[Congressional Record Volume 158, Number 157 (Friday, December 7, 2012)]
[Extensions of Remarks]
[Page E1890]
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                     HON. C.A. DUTCH RUPPERSBERGER

                              of maryland

                    in the house of representatives

                        Friday, December 7, 2012

  Mr. RUPPERSBERGER. Mr. Speaker, I submit the following.

                             A Work of Art

                       (By Albert Carey Caswell)

     A . . .
     A Work of Art this day . . .
     A man of faith,
     whose fine heart portrayed . . .
     Who on this day,
     up in Heaven has so found his place . . .
     Who in those early days . . .
     So helped to set the stage!
     For a new league to become all of the rage . . .
     The NFL, as history now so tells!
     What so in this man's heart so dwelled . . .
     A pioneer so very clear
     who a league held up so very dear!
     As an innovator,
     such a creator who'd so cast his spell . . .
     But, In The Game of Life his greatest touch.
     Was that he was a man who gave so much!
     For Thou Art was of such!
     And though most of his life's work . . .
     Was so given to and in Ohio first!
     To Cleveland and The Cleveland Browns,
     as he so gave so many gifts to this blue collar town . . .
     Until his heart would burst!
     But the hardest break up's of all,
     are first love's as we saw!
     As there was another blue collar town!
     Who so needed Art, so now!
     As it was one of those other teams,
     that which so made all of The NFL's dreams!
     Where Johnny It's U,
     brought the NFL into the modern age!
     For there has never been any greater NFL fan's,
     than Baltimore's on any given Sunday who would rock those 
     As they so invented the word SELL OUT! . . . understand!
     And the way they were cheated was a shame!
     When, in came riding on a white horse to stake his claim . . 
     Was a man of such a great heart . . . as Modell was his name!
     And Baltimore may have lost their name,
     but in the end regained a team . . .
     As Art said, quote The Raven . . .
     about losing your team . . . it won't happen ``Never More!''
     As a city which once ``pondered so weak and wearily'',
     ``once upon a midnight of Sundays dreary'' over their lost 
           loves for sure!
     As all around this State,
     suddenly upon each face a smile appeared!
     And you know that in the end,
     I'm sure for Cleveland he shed a tear!
     But, if you really wished to see all in what Art so believed!
     Look to his charities!
     For his greatest of all life's work,
     was that one that which he would not so shirk!
     Was to give to you and me!
     For this man's heart,
     In God and Country Tis of Thee so believed!
     Living by,
     Making The World a better place when you leave!
     As was his selfless motto for all to see!
     Now, up in Heaven Art and Vince on angels wings are watching 
           the games on flat screen!
     So as we now so look back at all of the facts . . .
     Yes Art,
     a better world you so left indeed!
     As Art,
     your life was but a Work of Art for all to see!