[Congressional Record Volume 141, Number 85 (Monday, May 22, 1995)]
[Page H5374]
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  Under clause 5 of rule X, bills and reports were delivered to the 
Clerk for printing, and bills referred as follows:

  [Pursuant to the order of the House on May 18, 1995, the following 
                   report was filed on May 19, 1995]

       Mr. GILMAN: Committee on International Relations. H.R. 
     1561. A bill to consolidate the foreign affairs agencies of 
     the United States; to authorize appropriations for the 
     Department of State and related agencies for fiscal years 
     1996 and 1997; to responsibly reduce the authorizations of 
     appropriations for United States foreign assistance programs 
     for fiscal years 1996 and 1997, and for other purposes, with 
     an amendment; referred to the Committee on Judiciary for a 
     period ending not later than May 20, 1995, for consideration 
     of such provisions of the amendment recommended by the 
     Committee on International Relations as fall within the 
     jurisdiction of that committee pursuant to clause 1(j), rule 
     X (Rept. 104-128, Pt. 1). Ordered to be printed.