[Congressional Record Volume 150, Number 93 (Thursday, July 8, 2004)]
[Page S7824]
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 Mr. NELSON of Florida. Mr. President, today, it is my honor 
and my privilege to recognize one of the finest officers in the U.S. 
Navy, and a good friend of mine, ADM James O. Ellis, Jr.
  For the past 3 years, ADM Jim Ellis has demonstrated his leadership 
as commander of United States Strategic Command. During his time at 
Offutt AFB, in Nebraska, Jim Ellis personified the Navy's core values 
of integrity, selfless service, and excellence in all things. I join 
the many Members and staff who enjoyed the opportunity to meet with him 
on a variety of strategic issues and came to appreciate his ability to 
integrate his many talents at Offutt.
  Admiral Ellis is retiring from his post tomorrow. There will be a 
ceremony in Omaha to honor him that I will attend.
  Today, it is my privilege to recognize with admiration and thanks 
some of Admiral Ellis' many accomplishments since he entered the 
military 35 years ago, and to commend the superb service he provided 
the Navy, the Congress and the Nation. Admiral Ellis is a 1969 graduate 
of the U.S. Naval Academy. He was designated a Naval aviator in 1971 
and has held a variety of sea and shore assignments since 1972.
  His sea duty billets as a Navy fighter pilot included tours with 
Fighter Squadron 92 aboard USS Constellation, CV 64, and Fighter 
Squadron 1 aboard USS Ranger, CV 61.
  From early in his career, Jim Ellis' exceptional leadership skills 
were evident as he repeatedly proved himself in select command 
positions. Admiral Ellis was the first Commanding Officer of Strike/
Fighter Squadron 131, deploying in 1985 with new F/A-18 Hornets aboard 
USS Coral Sea, CV 43. He served as executive officer of the nuclear-
powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, CVN 70, and as commanding 
officer of USS LaSalle, AGF 3, the Arabian Gulf flagship of the 
Commander, Joint Task Force, Middle East.
  In 1991, Admiral Ellis assumed command of the USS Abraham Lincoln, 
CVN 72, and participated in Operation Desert Storm while deployed 
during her maiden voyage in the western Pacific and Arabian Gulf. In 
June 1995, Admiral Ellis assumed command of Carrier Group FIVE/Battle 
Force SEVENTH Fleet, breaking his flag aboard USS Independence, CV 62, 
forward deployed to the Western Pacific and homeported in Yokosuka, 
Japan. As carrier battle group commander he led contingency response 
operations to both the Arabian Gulf and Taiwan Straits.
  Admiral Ellis also excelled in a variety of key shore and staff 
assignments that included tours as an experimental/operational test 
pilot, service in the Navy Office of Legislative Affairs, and duty as 
F/A-18 program coordinator, deputy chief of Naval Operations, Air 
Warfare. He also served as deputy commander and chief of Staff, Joint 
Task Force FIVE, the counternarcotics force for U.S. Commander in Chief 
Pacific. In November 1993 he reported as inspector general, U.S. 
Atlantic Fleet, and subsequently served as director for Operations, 
Plans and Policy, N3/N5, on the staff of the commander in chief, U.S. 
Atlantic Fleet. He assumed duties as deputy chief of Naval Operations--
Plans, Policy and Operations--in November 1996.
  Admiral Ellis became commander in chief, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe 
headquartered in London, England, and commander in chief, Allied 
Forces, Southern Europe headquartered in Naples, Italy, in October 
1998. During his time serving in Europe, Admiral Ellis provided support 
to NATO forces as they waged war over Kosovo.
  I was especially pleased when he was nominated to continue service to 
the Nation as commander, U.S. Strategic Command in 2001. As such, 
Admiral Ellis is responsible for the global command and control of U.S. 
strategic forces and provides a sweeping range of strategic 
capabilities and options for the President and Secretary of Defense. 
While combatant commander in 2002, Admiral Ellis oversaw the merger of 
U.S. Space Command with U.S. Strategic Command, demonstrating exemplary 
leadership during a critical period of transition.
  Over the years, Admiral Ellis's leadership, professionalism and 
expertise enabled him to foster exceptional rapport with many Members 
of both the Senate and the House. I am personally grateful for his 
friendship. I offer congratulations to him and his wife, Polly, on his 
exceptionally well-deserved retirement. The Congress and country 
applaud the selfless commitment his entire family has made to the 
Nation in supporting his military career. I know I speak for all my 
colleagues in expressing my heartfelt appreciation to Admiral Ellis. We 
wish our friend the best of luck. He is truly a credit to both the Navy 
and the Nation.