[Congressional Record Volume 160, Number 25 (Tuesday, February 11, 2014)]
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[Page E196]
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                     HONORING MR. GARREN MIMS, SR.


                        HON. CEDRIC L. RICHMOND

                              of louisiana

                    in the house of representatives

                       Tuesday, February 11, 2014

  Mr. RICHMOND. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor a special man, Mr. 
Garren Thomas Mims, Sr., a native of my hometown of New Orleans, 
Louisiana. I especially wish to congratulate him on becoming the 99th 
King of the Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club. It is my distinct 
privilege to recognize him here today for this accomplishment.
   Mr. Mims has been an active and loyal member of the Zulu Social Aid 
& Pleasure Club since 1995. During his time in Zulu Mr. Mims has held 
and served in a variety of leadership offices. He has also been an 
active member of several committees and takes special pride in Zulu's 
community activities committee, in particular the Toys For Tots 
program. However, his service is not limited to his activity in Zulu. 
He also enjoys volunteering in his community and serves as a 
parishioner at his family church, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic 
Church. The church's annual fundraiser for the St. Jude Center holds a 
special place in Mr. Mims' heart. His community service serves as an 
inspiration and we are grateful to him for his continued commitment.
   In addition to his activity in Zulu, Mr. Mims is a dedicated family 
man. As a lifelong resident of New Orleans, Mr. Mims is deeply rooted 
within his community. He is a proud graduate of McDonogh #35 Senior 
High School and Southern University. For the past 19 years, he has been 
married to Mrs. Georgette Anita Mims. Mr. and Mrs. Mims are the proud 
parents of three children: Garren Mims, Jr., Gabrielle Mims, and 
Gabriel Mims. This year, he will get a chance to share the honor and 
joy of being Zulu royalty with his wife, as Mrs. Mims will reign 
alongside him as the 78th Queen of Zulu. This will be a special time 
for the family, and we are very proud of him. The commitment that Mr. 
Mims shows to his family and his community is an example to all of us. 
The hard work and dedication of Mr. and Mrs. Mims to improving the 
community and raising a strong family gives us hope and promise for the 
future of our city.
   In closing Mr. Speaker, I wish to congratulate Mr. Garren Mims, Sr., 
on his coronation as the 99th King of Zulu and wish him a successful 
reign as King Zulu, 2014.