[Congressional Record Volume 143, Number 38 (Friday, March 21, 1997)]
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                         HON. GARY L. ACKERMAN

                              of new york

                    in the house of representatives

                        Thursday, March 20, 1997

  Mr. ACKERMAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to join with my constituents 
of the Fifth Congressional District in extending a most welcome 
congratulations to the members of the National Institute for 
Electromedical Education [NIEE] in celebrating its 13th anniversary. 
Founded in 1984, by Stanley H. Kornhauser, Ph.D., the NIEE has 
diligently serviced the Borough of Queens as an advocate and educator 
of electromedicine and has been most effective as a medium for the 
exchange of information on advances in new diagnostic and therapeutic 
devices in all areas of medicine.
  Since its founding, the NIEE has been an active source of 
informational distribution to the field of medicine and has emerged as 
a major facilitator in establishing training and seminar programs in 
electromedical education. Its impact has been guided and nurtured by 
the organization's advisory board. The board's strong interdisciplinary 
members have distinguished themselves in diverse fields of medical and 
scientific research significantly impacting on the field of health 
  Therefore, Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to rise in recognizing 
the National Institute of Electromedical Education, its founder, 
Stanley H. Kornhauser, Ph.D., its advisory board and membership as 
leaders in enhancing the level of understanding and knowledge regarding 
electromedical education, electromedical technology development, and 
the effective use of electromedical technology throughout our Nation.