemination of news, and of representatives of news-gathering 
agencies engaged in the daily service of news to such radio stations, 
television stations, or systems.
    5. Members of the families of correspondents are not entitled to the 
privileges of the galleries.
    6. The Radio and Television Galleries shall be under the control of 
the Executive Committee of the Radio and Television Correspondents' 
Galleries, subject to the approval and supervision of the Speaker of the 
House of Representatives and the Senate Committee on Rules and 
                                              Newt Gingrich,
                                  Speaker, House of Representatives.

                                                John Warner,
             Chairman, Senate Committee on Rules and Administration.

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[[Page 978]]

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[[Page 979]]

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[[Page 980]]

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[[Page 981]]

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[[Page 982]]

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[[Page 983]]

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[[Page 984]]

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[[Page 985]]

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[[Page 986]]

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[[Page 987]]

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[[Page 988]]

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[[Page 989]]

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[[Page 990]]

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[[Page 991]]

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[[Page 992]]

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            Senate Gallery 224-6421    House Gallery 225-5214

A.H. BELO CAPITOL BUREAU--(202) 661-8471; 1325 G Street, NW #250 20005: 
Thomas Ackerman, Sharon Bender, Matthew Braatz, David Martin Cassidy, 
Jonathan E. Drum, Jim Fry, Jeff Goldblatt, Michael Goldfein, Stacy 
Hutchins, Michael Kornely, Scot Lawrence, Carolyn Presutti, Phillip Smith, 
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ABC NEWS--(202) 222-7700; 1717 DeSales Street, NW 20036: Douglas Adams, 
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F. Ashe, Christina Babarovic, Mark Banks, Jon Bascom, John H. Bauer, Bob 
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AP-BROADCAST--(202) 736-9500; 1825 K Street, NW 20006: Amanda Barnett, 
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Bradley, Larry Brown, Mark Carlson, Karen Chase, Steven E. Coleman, Lalnie 
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APTV-ASSOCIATED PRESS--(202) 736-9595; 1825 K Street, NW 20006: Teresa 
Albor, Marc Augenbraum, Louise Bamfield, Patricia N. Beckman, Tracey Ann 
Brown, Ann N. Buffington, Daniele D'Amico, Kelly Daschle, Steve Fluty, 
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AIRWAVES, INC.--(301) 215-7171; 4300 Montgomery Avenue, #303 Bethesda, MD 
20814: Rick Alfredson, Michelle Becker, Tracy Bernstein, Paul C. Gavin, 
Bonnie A. Haynes, Joelle Norwood.

ALASKA PUBLIC RADIO--(202) 362-1699; 2801 Quebec Street, NW #505 20008: 
Joel L. Southern.

AMERICA'S DEFENSE MONITOR--(202) 862-0700; 1500 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 
20005: Glenn Baker, Stephen Sapienza.

AMERICAN RADIO AND TV, INC.--(202) 822-8774; 1825 K Street, NW #507: Daniel 
Rocha, Samuel Rocha.

AMERICAN URBAN RADIO NETWORKS--(800) 456-4211; 627 Jefferson Street, NE 
20011: April Ryan, George Wilson.

AUDIO-VIDEO NEWS--(703) 354-6795; 3622 Stanford Circle Falls Church, VA 
22041: Connie Lawn.

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AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION--(202) 626-5170; 529 14th Street, NW 
#510 20045: Jimmy Balsamo, Tony Jones, Woody Landay, Phillip Lasker, Brett 
Ramsey, Janet E. Silver, Kelli Taylor, Max Uechtritz.

AUSTRIAN RADIO AND TV/ORF--(202) 822-9570; 1206 Eton Court, NW 20007: 
Hildegard Banes, Eugen A. Freund, Raimund Loew, Andreas Pfeifer, Douglas M 
Robinson, Graham L. Scott, Jacquetta J. Searle-Grey, Lauren Silva-Pinto.

BANDEIRANTES NETWORK-BRAZIL--(202) 363-5694; 3101 New Mexico Avenue, NW 
#815 20016: Chris Delboni.

THE BERNS BUREAU--(202) 628-1430; 400 North Capitol Street, NW #183 20001: 
Wendy A. Goldman, Matthew Kaye.

BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION--(202) 608-2000; 1900 W Street, NE 20018: 
John C. Avery, Rovenia M. Brook, Kelly M. Carter, C. Jaci Clark, Sabrina 
Dames, Laura Gene Daughtery, Sheila Douglas, Donna Foster-Dotson, Lura 
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Jr., Corey B. Moore, Prenella Neely, Patricia A. Newman, Shaun Parker, 
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Robinson, Melanie E. Siler, Deborah Tang, Arthur Thomas, Theodore E. 
Thornton, Jr., Stacey Y. Ward, Felicia Watkins, Kenneth White, Rodney 

BLOOMBERG BUSINESS NEWS--(202) 624-1800; 529 14th Street, NW #228 20045: 
Irwin M. Chapman, Jonathan Felger, Roland Morrisette, Julie Slattery, Tina 
Stage, John Wordock.

BONNEVILLE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION--(202) 737-3100; 400 North Capitol 
Street, #156 20001: Ronald Ray Eisenbarth, Marlis Majerus, Charles L. 

BRITISH BROADCASTING--(202) 223-2050; 2030 M Street, NW #607 20036: Sharon 
Blanchet, Claire Bolderson, Stuart Cohen, Lynn M. Dalton, Amanda Jane 
Farnsworth, Kristy Gavin, Gavin James Hewitt, Jeremy Hillman, Katty Kay, 
Bridget Kendall, Maxine Mawhinney, Elizabeth P. Miller, Chris Morris, 
Andrew Roy, Steve Selman, Philip Short, Bill Turnbull, Manoush Zomorodi.

BROADCAST NEWS, LTD--(202) 638-3368; 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 20001: 
Brian Kennedy.

BROADCASTING CORPORATION OF CHINA--(301) 881-4466; 1641 E. Jefferson 
Street, #104 Rockville, MD 20852: Ping Liu.

C-NET--(202) 626-7989; 444 North Capitol Street #601D 20009: Mariko 

C-SPAN--(202) 737-3220; 400 North Capitol Street, #650 20001: Elizabeth 
Aiken, Kenny Alexander, Thomas Alldredge, Theresa L. Amirault, Chiara 
Andres, Nick Aretakis, Douglas Bailey, Michelle Bailor, Shepard B. Bennett, 
Jay Berk, Brett Betsill, Amanda Boskent, Constance D. Brod, Paul Brown, 
Craig Brownstein, Susan Bundock, Kevin Burch, Leslie Burdick, David Byrd, 
Nancy Calo-Christianson, Craig Caplan, Stephen Carpenter, Steven Chaggaris, 
Jim Clark, Amie Cogan, Josh Cohen, Kathryn Cole, Eloise Collingwood, Bruce 
Collins, William Conover, Jeffrey Conrad, Liam Currier, Matthew Dauchess, 
Deborah Derrick, Steve Devoney, Jerry Echols, Gary Ellenwood, Seth Engel, 
Gregory Fabic, Daniel Farkas, Mark Farkas, Rick Gabala, Regina Gardner-
Johnson, Garney Gary, Joyce Genter, Maria Gildea, Jacqueline Gill, Patrice 
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Wilton Hill, Regina Hunter, Pablo Izquierdo, Douglas Johnson, Leona Jordan, 
Ruth Kane, Paul Kangas, Jane Karakashian, Barry Katz, Robert G. Kennedy, 
Roxane Kerr, Lewis Ketcham, Kevin King, Donna Lacey, Brian Lamb, Hope 
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Marshall, Valerie Matthews, Michael McCann, Sean McCann, Kevin J. McClam, 
Julia McGraw, Matthew McGuire, Kate Mills, Diane Morris, Daniel Morton, 
Julian Mulvey, Luis A. Munoz, Kathy Murphy, Terence Murphy, Meka Nelson, 
Thomas Neve, IIona Nickles, Paul Orgel, Michael Patruznick, Ines Perez, 
Chad Pergram, Maura Pierce, Annette Pillon, Anne Preloh, Lisa Price, Deanne 
Reddy, Robert Reilly, Deborah Richerson, Fred Sampaio, Sherry Sanders-
Smith, Ernest Saunders, Jason Scanlon, John Scheuer, Ellen Schweiger, 
Steven Scully, Chinyere Sims, Peter Slen, Sean Slone, Raeshawn Smith, 
Bradley Speare, Alan Speck, Robert Spence, Eric Stepney, Jason Surbey, 
Susan M. Swain, Joe Teeples, Brandon Tilman, Annie Tin, Keith Warehime, 
Kevin Washburn, LaTanya Williams, Ruthann Winterhalter, Jaimee Wisotzky, 
Linda Wright, Michael Zabych, Elizabeth Zosso.

CBN NEWS--(202) 833-2707; 1111 19th Street, NW #950 20036: Robert Allen, 
Frank Becker, Randall Brooks, Melissa Charbonneau, Michael A. Garofalo, 
John Kenneth Lormand, Ron Magnuson, D. Matthew Martin, John Mueller, Emily 
S. Murray, John M. O'Leary, Emily A. Roach, Marcos A. Salinas, Michael L. 
Schaff, Paul L. Strand.

CBS NEWS--(202) 457-4444; 2020 M Street, NW 20036: Thomas Albano, Wyatt 
Andrews, Howard Arenstein, Robert Armstrong, Sharyl Attkisson, Barry 
Bagnato, Bruce Barr, Brenda Box, Rita Braver, David Caravello, George 
Christian, Barbara Cochran, Alfred Colby, Paul H. Corum, Pham Cuong Gia, 
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Tracy Johnke, Nancy Johns, Phil Jones, Adriene Jordan, Mark Katkov, Mark 
Knoller, Stephanie Lambidakis, Donald A Lee, Amy Lehrman, Denise Li, Matt 
Lowe, Dotty Lynch, David C. Martin, Mary Martin, Thomas A. Mattesky, James 
McGlinchy, Michael McGuire, Jill Meyer, Richard Meyer, Dana Miller, Russell 
Mitchell, Heather Murphy, Donna Nelson, John

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Nolen, Robert Orr, Alberto Ortiz, Rebecca S. Peterson, Byron A. Pitts, 
William Plante, Carin Pratt, Diana Quinn, Gabe Romero, Howard L. Rosenberg, 
Roxanne Russell, Robert Schieffer, Emily Schultze, Traci Ann Scott, Thomas 
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Skane, Terence Smith, Susan R. Spencer, Mary Spillane, David E. Stanford, 
James Stewart, Gabriel Stix, Kenneth Swift, Allyson Ross Taylor, Evelyn 
Thomas, Thomas E. Tillman, Peter C. Traynham, Dan D. Tutman, Mary E. Walsh, 
Kenneth E. Williams, Randy Wolfe, Charles Wolfson.

CBS RADIO--(202) 457-4370; 2020 M Street, NW 20036: Pam Coulter, Tracy Lyn 
Johnke, Nancy M. Johns, Jerome Navies, Ivan Scott, Wes Vernon.

CBS TELENOTICIAS--(202) 887-9079; 1333 H Street, NW 20005: Luis Figueroa, 
Pablo Teijeino Gato, Lorestina Montenegro, Victor Reyes, Magaly Wyatt.

CMI TV NEWS AND RADIONET--(202) 822-8774; 1825 K Street, NW #507 20006: 
Ione Indrira Molinares.

CNN--(202) 898-7900; 820 First Street, NE 20002: Michael M. Ahlers, 
Jonathan F. Aiken, Nurith Aizenman, Mark Allen, Kyoko Altman, Kelli Arena, 
Jennifer Avellino, Brian Barger, Ralph J. Begleiter, Pamela S. Benson, 
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Lynn, Vito Maggiolo, Michael L. Maltas, Penelope Manis, Jennifer Martin, 
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LeeAnn Stauffer, Kathryn E. Steinhilber, Pamela Stevens, Amy Stewart, 
Julian H. Styles, Sherrell Swanier, Julie W. Vallese, Greta Van Susteren, 
Laura Viddy, A. MacKenzie Walworth, Michael T. Watts, Danielle J. Whelton, 
Dale A. Willman, Brad Wright, Jennifer Wysocki, Rebekah Young, Jennifer 

CONUS COMMUNICATIONS--(202) 467-5618; 1825 K Street, NW 9th Floor 20006: 
Jeff Ballou, Julia Bushyhead, Bob Costantini, Plummer Crawley, George E. 
Fridrich, Jennifer B. Gallay, Jim Gately, Bryant C. Gourdie, Thomas Hass, 
Brian Hopkins, Myron A. Leake, Liza Liss, Amy S. Meringer, Mary Miller, 
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Sell, Robert Soneira, Ashley King Stringer, Charles Towne, Ted Richard 
Tuel, David Vukmer, Sandra A. Wurz.

CTV TELEVISION NETWORK--(202) 466-3595; 2030 M Street, NW #602, 20036: 
Tobias Fisher, Alan Fryer, Catherine Loper, Charles MacDonald, Jim 

CABLE NEWS 21--(202) 424-1730; 7548 Standish Place Rockville, MD 20855: 
Karen Allyn.

CANADIAN BROADCASTING--(202) 383-2905; 529 14th Street, NW #500, 20045: 
Keith Boag, Henry S. Champ, Sylvain Coudoux, Joanne L. Elgart, David Hall, 
David Halton, George Hoff, Micheline Laflamme, Pierre-Leon Lafrance, Bill 
Loucks, Michael McDowell, Lynne M. McIntyre, Julie Miville-Dechene, Helene 
Y. Parenteau, Yves Peltier, Sylvain Richard, Timothy Richards, Jennifer 
Westaway, Sarah Wolff.

CAPITAL TV NETWORK--(703) 369-3400; P.O. Box 3150, Manassas, VA 22110: 
Lester R. Raker, Patrick L. Raker, Roger A. Raker.

CAPSTONE PRODUCTIONS--(301) 948-1468; 12002 Citrus Grove Road, North 
Potomac, MD 20878: Jackson H. Polk.

#22, 20007: Margarita Castro.

CHANNEL EARTH--(301) 942-1996; 9915 Hillridge Drive, Kensington, MD 20895: 
Allison D. Aubrey, Patrick B. Haggerty.

CHANNEL ONE NEWS--(202) 296-5937; 1825 K Street, NW #915,20006: Sharon 

CHINA RADIO INTERNATIONAL--(703) 892-4572; 2000 South Eads Street, #713 
Arlington, VA 22202: Jun Dong, Zhenbang Dong.

CHINA TELEVISION COMPANY--(202) 393-3604; 400 North Capitol Street, #177, 
20001: Gary C. Tsai.

Connecticut Avenue, NW #317, 20008: Jun Gao, Zhengzhu Liu.

CHINESE TELEVISION SYSTEM--(202) 662-8950; 529 14th Street, NW #1273, 
20045: Chen-fang Chung.

[[Page 996]]

Street, NW, 2nd Floor, 20036; Roger Hsu, Rong Li, Enming Liu, Ning Rong 
Liu, Chiachi Lu, Yan Xiao, Bettina Yang, GuoHua Zang.

CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING SYSTEM--(202) 737-6031; 529 14th Street, NW #1257A 
20045: Myon-taek Han.

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR RADIO--(202) 822-0055; 910 16th Street, NW 20006: 
Monica Brady, Jim Kane, Darraine Maxwell, Duncan R. Moon.

CNBC--(202) 467-5400; 1825 K Street, NW #1003, 20006: Peter Barnes, Matthew 
P. Cuddy, Stephen Dowling Jr., Louise Ellen Filkins, Robin Gellman, Hampton 
Pearson, Alen Rochkind, James Vail.

COMM*TECH NEWS--(202) 338-1215; 4410 Lingan Road, NW 20007: Stephen Banker.

COMMUNITY TELEVISION OF PRINCE GEORGE'S--(301) 386-7628; 9475 Lottsford 
Road, NW #125 Largo, MD 20774: Stacey L. Cohan, Paul M. Crosariol, Curtis 
A. Crutchfield, Kim Korich, Ara A. Laughlin.

CONTACT MIDDLE EAST--(202) 783-0337; 529 14th Street, NW #1122, 20045: Adel 

COURT TV--(202) 828-0366; 1730 M Street, NW #802, 20036: Thomas J. Bagnall, 
Robin Binder, James W. Davis, Stephanie Frix, Chris Gordon, Marietta S. 
Lee, Eva M. Rodriguez, Robert Schmidt, Laura Tull.

COX BROADCASTING--(202) 737-0277; 400 North Capitol Street, #189 20001: 
Leslie Baker, Andy Cassells, David Chase, Mark Curtis, Jamie Dupree, Cesar 
Flores, Steve Gasque, Paul Hollenbeck, Martin Kos, Alison Schafer, Jennifer 
Sumler, Zelda Wallace.

DANISH BROADCASTING--(202) 785-1957; 2030 M Street, NW #700 20036: Torsten 
Jansen, Torben Rasmussen, Peter Sigsgaard.

DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMAN TELEVISION--(703) 931-6644; 2800 Shirlington Road, 
#901 Arlington, VA 22206: Nicholas P. Beery, Nicholas Buschschlueter, 
Dagmar E.H. Engel, Kristin N. Foellmer, Constantin Klein, Lawrence LaComa, 
Chris Robinson, Eckhard F. Tollkuhn, Felicity J. Tollkuhn.

DEUTSCHLAND RADIO--(703) 821-3792; 6703 Lupine Lane McLean, VA 22101: 
Siegfried Buschschluter.

DISPATCH BROADCAST GROUP--(202) 737-4630; 529 14th Street, NW #1152, 20045: 
Rhonda Pence, Richard Puckett.

DOW JONES TELEVISION--(202) 862-6627; 1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW #800 
20036: Paul Courson, Natalie Hohn.

DUTCH TELEVISION/NCRV--(703) 276-0558; 3717 North Nelson Street Arlington, 
VA 22207: Ray Brislin.

DUTCH PUBLIC TELEVISION/NOVA--(202) 775-2960; 2030 M Street, NW #400, 
20036: Carolus Groenhuijsen.

DUTCH RADIO AND TELEVISION KRO--(703) 276-0558; 3717 North Nelson Street, 
Arlington, VA 22207: David Hammelburg.

EO DUTCH TV AND RADIO--(540) 341-0325; 5055 Rock Spring Road Waventon, VA 
20187: John P. Elliott.

ESPN--(202) 363-9804; 3309 MaComb Street, NW 20008: Julie Chrisco.

EUROPEAN BROADCASTING UNION--(202) 775-1295; 2030 M Street, NW 20036: Susan 
Henderson, Olivier Hinnewikel, Lorraine Mottola.

FEDERAL NETWORK, INC.--119 North Henry Street Arlington, VA 22301: Keith 

FINNISH BROADCASTING--(202) 785-2087; 2030 M Street, NW 20036: Edward R. 
Castner, Risto Johnson, Sinikka Siekkinen.

FISHER BROADCASTING--(202) 783-0322; 444 North Capitol Street, #601, 20001: 
Glenn Elvington, Megan McConagha, Tom Walker.

FOX NEWS CHANNEL--(202) 824-6369; 400 North Capitol Street, NW #915, 20001: 
Victor Ed. Acevedo, Scott J. Alexander, James L. Angle, Julie Asher, Anne 
Ball, Bruce C. Becker, Brian Boughton, Janet Boyd, Molly A. Boyle, Edgar 
Brown, Carl Cameron, Michael Carpel, Steve Centanni, Kelly Chernenkoff, 
Patrice Chung, Richard Cockerham, Bryan Cole, Rita Cosby, Lauren Crowley, 
Richard B. DiBella, James Jed Duvall, Jerry L. Echols, Bruce Edwards, 
Clifford Feldman, Bruce Ferder, Joan Fiddle, Christian Galdabini, Wendell 
Goler, Augusto Gomez, Ute W. Gunn, Gregg Gursky, Fred Haberstick, Tammy 
Haddad, Kendall Hagan, Michael E. Hagerty, Nancy Harmeyer, Dana Hill, Steve 
Hirsh, Brian Hollingsworth, Dawn Holly, Moira Hopkins, Kim Hume, Judith 
Jankowski, Meg Kaplan, Carol Kaufmann, Grigory Khananayev, Natalie Anne 
Kirschner, Llissa Klein, Judlyne Lilly, Susan Lindauer, Bill Line, Wayne 
Lowman, Laura W. Luhn, Yolanda Maggi, Jim Mills, Jennifer Oliva, Gavin 
Owen-Thomas, Jack Pagano, Lisa Rizzolo, John Roper, Catherine Sargent, 
Craig Savage, Andy Schwartz, Carl Sears, Christine Sellai, Steve Shelton, 
Laura Shemonsky, David Shott, David Shuster, Tony Snow, Rodney Storey, Jeff 
Strei, Ande Torgerson, Ellen Uchimiya, Bryce Vinson, John L. Wallace, Carla 
G. Wendy, Karen Yianopoulus.

FUJI TELEVISION--(202) 347-1600; 529 14th Street, NW #330, 20045: Peter 
Gold, Yuji Kuroiwa, Amy Margolius, Tateki Muratani, Osamu Sorimachi, Makoto 

GANCIE TELEVISION, INC.--(202) 885-4280; 4001 Nebraska Avenue, NW 20016: 
Chad Findlay, Vincent M. Gancie, Joe Rose, Joan Roskosh.

[[Page 997]]

GANNETT NEWS MEDIA--(703) 276-5967; 1000 Wilson Boulevard 22nd Floor 
Arlington, VA 22229: Kirsten Olsen.

GERMAN BROADCASTING/ARD--(202) 298-6535; 3132 M Street, NW 20007: Ingolf 
Karnahl, Gunnar Schultz-Burkel.

GERMAN PUBLIC RADIO/ARD--(202) 625-2503; 1200 Eton Court, NW #200 20007: 
Hannelore Jones, Hans-Jurgen Maurus, Ingolf Rackwitz, Clemens Verenkotte.

GERMAN RADIO NDR/WDR--(202) 342-1730; 3132 M Street, NW 20007: Horst 
Duisberg-Klaeuser, Udo Koelsch, Sabine Reifenberg, Bernd Julius Schroeder.

GERMAN TV AGENCY--(202) 393-7571; 529 14th Street, NW #1199, 20045: Roger 
Horne, Tipp K. McClure.

GERMAN TELEVISION/ARD--(202) 298-6535; 3132 M Street, NW 20007: Charles F. 
Borniger, Herta Borniger, Tom Buhrow, Sabine Hoffman, Monika Kaiser, Ingolf 
Karnahl, Georg Kellerman, Claus Detlev Kleber, Thea Luise Rosenbaum, Jenny 
Schenk, Hans-Peter Schloemer, Gunnar Schltz-Burkel, Frank Schuetzeichel, 
Stephanie B. Slewka, Werner Sonne, Holger Witt.

GERMAN TELEVISION/ZDF--(202) 333-3909; 1077 31st Street, NW 20007: Heike 
Diel, Laura Downhower, Jens Heik, Jutta Hickman, Rolanda Johnson, Georg 
Juenger, Alice Kelley, Anja Korth, Peter Kruse, Werner Lelle, Joerg Mahler, 
Douglas McCash, Scott McCash, Siri Nyrop, Katharina Oesterwinter, Peter 
Peleger, Hildrun Rowe, Michael Schmitz, Klaus-Peter Siegloch, Michael 
Stagneth, Elmar Thevessen, Elke Tucker.

GERMANY TELEVISION/RTL--(202) 530-0829; 1825 K Street, #915 20006: Barbara 
Biemann, Christof Lang.

GLOBAL TV CANADA--(202) 310-5457; 1333 H Street, NW #505, 20005: Allison 
Butler, Carl Hanlon.

GLOBALVISION--(202) 546-7760; 617 8th Street, NE 20002: Gary Keith Griffin.

GREEK TELEVISION - RADIO--(202) 253-6336; 4201 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 
#A249, 20016: Dimitrios Apokis.

HAMILTON PRODUCTIONS--(703) 734-5444; 7732 Georgetown Pike McLean, VA 
22102: Jay Hamilton, John A. Hamilton, Anne Hamilton Deger, Randy Littman.

HEARST BROADCASTING--(202) 457-0220; 1825 K Street, NW #720 20006: William 
S.D. Connor, Julie Kirtz Garrett, Gary Griffith, Martha Johnson, Keith B. 
Plummer, Bradley Ulery, Lori M. Weinstein, Nicole Young.

INT OF LONDON--(202) 429-9080; 400 North Capitol Street, #899 20001: Marie 
Cerletty, James Mates, James Schule, Ben Scotchbrook, Chris Shlemon, David 
Smith, Charles Walter.

IMAGE TELEVISION--(202) 833-3222; 1705 DeSales Street, NW #550 20036: Evan 
Blaustein, Ann Conanan, John M. Cooper, Robert Gray, Heidi K. Hanson, 
Michael C. Judge, Dennis Troute, Christopher Warner.

INSIDE SCIENCE--(301) 248-6957; 9614 Pamelia Place Fort Washington, MD 
20744: Charles Hagar.

INTERSTAR TV--(703) 931-0586; 5010 7th Road South, #202 Arlington, VA 
22204: Ibrahim Serdar Akinan.

KOREAN BROADCASTING SYSTEM-- (202) 347-4013; 529 14th & F Streets, NW #414, 
20045: Sang Woon Kim.

LONDON NEWS RADIO--(703) 797-2159; 1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW #205 20036: 
Catherine Drew, Emma Gray, Simon Marks, Nancy Marshall, Dominic Waghorn.

MSNBC PRO--(202) 639-9448; 400 North Capitol Street, NW #353 20001: Clayton 
Brown, Ward Lassoe, Fausto Ramon, Frederick Stratton.

MAINSTREET TV--(202) 822-0036; 918 16th Street, NW #400 20006: Hodding 

MANIFOLD PRODUCTIONS--(202) 333-1095; 2804 39th Street, NW 20007: Michael 

MARKETPLACE RADIO--(202) 223-6699; 1333 H Street, NW #1200 West 20005: John 
Dimsdale, Susan Goodman, Cynthia Ingle.

MARYLAND PUBLIC TELEVISION--(410) 356-5600; 11767 Owings Mills Boulevard, 
Owings Mills, MD 21117: Stephen Kremer.

MEDILL NEWS SERVICE--(202) 347-8700; 1325 G Street, NW #730 20005: Jeremy 
Birnholtz, Mary B. Coffman, Sharon Downey.

METRO NETWORKS, WASHINGTON--(301) 718-4949; 5454 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Chevy 
Chase, MD 20815: James Hawk.

METRO NEWS NETWORK--Hal P. Hubbard, John Irving.

METRO TELEPRODUCTIONS INC.--(301) 608-9077; 8750 Georgia Avenue, #144 
Silver Spring, MD 20910: Jennifer Grafton, Dave Lilling, Julio Luzquinos, 
Robert L. Young.

MID-ATLANTIC MEDIA--(703) 893-8893; 8375 Leesburg Pike, #380 Vienna, VA 
22182: Joseph Mancuso, Marc Morano.

MIDDLE EAST BROADCASTING--(202) 637-8889; 1510 H Street, NW 20005: Walid 

MIN WASHINGTON--(703) 524-9300; 1916 Wilson Boulevard, #100 Arlington, VA 
22201: Talal Al-Haj, Christopher Belcher, Ali Rad.

MOBILE VIDEO SERVICES--(202) 331-8889; 1620 I Street, NW 20006: Adam D. 
Bedard, German Garay, William J. Griffitts, Robert Milford, Lawrence 

[[Page 998]]

MULTINATIONAL MEDIA--(202) 393-6639; 506 10th Street, NW 20004: Culver 

MUTUAL/NBC RADIO--(703) 413-8400; 1755 S. Jefferson Davis Hwy. Arlington, 
VA 22202: Becky Bailey, Bonnie G. Erbe, Robert J. Fuss, Gregory D. Johnson, 
Douglas J. Lillibridge, Rachael M. Lowe, Dennis MacCarthy, Peter Maer, 
Howard Moss, Richard Lee Preston, Rita Rich, Richard Rosse, Daniel Scanlan, 
Ross Simpson, Barton J. Tessler, Joseph Walsh, Craig Warner.

N.O.S. NATIONAL TV THE NETHERLANDS--Margaret Plomp, Gerard Van Der Wulp.

NBC NEWS--(202) 885-4210; 4001 Nebraska Avenue, NW 20016: Jamile Adams, 
Robert Abernethy, Joel R. Albert, Patrick Anastasi, Percy Arrington, Rodney 
Sims Batten, Gary Glenn Beall, Arthur Berko, Regina Allen Blackburn, Jay 
Allan Blackman, Keith Blackman, Kenan S. Block, David Jerome Bloom, 
Victoria Blooston, Jeffrey Blount, John D. Boyd, Robert D. Boyer, Anthony 
Capra, Samuel Cardwell, Cassandra Clayton, Jack Cloherty, Elizabeth V. 
Cruze, Bruce Cummings, Lynn Dakis, Brady G. Daniels, Robert Decker Faw, 
Richard E. Dodson, Jameela Donaldson, Kerry Donovan, Geoffrey Doyle, Betty 
Cole Dukert, Victoria Duncan, Christine Egy-Rose, Daniel Erlenborn, Sheldon 
Fielman, Robert Finley, Elizabeth Fischer, David Forman, Salvatore Formica, 
Fredrick N. Francis, Wilfred R. Fraser, Jr., Rosemary Freitas, George 
Fridrich, Timothy Furlong, Brian Gaffney, Kendra Gahagan, Jamie Gangel, 
William A. Gebhardt, Frank L. Gibson, Jr., Sandy Gilmour, Nelson Ginebra, 
Timothy Gorin, Edward D. Gorsky, John Grassie, Olivio Green, Sarah 
Greenberg, Robert M. Hager, Deirdre Hanlon, Alan Harvey, Harold Paul 
Hayley, Chester Hively, John Holland, Roberta Hornig Draper, Laura A. 
Hunter, James A. Hurt, Gwen Ifill, Salim Ibn Ishaq, Janet Janjigian, Joseph 
E. Johns, Leroy Johnson, John Kautz, Jon Kessler, Mary Klette, Ronald Knox, 
Charlotte Kohrs, Panayiota Kozakos, Lester A. Kretman, Tamara Kupperman, 
Robert Kur, Susan Alice LaSalle, Margaret Lehrman, Suzanne Littlefield, 
Lydia S. Lively, Kathleen Lockhart, Joseph W. Loebach, James V. Long, 
Alexandra Marks, John Francis Mathews, Claude Matthews, Andrea McCarren, 
Tasha Nita McNeil, Carroll Ann Mears, Brock Nolan Meeks, Robert S. Merrill, 
Peter Meryash, James Miklaszewski, Evan David Miller, Richard Minner, 
Andrea Mitchell, Kristin Moore, Russell T. Moore, John H. Mulera, Adolyn 
Myers, Lisa M. Myers, Sylvie Oberlander, John S. Palmer, William H. Petras, 
Debra Pettit, Sarah Pines, Denise L. Poon, Edward Rabel, Sally Redding, 
Courtenay K. Reese, Charles Reid, Alan Gregory Rice, Marcie Rickun, Clyde 
W. Robinson, Johnie F. Roth, Timothy J. Russert, John Rutherford, Amy 
Saalwachter, Jose A. Sanfuentes, Cheryl Sarmiento, Eugenia F. Schaefer, 
Frances Schaefer, Max A. Schindler, Christopher Scholl, Carmine 
Scicchitano, Wesley Scruggs, Leslie Sewell, Kevin Andrew Sites, Kimberly 
Sneed, Naomi Spinrad, Elizabeth Steuart, Alfred Storey, Kenneth James 
Strickland, Jessica Stuart, Ricardo Swiner, Lea Hopkins Thompson, Erin Van 
de Bellen, Yaromil Velez, Anthony Verdi, Terrie Verna, Christopher Wiggins, 
Wendla Wilkinson, Karen Williams, Louis A. Williams, Robert Toney Williams, 
Mary Dorman Wilmeth.

NBC NEWS CHANNEL--(202) 783-2615; 400 North Capitol Street, #890 20001: 
Jeffery L. Autry, Mae Beth Boggs, Almadale Brown, Sheila Conlin, 
Christopher Cram, Christopher Dancy, Nancy Ellard, Kevin Fogarty, William 
Glynn, Adam Greenbaum, James C. Hanchett, Sergio A. Jellinek, Kevin A. 
McManus, Elisabeth Mitchell, Sean Reis, Todd Sutton.

NBC NEWS STATIONS DIVISION--(202) 885-4780; 4001 Nebraska Avenue, NW 20016: 
Herb Bloom, Estel Dillon, Margaret Dore, Karen Fuller, Steve Handelsman, 
Richard McDermott, Bonnie Rollins.

NBC4--(202) 885-4111; 4001 Nebraska Avenue, NW 20016: James M. Adams, Leo 
Alexander, Jay Alvey, Katherine Banks-Wilson, Joanne Beck, Charles Bragale, 
Lloyd R. Brothers, Julie Carey, Daniel Cohen, Pat Collins, Elizabeth 
Crenshaw, Anna Davalos, Harry Davis, Elizabeth Feldman, Jim M. Forrest, 
William Gamble, Doreen Geutzier, John Kevin Greenwood, Jim Handly, Corrie 
A. Harding, Cathy Hobbs, Ira John Hudson, Paul Irvin, Philip Jacobs, 
Kathleen Johnson, Susan Kidd, James S. Kizer, Nick Kovijanic, Joe Krebs, 
Pat Lawson-Muse, Debbi Lockhart, Lynda Lopez, Dave Lougee, Shari Macias, 
Brenda N. Mallory, Suzanne Malveaux, Rick Martin, Michelle M. Michael, 
Ronald Minor, James J. Neustadt, Chester Panzer, James Popkin, Lisa 
Rasmussen, Wendy Rieger, Margie Ruttenberg, Mary Alice Salinas, Joseph F. 
Shalhoup, Murray H. Schweitzer, Tom Sherwood, Milton T. Shockley, Michael 
D. Swann, John Wanzer, Mike Whatley, Wayne C. Wood, Albert N. Zodun.

NET-POLITICAL NEWSTALK NETWORK--(202) 544-3200; 717 Second Street, NE 
20002: Victoria Allen, Laura M. Atwell, Glay L. Blocker, Amanda E. Carter, 
Tracey Collins, Craig Crawley, Peter Estrada, Marianne Fogelson, Stella 
Harrison, Tim Heacock, Thomas Scott Huheey, Gregory J. Jenkins, Lisa 
Johnston, Richard Joy, Therese Kaplan, Donna King, Jaqueline N. Mitchell, 
Ferman Patterson, Paige Ralston, Bridget Sharp, Karl Stoll, Tamara 
Stonebarger, Robert T. Sutton, Richard Westfall, Stephen Weyrich, Geneviere 
E. Wood.

NHK-JAPAN BROADCASTING--(202) 828-5180; 2030 M Street, NW #706 20036: 
Kimitoshi Igarashi, Nobuyuki Itagaki, Madoka Kikuchi, Eri Kimura, Kenji 
Kohno, Zita Lichtenberg, Yoshinori Miyagi, Kazuo Ogawa, Kumiko Ogoshi, Koji 
Okamura, Cris Sabo, Robert Schroeder, Kenji Sobata, Michael Viqueria.

NATIONAL NARROWCAST NETWORK--(202) 966-2211; P.O. Box 9597 20016: Carla 
Flug, Morgan Gale.

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO--(202) 414-2000; 635 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 20001: 
Rod M. Abid, Larry Abramson, Greg Allen, Elizabeth Arnold, Jonathan Baer, 
Julia Holmes Bailey, Bob Boilen,

[[Page 999]]

Barbara Bradley, Jonathan Broder, William E. Buzenberg, Barbara Campbell, 
Windall Carline, Eugene Cha, Theodore E. Clark, Jean Cochran, Thomas C. 
Cole, Korva Coleman, Sean Collins, Neal J. Conan, Leslie Cook, William 
Craven, Phillip Davis, Rebecca A. Davis, Robert E. Dore, Bruce Drake, 
Michele DuBach, Bob Edwards, Alyne Ellis, Robert Ferrante, Pam Fessler, 
Corey Flintoff, Deborah George, Peggy Girshman, Tom Gjelten, Barry 
Gordemer, Barton Grabow, Sharon Green, Jane Greenhalgh, Anne Gudenkauf, 
Elana Beth Hadler, Elizabeth Harmon, Richard F. Harris, Steve Inskeep, Rick 
Jarrett, Loren Jenkins, Cynthia Johnston, Edward M. Jones, Christopher 
Joyce, Carl Kasell, John C. Keator, Carol Anne Kelly, Sarah B. Kelly, Peter 
Kenyon, Sunni M. Khalid, Michael Lawrence, Elizabeth Lewis, Mara Liasson, 
Laura Lorson, Catherine V. Maddux, Robert Malesky, Dave S. Mattingly, 
Doreen McCallister, Maeve McGoran, Peter Michaels, Sarah C. Mobley, Stephen 
B. Munro, Brian Naylor, Lynn Neary, Joe R. Neel, John Nielsen, Victoria L. 
O'Hara, John A. Ogulnik, Dean Olsher, Peter Overby, Joseph Palca, Gregory 
Peppers, Victoria Que, Martha Raddatz, Chitra Ragavan, Julia Redpath, 
Jeffrey S. Rogers, Jeffrey Rosenberg, Kathleen K. Rushlow, Claudio Sanchez, 
Lauren O. Sandler, Jeffery R. Sandyann, Sara Keiko Sarasohn, Kathleen N. 
Schalch, Debra Schifrin, Daniel Schorr, Robert Siegel, Joanne Silberner, 
Ellen Silva, Art Silverman, Gregory Smith, Margaret Low Smith, Susan L. 
Stamberg, David Sweeney, Ann Taylor, Gwendolyn Thompkins, Nina Totenberg, 
James M. Wallace, Fred Wasser, Walter Ray Watson, Karin Weinberg, Ned 
Wharton, Danyell T. Williams, Debi Williams, Brenda Wilson, Carline 
Windall, R. Craig Windham, Alice Winkler, Audrey Wynn, John Ydstie, Daniel 

NATIONAL SCENE NEWS BUREAU--(202) 298-9519; 1422 K Street, NW #691 20005: 
Alverda Ann Muhammad, Askia Muhammad.

NATIVE AMERICAN TELEVISION--(703) 771-7469; 111-A Fort Evans Road, SE, 
Leesburg, VA 22075: Maria Dodgar, Rick Dimassimo, Charles G. Kaster, James 
R. Prior, Charles Bearfighter Reddoor, Lloyd A. Reed.

NEWSCHANNEL 8--(703) 912-5308; 7600 D Boston Boulevard, Springfield, VA 
22153: Iris J. Argueta, Monique Braxton, Alan Matthew Brock, Steven Cagle, 
Bruce DePuyt, Mary Theresa Dickie, Michael J. Esposito, Geoffrey Flood, 
Charles Goodknight, Mary Anne Greczyn, Tara L. Heinchon, Jeff W. Hertrick, 
John D. Hillis, Brian C. Hopkins, Marianne Houk, Andrew Inches, Leigh A. 
Ingram, Jane M. Karlen, Suzanne Mason Kennedy, Lisa Marie Kessler, John W. 
Lee, John D. Lisle, David Lucas, Wayne Lynch, Barbara Lynn Matthews, 
Dorattasan Mekour, Brian W. Mistretta, Molette E. Pendleton, Nathan 
Roberts, Michael Rudd, Adam P. Sidel, Joseph K. Spevak, Mark F. Thalman, 
Hugh Thomas, Stephen John Tschida, Colvin Underwood, James W. Walker, James 
T. Watson, Clifton Webb, Snorre Wik, Dave Willingham, Melanie J. Wotring, 
Kim Wright, Steve Zafiropulos, Joy Allison Zucker.

NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT--(202) 682-9029; 1333 H Street, NW #590, 20005: 
Jonathan P. Decker, Darren Gersh, Dennis E. Moore, Angela Terrell, Ken 
Tuohey, Ervin Steven Washington, Stephanie Woods.

NIPPON TV NETWORK--(202) 638-0890; 529 14th Street, NW #1036, 20045: Thad 
Behrens, Yuko Fuse, Naoto Kambe, Christian Herbst, Akihiro Muta, Yoshihiko 
Shiraishi, Jun Suzuki, Junko Yamada, Keisuke Yanaga.

NORWEGIAN BROADCASTING--(202) 785-1460; 2030 M Street, NW #700, 20036: 
Ingvilo Bryn, Gunnar Myklebust.

NUEVO MUNDO NETWORK--(301) 365-8224; 7213 Grubby Thicket Way Bethesda, MD 
20817: Oscar Padilla-Vidaurre.

PTSC/CNN--(202) 515-2206; 820 First Street, NE 20002: Robert Ward Armfield, 
Rodney Seth Atkinson, David F. Bacheler, Dennis Baltimore, Michael 
Bannigan, Patrick Bauley, Michael Bellis, David Steven Berman, Tim R. 
Bintrim, John Bodnar, Burke Buckhorn, Paul Cable, James Cook, Ronald L. 
Couvillion, Roger Daniel, Michael M. David, Timothy J. Durham, Brenda 
Elkins, Timothy C. Garraty, Maurice George, Robert Gilley, Lindsay Graves, 
James M. Greene, Leslie Greene, Thomas M. Greene, Eddie S. Gross, Brian 
Haefeli, Chris Hamilton, Conrad W. Hirzel, Jerry Hollis, David Hugel, David 
A. Jenkins, Martin Jimenez, Bruce E. Kalifa, Michael W. Kauffman, Jennifer 
Klein, Martin Koenig, Howard Lutt, Gary Earl Lynn, Jack Maclnnis, Mark 
Marchione, Ralph Marcus, Dwight M. Mayhew, Sammuel J. McMichael, IV, Paul 
Miller, Peter Mohen, Peter H. Morris, Rick Morse, Joseph Mosley, Thomas P. 
Murphy, Jeffrey S. Noble, Dennis Norman, Sarah Pacheco, Robert G. Parker, 
John Jay Quinnette, Tyrone W. Riggs, Greg Robertson, Carolyn Robertson 
Stone, David S. Ruggiero, David R. Scherer, Barry C. Schlegel, Reginald G. 
Selma, Robert E. Shrader, Randall Sorenson, Thomas Spain, James Stubbs, 
Jimmy Suissa, Daniel Taylor, Kim Denise Thiele, Jerry Thompson, Robert B. 
Torfey, Anthony R. Umrani, John F. Urman, Mark Walz, Francisca G. Yus.

PACIFICA RADIO NEWS--(202) 783-1620; 2390 Champlain Street, NW, 2nd Floor, 
20009: Verna Avery-Brown, Mark R. Bevis, Daniel Coughlin, Julie Drizin, 
Michelle Garcia, Amy Goodman, Patricia Guadalupe, Laura Iiyama, Donald W. 

PANAMERICANA TELEVISION--(301) 774-7959; 3713 Old Baltimore Drive, Olney, 
MD 20832: Rolando Ore.

POLSKIE RADIO--(301) 681-5622; 2324 Arthur Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20902: 
Tadeusz Zachurski.

[[Page 1000]]

POTOMAC TELEVISION--(202) 783-8000; 500 North Capitol Street, NW 20901: 
Bradley C. Anderson, Roy Forbes, Stephanie Fowler, Gregory S. Gates, Olin 
Greene, Duane R. Jones, Robert Karnes, Thomas R. Kolodziejczak, Brigette 
Langmade, Tamara Linderman, Cybele MacHardy, Timothy Matkosky, William T. 
Nonamaker, Jamie F. Norins, David Ottalini, Bradford S. Paxton, Roger 
Rinebolt, William B. Smith, Jonathan St. John, Marcia Wheatley, Karol Lyn 

PRO SIEBEN TELEVISION (GERMAN TV)--(202) 965-4404; 3138 P Street, NW 20007: 
Bridget A. Chandonnet, Elyane C. Lankes, Diana Maguhn.

PROFESSIONAL VIDEO SERVICES--(202) 775-0894; 2030 M Street, NW #400 20036: 
Robert Baumann, Stephen Bostwich, Kathleen M. Brumbaugh, Harvey Cofske, 
Raymond C. DeFrehn, Terri DeVaney, Jason M. Dorn, Richard Feather, Robert 
Fetzer, Darryl B. Johnson, C. Paul London, Christina L. Lucas, William Todd 
Mason, Kerry L. Meyer, Brian Mosher, Misa Rossetti-Meyer, Jeffrey Saffelle, 
Ron Skeans, George S. Summers, David Tidler.

PYRAMID NATIONAL PRESSPORT--(202) 783-5030; 480 National Press Building 
20045: Charles Bellman, Karl B. Celarier, Steven Rosenblatt.

RAI RADIOTELEVISIONE ITALIANA--(202) 775-1295; c/o EBU 2030 M. Street, NW 
20036: Giuseppe Lugato.

RADIO FRANCE INTERNATIONALE--(301) 929-6536; 9519 East Stanhope Road 
Kensington, MD 20895: Christian Billmann.

RADIO FREE ASIA--(202) 530-4973; 2025 M Street, NW #300 20036: Jaehoon Ahn, 
David M. Badden, Arin Basu, Huiyi Chen, Jill Chi-jou Ku, Jennifer Chou, 
Karma Dorsee, Andrew Janitschek, Ho Kim, Hui Hyon Kim, Kalden Lodoe, Thein 
Htike Oo, James I. Park, Craig David Perry, Richard Richter, Wyein Shwe, 
Kin Maung Soe, Soe Thinn, Nadia Usaeva, Khanh Van Nguyen.

RADIO FREE EUROPE/RADIO LIBERTY--(202) 457-6959; 1201 Connecticut Avenue, 
NW 20036: Constantin Alexander, Silvia Cinca, Julie Czechowski, Vladimir 
Dubinsky, Kevin Paul Foley, Paul Goble, Tetiana Iwanciw, Aleksey Levin, 
Robert Lyle, Michael Mihalisko, Maire Reichenau, Larisa Silnicky, Sonia 
Winter, Oleh Zwadiuk.

RADIO MARTI--(703) 641-7961; 400 6th Street, SE 20547: David J. Hall, L. 
Pamela Mantis, Diana Molineaux, Luis Munoz.

RADIO NACIONAL De ESPANA--(202) 783-0768; 1288 National Press Building, 
20045: Luz Rodriguez.

RAINDANCER NEWS BUREAU--(703) 671-2290; 2500 North Van Dorn Street, #625 
Alexandria, VA 22302: Bob Tenequer.

REUTERS TELEVISION--(202) 898-0056; 1333 H Street, NW 5th Floor, 20005: 
Barbara Adams, Jane Arraf, Bruce Barton, Peter Bullock, Jean Campbell, John 
Clarke, Mary Eldred, Kevin Fogarty, Peter H. Fox, Adam Greenbaum, Steven 
Hanberg, Ronnie Hassan, Kia Johnson, Derek Johnston, Peter O. Kent, 
Jennifer K. Knoll, Predrag Kojovic, Culver Jefferson Long, Christopher 
Lagan, Shannon Lauterbach, Ian McDougall, Allen McGreevy, Robert Muir, 
Richardo A. Palovecino, Christine Pass, Gershon Peaks, Steven T. Phillips, 
Duncan Pitcairn, Jonathan Resnick, Clara E. Rivera, Tom Rowe, Lisa Mary 
Springham, Richard Suddeth, Amanda Stultz, George Tamerlani, Philippa 

ROWE NEWS SERVICE--(301) 977-6252; 922 Beacon Square Court, #324, 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878: JoAnn Rowe.

SRN NEWS/STANDARD NEWS--(703) 528-6213; 1901 North Moore Street, #201, 
Arlington, VA 20879: Gregory W. Clugstson, Philip Fleischman, Linda Kenyon, 
Diana Lucas, Terrence M. Moore, Hank Silverberg, Andrea F. Starace.

SALEM RADIO NETWORK--(703) 807-2266; 1901 North Moore Street, #201, 
Arlington, VA 20879: Catherine Edwards, Rich Lee.

SKY NEWS--(202) 789-8569; 1333 H Street, NW 20005: Jonathan Hunt.

SOUTH AFRICAN BROADCASTING--(202) 686-5885; P.O. Box 954 Rockville, MD 
20848: Mike Kellerman.

SPIEGEL TV/GERMANY--(202) 347-1735; 1202 National Press Building, 20045: 
Karin B. Assamann.

SWEDISH TELEVISION--(202) 785-1727; 2030 M Street, NW #700, 20036: Leif 
Carlsson, Sven Stromberg, Bert Sundstrom.

SWISS BROADCASTING CORPORATION--(202) 467-6455; 2030 M Street, NW #400, 
20036: Pietro Gerosa, Tara Libert, Yves Magat, Dennis Page McCarty, Donald 
Jay McCarty, Antonini Roberto, Casper Selg, Han Peter Stalder.

TF1-FRENCH TELEVISION--(202) 223-3642; 2100 M Street, NW #302, 20037: 
Michael G. Stashik, Eleanor Beardsley, Helene Davieaud, Perrin Edouard, 
Bruce Frankel, Philippe Morand, Peter S. Murtaugh.

TV ASAHI--(202) 347-2933; 670 National Press Building, 20005: Christopher 
Anstey, Katsuichi Endo, Andrew Huston, Takanobu Ito, Junichi Kitasei, Orika 
Koyama, Ena Suto.

TV TOKYO CHANNEL 12, LTD--(202) 638-0441; 529 14th, NW #803, 20045: Toshiko 
Aoki, Patrick Frank, Tom Oki.

TV2 DENMARK--(202) 828-4555; 2030 M Street, NW #511, 20036: Charlotte 
Ernst, Ulla Pors Nielsen.

TV2 NORWAY--(202) 466-7505; 2030 M Street, NW #510, 20036: Oddvar 

TAIWAN TELEVISION ENTERPRISE--(202) 223-6642; 1705 DeSales Street, NW #302, 
20036: Ernie Chuan-yu Ko, Hsiang-San Wu, Che-Wei Shih.

[[Page 1001]]

TALK RADIO NEWS SERVICE--(202) 337-8715; 2514 Mill Road, NW 20007: Richard 
Mangus, Ellen F. Ratner, Myron Sponder, Andrea Diane Stroud, Robert 
Vanasse, Marc R. Wittlif.

TELEMUNDO/WZGS-64--(703) 522-6464; 2000 North 14th Street, #490 Arlington, 
VA 22201: Miguel A. Chavez.

TELEVISA-ECO TELEVISION--(202) 861-0626; 1705 DeSales Street, NW #306, 
20036: Eduardo Cue, Zoila T. Mederos, Eduardo Rodriguez, Augusto Santos.

TELEVISIO DE CATALUNYA--(202) 785-0580; 1620 I Street, NW #150 20006: 
Stephen S. Blust, Ramon Rovira.

THE BLACKWELL CORPORATION--(703) 524-2300; 1000 Wilson Boulvard, #2702 
Arlington, VA 22209: Barbara Driscoll, Erin Foley, James B. Freeman, Jane 
M. Freeman, Neal Freeman, James Glassman, Thomas Knisely.

THE HILL/UBN--(202) 543-1212, 733 15th Street, NW #1140 20045: Catherine 

THE NEWSHOUR WITH JIM LEHRER--(703) 998-2761; 2117 South Quincy Street, 
#250 Arlington, VA 22206: Scott J. Anderson, Lee M. Banville, Carol 
Blakeslee, Jeffrey Brown, Debra Jean Butler, Lesley Butrick, Bridget 
Chandonnet, Leah Clapman, Lester M. Crystal, Elizabeth Farnsworth, George 
Felcyn, Joan M. Friedenberg, Amyjean Gorsline, Brian Gottlieb, Caitlin 
Gross, Kwame Holman, Monica Hoose, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Shermaze Ingram, 
Murrey Jacobson, Charles A. Krause, Lisa Larragoite, Jim Lehrer, Sheila 
Lummis, Susan Malin, Kathleen McCleery, Patricia McMurray, Annette L. 
Miller, Michael Million, Michael D. Mosettig, Desa Philadelphia, Lisa R. 
Pottger, Gregg Ramshaw, Margaret L. Robinson, Martine Rodriguez, Terry 
Rubin, Daniel Sagalyn, Michael Saltz, Rene Scheider, Linda J. Scott, Scott 
Tang, James Albert Trengrove, Ilyse J. Veron, Margaret Warner, Dan Werner, 
Judith Willis, Linda Winslow.

THE SWEDISH NEWS AGENCY--(202) 333-5351; 3112 M Street, NW #3rd Floor 
20007: Lennart Lundh.

THE WASHINGTON BUREAU--(202) 347-6396; 400 North Capitol Street, NW 20001: 
John E. Brosnan, Jeffery Hager, Wei-ye Jia, Emily Marie Longnecker, Allison 
A. Martin, Julia Rockler, Richard Tillery.

THE WORLD--(703) 841-1797; 4414 Carlin Springs, #9 Arlington, VA 22203: 
William Troop.

TOKYO BROADCASTING SYSTEM--(202) 393-3800; 1088 National Press Building, 
20045: Takushi Harima, Michael Lavallee, Makiko Murotani, Jun Ogawa, 
Rebecca J. Ratliff, Mitsuhiro Wakaizumi.

TRIBUNE BROADCASTING--(202) 824-8444; 1325 G Street, NW #200 20005: Staci 
Adelman, Cissy Baker, Shirley R. Brice, Timothy F. Calhoun, Richard 
Chamberlain, John David Foundas, Christopher Hutchins, Gary Nurenberg, 
Ronald Windham.

TURKISH CTV--(703) 451-5172; 6810 Supreme Court Springfield, VA 22150: 
Ylmaz F. Polat.

USIA/TV MARTI--(202) 401-7144; 400 Sixth Street, SW 20547: Niurka Arteage, 
Sharon Castillo, Joseph DiMarco, Antonio Dieguez, Silvia Font, Edith 
Garcia, Amaro Gomez-Boix, Oscar F. Mora, Jaime Moreno, Allen Kirk Reio, 
Jorge A. Riopedre.

UNITED NEWS AND INFORMATION--(301) 924-6912; 15602 Cliffs Swallow Way 
Rockville, MD 20853: Forrest J. Boyd, Dennis Crowley.

UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL--(202) 898-8111; 1510 H Street, NW 20005: Neal 
Augenstein, Pye Chamberlayne, W.C. (Bill) Clough, Ron Colbert, Hank Neyer, 
Maria Pena, Eduardo Salinas, William Small.

UNIVISION NEWS--(202) 783-7155; 444 North Capitol St., #601G 20001: Perez 
Arturo Rubio, Jorge Contreras, Deborah Durham, Alvaro Encinas, Ana 
Espinoza, Armando Guzman, Lourdes Meluza, Adriana Molina-Roman, Vincent 
Mortreux, Aurea Nascimento, Pablo Sanchez, Armando Trull.

VENTANA PRODUCTIONS--(202) 785-5112; 1825 K Street, NW 5th Floor 20006: 
Armando Almanza, Nicola Frost, Christine Harding, William Harding, Tim 
Martin, Tim Murray, Luke Riffle, Julie Simon, Mark Thalman.

VIDEO NEWS SERVICE--(202) 467-4014; 400 North Capitol Street, NW 20001: Li-
Hung Chen, Boris Pinkas, Joe Tomko, Stephen Tomko, T. Alejandro Harding S.

VIEWPOINT COMMUNICATIONS--(301) 949-1907; 5000 Euclid Drive, Kensington, MD 
20895: Randy Feldman, Larry Greenblatt.

VOICE OF AMERICA--(202) 619-0707; 330 Independence Ave. SW #3500 20547: 
Michael C. Bowman, Rachael Bail, Ralph Eckhardt, Richard Firestone, 
Rosemary Hall, Donald Henry, Neal Lavon, James Malone, Jerry W. McKinney, 
John Pitman, Jim Randle, Nicholas Simeone, Renee Smith, David Swan, Oscar 
Underwood, Melissa Winkler, Paula Wolfson.

WAMU - FM RADIO--(202) 885-1200; 4000 Brandywine Street, NW 20036: Kathleen 
Merritt, Mark Plotkin, Derrick Ward, Julianne Welby, Laura Womack, Annie 

WBIS--(202) 862-6645; 1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW #800 Washington, DC 
20036: Christine Pass.

WETA-TV--(703) 998-2600; 3620 South 27th Street Arlington, VA 22206: Lynn 
Allison, Calvin Barry, Harry Bottorf, Timothy Bowen, Donald Brawner, Joseph 
Camp, Norman Craley, David Deutsch, David Gillette, Eileen Griffin, Charles 
Hill, Todd R. Holme, Stephen G. Howard, John E. Hyater, Charles Ide, 
Douglas P. Johncox, Daniel Knapp, Edward Lee, Don McClurkin, David McGowan, 
John B. Morgan, John C. Nash, Jr., Norman Nelson, Jeff Rathner, Darwin 
Silver, Otto K. Uyehara, Charles Voth.

[[Page 1002]]

WGN RADIO--(301) 942-1996; 9915 Hillridge Drive, Kensington, MD 20895: 
Patrick B. Haggerty.

WINGSPAN NEWS--(202) 293-9464; 1825 K Street, NW 9th Floor 20006: Mary 
Arobaga, Walter J. Boyne, Don Dudley, Dennis Gaffney, Carolyn Sperry, 
Austin Steo, Wilma Tubies.

WJLA-TV--(202) 364-7715; 3007 Tilden Street, NW 20008: Steven C. Affens, 
Bradley S. Bell, Paul L. Berry, Rea Blakey, Victor R. Blandburg, Diane T. 
Boozer, John J. Bowden, Beverly Bryan, Jim Clarke, Judith Ann Coates, 
William Cole, Lisa Diane Cox, Walter Crawford, Kerry Arden Cutlip, Pamela 
Davis, Martin C. Doane, Mary Ellen Donovan, Michael Forcucci, Brian Fuss, 
Pege Gilgannon, Carl Gottlieb, Richard Guastadisegni, Stephen P. Hackett, 
Peter Hakel, Holly Hamilton, John Robert Harter, Lawrence Herman, Candance 
M. Hewitt, Hugh Hinds, Horace R. Holmes, Kathy Foster Johnson, Archie 
Kelly, Lenard Kent, Greta Kreuz, Johnathan A. Mann, Kathleen Matthews, 
Roger P. Mellen, Clifton Moore, Charles Norton, Christopher S. Plater, 
Nancy Pretto, Linda Ringe, Earle U. Robinson III, Gail P. Rose, Jeff Rose, 
Joseph Rose, Ray Rose, Jose G. Santos, James Schaefer, Cindy Pena Shoffner, 
Indira Somani, Allan Vecchione, Mary Jo Walsh Gilmore, Theodore Walters, 
Richard T. Watkins, David A. Webb, Madelyne Woods, Gary Wordlaw, Cynthia 

WMAL RADIO--(202) 686-3020; 4400 Jenifer Street, NW 20015: Milagros Ardin, 
Joan Doniger, Olga M. Joseph, Larry Krebs, Denchali Tufeckgian.

WTOP RADIO--(202) 362-0504; 3400 Idaho Avenue, NW 20015: Bruce Alan, Shawn 
Anderson, Jeanie Bae, Jill Cohen, Kyle Cooper, Richard A. Day, Arlene 
Eiras, Alan Etter, James T. Farley, Debra B. Feinstein, Tom Foty, Gary 
Froseth, Catherine Harmon, Mary Ann Jennings, David E. Johnson, Kyle 
Johnson, Colleen Kelleher, Kristi-Sue King, Michelle M. Komes, Judlyne 
Lilly, John Lynker, David F. McConnell, Michael D. McMearty, Mitchell 
Miller, Michael Moss, Angela Polite, Robert Publicover, Carrie Rabin, April 
D. Ryan, Judith Taub Squires, Paul C. Wagner.

WTTG-FOX TELEVISION--(202) 895-3000; 5151 Wisconsin Avenue, NW 20016: 
Jackie Bensen, David Burnett, Patricia Corcoran, Nayada L. Cowherd, Clinton 
F. Davis, Derricke M. Dennis, John P. Dunmire, Darya Folson, James E. 
Forner, John A. Frame, Max Giammetta, Jennifer Gillan, Carlos A. Gonzalez, 
Jean M. Grenda, Craig J. Harrington, Mary Harris, Thomas Hendrick, John 
Henrehan, Michael Horan, Karen Gray Houston, Sheila Jaskot, Morris Jones, 
Basil A. Justice, Craig A. Little, Geoffrey Manifold, Lark McCarthy, 
Patrick McGrath, Jim Nash, Grace Lee Nikkel, Jo Robertson, David Joseph 
Ross, F. David Rysak, Mark E. Sargent, Jan Smith, Louis R. Stevenson, Ron 
Talley Thompson, Charles K. Uchima, Don Watrud, Wendy Wilk, Douglas H. 
Wilkes, Brian G. Wilson, Sandra L. Young, Tom Young.

WUNO NOTIUNO RADIO NETWORK--(703) 866-4236; P.O. Box 5871 Springfield, VA 
22150: Elmy E. Martinez.

WUSA-TV--(202) 895-5700; 4100 Wisconsin Avenue, NW 20016: Robert Y. 
Althage, Phyllis Armstrong, Richard Armstrong, Michael G. Bratton, Beverly 
Burke, Anthony M. Castrilli, William J. Clemann, Emily Cyr, Thomas 
Dukehart, Don Ellison, Samara M. Ewing, Thomas D. Haller, Harald Hoiland, 
Chris Houston, Kevin G. King, Vanessa M. Koolhof, Bruce Leshan, Frank D. 
McDermott, Robert C. McHenry, Wayne Myers, Gordon W. Peterson, Gary Reals, 
Louis David Statter, Janet Terry, Michael Trammell, Ronald F. Williams, 
Stephanie S. Wilson, Miriam Wright, Eun Yang.

WASHINGTON BUREAU NEWS SERVICE--(202) 544-4800; 236 Massachusetts Avenue, 
NE #602, 20002: Angelina Bonilla, Daouda Guissrt, Bradley Marshall, C. 
Patrick Thorne, Patrick Tracey, William Veitch, Michael D. Whitney.

WASHINGTON NEWS NETWORK--(202) 628-4000; 400 North Capitol Street, NW #183, 
20001: Robert E. Beard, Edward M. Beckford, Karen Bell, Monique Conrad, Cy 
Gardner, Andrew Gelfman, John Giacomo, Lawrence Gold, Walter L. Gold, Sammy 
Kent, Marvin Rife, Ron A. Sarro.

WASHINGTON RADIO AND PRESS SERVICE--(301) 229-2576; 6702 Pawtucket Road 
Bethesda, MD 20817: Hanna Gutmann.

WASHINGTON-ALABAMA NEWS REPORT--(202) 333-6567; P.O. Box 58058 20037: Carol 
Bennett, Daniel Brechner, Mignon C. Smith.


WIRELESS DATA SYSTEMS--(202) 637-3200; 1120 G Street, NW #250 20005: Dennis 
Dunbar, Brian K. McConnaughey.

WORLDNET-U.S.I.A TV--(202) 401-5454; 330 Independence Avenue, SW 20547: E. 
Robert Beaudin, Maurice Benjoar, Jeffery S. Daugherty, Dimetrius Jackson, 
Sinclair Ke, Anthony Masciarelli, John D. Quinn, Robert V. Tubbs.

WORLDWIDE TELEVISION NEWS--(703) 318-9136; 13166 New Parkland Drive Oak 
Hill, VA 20171: Cesar A. Canizales, Michael J. Rosenfelder, Paul Sisco, 
Joseph S. Tomko, III.

YONHAP TV NEWS--(202) 289-0773; 1333 H Street, NW #300 20005: Nam Sub Lee, 
Jae-Chul Mun.

ZOLCER-TV (GERMAN TV)--(202) 333-4842; 38097 W Street, NW 20007: Allen J. 
Chester, Andreas Gutzeit, Wolfgang Kotke, Nick Ludlan, Beate Muller-

FREELANCERS:--Robert G. Abernethy, W.H. Abshaw, Timothy D. Ahmann, Thomas 
Albano, Joel R. Albert, Stuart A. Ammerman, Anders Alex Arestad, Patricia 
Armstrong, James F. Ashe, John Aubuchon, Russell M. Baker, Anne G. Ball, 
Cameron C. Barlett, Scott Barlett, Kevin Beyer, Wayne F. Boyd, Richard 
Breed, Teddy Brosius, Dwight B. Brown, William M. Canter, David K. Catrett, 

[[Page 1003]]

Chatterjee, Anne Cocklin, Stephen Cocklin, Aaron Stuart Cohen, Jonathan 
Cohen, Carol Anne Cooke, Bobby Steve Creekmore, Francene Cucinello, Anthony 
Cunningham, Stephen Cupp, Michael A. DeMark, Gary S. DeMoss, Charles H. 
Dixson, William Donald, Paul G. Dougherty, Christina Eck, Alfred Scott 
Eisenhuth, Gail Fendley, Amy Flannery, Michael Ford, Betty Francis, F. 
Patrick French, David Friedman, Edward Giebel, Gordon Gilliam, R. Pat 
Glass, John Glennon, Susan Goodman, Dave Goulding, Kevin Griffin, Avery 
Gross, Steven Hamberg, Claus Harding, John Hartge, Thomas Hass, Barry 
Haywood, Georg Hirsch, Toni Hoover, David P. Hopper, Mayumi Ishihara, 
Edward B. Jennings, Jeffrey E. Johnston, Lorel Kane, Richard Kane, Danielle 
Karson, Katty Kay, Justin Kenny, Eric Kesner, Bruce Kissal, Robert Klein, 
Marc Koslow, Melissa Koval, Francesca Kritz, Stanley Lane, Gregory Larsen, 
David Lee Lee, Ronald H. Leidelmeyer, David Lent, Dexter Leong, Bruce 
Liffiton, David Lilling, Ken Lundberg, Robert J. Lyall, Carolyn Machado, 
Michael Mancuso, Autonio Marques, Mai Marriott, Michael Marriott, Jeff 
Martino, Claude Matthews, Maxine Mawhinnedy, Donald Jay McCarty, Megan Ann 
McGrath, Finnigan Michael, Alexander Milenic, Rodney Minor, Steven E. 
Mitnick, Bryan Mong, James M. Moran, Thomas D. Mote, John M. Murney, John 
L. Murrhy, Jim Nash, Richard A. Norling, Richard V. Norling, D. Kerry 
O'Berry, Daniel J. O'Shea, Rodney Patterson, Robert Peterson, Aileen 
Pincus, Murray Pinczuk, Christopher Plater, Mark Rabin, Edward M. Reinsel, 
Michael W. Richards, David Roberson, Xavier Rocas, Peter B. Roof, Gary 
Rosenberg, Steven Rosenfeld, Joan L. Roskosh, Karen A. Ryan, Aaron Sasson, 
Greg Savory, Michael Seium, Harry S. Shoffner, Quentin Silver, Gilbert J. 
Solorzano, Rodney E. Speed, Mark Stoddard, Rick Suddeth, George S. Summers, 
Andrew D. Thomas, Mary Beth Toole, Melissa D. Tune, Ellen Uchimiya, Robert 
Valette, Vaughn Ververs, Brian Walker, William L. Walker, Arlene Weisskopf, 
George Weller, John P. Whiteside, Christopher Widmer, John A. Williams, 
Kristin Wilson, Leigh Wilson, Robert Witten, H. William Yates, Stratis J. 

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