[Title 28 CFR ]
[Code of Federal Regulations (annual edition) - July 1, 2002 Edition]
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    Subpart A--Organizational Structure of the Department of Justice

0.1  Organizational units.

                Subpart B--Office of the Attorney General

0.5  Attorney General.
0.10  Attorney General's Advisory Committee of U.S. Attorneys.
0.11  Incentive Awards Board.
0.12  Young American Medals Committee.
0.13  Legal proceedings.

            Subpart C--Office of the Deputy Attorney General

0.15  Deputy Attorney General.
0.17  Office of Investigative Agency Policies.
0.18a  Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization.

          Subpart C-1--Office of the Associate Attorney General

0.19  Associate Attorney General.

               Subpart D--Office of the Solicitor General

0.20  General functions.
0.21  Authorizing intervention by the Government in certain cases.

            Subpart D-1--Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys

0.22  General functions.

                   Subpart D-2--Office of Legal Policy

0.23  General functions.
0.23a  Office of Information and Privacy.
0.23b  Office of Asylum Policy and Review.

                   Subpart E--Office of Legal Counsel

0.25  General functions.

              Subpart E-1--Office of International Programs

0.26  Organization.

    Subpart E-2--Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs

0.27  General functions.

                  Subpart E-3--Office of Public Affairs

0.28  General functions.

              Subpart E-4--Office of the Inspector General

0.29  Organization.
0.29a  General functions.
0.29b  Reporting allegations of waste, fraud, or abuse.
0.29c  Reporting allegations of employee misconduct.
0.29d  Whistleblower protection for FBI employees.
0.29e  Relationship to other departmental units.
0.29f  Confidentiality.
0.29g  Reprisals.
0.29h  Specific authorities of the Inspector General.
0.29i  Audit, inspection, and review authority.
0.29j  Law enforcement authority.

                 Subpart F--Community Relations Service

0.30  General functions.
0.31  Designating officials to perform the functions of the Director.
0.32  Applicability of existing departmental regulations.

          Subpart F-1--Office of Intelligence Policy and Review

0.33a  Organization.
0.33b  Functions.
0.33c  Relationship to other departmental units.

       Subpart F-2--INTERPOL-United States National Central Bureau

0.34  General functions.

                Subpart G--Office of the Pardon Attorney

0.35  General functions; delegation of authority.
0.36  Recommendations.

        Subpart G-1--Executive Office for United States Trustees

0.37  Organization.
0.38  Functions.

           Subpart G-2--Office of Professional Responsibility

0.39  Organization.
0.39a  Functions.
0.39b  Confidentiality of information.
0.39d  Relationship to other departmental units.
0.39e  Committee on Professional Responsibility.

                      Subpart H--Antitrust Division

0.40  General functions.

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0.41  Special functions.

Appendix to Subpart H--Delegation of Authority Respecting Denials of 
          Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Requests

                        Subpart I--Civil Division

0.45  General functions.
0.46  Certain civil litigation and foreign criminal proceedings.
0.47  Alien property matters.
0.48  International trade litigation.
0.49  International judicial assistance.

                    Subpart J--Civil Rights Division

0.50  General functions.
0.51  Leadership and coordination of nondiscrimination laws.
0.52  Certifications under 18 U.S.C. 3503.
0.53  Office of Special Counsel for Immigration Related Unfair 
          Employment Practices.

Appendix to Subpart J

                      Subpart K--Criminal Division

0.55  General functions.
0.56  Exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction.
0.57  Criminal prosecutions against juveniles.
0.58  Delegation respecting payment of benefits for disability or death 
          of law enforcement officers not employed by the United States.
0.59  Certain certifications under 18 U.S.C. 3331 and 3503.
0.61  Functions relating to internal security.
0.62  Representative capacities.
0.63  Delegation respecting admission and naturalization of certain 
0.64  Certifications under 18 U.S.C. 3503.
0.64-1  Central or Competent Authority under treaties and executive 
          agreements on mutual assistance in criminal matters.
0.64-2  Delegation respecting transfer of offenders to or from foreign 
0.64-3  Delegation respecting designation of certain Department of 
          Agriculture employees (Tick Inspectors) to carry and use 
0.64-4  Delegation respecting temporary transfers, in custody of certain 
          prisoner-witnesses from a foreign country to the United States 
          to testify in Federal or State criminal proceedings.
0.64-5  Policy with regard to bringing charges under the Economic 
          Espionage Act of 1996, Pub. L. 104-294, effective October 11, 

Appendix to Subpart K

Subpart L [Reserved]

             Subpart M--Land and Natural Resources Division

0.65  General functions.
0.65a  Litigation involving Environmental Protection Agency.
0.66  Delegation respecting title opinions.
0.67  Delegation respecting conveyances for public-airport purposes.
0.68  Delegation respecting mineral leasing.
0.69  Delegation of authority to make determinations and grants.
0.69a  Delegation respecting approval of conveyances.
0.69b  Delegation of authority respecting conveyances for public 
0.69c  Litigation involving the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

                         Subpart N--Tax Division

0.70  General functions.
0.71  Delegation respecting immunity matters.

                 Subpart O--Justice Management Division

0.75  Policy functions.
0.76  Specific functions.
0.77  Operational functions.
0.78  Implementation of financial disclosure requirements.
0.79  Redelegation of authority.

               Subpart P--Federal Bureau of Investigation

0.85  General functions.
0.85a  Criminal justice policy coordination.
0.86  Seizure of gambling devices.
0.87  Representation on committee for visit-exchange.
0.88  Certificates for expenses of unforeseen emergencies.
0.89  Authority to seize arms and munitions of war.
0.89a  Delegations respecting claims against the FBI.

      Subpart P-1--Office of Justice Programs and Related Agencies

0.90  Office of Justice Programs.
0.91  Office for Victims of Crime.
0.92  National Institute of Justice.
0.93  Bureau of Justice Statistics.
0.94  Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.
0.94-1  Bureau of Justice Assistance.

                      Subpart Q--Bureau of Prisons

0.95  General functions.
0.96  Delegations.
0.96a  Interstate Agreement on Detainers.
0.96b  Exchange of prisoners.
0.96c  Cost of incarceration.
0.97  Redelegation of authority.

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0.98  Functions of Commissioner of Federal Prison Industries.
0.99  Compensation to Federal prisoners.

Appendix to Subpart Q--Confinement of Persons in District of Columbia 
          Correctional Institutions

               Subpart R--Drug Enforcement Administration

0.100  General functions.
0.101  Specific functions.
0.102  Drug enforcement policy coordination.
0.103  Release of information.
0.103a  Delegations respecting claims against the Drug Enforcement 
0.104  Redelegation of authority.

Appendix to Subpart R--Redelegation of Functions

            Subpart S--Immigration and Naturalization Service

0.105  General functions.
0.106  Certificates for expenses of unforeseen emergencies.
0.107  Representation on committee for visit-exchange.
0.108  Redelegation of authority.
0.109  Implementation of the Treaty of Friendship and General Relations 
          Between the United States and Spain.
0.110  Implementation of the Convention Between the United States and 

                Subpart T--United States Marshals Service

0.111  General functions.
0.111a  Temporary prisoner-witness transfers.
0.111B  Witness Security Program.
0.112  Special deputation.
0.113  Redelegation of authority.
0.114  Fees for services.

           Subpart U--Executive Office for Immigration Review

0.115  General functions.
0.116  Board of Immigration Appeals.
0.117  Office of Chief Immigration Judge.
0.118  Office of Chief Administrative Hearing Officer.

       Subpart U-1--Office of Community Oriented Policing Services

0.119  Organization.
0.120  General functions.
0.121  Applicability of existing departmental regulations.

               Subpart V--United States Parole Commission

0.124  United States Parole Commission.
0.125  Chairman of U.S. Parole Commission.
0.126  Administrative support.
0.127  Indigent prisoners.

            Subpart V-1--Foreign Claims Settlement Commission

0.128  Organization.
0.128a  General functions.
0.128b  Regulations.

   Subpart W--Additional Assignments of Functions and Designation of 
 Officials to Perform the Duties of Certain Offices in Case of Vacancy, 
  or Absence Therein or in Case of Inability or Disqualification to Act

0.130  Functions common to heads of organizational units.
0.131  Designation of Acting United States Attorneys.
0.132  Designating officials to perform the functions and duties of 
          certain offices in case of absence, disability or vacancy.

    Subpart X--Authorizations With Respect to Personnel and Certain 
                         Administrative Matters

0.137  [Reserved]
0.138  Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, 
          Bureau of Prisons, Federal Prison Industries, Immigration and 
          Naturalization Service, United States Marshals Service, Office 
          of Justice Programs, Executive Office for Immigration Review, 
          Executive Office for United States Attorneys, Executive Office 
          for United States Trustees.
0.139  [Reserved]
0.140  Authority relating to advertisements, and purchase of certain 
          supplies and services.
0.141  Audit and ledger accounts.
0.142  Per diem and travel allowances.
0.143  Incentive Awards Plan.
0.144  Determination of basic workweek.
0.145  Overtime pay.
0.146  Seals.
0.147  Certification of obligations.
0.148  Certifying officers.
0.149  Cash payments.
0.150  Collection of erroneous payments.
0.151  Administering oath of office.
0.152  Approval of funds for attendance at meetings.
0.153  Selection and assignment of employees for training.
0.154  Advance and evacuation payments and special allowances.
0.155  Waiver of claims for erroneous payments of pay and allowances.
0.156  Execution of U.S. Marshals' deeds or transfers of title.

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0.157  Federal Bureau of Investigation--Drug Enforcement Administration 
          Senior Executive Service.
0.158  [Reserved]
0.159  Redelegation of authority.

     Subpart Y--Authority to Compromise and Close Civil Claims and 
     Responsibility for Judgments, Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures

0.160  Offers that may be accepted by Assistant Attorneys General.
0.161  Acceptance of certain offers by the Deputy Attorney General or 
          Associate Attorney General, as appropriate.
0.162  Offers which may be rejected by Assistant Attorneys General.
0.163  Approval by Solicitor General of action on compromise offers in 
          certain cases.
0.164  Civil claims that may be closed by Assistant Attorneys General.
0.165  Recommendations to the Deputy Attorney General or Associate 
          Attorney General, as appropriate, that certain claims be 
0.166  Memorandum pertaining to closed claim.
0.167  Submission to Associate Attorney General by Director of Office of 
          Alien Property of certain proposed allowances and 
0.168  Redelegation by Assistant Attorneys General.
0.169  Definition of ``gross amount of the original claim''.
0.170  Interest on monetary limits.
0.171  Judgments, fines, penalties, and forfeitures.
0.172  Authority: Federal tort claims.

Appendix to Subpart Y--Redelegations of Authority to Compromise and 
          Close Civil Claims

 Subpart Z--Assigning Responsibility Concerning Applications for Orders 
       Compelling Testimony or Production of Evidence by Witnesses

0.175  Judicial and administrative proceedings.
0.176  Congressional proceedings.
0.177  Applications for orders under the Comprehensive Drug Abuse 
          Prevention and Control Act.
0.177a  Antitrust civil investigative demands.
0.178  Redelegation of authority.

Subpart Z-1--Prosecutions for Obstruction of Justice and Related Charges

0.179  Scope.
0.179a  Enforcement responsibilities.

               Subpart AA--Orders of the Attorney General

0.180  Documents designated as orders.
0.181  Requirements for orders.
0.182  Submission of proposed orders to the Office of Legal Counsel.
0.183  Distribution of orders.

                    Subpart BB--Sections and Subunits

0.190  Changes within organizational units.
0.191  Changes which affect the overall structure of the Department.

                Subpart CC--Jurisdictional Disagreements

0.195  Procedure with respect to jurisdictional disagreements.
0.196  Procedures for resolving disagreements concerning mail or case 
0.197  Agreements, in connection with criminal proceedings or 
          investigations, promising non-deportation or other immigration 

    Authority: 5 U.S.C. 301; 28 U.S.C. 509, 510, 515-519.

    Source: Order No. 423-69, 34 FR 20388, Dec. 31, 1969, unless 
otherwise noted.