[Congressional Record Volume 143, Number 147 (Tuesday, October 28, 1997)]
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                           HON. CHET EDWARDS

                                of texas

                    in the house of representatives

                       Tuesday, October 28, 1997

  Mr. EDWARDS. Mr. Speaker, today, I rise to congratulate 17 women from 
my Texas congressional district for being selected as recipients of the 
1997 Pathfinder Award. These specially selected women from Waco and 
McLennan County have distinguished themselves through their unique 
service and contribution to the community.
  Pathfinders is a special recognition program that honors outstanding 
women in McLennan County who have distinguished themselves in their 
chosen fields. Since 1984, the YMCA of Central Texas has honored 214 
women with this distinguished tribute.
  The women are selected for the honor based on three factors: First, 
they have served as an exemplary role model, second, they are a strong 
mentor for others, and third, have impacted lives for the good.
  Receiving the 1997 Pathfinder Award are:
  Joyce Briehof will be recognized in the area of science/inventions, 
having been extensively involved with the Green Classroom Project at 
Kendrick Elementary School in Waco.
  Lynn Bulmahn will be recognized in the area of communications. Her 
coverage of health-related subjects including teenage pregnancy and 
Alzheimer's disease have earned her numerous awards.
  Margie Cintron is the recipient of the Pathfinder Award for public 
service. She has helped create 24 neighborhood associations in Waco, 
and provides technical support in accessing city, county, and other 
governmental services.
  Mary Duty will be recognized in the area of business/finance. She 
recently lobbied the Texas Legislature for passage of a bill to keep 
tobacco products away from underage children.
  Toni Herbert, a member of the Waco City Council, will be recognized 
in the area of politics. She began the Neighborhood Training Institute, 
as well as initiating the Neighborhood Development Program for the city 
of Waco.
  Ella Janes McKinney will be recognized in the area of volunteerism. A 
lifelong member of the Austin Avenue United Methodist Church, she 
helped organize the Meals on Wheels Program her church operates.
  Eugenie Mygdal will receive the Pathfinder Award for the arts. An 
active volunteer of the Waco Art Center and the Hillcrest Professional 
Development School, she is also a sculptress and artist.

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  June Osborne will be recognized in the area of conservation. She is 
an avid ornithologist has sought to heighten the awareness of children 
and adults about the importance of nature conservation.
  Linda Reasoner, administrator of the Waco Covenant Academy, will be 
recognized in the area of non-traditional roles. She has also been 
active in the development of home schooling in Waco.
  Pam Smallwood, education director of Planned Parenthood, is the 
recipient of the Pathfinder Award in health. She is the creator of the 
nationally recognized program, ``Nobody's Fool: Dating, Love, Sex and 
  Maretha Smith will be recognized in the area of humanitarian. She is 
the founder of the youth program, ``Save of our Sons,'' an organization 
which seeks to provide a positive focus on the African-American male.
  Dr. Rosanne Stripling, superintendent of the Waco Independent School 
District will be recognized in the area of education. Earlier this 
year, she was named the first female superintendent of the Waco ISD 
after having served in a number of other capacities as a professional 
  Helen Thueson, director of victim services for the Waco Police 
Department will be recognized in the legal area for her efforts to help 
victims rebuild their lives after a traumatic crime has occurred.
  Dr. Nancy Upton, director of the Entrepreneurship Center at Baylor 
University, will be recognized in the area of entrepreneurial 
enterprises. She is the only chairwoman of an endowed entrepreneur 
center in the United States.
  Greta Warren Watson will be recognized in the area of civic 
leadership. A volunteer since in the late 1950's, her numerous 
activities include the Senate Ladies' Club, the League of Women Voters, 
and the Big Twelve Task Force.
  Ina Mae Wilson will be recognized in the area of volunteerism. She 
has contributed over 1,900 hours to the Community Hospice Service in 
Waco, specializing in the area of bereavement.
  Patricia Wood is the recipient of the Pathfinder Award in the area of 
religion. She has opened her home to numerous foreign exchange students 
in her church. I am proud to say she is my mother-in-law and devoted 
grandmother to my two sons, John Thomas and Garrison.
  In addition, Bobbie Barnes is receiving the Rountree Athena Award for 
her leadership in the areas of historic research, education, and 
preservation. Her work will allow the rich history and culture of Waco 
to be passed on to future generations.
  I ask Members to join me in honoring the recipients of these 
distinguished awards. These women have demonstrated the dedication and 
exhibited the excellence that make our communities strong and our 
country great.