[Congressional Record Volume 155, Number 115 (Tuesday, July 28, 2009)]
[Page H8901]
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  (Mr. PRICE of Georgia asked and was given permission to address the 
House for 1 minute.)
  Mr. PRICE of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, what was one of the major concerns 
with the nonstimulus spending bill and the national energy tax that 
have flown through the House? Well, you know what it was, Mr. Speaker. 
Nobody read the bill. So what should we do with this health care bill? 
Well, I would suggest that we read the bill; and as somebody has said 
already, There is just a draft form.
  But what's in that draft? It would raise taxes on individuals, small 
businesses, and employers by $818 billion and spend $1.6 trillion to 
create a system that even the Congressional Budget Office admits would 
raise, not lower, health costs. The bill would ban the purchase of 
private individual health coverage as part of a government takeover of 
health care that independent entities confirm would result in over 100 
million Americans losing their private, personal coverage.
  The House Republicans are for health reform that works. We have a 
plan for reform that expands access to affordable health care and gives 
families the freedom to choose health care that fits their needs, not 
government needs. House Republicans support patients. We will oppose 
any plan that puts Washington bureaucrats between patients and the care 
they need. Fewer choices, higher costs, I don't think so.