[Congressional Record Volume 150, Number 93 (Thursday, July 8, 2004)]
[Page S7824]
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 Mr. CONRAD. Mr. President, I want to take a few moments today 
to publicly thank Lieutenant General Robert Flowers, who left his post 
as commander and chief of engineers of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 
on July 1. General Flowers is one of the finest individuals I have 
worked with as a U.S. Senator representing North Dakota. He is not only 
a fine, trusted public servant, he is also a good friend.
  North Dakota and the Nation owe General Flowers a deep debt of 
gratitude. He served as chief of engineers for 4 years, and he served 
admirably. During that period, he helped advance the construction of 
the Grand Forks flood control project and other important flood control 
projects in the Red River Valley. He also fought hand in hand with the 
North Dakota congressional delegation as we have worked to implement 
solutions to the chronic flood at Devils Lake. Throughout it all, he 
has always gone above and beyond the call of duty.
  General Flowers is one of the most capable leaders of the Corps of 
Engineers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is a true 
professional, and has a unique ability to walk into a difficult 
condition, assess the situation, and calmly, but decisively, take 
action. He listens carefully to people and has a leadership style that 
invites creative solutions to complex problems.
  General Flowers is also a man of tremendous integrity. He cares 
deeply about the people of this Nation, and his commitment to doing the 
right thing was unmatched. He was willing to fight for the needs of 
common citizens, even if it meant leading an uphill fight and 
challenging others within the Corps. To General Flowers, ``no'' was 
simply unacceptable. He worked diligently to turn over every stone and 
formulate solutions that are workable and responsive to the water 
challenges faced by communities across the country.
  I know that the General Flowers leaves the Corps a much better 
organization due to his leadership. The General set high standards for 
his team, and they delivered time and time again. I will not forget the 
contributions General Flowers has made to the people of my State and 
the country.
  I want to again express my deep appreciation and respect for General 
Flowers for his service to my state and to our Nation. We in North 
Dakota will miss you, General, but wish you all the best.