[Congressional Record Volume 160, Number 25 (Tuesday, February 11, 2014)]
[Extensions of Remarks]
[Page E195]
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                           HON. JOE COURTNEY

                             of connecticut

                    in the house of representatives

                       Tuesday, February 11, 2014

  Mr. COURTNEY. Mr. Speaker, for decades the United States has worked 
closely with Australia on issues of great importance to our two 
nations. Australia has stood stalwartly as a friend of the United 
States and remains one of our closest allies today. Last year I worked 
with the Department of Commerce to organize a trade mission of 
Connecticut companies to Australia. As part of the trip planning, I was 
pleased to work closely with Australia's Ambassador to the United 
States, Kim Beazley, who joined me on a visit to Connecticut last 
spring. As Australia and the United States increase export and defense 
collaboration in the coming years, we must continue to strengthen our 
bilateral relationship with Australia.
  Fifteen years ago, a program launched to place Australian students in 
offices in our Nation's Capital. Since that time, the Uni-Capitol 
Washington Internship Program has delivered to the United States some 
of Australia's best and brightest to serve as interns in a variety of 
federal agencies, congressional offices, and committees.
  During my first term in Congress, I was privileged to welcome Anthony 
Bremmer to my office, and since then my office has hosted Jehane Sharah 
and Niall O'Shea. When the opportunity arose again to participate in 
the Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Program, I immediately agreed to 
welcome another Australian ``ambassador.'' Once again, my office and I 
have been pleased with the positive contributions of Hannah Blyth, who 
was placed in our office. She has attended meetings and briefings, 
assisted my staff with various research initiatives, and helped serve 
my constituents of the Second District of Connecticut. Prior to coming 
to the United States, Hannah worked for the Parliament of New South 
Wales as a Policy and Project Officer. With an avid interest in 
American politics and international relations, Hannah hopes to grow her 
experience and knowledge of the American political landscape during her 
time in my office. Hannah is truly an exceptional ambassador for the 
people of Australia.
  Hannah's participation in this program has provided her with new 
opportunities and experiences that only the Uni-Capitol Washington 
Internship Program could provide. While in the program Hannah has 
attended events at the Australian Embassy, met with State Department 
and USAID officials, and toured the United Nations headquarters in New 
York with the Australian Mission to the U.N. A well-rounded graduate 
student, Hannah will be receiving a Master's degree in U.S. Studies 
from the University of Sydney's United States Studies Centre when she 
graduates later this year.
  Many of my colleagues have also been privileged to welcome students 
like Hannah to their offices. This year, 14 students from 10 Australian 
universities all across Australia are serving in offices in Washington, 
helping foster a new generation of understanding and shared experiences 
between our two nations. Launched by former Congressional staffer Eric 
Federing, the Uni-Capitol Washington Internship program has now 
delivered 156 Australian student interns over the past 15 years.
  Mr. Speaker, I would encourage all of my colleagues to open their 
doors to students from around the world so that they can share in our 
great democracy. Similarly, I would encourage American university 
students to seek established and creative ways to connect with their 
counterparts around the globe. I ask my colleagues to join with me in 
recognizing the contributions of the Uni-Capitol Internship Program and 
to once more thank Hannah Blyth for her dedication and hard work.