[Congressional Record Volume 147, Number 110 (Wednesday, August 1, 2001)]
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                         HON. CHARLES H. TAYLOR

                           of north carolina

                    in the house of representatives

                         Tuesday, July 31, 2001

  Mr. TAYLOR of North Carolina. Mr. Speaker, Mr. John Straub has 
recently finished three and one-half years of service to the House of 
Representatives as Deputy Chief Administrative Officer. I rise today to 
recognize and salute Mr. Straub as that service has been of a very high 
standard and filled with accomplishment.
  During his tenure as Deputy CAO, John also served as acting head of 
the Office of Finance. It was during this time that the House of 
Representatives received its first clean audit of its financial 
statements by outside auditors, PriceWaterhouse Coopers. While the 
entire Finance Office team was responsible for this achievement, John 
played a significant role in leading the House to a high level of 
financial management.
  John has also served as the point man working with the House 
Inspector General to guide and coach improvement of a number of House 
services. He was successful in assisting CAO personnel to take actions 
that have met the standards called for in several hundred audit 
recommendations issued by the House IG. Clearly, the Members, House 
staff and the public have benefited from the enhanced level of service 
and efficiencies that these improvements have made possible.
  The Appropriations Committee has relied on the CAO's office for 
assistance with the House

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budget as the annual Legislative appropriations bill makes its way 
through Congress. John frequently served as point man in making sure 
that we had accurate information and figures as our legislation was 
  All too often, Mr. Speaker, in the rush of day to day activities, we 
elected Members of the House forget the hard work and dedication of 
House employees other than those in our personal offices. The American 
people are fortunate to have hard working public servants such as John 
Straub. In a hundred ways, John has made the House a better, fairer 
place to work and serve for literally thousands of other public 
  In closing, besides his many practical accomplishments, Mr. Straub 
brought to the House a personal style that is both professional and 
refreshing. He always had a kind word and a smile, and applied 
boundless energy to every task.
  While we in the House are disappointed to lose a person of his 
caliber, we're pleased that he'll be able to support one of the 
Nation's pre-eminent education institutions, Harvard University, as 
Associate Dean for administration of the Kennedy School of Government. 
On behalf of the members and the institution, we thank John Straub for 
his service and dedication, and wish him best of luck in his future