Congressional Directory for the 112th Congress (2011-2012), December 2011.
[Pages 451-454]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office,]


               Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

                   HVC-304 The Capitol, phone 225-4121

            [Created pursuant to H. Res. 658, 95th Congress]

                     Mike Rogers, of Michigan, Chair

Mac Thornberry, of Texas.            C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, of 
Sue Wilkins Myrick, of North             Maryland.
        Carolina.                    Mike Thompson, of California.
Jeff Miller, of Florida.             Janice D. Schakowsky, of Illinois.
K. Michael Conaway, of Texas.        James R. Langevin, of Rhode Island.
Peter T. King, of New York.          Adam B. Schiff, of California.
Frank A. LoBiondo, of New Jersey.    Dan Boren, of Oklahoma.
Devin Nunes, of California.          Luis V. Gutierrez, of Illinois.
Lynn A. Westmoreland, of Georgia.    Ben Chandler, of Kentucky.
Michele Bachmann, of Minnesota.
Thomas J. Rooney, of Florida.
Joseph J. Heck, of Nevada.


[The Speaker and Minority Leader are ex officio (non-voting) members of 
                             the committee.]

    Terrorism, Human Intelligence, Analysis, and Counterintelligence

              Sue Wilkins Myrick, of North Carolina, Chair

K. Michael Conaway, of Texas.        Mike Thompson, of California.
Peter T. King, of New York.          Dan Boren, of Oklahoma.
Frank A. LoBiondo, of New Jersey.    Luis V. Gutierrez, of Illinois.
Thomas J. Rooney, of Florida.

                   Technical and Tactical Intelligence

                    Joseph J. Heck, of Nevada, Chair

Mac Thornberry, of Texas.            Adam B. Schiff, of California.
Frank A. LoBiondo, of New Jersey.    James R. Langevin, of Rhode Island.
Devin Nunes, of California.          Ben Chandler, of Kentucky.
Michele Bachmann, of Minnesota.

                      Oversight and Investigations

                 Lynn A. Westmoreland, of Georgia, Chair

Jeff Miller, of Florida.             Janice D. Schakowsky, of Illinois.
Devin Nunes, of California.          Mike Thompson, of California.
Michele Bachmann, of Minnesota.      Dan Boren, of Oklahoma.
Thomas J. Rooney, of Florida.

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    Majority Staff Director.--Michael Allen.
        Deputy Staff Director.--Darren Dick.
        Senior Policy Advisor.--Tom Corcoran.
        Chief Counsel.--Chris Donesa.
        Senior Counsel: Sarah Geffroy, Jamil Jaffer, Katie Wheelbarger.
        Budget Director.--Bryan Smith.
        Budget Auditor.--Brooke Eisele.
        Chief Clerk.--Ashley Lowry.
        Executive Assistant.--Leah Scott.
        Security Director.--Kristin Jepson.
        Deputy Security Director.--Kevin Klein.
        System Administrator.--Brandon Smith.
        Professional Staff: Chelsey Campbell, Frank Garcia, Sarah 
            Geffroy, Nate Hauser, Will Koella, George Pappas, Katie 
    Minority Staff Director.--TBD.
        Deputy Staff Director.--Heather Molino.
        Chief Counsel.--Judith Boyd.
        Deputy Chief Counsel.--Abbas Ravjani.
        Policy Advisor.--Robert Minehart.
        Research Assistant.--Khizer Syed.
        Professional Staff: Linda Cohen, Amanda Rogers Thorpe, Carly 

                    House Republican Policy Committee

            403 Cannon House Office Building, phone 225-4501


              meets at the call of the Chair or the Speaker

                    Tom Price, M.D. of Georgia, Chair

    Republican Leadership:
        Speaker of the House.--John A. Boehner, of Ohio.
        Majoirty Leader.--Eric Cantor, of Virginia.
        Conference Chair.--Jeb Hensarling, of Texas.
        Conference Vice Chair.--Cathy McMorris Rogers, of Washington.
        Conference Secretary.--John R. Carter, of Texas.
        NRCC Chair.--Pete Sessions, of Texas.

Policy Committee Staff.--403 Cannon HOB, 225-4501.
        Chief of Staff.--Kris Skrzycki.

                       House Republican Conference

     202A Cannon House Office Building, phone 225-5107, fax 226-0154

                     Jeb Hensarling, of Texas, Chair

            Cathy McMorris Rodgers, of Washington, Vice Chair

                   John R. Carter, of Texas, Secretary


Chief of Staff.--Dee Buchanan.
    Director of Operations.--Chelsea Brown.
    Staff Assistants: Dylan Colligan, Phillip Pinegar, John Puskar.
    Director of Member Services and Events.--Katie Patru.
        Deputy Director of Member Services and Events.--Chelsea Brown.
    Policy Director and Legislative Counsel.--Daris Meeks.
        Deputy Policy Director.--Andy Koenig.

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    Senior Health Counsel.--David Rosenfeld.
    Policy Advisor and Coalitions Liaison.--Sarah Makin.
    Policy Advisor.--Jonathan Hiler.
    Communications Director.--Shannon McGahn.
        Deputy Communications Director.--David Popp.
        Deputy Press Secretary.--Rebeccah Propp.
    Speechwriter.--Tom Qualtere.
    Press Assistant.--Clay Sutton.
    Visual Media: David Holley, Ryan Howell, Mike Lurie, Josh Sharp.

               Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

       430 South Capitol Street, SE., 20003, phone (202) 863-1500

    Executive Committee:
        Nancy Pelosi, of California, Democratic Leader.
        Steve Israel, of New York, Chair.
        Pedro R. Pierluisi, Community Mobilization.
        Keith Ellison, National Community Outreach.
        Allyson Y. Schwartz, National Recruitment and Candidate 
        Joseph Crowley, Finance.


    Executive Director.--Robby Mook, 485-3509.
        Deputy Executive Director.--Jennifer Crider, 485-3442.
        Chief Operating Officer.--Kristie Mark, 485-3435.
        Political Director.--Kelly Ward, 478-9485.
        Campaign Director.--Travis Lowe, 485-3513.
        Chief Financial Officer.--Jackie Forte-Mackay, 485-3401.
        Director of:
            Candidate Services.--Amy Strathdee, 485-3420.
            Member Services.--Vacant.
            Research.--Kevin McKeon, 485-3421.
        Managing Director of Finance and New Media Programs.--Taryn 
            Rosenkranz, 485-3527.
        National Finance Directors.--Missy Kurek 485-3455; Lindsey 
            Melander, 485-3445.
        Press Secretary.--Jesse Ferguson, 485-3456.
        National Field Director.--Brynne Craig, 741-1858.
        Policy Director.--Mike Ryan, 485-3531.

                Democratic Steering and Policy Committee

                    H-204 The Capitol, phone 225-0100

    Chair.--Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader from California.
        Steering.--Rosa L. DeLauro, Representative from Connecticut.
        Policy.--George Miller, Representative from California.


Democratic Steering Committee 225-0100, fax 225-4188.
    Steering Advisors: George Kundanis, Jonathan Stivers.

Democratic Policy Committee (H-130), 225-0100, fax 226-0938.
    Policy Advisors: George Kundanis, John Lawrence, Richard Meltzer.

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                            Democratic Caucus

   1420 Longworth House Office Building, phone 225-1400, fax 226-4412


                  John B. Larson, of Connecticut, Chair

                Xavier Becerra, of California, Vice Chair


Chief of Staff.--Shelley Rubino.
    Executive Director.--George Felix Shevlin IV.
    Communications Director.--Ellis Andrew Brachman.
    Executive Advisor.--Stephen Dagadakis.
    Director of Special Projects.--Kimberly Hazel Jaworski.
    Policy and Outreach Director.--Katherine Grady.
    Assistant to the Chairman.--Srdan Banjac.
    Correspondence Assistant.--Geraldine De Puy.
    Research and Technology Assistant.--Andrew Joseph Platt.
    Director of Multimedia.--Antonio Peronace.
    Press Assistant.--Kyle Andrew McMahon.
    Staff Director to the Vice Chair.--Sean Edward McCluskie.
    Director of Member Outreach to the Vice Chair.--Melody Star 
    Press Secretary to the Vice Chair.--James Monroe Gleeson.
    Member Outreach Assistants to the Vice Chair: Eric Louis Delaney, 
        Jasmine Mora, Lorenzo Antonio Rodriguez-Olvera.