[Congressional Record Volume 141, Number 85 (Monday, May 22, 1995)]
[Page H5374]
From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Publishing Office [www.gpo.gov]

                          ADDITIONAL SPONSORS

  Under clause 4 of rule XXII, sponsors were added to public bills and 
resolutions as follows:

       H.R. 70: Mr. Riggs.
       H.R. 104: Mr. Jacobs.
       H.R. 218: Ms. Kaptur, Mr. Rahall, and Mr. Gilman.
       H.R. 359: Mr. Meehan and Mr. Johnson of South Dakota.
       H.R. 390: Mr. Ehrlich, Mr. Weldon of Florida, Mr. Hamilton, 
     Mr. King, Mr. Camp, and Mr. Luther.
       H.R. 497: Mr. Herger, Mr. Stenholm, Mr. Browder, Mr. 
     Stockman, Mr. Collins of Georgia, Mr. Solomon, Mrs. 
     Seastrand, and Mr. Hoekstra.
       H.R. 682: Mr. Kleczka and Mr. Moran.
       H.R. 782: Mr. Lewis of Georgia, Mr. Mfume, Mr. Solomon, Mr. 
     Hoyer, and Mr. McDermott.
       H.R. 788: Mr. Hoke.
       H.R. 972: Mr. Bilirakis and Mr. Emerson.
       H.R. 1103: Mr. Gekas.
       H.R. 1118: Mr. Bunning of Kentucky.
       H.R. 1299: Mr. Martinez.
       H.R. 1383: Mr. Ewing.
       H.R. 1425: Mrs. Seastrand.
       H.R. 1448: Mr. Peterson of Florida.
       H.R. 1496: Mr. Lewis of Georgia and Mr. Ackerman.
       H.R. 1533: Mr. Bereuter and Mr. Chabot.
       H.R. 1555: Mr. Cox.
       H.R. 1611: Mr. Stump.