Congressional Directory for the 110th Congress (2007-2008), August 2008.
[Pages 449-455]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office,]


                          OFFICE OF THE SPEAKER

             H-232 The Capitol, phone 225-0100, fax 225-4188

The Speaker.--Nancy Pelosi.
    Chief of Staff.--John Lawrence, H-232, The Capitol, 225-0100.
    Chief of Staff (District).--Terri McCullough, 235 CHOB, 225-0100.
        Deputy Chief of Staff.--George Kundanis, H-232, The Capitol, 
    Counsels to the Speaker: Bernie Raimo, Joe Onek.
    Special Assistant to the Speaker.--Kate Knudson, H-232, The Capitol, 
        Staff Assistants: Hera Abbasi, Stephanie Adika, Yuri Beckelman, 
            Matthew Jorgenson, Robyn Lee.
        Staff Assistant / Scheduling Assistant.--Michael Long.
        Staff Researcher.--April Greener.
    Director, New Media.--Karina Newton.
        Senior New Media Advisor.--Jesse Lee.
        Production Advisor.--Carey Lane.
        Online Writer.--Erica Sagrans.
        Office Manager.--Paula Short, 235 CHOB, 225-4965.
        Legislative Correspondents: Meghna Raj, Alex Volberding.
    Director of Scheduling.--Bridget Fallon, H-232, The Capitol, 225-
        Scheduler.--Gabby Riggio.
    Policy Director.--Amy Rosenbaum, H-232, The Capitol, 225-0100.
        Senior Policy Advisor to the Speaker.--Mike Sheehy, H-419, The 
            Capitol, 225-0100.
        Senior Policy Advisor.--Wendell Primus.
        Policy Advisors: Scott Boule, Margie Capron, Amy Fuerstenau, Kit 
            Judge, Lara Levison, Reva Price, Melissa Shannon, Arshi 
            Siddiqui, Michael Tecklenburg.
        Policy Assistant.--Michael Bloom.
        Senior Advisor to the Speaker.--Diane Dewhirst, H-232, The 
            Capitol, 225-0100.
        Advisors to the Speaker: Micaela Fernandez, Stacy Kerr, Jonathan 
        Senior Advisor, Strategic Planning.--Ellen Qualls.
    Director, Member Services Program.--Dean Aguillen.
        Advisor, Member Services.--Sydney Jones.
    Director, Information Technology.--Wil Haynes, HB 13, 225-0100.
    Director, Intergovernmental Affairs.--Cheryl Parker Rose.

                         SPEAKER'S PRESS OFFICE

                    H-326 The Capitol, phone 225-0100

Communications Director.--Brendan Daly.
    Deputy Communications Director.--Nadeam Elshami.
    Press Secretary.--Drew Hammill.
        Press Assistants: Crystal Chui, Andrew Stoddard.
    Director, Hispanic Media Outreach.--Marcela Salazar.
        Outreach Assistant.--Samantha Smith.
    Director of Advance, Advisor.--Tom Manatos, H-327, The Capitol, 225-
        Advance, Outreach.--Carmela Clendening, H-419, The Capitol, 225-
        Speechwriters: Chris Fitzgerald, Alexandra Veitch.

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                         SPEAKER'S FLOOR OFFICE

                    H-210 The Capitol, phone 225-0100

Floor Director.--Jerry Hartz.
    Deputy Floor Director.--Catlin O'Neill.
        Floor Assistant.--Marisa Harrilchak.

                      OFFICE OF THE MAJORITY LEADER

             H-107 The Capitol, phone 225-3130, fax 226-0663

Majority Leader.--Steny H. Hoyer.
    Chief of Staff.--Terry Lierman.
    Scheduler.--Simone LiTrenta.
    Office Manager / Executive Assistant.--Austin Burnes.
    Floor Director.--Rob Cogorno.
    Deputy Floor Director.--Alejandro Perez.
    Member Services Director.--Brian Romick.
    Deputy Director of Member Services / Floor Assistant.--Alexis Covey-
    Senior Communications / Policy Advisor.--David Ransom.
    Communications Director.--Stacey Farnen-Bernards.
    Press and Research Assistant.--Katie Grant.
    Speechwriter.--Mike Kerwin.
    Policy Director.--Michele Stockwell.
    Senior Policy Advisors: Keith Aboucher, Ed Lorenzen, Gina Mahony.
    Policy Advisor.--Mariah Sixkiller.
    Director of External Relations.--Marta David.
    Deputy Director of External Relations.--Sudafi Henry.
    Special Assistant.--Troy Clair.
    Technology Director.--Stephen Dwyer.

                       OFFICE OF THE MAJORITY WHIP

                    H-329 The Capitol, phone 226-3210


Majority Whip.--James E. Clyburn.
    Chief of Staff.--Yelberton R. Watkins.
    Director of:
        Coalitions.--Michael Hacker.
        Floor Operations and Counsel.--Jaime R. Harrison.
        Member Services.--Wendy Hartman.
        Outreach.--Tony Harrison.
        Policy and Research.--Aranthan S. Jones II.
        Special Events.--Lindy Birch.
    Communications Director.--Kristie Greco.
    Deputy Floor Directors: J. Todd Metcalf, Allie Neill, Jonathan 
    Senior Policy Advisor.--Alex Silbey.
    Policy Advisor.--Margaret M. Cantrell.

                       CHIEF DEPUTY MAJORITY WHIPS

Senior Chief Deputy Whip.--John Lewis.
    Chief of Staff.--Michael Collins.

Chief Deputy Whips:
    Ed Pastor.                       Maxine Waters.
    John S. Tanner.                  Joseph Crowley.
    Janice D. Schakowsky.            Diana DeGette.
    G.K. Butterfield.                Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

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             H-204 The Capitol, phone 225-4000, fax 225-5117

Republican Leader.--John A. Boehner.
    Chief of Staff.--Paula Nowakowski.
    Deputy Chief of Staff.--Dave Schnittger.
    Deputy to the Chief of Staff.--Amy Lozupone.
    Executive Assistant.--Kristen Frahler.
    Senior Advisor / Floor Assistant.--Ed Cassidy.
    Press Secretary.--Brian Kennedy.
    Press Assistant.--Kimberly Ketchel.
    Communications Director.--Kevin Smith.
    Deputy Communications Director.--Don Seymour.
    Director, Member Services.--Greg Maurer.
    Member Services Manager.--Ed Mullen.
    Outreach Director.--Bill Greene.
    Director, Information Technology.--Billy Benjamin.
    Director, Planning and Policy Development.--George Canty.
    General Counsel / Director of Floor Operations.--Jo-Marie St. 
    Deputy Director of Floor Operations.--Anne Thorsen.
    Policy Director.--Mike Sommers.
    Counsel / Policy Advisor.--George Rogers.
    Policy Advisors: Jay Cranford, Stacey Dion, Erika Heikkila, Cindy 
        Herrle, Emily Porter.
    Policy Analyst.--Jen Stewart.
    Financial Assistant.--Karen Paulson.
    Special Assistant.--Meredith Sawyer.
    Floor Assistants: Pete Eskew, Jay Pierson, Adrian Sferle.
    Staff Assistants: Jared Eichhorn, Elizabeth Kim.

                      OFFICE OF THE REPUBLICAN WHIP

             H-307 The Capitol, phone 225-0197, fax 226-1115

Republican Whip.--Roy Blunt.
    Chief of Staff.--Brian Gaston.
    Director of Policy.--Neil Bradley.
    Director of Floor Operations.--Amy Steinmann.
    Chief Floor Assistant.--Kyle Nevins.
    Floor Assistant.--John Stipicevic.
    Communications Director.--Burson Synder.
    Press Secretary.--Amos Snead.
    Communications Advisor.--Chris Tucker.
    Press Assistant.--Sarah Little.
    Director of Scheduling.--Richard Eddings.
    Assistant Scheduler.--Kathleen O'Connor.
    Policy Advisor.--Brian Diffell.
    Policy Advisor / Counsel.--Melanie Looney.
    Senior Policy Advisors: Mike Ference, Johnnie Kaberle, Cheryl 
    Director of Information Technology.--Shannon Mulhern.
    Assistant to the Chief of Staff.--Kristina Merrick.
    Staff Assistants: Tad Bardenwerper, Justin Hanson.


                    H-305 The Capitol, phone 225-0197

Chief Deputy Republican Whip.--Eric Cantor.
    Chief of Staff.--Steve Stombres.
    Special Assistant.--John Hand.

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                           OFFICE OF THE CLERK

                    H-154 The Capitol, phone 225-7000

    LORRAINE C. MILLER, Clerk of the House of Representatives; native of 
Fort Worth, TX; holds an executive master's degree from the Georgetown 
School of Business; previously served as a senior advisor to Speaker 
Nancy Pelosi and has nearly two decades of experience working for the 
House; in addition, has worked for two other Speakers, Jim Wright and 
Tom Foley, as well as Congressman John Lewis (D-GA); elected president 
of the Washington, DC Branch NAACP, 2004; member of the historic Shiloh 
Baptist Church of Washington, DC; member of Shiloh's Henry C. Gregory 
Family Life Center Foundation Board of Directors; the first African 
American to serve as an official of the House of Representatives; sworn 
in as the 35th Clerk of the House of Representatives on February 15, 

Clerk.--Lorraine C. Miller.
    Deputy Clerk.--Jorge E. Sorensen.
        Chief of--
            Legislative Computer Systems.--Goldey Vansant, 2401 RHOB, 
            Legislative Operations.--Frances Chiappardi, HT-13, 225-
            Legislative Resource Center.--Deborah Turner, B-106 CHOB, 
            Office of History and Preservation.--Farar Elliott, B-53 
                CHOB, 226-1300.
            Office of House Employment Counsel.--Gloria Lett, 1036 LHOB, 
            Office of Publication Services.--Janice Wallace-Robinson, B-
                28 CHOB, 225-1908.
            Official Reporter.--Joe Strickland, 1718 LHOB, 225-2627.
        Service Groups--
            Majority Chief of Pages.--225-7350.
            Minority Chief of Pages.--Peggy Sampson, 225-7350.
            Congresswoman's Suite.--225-4196.
            Members and Family Committee.--225-0622.
            Prayer Room.--225-8070.


                    HB-30 The Capitol, phone 225-6969

 [Authorized by House Resolution 423, 102nd Congress, enacted April 9, 

    DANIEL P. BEARD, Chief Administrative Officer of the House of 
Representatives; native of Bellingham, WA; B.A., Western Washington 
University, 1965; M.A. (1969) and Ph.D. (1973), University of 
Washington; worked for the Domestic Policy Staff at the White House; 
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Water and Science, Interior Department; 
conducted research for the Congressional Research Service at the Library 
of Congress; Special Assistant to Congressman Sidney R. Yates (D-IL); 
Administrative Assistant to Senator Max Baucus (D-MT); former Chief 
Operating Officer and Senior Vice President for Public Policy, National 
Audubon Society; Staff Director, Committee on Natural Resources, U.S. 
House of Representatives; Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation, 
Interior Department; senior advisor for the consulting firm Booz Allen 
Hamilton, Inc.; elected February 15, 2007, as Chief Administrative 
Officer of the House of Representatives.

Chief Administrative Officer.--Daniel P. Beard.
    Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for--
        Customer Solutions.--Helene Flanagan, H2-217 FHOB.
        Operations.--Dan Doody, H2-217 FHOB.
        Strategy.--Philip Flewallen, H2-217 FHOB.
    Administrative Counsel.--Tim Blodgett, H2-217 FHOB.
    Financial Officer.--Barbara Burkhalter, H2-217 FHOB.
    Human Capital Officer.--Kathy Wyszynski, H2-217 FHOB.
    Executive Assistant.--Jordana Zubkoff.

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             HB-25 The Capitol, phone 225-2509, fax 226-4928

    DANIEL P. COUGHLIN, Chaplain, House of Representatives; residence: 
St. Clement 
Parish, Chicago, IL; attended St. Mary of the Lake University, 
Mundelein, IL, and received a Licentiate Degree in Sacred Theology; 
ordained a Roman Catholic priest on May 3, 1960; also attended Loyola 
University, Chicago, IL, and received a degree in Pastoral Studies; 
Director of the Office for Divine Worship, Archdiocese of Chicago, under 
John Cardinal Cody, 1969-84; appointed pastor of St. Francis Xavier 
Parish by Joseph Cardinal Bernardin and Director of the Cardinal Stritch 
Retreat House, Mundelein, IL, 1990-95; Vicar for Priests under Francis 
Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago, 1995-2000; appointed House 
Chaplain on March 23, 2000.

Chaplain of the House.--Daniel P. Coughlin.
    Assistant to the Chaplain.--Don Myhill.
    Liaison to Staff.--Karen Bronson.

                      OFFICE OF THE HOUSE HISTORIAN

            B-56 Cannon House Office Building, phone 226-5525

House Historian.--Dr. Robert Remini.
    Deputy House Historian.--Dr. Fred L. Beuttler.
    Office Manager.--Michael J. Cronin.
    Research Assistant.--Anthony A. Wallis.


                      HB-28 Capitol, phone 226-1766

Director.--Dr. Kay King.
    Assistant Director.--Janice McKinney.

                       HOUSE INFORMATION RESOURCES

  H2-63 Ford House Office Building, 20515, phone 225-9276, fax 226-6150

Associate Administrator.--Dan Doody.


                    H-166 The Capitol, phone 225-5421

          (After office hours, call Capitol Operator 224-2145)

Attending Physician.--Dr. John F. Eisold.
    Chief of Staff.--Christopher R. Picaut.
    Deputy Chief of Staff.--Keith Pray.

                       OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL

            H2-386 Ford House Office Building, phone 226-1250

Inspector General.--James J. Cornell.
    Deputy Inspector General.--Dave Smith.
    Special Assistant.--Jaima List.
    Director of Administration.--Susan M. Kozubski.
    Director, Computer Assisted Audit Techniques.--Mike Benner.
    Director, Performance and Financial Audits.--G. Kenneth Eichelman.
        Assistant Directors: Marie Hughes, Gary A. Muller.

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        Auditor.--Julie A. Poole.
    Director, Information Systems Audits.--Debbie Hunter.
        Assistant Director.--Steven Johnson.
        Auditors: Doug Carney, Stephen Lockhart, Walter McClean.
    Director, Management Advisory Services.--Theresa M. Grafenstine.
        Assistant Directors: Michael Bowman, Keith Sullenberger.
        Auditors: Steve Connard, Terry Upshur, Donna Wolfgang.


 H2-304 Ford House Office Building, 20515-6711, phone 226-2411, fax 225-

Law Revision Counsel.--Peter G. LeFevre.
    Deputy Counsel.--Richard B. Simpson.
    Senior Counsel.--Kenneth I. Paretzky.
    Assistant Counsels: Ray Kaselonis, Katherine L. Lane, Brian Lindsey, 
        Sally-Anne Moringello, Edward T. Mulligan, Ralph V. Seep, Robert 
        M. Sukol, Timothy D. Trushel, John F. Wagner, Jr.
    Staff Assistants: Debra L. Johnson, Monica Thompson.
    Printing Editors: Robert E. Belcher, Lawrence J. Foster.
    Senior Systems Engineer.--Eric Loach.


            136 Cannon House Office Building, phone 225-6060

Legislative Counsel.--Pope Barrow.
    Deputy Legislative Counsel.--Douglass Bellis.
    Senior Counsels: Wade Ballou, Timothy Brown, Sherry Criss, Steven 
        Cope, Ira Forstater, Edward Grossman, James Grossman, Jean 
        Harmann, Gregory M. Kostka, Lawrence Johnston, Edward Leong, 
        David Mendelsohn, Hank Savage, Sandra Strokoff, Robert 
        Weinhagen, James Wert, Noah L. Wofsy.
    Assistant Counsels: Philip Bayer, Warren Burke, Paul C. Callen, 
        Henry Christrup, Lisa M. Daly, Tobias A. Dorsey, Matthew 
        Eckstein, Susan Fleishman, Rosemary Gallagher, Curt C. Haensel, 
        Molly Lothamer, Hadley Ross, Kate Sawyer, Jessica Shapiro, Ellen 
        J. Sutherland, Mark A. Synnes, Brady Young.
    Office Administrator.--Renate Stehr.
    Assistant Office Administrator.--Nancy McNeillie.
    Front Office Manager / Assistant Systems Administrator.--David 
    Senior Systems Analyst.--Peter Szwec.
    Director, Information Systems.--Willie Blount.
    Publications Coordinator.--Craig Sterkx.
    Staff Assistants: Ashley Anderson, Debra Birch, Elonda Blount, 
        Pamela Griffiths, Kelly Meryweather, Tom Meryweather, Melissa 


                    H-209 The Capitol, phone 225-7373

Parliamentarian.--John V. Sullivan.
    Deputy Parliamentarian.--Thomas J. Wickham.
        Assistant Parliamentarians:  Ethan B. Lauer, Max A. Spitzer, 
            Carrie E. Wolf, M. Elizabeth Woodworth.
    Chief Clerk.--Gay S. Topper.
        Assistant Clerk.--Brian C. Cooper.
    Precedent Consultant.--Charles W. Johnson III.
    Precedent Editor.--Deborah W. Khalili.
    Counsel.--Robert W. Cover.
    Information Technology Manager.--Bryan J. Feldblum.

                     OFFICE OF THE SERGEANT AT ARMS

                    H-124 The Capitol, phone 225-2456

    WILSON ``BILL'' LIVINGOOD, Sergeant at Arms of the U.S. House of 
Representatives; born on October 1, 1936 in Philadelphia, PA; B.S., 
Police Administration, Michigan State

[[Page 455]]

University; career record: special agent, U.S. Secret Service's Dallas 
Field Office, 1961-69; assistant to the special agent in charge of the 
Presidential Protective Division, 1969; special agent in charge of the 
Office of Protective Forces, 1970; inspector, Office of Inspection, 
1978-82; special agent in charge, Houston Field Office, 1982-86; deputy 
assistant director, Office of Training, 1986-89; executive assistant to 
the Director of Secret Service, 1989-95; elected 36th Sergeant at Arms 
of the U.S. House of Representatives on January 4, 1995, for the 104th 
Congress; reelected for each succeeding Congress.

Sergeant at Arms.--Wilson ``Bill'' Livingood.
    Deputy Sergeant at Arms.--Kerri Hanley.
    Assistant Sergeant at Arms.--Don Kellaher.
    Executive Assistant.--Kathleen Joyce.
        Chamber Security.--Bill Sims.
            Assistant Director.--Richard Wilson.
        House Garages and Parking Security.--Rod Myers.
            Assistant Directors: Bill Lomax, Jeanne Mershon.
        House Security.--William McFarland.
        Identification Services.--Melissa Franger.
        Information Services.--Jim Kaelin.
        Special Events.--Ted Daniel.
    Assistants to the Sergeant at Arms: Stefan Bieret, Kevin Brennan, 
        Kara Carlson, David Cohen, KaSandra Greenhow, Teresa Johnson, 
        Jack Kelliher.
    Appointments / Public Information Center: Kati Magaw, Tripp Jones, 
        Robin Pegues, Alissa Strawcutter, Vivian Dixon-Tymus.
    Assistants to Identification Services: Doris Boyd, Karen Forriest, 
        Tanya Hughes, Susan Lowe, Patricia Thomas-Wright, Anthony Titus.
    Assistants to House Security: Sheri Bohs, Alexander Storino.


            H2-192 Ford House Office Building, phone 226-0950

Director.--Curt Coughlin.
    Deputy Director.--Lawrence Himmelsbach.
    Assistant Director for--
        Operations.--Michael P. Susalla.
        Planning.--Eric M. Kruse.
        Preparedness.--John E. Veatch.
        Special Projects.--W. Lee Trolan.
    Executive Assistant.--Linda R. Shealy.
    Senior Program Manager.--Traci L. Brasher.
    Senior Systems Engineer.--Eddie X. Tutivene.
    Emergency Planning Analyst.--Amy R. Rhodes.
    Emergency Preparedness Analyst.--Kate Hansen.
    Program Analyst.--Joseph P. Lowry.