[Congressional Record Volume 159, Number 42 (Thursday, March 21, 2013)]
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[Page E347]
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                          HON. DANIEL LIPINSKI

                              of illinois

                    in the house of representatives

                        Thursday, March 21, 2013

  Mr. LIPINSKI. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize FarmedHere, a 
revolutionary vertical farming facility in Bedford Park, IL, that 
celebrates its Grand Opening this week.
   Envisioned as an sustainable solution to growing fresh produce in an 
urban environment, Steve Dennenberg, Paul Hardej, Paul Suder, Jolanta 
Hardej, and Mark Weglarz came together to found and operate FarmedHere. 
Designed to bring food closer to the consumer, FarmedHere is located in 
a formerly unoccupied warehouse in Bedford Park. The facility uses 
cutting-edge technological advances in aquaponics, aeroponics, and 
vertical farming to make urban agricultural production a possibility. 
While many types of produce travel thousands of miles to reach the 
plates of Chicagoland residents, FarmedHere products save money and 
energy by keeping the growing and distribution processes local in the 
Chicagoland area.
   Beyond being economically efficient and ecologically-minded, 
FarmedHere also gives back to the local community. FarmedHere has 
partnered with the Chicago Botanic Garden to teach students about 
aquaponics and the future of urban farming. This partnership teaches 
students how to be leaders in this exciting new industry that will 
create jobs now and in the future.
   Residents of the Greater Chicago Area now have access to fresh local 
basil, arugula, and salad dressing produced sustainably by their own 
neighbors thanks to FarmedHere. Eventually, this business will grow and 
begin selling fresh fish and more energy-intensive fruits and 
vegetables. The founders of FarmedHere also hope to someday move 
entirely ``off the grid'' by using cutting edge technologies to produce 
their own energy, fertilizer, and output--all under one roof.
   FarmedHere and vertical farms like it are good for the economy and 
the environment, and I am proud that this one-of-a-kind facility is 
located in the 3rd District of Illinois. Today, I ask my colleagues to 
join me in congratulating the entire FarmedHere family on their 
successful launch and to wish many years of continued success.