[Congressional Record (Bound Edition), Volume 146 (2000), Part 16]
[Page 22851]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office, www.gpo.gov]

                        VICTIMS OF GUN VIOLENCE

  Mr. DORGAN. Mr. President, it has been more than a year since the 
Columbine tragedy, but still this Republican Congress refuses to act on 
sensible gun legislation.
  Since Columbine, thousands of Americans have been killed by gunfire. 
Until we act, Democrats in the Senate will read the names of some of 
those who have lost their lives to gun violence in the past year, and 
we will continue to do so every day that the Senate is in session.
  In the name of those who died, we will continue this fight. Following 
are the names of some of the people who were killed by gunfire one year 
ago today.
  October 17, 1999:
  Ariosto Bautista, 20, Rochester, NY;
  Tavaris Covington, 20, Charlotte, NC;
  Jilad Edwards, 16, Detroit, MI;
  Jason Jones, 16, Baltimore, MD;
  Edward Mason, 76, Dallas, TX;
  Luis Hernandez, 30, Oakland, CA;
  Hiram J. Rumlin, 25, Rochester, NY;
  Herbert Sanford, 21, Detroit, MI;
  John Williams, 36, Baltimore, MD;
  Ladrandria Williams, 18, Detroit, MI; and
  Unidentified Male, 82, Portland, OR.
  Following are the names of some of the people who were killed by 
gunfire one year ago Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
  October 13, 1999:
  Adnan Ahmed Ali, 21, Memphis, TN;
  Richard Baker, 27, Philadelphia, PA;
  Ivan Cook, Sr., 68, Knoxville, TN;
  Granville Deshields, 23, Philadelphia, PA;
  Kevin Hooker, 20, Atlanta, GA;
  Robert Liggins, 35, Dallas, TX;
  Christopher Scott, 25, Baltimore, MD;
  Theresa Scott, 38, Detroit, MI;
  Zzeene Stukes, 23, Baltimore, MD;
  Davey Taylor, 22, Detroit, MI;
  Unidentified Male, Long Beach, CA;
  Unidentified Male, Portland, OR; and
  Unidentified Male, Washington, DC.
  October 14, 1999:
  Andre Chamberlin, 23, Washington, DC;
  Nathen Davis, 23, Washington, DC;
  Luis Fernandez, 38, Miami-Dade County, FL;
  Ronnell Johnson, 22, Baltimore, MD;
  Shaun Lynch, 20, Houston, TX;
  Jennifer Monte, 23, Philadelphia, PA;
  David Naysmith, 29, Detroit, MI;
  Eliezer Nieves, 30, Miami-Dade County, FL; and
  Unidentified Male, 19, Portland, OR.
  October 15, 1999:
  Justin Alban, 23, Baltimore, MD;
  Albert Carballo, 48, Miami-Dade County, FL;
  Carl Creary, 48, Miami-Dade County, FL;
  Devadiipa Creary, Miami-Dade County, FL;
  Sylvester Exum, 45, Memphis, TN;
  Juan Godin, 42, Houston, TX;
  Brian Harrington, 3, Detroit, MI;
  Wanda Harrington, 47, Detroit, MI;
  Guillermo Marquez, 32, Houston, TX;
  Anton Parker, 19, Washington, DC;
  Mario Pujol, 53, Miami-Dade County, FL;
  Magdeil Rivera, 25, Bridgeport, CT;
  Luis Velez, 20, Bridgeport, CT
  Clifton Walker, 31, Philadelphia, PA;
  Unidentified Male, 16, Chicago, IL;
  Unidentified Male, 96, Long Beach, CA; and
  Unidentified Male, 17, Norfolk, VA.
  October 16, 1999:
  Hector Aviles, 21, Philadelphia, PA;
  Norris Bradley, 19, Washington, DC;
  Elenora Fisher, 35, New Orleans, LA;
  Anthony Harth, 25, Kansas City, MO;
  Pretlow Howell, 22, Chicago, IL;
  Bruce Kelly, 35, Akron, OH;
  Jose Martines, 22, Houston, TX;
  Jose Ramos, 24, Philadelphia, PA;
  David Stopka, 25, Chicago, IL;
  Carey Thompkins, 28, Cincinnati, OH;
  George Zafereo, 52, Victoria, TX; and
  Unidentified Male, 82, Portland, OR.
  We cannot sit back and allow such senseless gun violence to continue. 
The deaths of these people are a reminder to all of us that we need to 
enact sensible gun legislation now.