[Congressional Record Volume 147, Number 17 (Wednesday, February 7, 2001)]
[Page H204]
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  (Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland asked and was given permission to address 
the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)
  Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland. Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to announce that 
yesterday on the 90th birthday of one of my favorite Presidents, Ronald 
Reagan, I introduced legislation that will honor two of my most 
favorite Presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
  My legislation, the Washington-Lincoln Recognition Act of 2001, will 
accomplish two goals: first, my bill will correct a long-standing 
misconception regarding the Federal holiday honoring Washington's 
birthday, which in law is designated Washington's Birthday, but which 
is erroneously called President's Day by many since a 1971 Nixon 
  Second, my legislation urges our President to issue a proclamation 
each year recognizing the anniversary of the birth of President Abraham 
Lincoln. Although this does not create a new Federal holiday, I believe 
it will serve to bring this great leader the recognition he deserves. 
At the present time, there is no official Federal recognition of 
President Lincoln's birthday.
  As I have always said, when you honor everyone, you honor no one. 
Simply celebrating a generic President's Day diminishes the 
accomplishments of great Presidents like Washington and Lincoln and 
rewards the mediocrity of others.
  Mr. Speaker, I look forward to working with my colleagues on this 
issue and the passage of the Washington-Lincoln Recognition Act of