[Congressional Record Volume 160, Number 25 (Tuesday, February 11, 2014)]
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[Page E191]
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                           HON. HAROLD ROGERS

                              of kentucky

                    in the house of representatives

                       Tuesday, February 11, 2014

  Mr. ROGERS of Kentucky. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to 
one of eastern Kentucky's toughest leaders, both in and out of the 
courtroom, Chief Circuit Judge for Kentucky's Thirty-Third Judicial 
Circuit, the Honorable William Engle III, upon his upcoming retirement.
   Judge Engle made a profound impression on Kentucky's Perry County 
when he first won a special election in 2004 to take the bench. He was 
determined to restore dignity and honor to the court that was mired by 
countless drug-related cases. One year earlier, our region was dubbed 
the nation's ``Painkiller Capital,'' and Judge Engle was determined to 
implement changes that could save the lives of people who entered his 
courtroom, and curb the tide of prescription drug abuse in Eastern 
   Fulfilling his pledge, Judge Engle established a Drug Court in Perry 
County in 2005, volunteering his own time to oversee the program. Drug 
Courts are designed to reduce the relapse rate of drug abusers and 
drug-related crime through substance abuse education, treatment, drug-
testing, and counseling. With strict oversight, four participants made 
it to the first graduation ceremony in 2006. Since then, some 60 people 
have successfully graduated from this impressive treatment-alternative 
program in Perry County. Additionally, Judge Engle had the foresight to 
partner with a local workforce center to help Drug Court participants 
re-enter the workforce and build a career. His work has helped restore 
thousands of dollars in child support payments, as well as restitution 
and fines owed by the individuals. Most importantly, dozens of families 
have been transformed through the program and at least eleven drug-free 
babies have been born, giving them all a wonderful new beginning.
   As he passes the gavel, Judge Engle leaves behind a legacy of 
fortitude in the law, yet humility in his service. His wisdom and 
passion will undoubtedly be sought after as the people of Perry County 
choose his successor.
   Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me in honoring a champion 
for drug-free communities, the Honorable William Engle III. I wish him 
all the best in the years to come.