[Congressional Record Volume 140, Number 52 (Wednesday, May 4, 1994)]
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[Congressional Record: May 4, 1994]
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                           HON. PETER T. KING

                              of new york

                    in the house of representatives

                         Wednesday, May 4, 1994

  Mr. KING. Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay special tribute to the talented 
and hard-working young men and women who participated in my second 
annual Student Art Competition on April 30, 1994. The exceptional work 
submitted by 34 students from high schools across Nassau County, NY 
impressed me and a very distinguished panel of judges.
  The third district competition was held in conjunction with ``An 
Artistic Discovery,'' the nationwide arts program sponsored by the 
Congressional Arts caucus. I am very proud to support the mission of 
the Arts caucus to promote the arts and encourage the creative talents 
of young Americans.
  Mr. Speaker, I am proud to report to my colleagues in the House of 
Representatives the results of the third district's art competition:
  Winner: David Felice, Farmingdale High School.
  Honorable Mention: Jeff Lohrius, Locust Valley High School; Stephen 
Herradora, Oceanside High School; William Blaschuk, Farmingdale High 
  Entrants: Christopher Barrett, Hicksville High School; Lisa Cohen, 
Plainview/Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School; Robert D'Amelio, 
Oceanside High School; Alexandria DiPietra, Plainview/Old Bethpage John 
F. Kennedy High School; Danny Escobar, Plainview/Old Bethpage John F. 
Kennedy High School; Neelofar Ghaznawi, Plainview/Old Bethpage John F. 
Kennedy High School; Kelly Hass, Seaford High School; Cara Karp, 
Oceanside High School; Illana Kasten, Oceanside High School; Elizabeth 
Kerr, Farmingdale High School; Brett Kitt, Oceanside High School; 
Lauren LaMonica, Oceanside High School; Gabriela Leganna, Farmingdale 
High School; Meredith LeRoux, Oyster Bay High School; Melanie Macioli, 
Oceanside High School; Josh Marlowe, Oceanside High School; Danielle 
Monsees, Hicksville High School; Jessica Milberg, Oceanside High 
School; Asa Mittman, Syosset High School; Jami Nuzzi, Farmingdale High 
School; Stephanie Occhipinti, Syosset High School; John Rasmussen, 
Hicksville High School; Leslie Pelikow, Plainview/Old Bethpage John F. 
Kennedy High School; Robert Ruggiero, Oceanside High School; Sadiya 
Sarij, Plainview/Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School; James 
Seaman, Long Beach High School; Kristopher Seluga, Seaford High School; 
Vanessa Taub, Lynbrook High School; Elizabeth Vineis, Syosset High 
School; Nicole Wong, Hicksville High School; Scott Yule, Seaford High 
  In addition to the participants, I want to pay tribute, recognize, 
and extend my sincere thanks to those whose hard work made the 
competition a success. Mrs. Linda Mondello of Hofstra University was a 
tremendous help to me and my staff as the cosponsor of this event. Her 
hard work and sense of commitment was truly inspiring. I also want to 
recognize the very distinguished panel of judges, Christos Hamawi, 
Maria Castellano, Aaron Michlin, and Krista Pfeiffer all of the Hofstra 
University Arts Alliance. They were faced with the difficult task of 
evaluating the entries and, I am very pleased to say, did a truly 
magnificent job. Each of these accomplished individuals has earned the 
thanks of the people of the third district.
  Finally, Mr. Speaker, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the 
dozens of high school art instructors who dedicate themselves to 
encourage and nurture the creative talents of their students.