[Congressional Record Volume 150, Number 99 (Friday, July 16, 2004)]
[Extensions of Remarks]
[Pages E1396-E1397]
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                            HON. JACK QUINN

                              of new york

                    in the house of representatives

                        Thursday, July 15, 2004

  Mr. QUINN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor and recognize the 
outstanding efforts that a group of local heroes played in keeping 
America safe from the type of terrorist threats that are occurring here 
in the United States as well as overseas. While the public may not 
always hear about the close calls or the work done behind the scenes by 
our federal agents, it is with great pride that we publicly recognize 
the FBI agents and Task Force Personnel in Buffalo, New York for their 
work investigating and bringing to successful prosecution the terrorist 
cell known as the Lackawanna Six.
  In the spring of 2001, six men from Lackawanna, NY were recruited to 
a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan. The camp was directed by al-
Qaida and included speeches given personally by Osama bin Laden. The 
Six admitted to attending the al-Qaida training camp to learn 
terrorists' tactics.
  With the work of the Buffalo FBI and Task Force Personnel, the 
Lackawanna Six were successfully prosecuted and sentenced, with each 
member receiving prison terms of between seven and ten years. While we 
will thankfully never know what harm they intended to bring to American 
innocents, we all feel safer knowing that they are behind bars. The 
contributions of these Buffalo agents were crucial in protecting 
Americans from the terrors like the ones experienced on September 11th.
  As we have seen with the recent attacks in Bali and Madrid, terrorism 
is a new type of threat that makes securing the homeland a constant 
struggle. Our enemies in the war on terror are not always clear, and we 
rely on the men and women in the FBI and other Federal agencies as 
vital parts in the internal battle against future terror attacks. And 
while their specific contributions cannot always be officially 
recognized, I would also like to express my thanks for the professional 
contributions to the Lackawanna investigation of our intelligence 
agencies. I thank them all for their work protecting America.

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  Mr. Speaker, in closing I would like to say that these individuals, 
and many others throughout the world, are doing the hard and often 
unrecognized work that is required to keep our homeland safe. I also 
know that these fine agents and specialists serve as role models for 
others throughout the United States. Protecting our citizens and our 
freedoms is vitally important to our future security, and these men and 
women have proven with their actions that they are up to the task.
  For their outstanding work throughout the investigation, I would like 
to individually recognize the following people:
  Charlene M. Abbatoy, Gary Adams, Jackie Adams, Kevin R. Adams, Peter 
J. Ahearn, Timothy A. Aldrich, Glenn D. Barnes, Donald M. Becker, Jr., 
Paul Bellitto, Stanley J. Borgia, Jeanne Brennan, David M. Britten, 
Ellen K. Brody, David Budz, Sarah Burcham, Diane J. Buzy, Thomas 
Camizzi, Lisa Marie Cammarano, Catherine D. Campbell, Briad L. Cid, 
Carol L. Cid, Migdalia Claudio, Jennifer Cornell, Robert M. Cornell, 
Mary Jayne Coyne, Timothy B. Crino, John P. Culhane, Jr., Paul W. 
Culligan, Scott W. Cullins, Maureen P. Dempsey, Bonnie Dietrich, Thomas 
V. Doktor, Jacqueline Dougher, Vanita L. Evans, Marcello Falconetti, 
William Martin Fallon, Steven Forrest, George W. Gast, Karen A. Gibson, 
Thomas S. Ginter, Andrew J. Goralski, Robert John Gross, Matthew F. 
Hall, Steven L. Halter, Brian J. Haynes, Laura Heldwein, Edward John 
Herbst, June Ellen Hillman, Wendy L. Horth, Holly Lynn Hubert, Michael 
P. Hubert, Brent S. Isaacson, Robert S. Jae, James A. Jancewicz, 
Kenneth A. Jensen, Jr., Randy F. Jones, Karen Anne Jordan, Joseph T. 
Kelley, Lisa Marie Kelly, Lafesa Killian, Judith A. King, Mary Ann 
Klubeck, Ronald Kolodziejczak, Robert H. Kosakowski, Anne M. Kowalske, 
Erwin W. Langeman, Jr., Adrienne J. Leary, Michael Liwicki, Lavonda 
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