[Congressional Record Index (1989)]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office, www.gpo.gov]


      Activities of Geological Survey in the National Earthquake 
        Hazardous Reduction Program and Under National Earthquake 
        Hazardous Reduction Act: Dallas L. Peck, D724 [2NO]
      ------Dennis Kwiatkowski, D724 [2NO]
      Consolidation of EPA, Dept. of Justice, and Tenancy of the 
        Federal Triangle Complex: Charles H. Percy, D297 [23MY]
      ------Harry H. Flickinger, D297 [23MY]
      ------M. Jay Brodie, D297 [23MY]
      ------William K. Reilly, D297 [23MY]
      De Soto Expedition Trail Commission within the Dept. of the 
        Interior (S. 555), D333 [8JN]
      Dept. of Energy Defense Programs Authorization: Raymond P. 
        Berube, D60 [27FE]
      Funds for the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor 
        Commission (S. 830), D333 [8JN]
      Idaho wilderness (S. 371): (testimony), D453 [20JY]
      Nomination of Martin L. Allday to the FERC: Martin L. Allday, 
        D727 [3NO]
      Preventing Newly Established Agencies From Increasing the Public 
        Debt Through Unauthorized Borrowing (H.R. 3469): Daniel P. 
        Kearney, D711 [31OC]
      ------L. William Seidman, D711 [31OC]
      Quality--Its Role in a Modern, Competitive America: Curt 
        Reimann, D202 [18AP]
      Recyclable Materials Science and Technology Act (H.R. 500): 
        Representative Hochbrueckner, D779 [16NO]
      ------Rufus Chaney, D779 [16NO]
      Review International Environmental Agenda for the 101st 
        Congress: Patrick Michaels, D210 [25AP]
      Committee on Armed Services (Senate): Dept. of Defense 
        Appropriations Act (H.R. 3072), D584 [21SE]
      ------nomination of Henry S. Rowen to be Assistant Sec. of 
        Defense, D382 [22JN]
      ------strategic programs in National Defense Authorization Act 
        (H.R. 2461), D584 [21SE]
      Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs: Defense 
        Production Act (H.R. 486), D291 [18MY]
      Committee on Education and Labor: extend authorization for 
        certain school dropout demonstration programs under Elementary 
        and Secondary Education Act (H.R. 2281), D335 [8JN]
      ------Domestic Volunteer Service Act (H.R. 1312), D335 [8JN]
      ------Temporary Child Care for Handicapped Children and Crisis 
        Nurseries Act (H.R. 2088), D335 [8JN]
      ------transfer certain child abuse program relative to Child 
        Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (H.R. 2087), D335 [8JN]
      Committee on Energy and Commerce: Railroad Drug Abuse Prevention 
        Act (H.R. 1208), D336 [8JN]
      Committee on Finance: nomination of Julius L. Katz to be Deputy 
        U.S. Trade Representative, D383 [22JN]
      ------nomination of Michael J. Astrue to be Dept. of HHS General 
        Counsel, D383 [22JN]
      Committee on Foreign Relations: nomination of Bernard W. Aronson 
        to be Assistant Sec. of State for Inter-American Affairs, D333 
      ------nomination of Chic Hecht to be Ambassador to the Bahamas, 
        D333 [8JN]
      ------nomination of John H. Kelly to be Assistant Sec. of State 
        for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, D333 [8JN]
      Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs: BLM appropriations 
        (H.R. 828) (testimony), D336 [8JN]
      Committee on Labor and Human Resources: Temporary Child Care for 
        Handicapped Children and Crisis Nurseries Act (S. 1454), D503 
      Committee on Science, Space, and Technology: National Institute 
        of Standards and Technology appropriations (H.R. 3042), D491 
      Committee on Ways and Means: Financial Institutions Reform, 
        Recovery and Enforcement Act (H.R. 1278), D292 [18MY]
      ------ITC, Customs Service, and Office of the U.S. Trade 
        Representative appropriations, D292 [18MY]
      ------semiconductor agreement and unfair Japanese trade 
        practices (H. Res. 146), D292 [18MY]
      Abandoned Mine Land: David H. Rosenbaum, D201 [18AP]
      ------Fred R. Banta, D201 [18AP]
      ------Michael L. Kasti, D201 [18AP]
      ------Roger L. Williams, D201 [18AP]
      ------Russell A. Fields, D201 [18AP]
      Abandoned Mine Reclamation (H.R. 538, 1315, 2095): 
        Representative McCloskey, D276 [16MY]
      ------Representative Perkins, D276 [16MY]
      ------Representative Rogers, D276 [16MY]
      ------Robert H. Gentile, D276 [16MY]
      ACDA Appropriations (H.R. 1495): Representative Broomfield, D629 
      ------Representative Fascell, D629 [3OC]
      ------William F. Burns, D71 [1MR]
      Acid Deposition Control Act (H.R. 1470): Representative 
        Boehlert, D163 [6AP]
      ------Representative Conte, D163 [6AP]
      Acid Rain Abatement Act (H.R. 144): Representative Boehlert, 
        D163 [6AP]
      ------Representative Conte, D163 [6AP]
      Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Budget: Herbert L. 
        Beckington, D272 [16MY]
      ------Julia V. Taft, D272 [16MY]
      Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Information Confidentiality: 
        James R. Allen
      Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and Other Epidemics of 
        Infectious Diseases Appropriations: Alan R. Hinman, D157 [5AP]
      ------Anthony S. Fauci, D151 [4AP], D157 [5AP]
      ------Dixie Snider, D157 [5AP]
      ------Frederick A. Murphy, D157 [5AP]
      ------Gary Noble, D151 [4AP]
      ------Harold S. Margolis, D157 [5AP]
      ------James Allen, D151 [4AP]
      ------John La Montaigne, D157 [5AP]
      ------Joseph Autry, D151 [4AP]
      ------Joseph Lisa, D446 [19JY]
      ------Judith Wasserheit, D157 [5AP]
      ------Louis W. Sullivan, Sec. of HHS, D446 [19JY]
      ------Paul D. Parkman, D151 [4AP], D157 [5AP]
      ------Robert H. Purcell, D157 [5AP]
      ------Sam Matheny, D151 [4AP]
      ------Stephen Joseph, D446 [19JY]
      ------Ted Cooper, D151 [4AP]
      ------Willard Cates, Jr., D157 [5AP]
      Acquisition and Maintenance of Buildings Abroad, Protection of 
        Foreign Missions and Officials, and International 
        Organizations and Conferences: N. Shaw Smith, D106 [13MR]
      ------Robert E. Lamb, D106 [13MR]
      ------Sheldon J. Krys, D106 [13MR]
      ACTION and the National Commission on Libraries and Information 
        Science: Donna Alvarado, D194 [17AP]
      ------Jerald C. Newman, D194 [17AP]
      Adequacy and Effectiveness of the FDA Program to Inspect Food 
        Imports: Gerald E. Vince, D446 [19JY]
      ------Jay Brandt, D446 [19JY]
      ------Lance Dennis, D446 [19JY]
      ------Ronald M. Johnson, D446 [19JY]
      Adequacy of Environmental Information for Outer Continental 
        Shelf Oil and Gas Decision--Florida and California: Robert E. 
        Kellerman, D763 [14NO]
      Adequacy of OSHA Protections for Chemical Workers: Gerard 
        Scannell, D730 [6NO]
      ------Gilbert Saulter, D730 [6NO]
      ------Leo Carey, D730 [6NO]
      ------Representative Andrews, D730 [6NO]
      Administration Forecast and Mid-Session Review: Richard G. 
        Darman, D437 [18JY]
      Administration of Indian Programs by the EPA: A. David Lester, 
        D393 [23JN]
      ------Dale Kohler, D393 [23JN]
      ------Everett R. Rhoades, D393 [23JN]
      ------F. Henry Habicht III, D393 [23JN]
      ------John Pursell, D393 [23JN]
      ------Nora Garcia, D393 [23JN]
      ------Patrick A. Hayes, D393 [23JN]
      ------Paul Rasmussen, D393 [23JN]
      ------Richard E. Sanderson, D393 [23JN]
      ------Robert Duprey, D393 [23JN]
      ------Suzan S. Harjo, D393 [23JN]
      ------William A. Whittington, D393 [23JN]
      Administration on Aging: Curtis Cook, D289 [18MY]
      ------Joyce T. Berry, D289 [18MY]
      ------Kevin E. Moley, D289 [18MY]
      ------Mary S. Gall, D289 [18MY]
      ------Shimeji Kanazawa, D289 [18MY]
      ------Thomas Kaulukukui, D289 [18MY]
      Administration Recommendations to Reform Dept. of HUD: Jack 
        Kemp, Sec. of HUD, D656 [12OC]
      Administration Report to Congress on International Economic and 
        Exchange Rate Policy: David C. Mulford, D245 [5MY]
      ------Nicholas F. Brady, Sec. of the Treasury, D245 [5MY]
      Administration Views on Europe: John A. Shaw, D265 [11MY]
      Administration's Budget Proposals: Louis W. Sullivan, Sec. of 
        HHS, D101 [9MR]
      Administrative Conference of the U.S. and Advisory Committee on 
        Intergovernmental Relations: Marshall J. Breger, D65 [28FE]
      ------Robert Hawkins, D65 [28FE]
      Administrative Law Judge Corps Act (S. 594): Alan W. Heifetz, 
        D345 [13JN]
      ------Irwin W. Coleman, Jr., D345 [13JN]
      ------John T. Miller, Jr., D345 [13JN]
      ------John Vittone, D345 [13JN]
      ------Louis D. Enoff, D345 [13JN]
      ------Parlen L. McKenna, D345 [13JN]
      ------Steven R. Valentine, D345 [13JN]
      Administrator of AID: Alan Woods, D76 [2MR]
      Adult Literacy and Employability Act (H.R. 3123): Representative 
        Cooper, D723 [2NO]
      ------Representative Stokes, D723 [2NO]
      Advanced Nuclear Reactor Technologies: Thomas L. King, D119 
      Advanced Television Technologies: Craig I. Fields, D95 [8MR]
      ------Dennis R. Patrick, D95 [8MR]
      ------Robert Mosbacher, Sec. of Commerce, D95 [8MR]
      ------Robert Shafer, D95 [8MR]
      ------Sonia Landau, D95 [8MR]
      Advanced Vehicle Highway Technology and Human Factors: Lyle 
        Saxton, D329 [7JN]
      ------Michael Finkelstein, D329 [7JN]
      Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel Report: J.R. Thompson, D612 
      ------Joe Sutter, D612 [28SE]
      ------Norman Parmet, D612 [28SE]
      Affordability and Availability of Automobile Insurance: Dhiraj 
        N. Shah, D38 [8FE]
      ------Jean Carlson, D38 [8FE]
      Afghanistan: Edward W. Gnehm, D45 [21FE]
      ------Howard Shaffer, D45 [21FE]
      African-American Museum: Delegate Fauntroy, D586 [21SE]
      ------Representative John Lewis, D586 [21SE]
      ------Robert E. Gresham, D586 [21SE]
      ------Robert McC. Adams, D586 [21SE]
      ------Senator Simon, D586 [21SE]
      Age Discrimination in Employment Act (S. 54): Cathy A. Shattuck, 
        D124 [16MR]
      ------Clarence Thomas, D124 [16MR]
      ------George Galland, D124 [16MR]
      ------Gerald Clay, D124 [16MR]
      ------Joseph F. Delfico, D124 [16MR]
      ------Kenneth Lancaster, D124 [16MR]
      ------Mark S. Dichter, D124 [16MR]
      ------Mary G. Jones, D124 [16MR]
      ------Robert C. Patterson, D124 [16MR]
      ------Senator Heinz, D124 [16MR]
      Agency for Health Care Research and Policy (H.R. 2601): James O. 
        Mason, D363 [16JN]
      Agent Orange Studies: Armon Yanders, D408 [10JY]
      ------Helen Gelband, D408 [10JY]
      ------Oliver H. Meadows, D408 [10JY]
      ------Vernon N. Houk, D408 [10JY]
      ------William H. Wolfe, D408 [10JY]
      Aging Airline Fleet: Anthony J. Broderick, D171 [11AP], D604 
      ------Clyde Kizer, D171 [11AP]
      ------James L. Kolstad, D604 [27SE]
      ------Kenneth M. Mead, D604 [27SE]
      Agricultural Credit Act: Benny Bunting, D11 [24JA]
      ------Dave Velde, D11 [24JA]
      ------Don Schieber, D11 [24JA]
      ------Lee Swenson, D11 [24JA]
      ------Leland Beatty, D11 [24JA]
      ------Neil Johnson, D11 [24JA]
      ------Robert Henry, D11 [24JA]
      ------Ron Voth, D11 [24JA]
      Agricultural Credit Act Implementation: Al Haslebacher, D364 
      ------Donald R. Rogge, D364 [19JN]
      ------Floyd Neth, D364 [19JN]
      ------Fred Colver, D364 [19JN]
      ------J.D. Woods, Jr., D364 [19JN]
      ------James Massey, D364 [19JN]
      ------Joann Forseness, D364 [19JN]
      ------Larry Koch, D364 [19JN]
      ------Marvin R. Duncan, D364 [19JN]
      ------Nancy E. Lynch, D364 [19JN]
      ------Pam Baldwin, D364 [19JN]
      ------Robert Van Winkle, D364 [19JN]
      Agricultural Credit Act as It Relates to Borrowers: Benny 
        Bunting, D2498 [9MY]
      ------Cheryl Cook, D2498 [9MY]
      ------Donna Shoop, D2498 [9MY]
      ------Glenn Hertzler, Jr., D2498 [9MY]
      ------James T. Massey, D2498 [9MY]
      ------Johnny Porch, D2498 [9MY]
      ------Neal S. Johnson, D2498 [9MY]
      Agricultural Methods and Practices That Enhance Soil 
        Conservation: Bill Bryson, D382 [22JN]
      ------Bo Gray, D382 [22JN]
      ------Bob Beck, D382 [22JN]
      ------Bob Darst, D382 [22JN]
      ------Charles E. Hess, D382 [22JN]
      ------Charles E. Laughlin, D382 [22JN]
      ------Dave Williams, D382 [22JN]
      ------Dean Klechner, D382 [22JN]
      ------Don Klor, D382 [22JN]
      ------Jack Early, D382 [22JN]
      ------Jake Redmon, D382 [22JN]
      ------James L. Adams, D382 [22JN]
      ------Margaret Krome, D382 [22JN]
      ------Teddy Goldsmith, D382 [22JN]
      ------Teresa Maurer, D382 [22JN]
      Agricultural Product Research and Development Activities and 
        Funding Procedures: Gary Jolliff, D481 [27JY]
      ------J. Patrick Jordan, D481 [27JY]
      ------Keith Huston, D481 [27JY]
      ------Norman Scott, D481 [27JY]
      ------Paul O'Connell, D481 [27JY]
      ------Todd Sneller, D481 [27JY]
      ------William Talent, D481 [27JY]
      Agricultural Programs: Ann M. Veneman, D732 [7NO]
      ------Daniel Shaughnessey, D732 [7NO]
      ------John Donnelly, D732 [7NO]
      ------John Melcher, D732 [7NO]
      ------Owen Cylke, D732 [7NO]
      ------Peggy Sheehan, D732 [7NO]
      ------Phillip L. Christenson, D732 [7NO]
      ------Ronnie G. Gollehon, D732 [7NO]
      ------Steven A. McCoy, D732 [7NO]
      Agricultural Research: Chuck Hassebrook, D339 [9JN]
      ------Michael V. Dunn, D339 [9JN]
      ------Neville P. Clarke, D339 [9JN]
      ------Susan Bright, D339 [9JN]
      Agricultural Research Services: Orville G. Bentley, D87 [7MR]
      ------R. Dean Plowman, D87 [7MR]
      Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service: Milton 
        Hertz, D125 [16MR]
      ------Richard Goldberg, D125 [16MR]
      Agriculture and Rural Development Programs Budget Estimates: 
        Delegate Fuster, D209 [25AP]
      ------Sandra Scofield, D205 [19AP]
      ------Senator Burns, D205 [19AP]
      ------Senator Exon, D205 [19AP]
      ------Senator Glenn, D209 [25AP]
      ------Senator Heflin, D205 [19AP]
      ------Senator Pressler, D205 [19AP]
      ------Senator Thurmond, D209 [25AP]
      Air Force Aircraft Procurement: John J. Welch, Jr., D132 [21MR]
      ------Ronald W. Yates, D132 [21MR]
      Air Force Posture: James F. McGovern, D64 [28FE]
      ------Larry D. Welch, D64 [28FE]
      Air Force Missiles Procurement: Edward R. Bracken, D207 [19AP]
      ------John J. Welch, Jr., D207 [19AP]
      Air Force Programs: John J. Welch, Jr., D87 [7MR]
      ------Ronald W. Yates, D87 [7MR]
      Air Force and Military Construction Programs Budget: Barbara S. 
        Pope, D104 [13MR]
      ------Donald B. Shycoff, D104 [13MR]
      ------Gordon K. Dowery, D104 [13MR]
      Air Quality Regulation Impact on Programs: Joseph Canny, D750 
      ------Richard D. Wilson, D750 [9NO]
      Air Quality Standards, Focusing on Ozone and Carbon Monoxide 
        Nonattainment Issues: Allison Pierce, D601 [27SE]
      ------Anthony J. McMahon, D601 [27SE]
      ------Carolyn Green, D601 [27SE]
      ------Donald Theiler, D601 [27SE]
      ------Dwaine H. Smith, D601 [27SE]
      ------Frederico Pena, D601 [27SE]
      ------Hank Wedaa, D601 [27SE]
      ------Harvey Alter, D601 [27SE]
      ------Larry Feldcamp, D601 [27SE]
      ------Len Bruckman, D601 [27SE]
      ------Madeline M. Kunin, Governor of Vermont, D601 [27SE]
      ------Norman H. Bangerter, Governor of Utah, D601 [27SE]
      ------Patrick Dougherty, D601 [27SE]
      ------Ralph Engel, D601 [27SE]
      ------Randall Franke, D601 [27SE]
      ------Richard E. Ayres, D601 [27SE]
      ------Senator Cranston, D601 [27SE]
      ------Senator Wilson, D601 [27SE]
      ------Senator Wirth, D601 [27SE]
      ------W. Bruce Chiles, D601 [27SE]
      ------William Wallace, D601 [27SE]
      Air Travel Rights for Blind Individuals Act (S. 341): Anthony J. 
        Broderick, D108 [14MR]
      ------Dan Frye, D108 [14MR]
      ------Harold W. Snider, D108 [14MR]
      ------James E. Landry, D108 [14MR]
      ------Kenneth Jernigan, D108 [14MR]
      ------Matthew Finucane, D108 [14MR]
      ------Representative Traficant, D108 [14MR]
      ------Susan Bianchi-Sand, D108 [14MR]
      Airline Concentration Problems at Hub Airports in the U.S.: 
        Edward L. Smick, D325 [7JN]
      ------Frank Mulvey, D325 [7JN]
      ------James Noel, D325 [7JN]
      ------Kenneth M. Mead, D325 [7JN]
      ------Robert J. Aaronson, D325 [7JN]
      Airline Industry Adequacy of Competition: James M. Craun, D577 
      ------James M. Rill, D577 [20SE]
      ------John M. Rodgers, D577 [20SE]
      ------Kenton Hoeper, D573 [19SE]
      ------Representative Dorgan, D587 [21SE]
      Airline Safety Issues, Focusing on McDonnell Douglas DC-10: Dale 
        S. Warren, D570 [19SE]
      ------James B. Busey, D570 [19SE]
      ------James L. Kolstad, D570 [19SE]
      Airport Security: L. Paul Bremer III, D43 [9FE]
      ------T. Allan McArtor, D43 [9FE]
      Alaska Natives' Health Status: Billy Lincoln, D81 [3MR]
      ------Byron Mallott, D81 [3MR]
      ------Charles Edwardsen, D81 [3MR]
      ------David Harrison, D81 [3MR]
      ------Debra Caldera, D81 [3MR]
      ------Ed Thomas, D81 [3MR]
      ------Gordon Pullar, D81 [3MR]
      ------Janie Leask, D81 [3MR]
      ------Jeanine Kennedy, D81 [3MR]
      ------John Pinguyak, D81 [3MR]
      ------Margaret Roberts, D81 [3MR]
      ------Mike Alber, D81 [3MR]
      ------Representative Don Young, D81 [3MR]
      ------Sam Kito, Jr., D81 [3MR]
      ------Senator Murkowski, D81 [3MR]
      ------Senator Stevens, D81 [3MR]
      ------Steve Cowper, Governor of Alaska, D81 [3MR]
      ------Willie Kasayulie, D81 [3MR]
      Alaska Oil Spill: Charles N. Ehler, D260 [10MY]
      ------Clyde T. Lusk, Jr., D206 [19AP]
      ------Dennis Kelso, D260 [10MY]
      ------Frank Iarossi, D206 [19AP]
      ------Fredericka Ott, D206 [19AP]
      ------Ivan L. Henman, D206 [19AP]
      ------James D. Smith, D260 [10MY]
      ------James L. Makris, D260 [10MY]
      ------James R. Schlesinger, D253 [9MY]
      ------Joel D. Sipes, D260 [10MY]
      ------Michael L. Fisher, D206 [19AP]
      ------Michael M. Wenig, D206 [19AP]
      ------Michelle H. O'Leary, D206 [19AP]
      ------Samuel K. Skinner, Sec. of Transportation, D206 [19AP]
      ------Steve Cowper, Governor of Alaska, D206 [19AP]
      ------Theo L. Polasek, D206 [19AP]
      ------William D. Stevens, D206 [19AP]
      ------William K. Reilly, D206 [19AP]
      Alaska Oil Spill and Its Relationship to Long-Term Energy 
        Security: Mark S. Singel, D327 [7JN]
      ------Steve Cowper, Governor of Alaska, D327 [7JN]
      Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment of Adolescents: Elaine Johnson, 
        D229 [2MY]
      ------Jeanne H. Wurmser, D229 [2MY]
      ------Leigh Rudd, D229 [2MY]
      ------Mitchell S. Rosenthal, D229 [2MY]
      ------Olson Lois, D229 [2MY]
      ------Robert A. Lewis, D229 [2MY]
      Alternative Budget Strategies for the FSLIC Bailout: Charles A. 
        Bowsher, D293 [22MY]
      Alternative Transportation Fuels as Energy Supply Options for 
        U.S.: Charles L. Gray, Jr., D758 [14NO]
      ------Eric Vaughn, D758 [14NO]
      ------George Strang, D758 [14NO]
      ------Joseph M. Colucci, D758 [14NO]
      ------Linda G. Stuntz, D758 [14NO]
      ------Richard D. Wilson, D758 [14NO]
      ------Robert Dietch, D758 [14NO]
      ------Robert Glancey, D758 [14NO]
      ------Robert Myers, D758 [14NO]
      ------William S. Dickinson, D758 [14NO]
      Alternatives for Substituting Reserve Forces for Active Air 
        Force: Charles G. Boyd, D273 [16MY]
      ------David J. Berteau, D273 [16MY]
      ------John A. Woodworth, D273 [16MY]
      ------Lane Pierrot, D273 [16MY]
      ------Phillip G. Killey, D273 [16MY]
      ------Robert F. Hale, D273 [16MY]
      ------Roger P. Scheer, D273 [16MY]
      ------Stephen M. Duncan, D273 [16MY]
      American Battle Monuments Commission, Cemeterial Expenses, Dept. 
        of the Army and Office of Consumer Affairs and Consumer 
        Information Service: A.J. Adams, D100 [9MR]
      ------Frank R. Marvin, D100 [9MR]
      ------John S. Doyle, Jr., D100 [9MR]
      ------Mary Levy, D100 [9MR]
      American Folklife Center: Alan Jabbour, D161 [6AP]
      ------James H. Billington, D161 [6AP]
      American Heritage Trust Act (H.R. 876): George Dunlop, D164 
      ------Michael McElwrath, D164 [6AP]
      ------Representative Regula, D164 [6AP]
      American Indian Religious Freedom Act Amendments (H.R. 1546): 
        Dean E. Stepanek, D437 [18JY]
      ------Jeff M. Sirmon, D437 [18JY]
      Americans With Disabilities Act (H.R. 2273): Dennis Cannon, D610 
      ------James Raggio, D610 [28SE]
      ------Jeffrey N. Shane, D610 [28SE]
      ------John Cline, D610 [28SE]
      ------Lawrence Roffe, D610 [28SE]
      ------Mark Lindsay, D610 [28SE]
      ------Phil Calkins, D610 [28SE]
      ------Richard Thornburgh, Attorney General, D657 [12OC]
      Americans With Disabilities Act (S. 933): Amy Dimsdale, D250 
      ------Arlene Mayerson, D250 [9MY]
      ------Betty Corey, D257 [10MY]
      ------Bob Burgdorf, D257 [10MY]
      ------Charles Webb, D2745 [16MY]
      ------Dennis Louwerse, D2745 [16MY]
      ------Frank Bowe, D257 [10MY]
      ------Gerald Hines, D257 [10MY]
      ------Harold Jenkins, D2745 [16MY]
      ------Harold Russell, D250 [9MY]
      ------I. King Jordan, D250 [9MY]
      ------J. Roderick Burfield, D2745 [16MY]
      ------James Weisman, D2745 [16MY]
      ------Joseph F. Danowsky, D250 [9MY]
      ------Justin W. Dart, Jr., D250 [9MY]
      ------Ken Tice, D257 [10MY]
      ------Lawrence Lorber, D250 [9MY]
      ------Lisa Carl, D257 [10MY]
      ------Lowell P. Weicker, Jr., D384 [22JN]
      ------Malcolm Green, D257 [10MY]
      ------Mark Johnson, D2745 [16MY]
      ------Mary DeSapio, D250 [9MY]
      ------Mary Lynn Fletcher, D2745 [16MY]
      ------Michael McIntyre, D2745 [16MY]
      ------Neil F. Hartigan, D257 [10MY]
      ------Paul Taylor, D257 [10MY]
      ------Perry Tillman III, D257 [10MY]
      ------Representative Coelho, D250 [9MY]
      ------Richard L. Thornburgh, Attorney General, D384 [22JN]
      ------Robert Yaeger, D257 [10MY]
      ------Ron Mace, D257 [10MY]
      ------Sally Douglas, D257 [10MY]
      ------Senator Dole, D257 [10MY]
      ------Tim Cook, D2745 [16MY]
      ------Vickie Franke, D257 [10MY]
      ------William B. Ball, D257 [10MY]
      ------Zackery Fasman, D250 [9MY]
      America's Islands--Open Space at Risk: Jim Coleman, D470 [25JY]
      ------Ralph Morgenweck, D470 [25JY]
      Amtrak: S. Mark Lindsey, D137 [22MR]
      ------W. Graham Claytor, Jr., D137 [22MR]
      Amtrak Appropriations (S. 462): Jim Kennedy, D160 [6AP]
      ------Ross Capon, D160 [6AP]
      ------S. Mark Lindsey, D160 [6AP], D283 [17MY]
      ------W. Graham Claytor, Jr., D160 [6AP], D283 [17MY]
      Anabolic Steroid Restriction Act (H.R. 995): James E. Swagerty, 
        D142 [23MR]
      ------Representative Baker, D142 [23MR]
      ------Representative Stark, D142 [23MR]
      Anadromous Fish Conservation Act (H.R. 1224), 
        Interjurisdictional Fisheries Act (H.R. 1225), and the 
        National Oceanic and Atmospheric Marine Fisheries Program Act 
        (H.R. 1223): Gary Edwards, D127 [16MR]
      ------James Brennan, D127 [16MR]
      Analyses and Recommendation of Congressional Minority Advisory 
        Committee on Census Bureau's 1990 Census: L. Nye Stevens, D581 
      ------Peter A. Bounpane, D581 [20SE]
      Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service: James W. Glosser, 
        D110 [14MR]
      ------Kenneth Gilles, D110 [14MR]
      Antidrug Abuse Appropriations: Lawrence H. Thompson, D704 [30OC]
      ------Representative Stark, D704 [30OC]
      Antinarcotic Activities in the Andean Region of South America: 
        Bruce M. Bagley, D615 [29SE]
      ------Bruce M. Carnes, D595 [26SE]
      ------Carlos Delius, D601 [27SE]
      ------Cesar A. Nazal, D601 [27SE]
      ------David L. Westrate, D595 [26SE]
      ------Enrique P. Gonzalez, D601 [27SE]
      ------Gustavo Gorriti, D615 [29SE]
      ------Harold B. Lippman, D615 [29SE]
      ------John F. Sopko, D615 [29SE]
      ------John P. Walters, D595 [26SE]
      ------Jose Gonzales, D601 [27SE]
      ------Melvyn Levitsky, D615 [29SE]
      ------Michael Skol, D615 [29SE]
      ------Osvaldo A.V. Diez, D601 [27SE]
      ------Richard J. Long, D595 [26SE]
      ------Robert T. Herres, D615 [29SE]
      ------Senator Specter, D595 [26SE]
      ------Stephen M. Duncan, D615 [29SE]
      ------Victor M. Chaus, D601 [27SE]
      ------William J. Bennett, D595 [26SE]
      Antiterrorism: Clayton E. McManaway, D76 [2MR]
      Antitrust Legislation on Production Joint Ventures (H.R. 423, 
        1024, 1025, 2264): Michael Boudin, D283 [17MY]
      ------Representative Boucher, D283 [17MY]
      ------Representative Pickle, D283 [17MY]
      ------Representative Tom Campbell, D283 [17MY]
      ------Representative Wyden, D283 [17MY]
      ------Robert A. Mosbacher, Sec. of Commerce, D478 [26JY]
      Antitrust Reform (S. 994, 995, 996): James F. Rill, D466 [25JY]
      ------Malcolm Pfunder, D466 [25JY]
      ------Terry Calvani, D466 [25JY]
      ------William Dempsey, D466 [25JY]
      Appalachian Regional Commission: H. Guy Hunt, D130 [20MR]
      ------Winifred A. Pizzano, D130 [20MR]
      Appointment of James B. Busey as FAA Administrator (H.R. 2444): 
        Galen J. Reser, D360 [15JN]
      ------James B. Busey, D360 [15JN]
      Appropriate Use of Rules When Sitting on Impeachment Trials: 
        Alan I. Baron, D16 [27JA]
      ------Representative Brooks, D16 [27JA]
      ------Representative Bryant, D16 [27JA]
      ------Representative Conyers, D16 [27JA]
      ------Representative Don Edwards, D16 [27JA]
      ------Representative Fish, D16 [27JA]
      ------Representative Gekas, D16 [27JA]
      ------Terence J. Anderson, D16 [27JA]
      Appropriations: Jack Kemp, Sec. of HHS, D258 [10MY]
      Appropriations Line-Item Veto (S. 1553): Senator Coats, D670 
      Architect of the Capitol Funds: George M. White, D246 [8MY]
      ------Robert M. Cook-Deegan, D246 [8MY]
      ------Senator Gore, D246 [8MY]
      Architect of the Capitol Voluntary Program for Recycling Paper 
        Disposed of in Operation of House of Representatives (H. Res. 
        104): Byron Strain, D456 [20JY]
      ------Representative Gilman, D456 [20JY]
      Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, AK, Competitive Oil and Gas 
        Leasing (S. 406): A. Drue Jennings, D744 [9NO]
      ------E. Richard Brooks, D744 [9NO]
      ------Joseph F. Paquette, Jr., D744 [9NO]
      ------Mason Willrich, D744 [9NO]
      ------Paul J. Elston, D744 [9NO]
      ------William T. McCormick, Jr., D744 [9NO]
      Are Social Security Changes Working?--A Report From the Field: 
        Ernesto Graham, D214 [25AP]
      ------Herbert R. Doggette, Jr., D214 [25AP]
      ------John Dyer, D214 [25AP]
      Armor and Anti-Armor Programs: Donald S. Pihl
      Arms Control in Europe: Charles H. Thomas, D283 [17MY]
      ------Jim E. Hinds, D283 [17MY]
      Arms Control Policy: Frank Gaffney, D288 [18MY]
      ------John D. Steinbruner, D288 [18MY]
      ------Jonathan Dean, D288 [18MY]
      ------Max M. Kampelman, D288 [18MY]
      ------Michael K. McGwire, D288 [18MY]
      ------Paul H. Nitze, D288 [18MY]
      Arms Export Control Act: Diehl McKalip, D18 [31JA]
      ------Richard L. Baltimore III, D18 [31JA]
      ------Vladimir Lehovich, D18 [31JA]
      Army Posture: Carl E. Vuono, D76 [2MR]
      ------John O. Marsh, Jr., Sec. of the Army, D76 [2MR]
      Army Programs: Donald S. Pihl, D100 [9MR]
      ------George Sigley, D100 [9MR]
      ------Jay R. Sculley, D100 [9MR]
      Assault Weapon Control Act (S. 386) and Antidrug, Assault 
        Weapons Limitation Act (S. 747): Clarence Dupnik, D245 [5MY]
      ------Dewey Stokes, D245 [5MY]
      ------Edward C. Ezell, D245 [5MY]
      ------Jimmy L. Trahin, D245 [5MY]
      ------John F. Duffy, D245 [5MY]
      ------Leroy Pyle, D245 [5MY]
      ------Phillip C. McGuire, D245 [5MY]
      ------Roxanne Roberts, D245 [5MY]
      ------William Nolan, D245 [5MY]
      Assault Weapon Import Control Act (H.R. 1154): Daniel M. 
        Hartnett, D169 [10AP]
      ------Representative Stark, D169 [10AP]
      Assault Weapons, Precursor Chemicals, and Drug Control in the 
        Andes: David Westrate, D718 [1NO]
      ------Phil Orsini, D718 [1NO]
      ------Robert Mayer, D718 [1NO]
      ------Rose Biancaniello, D718 [1NO]
      ------William Rosenblatt, D718 [1NO]
      Assault Weapons and Firearms Legislation (H.R. 128, 467, 669, 
        825, 993, 1190, 1361, 1654; H. Con. Res. 27): Barbara Fass, 
        D158 [5AP]
      ------Daniel M. Hartnett, D158 [5AP]
      ------Representative Collins, D158 [5AP]
      ------Representative Stark, D158 [5AP]
      ------Representative Tom Campbell, D158 [5AP]
      ------Representative Torricelli, D158 [5AP]
      ------Richard Abell, D158 [5AP]
      Assessment of Political and Civil Liberties Situation in El 
        Salvador: Bernard Aronson, D787 [17NO]
      ------Morris Blachman, D787 [17NO]
      ------Robert Hennemeyer, D787 [17NO]
      ------Samuel Dickens, D787 [17NO]
      Assets of Terminated Pension Plans (S. 685): Arthur Wilson, D172 
      ------Chester S. Labedz, Jr., D172 [11AP]
      ------Eugene M. Kalwarski, D172 [11AP]
      ------Fred Kelso, D172 [11AP]
      ------Jack Guildroy, D172 [11AP]
      ------Karen Ferguson, D172 [11AP]
      ------Morton Bahr, D172 [11AP]
      Assistance to Asian and Pacific Regions: Howard Schaffer, D60 
      ------Timothy W. Wright, D60 [27FE]
      ------Tom Reese, D60 [27FE]
      ------William Clark, Jr., D60 [27FE]
      Assistance to Nicaragua for Free and Fair Elections (H.R. 3385): 
        Representative Dreier, D629 [3OC]
      ------Representative Durbin, D629 [3OC]
      ------Representative George Miller, D629 [3OC]
      ------Representative Mrazek, D629 [3OC]
      ------Representative Obey, D629 [3OC]
      Assistance to Professional Boxing To Establish National Uniform 
        Standards for Health and Safety: John H. Holladay, Jr., D219 
      ------Larry Hazzard, D219 [27AP]
      ------Representative Richardson, D219 [27AP]
      ------Representative Williams, D219 [27AP]
      Assistance to Women Business Enterprises (H.R. 2351): Lindsey 
        Johnson, D630 [3OC]
      Atlantic Tunas Convention Act (H.R. 2842): Carmen J. Blondin, 
        D457 [20JY]
      ------Edward E. Wolfe, Jr., D457 [20JY]
      Authorization of a New Corporation To Support State and Local 
        Strategies for Affordable Housing (S. 566): David Maxwell, 
        D209 [25AP]
      ------Edward DiPrete, Governor of Rhode Island, D209 [25AP]
      ------James Rouse, D209 [25AP]
      Authorize Entry Into Force of the Compact of Free Association 
        Between U.S. and Palau (H.J. Res. 175): David Heggestad, D336 
      ------Don Yellman, D594 [26SE]
      ------James D. Berg, D336 [8JN]
      ------Phillip E. Berringer, D594 [26SE]
      ------Stella Guerra, D594 [26SE]
      Authorizing Oklahoma and the Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Tribes 
        To Enter Into an Agreement Relative to the Exercise of State 
        Jurisdiction Over a Portion of Indian Country (S. 1526): 
        Senator Boren, D566 [15SE]
      ------Senator Nickles, D566 [15SE]
      ------Walter Mills, D566 [15SE]
      Automated Information System: Charles A. Bowsher, D291 [18MY]
      ------Cynthia Kendall, D291 [18MY]
      ------Fred Sims, D291 [18MY]
      ------John Caron, D291 [18MY]
      Automated Telephone Solicitation Protection Act (H.R. 2131): 
        Representative Frank, D300 [24MY]
      ------Representative Roukema, D300 [24MY]
      ------Representative Shays, D300 [24MY]
      Automatic Data Processing: Bruce Harris, D235 [3MY]
      ------Cynthia Kendall, D235 [3MY]
      Automation of Public Assistance Programs: G. Scott Dunn, D458 
      ------Naomi B. Marr, D458 [20JY]
      ------Oscar Best, D458 [20JY]
      ------Patricia O'Neil, D458 [20JY]
      Automotive Fuel Economy: Barry Felrice, D426 [13JY]
      ------Linda G. Stuntz, D426 [13JY]
      ------Richard D. Wilson, D426 [13JY]
      ------Steven E. Plotkin, D426 [13JY]
      Available Medical Services for Veterans (H.R. 1780): John A. 
        Gronvall, D217 [26AP]
      ------Representative Tom Lewis, D217 [26AP]
      Aviation Career Improvement Act: Allen K. Ona, D178 [12AP]
      ------Donald W. Jones, D178 [12AP]
      ------Jeremy M. Boorda, D178 [12AP]
      ------John I. Hudson, D178 [12AP]
      ------Thomas J. Hickey, D178 [12AP]
      Aviation Security: Bert Ammerman, D107 [14MR]
      ------Brian Barry, D187 [13AP]
      ------Brian Moreau, D107 [14MR]
      ------Carmen DiPlacido, D107 [14MR]
      ------Clayton E. McManaway, Jr., D107 [14MR], D187 [13AP]
      ------Dorothy Cocker, D107 [14MR]
      ------Edward O'Connor, D107 [14MR]
      ------H.L. Bradley, D107 [14MR]
      ------Irene Howie, D135 [21MR]
      ------Juliette Lenoir, D107 [14MR]
      ------Michael J. Kutchins, D187 [13AP]
      ------Michael Mahoney, D107 [14MR], D187 [13AP]
      ------Monte Belger, D187 [13AP]
      ------Paul Hudson, D107 [14MR], D187 [13AP]
      ------Ray Salazar, D107 [14MR]
      ------Representative McCurdy, D135 [21MR]
      ------Representative McNulty, D135 [21MR]
      ------Richard F. Lally, D107 [14MR], D187 [13AP]
      ------Robert H. Waddle, D107 [14MR]
      ------Samuel K. Skinner, Sec. of Transportation, D107 [14MR]
      ------Senator D'Amato, D187 [13AP]
      ------Senator Lautenberg, D187 [13AP]
      ------Wilfred A. Jackson, D107 [14MR]
      Aviation Security Act (H.R. 1659): Representative Anderson, D543 
      ------Representative Clinger, D543 [7SE]
      ------Representative Fascell, D543 [7SE]
      ------Representative Frenzel, D543 [7SE]
      ------Representative Oberstar, D543 [7SE]
      B-2 Aircraft Program: Donald B. Rice, D418 [12JY]
      ------John J. Welch, Jr., D170 [11AP]
      ------Larry D. Welch, D418 [12JY]
      ------Ronald W. Yates, D170 [11AP]
      Bail Reform Act: Arnold P. Jones, D363 [16JN]
      ------David Reiser, D363 [16JN]
      ------Edward R. Becker, D363 [16JN]
      ------Jon O. Newman, D363 [16JN]
      Balanced Budget (S. 101): Senator Sanford, D696 [26OC]
      Ballistic and Cruise Missile Proliferation in the Developing 
        Countries: Geoffrey Kemp, D228 [2MY]
      ------H. Allen Holmes, D228 [2MY]
      ------Janne Nolan, D228 [2MY]
      ------Jim E. Hinds, D228 [2MY]
      ------Seth Carus, D228 [2MY]
      Banking Examinations: L. William Seidman, D138 [22MR]
      ------M. Danny Wall, D138 [22MR]
      ------Robert L. Clarke, D138 [22MR]
      Banking Services Reform (S. 906, 907, 909): Allen J. Fishbein, 
        D324 [7JN]
      ------Charles F. Clement, D324 [7JN]
      ------Charles G. Conville, D324 [7JN]
      ------Charles H. Grice, D324 [7JN]
      ------John M. Kolesar, D324 [7JN]
      ------Jonathan Brown, D324 [7JN]
      ------Marion R. Foote, D324 [7JN]
      ------Martha R. Seger, D324 [7JN]
      ------Mary A. Cunningham, D324 [7JN]
      ------Ted Wysocki, D324 [7JN]
      Bankruptcy Trustee Program: David Coar, D390 [22JN]
      ------Harry Jones, D390 [22JN]
      ------Thomas J. Stanton, D390 [22JN]
      Base Realignment and Closure Commission Recommendations: Abraham 
        Ribicoff, D115 [15MR]
      ------Jack Edwards, D115 [15MR]
      ------James C. Smith, D115 [15MR]
      Basic Banking Services Access Act (S. 907): Howard B. Brown, 
        D320 [6JN]
      ------Jerome S. Gagerman, D320 [6JN]
      ------John P. Kelly, Jr., D320 [6JN]
      ------Peggy Miller, D320 [6JN]
      ------Richard A. Loundy, D320 [6JN]
      ------Robert J. Sell, D320 [6JN]
      ------Robert L. Stevens, D320 [6JN]
      ------Rosemary Dunlap, D320 [6JN]
      ------William E. Douglas, D320 [6JN]
      Basic Health Benefits for All Americans Act (S. 768): Barbara 
        Matula, D223 [1MY]
      ------David Ramsey, D223 [1MY]
      ------Deborah Steelman, D223 [1MY]
      ------Elliot L. Richardson, D223 [1MY]
      ------Eva Phillips, D223 [1MY]
      ------John Polk, D223 [1MY]
      ------Mary Reich, D223 [1MY]
      ------Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Mendez, D223 [1MY]
      ------Sterling Tucker, D223 [1MY]
      Benjamin Franklin Commemorative Coin and Bill of Rights for 
        Firefighters (H.R. 3587): Representative Meyers, D763 [14NO]
      ------Representative Weldon, D763 [14NO]
      ------Robert Wall, D763 [14NO]
      BIA Appropriations: William Ragsdale, D150 [4AP]
      BIA and Indian Health Service Budget: W. Patrick Ragsdale
      Big Thicket National Preserve, TX (S. 1302): Brenda Wright, D685 
      ------Herbert S. Cables, D685 [24OC]
      ------Representative Wilson, D685 [24OC]
      ------Senator Bentsen, D685 [24OC]
      Big Thicket National Preserve Addition Act (H.R. 919): Herb 
        Cables, D347 [13JN]
      ------Representative Wilson, D347 [13JN]
      Biological Diversity: Hal Salwasser, D781 [16NO]
      ------John Turner, D781 [16NO]
      ------Michael Scott, D781 [16NO]
      Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act (S. 993): Barbara H. 
        Rosenberg, D475 [26JY]
      ------H. Allen Holmes, D475 [26JY]
      ------James F. Leonard, D475 [26JY]
      ------Representative Bruce Morrison, D475 [26JY]
      ------Representative Kastenmeier, D475 [26JY]
      ------Richard D. Godown, D475 [26JY]
      ------Ron Noble, D475 [26JY]
      ------Thomas Graham, Jr., D475 [26JY]
      Biomedical Ethics Board, GPO, Architect of the Capitol and 
        Botanic Garden: George M. White, D25 [2FE]
      ------Joseph E. Jenifer, D25 [2FE]
      ------Representative Gradison, D25 [2FE]
      ------Senator Gore, D25 [2FE]
      Biomedical Research of NIH: David Challoner, D463 [24JY]
      ------David Satcher, D463 [24JY]
      ------Dennis Barnes, D463 [24JY]
      ------Glenn A. Langer, D463 [24JY]
      ------James B. Wyngaarden, D463 [24JY]
      ------Linda Wilson, D463 [24JY]
      ------Michael Millman, D463 [24JY]
      ------Thomas S. McFee, D463 [24JY]
      Bipartisan Accord on Central America (H.R. 1750): Representative 
        Broomfield, D184 [12AP]
      ------Representative Fascell, D184 [12AP]
      ------Representative Foglietta, D184 [12AP]
      ------Representative Mickey Edwards, D184 [12AP]
      ------Representative Obey, D184 [12AP]
      Bipartisan Accord on Central America (S. 760): James A. Baker 
        III, D178 [12AP]
      ------Michael Kozak, D178 [12AP]
      Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor Commission 
        Appropriations (S. 830): Charles R. McGimsey III, D333 [8JN]
      ------Douglas E. Jones, D333 [8JN]
      ------Gerald Patten, D333 [8JN]
      ------Richard Moore, D333 [8JN]
      ------Robert L. Bendick, Jr., D333 [8JN]
      ------Senator Chafee, D333 [8JN]
      ------Senator Graham, D333 [8JN]
      ------Senator Pell, D333 [8JN]
      BLM and Forest Service Appropriations: F. Dale Robertson, D167 
      ------Robert F. Burford, D167 [10AP]
      BLM Appropriations (H.R. 828): Representative Synar, D174 [11AP]
      ------Representative Udall, D427 [13JY]
      ------Representative Vento, D427 [13JY]
      ------Robert F. Burford, D26 [2FE]
      BLS, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., and Employment and Training 
        Administration: Janet L. Norwood, D110 [14MR]
      ------Kathleen P. Utgoff, D110 [14MR]
      ------Robert P. Jones, D110 [14MR]
      Board of Professional Teaching Standards: Lauro F. Cavazos, Sec. 
        of Education, D470 [25JY]
      Bombing of Pan American Airways Flight 103: Bill Wall, D596 
      ------Lyle Malotkly, D596 [26SE]
      Briefing on Strategic Warning: William Doyle, D117 [15MR]
      Bring Information Age to Rural America: Boyce Griffith, D353 
      Broadcasting of Certain Material Relative to Candidates for 
        Federal Elective Office (S. 999, 1346): Barry Lynn, D443 
      ------Bob Squire, D443 [19JY]
      ------Charles E. Guggenheim, D443 [19JY]
      ------Charles McC. Mathias, Jr., D443 [19JY]
      ------Curtis B. Gans, D443 [19JY]
      ------Fred Wertheimer, D443 [19JY]
      ------Senator Bryan, D443 [19JY]
      ------Senator Graham, D443 [19JY]
      ------Senator McConnell, D443 [19JY]
      Broader Range of Training and Job Placement for Women (S. 975): 
        Alicia Pelrine, D334 [8JN]
      ------Cynthia Marano, D334 [8JN]
      ------Desta Daggett, D334 [8JN]
      ------Esther F. Schaeffer, D334 [8JN]
      ------Patricia W. McNeil, D334 [8JN]
      ------Rosanne Carson, D334 [8JN]
      Budget: A. Alan Hill, D170 [11AP]
      ------Allan V. Burman, D197 [18AP]
      ------Anne E. Brunsdale, D85 [7MR]
      ------Anthony F. Ingrassia, D90 [7MR]
      ------Anthony M. Frank, D104 [13MR]
      ------Carla A. Hills, D85 [7MR]
      ------Chandler L. van Orman, D104 [13MR]
      ------Charles J. Chamberlain, D104 [13MR]
      ------Clark Ditmer, D127 [16MR]
      ------Constance Horner, D197 [18AP]
      ------Daniel R. Levinson, D115 [15MR]
      ------David L. Chatfield, D104 [13MR]
      ------Don Brown, D127 [16MR]
      ------Donna M. Alvarado, D104 [13MR]
      ------E. John Prebis, D90 [7MR]
      ------E. Ross Buckley, D104 [13MR]
      ------Edward Badolato, D104 [13MR]
      ------Eric P. Thor, D147 [4AP]
      ------Ford B. Ford, D104 [13MR]
      ------Frank D. Titus, D90 [7MR]
      ------Frank E. Young, D147 [4AP]
      ------George B. Breznay, D104 [13MR]
      ------Helmut A. Merklein, D104 [13MR]
      ------James M. Stephens, D104 [13MR]
      ------Jerome D. Julius, D90 [7MR]
      ------John D. Crawford, D104 [13MR]
      ------John R. Smith, D127 [16MR]
      ------L. Ralph Mecham, D127 [16MR]
      ------MacDonald Becket, D104 [13MR]
      ------Malcolm S. Forbes, Jr., D170 [11AP]
      ------Marvin. L. Stone, D170 [11AP]
      ------Marvin R. Duncan, D147 [4AP]
      ------Mary F. Wieseman, D115 [15MR]
      ------Michael J. Murphy, D104 [13MR]
      ------Nicholas F. Brady, Sec. of the Treasury, D85 [7MR]
      ------Representative Hoyer, D90 [7MR]
      ------Representative McCloskey, D127 [16MR]
      ------Richard C. Faulk, D127 [16MR]
      ------Richard G. Darman, D62 [28FE]
      ------Richard Hauser, D127 [16MR]
      ------Robert E. Kallman, D104 [13MR]
      ------Robert P. Baker, D104 [13MR]
      ------Sandra S. Parrino, D104 [13MR]
      ------Thomas J. Simon, D104 [13MR]
      ------Walter C. Wallace, D104 [13MR]
      ------William A. Whiteside, D104 [13MR]
      ------William J. Doyle III, D104 [13MR]
      ------William K. Reilly, D170 [11AP]
      ------William R. Barton, D115 [15MR]
      Budget and Committee Organization: Dean Anderson, D120 [15MR]
      ------George M. White, D120 [15MR]
      ------James H. Billington, D120 [15MR]
      ------Ralph P. Davidson, D120 [15MR]
      ------Representative Conte, D120 [15MR]
      ------Robert G. Stanton, D120 [15MR]
      Budget and Inspector General Overview: Leon Snead, D60 [27FE]
      ------Stephen Dewhurst, D60 [27FE]
      Budget Deficit: Louis W. Sullivan, Sec. of HHS, D90 [7MR]
      ------Richard G. Darman, D90 [7MR]
      Budget Deficit, State of the Economy, and Budget Policy: James 
        Blum, D43 [9FE]
      Budget Deficit Consequences: Benjamin Friedman, D46 [22FE]
      ------Charles Wolf, D46 [22FE]
      ------David Jones, D46 [22FE]
      Budget Estimates: Adrian Hirsch, D30 [6FE]
      ------Arthur L. Nims III, D68 [1MR]
      ------Daniel Oliver, D75 [2MR]
      ------Francis S.M. Hodsoll, D30 [6FE]
      ------Hugh Southern, D30 [6FE]
      ------James S. Donahue, D30 [6FE]
      ------Lynne V. Cheney, D30 [6FE]
      ------Marshall Breger, D68 [1MR]
      ------Martin L. Duggan, D68 [1MR]
      ------Owen M. Panner, D75 [2MR]
      ------Peter J. Basso, D30 [6FE]
      ------Raymond A. Karam, D75 [2MR]
      ------Richard S. Arnold, D75 [2MR]
      ------Robert B. Hawkins, Jr., D68 [1MR]
      ------Solace Colgan, D30 [6FE]
      ------Stephen Cherington, D30 [6FE]
      ------T.S. Ary, D30 [6FE]
      Budget Implications and Current Tax Rules Relative to Savings 
        and Loans Institutions: Charles A. Bowsher, D50 [22FE]
      ------James L. Blum, D50 [22FE]
      ------L. William Seidman, D50 [22FE]
      ------M. Danny Wall, D50 [22FE]
      Budget Implications of Savings and Loan Crisis: Roger W. Jepsen, 
        D103 [9MR]
      Budget Issues Relative to Graduate Medical Education and Its 
        Support Under the Medicare Program: Michael Zimmerman, D175 
      ------Neal Vanselow, D175 [11AP]
      ------Phillip Lee, D175 [11AP]
      Budget Issues Relative to Physician Incentive Payments by 
        Prepaid Health Plan: Karen Davis, D214 [25AP]
      ------Sarah Jagger, D214 [25AP]
      Budget Proposals: Alan Greenspan, D77 [2MR]
      ------Clayton K. Yeutter, Sec. of Agriculture, D65 [28FE]
      ------Jack F. Kemp, Sec. of HUD, D77 [2MR]
      ------Lauro F. Cavazos, Sec. of Education, D56 [23FE]
      ------Nicholas F. Brady, Sec. of the Treasury, D65 [28FE]
      Budget Proposals Relative to IRS and Tax Court: Arthur L. Nims 
        III, D151 [4AP]
      ------James R. Watts, D151 [4AP]
      ------Jennie S. Stathis, D151 [4AP]
      ------Michael J. Murphy, D151 [4AP]
      Budget Reconciliation (H.R. 3299): Representative Panetta, D781 
      Budget Request for International Narcotics Control for Latin 
        America and the Caribbean Region: Ann B. Wrobleski, D96 [8MR]
      ------David L. Westrate, D96 [8MR]
      Budget Requests: Ben J. Wattenberg, D71 [1MR]
      ------E. Eugene Pell, D71 [1MR]
      ------Haydn Williams, D71 [1MR]
      ------Malcolm S. Forbes, Jr., D71 [1MR]
      Budget Resolution: Bruce Steinwald, D91 [8MR]
      ------David Culp, D115 [15MR]
      ------James D. Watkins, Sec. of Energy, D115 [15MR]
      ------John Casey, D91 [8MR]
      ------Keith O. Fultz, D115 [15MR]
      ------Louis W. Sullivan, Sec. of HHS, D91 [8MR]
      ------Lovola Burgess, D91 [8MR]
      ------Paul B. Ginsberg, D91 [8MR]
      ------Raymond Scalettar, D91 [8MR]
      ------Robert B. Barker, D115 [15MR]
      Budget Spending Reductions: Dennis P. Williams, D98 [9MR]
      ------James L. Blum, D98 [9MR]
      ------Richard G. Darman, D98 [9MR]
      ------Robert D. Reischauer, D98 [9MR]
      ------Terry S. Coleman, D98 [9MR]
      Budget Targets and Treatment of Social Security: Robert D. 
        Reischauer, D572 [19SE]
      Budget, Focusing on Defense Issues: Barry Blechman, D108 [14MR]
      ------Gordon Adams, D108 [14MR]
      ------R. James Woolsey, D108 [14MR]
      ------William H. Taft IV, D108 [14MR]
      ------William J. Crowe, Jr., D108 [14MR]
      Budgetary Treatment of Federal Trust Funds: Charles A. Bowsher, 
        D657 [12OC]
      ------Representative Alexander, D657 [12OC]
      ------Representative Frenzel, D657 [12OC]
      ------Representative Panetta, D657 [12OC]
      ------Representsative Derrick, D657 [12OC]
      ------Robert D. Reischauer, D657 [12OC]
      Buffalo Bill Dam Reconstruction Project, Wyoming (S. 1121): Joe 
        D. Hall, D561 [14SE]
      ------Paul Schwieger, D561 [14SE]
      ------Roger Patterson, D561 [14SE]
      Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir Project, Wyoming (H.R. 2567): 
        Representative Craig Thomas, D756 [13NO]
      ------Representative George Miller, D756 [13NO]
      Bureau of Export Administration Budget: Paul Freedenberg, D102 
      Bureau of Mines: T.S. Ary, D76 [2MR], D139 [22MR]
      Bureau of Mines, U.S. Geological Survey, BLM Energy and Minerals 
        Management Activity, and Minerals Management Service Budgets: 
        Dallas L. Peck, D25 [2FE]
      ------Robert E. Kallman, D25 [2FE]
      ------Roland G. Robinson, D25 [2FE]
      ------T.S. Ary, D25 [2FE]
      Bureau of Reclamation Budget Estimates: C. Dale Duvall, D239 
      ------Manuel Lujan, Jr., Sec. of the Interior, D239 [4MY]
      Cable Telecommunications Act: Alfred C. Sikes, D786 [17NO]
      ------Charles Dawson, D786 [17NO]
      ------Dean C. Swanson, D786 [17NO]
      ------Edward O. Fritts, D786 [17NO]
      ------Kent B. Foster, D786 [17NO]
      ------Preston Padden, D786 [17NO]
      ------Robert Phillips, D786 [17NO]
      ------Robert Schmidt, D786 [17NO]
      California Desert Protection Act (S. 11): Brooks B. Yeager, D618 
      ------Bruce M. Pavlik, D618 [2OC]
      ------Claude N. Warren, D618 [2OC]
      ------Cy Jamison, D618 [2OC]
      ------Dave Fisher, D618 [2OC]
      ------Dennis Murphy, D618 [2OC]
      ------Doug Scott, D618 [2OC]
      ------Ed Hastey, D618 [2OC]
      ------Ed Rothfuss, D618 [2OC]
      ------George G. Byers, D618 [2OC]
      ------James Duffus III, D618 [2OC]
      ------Martin G. Jaynes, D618 [2OC]
      ------Patrice Davison, D618 [2OC]
      ------Randall Ward, D618 [2OC]
      ------Representative Jerry Lewis, D618 [2OC]
      ------Representative Levine, D618 [2OC]
      ------Representative McCandless, D618 [2OC]
      ------Representative William M. Thomas, D618 [2OC]
      ------Robert A. Stone, D618 [2OC]
      ------Robert Reveles, D618 [2OC]
      ------Robert Robinson, D618 [2OC]
      ------Roy Ashburn, D618 [2OC]
      ------Senator Cranston, D618 [2OC]
      ------Senator Wilson, D618 [2OC]
      ------Thomas W. Goerold, D618 [2OC]
      California Wilderness Lands and Establish Death Valley, Joshua 
        Tree, and Mojave National Parks (H.R. 780): Delos C. Jamison, 
        D487 [27JY]
      ------Robert A. Stone, D487 [27JY]
      Calumet National Historical Park, MI (H.R. 1241): Jerry L. 
        Rogers, D597 [26SE]
      ------Representative Davis, D597 [26SE]
      ------Representative Kildee, D597 [26SE]
      ------Senator Levin, D597 [26SE]
      Calumet Copper Country National Historic Site (S. 866): Bruce 
        Craig, D443 [19JY]
      ------Edward J. Koepel, D443 [19JY]
      ------Gerald Patton, D443 [19JY]
      ------Patrick J. Coleman, D443 [19JY]
      ------Representative Davis, D443 [19JY]
      ------Senator Levin, D443 [19JY]
      ------Stanley J. Dyl II, D443 [19JY]
      Camp W.G. Williams Lands Exchange Act: Billy R. Templeton
      Capacity of Maritime Industries (H.R. 2463): Jack Katzen, D674 
      ------Jeremiah Denton, D674 [18OC]
      ------Warren E. Leback, D674 [18OC]
      Capitol Police Board Budget: Frank A. Kerrigan, D262 [11MY]
      ------George M. White, D262 [11MY]
      ------Henry K. Giugni, D262 [11MY]
      ------Jack Russ, D262 [11MY]
      Caring for America's Alzheimers Victims: Franklin Williams, 
        D1315 [20MR]
      ``Caring for New Mothers--Pressing Problems, New Solutions'': 
        James O. Mason, D688 [24OC]
      Carlsbad Caverns National Park's Cave Research Institute at : 
        (sundry witnesses), D376 [21JN]
      ------Representative Richardson, D376 [21JN]
      Catching Our Breath--Next Steps for Reducing Urban Ozone: Robert 
        M. Friedman, D434 [17JY]
      CBO: James Blum, D25 [2FE]
      CBO Economic Forecast and Budget Projection: James L. Blum, D12 
      Cedar Bluff Unit of the Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program, 
        Kansas (S. 53): Gary Hulett, D560 [14SE]
      ------Joe D. Hall, D560 [14SE]
      ------Joseph Harkins, D560 [14SE]
      ------Roger Patterson, D560 [14SE]
      ------Senator Dole, D560 [14SE]
      Census Accuracy and Quality of Plans for 1990: C. Louis 
        Kincannon, D245 [5MY]
      ------Edward J. Spar, D245 [5MY]
      ------Gene L. Dodaro, D245 [5MY]
      ------Michael A. Stoto, D245 [5MY]
      ------Peyton Young, D245 [5MY]
      Census Adjustment Lawsuit Settlement Agreement: Daniel Melnick, 
        D667 [17OC]
      ------David C. Huckabee, D667 [17OC]
      ------Mark Plant, D667 [17OC]
      Census Equity Act (H.R. 2661): C. Louis Kincannon, D543 [7SE]
      ------David Berteau, D543 [7SE]
      ------Representative Bustamante, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Don Edwards, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Goodling, D543 [7SE]
      ------Representative Petri, D543 [7SE]
      ------Representative Valentine, D506 [1AU]
      Centers for Disease Control and NIH Overview: James B. 
        Wyngaarden, D132 [21MR]
      ------Walter R. Dowdle, D132 [21MR]
      Centers for Disease Control's Agent Orange Study: Lawrence B. 
      Centers for Metal Casting Competitiveness Research (H.R. 1243): 
        Alan J. Streb, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Erdreich, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Harris, D439 [18JY]
      Centers for Metal Casting Competitiveness Research (S. 775): 
        Alan J. Streb, D584 [21SE]
      ------Derek L. Cocks, D584 [21SE]
      ------Orian Williams, D584 [21SE]
      ------Ronald D. Smith, D584 [21SE]
      ------Senator Shelby, D584 [21SE]
      ------Thomas S. Piwonka, D584 [21SE]
      ------Walter Kiplinger, D584 [21SE]
      Central American Asylum-Seekers: Alan C. Nelson, D102 [9MR]
      ------Cresencio Arcos, D102 [9MR]
      ------Nancy R. Kingsbury, D102 [9MR]
      ------Representative Fascell, D102 [9MR]
      ------Representative Ortiz, D102 [9MR]
      Central American Migration to U.S.: Dan Stein, D377 [21JN]
      ------Holly Burkhalter, D377 [21JN]
      ------Michael G. Kozak, D377 [21JN]
      ------Ruth A. Myers, D377 [21JN]
      ------Sylvia Rosales-Fike, D377 [21JN]
      ------Wade J. Henderson, D377 [21JN]
      Central American Studies Relief Act (H.R. 45): Representative 
        Brooks, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Glickman, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Lamar S. Smith, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Oakar, D667 [17OC]
      CFTC Activities: Karsten Mahlmann, D279 [17MY]
      ------Leo Melamed, D279 [17MY]
      ------Robert E. Fink, D279 [17MY]
      ------Wendy L. Gramm, D97 [9MR], D163 [6AP]
      ------Z. Lou Guttman, D279 [17MY]
      CHAMPUS Reform Initiative: Bernard Topf, D236 [3MY]
      ------Gary Winters, D236 [3MY]
      ------Robert Lloyd, D236 [3MY]
      Changes in Electronic Information Format: Armand R. Lienard, 
        D406 [29JN]
      ------Daniel R. Espinoza, D406 [29JN]
      ------David Lane, D406 [29JN]
      ------James L. Cherney, D406 [29JN]
      ------Jay Plager, D401 [28JN]
      ------Representative Fazio, D401 [28JN]
      ------Thomas E. May, D406 [29JN]
      Changes to Construction Bonding Requirements and Threat to Small 
        and Minority Business: Richard Hopf, D50 [22FE]
      Changing Structure of U.S. Agriculture: Robert L. Thompson, D214 
      ------Robert S. Bergland, D214 [25AP]
      Changing U.S. Role in World Economy: Benjamin M. Friedman, D758 
      ------Daniel Burstein, D758 [14NO]
      ------Lawrence Chimerine, D758 [14NO]
      ------Lawrence Klein, D767 [15NO]
      ------Paul A. Samuelson, D767 [15NO]
      Charter Naval War College as Degree-Granting Institution: Ronald 
        Kurth, D514 [2AU]
      Chemical and Biological Weapons: Barry J. Erlick, D40 [9FE]
      ------David Goldberg, D40 [9FE]
      ------Deborah Lief-Dienstag, D40 [9FE]
      ------Elisa Harris, D40 [9FE]
      ------Robert M. Cook-Deegan, D40 [9FE]
      ------Victor Burnett, D40 [9FE]
      ------Victor Sidel, D40 [9FE]
      ------W. Seth Carus, D40 [9FE]
      ------William H. Webster, D40 [9FE]
      Chemical and Biological Weapons Proliferation: H. Allen Holmes, 
        D243 [4MY]
      ------James F. Leonard, D250 [9MY]
      ------Matthew S. Meselson, D250 [9MY]
      ------Stephen D. Bryen, D250 [9MY]
      ------Will D. Carpenter, D250 [9MY]
      Chemical and Biological Weapons Proliferation, Focusing on 
        Export Controls Relative to Chemical Agent Precursors and 
        Biological Agents: Elisa D. Harris, D383 [22JN]
      ------Joan M. McEntee, D383 [22JN]
      ------Lewis A. Dunn, D383 [22JN]
      ------Max L. Turnipseed, D383 [22JN]
      Chemicals Used on Food Crops: Charles Benbrook, D269 [15MY]
      ------Jack Early, D269 [15MY]
      ------Janet Hathaway, D269 [15MY]
      ------John A. Moore, D269 [15MY]
      ------John McCarthy, D269 [15MY]
      ------Peter F. Guerrero, D269 [15MY]
      ------Ralph Nader, D269 [15MY]
      ------Ronald W. Wood, D269 [15MY]
      ------S. Mason Carbaugh, D269 [15MY]
      ------Steven Markowitz, D269 [15MY]
      Child Care (S. 55, 159, 187, 364, 392, 409, 412, 569, 601, and 
        692): Barbara Reisman, D206 [19AP]
      ------Caroline Zinsser, D198 [18AP]
      ------Charles E. Hayward, D198 [18AP]
      ------David F. Russo, D206 [19AP]
      ------Elizabeth H. Dole, Sec. of Labor, D206 [19AP]
      ------Elizabeth Kepler, D198 [18AP]
      ------Gerald W. McEntee, D206 [19AP]
      ------Jane Maroney, D198 [18AP]
      ------John L. Carr, D206 [19AP]
      ------Marian W. Edelman, D198 [18AP]
      ------Mark A. Walsh, D206 [19AP]
      ------Maureen Dermott, D206 [19AP]
      ------Nancy D. Campbell, D206 [19AP]
      ------Raymond C. Scheppach, D198 [18AP]
      ------Rebecca A. Maynard, D198 [18AP]
      ------Representative Holloway, D206 [19AP]
      ------Richard D. Land, D206 [19AP]
      ------Robert P. Dugan, Jr., D206 [19AP]
      ------Roberta Barnes, D198 [18AP]
      ------Sandra L. Hofferth, D198 [18AP]
      ------Senator Boschwitz, D206 [19AP]
      ------Senator Coats, D198 [18AP]
      ------Senator Dodd, D198 [18AP]
      ------Senator Domenici, D198 [18AP]
      ------Senator Wallop, D206 [19AP]
      ------Senator Wilson, D198 [18AP]
      ------Stout Herb, D198 [18AP]
      Child Care Assistance: Charles W. Shewbridge III, D341 [12JN]
      ------Donald W. Schiff, D341 [12JN]
      ------Kenneth W. Gideon, D341 [12JN]
      ------Lawrence J. White, D341 [12JN]
      ------Mary N. Lehnhard, D341 [12JN]
      ------Nancy D. Campbell, D341 [12JN]
      ------Richard E. Curtis, D341 [12JN]
      ------Robert Greenstein, D341 [12JN]
      ------Robert H. Sweeney, D341 [12JN]
      ------Rod Dearment, D341 [12JN]
      ------Sara Roseblaum, D341 [12JN]
      ------Steve A. Freedman, D341 [12JN]
      ------Willis B. Goldbeck, D341 [12JN]
      Child Care for Members of the Armed Forces (H.R. 1277): Barbara 
        S. Pope, D189 [13AP]
      ------Judy A. Miller, D189 [13AP]
      ------Karen Keesling, D189 [13AP]
      ------Kenneth Bergquist, D189 [13AP]
      Child Care in Public Buildings: Richard G. Austin, D96 [8MR]
      Child Development and Education Act (H.R. 3): Representative Don 
        Edwards, D84 [6MR]
      Childhood Accidents and Injuries: Ann Graham, D40 [9FE]
      ------C. Everett Koop, D40 [9FE]
      ------James Dunning, D40 [9FE]
      ------Judith Randlett, D40 [9FE]
      ------Marilyn Adams, D40 [9FE]
      ------Mark Widome, D40 [9FE]
      ------Martin Eichelberger, D40 [9FE]
      ------Michael Kurgan, D40 [9FE]
      ------Sandy Hook, D40 [9FE]
      ------Susan Gallagher, D40 [9FE]
      Children and HIV Infection: Anthony S. Fauci, D57 [23FE]
      ------Antonia C. Novello, D57 [23FE]
      ------Carolyn D. Gray, D57 [23FE]
      ------Charles R. Schuster, D57 [23FE]
      ------Samuel C. Matheny, D57 [23FE]
      ------Walter R. Dowdle, D57 [23FE]
      Children's Television Act (S. 707): Dale Kunkel, D416 [12JY]
      ------DeWitt F. Helm, Jr., D416 [12JY]
      ------Edward O. Fritts, D416 [12JY]
      ------Frank Palumbo, D416 [12JY]
      ------Peggy Charren, D416 [12JY]
      ------Senator Metzenbaum, D416 [12JY]
      ------Senator Wirth, D416 [12JY]
      ------Sharon Robinson, D416 [12JY]
      Chinese Foreign Student and Exchange Visitor Relief Act (H.R. 
        2722): Representative Barton, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Boxer, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Gunderson, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Levine, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Mineta, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Pelosi, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Porter, D457 [20JY]
      Chinese Temporary Protected Status Act (H.R. 2929): 
        Representative Brooks, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Bruce A. Morrison, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Glickman, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Oakar, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Smith, D667 [17OC]
      Chlorofluorocarbons and the Montreal Protocol: Richard J. Smith, 
        D270 [15MY]
      ------Richard L. Hembra, D270 [15MY]
      ------William G. Rosenberg, D270 [15MY]
      ------William H. Parker III, D270 [15MY]
      Citizenship and National Service Act (H.R. 660) and American 
        Conservation and Youth Service Corps Act (H.R. 717): 
        Representative Bonior, D119 [15MR]
      ------Representative Kennelly, D119 [15MR]
      ------Representative McCurdy, D119 [15MR]
      ------Representative Morella, D119 [15MR]
      ------Representative Panetta, D119 [15MR]
      ------Representative Udall, D119 [15MR]
      Civic Achievement Awards Program: Alan Jabbour, D749 [9NO]
      ------Dennis Duquette, D749 [9NO]
      Civil Defense Appropriations (S. 1084): Carla Lowe, D768 [15NO]
      ------George L. Reagle, D768 [15NO]
      ------James H. Billington, D161 [6AP]
      ------Kimball I. Maull, D768 [15NO]
      ------Mike Box, D768 [15NO]
      ------Paul Jones, D768 [15NO]
      ------Peter N. Perretti, Jr., D768 [15NO]
      ------Representative Solomon, D768 [15NO]
      ------Robert J. Robbins, D768 [15NO]
      ------Stephen Janger, D161 [6AP]
      ------Thomas D. Larson, D768 [15NO]
      Civil Liberties and Democracy in Burma (H. Con. Res. 185): David 
        Lambertson, D557 [13SE]
      ------Representative Rohrabacher, D557 [13SE]
      ------Richard Schifter, D557 [13SE]
      ------Senator Moynihan, D557 [13SE]
      Civilian Energy Research and Development Waste Projects in 
        Missouri (H.R. 1559): Allan Wehmeyer, D693 [25OC]
      ------Donald Aubuchon, D693 [25OC]
      ------John Baublitz, D693 [25OC]
      Clarify the Right of the Speaker To Attend any Meeting and To 
        Have Access to any Information in the Permanent Select 
        Committee on Intelligence (H. Res. 268): Representative 
        Beilenson, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Hyde, D741 [8NO]
      Classified Briefing: John T. Chain, D119 [15MR]
      Classified Information Procedures Act: Lawrence Walsh, D573 
      Clean Air Act: William K. Reilly, D463 [24JY]
      Clean Air Act (H.R. 4): Bruce Maillet, D389 [22JN]
      ------Melvin Holden, D389 [22JN]
      ------Richard Abrams, D389 [22JN]
      Clean Air Act Amendments (H.R. 99): Harvey Schultz, D299 [24MY]
      Clean Air Act Amendments (S. 1490): Ben Yamagata, D626 [3OC]
      ------Brian McLean, D641 [5OC]
      ------Courtney Riordan, D641 [5OC]
      ------Dan Dudek, D632 [4OC]
      ------David Hawkins, D626 [3OC]
      ------David Parker, D632 [4OC]
      ------Donald Peoples, D626 [3OC]
      ------George A. Davidson, Jr., D632 [4OC]
      ------George M. Hidy, D641 [5OC]
      ------Glee Murray, D632 [4OC]
      ------Harry Storey, D626 [3OC]
      ------James M. Freedman, D632 [4OC]
      ------James R. Mahoney, D641 [5OC]
      ------Jeff Smith, D626 [3OC]
      ------John Arlidge, D632 [4OC]
      ------Jon P. Prendergast, D632 [4OC]
      ------Milton Russell, D641 [5OC]
      ------Nicholas P. Koskores, D632 [4OC]
      ------Richard Lawson, D626 [3OC]
      ------Richard Trumka, D626 [3OC]
      ------Robert Abrams, D632 [4OC]
      ------Roy D. Alper, D626 [3OC]
      ------Roy Romer, Governor of Colorado, D632 [4OC]
      ------Senator Coats, D626 [3OC]
      ------Senator Dixon, D626 [3OC]
      ------Senator Glenn, D626 [3OC]
      ------Senator Heinz, D626 [3OC]
      ------Senator Wirth, D626 [3OC]
      ------W. Paul Schmechel, D632 [4OC]
      ------Walter A. Kretser, D641 [5OC]
      ------William G. Rosenberg, D641 [5OC]
      ------William A. Badger, D632 [4OC]
      ------William Cornelius, D632 [4OC]
      ------William Walbridge, D632 [4OC]
      Clean Air Act Amendments (S. 1630): Bruce I. Bertelson, D607 
      ------Charles Imbrecht, D607 [28SE]
      ------Don Beckett, D607 [28SE]
      ------Donald A. Randall, D607 [28SE]
      ------Donald R. Buist, D607 [28SE]
      ------Emmett Barker, D607 [28SE]
      ------Eric Vaugh, D607 [28SE]
      ------Ethan Geto, D607 [28SE]
      ------Jed R. Mandel, D607 [28SE]
      ------Michael P. Walsh, D607 [28SE]
      ------Regina McLaurin, D607 [28SE]
      ------Roger Dickenson, D607 [28SE]
      ------Ronald R. Boltz, D607 [28SE]
      ------Ross Sandler, D607 [28SE]
      ------Samuel A. Leonard, D607 [28SE]
      ------Senator Levin, D607 [28SE]
      ------Thomas C. DeLoach, D607 [28SE]
      ------Thomas Cackette, D607 [28SE]
      ------Wayne D. Kuhn, D607 [28SE]
      ------William A. Gibeaut, D607 [28SE]
      ------William K. Reilly, D594 [26SE]
      Clean Air Act Reauthorization: Linda G. Stuntz, D677 [19OC]
      ------Representative Bereuter, D635 [4OC]
      ------Representative Dorgan, D673 [18OC]
      ------Representative Regula, D635 [4OC]
      ------Representative Rogers, D635 [4OC]
      ------Representative Smith of Nebraska, D635 [4OC]
      ------Representative Wise, D673 [18OC]
      ------Robert Friedman, D677 [19OC]
      ------Senator Coats, D673 [18OC]
      ------W. Henson Moore, D551 [12SE]
      ------William K. Reilly, D551 [12SE]
      ------William G. Rosenberg, D677 [19OC]
      Clean Air Act Reauthorization (H.R. 2323): Bruce Maillet, D295 
      ------Christopher J. Daggett, D295 [23MY]
      ------Harvey Schultz, D299 [24MY]
      ------Representative Jerry Lewis, D295 [23MY]
      ------Representative Skaggs, D295 [23MY]
      ------Representative Swift, D295 [23MY]
      ------Thomas C. Jorling, D295 [23MY]
      Clean Air Act Standards: Don Clay, D66 [28FE]
      ------Don Theiler, D66 [28FE]
      ------John Elston, D66 [28FE]
      Clean Coal Technology Program: J. Allen Wampler, D190 [13AP]
      ------Keith Fultz, D190 [13AP]
      Clean Water Act: Hugh McAler, D216 [26AP]
      ------Nancy Stehle, D216 [26AP]
      ------Peter Guerrero, D216 [26AP]
      ------Representative George Miller, D216 [26AP]
      ------Robert Procaccini, D216 [26AP]
      ------Steve TerMaath, D216 [26AP]
      ------Teresa Spisak, D216 [26AP]
      ------William H. Parker III, D216 [26AP]
      Clean-up Operation of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: David Olsen, 
        D164 [6AP]
      ------Jim Makris, D164 [6AP]
      ------John Devens, D164 [6AP]
      ------Kent Burton, D164 [6AP]
      ------Paul A. Yost, Jr., D164 [6AP]
      ------Samuel K. Skinner, Sec. of Transportation, D164 [6AP]
      ------Steve McAlpine, D164 [6AP]
      Closing of Lincoln Savings and Loan Association of California: 
        Alex Barabolak, D709 [31OC]
      ------Charles J. Gozdanovich, D709 [31OC]
      ------David Riley, D709 [31OC]
      ------Edwin Gray, D735 [7NO]
      ------Eugene Stelzer, D709 [31OC]
      ------James Clark, D709 [31OC]
      ------John J. Meek II, D709 [31OC]
      ------Larry Taggart, D735 [7NO]
      ------Lee Henkel, D735 [7NO]
      ------Leo Clarke, D709 [31OC]
      ------Patricia A. McJoynt, D709 [31OC]
      ------Richard Newsom, D709 [31OC]
      ------Robert Concannon, D709 [31OC]
      ------Shannon Fairbanks, D735 [7NO]
      Closure of Military Bases: Frank C. Carlucci, Jr., D108 [14MR]
      ------Frank C. Conahan, D178 [12AP]
      ------Robert A. Stone, D148 [4AP]
      ------Robert F. Hale, D148 [4AP]
      ------Wayne Glass, D148 [4AP]
      Coal Pipeline Act (H.R. 402): Manuel Lujan, D174 [11AP]
      Coast Guard: Paul A. Yost, Jr., D173 [11AP]
      Coast Guard Budget (H.R. 2459): Clyde T. Lusk, Jr., D102 [9MR], 
        D178 [12AP]
      ------Representative Tauzin, D678 [19OC]
      ------Representative Walter B. Jones, D678 [19OC]
      ------J. David Spade, D102 [9MR]
      ------Kenneth W. Thompson, D102 [9MR]
      ------Paul A. Yost, Jr., D364 [19JN]
      Coast Guard and Intelligence Appropriations: Paul A. Yost, Jr., 
        D282 [17MY]
      Coastal and Great Lakes Environmental Quality (H.R. 2647): David 
        Montgomery, D677 [19OC]
      ------Eric Evenson, D677 [19OC]
      ------Fred Olson, D677 [19OC]
      ------Paul Levy, D677 [19OC]
      Coastal Barrier Improvement Act (H.R. 2840): Representative 
        Fascell, D515 [2AU]
      Coastal Barrier Resources System: David Keating, D615 [29SE]
      ------John F. Turner, D615 [29SE]
      ------Robert C. Sheets, D615 [29SE]
      ------Senator Glenn, D615 [29SE]
      ------Sharon Newsome, D615 [29SE]
      ------Susan Reece-Lamson, D139 [22MR]
      Coastal Wetlands Conservation and Restoration in Louisiana (S. 
        630): Bob Hayes, D511 [2AU]
      ------David M. Soileau, D511 [2AU]
      ------Ed Osann, D511 [2AU]
      ------G. Paul Kemp, D511 [2AU]
      ------H. Leighton Steward, D511 [2AU]
      ------James T.B. Tripp, D511 [2AU]
      ------Maryanne Bach, D511 [2AU]
      ------Rebecca Hanmer, D511 [2AU]
      ------Robert W. Page, D511 [2AU]
      ------Vernon Behrhorst, D511 [2AU]
      ------Virginia Van Sickle, D511 [2AU]
      Coastal Zone Management Act: John A. Knauss, D604 [27SE]
      ------John J. Carey, D447 [19JY]
      ------Rebecca Hanmer, D447 [19JY]
      Cold Fusion: Mike Saltmarsh, D217 [26AP]
      Collision Avoidance Technology Testing, Evaluation, and 
        Installation Deadlines: Anthony Broderick, D244 [4MY]
      ------Edith B. Page, D244 [4MY]
      ------Representative Packard, D244 [4MY]
      Commander in Chief, Pacific Command: Huntington Hardisty, D25 
      Commander in Chief, Southern Command: Frederick Woerner, Jr., 
        D25 [2FE]
      Commander in Chief, Special Operations Command: James Lindsay, 
        D25 [2FE]
      Commander in Chief Posture: Duane H. Cassidy, D62 [28FE]
      ------Frederick F. Woerner, D186 [13AP]
      ------H. Norman Schwarzkopf, D62 [28FE]
      ------James J. Lindsay, D186 [13AP]
      ------John R. Galvin, D43 [21FE]
      Commercial Space Launch Act Implementation: George R. Schneiter, 
        D750 [9NO]
      ------Joe Mahon, D750 [9NO]
      ------Representative Kolbe, D750 [9NO]
      ------Representative Packard, D750 [9NO]
      ------Stephanie Lee-Miller, D750 [9NO]
      Commercial Time Limits for Children's Television Programming: 
        Brian L. Wilcox, D670 [18OC]
      ------Geraldine B. Laybourne, D670 [18OC]
      ------John S. Hendricks, D670 [18OC]
      Commission for the Study of International Migration, State 
        Justice Institute, and Marine Mammal Commission: C.C. Torbert, 
        Jr., D31 [6FE]
      ------Diego C. Asencio, D31 [6FE]
      ------William W. Fox, Jr., D31 [6FE]
      Commission on Base Realignment and Closure Report: 
        Representative Ben N. Campbell, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Boxer, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Brooks, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Bruce, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Christopher Smith, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Courter, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Florio, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative George Brown, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Hopkins, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Jerry Lewis, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Kasich, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Madigan, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Matsui, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative McCloskey, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Pallone, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Pelosi, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Porter, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Saxton, D49 [22FE]
      ------Representative Torricelli, D49 [22FE]
      ------Senator Bradley, D49 [22FE]
      ------Senator Lautenberg, D49 [22FE]
      Commission on Fine Arts and the National Gallery of Art: J. 
        Carter Brown, D19 [31JA]
      Commission on Merchant Marine and Defense: Richard E. Donnelly, 
        D277 [16MY]
      Commission on the Mississippi River National Heritage Corridor 
        Act (H.R. 2174): Gerald Patten, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Espy, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Larkin Smith, D397 [27JN]
      Committee on Aging (Special) Budget: Senator Pryor, D40 [9FE]
      Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Budget: 
        Senator Leahy, D40 [9FE]
      ------Senator Lugar, D40 [9FE]
      Committee on Appropriations (Senate) Budget: Senator Byrd, D36 
      ------Senator Hatfield, D36 [8FE]
      Committee on Armed Services (Senate) Budget: Senator Nunn, D36 
      ------Senator Warner, D36 [8FE]
      Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Budget: Senator 
        Garn, D36 [8FE]
      ------Senator Riegle, D36 [8FE]
      Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation Budget: 
        Senator Danforth, D40 [9FE]
      ------Senator Hollings, D40 [9FE]
      Committee on Energy and Natural Resources: nomination of Delos 
        C. Jamison to be Director of BLM, D375 [21JN]
      Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Budget: Senator 
        Johnston, D37 [8FE]
      ------Senator McClure, D37 [8FE]
      Committee on Environment and Public Works Budget: Senator 
        Burdick, D40 [9FE]
      ------Senator Chafee, D40 [9FE]
      Committee on Finance: Coverage of Children Under Medicaid and 
        Maternal Child Health Services Block Programs: Lawton Chiles, 
        D368 [20JN]
      Committee on Finance Budget: Senator Bentsen, D40 [9FE]
      ------Senator Packwood, D40 [9FE]
      Committee on Foreign Relations Budget: Senator Helms, D36 [8FE]
      ------Senator Pell, D36 [8FE]
      Committee on Governmental Affairs Budget: Senator Glenn, D36 
      ------Senator Roth, D36 [8FE]
      Committee on Indian Affairs (Select) Budget: Senator Inouye, D36 
      ------Senator McCain, D36 [8FE]
      Committee on Intelligence (Senate, Select) Budget: Senator 
        Boren, D40 [9FE]
      ------Senator Cohen, D40 [9FE]
      Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs: Water Resources 
        Research Act Authorization (H.R. 1101): Dallas L. Peck, D142 
      Committee on Labor and Human Resources Budget: Senator Hatch, 
        D40 [9FE]
      ------Senator Kennedy, D40 [9FE]
      Committee on Small Business (Senate) Budget: Senator Bumpers, 
        D40 [9FE]
      ------Senator Kasten, D40 [9FE]
      Committee on Veterans' Affairs (House): Readjustment 
        Appointments (H.R. 2486): Curtis J. Smith, D379 [21JN]
      Committee on Veterans' Affairs (Senate) Budget: Senator 
        Cranston, D36 [8FE]
      ------Senator Murkowski, D36 [8FE]
      Committee on the Budget (Senate) Budget: Senator Domenici, D36 
      ------Senator Sasser, D36 [8FE]
      Committee on the Judiciary (Senate) Budget: Senator Biden, D40 
      ------Senator Thurmond, D40 [9FE]
      Commodity Futures Improvement Act (H.R. 2869): Representative 
        Neal Smith, D437 [18JY]
      ------Wendy L. Gramm, D437 [18JY]
      Commodity Futures Trading Practices: Alan Seifer, D544 [8SE]
      ------Cecile Trop, D544 [8SE]
      ------John Mielke, D544 [8SE]
      ------Kalo A. Hineman, D544 [8SE]
      ------Richard Hillman, D544 [8SE]
      ------Richard L. Fogel, D544 [8SE]
      ------Stephen Braverman, D544 [8SE]
      Commodity Improvement Act (H.R. 2869): Representative de la 
        Garza, D543 [7SE]
      ------Representative E. Thomas Coleman, D543 [7SE]
      ------Representative English, D543 [7SE]
      Commodity Research and Promotion Programs: Andrew Whisenhunt, 
        D429 [14JY]
      ------Bruce Heiden, D429 [14JY]
      ------David Senter, D429 [14JY]
      ------Dennis Zensen, D429 [14JY]
      ------Fred Brashears, D429 [14JY]
      ------G. Arnold Roach, D429 [14JY]
      ------Howard Lyman, D429 [14JY]
      ------James L. Adams, Jr., D429 [14JY]
      ------Kenneth C. Clayton, D429 [14JY]
      ------Mike Corey, D429 [14JY]
      ------Senator Cohen, D429 [14JY]
      Communications, Command and Control, Defense Summary, and 
        Communications, Command and Control Army: Bruce R. Harris, 
        D110 [14MR]
      ------Gordon A. Smith, D110 [14MR]
      Communications Act (H.R. 628): Representative Frank, D300 [24MY]
      ------Representative Roukema, D300 [24MY]
      ------Representative Shays, D300 [24MY]
      Community and Urban Development Programs: Brian J. Sarault, D544 
      ------D. Michael Stewart, D544 [8SE]
      ------David N. Lund, D544 [8SE]
      ------Edward Gramlich, D544 [8SE]
      ------Helen Sause, D544 [8SE]
      ------Jeffrey A. Finkle, D544 [8SE]
      ------Jeffrey Swain, D544 [8SE]
      ------Margaret Kelly, D544 [8SE]
      ------Marilyn Melkonian, D544 [8SE]
      ------Parker Anderson, D544 [8SE]
      ------Preddy Ray, D544 [8SE]
      ------Robert K. Middleton, D544 [8SE]
      ------Tony Scallon, D544 [8SE]
      ------William Linder, D544 [8SE]
      Compensation of the President, Office of Administration, Special 
        Assistance to the President, Executive Residence of the Vice 
        President, White House Office, and Unanticipated Needs: 
        Gregory D. Cummings, D137 [22MR]
      ------Hector S. Irastorza, Jr., D137 [22MR]
      ------Paul W. Bateman, D137 [22MR]
      ------Ron R. Rasmussen, D137 [22MR]
      Compensatory Education for the Disadvantaged: Beryl Dorsett, D60 
      Competition Among Commercial Air Carriers at Nation's Major 
        Airports (S. 1741): Edward R. Beauvais, D737 [8NO]
      ------James W. Callison, D737 [8NO]
      ------Mark N. Cooper, D737 [8NO]
      ------Robert L. Crandall, D737 [8NO]
      ------Senator Metzenbaum, D737 [8NO]
      Competition in the Cable Television Industry: Edward O. Fritts, 
        D179 [12AP]
      ------Gene Kimmelman, D179 [12AP]
      ------Gerald M. Levin, D179 [12AP]
      ------James P. Mooney, D179 [12AP]
      ------Jamisz A. Ordover, D179 [12AP]
      ------Preston R. Padden, D179 [12AP]
      ------Robert L. Schmidt, D179 [12AP]
      ------Saul Ramirez, D179 [12AP]
      ------Thomas J. Volgy, D179 [12AP]
      Competitive Oil and Gas Leasing for Coastal Plain of Arctic 
        National Wildlife Refuge (S. 406): Brooks B. Yeager, D82 [6MR]
      ------Larry Morse, D82 [6MR]
      ------Lisa Speer, D82 [6MR]
      ------Manuel Lujan, Jr., Sec. of the Interior, D82 [6MR]
      ------Margaret A. Moran, D82 [6MR]
      ------Roger C. Herrera, D82 [6MR]
      Competitive Wholesale Electric Generation Act (S. 406): Charles 
        D. Gray, D776 [16NO]
      ------Joseph P. Kearney, D776 [16NO]
      ------Scott Hempling, D776 [16NO]
      ------Sherwood H. Smith, Jr., D776 [16NO]
      ------William McCollam, Jr., D776 [16NO]
      ------William W. Berry, D776 [16NO]
      Comprehensive Food Safety Inspection Act (H.R. 3071): Douglas 
        Donegan, D750 [9NO]
      ------James Benson, D750 [9NO]
      ------James Brennan, D750 [9NO]
      ------Lester Crawford, D750 [9NO]
      ------Representative Glickman, D750 [9NO]
      Computer Crime: Clifford Stoll, D270 [15MY]
      ------Kenneth Walton, D270 [15MY]
      ------William A. Bayse, D270 [15MY]
      ------William S. Sessions, D270 [15MY]
      Computer Protection Act (H.R. 287): Representative Herger, D740 
      ------Representative McMillen, D740 [8NO]
      Computer Security Implementation: Curtis J. Smith, D135 [21MR]
      ------Francis A. McDonough, D135 [21MR]
      ------Howard G. Rhile, Jr., D135 [21MR]
      ------Jay Plager, D135 [21MR]
      ------Raymond G. Kammer, D135 [21MR]
      ------W.O. Studeman, D135 [21MR]
      Computer Technology (S. 1067): Daniel R. Masys, D565 [15SE]
      ------David A. Nystrom, D565 [15SE]
      ------Henriette Avram, D565 [15SE]
      ------Irving Wladawsky-Berger, D565 [15SE]
      ------James H. Billington, D565 [15SE]
      ------Joe B. Wyatt, D565 [15SE]
      ------John N. Fischer, D565 [15SE]
      ------John S. Brown, D565 [15SE]
      ------Richard T. Wood, D565 [15SE]
      ------Robert E. Kahn, D565 [15SE]
      ------Senator Kerrey, D565 [15SE]
      ------Ted Nelson, D565 [15SE]
      Computer Virus Eradication Act (H.R. 55): Representative Herger, 
        D740 [8NO]
      ------Representative McMillen, D740 [8NO]
      Condition of Banking System in U.S.: Harry S. Havens, D691 
      ------L. William Seidman, D691 [25OC]
      ------Manuel H. Johnson, D691 [25OC]
      ------Robert L. Clarke, D691 [25OC]
      Condition of Eastern Airline: John S. Kern, D407 [29JN]
      ------Patrick V. Murphy, D407 [29JN]
      ------Representative Ben Jones, D407 [29JN]
      ------Representative Gingrich, D407 [29JN]
      ------Representative John Lewis, D407 [29JN]
      Condition of State-Chartered Banks: Gerald Lewis, D664 [17OC]
      ------Howard B. Brown, D664 [17OC]
      ------James E. Gilleran, D664 [17OC]
      ------Kenneth W. Littlefield, D664 [17OC]
      Condition of U.S. Commercial Banking Industry: Alex Sheshunoff, 
        D640 [5OC]
      ------George G. Kaufman, D640 [5OC]
      ------James J. McDermott, Jr., D640 [5OC]
      ------Robert E. Litan, D640 [5OC]
      Conduct of Monetary Policy: Alan Greenspan, D49 [22FE]
      Conflict of Interest Laws: David Ream, D118 [15MR]
      ------Martin M. Ferber, D118 [15MR]
      Congressional Campaign Finance Reform Legislation: Senator 
        Boren, D179 [12AP]
      ------Senator Byrd, D179 [12AP]
      ------Senator Dole, D179 [12AP]
      ------Senator McConnell, D179 [12AP]
      ------Senator Mitchell, D179 [12AP]
      ------Senator Packwood, D179 [12AP]
      ------Senator Reid, D179 [12AP]
      ------Senator Shelby, D179 [12AP]
      Congressional Consent to Boundary Change Compact Between South 
        Dakota and North Dakota: Representative Tim Johnson, D781 
      Conservation Tillage Technology Research on Agriculture: C. John 
        Baker, D114 [15MR]
      ------Duayne L. Baldwin, D114 [15MR]
      ------James F. Parr, D114 [15MR]
      ------James H. Kinsella, D114 [15MR]
      ------Ralph Grossi, D114 [15MR]
      ------Robert I. Papendick, D114 [15MR]
      ------Stephen J. Marley, D114 [15MR]
      Conservatorship and Capital Standards Regulations: David Cooke, 
        D755 [13NO]
      ------M. Danny Wall, D755 [13NO]
      Consistency in Interstate and International Hazardous Substances 
        Transportation Laws (H.R. 3520): David Speights, D735 [7NO]
      ------Gerald G. Boyd, D735 [7NO]
      ------Gilbert I. Carmichael, D735 [7NO]
      ------Jan Kuczma, D735 [7NO]
      ------Kenneth M. Mead, D735 [7NO]
      ------Travis P. Dungan, D735 [7NO]
      Consolidation of EPA, Dept. of Justice, and Tenancy of the 
        Federal Triangle Complex: Richard G. Austin, D297 [23MY]
      Constitutional Amendment on Balanced Budget: James Davidson, 
        D483 [27JY]
      ------Jerome Ellig, D483 [27JY]
      ------Kenneth F. Melley, D483 [27JY]
      ------Lewis K. Uhler, D483 [27JY]
      ------Representative Craig, D483 [27JY]
      ------Richard Rahn, D483 [27JY]
      ------Senator Thurmond, D483 [27JY]
      ------William Lucy, D483 [27JY]
      Constitutional Amendment on Balanced Budget (S.J. Res. 22): 
        Senator Exon, D670 [18OC]
      Construction Safety, Health, and Education Improvement Act (S. 
        930): Barry Cole, D777 [16NO]
      ------Daniel Paine, D777 [16NO]
      ------Ed Travis, D777 [16NO]
      ------Elihu Leifer, D777 [16NO]
      ------Gerald F. Scannell, D777 [16NO]
      ------James Cole, D777 [16NO]
      ------Jim Lapping, D777 [16NO]
      ------John A. Focht, Jr., D777 [16NO]
      ------Ken Paradis, D777 [16NO]
      ------Kirk Fordice, D777 [16NO]
      ------Matthew J. Burkart, D777 [16NO]
      ------Neil Norman, D777 [16NO]
      ------Representative Shays, D777 [16NO]
      ------Steve Cooper, D777 [16NO]
      ------Thomas J. Hickey, D777 [16NO]
      Consumer Access to Basic Financial Services: John P. LaWare, 
        D666 [17OC]
      ------Senator Metzenbaum, D666 [17OC]
      ------William Douglas, D666 [17OC]
      Consumer Ozone Protection Act (S. 870): Arthur G. Hobbs, Jr., 
        D676 [19OC]
      ------Gerald F. Stofflet, D676 [19OC]
      ------Hoyt B. Wilder, D676 [19OC]
      ------Irving Mintzer, D676 [19OC]
      ------Liz Cook, D676 [19OC]
      ------Olin L. Greene, D676 [19OC]
      ------Robert M. Gants, D676 [19OC]
      ------Robert T. Watson, D676 [19OC]
      Consumer Price Index Measure Used for Calculating Social 
        Security Cost of Living Adjustments: Frederick Ribe, D218 
      ------Harry C. Ballantyne, D218 [26AP]
      ------Janet L. Norwood, D218 [26AP]
      Consumer Protection Against Price-Fixing Act (S. 865): Alan P. 
        Hald, D311 [1JN]
      ------Lacy H. Thornburg, D311 [1JN]
      ------Raymond Zimmerman, D311 [1JN]
      ------Robert B. Creamer, D311 [1JN]
      ------Robert Pitofsky, D311 [1JN]
      ------Senator Gorton, D311 [1JN]
      ------Senator Rudman, D311 [1JN]
      Consumer-Related Programs Appropriations: Anne Graham, D123 
      ------Mary Levy, D123 [16MR]
      ------Robert F. Steeves, D123 [16MR]
      Contaminated Sediments in Rivers and Harbors and Review 
        Technical Options for Cleanup: Darryl Banks, D379 [21JN]
      ------Frank Quinn, D379 [21JN]
      ------Michael Mac, D379 [21JN]
      ------Representative Visclosky, D379 [21JN]
      ------Robert Engler, D379 [21JN]
      ------Senator Moynihan, D379 [21JN]
      ------Tudor T. Davies, D379 [21JN]
      Continuing Appropriations: Nicholas F. Brady, Sec. of the 
        Treasury, D212 [25AP]
      Continuing Appropriations (H.J. Res. 407): Representative Conte, 
        D592 [25SE]
      ------Representative Whitten, D592 [25SE]
      Continuing Appropriations (H.J. Res. 423): Representative Fazio, 
        D683 [23OC]
      ------Representative Panetta, D683 [23OC]
      ------Representative Regula, D683 [23OC]
      ------Representative Whitten, D683 [23OC]
      Contract Services for Drug Dependent Federal Offenders Act (H.R. 
        3007): Edward R. Becker, D488 [27JY]
      ------Lawrence R. Leavitt, D488 [27JY]
      ------Thomas Primosch, D488 [27JY]
      ------Vincent L. Broderick, D488 [27JY]
      Control of Manufacture, Use and Disposal of Ozone Depleting 
        Substances (S. 201, 333, 491, 503, 676): Cheryl Russell, D292 
      ------David Doniger, D292 [22MY]
      ------Joseph Glass, D292 [22MY]
      ------Marilyn I. Montgomery, D292 [22MY]
      ------Peter Likes, D292 [22MY]
      ------Robert Watson, D292 [22MY]
      ------Senator Gore, D292 [22MY]
      ------Senator Leahy, D292 [22MY]
      ------William G. Rosenberg, D292 [22MY]
      ------William Jelin, D292 [22MY]
      ------William Walsh, D292 [22MY]
      Controlled Substances Act Amendment (H.R. 1305): Charles Knox, 
        D426 [13JY]
      ------Representative Donald Payne, D426 [13JY]
      ------Representative Florio, D426 [13JY]
      ------Ronald K. Noble, D426 [13JY]
      Controlling Emissions of Air Pollutants From Municipal Waste 
        Incineration Units (S. 196): Allen Hershkowitz, D584 [21SE]
      ------Allen Moore, D584 [21SE]
      ------Barbara Todd, D584 [21SE]
      ------Burton Stallwood, D584 [21SE]
      ------John Norton, D584 [21SE]
      ------Richard Denison, D584 [21SE]
      ------Roger Etter, D584 [21SE]
      Convention for Unification of Certain Rules Relating to 
        International Carriage by Air: Eleanor Bright, D768 [15NO]
      ------Eugene J. McAllister, D768 [15NO]
      ------Hans Ephraimson-Abt, D768 [15NO]
      ------James E. Landry, D768 [15NO]
      ------Jeffrey N. Shane, D768 [15NO]
      ------Kathleen Flynn, D768 [15NO]
      ------Lee S. Kreindler, D768 [15NO]
      ------Michael M. Styles, D768 [15NO]
      ------Stuart M. Gerson, D768 [15NO]
      Conventional Arms Control in Europe and Its Implications for 
        NATO Security: Paul D. Wolfowitz, D310 [1JN]
      ------Robert T. Herres, D310 [1JN]
      Conveying Certain Lands in Idaho to Certain Individuals (S. 
        267): Robert Burford, D288 [18MY]
      Conveying Certain Public Lands Within Utah To the Salt Lake City 
        Corp. in Exchange for the Conveyance of Certain City Lands To 
        the Sec. of Agriculture (S. 319): George M. Leonard, D548 
      ------Palmer DePaulis, D548 [12SE]
      Cooperation Between Government and Industry: Jack D. Kuehler, 
        D249 [9MY]
      ------Pat H. Hubbard, D249 [9MY]
      ------Robert A. Mosbacher, Sec. of Commerce, D249 [9MY]
      Cooperation in Latin America's Science and Technology (H.R. 
        2152): John Boright, D232 [2MY]
      ------Leon Lederman, D232 [2MY]
      Cooperative State Research Service and National Agricultural 
        Library: John P. Jordan, D94 [8MR]
      ------Joseph H. Howard, D94 [8MR]
      ------Myron D. Johnsrud, D94 [8MR]
      ------Orville G. Bentley, D94 [8MR]
      Coping with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in Africa: 
        Bradshaw Langmaid, D447 [19JY]
      ------Thomas Quinn, D447 [19JY]
      Coping With AIDS in Africa--Three Years Into W.H.O. Global 
        Program on AIDS: Jonathan Mann, D353 [14JN]
      Corporation To Administer a Program of Voluntary National 
        Service (S. 3, 232, 322, 382, 408, 539, 540, 541, 576, and 
        650): Cynthia Brown, D210 [25AP]
      ------Cynthia Parsons, D210 [25AP]
      ------Donald Gainey, D210 [25AP]
      ------Frank J. Slobig, D109 [14MR]
      ------Greg Humphrey, D210 [25AP]
      ------Gresham Riley, D109 [14MR]
      ------Jacqueline Loso, D210 [25AP]
      ------James D. Watkins, Sec. of Energy, D210 [25AP]
      ------James Oglesby, D210 [25AP]
      ------James Sakamoto, D109 [14MR]
      ------James Whalen, D109 [14MR]
      ------John A. Briscoe, D210 [25AP]
      ------Judith Billings, D109 [14MR]
      ------Leon Horne, D210 [25AP]
      ------Margaret Rosenberry, D109 [14MR]
      ------Phil Braden, D109 [14MR]
      ------Representative Montgomery, D109 [14MR]
      ------Samantha Hodge-Williams, D109 [14MR]
      ------Senator Nunn, D109 [14MR]
      ------Stanley Hill, D210 [25AP]
      ------Todd Clark, D109 [14MR]
      Copyright Fees and Technical Act (S. 1271): Edward W. Ray, D416 
      ------Irwin Karp, D416 [12JY]
      ------J.C. Argetsinger, D416 [12JY]
      ------Mario F. Aguero, D416 [12JY]
      ------Ralph Oman, D416 [12JY]
      Copyright Law Relative to Work Made for Hire (S. 1253): Don 
        Martin, D577 [20SE]
      ------Jack Fishman, D577 [20SE]
      ------Jay Maisel, D577 [20SE]
      ------Michael R. Klipper, D577 [20SE]
      ------Nicholas A. Veliotes, D577 [20SE]
      ------Ralph Oman, D577 [20SE]
      ------Richard Weisgrau, D577 [20SE]
      ------Senator Cochran, D577 [20SE]
      ------Tom Clancy, D577 [20SE]
      ------Victor Kovner, D577 [20SE]
      Copyright Legislation: Ralph Oman, D183 [12AP]
      Copyright Moral Rights in Films, Television and Other Performing 
        Arts: David W. Fleming, D685 [24OC]
      ------George Stevens, Jr., D685 [24OC]
      ------Glenn Gumpel, D685 [24OC]
      ------J. Nicholas Counter III, D685 [24OC]
      ------Jan Demasse, D685 [24OC]
      ------Jonathan H. Klein, D685 [24OC]
      ------Milos Forman, D685 [24OC]
      ------Peter Nolan, D685 [24OC]
      ------Ralph Oman, D685 [24OC]
      ------Roger L. Mayer, D685 [24OC]
      Copyright Office and Copyright Royalty Tribunal: Edward W. Ray, 
        D127 [16MR]
      ------Ralph Oman, D127 [16MR]
      Copyright Remedy Clarification Act (S. 497): August W. 
        Steinhilber, D281 [17MY]
      ------David Eskra, D281 [17MY]
      ------James L. Healy, Jr., D281 [17MY]
      ------Ralph Oman, D281 [17MY]
      ------Robert A. Schmitz, D281 [17MY]
      Copyright Rights of Attribution and Integrity to Authors of 
        Works of Visual Art (H.R. 2690): Ralph Oman, D673 [18OC]
      ------Representative Markey, D673 [18OC]
      Copyright Royalty Tribunal Reform Act (S. 1272): Edward W. Ray, 
        D416 [12JY]
      ------Irwin Karp, D416 [12JY]
      ------J.C. Argetsinger, D416 [12JY]
      ------Mario F. Aguero, D416 [12JY]
      ------Ralph Oman, D416 [12JY]
      Corporate Restructuring and Debt in the Corporate Sector: Alan 
        Greenspan, D15 [27JA]
      ------Alan J. Auerbach, D13 [25JA]
      ------Bruce Smart, D15 [27JA]
      ------C. Robert Kidder, D13 [25JA]
      ------David S. Ruder, D13 [25JA]
      ------John J. Creedon, D15 [27JA]
      ------Kathleen P. Utgoff, D15 [27JA]
      ------Lane Kirkland, D15 [27JA]
      ------Lawrence H. Summers, D13 [25JA]
      ------Michael J. Graetz, D13 [25JA]
      ------Nicholas Brady, Sec. of the Treasury, D11 [24JA]
      ------Steven N. Kaplan, D15 [27JA]
      ------Thomas H. Lee, D13 [25JA]
      ------William D. Andrews, D13 [25JA]
      Corporate Restructuring and Its Effects on Research and 
        Development: Julie Gorte, D427 [13JY]
      ------William Stewart, D427 [13JY]
      Corporate Takeovers, Leveraged Buyouts and Pension Plans: Joseph 
        F. DelFico, D42 [9FE]
      Corps of Engineers: Patrick Kelly, D37 [8FE]
      Corps of Engineers' Beach Restoration Project at Ocean City, MD: 
        Dexter J. Peach, D223 [1MY]
      ------Dominic Dottavio, D223 [1MY]
      ------Representative Dyson, D223 [1MY]
      ------Robert W. Page, D223 [1MY]
      ------Thomas L. Hartman, D223 [1MY]
      ------Torrey C. Brown, D223 [1MY]
      Corps of Engineers' North and South Pacific Divisions: James W. 
        van Loben Sels
      Correctional Alternatives Act (H.R. 2374): Charles Smith, D515 
      ------Representative Rangel, D515 [2AU]
      ------Richard Miklic, D515 [2AU]
      ------Thomas Lynch, D515 [2AU]
      Corruption Among Elected Officials in Tribal Government: Drex 
        Hansen, D31 [6FE]
      ------Eugene Twardowicz, D31 [6FE]
      ------Peter MacDonald, D31 [6FE]
      Council Bluffs, IA, Trails Interpretation Center: Denis Galvin, 
        D154 [5AP]
      ------Hebert Cables, D296 [23MY]
      ------Representative Hoagland, D296 [23MY]
      Council of Economic Advisers and Office of Policy Development 
        Appropriations: Michael J. Boskin, D150 [4AP]
      ------William L. Roper, D150 [4AP]
      Council on Environmental Quality: A. Alan Hill, D163 [6AP]
      Courts Oversight: John F. Grady, D102 [9MR]
      ------Jon O. Newman, D102 [9MR]
      ------L. Ralph Mecham, D102 [9MR]
      Coverage of Children Under Medicaid and Maternal Child Health 
        Services Block Programs: Aaron J. Johnson, D368 [20JN]
      ------David Bellis, D368 [20JN]
      ------Donald Schiff, D368 [20JN]
      ------George D. Farr, D368 [20JN]
      ------Kay A. Johnson, D368 [20JN]
      ------Lewis B. Hayes, D368 [20JN]
      ------Raymond C. Scheppach, D368 [20JN]
      ------Richard H. Schwartz, D368 [20JN]
      ------Richard Nelson, D368 [20JN]
      ------Robert F. Derkits, D368 [20JN]
      ------William Gadsby, D368 [20JN]
      CPSC Funding: Anne Graham, D105 [13MR]
      ------Carol G. Dawson, D105 [13MR]
      ------Esther Peterson, D105 [13MR]
      ------Martin Eichelberger, D105 [13MR]
      ------Mary E.R. Fise, D105 [13MR]
      ------Pamela Gilbert, D105 [13MR]
      ------Richard H. Gimer, D105 [13MR]
      Creating the New Wealth--National Research and Development 
        Funding in the 1990's: Victor L. Petersen, D174 [11AP]
      ------William R. Graham, D174 [11AP]
      Credit Assistance and Insurance: Charles A. Bowsher, D780 [16NO]
      Crime and Drug Abuse: Carol B. Thompson, D250 [9MY]
      ------Gary Hankins, D250 [9MY]
      ------Isaac Fulwood, Jr., D250 [9MY]
      ------Joe D. Casey, D250 [9MY]
      ------Representative J. Roy Rowland, D317 [2JN]
      ------Representative Wolf, D317 [2JN]
      ------Robert F. Armstrong, D250 [9MY]
      Crime and Drug Crisis in Washington, DC: Jay B. Stephens, D192 
      ------Marion S. Barry, Jr., D192 [17AP]
      Crime Victims' Rights (S. 533): Betty Stewart, D274 [16MY]
      ------Charles B. Schudson, D274 [16MY]
      ------Denise Gooch, D274 [16MY]
      ------Jane N. Burnley, D274 [16MY]
      ------Jayne Crisp, D274 [16MY]
      ------Joseph M. Dell, D274 [16MY]
      ------Muriel Sugarman, D274 [16MY]
      ------Patricia A. Toth, D274 [16MY]
      ------Representative DeWine, D274 [16MY]
      ------Robert E. Cramer, Jr., D274 [16MY]
      ------Senator Reid, D274 [16MY]
      ------Tom McDonald, D274 [16MY]
      Criminal Aliens: David Milhollan, D717 [1NO]
      ------Jack Shaw, D717 [1NO]
      ------Lowell Dodge, D717 [1NO]
      ------Richard Williams, D717 [1NO]
      Criteria for Imposition of Capital Punishment (S. 32, 1225): 
        Edward S.G. Dennis, Jr., D571 [19SE]
      ------James C. Anders, D571 [19SE]
      ------Jonathan E. Gradess, D571 [19SE]
      ------Michael McCann, D571 [19SE]
      ------Michael Radelet, D571 [19SE]
      ------Robert B. Kliesmet, D571 [19SE]
      ------Roland Vaughn III, D571 [19SE]
      ------Senator Thurmond, D571 [19SE]
      ------Wanda Summers, D571 [19SE]
      Criteria for Imposition of Capital Punishment for Federal 
        Crimes: Althea T.L. Simmons, D619 [2OC]
      ------David C. Baldus, D619 [2OC]
      ------Edward S.G. Dennis, Jr., D619 [2OC]
      ------Joseph E. Lowery, D619 [2OC]
      ------Joseph L. Katz, D619 [2OC]
      ------Julius L. Chambers, D619 [2OC]
      ------Paul Kamenar, D619 [2OC]
      ------Ronald J. Tabak, D619 [2OC]
      ------William B. Hill, Jr., D619 [2OC]
      Criteria for Imposing Capital Punishment for Federal Crimes, 
        Focusing on Procedures and Impact on Native Americans: Edward 
        Lone Flight, D601 [27SE]
      ------Faith Roessel, D601 [27SE]
      ------Jim Ellis, D601 [27SE]
      ------Michael Mello, D601 [27SE]
      ------Nancy McKerrow, D601 [27SE]
      ------Paul Cassell, D601 [27SE]
      ------Paul Kamenar, D601 [27SE]
      ------Sterling Epps, D601 [27SE]
      ------Tom Tso, D601 [27SE]
      ------Tova Indritz, D601 [27SE]
      Crop Acreage Base Provisions of the Food Security Act: John 
        Campbell, D396 [27JN]
      ------Representative Roberts, D396 [27JN]
      ------Representative Stenholm, D396 [27JN]
      Cuba and U.S.--Thirty Years of Hostility and Beyond: Michael G. 
        Kozak, D514 [2AU]
      ------R. Richard Newcomb, D514 [2AU]
      ------Richard Schifter, D514 [2AU]
      Cuban Involvement in International Narcotics Trafficking: David 
        L. Westrate, D470 [25JY]
      ------Melvyn Levitsky, D470 [25JY]
      ------Representative Rangel, D487 [27JY]
      ------Walter T. Leland, D470 [25JY]
      ------William von Raab, D470 [25JY]
      Currency Manipulation by Industrialized Countries: Allan I. 
        Mendelowitz, D268 [12MY]
      ------C. Fred Bergsten, D268 [12MY]
      ------David C. Mulford, D268 [12MY]
      ------David L. McClure, D268 [12MY]
      ------Jane Li, D268 [12MY]
      ------John Williamson, D268 [12MY]
      Current Situation in Democratic People's Republic of Korea: Carl 
        Ford, D462 [24JY]
      ------Henry Rowan, D462 [24JY]
      Current Situation in Lebanon: John H. Kelly, D554 [13SE]
      ------John T. McCarthy, D554 [13SE]
      Current State of Indian Agriculture, Focusing on Future 
        Directions and Recommendations for Improvement of Existing 
        Farming Techniques: Calvin Waln, D722 [2NO]
      ------Don Peasley, D722 [2NO]
      ------Gerry Emm, D722 [2NO]
      ------Howard Jones, D722 [2NO]
      ------James A. Humes, D722 [2NO]
      ------Leona Kakar, D722 [2NO]
      ------Lyman Young, D722 [2NO]
      ------Patrick Hayes, D722 [2NO]
      ------Paul Iron Cloud, D722 [2NO]
      ------Paul Kindinger, D722 [2NO]
      ------Robert L. Miller, D722 [2NO]
      Customs Service Collection Process: David M. Nummy, D194 [17AP]
      ------James R. Watts, D194 [17AP]
      ------Maurice S. Moody, D194 [17AP]
      ------Michael H. Lane, D194 [17AP]
      Customs Service and Committee for Purchase From the Blind: 
        Beverly L. Milkman, D58 [27FE]
      ------Frank Gearde, Jr., D58 [27FE]
      ------William Rosenblatt, D58 [27FE]
      ------William von Raab, D58 [27FE]
      Customs Service Authorization: Bruce Schulman, D85 [7MR]
      ------Charles R. Parkinson, D85 [7MR]
      ------D. Lynn Gordon, D85 [7MR]
      ------David Rose, D85 [7MR]
      ------J.H. Kent, D85 [7MR]
      ------Jane B. O'Dell, D85 [7MR]
      ------Samuel H. Banks, D85 [7MR]
      Customs Service's Seized-Property Program and Forfeiture Fund: 
        Howard Safir, D651 [10OC]
      ------Michael Lane, D651 [10OC]
      ------Richard L. Fogel, D651 [10OC]
      Customs Service, ITC, and the U.S. Trade Representative Budget 
        Authorizations: Anne E. Brunsdale, D139 [22MR]
      ------Joshua Bolten, D139 [22MR]
      ------William von Raab, D139 [22MR]
      Customs User Fees and the Superfund Tax Differential Relative to 
        U.S. GATT Obligations: Harry W. Carnes
      ------Judith H. Bello
      De Soto Expedition Trail Commission Within the Dept. of the 
        Interior (S. 555): Charles R. McGimsey III, D333 [8JN]
      ------Douglas E. Jones, D333 [8JN]
      ------Gerald Patten, D333 [8JN]
      ------Richard Moore, D333 [8JN]
      ------Robert L. Bendick, Jr., D333 [8JN]
      ------Senator Chafee, D333 [8JN]
      ------Senator Graham, D333 [8JN]
      ------Senator Pell, D333 [8JN]
      DC-10 Engine Failure and Related FAA Research and Development 
        Needs: Craig Beard, D750 [9NO]
      ------James L. Kolstad, D750 [9NO]
      DEA, Organized Crime Drug Enforcement, General Legal Activities, 
        Civil Liberties Public Education Fund, U.S. Attorneys, 
        Antitrust Division: Harold G. Christensen, D76 [2MR]
      ------Jmes P. Turner, D76 [2MR]
      ------John C. Lawn, D76 [2MR]
      ------Joseph D. Whitley, D76 [2MR]
      ------Kenneth G. Starling, D76 [2MR]
      ------Robert G. Ulrich, D76 [2MR]
      Debt Ceiling Reform Act (S. 532): Senator Exon, D670 [18OC]
      Debt Problem of Developing Countries: Harry L. Freeman, D36 
      ------Horst Schulmann, D36 [8FE]
      ------Jeffrey Sachs, D36 [8FE]
      ------John Williamson, D36 [8FE]
      ------Rodney B. Wagner, D36 [8FE]
      ------Rodrigo Botero, D36 [8FE]
      ------Steven Hanke, D36 [8FE]
      Deceptive Funding by Charities: Clarine N. Riddle, D490 [28JY]
      ------K.M. Hearst, D490 [28JY]
      ------William C. MacLeod, D490 [28JY]
      ------William Webster, D490 [28JY]
      Deceptive Mailing Practices (S. 273): Carolyn A. Emigh, D63 
      ------Dan Doherty, D63 [28FE]
      ------Erling Johnson, D63 [28FE]
      ------Gary H. Baer, D63 [28FE]
      ------Gene Del Polito, D63 [28FE]
      ------George C. Davis, D63 [28FE]
      ------Mark Silbergeld, D63 [28FE]
      ------Richard A. Barton, D63 [28FE]
      ------Robert B. Brown, D63 [28FE]
      ------Senator Heinz, D63 [28FE]
      ------Senator Lieberman, D63 [28FE]
      ------Senator Roth, D63 [28FE]
      ------Tim Mahoney, D63 [28FE]
      Deceptive Tobacco Advertising Throughout the World: C. Everett 
        Koop, D557 [13SE]
      ------Representative Atkins, D557 [13SE]
      ------Representative Levine, D557 [13SE]
      ------Representative Synar, D557 [13SE]
      Decommissioning and Decontamination Requirements for Closing 
        Nuclear Facilities: Keith O. Fultz, D524 [3AU]
      ------Kenneth M. Carr, D524 [3AU]
      ------Richard Guimond, D524 [3AU]
      Deep Seabed Hard Mineral Resources Act (H.R. 2120): James 
        Lawless, D296 [23MY]
      ------T.S. Ary, D296 [23MY]
      Defense Contractor Whistleblower Protection Act (H.R. 2579): 
        Eric J. Fygi, D580 [20SE]
      ------Representative Schroeder, D580 [20SE]
      ------Stephen A. Whitlock, D580 [20SE]
      Defense Industrial and Technology Base and the Defense Advanced 
        Research Projects Agency: Raymond S. Colladay, D65 [28FE]
      Defense Intelligence Appropriations: Harry E. Soyster, D153 
      ------James H. Taylor, D153 [5AP]
      ------Jimmie D. Will, D153 [5AP]
      ------William H. Webster, D153 [5AP]
      ------William O. Studeman, D153 [5AP]
      Defense Nuclear Agency's Weapons Effects Testing: Don A. Linger, 
        D82 [6MR]
      ------Marvin C. Atkins, D82 [6MR]
      Defense Operations and Maintenance: John A. Flinn, D132 [21MR]
      Defense Posture: Frank B. Kelso II, D85 [7MR]
      Defense Production Act (S. 1379): Albert W. Moore, D786 [17NO]
      ------Bobby R. Inman, D412 [11JY]
      ------Frank C. Carlucci, D412 [11JY]
      ------Jefferson Z. Amacker, D786 [17NO]
      ------John R. Guthrie, D786 [17NO]
      ------Lawrence J. Korb, D786 [17NO]
      ------Norman R. Augustine, D442 [19JY]
      ------Paul J. Gross, D786 [17NO]
      ------Representative Kasich, D786 [17NO]
      ------Robert B. Costello, D786 [17NO]
      ------Robert W. Galvin, D442 [19JY]
      ------Stanley C. Pace, D442 [19JY]
      Defense Technologies: George P. Milburn, D129 [17MR]
      ------Milton Lohr, D129 [17MR]
      ------Richard A. Duval, D129 [17MR]
      Deficiencies in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education: 
        Carl Sagan, D759 [14NO]
      ------Irwin Shapiro, D759 [14NO]
      ------Leon Lederman, D759 [14NO]
      ------Lourdes Monteagudo, D759 [14NO]
      ------Senator Hatfield, D759 [14NO]
      ------Shirley Malcom, D759 [14NO]
      Deficiencies in Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education: 
        Betty M. Vetter, D745 [9NO]
      ------Bill G. Aldridge, D745 [9NO]
      ------Carl Sagan, D745 [9NO]
      ------F. James Rutherford, D745 [9NO]
      ------Philip U. Treisman, D745 [9NO]
      ------Senator Hatfield, D745 [9NO]
      ------Shirley M. Malcom, D745 [9NO]
      Define the Type of Adjournment That Prevents the Return of a 
        Bill by the President: Louis Fisher, D479 [26JY]
      ------Steve Ross, D479 [26JY]
      ------William P. Barr, D479 [26JY]
      Degradable Commodity Plastics Procurement and Standards Act: 
        Bruce Weddle, D436 [18JY]
      ------Jack H. Pincus, D436 [18JY]
      ------James L. Deprospero, Jr., D436 [18JY]
      ------James Thomas, D436 [18JY]
      ------Jerry Petak, D436 [18JY]
      ------Joan G. Harn, D436 [18JY]
      ------L. Robert Lake, D436 [18JY]
      ------Lyle H. Schwartz, D436 [18JY]
      ------Romani Narayan, D436 [18JY]
      Department of Environmental Protection (H.R 534): Harry S. 
        Havens, D378 [21JN]
      ------Representative Boehlert, D378 [21JN]
      ------Representative Florio, D378 [21JN]
      ------Senator Durenberger, D378 [21JN]
      ------Senator Lautenberg, D378 [21JN]
      Dept. of Agriculture Appropriations: Christopher Goldthwait, 
        D196 [18AP]
      ------Christopher Hicks, D81 [3MR]
      ------Clayton Yeutter, Sec. of Agriculture, D91 [8MR]
      ------G. Wilson Scaling, D196 [18AP]
      ------James T. Heimbach, D121 [16MR]
      ------J. Patrick Boyle, D159 [6AP]
      ------Jack Van Mark, D170 [11AP]
      ------James W. Glosser, D159 [6AP]
      ------John J. Franke, Jr., D130 [17MR]
      ------John Marshall, D170 [11AP]
      ------John P. Jordan, D107 [14MR]
      ------John W. Bode, D121 [16MR]
      ------Kenneth A. Giles, D159 [6AP]
      ------Lavern F. Neppl, D196 [18AP]
      ------Lawrence Wachs, D159 [6AP]
      ------Lester M. Crawford, D159 [6AP]
      ------Myron D. Johnsrud, D107 [14MR]
      ------Neal S. Johnson, D170 [11AP]
      ------Orville G. Bentley, D107 [14MR]
      ------Peter Myers, D91 [8MR]
      ------R. Dean Plowman, D107 [14MR]
      ------Robert E. Sherman, D121 [16MR]
      ------Robert W. Long, D107 [14MR]
      ------Roland R. Vautour, D170 [11AP]
      ------Scott Dunn, D121 [16MR]
      ------Stephen B. Dewhurst, D91 [8MR]
      ------Thomas O. Kay, D196 [18AP]
      ------William C. Bailey, D196 [18AP]
      ------Wilmer D. Mizell, D81 [3MR]
      Dept. of Agriculture Nominations: Jack C. Parnell, D170 [11AP]
      ------Richard T. Crowder, D170 [11AP]
      Dept. of Agriculture's Export Credit Guarantee Program: Allan I. 
        Mendelowitz, D69 [1MR], D353 [14JN]
      ------Christopher Goldthwait, D353 [14JN]
      ------Craig Beauchamp, D69 [1MR]
      ------Dallas R. Smith, D353 [14JN]
      ------James R. Ebbitt, D69 [1MR], D353 [14JN]
      ------Phillip J. Thomas, D69 [1MR]
      ------Richard Long, D69 [1MR]
      Dept. of Commerce Budget Estimates: Robert A. Mosbacher, Sec. of 
        Commerce, D205 [19AP]
      Dept. of Commerce Funds for Technology Programs: Donald G. 
        Weinert, D320 [6JN]
      ------Donald R. Johnson, D320 [6JN]
      ------Edward A. Miller, D320 [6JN]
      ------Harry S. Hertz, D320 [6JN]
      ------James H. Burrows, D320 [6JN]
      ------John Fluke, Jr., D320 [6JN]
      ------John W. Lyons, D320 [6JN]
      ------Lyle H. Schwartz, D320 [6JN]
      ------Pat H. Hubbard, D320 [6JN]
      ------Paul Huray, D320 [6JN]
      ------Raymond G. Kammer, D320 [6JN]
      Dept. of Commerce Technology Administration Authorization (S. 
        1191): Griffith Resor, D465 [25JY]
      ------John P. McTague, D465 [25JY]
      ------Morton Bahr, D465 [25JY]
      ------Thomas J. Murrin, D465 [25JY]
      ------Tom Long, D465 [25JY]
      Dept. of Defense Acquisition of Commercial Products: Donald J. 
        Atwood, Jr., D311 [1JN]
      ------Eleanor R. Spector, D311 [1JN]
      ------Gregory Saunders, D311 [1JN]
      Dept. of Defense Acquisition Policy: Derek Vander Schaaf, D262 
      ------H. Lawrence Garrett III, D58 [27FE]
      ------John J. Welch, D58 [27FE]
      ------Michael P.W. Stone, D58 [27FE]
      ------Paul Math, D262 [11MY]
      ------Robert B. Costello, D58 [27FE]
      ------Robert P. Murphy, D58 [27FE]
      ------Robert Trimble, D58 [27FE]
      ------William A. Anders, D58 [27FE]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations: Alfred G. Hansen, D267 [12MY]
      ------Alfred M. Gray, Jr., D70 [1MR], D239 [4MY], D309 [1JN]
      ------Benjamin F. Montoya, D87 [7MR]
      ------C.A.H. Trost, D70 [1MR], D309 [1JN]
      ------Carl E. Vuono, D239 [4MY]
      ------Carlisle A.H. Trost, D239 [4MY]
      ------Carson C. Wesley, D216 [26AP]
      ------Charles A. Bowsher, D255 [10MY]
      ------Charles McCausland, D216 [26AP]
      ------Charles R. Larson, D219 [27AP]
      ------Christian Patte, D246 [8MY]
      ------Clark Graham, D228 [2MY]
      ------Claudius Watts III, D119 [15MR]
      ------Craig Alderman, Jr., D119 [15MR]
      ------Dan Cooper, D209 [25AP]
      ------David J. Armor, D94 [8MR]
      ------David Newhall III, D126 [16MR]
      ------David P. Baine, D126 [16MR]
      ------David Taylor, D228 [2MY]
      ------Dennis Kloske, D81 [3MR]
      ------Donald Burdick, D70 [1MR]
      ------Donald S. Pihl, D136 [22MR]
      ------Donald W. Jones, D126 [16MR]
      ------Duane H. Cassidy, D19 [31JA]
      ------Edmund P. Looney, D70 [1MR]
      ------Edward S.G. Dennis, Jr., D71 [1MR]
      ------Edwin S. Leland, D246 [8MY]
      ------Everett Pyatt, D269 [15MY]
      ------Francis N. Smith, D70 [1MR]
      ------Frank B. Kelso II, D33 [7FE]
      ------Frank C. Conahan, D255 [10MY]
      ------Frank F. Ledford, Jr., D126 [16MR]
      ------G.N. Gee, D228 [2MY]
      ------George Jahnigan, D267 [12MY]
      ------Grant S. Green, Jr., D70 [1MR]
      ------H. Lawrence Garrett III, D309 [1JN]
      ------H. Norman Schwarzkopf, D33 [7FE]
      ------Hans Mark, D208 [19AP]
      ------H.C. Stackpole III, D246 [8MY]
      ------Huntington Hardisty, D52 [23FE]
      ------J. Wayne Kulig, D216 [26AP]
      ------Jack Katzen, D208 [19AP], D216 [26AP]
      ------James A. Zimble, D126 [16MR]
      ------James E. Mahiser, D155 [5AP]
      ------James F. McCall, D119 [15MR]
      ------Jeremy M. Boorda, D70 [1MR], D94 [8MR], D99 [9MR]
      ------Joe W. Rigby, D155 [5AP]
      ------John B. Conaway, D70 [1MR]
      ------John E. Krings, D208 [19AP]
      ------John Galvin, D19 [31JA]
      ------John H. Voorhees, D71 [1MR]
      ------John J. Welch, Jr., D125 [16MR], D216 [26AP]
      ------John L. Finan, D188 [13AP]
      ------John O. Marsh, Jr., Sec. of the Army, D279 [17MY]
      ------John W. Nyquist, D228 [2MY], D269 [15MY]
      ------John W. Shannon, D136 [22MR]
      ------Joseph A. Ahearn, D87 [7MR]
      ------J.R. Sculley, D136 [22MR]
      ------Julius W. Becton, Jr., D119 [15MR]
      ------June G. Brown, D95 [8MR]
      ------Larry D. Welch, D126 [16MR], D239 [4MY]
      ------Lewis C. Menetrey, D52 [23FE]
      ------Lloyd K. Mosemann II, D219 [27AP]
      ------Louis C. Wagner, Jr., D267 [12MY]
      ------Louis J. Rodrigues, D267 [12MY]
      ------Michael P. Downs, D87 [7MR]
      ------Monte B. Miller, D126 [16MR]
      ------Paul A. Welling, D70 [1MR]
      ------Paul W. Johnson, D219 [27AP]
      ------Perry Smith, D208 [19AP]
      ------Peter J. Offringa, D87 [7MR]
      ------Philip G. Killey, D70 [1MR]
      ------Ray M. Franklin, D99 [9MR]
      ------Richard B. Cheney, Sec. of Defense, D213 [25AP], D233 
        [3MY], D382 [22JN]
      ------Richard L. Shaffer, D95 [8MR]
      ------R.M. Walsh, D155 [5AP]
      ------Robert A. Moore, D209 [25AP]
      ------Robert A. Stone, D87 [7MR]
      ------Robert F. Dunn, D269 [15MY]
      ------Robert F. Hale, D126 [16MR]
      ------Robert G. Joseph, D219 [27AP]
      ------Robert T. Herres, D81 [3MR]
      ------Roger Harrison, D219 [27AP]
      ------Roger P. Scheer, D70 [1MR]
      ------Ronald W. Yates, D125 [16MR], D216 [26AP]
      ------Royal N. Moore, Jr., D246 [8MY]
      ------S.F. Loftus, D188 [13AP]
      ------Samuel N. Wakefield, D155 [5AP]
      ------Stanley R. Arthur, D267 [12MY]
      ------Stephen M. Duncan, D70 [1MR]
      ------Thomas D. Reese, D125 [16MR]
      ------Thomas J. Hickey, D99 [9MR]
      ------Thomas J. Welsh, D136 [22MR]
      ------William F. Ward, D70 [1MR]
      ------William G. Carson, Jr., D155 [5AP]
      ------William L. Ball III, D70 [1MR]
      ------William S. Chen, D155 [5AP]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations (H.R. 3072): Representative 
        Fazio, D525 [3AU]
      ------Representative McDade, D525 [3AU]
      ------Representative Murtha, D525 [3AU]
      ------Representative Skaggs, D525 [3AU]
      ------Representative Whitten, D525 [3AU]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations (S. 1085): Donald Burdick, D339 
      ------Donald S. Pihl, D341 [12JN]
      ------Edmund P. Looney, Jr., D339 [9JN]
      ------Francis N. Smith, D339 [9JN]
      ------Frank Press, D367 [20JN]
      ------Girard Seitter, D367 [20JN]
      ------Herbert R. Temple, D339 [9JN]
      ------John Leddy, D367 [20JN]
      ------Joseph B. Wyatt, D367 [20JN]
      ------Kent G. Stansberry, D341 [12JN]
      ------Morgan Gillette, D341 [12JN]
      ------Paul D. Wolfowitz, D341 [12JN]
      ------Paul Miller, D341 [12JN]
      ------Phillip Killey, D339 [9JN]
      ------Robert C. Duncan, D367 [20JN]
      ------Robert G. Cozzolino, D339 [9JN]
      ------Roger P. Scheer, D339 [9JN]
      ------Stephen M. Duncan, D339 [9JN]
      ------Thomas S. Moorman, Jr., D341 [12JN]
      ------William F. Ward, D339 [9JN]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations for Advanced Submarine 
        Technology and Antisubmarine Warfare: Robert A. Moore, D200 
      ------William D. Smith, D200 [18AP]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations for Military Construction: Anne 
        Graham, D87 [7MR]
      ------Benjamin F. Montoya, D156 [5AP]
      ------Robert A. Stone, D56 [23FE], D156 [5AP]
      ------Carol G. Dawson, D87 [7MR]
      ------James F. Boatwright, D156 [5AP]
      ------John B. Rosamond, D70 [1MR]
      ------Joseph A. Ahearn, D125 [16MR], D156 [5AP]
      ------Michael P. Downs, D156 [5AP]
      ------Paul W. Johnson, D99 [9MR]
      ------Peter J. Offringa, D156 [5AP]
      ------Representative Alexander, D131 [20MR]
      ------Representative Bennett, D131 [20MR]
      ------Representative Fazio, D131 [20MR]
      ------Representative Gonzalez, D131 [20MR]
      ------Representative John Miller, D131 [20MR]
      ------Representative Matsui, D131 [20MR]
      ------Representative Porter, D131 [20MR]
      ------Representative Poshard, D131 [20MR]
      ------Representative Richardson, D131 [20MR]
      ------Representative Robert L. Thomas, D131 [20MR]
      ------Representative Swift, D131 [20MR]
      ------Roger W. Jepsen, D87 [7MR]
      ------William Mayer, D70 [1MR]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations for Military Construction: John 
        B. Rosamond, D58 [27FE]
      ------John G. McMerty, D58 [27FE]
      ------Michael P. Downs, D58 [27FE]
      ------Richard K. Chambers, D58 [27FE]
      ------Robert A. Stone, D58 [27FE]
      ------Roger C. Bultman, D58 [27FE]
      ------Shirley M. Carpenter, D58 [27FE]
      ------William A. Navas, Jr., D58 [27FE]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations for Military Construction (H.R. 
        3012): Representative Armey, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Ben Campbell, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Boxer, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Bruce, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative David Martin, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Dickinson, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Hefner, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Jerry Lewis, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Kolbe, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Lowery, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Pelosi, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Porter, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Sarpalius, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Saxton, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Schroeder, D488 [27JY]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations for Military Functions (H.R. 
        2461): Representative Aspin, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Bates, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Berman, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Bennett, D434 [17JY], D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative C.W. Bill Young, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative DeFazio, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Dellums, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Dickinson, D434 [17JY], D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Dorgan, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Dreier, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Fascell, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Hochbrueckner, D434 [17JY]
      ------Representative Hughes, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Ireland, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative John G. Rowland, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Kasich, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Lawrence J. Smith, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Lloyd, D434 [17JY]
      ------Representative Lowey, D434 [17JY]
      ------Representative McCollum, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative McCrery, D434 [17JY]
      ------Representative Murphy, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Ray, D434 [17JY]
      ------Representative Richardson, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Robert F. Smith, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Saiki, D434 [17JY]
      ------Representative Saxton, D434 [17JY]
      ------Representative Skaggs, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Skelton, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Stenholm, D434 [17JY]
      ------Representative Synar, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Traficant, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Virginia Smith, D434 [17JY]
      ------Representative Weldon, D434 [17JY]
      ------Representative William Lehman, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Wolf, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Wyden, D439 [18JY]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations for Research, Development, Test 
        and Evaluation: Frank Kendall, D299 [24MY]
      ------H.W. Blot, D299 [24MY]
      ------Herbert Puscheck, D299 [24MY]
      ------Ronald Davidson, D299 [24MY]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Air Force Posture: 
        Donald B. Rice, D324 [7JN]
      ------Larry D. Welch, D324 [7JN]
      ------Ronald W. Yates, D295 [23MY]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Ammunition 
        Programs: Edward R. Bracken, D287 [18MY]
      ------Paul L. Greenberg, D287 [18MY]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Antisatellite 
        Program: Frank Kendall III, D119 [15MR]
      ------John L. Piotrowski, D119 [15MR]
      ------Kent G. Stansberry, D119 [15MR]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Army Programs: 
        Alfred J. Mallette, D291 [18MY]
      ------Donald S. Pihl, D291 [18MY]
      ------J.R. Sculley, D291 [18MY]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Balanced Technology 
        Initiative and International Armaments Cooperation: James M. 
        Compton, D350 [14JN]
      ------Robert C. Duncan, D350 [14JN]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Chemical Deterrent 
        Program (S. 1085): Billy Richardson, D332 [8JN]
      ------Michael Owen, D332 [8JN]
      ------Robert G. Joseph, D332 [8JN]
      ------Robert Linhard, D332 [8JN]
      ------Roger G. Harrison, D332 [8JN]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Classified 
        Programs: John J. Welch, Jr., D355 [15JN]
      ------Michael Griffin, D355 [15JN]
      ------Thomas Quinn, D355 [15JN]
      ------Thomas S. Moorman, Jr., D355 [15JN]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Environmental 
        Restoration Programs (S. 1085): Hugh M. McAlear, D332 [8JN]
      ------Nancy Stehle, D332 [8JN]
      ------Stephen G. Termaath, D332 [8JN]
      ------William H. Parker III, D332 [8JN]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on ICBM Modernization 
        Program (S. 1085): Larry Welch, D375 [21JN]
      ------Paul D. Wolfowitz, D375 [21JN]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Land Warfare: 
        Donald S. Pihl, D272 [16MY]
      ------Michael P. Sullivan, D272 [16MY]
      ------Ray M. Franklin, D272 [16MY]
      ------Wilson A. Shoffner, D272 [16MY]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Marine Corps: 
        Alfred M. Gray, D105 [13MR]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Manpower and 
        Personnel Programs: David J. Berteau, D332 [8JN]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Middle East, 
        Pakistan, and Afghanistan: Carol Adelman, D344 [13JN]
      ------Paul Hare, D344 [13JN]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Military Medical 
        System: David Newhall III, D317 [5JN]
      ------David P. Baine, D317 [5JN]
      ------Duane H. Cassidy, D317 [5JN]
      ------Everett Pyatt, D317 [5JN]
      ------F.F. Ledford, Jr., D317 [5JN]
      ------J.A. Zimble, D317 [5JN]
      ------Lawrence J. Koro, D317 [5JN]
      ------Monte B. Miller, D317 [5JN]
      ------Representative Bennett, D317 [5JN]
      ------Robert B. Costello, D317 [5JN]
      ------Stanley R. Arthur, D317 [5JN]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on National Guard and 
        Reserve Activities: Donald Burdick, D196 [18AP]
      ------E.P. Looney, Jr., D196 [18AP]
      ------F.N. Smith, D196 [18AP]
      ------Herbert R. Temple, Jr., D196 [18AP]
      ------Philip G. Killey, D196 [18AP]
      ------Roger P. Scheer, D196 [18AP]
      ------William F. Ward, D196 [18AP]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on NATO Nuclear 
        Deterrence: E.S. Leland, Jr., D350 [14JN]
      ------Paul H. Nitze, D350 [14JN]
      ------Robert G. Joseph, D350 [14JN]
      ------William S. Chen, D350 [14JN]
      ------William Van Cleave, D350 [14JN]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Research, 
        Development, and Evaluation: John L. Piotrowski, D163 [6AP]
      ------Larry Gershwin, D163 [6AP]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Seapower: Alfred M. 
        Gray, Jr., D242 [4MY]
      ------B.E. Tobin, D101 [9MR]
      ------Carlisle A.H. Trost, D242 [4MY]
      ------Daniel Cooper, D77 [2MR]
      ------Clark Graham, D56 [23FE]
      ------David Taylor, D56 [23FE]
      ------Donna M. Heivlin, D101 [9MR]
      ------Everett Pyatt, D305 [31MY]
      ------G.N. Gee, D56 [23FE]
      ------H. Lawrence Garrett III, D242 [4MY]
      ------Jerry Manley, D101 [9MR]
      ------John W. Nyquist, D56 [23FE], D305 [31MY]
      ------Paul D. Miller, D101 [9MR]
      ------Peter M. Hekman, D305 [31MY]
      ------Thomas Brooks, D49 [22FE]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Shipbuilding 
        Request: Everett Pyatt, D65 [28FE]
      ------John W. Nyquist, D65 [28FE]
      ------Peter M. Hekman, Jr., D65 [28FE]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Soviet Strategic 
        Force Developments: Charles F. Munson, D75 [2MR]
      ------Lawrence K. Gershwin, D75 [2MR]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Space Launch and C3 
        Programs: Bruce Cargill, D305 [31MY]
      ------George R. Schneiter, D305 [31MY]
      ------Thomas P. Quinn, D305 [31MY]
      ------Thomas S. Moorman, Jr., D305 [31MY]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Space Programs: 
        John J. Welch, Jr., D286 [18MY]
      ------John L. Piotrowski, D286 [18MY]
      ------Kent G. Stansberry, D286 [18MY]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Strategic Bomber 
        and Cruise Missile Programs (S. 1085): John J. Welch Jr., D344 
      ------Ronald W. Yates Jr., D344 [13JN]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Strategic Defense 
        Initiative (S. 1085): David S.C. Chu, D356 [15JN]
      ------Donald J. Atwood, D356 [15JN]
      ------George L. Monahan, D356 [15JN]
      ------John L. Piotrowski, D356 [15JN]
      ------Paul D. Wolfowitz, D356 [15JN]
      ------Robert T. Herres, D356 [15JN]
      ------Sean O'Keefe, D356 [15JN]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Strategic Programs: 
        John T. Chain, D344 [13JN]
      ------Paul D. Wolfowitz, D344 [13JN]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Submarine Programs: 
        Bruce DeMars, D77 [2MR]
      ------Daniel Cooper, D77 [2MR]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Tactical Air Power: 
        Charles H. Pitman, D319 [6JN]
      ------Richard M. Dunleavy, D319 [6JN]
      ------Ronald W. Yates, Jr., D319 [6JN]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on Unified Commands--
        Europe, Pacific, Special Operations and Transportation: Edwin 
        S. Leland, D77 [2MR]
      ------Hugh L. Cox III, D77 [2MR]
      ------John R. Piatak, D77 [2MR]
      ------Royal N. Moore, Jr., D77 [2MR]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations, Focusing on University Research 
        Initiative and Test Evaluation: George Millburn, D141 [23MR]
      ------Jack E. Krings, D141 [23MR]
      Dept. of Defense Appropriations and the Unified and Specified 
        Command Manpower Savings: Bartley Lagamarsino, D65 [28FE]
      ------Carolyn Duke, D65 [28FE]
      ------Charles McCausland, D65 [28FE]
      ------David J. Berteau, D65 [28FE]
      ------Derek Vander Schaaf, D65 [28FE]
      ------George L. Butler, D65 [28FE]
      ------John A. Flinn, D65 [28FE]
      Dept. of Defense Audit Improvement Act (H.R. 2361) and Granting 
        of Additional Authority to Inspector General of Dept. of 
        Defense (H.R 2362): Brian Crowley, D455 [20JY]
      ------David O. Cooke, D455 [20JY]
      ------Eernest Fitzgerald, D455 [20JY]
      ------Harold Stugart, D455 [20JY]
      ------John Boddie, D455 [20JY]
      ------June G. Brown, D455 [20JY]
      ------Ming Chang, D455 [20JY]
      ------Representative Boxer, D455 [20JY]
      ------Representative Kasich, D455 [20JY]
      ------Representative Lancaster, D455 [20JY]
      ------Representative Ray, D455 [20JY]
      ------Sean O'Keefe, D455 [20JY]
      ------Sherman Funk, D455 [20JY]
      Dept. of Defense Automated Systems Costs, Schedule Delays and 
        International Government Procurement Agreements: Alfred 
        Volkman, D604 [27SE]
      ------Allan I. Mendolowitz, D604 [27SE]
      ------Marjory E. Searing, D604 [27SE]
      ------W. Douglas Newkirk, D604 [27SE]
      Dept. of Defense Budget Estimates: Donald J. Atwood, Jr., D239 
      Dept. of Defense Budget Estimates for Enlisted Personnel 
        Programs: C.A. McKinney, D107 [14MR]
      ------D.R. Bushey, D107 [14MR]
      ------David W. Sommers, D107 [14MR]
      ------James Binnicker, D107 [14MR]
      ------James W. Gates, D107 [14MR]
      ------Sidney Hickey, D107 [14MR]
      Dept. of Defense Budget for Manpower: Albert Conte, D276 [16MY]
      ------Allen K. Ono, D173 [11AP], D262 [11MY]
      ------David J. Berteau, D262 [11MY], D276 [16MY]
      ------Frank F. Ledford, Jr, D173 [11AP]
      ------James A. Zimble, D173 [11AP]
      ------Jeremy M. Boorda, D173 [11AP], D262 [11MY]
      ------John I. Hudson, D173 [11AP], D262 [11MY]
      ------Josue Robles, Jr., D173 [11AP]
      ------Larry D. Dillinghouse, D173 [11AP]
      ------Monte B. Miller, D173 [11AP]
      ------Paul E. Landers, D173 [11AP]
      ------Robert Storey, D173 [11AP]
      ------Thomas J. Hickey, D262 [11MY]
      Dept. of Defense Classified Programs: Keith Glenn, D287 [18MY]
      Dept. of Defense Consultants: Allan Burman, D327 [7JN]
      ------Harold J. Johnson, D327 [7JN]
      ------John P. Wilhelm, D327 [7JN]
      Dept. of Defense Drug Program: Stephen G. Olmstead, D55 [23FE]
      Dept. of Defense Environmental Restoration account: William H. 
        Parker III, D173 [11AP], D213 [25AP]
      Dept. of Defense Industrial Base: James A. Blackwell, Jr., D279 
      ------Norman R. Augustine, D279 [17MY]
      ------Richard E. Donnelly, D279 [17MY]
      ------Robert E. Fuhrman, D279 [17MY]
      ------Thomas J. Murrin, D279 [17MY]
      Dept. of Defense Inspector General: June G. Brown, D277 [16MY]
      Dept. of Defense Management Review: Donald J. Atwood, D418 
      Dept. of Defense Nomination: Ann C. Peterson, D732 [7NO]
      ------Craig S. King, D732 [7NO]
      ------Duane P. Andrews, D732 [7NO]
      ------Michael B. Donley, D732 [7NO]
      ------Robert C. Duncan, D732 [7NO]
      ------Robert C. McCormack, D732 [7NO]
      ------Susan M. Livingstone, D732 [7NO]
      Dept. of Defense Operation and Maintenance Budget: Barbara S. 
        Pope, D182 [12AP]
      ------David W. Somers, D182 [12AP]
      ------Donald W. Jones, D182 [12AP]
      ------James C. Binnicker, D182 [12AP]
      ------John A. Flinn, D236 [3MY]
      ------John L. Finan, D236 [3MY]
      ------Josue Robles, D236 [3MY]
      ------Julius W. Gates, D182 [12AP]
      ------Lewis M. Sikes, Jr., D182 [12AP]
      ------Raymond M. Walsh, D236 [3MY]
      ------W.G. Carson, Jr., D236 [3MY]
      Dept. of Defense Policy Issues Relative to Operational Weapons 
        Testing and Contracting Practices: Anthony Battista, D362 
      ------Derek J. Vander Schaaf, D362 [16JN]
      ------Edward W. Carter III, D362 [16JN]
      ------Frank C. Conahan, D362 [16JN]
      ------John E. Krings, D362 [16JN]
      Dept. of Defense Procurement: Derek J. Vander Schaaf, D168 
      ------Jack Katzen, D168 [10AP]
      ------M.J. Pepe, D168 [10AP]
      ------Richard D. Smith, D168 [10AP]
      Dept. of Defense Procurement, Focusing on Army's Antiarmor 
        Program: Donald S. Pihl, D141 [23MR]
      ------James J. Richardson, D141 [23MR]
      Dept. of Defense Procurement, Focusing on Growth in Army 
        Inventories: Charles A. Murray, D141 [23MR]
      ------Richard A. Davis, D141 [23MR]
      Dept. of Defense Procurement, Focusing on Policy of Competitive 
        Strategies and Its Impact on Defense Budget: Andrew Marshall, 
        D77 [2MR]
      Dept. of Defense Reorganization Act: Donald W. Jones, D290 
      ------Louis J. Rodrigues, D290 [18MY]
      Dept. of Defense Technology Base: Alan Shaw, D273 [16MY]
      ------Alfred C. Sikes, D273 [16MY]
      ------Craig I. Fields, D273 [16MY]
      ------Lewis Branscomb, D273 [16MY]
      ------Siegfried S. Hecker, D273 [16MY]
      Dept. of Defense's Defective Fasteners and Bolts: James Reay, 
        D653 [11OC]
      ------Michael J. Pepe, D653 [11OC]
      Dept. of Education Appropriations: Bruno Manno, D166 [7AP]
      ------Charles E.M. Kolb, D166 [7AP]
      ------James B. Thomas, Jr., D166 [7AP]
      ------Lauro F. Cavazos, Sec. of Education, D45 [21FE]
      ------Robert H. Davidson, D166 [7AP]
      ------Sally H. Christensen, D166 [7AP]
      ------Sally K. Kirkgasler, D166 [7AP]
      Dept. of Energy Administration: Barry A. Williamson, D55 [23FE]
      ------C. Anson Franklin, D55 [23FE]
      ------David B. Waller, D55 [23FE]
      ------Frank S. Ruddy, D55 [23FE]
      ------John C. Layton, D55 [23FE]
      ------Lawrence F. Davenport, D55 [23FE]
      ------Raymond G. Massie, D55 [23FE]
      Dept. of Energy Appropriations: Alan Schriesheim, D57 [23FE], 
        D287 [18MY]
      ------Alvin Trivelpiece, D57 [23FE], D287 [18MY]
      ------Burton Richter, D57 [23FE], D287 [18MY]
      ------Donna R. Fitzpatrick, D42 [9FE]
      ------Fred Morse, D164 [6AP]
      ------Harry C. Geisinger, D117 [15MR]
      ------Herman A. Grunder, D57 [23FE]
      ------J. Allen Wampler, D50 [22FE], D86 [7MR]
      ------J. Robert Merriman, D50 [22FE]
      ------J.M. Shafer, D117 [15MR]
      ------James D. Watkins, D227 [2MY]
      ------James I. Davis, D50 [22FE]
      ------James J. Jura, D117 [15MR]
      ------John Melcher, D39 [9FE]
      ------John R. Berg, D66 [28FE]
      ------John Schock, D220 [27AP]
      ------John T. Whitten, D220 [27AP]
      ------Leon M. Lederman, D57 [23FE]
      ------Manuel Lujan, Jr., Sec. of the Interior, D227 [2MY]
      ------Mary A. Novak, D72 [1MR]
      ------Nicholas P. Samios, D57 [23FE]
      ------Peter Brush, D220 [27AP]
      ------Philip G. Sewell, D50 [22FE]
      ------Philip W. Anderson, D58 [27FE]
      ------Representative Beilenson, D227 [2MY]
      ------Representative Chapman, D57 [23FE]
      ------Representative Mineta, D57 [23FE]
      ------Representative Tom Campbell, D57 [23FE]
      ------Richard Setlow, D164 [6AP]
      ------Robert J. Cross, D117 [15MR]
      ------Robert O. Hunter, D65 [28FE], D164 [6AP], D287 [18MY]
      ------Senator Bentsen, D58 [27FE]
      ------Senator Cranston, D227 [2MY]
      ------Senator Exon, D227 [2MY]
      ------Senator Gramm, D58 [27FE]
      ------Senator Levin, D227 [2MY]
      ------Senator Lott, D227 [2MY]
      ------Senator Wilson, D227 [2MY]
      ------Siegfried S. Hecker, D57 [23FE], D287 [18MY]
      ------Tim E. Myrick, D220 [27AP]
      ------Tim Oppelt, D220 [27AP]
      ------Victor Stello, D72 [1MR]
      ------William H. Clagett, D117 [15MR]
      ------William R. Wiley, D57 [23FE], D220 [27AP]
      Dept. of Energy Appropriations for Civilian Program (S. 964): 
        Dan Seligman, D356 [15JN]
      ------Daniel A. Dreyfus, D351 [14JN]
      ------David E. Baldwin, D351 [14JN]
      ------David O. Webb, D412 [11JY]
      ------J. Allen Wampler, D412 [11JY]
      ------James Wolf, D356 [15JN]
      ------John R. Berg, D356 [15JN]
      ------Kim Molvig, D351 [14JN]
      ------Leonard K. Peters, D412 [11JY]
      ------Peter L. Auer, D351 [14JN]
      ------R.E. Disbrow, D412 [11JY]
      ------Robert E. Chaney, D356 [15JN]
      ------Robert O. Hunter Jr, D351 [14JN]
      ------Scott Sklar, D356 [15JN]
      ------Senator Fowler, D356 [15JN]
      ------Terry Q. Alarcon, D356 [15JN]
      ------Thomas G. Squires, D412 [11JY]
      Dept. of Energy Appropriations for Defense Programas: Bob 
        Barker, D133 [21MR]
      ------Bruce DeMars, D133 [21MR]
      ------David Cartwright, D163 [6AP]
      ------Irwin Welber, D106 [13MR]
      ------J. Pace Vandevender, D163 [6AP]
      ------James D. Watkins, Sec. of Energy, D144 [3AP], D279 [17MY]
      ------James I. Davis, D163 [6AP]
      ------Jill E. Lytle, D106 [13MR]
      ------John Nuckolls, D106 [13MR]
      ------Lawrence Livermore, D163 [6AP]
      ------Leo P. Duffy, D279 [17MY]
      ------Paul F. Kavanaugh, D106 [13MR], D163 [6AP]
      ------Richard Burick, D131 [20MR]
      ------Robert B. Barker, D106 [13MR]
      ------Ron Cochran, D133 [21MR]
      ------Siegfried Hecker, D106 [13MR]
      ------Stephen E. Bodner, D163 [6AP]
      ------Troy E. Wade II, D106 [13MR], D131 [20MR], D133 [21MR], 
        D279 [17MY]
      ------Walter Kato, D131 [20MR]
      Dept. of Energy Appropriations for Conservation and Renewable 
        Energy Programs: Dan Seligman, D356 [15JN]
      ------James Wolf, D356 [15JN]
      ------John R. Berg, D356 [15JN]
      ------Robert E. Chaney, D356 [15JN]
      ------Scott Sklar, D356 [15JN]
      ------Senator Fowler, D356 [15JN]
      ------Terry Q. Alarcon, D356 [15JN]
      Dept. of Energy Budget Policies: James D. Watkins, Sec. of 
        Energy, D134 [21MR]
      Dept. of Energy Contracting Practices and Use of Consultants: 
        David O'Connor, D729 [6NO]
      ------Donna R. Fitzpatrick, D729 [6NO]
      ------Lawrence Oliver, D729 [6NO]
      Dept. of Energy Contractor Accountability at Energy Nuclear 
        Facilities: John C. Layton, D687 [24OC]
      ------Keith O. Fultz, D687 [24OC]
      ------W. Henson Moore, D687 [24OC]
      Dept. of Energy Contractors Protection of Whistle Blowers (H.R. 
        3255): Eric J. Fugi, D580 [20SE]
      ------Representative Schroeder, D580 [20SE]
      ------Stephen A. Whitlock, D580 [20SE]
      Dept. of Energy Effort To Improve Operation of Nuclear Energy 
        Defense Activities and Restoration of Public Credibility: 
        Christian Holmes, D707 [31OC]
      ------David L. Mallino, D707 [31OC]
      ------George B. Merrick, D707 [31OC]
      ------James D. Watkins, Sec. of Energy, D641 [5OC]
      ------Leo Zeferetti, D707 [31OC]
      ------Richard B. Stewart, D707 [31OC]
      ------Stephen Wakefield, D707 [31OC]
      ------Senator Adams, D641 [5OC]
      ------Senator Glenn, D641 [5OC]
      Dept. of Energy Environmental Issues: Dave L. Humphrey, D253 
      ------Leo P. Duffy, D253 [9MY]
      ------Lewis Shaw, D253 [9MY]
      ------Terry Husseman, D253 [9MY]
      ------Tim Holeman, D253 [9MY]
      Dept. of Energy Facilities for Defense Materials Production: 
        John F. Ahearne, D40 [9FE]
      ------Raymond P. Berube, D32 [7FE]
      ------Richard Starostecki, D40 [9FE]
      ------Richard W. Starostecki, D32 [7FE]
      ------Robert C. Duncan, D40 [9FE]
      ------Robert T. Herres, D40 [9FE]
      Dept. of Energy Operation and Management of Nuclear Energy 
        Defense Activities: Daniel Hoffman, D753 [13NO]
      ------Ellen Magione, D753 [13NO]
      ------Gerald F. Scannell, D753 [13NO]
      ------H. Jack Geiger, D753 [13NO]
      ------Keith Fultz, D49 [22FE]
      Dept. of Energy Reorganization: John C. Tuck, D437 [18JY]
      ------Representative Evans, D437 [18JY]
      ------Representative Skaggs, D437 [18JY]
      ------Senator Wirth, D437 [18JY]
      Dept. of Energy Uranium Enrichment Program: Alan L. Dean, D210 
      ------Charles Brown, D210 [25AP]
      ------Harold Seidman, D210 [25AP]
      ------William Badger, D210 [25AP]
      Dept. of Energy Uranium Enrichment Program Cost Recovery (S. 
        83): Gerald W. Grandey, D263 [11MY]
      ------Helmut A. Merklein, D263 [11MY]
      ------Philip G. Sewell, D263 [11MY]
      ------Phillip Bayne, D263 [11MY]
      ------Senator Simpson, D263 [11MY]
      Dept. of Energy's 5-Year Plan for Environmental Restoration and 
        Waste Management: Christian Holmes, D759 [14NO]
      ------Christopher Grundler, D759 [14NO]
      ------Dan W. Reicher, D759 [14NO]
      ------Don Tahkeal, D759 [14NO]
      ------Duane Woodard, D759 [14NO]
      ------J. Dexter Peach, D759 [14NO]
      ------James Duffus, D759 [14NO]
      ------James Werner, D759 [14NO]
      ------Keith O. Fultz, D759 [14NO]
      ------Leo P. Duffy, D759 [14NO]
      ------Maury Walsh, D759 [14NO]
      ------Richard B. Stewart, D759 [14NO]
      ------Roger Stanley, D759 [14NO]
      Dept. of Energy's Defense Nuclear Facilities Cleanup and 
        Modernization: Charles A. Bowsher, D38 [8FE]
      ------John F. Ahearne, D38 [8FE]
      Dept. of Energy's Nuclear Energy Activities: Bruce DeMars, D93 
      ------Jill E. Lytle, D86 [7MR]
      ------Ronald W. Cochran, D86 [7MR]
      ------Troy E. Wade II, D86 [7MR]
      Dept. of Energy's Special Isotope Separation Reprogramming: 
        James Davis, D276 [16MY]
      ------Representative Stark, D276 [16MY]
      ------Troy E. Wade II, D276 [16MY]
      Dept. of HHS Appropriations: Catherine Bertini, D186 [13AP]
      ------Dorcas R. Hardy, D178 [12AP]
      ------Frederick K. Goodwin, D196 [18AP]
      ------James F. Dickson III, D192 [17AP]
      ------John H. Kelso, D196 [18AP]
      ------Louis B. Hays, D178 [12AP]
      ------Louis W. Sullivan, Sec. of HHS, D167 [10AP]
      ------Richard P. Kusserow, D167 [10AP]
      ------Robert E. Stovenour, D186 [13AP]
      ------Walter W. Dowdle, D192 [17AP]
      Dept. of HHS Adjudicatory Procedures: Louis D. Enoff, D142 
      ------Ross Anthony, D142 [23MR]
      Dept. of HHS Departmental Management: Dennis P. Williams, D189 
      ------Edward Mercado, D189 [13AP]
      ------Richard P. Kusserow, D189 [13AP]
      Dept. of HUD Appropriations: Jack Kemp, Sec. of HUD, D207 [19AP]
      ------MacDonald Becket, D126 [16MR]
      ------William A. Whiteside, D126 [16MR]
      Dept. of HUD Abuse and Favoritism in Administering the Moderate 
        Rehabilitation Housing Program: Bruce Peterson, D371 [20JN]
      ------James G. Watt, D340 [9JN]
      ------Joseph Strauss, D389 [22JN]
      ------Philip Abrams, D389 [22JN]
      ------Philip Winn, D389 [22JN]
      ------Silvio D. Debartolomeis, D347 [13JN]
      ------William Connolly, D406 [29JN]
      Dept. of HUD Abuse and Mismanagement in Housing Programs: 
        Alexander Naclerio, D604 [27SE]
      ------Carla A. Hills, D434 [17JY]
      ------Dick Eudaley, D604 [27SE]
      ------Donald Marron, D604 [27SE]
      ------Jack Kemp, Sec. of HUD, D414 [11JY], D418 [12JY]
      ------Janet Hale, D430 [14JY]
      ------John Knapp, D498 [31JY]
      ------Joseph Monticciolo, D491 [28JY]
      ------Lance Wilson, D604 [27SE]
      ------Laurance Gay, D621 [2OC]
      ------Maurice Barksdale, D498 [31JY]
      ------Paul Manafort, D621 [2OC]
      ------Richard Davis, D621 [2OC]
      ------Samuel R. Pierce, Jr.
      ------Shirley Wiseman, D430 [14JY]
      ------Victor Cruse, D621 [2OC]
      ------Walter Serier, D604 [27SE]
      ------William Proxmire, D498 [31JY]
      Dept. of HUD Implementation of the Moderate Rehabilitation 
        Program: Benson F. Roberts, D615 [29SE]
      ------Carol Crawford, D707 [31OC]
      ------Chris Greer, D606 [28SE]
      ------Dennis Fricke, D615 [29SE]
      ------Gaye G. Beasley, D606 [28SE]
      ------John M. Ols, Jr., D615 [29SE]
      ------Margaret L. Armen, D615 [29SE]
      ------Paul A. Adams, D606 [28SE]
      ------Peter Monroe, D606 [28SE]
      ------Richard Davis, D707 [31OC]
      ------Richard Greene, D615 [29SE]
      ------Trudy P. McFall, D615 [29SE]
      ------William Diefenderfer, D707 [31OC]
      ------Walter Sevier, D606 [28SE]
      Dept. of HUD Inspector General Report on Mismanagement in 
        Moderate Rehabilitation Program: Donald Terner, D511 [2AU]
      ------John Greer, D511 [2AU]
      ------John M. Ols Jr., D511 [2AU]
      ------Judy Truitt, D511 [2AU]
      ------Morton J. Schussheim, D511 [2AU]
      ------Paul A. Adams, D511 [2AU]
      Dept. of HUD Programs and Policies: Jack Kemp, Sec. of HUD, D87 
      Dept. of HUD's Coinsurance Mortgage Program: Paul Adams, D407 
      ------Thomas T. Demery, D407 [10JY]
      Dept. of Justice Antitrust Division: Charles F. Rule, D184 
      Dept. of Justice Appropriations: James P. Turner, D127 [16MR]
      ------John C. Lawn, D122 [16MR]
      ------Robert K. Bratt, D127 [16MR]
      ------Richard Thornburgh, Attorney General, D52 [23FE], D231 
      ------William S. Sessions, D122 [16MR]
      Dept. of Justice Oversight: Stanley J. Glod, D96 [8MR]
      ------Stuart Schiffer, D96 [8MR]
      Dept. of Justice's Civil Rights Division Authorization: 
        Representative Matsui, D120 [15MR]
      ------Representative Mineta, D120 [15MR]
      Dept. of Justice's Community Relations Service Authorization 
        Request: Grace F. Hughes, D96 [8MR]
      Dept. of Labor Budget: Elizabeth H. Dole, Sec. of Labor, D97 
      ------Raymond Maria, D97 [9MR]
      Dept. of State Appropriations: James A. Baker III, Sec. of 
        State, D99 [9MR], D186 [13AP]
      ------Joan Clark, D96 [8MR]
      ------Jonathan Moore, D126 [16MR]
      ------Peter deVos, D126 [16MR]
      ------Representative Feighan, D126 [16MR]
      ------Representative Owens of Utah, D126 [16MR]
      ------Roger B. Feldman, D96 [8MR]
      ------Shaw Smith, D112 [14MR]
      ------Sheldon J. Krys, D96 [8MR]
      ------Thomas R. Pickering, D112 [14MR]
      Dept. of State Budget Requests: James A. Baker III, Sec. of 
        State, D134 [21MR]
      Dept. of State in the Twenty-First Century--Policy: Avis Bohlen, 
        D710 [31OC]
      ------Herman J. Cohen, D710 [31OC]
      ------John H. Kelly, D710 [31OC]
      ------Michael Kozak, D710 [31OC]
      Dept. of State in Twenty-First Century--Diplomatic Security and 
        Information: Sheldon Krys, D687 [24OC]
      Dept. of State in Twenty-First Century--Management: Graeme 
        Bannerman, D657 [12OC]
      ------Hume Horan, D657 [12OC]
      ------Ivan Selin, D657 [12OC]
      Dept. of State in Twenty-First Century--Personnel: Andres Onate, 
        D666 [17OC]
      ------Edward J. Perkins, D666 [17OC]
      ------Joanne Thompson, D666 [17OC]
      Dept. of State Inspector General: Sherman Funk, D329 [7JN]
      Dept. of Transportation Appropriations: Alfred A. DelliBovi, D98 
      ------Carmen E. Turner, D98 [9MR]
      ------Elaine Chao, D212 [25AP]
      ------George W. Tenley, Jr., D122 [16MR]
      ------Howard M. Smolkin, D122 [16MR]
      ------William J. Tangye, D125 [16MR]
      Dept. of Transportation Appropriations (H.R. 3015): 
        Representative Anderson, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Atkins, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Bennett, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative C.W. Young, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Carper, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Carr, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Coughlin, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Davis, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Durbin, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Glickman, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Hammerschmidt, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Kostmayer, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Oberstar, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Rose, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Saxton, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Shaw, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Synar, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Tauzin, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Walter Jones, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative William Lehman, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Whitten, D711 [31OC]
      Dept. of Transportation Appropriations for Certain Maritime 
        Programs: Floyd H. Miller, D310 [1JN]
      ------James F. McNulty, D310 [1JN]
      ------James J. Carey, D310 [1JN]
      ------Leonard Tyler, D310 [1JN]
      ------Paul T. Smith, D310 [1JN]
      ------William A. Creelman, D310 [1JN]
      ------William C. Hearn, D310 [1JN]
      Dept. of Tansportation Inspector General: John W. Melchner, D77 
      Dept. of Transportation and NTSB Budgets: James L. Kolstad, D160 
      ------Richard D. Morgan, D160 [6AP]
      Dept. of Veterans Affairs Appropriations: Anthony J. Principi, 
        D189 [13AP]
      ------Edward J. Derwinski, Sec. of Veterans Affairs, D182 
        [12AP], D196 [18AP]
      ------Samuel K. Skinner, Sec. of Transportation, D52 [23FE]
      Dept. of Veterans Affairs' Health Care Funding Programs: Alfred 
        Simmons, D161 [6AP]
      ------Anne Pope, D161 [6AP]
      ------Charles Wilkinson, D161 [6AP]
      ------Elliot Booth, D161 [6AP]
      ------Gary DeGasta, D161 [6AP]
      ------Jacqueline Parthemore, D161 [6AP]
      ------Jerry Cox, D161 [6AP]
      ------Jerry Pettis, D161 [6AP]
      ------Joe Ely, D161 [6AP]
      ------John A. Gronvall, D161 [6AP]
      ------John Washakie, D161 [6AP]
      ------Larry Dawson, D161 [6AP]
      ------Lois G. Witte, D161 [6AP]
      ------Marvin Osborne, D161 [6AP]
      ------Michael Sullivan, Governor of Wyoning, D161 [6AP]
      ------Richard Woodworth, D161 [6AP]
      ------Robert Newsome, D161 [6AP]
      ------Robert Pelcyger, D161 [6AP]
      ------Sam Threefoot, D161 [6AP]
      ------Steve Petty, D161 [6AP]
      ------Theresa Wilson, D161 [6AP]
      ------Tom Holthaus, D161 [6AP]
      ------Tom Mullon, D161 [6AP]
      ------William G. Lavell, D161 [6AP]
      ------Zach Willey, D161 [6AP]
      Dept. of Veterans Affairs Insurance Programs: R.J. Vogel, D448 
      Dept. of Veterans Affairs Postsecondary Education Assistance for 
        Certain Students in Health Professions (H.R. 3199): Allen K. 
        Ono, D588 [21SE]
      ------Edmund P. Looney, Jr., D588 [21SE]
      ------Francis R. Donovan, D588 [21SE]
      ------George D. Passmore, D588 [21SE]
      ------Thomas J. Hickey, D588 [21SE]
      Dept. of Veterans Affairs' Procurement and Supply Activities: H. 
        Robert Saldivar, D489 [27JY]
      ------Ronald P. Morani, D489 [27JY]
      ------Scott F. Denniston, D489 [27JY]
      Dept. of the Interior Appropriations: Chandler L. van Orman, D33 
      ------Charles Biltzer, D16 [27JA]
      ------David B. Waller, D33 [7FE]
      ------George B. Breznay, D33 [7FE]
      ------Glen T. Urquhart, D37 [8FE]
      ------Helmut A. Merklein, D33 [7FE]
      ------James D. Watkins, D227 [2MY]
      ------James R. Richards, D143 [3AP], D189 [13AP]
      ------John Melcher, D39 [9FE]
      ------John R. Berg, D118 [15MR]
      ------Lois B. Shepard, D37 [8FE]
      ------Manuel Lujan, Jr., Sec. of the Interior, D65 [28FE], D227 
      ------Ralph W. Tarr, D189 [13AP]
      ------Representative Beilenson, D227 [2MY]
      ------Representative Pepper, D155 [5AP]
      ------Ralph W. Tarr, D143 [3AP]
      ------Richard Hauser, D155 [5AP]
      ------Rick Ventura, D143 [3AP], D189 [13AP]
      ------Robert H. Gentile, D143 [3AP]
      ------Robert McC. Adams, D125 [16MR]
      ------Robert O. Johns, D16 [27JA]
      ------Sarah Bloomfield, D155 [5AP]
      ------Senator Cranston, D227 [2MY]
      ------Senator Exon, D227 [2MY]
      ------Senator Levin, D227 [2MY]
      ------Senator Lott, D227 [2MY]
      ------Senator Wilson, D227 [2MY]
      ------William S. Johnson, D37 [8FE]
      Dept. of the Interior Budget Estimates for Indian Health and 
        Education Programs: Beryl Dorsett, D107 [14MR]
      ------Dennis P. Williams, D107 [14MR]
      ------Everett R. Rhoades, D107 [14MR]
      Dept. of the Interior Law Enforcement Services in Indian Country 
        (H.R. 498): Alvino Lucero, D459 [21JY]
      ------Bob Ricks, D190 [13AP]
      ------Don Bleakney, D459 [21JY]
      ------Ed Reina, D459 [21JY]
      ------Gene Joseph, D459 [21JY]
      ------George John, D459 [21JY]
      ------Harold Salway, D459 [21JY]
      ------Herb Yazzie, D459 [21JY]
      ------Hilda Manuel, D459 [21JY]
      ------Juan Abeita, D459 [21JY]
      ------Philip N. Hogen, D190 [13AP], D459 [21JY]
      ------R. Bruce Haley, D459 [21JY]
      ------Stephen M. McNamee, D459 [21JY]
      ------Toney Zecca, D459 [21JY]
      ------W.P. Ragsdale, D190 [13AP]
      ------Walter R. Mills, D459 [21JY]
      Dept. of the Interior Oversight: Manuel Lujan, Jr., Sec. of the 
        Interior, D96 [8MR]
      Dept. of the Navy Acquisition of Automatic Data Processing 
        Equipment: Rhode Mancher, D762 [14NO]
      ------David Stokes, D762 [14NO]
      ------Edward Hefferon, D780 [16NO]
      ------Floyd Groce, D772 [15NO]
      ------Herman Habermann, D772 [15NO]
      ------James Watts, D762 [14NO]
      ------John Siegrist, D762 [14NO]
      ------Lawrence Garrett III, D804 [20NO]
      ------Mark Wiener, D772 [15NO]
      ------Michael A. Radetic, D780 [16NO]
      ------Mike Motley, D772 [15NO]
      ------Olson, C. Allen, D780 [16NO]
      ------Roger Shock, D762 [14NO]
      ------Seymour Efros, D780 [16NO]
      ------Thomas F. O'Neill, D780 [16NO]
      ------William Anderson, D772 [15NO]
      Dept. of the Navy Investigation Into Gun Turret Explosion Aboard 
        U.S.S. Iowa: Joseph D. Miceli, D775 [16NO]
      ------Richard D. Milligan, D775 [16NO]
      ------Robert J. Powers, D775 [16NO]
      Dept. of the Treasury: Donna Pope, D133 [21MR]
      ------Gerald Murphy, D133 [21MR]
      ------Jerrold B. Speers, D133 [21MR]
      Dept. of the Treasury Budget: Charles F. Rinkevich, D80 [3MR]
      ------David M. Nummy, D91 [8MR]
      ------Donna Pope, D91 [8MR]
      ------John R. Simpson, D80 [3MR]
      ------Michael R. Hill, D91 [8MR]
      ------Nicholas F. Brady, Sec. of the Treasury, D227 [2MY]
      ------Richard L. Gregg, D91 [8MR]
      ------Stephen E. Higgins, D80 [3MR]
      ------William E. Douglas, D91 [8MR]
      Dept. of the Treasury Nominations: David W. Mullins, Jr., D123 
      ------Edith E. Holiday, D123 [16MR]
      Dept. of the Treasury Report on Exchange Rates: David Mulford, 
        D709 [31OC]
      ------Manuel H. Johnson, D709 [31OC]
      Dept. of the Treasury Report on International Economic and 
        Exchange Rate Policy: David C. Mulford, D775 [16NO]
      ------Manuel H. Johnson, D775 [16NO]
      Dept. of the Treasury Report on Life Insurance Company Taxation: 
        Jennie S. Stathis, D678 [19OC]
      ------Kenneth Gideon, D678 [19OC]
      ------Representative Downey, D678 [19OC]
      Dept. of the Treasury, Postal Service, and Executive Office of 
        the President Appropriations (H.R. 2989): Representative 
        Conte, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Ronald D. Coleman, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Roybal, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Skeen, D488 [27JY]
      ------Representative Traficant, D488 [27JY]
      Dept. of the Treasury, Postal Service, and General Government 
        Budget Estimates: Claudine J. Weiher, D178 [12AP]
      ------Frank Q. Nebeker, D87 [7MR], D178 [12AP]
      ------G. Phillip Hughes, D87 [7MR]
      ------Jean McKee, D87 [7MR]
      ------Lee A. Elliott, D178 [12AP]
      ------Lucretia Dewey, D87 [7MR]
      ------Senator Sarbanes, D178 [12AP]
      ------Sheldon Krys, D37 [8FE]
      ------Thomas J. Stanton, D64 [28FE]
      ------Warren E. Burger, D37 [8FE]
      ------William S. Sessions, Director, FBI, D70 [1MR]
      Depts. of Commerce, Justice, and State, and the Judiciary 
        Appropriations: Alan C. Nelson, D93 [8MR]
      ------Anne E. Brunsdale, D132 [21MR]
      ------Benjamin F. Baer, D70 [1MR]
      ------C. Louis Kincannon, D117 [15MR]
      ------Carla A. Hills, D86 [7MR]
      ------Clarence Thomas, D44 [21FE]
      ------Curtis W. Kamman, D93 [8MR]
      ------Daniel Oliver, D37 [8FE]
      ------David S. Ruder, D86 [7MR]
      ------Dennis R. Patrick, D86 [7MR]
      ------Elaine L. Chao, D44 [21FE]
      ------Edward D. Re, D33 [7FE]
      ------Frank DeGeorge, D132 [21MR]
      ------Frederick T. Knickerbocker, D117 [15MR]
      ------George F. Murphy, Jr., D132 [21MR]
      ------Grace F. Hughes, D93 [8MR]
      ------Harry H. Flickinger, D64 [28FE]
      ------Howard T. Markey, D33 [7FE]
      ------J. Michael Quinlan, D70 [1MR]
      ------James Abdnor, D117 [15MR]
      ------James H. Gonzales, D132 [21MR]
      ------John C. Godbold, D33 [7FE]
      ------Katherine M. Bulow, D132 [21MR]
      ------L. Ralph Mecham, D33 [7FE]
      ------Malcolm S. Forbes, Jr., D132 [21MR]
      ------Michael J. Roper, D64 [28FE]
      ------Orson G. Swindle III, D117 [15MR]
      ------Owen M. Panner, D33 [7FE]
      ------Raymond A. Karam, D33 [7FE]
      ------Representative Hoyer, D37 [8FE]
      ------Richard S. Arnold, D33 [7FE]
      ------Richard Thornburgh, Attorney General, D64 [28FE]
      ------Sandra D. O'Connor, D86 [7MR]
      ------Sherman M. Funk, D124 [16MR]
      ------Stanley J. Glod, D93 [8MR]
      ------Terrance J. Wear, D117 [15MR]
      ------William A. Creelman, D86 [7MR]
      ------William Clark, Jr., D93 [8MR]
      Depts. of Commerce, Justice, and State, the Judiciary, and 
        Related Agencies Appropriations (H.R. 2991), Waiver of Budget 
        Act Section for Consideration of Conference Report: 
        Representative Frenzel, D688 [24OC]
      ------Representative Neil Smith, D688 [24OC]
      Depts. of Energy and of the Interior Budgets: James D. Watkins, 
        D227 [2MY]
      ------John Melcher, D39 [9FE]
      ------Manuel Lujan, Jr., Sec. of the Interior, D227 [2MY]
      ------Representative Beilenson, D227 [2MY]
      ------Senator Cranston, D227 [2MY]
      ------Senator Exon, D227 [2MY]
      ------Senator Levin, D227 [2MY]
      ------Senator Lott, D227 [2MY]
      ------Senator Wilson, D227 [2MY]
      Depts. of Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations: Ada S. 
        Henshaw, D156 [5AP]
      ------Alan C. McMillan, D118 [15MR]
      ------David C. O'Neal, D118 [15MR]
      ------Delegate Faleomavaega, D233 [3MY]
      ------Donald A. Young, D128 [17MR]
      ------Donald E. Ledwig, D128 [17MR]
      ------Ford B. Ford, D207 [19AP]
      ------George H. McKee, D128 [17MR]
      ------Herman Hein, D128 [17MR]
      ------I. King Jordan, D87 [7MR]
      ------J. Brian Hyland, D118 [15MR]
      ------James M. Stephens, D207 [19AP]
      ------Jerald C. Newman, D128 [17MR]
      ------John A. Pendergrass, D118 [15MR]
      ------Kenneth D. Whitehead, D87 [7MR]
      ------Lawrence E. Shulman, D156 [5AP]
      ------Madeleine C. Will, D87 [7MR]
      ------Paul B. Ginsberg, D128 [17MR]
      ------Paul G. Hearne, D207 [19AP]
      ------Phillip E. Schambra, D156 [5AP]
      ------Phillip R. Lee, D128 [17MR]
      ------R. Kenneth Towery, D128 [17MR]
      ------Representative Akaka, D233 [3MY]
      ------Representative Pepper, D128 [17MR]
      ------Robert A. Whitney, D156 [5AP]
      ------Robert P. Baker, D207 [19AP]
      ------Samuel W. Lewis, D128 [17MR]
      ------Senator Exon, D233 [3MY]
      ------Senator Kerrey, D233 [3MY]
      ------Senator Matsunaga, D233 [3MY]
      ------Senator Metzenbaum, D233 [3MY]
      ------Senator Pressler, D233 [3MY]
      ------Senator Simon, D233 [3MY]
      ------Stuart H. Altman, D128 [17MR]
      ------Thomas J. Simon, D207 [19AP]
      ------Tuck Tinsley III, D87 [7MR]
      ------William E. Castle, D87 [7MR]
      Depts. of Veterans Affairs, HUD, and Related Agencies 
        Appropriations (H.R. 2916): Paul E. Tsongas, D287 [18MY]
      ------Representative Frenzel, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Green, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative McCurdy, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Panetta, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Roe, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Schumer, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Traxler, D439 [18JY]
      ------Representative Walker, D439 [18JY]
      ------Senator Cranston, D287 [18MY]
      ------Senator Lieberman, D287 [18MY]
      ------Senator Wilson, D287 [18MY]
      Deregulation of Cable Industry and Rate of Regulation and 
        Franchise Enforcement: Charles E. Patterson, D776 [16NO]
      ------Dorothy E. Harrington, D776 [16NO]
      ------Gene Kimmelman, D776 [16NO]
      ------James O. Robbins, D776 [16NO]
      ------James P. Mooney, D776 [16NO]
      ------James Sharpe, D776 [16NO]
      ------John Malone, D776 [16NO]
      ------Robert A. Alm, D776 [16NO]
      ------Saul N. Ramirez, Jr., D776 [16NO]
      ------Sharon Ingraham, D776 [16NO]
      Desecration of the U.S. Flag: Gary Freeman, D554 [13SE]
      ------H.F. Gierke, D554 [13SE]
      ------Harry G. Summers, D554 [13SE]
      ------James H. Warner, D554 [13SE]
      ------John F. Heilman, D554 [13SE]
      ------Mary Stout, D554 [13SE]
      ------R. Jack Powell, D554 [13SE]
      ------Representative Michel, D426 [13JY]
      ------Representative Montgomery, D426 [13JY]
      ------Senator Dixon, D554 [13SE]
      ------Senator Dole, D554 [13SE]
      ------Senator Metzenbaum, D426 [13JY]
      ------Walter G. Hogan, D554 [13SE]
      Desecration of the U.S. Flag (S. 1338; S.J. Res. 179, 180): 
        Charles J. Cooper, D503 [1AU]
      ------Charles McC. Mathias, Jr., D503 [1AU]
      ------Erwin N. Griswold, D503 [1AU]
      ------Geoffrey R. Stone, D503 [1AU]
      ------Laurence H. Tribe, D503 [1AU]
      ------Robert H. Bork, D503 [1AU]
      ------Senator Thurmond, D503 [1AU]
      ------William P. Barr, D503 [1AU]
      Designate and Protect Scenic and Historic Roads and Highways (S. 
        432): Dale F. Robertson, D339 [9JN]
      ------Hugh Lydston, D339 [9JN]
      ------J. Jackson Walters, D339 [9JN]
      ------John Archer, D339 [9JN]
      ------R.D. Morgan, D339 [9JN]
      ------Robert A. Weygand, D339 [9JN]
      ------Senator Rockefeller, D339 [9JN]
      ------Teresa Mitchell, D339 [9JN]
      ------William L. Heat-Moon, D339 [9JN]
      Designate Section of George Washington Memorial Parkway as Clara 
        Barton Parkway (H.R. 1310): James Stewart, D563 [14SE]
      ------Representative Bennett, D563 [14SE]
      ------Representative Morella, D563 [14SE]
      ------Robert Stanton, D563 [14SE]
      Destruction of the Earth's Protective Ozone Shield in Upper 
        Atmosphere: Adrian F. Tuck, D52 [23FE]
      ------Arnold Braswell, D52 [23FE]
      ------Joseph Glas, D52 [23FE]
      ------Robert T. Watson, D52 [23FE]
      ------Robert Traflet, D52 [23FE]
      ------Susan Solomon, D52 [23FE]
      Determination of Amount of Federal Appropriations (H.R. 3293): 
        David A. Clarke, D656 [12OC]
      ------Marion S. Barry, Jr., D656 [12OC]
      Developing Countries Debt: Clayton Yeutter, Sec. of Agriculture, 
        D264 [11MY]
      ------David C. Mulford, D264 [11MY]
      Development and Assessment of National Educational Goals and 
        Standards: Chester E. Finn, Jr., D682 [23OC]
      ------Christopher T. Cross, D682 [23OC]
      ------Corbett H. Dickson, D682 [23OC]
      ------David Sweet, D682 [23OC]
      ------Denis Doyle, D682 [23OC]
      ------Jean Griffith, D682 [23OC]
      ------Patricia A. Graham, D682 [23OC]
      Development of Federal Tax Forms by IRS: Fred T. Goldberg, D525 
      Developments in Afghanistan and Their Implications for U.S. 
        Policy: Edward W. Gnehm, Jr., D353 [14JN]
      ------Howard Schaffer, D353 [14JN]
      ------Senator Humphrey, D353 [14JN]
      Developments in Europe: Avis Bohlen, D478 [26JY]
      ------Ralph Johnson, D478 [26JY]
      ------Raymond G.H. Seitz
      Developments in the International Security Environment: William 
        J. Crowe, Jr., D192 [17AP]
      Developments in the Middle East: John H. Kelly
      Developments in the South Pacific: Carl Ford, D487 [27JY]
      ------Richard Williams, D487 [27JY]
      ------Thomas H. Reese III, D487 [27JY]
      Development--What Works?: E. Samba, D191 [13AP]
      ------Leonard H. Robinson, D191 [13AP]
      Dioxin Contamination: James S. Benson, D546 [8SE]
      Directing the Sec. of the Interior To Take Certain Actions To 
        Consummate an Exchange of Specified Lands in Utah (S. 393): 
        Billy R. Templeton, D548 [12SE]
      ------Representative Nielson, D548 [12SE]
      ------Robert K. Nelson, D548 [12SE]
      Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program: Constance B. 
        Newman, D751 [9NO]
      Disaster Relief for Crops Due to Weather: Carl D. Fanning, D422 
      ------Dale Cochran, D422 [13JY]
      ------Don Waller, D422 [13JY]
      ------Jack C. Parnell, D422 [13JY]
      ------John Campbell, D422 [13JY]
      ------John M. Hayden, Governor of Kansas, D422 [13JY]
      ------Representative Browder, D422 [13JY]
      ------Scott Steele, D422 [13JY]
      ------Senator Breaux, D422 [13JY]
      ------Senator Exon, D422 [13JY]
      Disaster Relief for to 1988 Drought: Milton Hertz, D140 [23MR]
      Discrimination Practices in Home Mortgage Lending: Allen J. 
        Fishbein, D685 [24OC]
      ------Arthur Johnson, D685 [24OC]
      ------Bernard Parker, D685 [24OC]
      ------C. Austin Fitts, D685 [24OC]
      ------John F. Bovenzi, D685 [24OC]
      ------John P. Laware, D685 [24OC]
      ------Jonathan Fiechter, D685 [24OC]
      ------Robert J. Herrmann, D685 [24OC]
      ------Shanna L. Smith, D685 [24OC]
      ------Stephen M. Dane, D685 [24OC]
      ------Wade J. Henderson, D685 [24OC]
      Displaced Homemakers Employment Opportunities (S. 1107): 
        Caroline Strong, D311 [1JN]
      ------Cheryl B. Henderson, D311 [1JN]
      ------Cindy Marano, D311 [1JN]
      ------Diana McLaughlin, D311 [1JN]
      ------Jean Martinelli, D311 [1JN]
      ------Jill Emery, D311 [1JN]
      ------Kathy Sorensen, D311 [1JN]
      ------Molly Wilkes, D311 [1JN]
      ------Roberta Spalter-Roth, D311 [1JN]
      Displaced Homemakers Employment Training and Self-Sufficiency 
        Act (H.R. 3069): Representative Morella, D610 [28SE]
      Disruption of Mail by Soviet Union: Thomas E. Leavey, D750 [9NO]
      Distribution of Income in the U.S.: Lowell Gallaway, D266 [11MY]
      ------Peter Gottschalk, D266 [11MY]
      ------Timothy Smeeding, D266 [11MY]
      District of Columbia Ability To Process Criminal: Fred B. Ugast, 
        D265 [11MY]
      ------Hallem H. Williams, Jr., D265 [11MY]
      ------Henry Hudson, D265 [11MY]
      ------James P. Moran, D265 [11MY]
      ------Jay B. Stephens, D265 [11MY]
      ------Judith W. Rogers, D265 [11MY]
      ------Kim Taylor, D265 [11MY]
      District of Columbia Appropriations: Andrew Jenkins, D287 [18MY]
      ------Calvin C. Tildon, D396 [27JN]
      ------Calvin G. Franklin, D396 [27JN]
      ------David Clark, D255 [10MY]
      ------David S. Dennison, D396 [27JN]
      ------Donald G. Murray, D400 [28JN]
      ------Dwight S. Cropp, D396 [27JN]
      ------Edward W. Norton, D396 [27JN]
      ------F.A.H. Robinson, D400 [28JN]
      ------Fred B. Ugast, D287 [18MY]
      ------Fred L. Greene, D396 [27JN]
      ------Gladys W. Mack, D396 [27JN]
      ------Judith Rodgers, D287 [18MY]
      ------Kent T. Cushenberry, D400 [28JN]
      ------Larry Polansky, D287 [18MY]
      ------Linda Cropp, D287 [18MY]
      ------Marianne C. Niles, D396 [27JN]
      ------Marion S. Barry, Jr., D255 [10MY]
      ------Maurice T. Turner, D396 [27JN]
      ------Peter G. Parham, D400 [28JN]
      ------R.D. Hall, D400 [28JN]
      ------Rayfield Alfred, D396 [27JN]
      ------Representative Larkin I. Smith, D448 [19JY]
      ------Representative Parris, D448 [19JY]
      ------Ronald L. Turpin, D396 [27JN]
      ------Teri Doke, D396 [27JN]
      ------Theresa Watson, D396 [27JN]
      ------Walter B. Ridley, D396 [27JN]
      ------Wylie L. Williams, D396 [27JN]
      District of Columbia Appropriations, Focusing on the Dept. of 
        Corrections: Hallem H. Williams, Jr., D279 [17MY]
      ------Marion S. Barry, Jr., D279 [17MY]
      District of Columbia Government Programs: Calvin G. Franklin, 
        D437 [18JY]
      ------Carolyn B. Lewis, D437 [18JY]
      ------David S. Dennison, D437 [18JY]
      ------Fred L. Greene, D437 [18JY]
      ------John E. Touchstone, D437 [18JY]
      ------Roland L. Turpin, D437 [18JY]
      ------Theresa Watson, D437 [18JY]
      ------Wilhelmina Marshall, D437 [18JY]
      ------Wylie L. Williams, D437 [18JY]
      District of Columbia Illegal Drug Trafficking and Violence: 
        Anthony E. Daniels, D333 [8JN]
      ------Beverly Mitchell, D333 [8JN]
      ------David A. Clarke, D333 [8JN]
      ------Douglas W. Gow, D333 [8JN]
      ------Evan Sheppard, D333 [8JN]
      ------Fred Ugast, D148 [4AP]
      ------George Crawford, D333 [8JN]
      ------Hallem H. Williams, D148 [4AP]
      ------Isaac Fulwood, Jr., D333 [8JN]
      ------Jean Thomas, D333 [8JN]
      ------John Jackson, D333 [8JN]
      ------Karst Besteman, D148 [4AP]
      ------Lawrence W. Sherman, D148 [4AP]
      ------Marion Barry, Jr., D333 [8JN], D148 [4AP]
      ------Maurice Turner, D148 [4AP]
      ------Ruth R. Crone, D333 [8JN]
      ------Tony Norman, D333 [8JN]
      District of Columbia Judicial Reorganization Act (H.R. 3470): 
        Fred B. Ugast, D699 [26OC]
      ------Herbert Reid, D699 [26OC]
      ------Judith Rogers, D699 [26OC]
      District of Columbia Legislation: David A. Clarke, D189 [13AP]
      ------Marion S. Barry, Jr., D189 [13AP]
      ------Maurice T. Turner, D189 [13AP]
      District of Columbia Metrorail System (H.R. 1463): Alfred A. 
        Dellibovi, D242 [4MY]
      ------Audrey Moore, D242 [4MY]
      ------Carmen E. Turner, D242 [4MY]
      ------David A. Clarke, D242 [4MY]
      ------Ellen Bozman, D242 [4MY]
      ------Fern Piret, D242 [4MY]
      ------James P. Moran, Jr., D242 [4MY]
      ------Marion S. Barry, Jr., D242 [4MY]
      ------Representative Hoyer, D242 [4MY]
      ------Representative McMillen of Maryland, D242 [4MY]
      ------Representative Morella, D242 [4MY]
      ------Representative Wolf, D242 [4MY]
      ------Richard J. Castaldi, D242 [4MY]
      ------Richard Trainor, D242 [4MY]
      ------Senator Mikulski, D242 [4MY]
      ------Senator Robb, D242 [4MY]
      ------Senator Sarbanes, D242 [4MY]
      ------Senator Warner, D242 [4MY]
      ------Sidney Kramer, D242 [4MY]
      ------Vivian E. Watts, D242 [4MY]
      District of Columbia Supreme Court (H.R. 3470): Frank Q. 
        Nebeker, D771 [15NO]
      ------John W. Kern III, D771 [15NO]
      Diversity and Concentration of Media Ownership: Andrew J. 
        Schwartzman, D383 [22JN]
      ------Barry R. Litman, D351 [14JN]
      ------Ben H. Bagdikian, D351 [14JN]
      ------Bob Phillips, D375 [21JN]
      ------Cyril E. Vetter, D383 [22JN]
      ------Edward O. Fritts, D383 [22JN]
      ------Fred Paxton, D351 [14JN]
      ------Gene Kimmelman, D375 [21JN]
      ------Harry M. Shooshan III, D375 [21JN]
      ------Jack Valenti, D383 [22JN]
      ------Jamie Kellner, D383 [22JN]
      ------Jim Mooney, D375 [21JN]
      ------John Hanks, D375 [21JN]
      ------John Hendricks, D375 [21JN]
      ------John Malone, D351 [14JN]
      ------Michael Salinger, D351 [14JN]
      ------Preston Padden, D375 [21JN]
      ------Robert C. Wright, D383 [22JN]
      ------Robert L. Johnson, D375 [21JN]
      ------Robert Schmidt, D375 [21JN]
      ------Senator Metzenbaum, D351 [14JN]
      ------Stephen J. Cannell, D383 [22JN]
      ------Thomas S. Murphy, D383 [22JN]
      DNA Fingerprinting as a Tool in the Criminal Justice System: 
        James E. Starrs, D116 [15MR]
      ------Jeffrey L. Ashton, D116 [15MR]
      ------John W. Hicks, D116 [15MR]
      ------Joseph L. Peterson, D116 [15MR]
      ------Roger T. Castonguay, D116 [15MR]
      Domestic Commerce and Legislation To Grant Coastwise or 
        Fisheries Privileges (H.R. 1328, 1580 and 1803): James M. 
        MacDonald, D237 [3MY]
      ------Paul G. Hegland, D237 [3MY]
      ------Representative Bennett, D237 [3MY]
      ------Representative Fascell, D237 [3MY]
      ------Representative Hutto, D237 [3MY]
      ------Robert S. Silberman, D237 [3MY]
      Domestic Economy: Alan Greenspan, D12 [24JA]
      Domestic Volunteer Services Act: David Scotton, D138 [22MR]
      ------Donna Alvarado, D138 [22MR], D56 [23FE]
      ------James Rosenbaum, D56 [23FE]
      ------Representative Moody, D138 [22MR]
      ------Senator Rockefeller, D56 [23FE]
      Draft Strategic Plan by Resolution Trust Corp. Oversight Board: 
        Daniel P. Kearney, D730 [6NO]
      ------David Cooke, D730 [6NO]
      ------Richard L. Fogel, D730 [6NO]
      Dramatic Rise in Repetitive Motion Injuries and OSHA's Response: 
        Alan McMillan, D323 [6JN]
      Drug Abuse Issues: Andrew E. Jenkins III, D101 [9MR]
      ------J. Michael Walsh, D101 [9MR]
      ------Mark J. Barnes, D101 [9MR]
      Drug Abuse Prevention Campaigns: Darrell Green, D707 [31OC]
      ------David M. Winfield, D707 [31OC]
      ------Herbert M. Goldsmith, D707 [31OC]
      ------Shelley List, D707 [31OC]
      ------Stephen G. Olmstead, D49 [22FE]
      ------Thomas W. Kelly, D49 [22FE]
      Drug Enforcement Crisis at the Local Level: Fred B. Ugast, D307 
      ------George W. Wilson, D307 [31MY]
      ------James P. Morgan, D307 [31MY]
      ------Joe Whitley, D307 [31MY]
      ------Kathryn J. Whitmire, D307 [31MY]
      ------Robert Morgenthau, D307 [31MY]
      ------Sue Myrick, D307 [31MY]
      ------W. Wilson Goode, D307 [31MY]
      ------Warren G. Woodfork, D307 [31MY]
      Drug Abuse by the Elderly: Clarence H. Albright, Jr., D769 
      ------Elizabeth Holtzman, D769 [15NO]
      ------Elsie Taylor-Jordon, D769 [15NO]
      ------Eric Straughter, D769 [15NO]
      ------Evelyn Blackwell, D769 [15NO]
      ------Frank E. Young, D208 [19AP]
      ------Richard P. Kusserow, D208 [19AP]
      ------Robert Crawford, D769 [15NO]
      ------Robert Smith, D769 [15NO]
      ------Robin Mayrl, D769 [15NO]
      ------Rosemary Dalton, D769 [15NO]
      ------Senator McConnell, D769 [15NO]
      ------T. Franklin Williams, D208 [19AP]
      Drug Treatment Issues: Charles R. Schuster, D691 [25OC]
      ------Connie Pulliam, D691 [25OC]
      ------Don Des Jarlais, D691 [25OC]
      ------Milton Shrader, D691 [25OC]
      ------Peter Bell, D691 [25OC]
      ------Reginald Williams, D691 [25OC]
      Drug Utilization Review Under Medicare--Is HCFA Following 
        Congressional Intent?: Barbara Gagel, D506 [1AU]
      ------Carl E. Wesler, D506 [1AU]
      ------Paul Tibbits, D506 [1AU]
      Drugs in Public Housing: Al O. Plant, Sr., D257 [10MY]
      ------Benjamin Brown, D257 [10MY]
      ------Charles Jenkins, D257 [10MY]
      ------Edith Grigsby, D257 [10MY]
      ------Herman Holloway, Jr., D257 [10MY]
      ------Jack Kemp, Sec. of HUD, D257 [10MY], D361 [15JN]
      ------Ken Finlayson, D257 [10MY]
      ------Manual Quintana, D257 [10MY]
      ------Mary A. Russ, D257 [10MY]
      ------Mildred Wortham, D257 [10MY]
      ------Vincent Lane, D257 [10MY]
      Duplicate Provisions of Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act: Alan 
        P. Spielman, D413 [11JY]
      ------Alan V. Reuther, D413 [11JY]
      ------Arthur S. Flemming, D413 [11JY]
      ------David Newhall III, D413 [11JY]
      ------Earl R. Pomeroy, D413 [11JY]
      ------Frank D. Titus, D413 [11JY]
      ------Gail E. Shearer, D413 [11JY]
      ------Linda S. Jenckes, D413 [11JY]
      ------Martha McSteen, D413 [11JY]
      ------Nancy Kichak, D413 [11JY]
      ------Representative Fawell, D413 [11JY]
      ------Representative Rhodes, D413 [11JY]
      ------Senator Graham, D413 [11JY]
      ------Senator McCain, D413 [11JY]
      ------Senator Pressler, D413 [11JY]
      Early Childhood Program Quality: Arthur Nielsen, D11 [24JA]
      ------Cheri Robertson, D11 [24JA]
      ------Deanne Dixon, D11 [24JA]
      ------Gary L. Bauer, D11 [24JA]
      ------Jane Snead, D11 [24JA]
      ------Lawrence J. Schweinhart, D11 [24JA]
      ------Linda Hartshorn, D11 [24JA]
      ------M.A. Lucas, D11 [24JA]
      ------Madeleine Kunin, Governor of Vermont, D11 [24JA]
      ------Marilyn King, D11 [24JA]
      ------Richard Clifford, D11 [24JA]
      ------Scott McCallum, D11 [24JA]
      ------Senator Wilson, D11 [24JA]
      ------William D. Schaefer, Governor of Maryland, D11 [24JA]
      Earthquake Threat in Central U.S.--Are We Prepared?: Dallas L. 
        Peck, D793 [17NO]
      ------Dennis Kwiatkowski, D793 [17NO]
      ------Gregg Chappell, D793 [17NO]
      ------James Hayes, D793 [17NO]
      ------Richard N. Wright, D793 [17NO]
      East Fork of Jemez and Pecos Rivers Wild and Scenic Designation 
        (S. 940): Kevin Coyle, D376 [21JN]
      ------Representative Richardson, D376 [21JN]
      East Fork of the Jimenez and Pecos Rivers Wild and Scenic 
        Designation (H.R. 644): Jeff Sirmon, D471 [25JY]
      Eastern European Refugees: Curtis Kamman, D724 [2NO]
      ------Lyman Princeton, D724 [2NO]
      ------Nancy R. Kingsbury, D724 [2NO]
      ------Representative Kaptur, D724 [2NO]
      ------Representative Lipinski, D724 [2NO]
      Ecological Effects of OCS Development on Coastal and Ocean 
        Environments: Barry A. Williamson, D551 [12SE]
      ------John J. Carey, D551 [12SE]
      ------Richard E. Sanderson, D551 [12SE]
      Economic and Budget Outlook: Robert Reischauer, D456 [20JY]
      Economic Assistance to Africa: A. Peter Burleigh, D95 [8MR]
      ------Allison Rosenberg, D192 [17AP]
      ------Walter G. Bollinger, D192 [17AP]
      ------Allison Rosenberg, D95 [8MR]
      ------Larry Saiers, D95 [8MR]
      ------Leonard Robinson, D95 [8MR]
      ------Phillip Gary, D95 [8MR]
      Economic Assistance to Cambodia: David Lambertson, D71 [1MR]
      ------Timothy W. Wright, D71 [1MR]
      Economic Assistance to Central America: Frank C. Conahan, D102 
      Economic Assistance for Democracy and Development in Bangladesh: 
        David Lambertson, D78 [2MR]
      ------Howard Schaffer, D78 [2MR]
      ------Tom Reese, D78 [2MR]
      Economic Assistance to East Asia and the Philippines: Carol C. 
        Adelman, D159 [6AP]
      ------David F. Lambertson, D159 [6AP]
      Economic Assistance to Greece, Turkey and Cyprus: James M. 
        Wilkinson, D84 [6MR]
      Economic Assistance to Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen and American 
        Schools and Hospitals Abroad: A. Peter Burleigh, D102 [9MR]
      ------David A. Santos, D102 [9MR]
      ------Edward J. Walker, Jr., D102 [9MR]
      ------Edward W. Gnehm, Jr., D102 [9MR]
      ------William P. Fuller, D102 [9MR]
      Economic Assistance to Pakistan and India: Edward W. Gnehm, Jr., 
        D96 [8MR]
      ------Howard Schaffer, D96 [8MR]
      ------Tom Reese, D96 [8MR]
      Economic Assistance to the Philippines: Carol Adelman, D88 [7MR]
      ------David Lambertson, D88 [7MR]
      ------Jim Fall, D88 [7MR]
      ------Paula J. Dobriansky, D88 [7MR]
      ------Representative Wright, D88 [7MR]
      ------Senator Dole, D88 [7MR]
      ------Timothy W. Wright, D88 [7MR]
      Economic Assistance to Poland (S. 1582): Raymond G.H. Seitz, 
        D577 [20SE]
      Economic and Military Assistance for Latin American and 
        Caribbean Nations: Frederick Schieck, D78 [2MR]
      ------Michael Kozak, D78 [2MR]
      ------Richard Brown, D78 [2MR]
      ------John A. Woodworth, D84 [6MR]
      ------Richard M. Brown, D84 [6MR]
      Economic Diversification Legislation: Representative Gejdenson, 
        D347 [13JN]
      ------Representative Mavroules, D347 [13JN]
      ------Representative Weiss, D347 [13JN]
      ------Robert Rauner, D347 [13JN]
      Economic Goals and Policies: Representative Alexander, D231 
      ------Representative Boxer, D231 [2MY]
      ------Representative Buechner, D231 [2MY]
      ------Representative Cardin, D231 [2MY]
      ------Representative Dannemeyer, D231 [2MY]
      ------Representative Dellums, D231 [2MY]
      ------Representative Dorgan, D231 [2MY]
      ------Representative Durbin, D231 [2MY]
      ------Representative Frenzel, D231 [2MY]
      ------Representative Gephardt, D231 [2MY]
      ------Representative Kasich, D231 [2MY]
      ------Representative Russo, D231 [2MY]
      Economic Issues: Lawrence Klein, D185 [12AP]
      Economic Outlook at Midyear: Michael J. Boskin, D458 [20JY]
      Economic Relations Between the U.S. and the Soviet Union: James 
        A. Baker III, Sec. of State, D633 [4OC]
      Economic Research Service, National Agricultural Statistics 
        Service and World Agricultural Outlook Board Appropriations: 
        Charles E. Caudill, D84 [6MR]
      ------Ewen M. Wilson, D84 [6MR]
      ------James R. Donald, D84 [6MR]
      ------John E. Lee, Jr., D84 [6MR]
      Education: Alicia Coro, D148 [4AP]
      ------Bonnie F. Guiton, D148 [4AP]
      ------Charles E. Kolb, D148 [4AP]
      ------Daniel Bonner, D148 [4AP]
      ------I. King Jordan, D148 [4AP]
      ------James E. Cheek, D148 [4AP]
      ------Lauro R. Cavazos, Sec. of Education, D148 [4AP]
      ------Patricia M. Smith, D148 [4AP]
      ------Sally H. Christensen, D148 [4AP]
      ------Tuck Tinsley III, D148 [4AP]
      ------William E. Castle, D148 [4AP]
      Education Agenda for 101st Congress: Betty Caldwell, D15 [27JA]
      ------Booth Gardner, Governor of Washington, D15 [27JA]
      ------Ernest Boyer, D15 [27JA]
      ------Harold Howe II, D15 [27JA]
      ------Joseph Fernandez, D15 [27JA]
      ------Lauro F. Cavazos, Sec. of Education, D15 [27JA]
      ------Robert Atwell, D15 [27JA]
      Education and Labor--Basic Health Benefits for All Americans Act 
        (H.R. 1845): Frank Swain, D657 [12OC]
      Education of the Hadicapped Act Funding for Discretionary 
        Programs: Carla Lawson, D143 [3AP]
      ------Carol Cichowski, D143 [3AP]
      ------Charles E. Kolb, D143 [3AP]
      ------Frank Bowe, D143 [3AP]
      ------Frederick Weintraub, D143 [3AP]
      ------Jamie Ruppmann, D143 [3AP]
      ------Judith S. Palfrey, D143 [3AP]
      ------Norena A. Hale, D143 [3AP]
      ------Pat Trohanis, D143 [3AP]
      ------Patricia Smith, D143 [3AP]
      ------Sherril Moon, D143 [3AP]
      ------Steven Forness, D143 [3AP]
      ------William Carriker, D143 [3AP]
      Education for Handicapped, Rehabilitation Services and Research: 
        Madeleine C. Will, D84 [6MR]
      Education Policy Commission Report: Covady W. Horton, D516 [2AU]
      ------Janet D. Steiger, D516 [2AU]
      Education of the Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission: 
        Daniel F. Bonner, D182 [12AP]
      ------Halley Atkinson, D182 [12AP]
      ------Ralph Watkins, D182 [12AP]
      ------Sandra Massetto, D182 [12AP]
      Educational Excellence Act (H.R. 1675): Lauro F. Cavazos, Sec. 
        of Education, D514 [2AU]
      Educational Excellence Act (S. 695): Calvin W. Burnett, D345 
      ------Charles R. Thomas, D345 [13JN]
      ------David Bennett, D345 [13JN]
      ------David M. Irwin, D345 [13JN]
      ------Frank Cammarata, D345 [13JN]
      ------Herbert J. D'Arcy, D345 [13JN]
      ------James L. Flippin, D345 [13JN]
      ------Larry McCully, D345 [13JN]
      ------Lauro F. Cavazos, Sec. of Education, D345 [13JN]
      ------Ron Marec, D345 [13JN]
      ------Senator Glenn, D345 [13JN]
      ------Sheila Gallagher, D345 [13JN]
      ------Terry Johnson, D345 [13JN]
      Educational Performance Agreements for School Restructuring Act 
        (H.R. 3347): Thomas Kean, Governor of New Jersey, D780 [16NO]
      Educational Television and Intellectual Development of Children: 
        Aletha C. Huston, D178 [12AP]
      ------Daniel R. Anderson, D178 [12AP]
      ------David A. Hamburg, D178 [12AP]
      ------David P. Pearson, D178 [12AP]
      ------David V.B. Britt, D178 [12AP]
      ------Edward L. Palmer, D178 [12AP]
      ------Joseph Duffy, D178 [12AP]
      ------Levar Burton, D178 [12AP]
      ------Shirley A. Hill, D178 [12AP]
      EEC's 1992 Programs: David C. Mulford, D610 [28SE]
      ------Manuel H. Johnson, D596 [26SE]
      ------Robert L. Clarke, D596 [26SE]
      ------William L. Seidman, D596 [26SE]
      EEC's Proposed Directive on Television Broadcasting: J. Michael 
        Farren, D478 [26JY]
      ------Julius Katz, D478 [26JY]
      Effects of Changes in Earth System on Climate and Humans (S. 
        169): Frederick M. Bernthal, D47 [22FE]
      ------Joseph P. Riley, D47 [22FE]
      ------Mark Drabentstott, D47 [22FE]
      ------Robert W. Corell, D47 [22FE]
      ------Thomas G. Lambrix, D47 [22FE]
      ------William C. Clark, D47 [22FE]
      Effects of Chemical Residue on Children: Charles J. Carey, D124 
      ------Deborah Prothrow-Stith, D124 [16MR]
      ------Frank E. Young, D124 [16MR]
      ------James A. Wylie, Jr., D124 [16MR]
      ------Janet Hathaway, D124 [16MR]
      ------John A. Moore, D124 [16MR]
      ------John Rice, D124 [16MR]
      ------Meryl Streep, D124 [16MR]
      ------Representative Sikorski, D124 [16MR]
      ------Richard Jackson, D124 [16MR]
      ------Robert Josephy, D124 [16MR]
      ------Senator Symms, D124 [16MR]
      ------Senator Warner, D124 [16MR]
      Effects of EEC 1992 Economic Integration on U.S. Economy: Gary 
        Horlick, D218 [26AP]
      ------Seamus O'Cleireacain, D218 [26AP]
      ------Stephen Cooney, D218 [26AP]
      Effects of EPA's Financial Responsibility Regulation for 
        Underground Storage Tanks on Small Business: Peter F. 
        Guerrero, D711 [31OC]
      ------Ronald Brand, D711 [31OC]
      Effects of Federal Ethics Restrictions on Recruitment And 
        Retention of Federal Employees: Bernard Ungar, D348 [13JN]
      ------Carolyn Warner, D348 [13JN]
      ------Joseph Whitley, D348 [13JN]
      ------Judith Bello, D348 [13JN]
      ------R. James Woolsey, D348 [13JN]
      Effects of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty on Bases and 
        Personnel in Europe: Daniel W. Christman, D290 [18MY]
      ------John A. Woodworth, D290 [18MY]
      ------Ronald R. Fogelman, D290 [18MY]
      Effects of Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards on Global Warming: 
        Barry Felrice, D228 [2MY]
      ------Carmen Difiglio, D228 [2MY]
      ------Clarence Ditlow, D228 [2MY]
      ------Deborah Bleviss, D228 [2MY]
      ------Helen O. Petrauskas, D228 [2MY]
      ------John R. Berg, D228 [2MY]
      ------Marc R. Ledbetter, D228 [2MY]
      ------Marina N. Whitman, D228 [2MY]
      ------Richard D. Morganstern, D228 [2MY]
      ------Robert G. Liberatore, D228 [2MY]
      ------Senator Metzenbaum, D228 [2MY]
      ------Steve Plotkin, D228 [2MY]
      Efficiency of Government-Sponsored Enterprises: Andrew S. 
        Carron, D706 [31OC]
      ------Robert R. Glauber, D706 [31OC]
      ------Thomas Gillis, D706 [31OC]
      ------Thomas H. Stanton, D706 [31OC]
      Elbert P. Tuttle Court of Appeals Building, Atlanta, GA (H.R. 
        801): Representative Bonior, D296 [23MY]
      ------Representative Clement, D296 [23MY]
      ------Representative Hoyer, D296 [23MY]
      ------Representative Lawrence J. Smith, D296 [23MY]
      ------Representative Lightfoot, D296 [23MY]
      Elder Abuse and the Federal Response: Mike Suzuki, D329 [7JN]
      Elderly Board and Care Facilities: Alfred Schnupp, D103 [9MR]
      ------Alice Lippold, D103 [9MR]
      ------Anne Hart, D103 [9MR]
      ------Chris Rice, D103 [9MR]
      ------David Lazarus, D103 [9MR]
      ------Ima Ring, D103 [9MR]
      ------Janet L. Shikles, D103 [9MR]
      ------John Sharp, D103 [9MR]
      ------Julie Oetting, D103 [9MR]
      ------Mary B. Africa, D103 [9MR]
      ------Melva Colegrove, D103 [9MR]
      ------Michael Coonan, D103 [9MR]
      ------Pam Hinckley, D103 [9MR]
      ------Pat Murphy, D103 [9MR]
      ------Representative Pepper, D103 [9MR]
      Election Assistance to Nicaragua: Bernard Aronson, D608 [28SE]
      ------Carl Gershman, D608 [28SE]
      ------Joseph Sullivan, D608 [28SE]
      Electricity Supply and Demand in the U.S., Focusing on Shortages 
        in the Northeast Region: George W. Edwards, Jr., D187 [13AP]
      ------Peter A. Bradford, D187 [13AP]
      ------Richard M. Flynn, D187 [13AP]
      ------W. Henson Moore, D187 [13AP]
      ------William E. Davis, D187 [13AP]
      Electricity Transmission Access: Alan T. Crane, D299 [24MY]
      Elementary and Secondary School Improvement Act: Lauro F. 
        Cavazos, Sec. of Education, D45 [21FE]
      Eliminate the Disease of Scrapie in Sheep and Goats (H.R. 799): 
        James W. Glosser, D486 [27JY]
      ------Representative Leach, D486 [27JY]
      Embezzlement of Dept. of HUD Foreclosure Fund: Marilyn L. 
        Harrell, D363 [16JN]
      ------Paul A. Adams, D363 [16JN]
      Emergency Board To Investigate the Labor Dispute With Eastern 
        Airlines (H.R. 1231): Anthony J. Broderick, D90 [7MR]
      ------Samuel K. Skinner, Sec. of Transportation, D90 [7MR]
      Emergency Chinese Adjustment of Status Facilitation Act (H.R. 
        2712): Representative Bruce A. Morrison, D781 [16NO]
      ------Representative Kastenmeier, D781 [16NO]
      ------Representative Lamar S. Smith, D781 [16NO]
      ------Representative McCollum, D781 [16NO]
      ------Representative Pelosi, D781 [16NO]
      Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care (S. 15): Charles C. 
        Wolferth, D466 [25JY]
      ------Howard R. Champion, D466 [25JY]
      ------Jacek B. Franaszek, D466 [25JY]
      ------N. Mark Richards, D466 [25JY]
      ------Ralph W. Muller, D466 [25JY]
      ------Senator Cranston, D466 [25JY]
      ------Senator Gore, D466 [25JY]
      ------Steven Kyler, D466 [25JY]
      Emergency Nurse Shortage Relief Act (H.R. 2111): David William, 
        D307 [31MY]
      ------J. Jarrett Clinton, D307 [31MY]
      ------James Puleo, D307 [31MY]
      ------Representative Ackerman, D307 [31MY]
      Emergency Supplemental Appropriations and Transfers (H.R. 2072): 
        Representative Archer, D297 [23MY]
      ------Representative AuCoin, D297 [23MY]
      ------Representative Berman, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Bruce A. Morrison, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Conte, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Frenzel, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Gekas, D297 [23MY]
      ------Representative George Miller, D297 [23MY]
      ------Representative Green, D372 [20JN]
      ------Representative Hancock, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Michel, D214 [25AP], D297 [23MY]
      ------Representative Neal Smith, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Panetta, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Penny, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Skeen, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Traxler, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Whitten, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Yates, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Neal Smith, D372 [20JN]
      ------Representative Panetta, D372 [20JN]
      ------Representative Roe, D372 [20JN]
      ------Representative Traxler, D372 [20JN]
      ------Representative Whitten, D372 [20JN]
      Emerging Telecommunications Technologies Act (H.R. 2965): Alfred 
        C. Sikes, D723 [2NO]
      ------Janice Obuchowski, D723 [2NO]
      Employee Health and Safety Whistleblower Protection Act (H.R. 
        3368): Gary Edles, D780 [16NO]
      ------Robert Davis, D780 [16NO]
      ------William Gainer, D780 [16NO]
      Employer Asset Reversions From Terminated Pension Plans: Bert 
        Seidman, D40 [9FE]
      ------C.W. Gilbert, D40 [9FE]
      ------Dana Trier, D40 [9FE]
      ------David M. Walker, D40 [9FE]
      ------Frank Higgins, D40 [9FE]
      ------Peter M. Kelly, D40 [9FE]
      ------Vance Anderson, D40 [9FE]
      ------Zack Carter, D40 [9FE]
      Employer-Sponsored Retiree Health Insurance: Ann L. Combs, D354 
      ------Kenneth W. Gideon, D354 [14JN]
      ------Lawrence H. Thompson, D354 [14JN]
      Employment Service: William J. Gainer, D709 [31OC]
      Employment/Unemployment Situation: Janet L. Norwood
      ------Janet L. Norwood, D246 [5MY], D408 [10JY], D533 [4AU], 
        D727 [3NO]
      Encourage Economic Development for Indians (S. 1203): Bruce 
        Kaiser, D483 [27JY]
      ------Daniel Press, D483 [27JY]
      ------David Brunt, D483 [27JY]
      ------David C. Harrison, D483 [27JY]
      ------Eddie F. Brown, D483 [27JY]
      ------Leonard Haskie, D483 [27JY]
      ------Raymond Goetting, D483 [27JY]
      ------Steve Stallings, D483 [27JY]
      Energy and Water Development Appropriations: Arthur E. Williams, 
        D25 [2FE]
      ------Henry J. Hatch, D19 [31JA]
      ------Robert W. Page, D19 [31JA]
      ------Charles H. Dean, Jr., D44 [21FE]
      ------Daniel M. Wilson, D25 [2FE]
      ------Henry J. Hatch, D233 [3MY]
      ------John B. Waters, D44 [21FE]
      ------Marvin T. Runyon, D44 [21FE]
      ------Patrick J. Kelly, D233 [3MY]
      ------Paul F. Kavanaugh, D83 [6MR]
      ------Paul Y. Chinen, D25 [2FE]
      ------Representative Anderson, D153 [5AP], D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Barton, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Ben Campbell, D178 [12AP]
      ------Representative Bevill, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Boggs, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Brooks, D159 [6AP]
      ------Representative Chapman, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Eckart, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Hammerschmidt, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Hochbrueckner, D159 [6AP]
      ------Representative Livingston, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Mrazek, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Myers, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Nielson, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Obey, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Rhodes, D153 [5AP]
      ------Representative Roe, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Stangeland, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Watkins, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Wayne Owens, D397 [27JN]
      ------Robert B. Barker, D83 [6MR]
      ------Robert C. Lee, D25 [2FE]
      ------Robert H. Ryan, D25 [2FE]
      ------Robert M. Bunker, D33 [7FE]
      ------Robert W. Page, D233 [3MY]
      ------Rose Mofford, Governor of Arizona, D153 [5AP]
      ------Senator Adams, D148 [4AP]
      ------Senator Breaux, D148 [4AP]
      ------Senator Conrad, D178 [12AP]
      ------Senator Cranston, D153 [5AP]
      ------Senator Daschle, D178 [12AP]
      ------Senator Dole, D159 [6AP]
      ------Senator Exon, D153 [5AP]
      ------Senator Kerry, D153 [5AP]
      ------Senator Gorton, D148 [4AP]
      ------Senator Mikulski, D148 [4AP]
      ------Senator Pryor, D148 [4AP]
      ------Senator Sarbanes, D148 [4AP]
      ------Senator Wilson, D153 [5AP]
      ------Theodore Vander Els, D33 [7FE]
      ------Thomas A. Sands, D25 [2FE]
      ------Troy E. Wade II, D83 [6MR]
      Energy and Development--Choices for the Food Sector: Nyle C. 
        Brady, D472 [25JY]
      Energy Efficiency Technologies and Renewable Energy Resources 
        and National Energy Policy Act (S. 324): Arthur H. Rosenfeld, 
        D108 [14MR]
      ------Jack H. Gibbons, D108 [14MR]
      ------Jim Wolf, D108 [14MR]
      ------Peter Blair, D108 [14MR]
      ------Ralph Cavanagh, D108 [14MR]
      ------Robert Williams, D108 [14MR]
      ------Scott Sklar, D108 [14MR]
      ------Senator Fowler, D108 [14MR]
      ------Senator Heinz, D108 [14MR]
      ------Stephen Wiel, D108 [14MR]
      ------Sue Hickey, D108 [14MR]
      ------Tom Bath, D108 [14MR]
      ------William D. Robertson, D108 [14MR]
      ------William McCollam, Jr., D108 [14MR]
      Energy Policy and Conservation Act Extension: J. Allen Wampler, 
        D208 [19AP]
      ------Keith Fultz, D208 [19AP]
      ------Representative Akaka, D208 [19AP]
      Enforcement of Community Reinvestment Act: Griffith L. Garwood, 
        D494 [31JY]
      ------Janice M. Smith, D494 [31JY]
      ------Jerauld C. Kluckman, D494 [31JY]
      ------John H. McDowell, D494 [31JY]
      Enforcement of Federal Criminal Laws Against Financial 
        Institutions: Frederick D. Wolf, D139 [22MR]
      ------Joe Whitley, D142 [23MR]
      ------Representative Barnard, D142 [23MR]
      ------Rosemary Stewart, D142 [23MR]
      Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery Act (S. 828): Charles J. Mankin, 
        D520 [3AU]
      ------F. David Martin, D520 [3AU]
      ------John S. Sharp, D520 [3AU]
      ------Joseph E. King, D520 [3AU]
      ------Kenneth W. Gideon, D520 [3AU]
      ------Representative Andrews, D520 [3AU]
      ------Senator Domenici, D520 [3AU]
      ------William L. Fisher, D520 [3AU]
      Enroll Appropriations Items Agreed to by Both Houses as a 
        Separate Joint Resolution (S. 354): Senator Exon, D670 [18OC]
      Enterprise Zone Improvement Act (H.R. 6): Eleanor Chelimsky, 
        D667 [17OC]
      ------Jack Kemp, Sec. of HUD, D667 [17OC]
      ------Kenneth Gideon, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Dorgan, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Hoagland, D674 [18OC]
      ------Representative Schulze, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Stangeland, D674 [18OC]
      Enterprise Zones: Jack Kemp, Sec. of HUD, D138 [22MR]
      Environmental Activities: William H. Parker III, D118 [15MR]
      Environmental Cleanup at Nuclear Weapons Production Complex: 
        Charles A. Bowsher, D56 [23FE]
      ------Jonathan A. Cannon, D56 [23FE]
      ------Representative Stark, D56 [23FE]
      ------Representative Unsoeld, D56 [23FE]
      ------Troy E. Wade II, D56 [23FE]
      Environmental Compliance and Restoration at Coast Guard 
        Facilities: Elaine Stanley, D717 [1NO]
      ------Robert L. Johanson, D717 [1NO]
      ------Victor S. Rezendes, D717 [1NO]
      ------William H. Parker III, D717 [1NO]
      Environmental Considerations in Shaping Economic Policy in 
        Developing Countries: Denis Hayes, D535 [6SE]
      ------Esther Peterson, D585 [21SE]
      ------John Haberern, D585 [21SE]
      ------Lester R. Brown, D535 [6SE]
      ------Michael Wright, D535 [6SE]
      ------Robert Repetto, D585 [21SE]
      ------Senator Leahy, D535 [6SE]
      ------Thomas E. Lovejoy, D585 [21SE]
      ------Thomas Stoel, Jr., D535 [6SE]
      Environmental Impact of Oil Spills in Gulf of Mexico: Brooks B. 
        Yeager, D462 [24JY]
      ------Clyde T. Lusk, Jr., D462 [24JY]
      ------David Soileau, D462 [24JY]
      ------James P. Leape, D462 [24JY]
      ------John McMahon, D462 [24JY]
      ------Raymond W. Stephens, Jr., D462 [24JY]
      ------Robert W. Page, D462 [24JY]
      ------S. Scott Sewell, D462 [24JY]
      ------Thomas Wyman, D462 [24JY]
      Environmental Impact of World Bank Lending: George Laudato, D636 
      ------John Neihuss, D636 [4OC]
      Environmental Priorities for the Nuclear Weapons Complex: Dan W. 
        Reicher, D166 [7AP]
      ------Gary Jones, D166 [7AP]
      ------James D. Werner, D166 [7AP]
      ------Keith Fultz, D166 [7AP]
      ------William F. Fenzel, D166 [7AP]
      Environmental Restoration Issues Relating to Base Closure and 
        Realignment: Representative Boxer, D282 [17MY]
      ------Representative George Brown, D282 [17MY]
      ------Representative Hamilton, D282 [17MY]
      ------Representative Jerry Lewis, D282 [17MY]
      ------Representative Pelosi, D282 [17MY]
      ------Representative Robert C. Smith, D282 [17MY]
      ------Senator Coats, D282 [17MY]
      EPA and Supplemental Items: John A. Moore, D156 [5AP]
      EPA Appropriations: Charles L. Grizzle, D80 [3MR]
      ------Erich Bretthauer, D135 [21MR]
      ------John A. Moore, D80 [3MR]
      ------John Neuhold, D135 [21MR]
      ------William K. Reilly, D80 [3MR]
      EPA Contracting Out Practices: David J. O'Connor, D57 [23FE]
      ------Henry L. Longest II, D57 [23FE]
      ------John C. Martin, D57 [23FE]
      ------Richard L. Hembra, D57 [23FE]
      EPA Contracting Out Practices and Use of Consultants: Bernard L. 
        Ungar, D29 [3FE]
      ------David O'Connor, D29 [3FE], D729 [6NO]
      ------Donna R. Fitzpatrick, D729 [6NO]
      ------Henry Longest, D29 [3FE]
      ------Joel Hirschorn, D29 [3FE]
      ------Kevin Donahue, D29 [3FE]
      ------Lawrence Oliver, D729 [6NO]
      ------Ron J. Cormier, D29 [3FE]
      ------Terry Draver, D29 [3FE]
      EPA Enforcement of Laws and Regulations: Ann Powers, D768 [15NO]
      ------Carl Jannetti, D768 [15NO]
      ------Donald E. Mielke, D768 [15NO]
      ------Edwin B. Erickson, D768 [15NO]
      ------F. Henry Habicht II, D768 [15NO]
      ------Joan Z. Bernstein, D768 [15NO]
      ------John C. Martin, D768 [15NO]
      ------Judson W. Starr, D768 [15NO]
      ------Lee Stevens, D768 [15NO]
      ------Thomas P. Gallagher, D768 [15NO]
      EPA Implementation of the Superfund Program, Focusing on the 
        Management Review and OTA Assessment Report: Joel S. 
        Hirschhorn, D710 [31OC]
      ------Jonathan A. Cannon, D710 [31OC]
      ------Senator Lautenberg, D710 [31OC]
      EPA Management of Superfund Program: Donald S. Strait, D357 
      ------George L. Gleason, D357 [15JN]
      ------Jonathan A. Cannon, D357 [15JN]
      ------Lou Crampton, D357 [15JN]
      ------Richard C. Fortuna, D357 [15JN]
      ------Richard L. Hembra, D357 [15JN]
      ------William C. Child, D357 [15JN]
      ------William K. Reilly, D357 [15JN]
      EPA Management of the Marine Shale Case: Edward E. Reich, D586 
      ------Elizabeth Megginson, D586 [21SE]
      ------Myles Flint, D586 [21SE]
      ------Representative Tauzin, D586 [21SE]
      EPA Suppression of Report on Environmental Damage by Oil 
        Industry in Alaska and Investigation of EPA's Reversal of a 
        Staff Finding on Oil Drilling Waste: Sylvia Lowrance, D460 
      EPA's Pesticides Regulatory Program: John A. Moore, D76 [2MR]
      ------Representative Stallings, D76 [2MR]
      EPA/State Cleanup of Hazardous Waste Sites: Joel S. Hirschhorn, 
        D735 [7NO]
      ------John J. Trela, D735 [7NO]
      ------Jonathan A. Cannon, D735 [7NO]
      ------Richard L. Hembra, D735 [7NO]
      Equal Access to Voting Act (S. 675): Althea T.L. Simmons, D257 
      ------Antonia Hernandez, D257 [10MY]
      ------Arthur S. Flemming, D257 [10MY]
      ------Barbara Jordan, D257 [10MY]
      ------Brad Gahm, D257 [10MY]
      ------Bruce Fein, D257 [10MY]
      ------Frank R. Parker, D257 [10MY]
      ------Jesse Jackson, D257 [10MY]
      ------Senator Cranston, D257 [10MY]
      ------Senator McConnell, D257 [10MY]
      ------Timothy G. O'Rourke, D257 [10MY]
      ------William H. Brown III, D257 [10MY]
      ERISA: Dana L. Trier, D444 [19JY]
      ------John E. Stair, Jr., D444 [19JY]
      ------Paul R. Huard, D444 [19JY]
      ------Senator Dixon, D444 [19JY]
      ------Senator Metzenbaum, D444 [19JY]
      ------Steven R. Coch, D444 [19JY]
      ------Steven Schanes, D444 [19JY]
      Europe: James M. Murphy, Jr., D1313 [20MR]
      Europe 1992 and its Effects on U.S. Science, Technology, and 
        Competitiveness: John A. Shaw, D284 [17MY]
      ------John H. Moore, D284 [17MY]
      ------Richard E. Bradshaw, D284 [17MY]
      Europe 1992 EEC Plan: Carla A. Hills, D256 [10MY]
      ------Eugene McAllister, D259 [10MY]
      ------James M. Murphy, Jr., D259 [10MY]
      ------Lionel H. Olmer, D256 [10MY]
      ------Matthew B. Coffey, D256 [10MY]
      ------Peter J. deVos, D277 [16MY]
      ------Ralph Johnson, D277 [16MY]
      ------Richard E. Heckert, D256 [10MY]
      ------Robert A. Mosbacher, Sec. of Commerce, D256 [10MY]
      ------Stephen Cooney, D256 [10MY]
      ------William H. Ganeron, D277 [16MY]
      Everglades National Park Protection and Expansion Act (H.R. 
        1727): Representative Fascell, D277 [16MY]
      ------Representative Shaw, D277 [16MY]
      ------Robert Baker, D277 [16MY]
      ------Senator Graham, D277 [16MY]
      Everglades National Park Protection and Expansion Act (S. 724): 
        Anthony J. Clemente, D368 [20JN]
      ------Cynthia Lenhart, D368 [20JN]
      ------Dave Balman, D368 [20JN]
      ------James D. Webb, D368 [20JN]
      ------James Garner, D368 [20JN]
      ------James Humble, D368 [20JN]
      ------Jill W. Hoog, D368 [20JN]
      ------John M. Morehead, D368 [20JN]
      ------Manley K. Fuller III, D368 [20JN]
      ------Senator Graham, D368 [20JN]
      Evidentiary Hearings in the Matter Relative to the Impeachment 
        of Walter L. Nixon, Jr.: Benjamin F. Graves, D549 [12SE]
      ------George Saxon, D549 [12SE]
      ------Peter Beer, D549 [12SE]
      ------Walter Eppes, D549 [12SE]
      ------Walter L. Nixon, Jr., D549 [12SE]
      ------Will Denton, D549 [12SE]
      Executive Departments Use of Mediation, Conciliation, 
        Arbitration, and Other Techniques for Prompt and Informal 
        Dispute Resolution (S. 971): Edward E. Reich, D571 [19SE]
      ------Eldon Crowell, D571 [19SE]
      ------Gail Bingham, D571 [19SE]
      ------John O. McGinnes, D571 [19SE]
      ------Llewellyn M. Fischer, D571 [19SE]
      ------Philip J. Harter, D571 [19SE]
      ------Senator Grassley, D571 [19SE]
      ------William Barr, D571 [19SE]
      Executive Office of the U.S. Attorneys and the U.S. Marshals 
        Service: James G. Richmond, D134 [21MR]
      ------Stanley Morris, D134 [21MR]
      Exempt Federal Annuitants or Former Military Personnel Who 
        Assist in the Decennial Census From Offsets Relative to Pay 
        and Other Benefits (H.R. 1860): Charles D. Jones, D296 [23MY]
      ------Gene Dodaro, D296 [23MY]
      Eximbank: Allan I. Mendelowitz, D276 [16MY]
      Explore Ways To Assure Steady Supply of Trained Pilots for 
        Nation's Airline Industry: George Hof, D520 [3AU]
      ------Henry Duffy, D520 [3AU]
      ------John Fredericksen, D520 [3AU]
      ------John Kern, D520 [3AU]
      ------John Odegard, D520 [3AU]
      ------Karen Keesling, D520 [3AU]
      ------Kenneth Tallman, D520 [3AU]
      ------Tony LeVier, D520 [3AU]
      Export Enhancement programs: Allan I. Mendelowitz, D779 [16NO]
      Export of Unprocessed Timber (S. 754): D.G. Hendricks, D732 
      ------Douglas Caffall, D732 [7NO]
      ------George Frampton, D732 [7NO]
      ------Glen Ramiskey, D732 [7NO]
      ------James P. McElroy, D732 [7NO]
      ------Neil Goldschmidt, Governor of Oregon, D732 [7NO]
      ------R. Dennis Hayward, D732 [7NO]
      ------Randy Taylor, D732 [7NO]
      ------Representative DeFazio, D732 [7NO]
      ------Representative John Miller, D732 [7NO]
      ------Representative Unsoeld, D732 [7NO]
      ------Representative Williams, D732 [7NO]
      ------Rich Nafziger, D732 [7NO]
      ------Senator Gorton, D732 [7NO]
      ------Senator Packwood, D732 [7NO]
      ------Wayne Pierce, D732 [7NO]
      Export Promotion Activities: Sherman M. Funk, D611 [28SE]
      Export Promotion Activities of Executive Departments: Allan I. 
        Mendelowitz, D673 [18OC]
      ------Eugene J. McAllister, D673 [18OC]
      ------J. Michael Farren, D673 [18OC]
      ------William Becker, D673 [18OC]
      Extent to Which Exposure to Diesel Fumes in Closed Work Areas 
        Are Affecting Workers: Richard A. Lemen, D418 [12JY]
      ------T.S. Ary, D486 [27JY]
      Extend International Trading Rules to Agriculture in the Uruguay 
        Round of GATT: C. Ronald Caffey, D727 [3NO]
      ------Charles J. O'Mara, D727 [3NO]
      ------Eiler C. Ravnholt, D727 [3NO]
      ------Julius L. Katz, D727 [3NO]
      ------Reggie Wyckoff, D727 [3NO]
      ------Robert D. Josserand, D727 [3NO]
      ------Steven A. McCoy, D727 [3NO]
      ------Thomas M. Cook, D727 [3NO]
      Extending Voluntary Departure for Nationals from People's 
        Republic of China (H.R. 2712, 2722, 2929): Michael Pistor, 
        D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Barton, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Boxer, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Gunderson, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Levine, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Mineta, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Pelosi, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Porter, D457 [20JY]
      ------Richard L. Williams, D457 [20JY]
      Extending the U.S. Territorial Sea: Brian Hoyle, D134 [21MR]
      ------Chris Shafer, D134 [21MR]
      ------Ernie Carl, D134 [21MR]
      ------Joseph Vorbach, D134 [21MR]
      ------Michael Poling, D134 [21MR]
      ------Peter Douglas, D134 [21MR]
      ------Suzanne Ludicello, D134 [21MR]
      ------Timothy R.E. Keeney, D134 [21MR]
      Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Over Terrorists Acts Abroad: 
        Richard Armitage, D348 [13JN]
      ------Robert Oakley, D348 [13JN]
      Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Alaska: Bob Herring, D256 [10MY]
      ------Charles A. Bartholomew, D255 [10MY]
      ------Dennis Kelso, D255 [10MY]
      ------Don Collinsworth, D255 [10MY]
      ------Ernest J. Corrado, D256 [10MY]
      ------Frank J. Iarossi, D255 [10MY]
      ------Fredericka Ott, D255 [10MY]
      ------John Koltz, D256 [10MY]
      ------Karl Landgrebe, D256 [10MY]
      ------L.G. Rawl, D160 [6AP]
      ------Mark Delesdernier, Jr., D256 [10MY]
      ------Michelle O'Leary, D255 [10MY]
      ------Paul A. Yost, Jr., D160 [6AP]
      ------Richard M. Larrabee, D160 [6AP]
      ------Samuel K. Skinner, Sec. of Transportation, D160 [6AP]
      ------Steve Robinson, D160 [6AP]
      ------William E. Evans, D160 [6AP]
      ------William K. Reilly, D160 [6AP]
      ------R.C. Thompson, D256 [10MY]
      ------Roger E. McManus, D255 [10MY]
      ------Senator Adams, D256 [10MY]
      ------Thomas S. Wyman, D256 [10MY]
      ------Walter Stieglitz, D255 [10MY]
      ------William D. Stevens, D255 [10MY]
      FAA Appropriations: Robert E. Whittington
      ------Robert E. Whittingham, D163 [6AP], D239 [4MY]
      FAA Civil Penalty Assessment Demonstrations Program: Anthony J. 
        Broderick, D772 [15NO]
      ------James Kolstad, D772 [15NO]
      ------Representative Rose, D772 [15NO]
      FAA Organization, Structure, Management, and Effectiveness: 
        Edith B. Page, D266 [11MY]
      ------Kenneth M. Mead, D253 [9MY]
      ------Robert E. Whittington, D266 [11MY]
      FAA Research and Development: Robert E. Whittington, D184 [12AP]
      ------Victor Rezendes, D184 [12AP]
      FAA Utilization of Advanced Technology to Enhance Air Traffic 
        Control Training: James B. Busey, D700 [26OC]
      Facilitate National Distribution and Utilization of Coal (S. 
        318): David Senter, D209 [25AP]
      ------Henry J. Brolick, D209 [25AP]
      ------Jack Otero, D209 [25AP]
      ------John J. Kearney, Jr., D209 [25AP]
      ------Joseph E. Lema, D209 [25AP]
      ------K.O. Richardson, D209 [25AP]
      ------Stuart D. Serkin, D209 [25AP]
      ------William H. Dempsey, D209 [25AP]
      Facsimile Advertising Regulation Act (H.R. 2184): Representative 
        Frank, D300 [24MY]
      ------Representative Roukema, D300 [24MY]
      ------Representative Shays, D300 [24MY]
      Fair Credit Reporting Act: Bonnie Guiton, D556 [13SE]
      ------Janet D. Steiger, D556 [13SE]
      ------Representative Shaw, D556 [13SE]
      Fair Labor Standards Act Amendments (H.R. 2): Elizabeth H. Dole, 
        Sec. of Labor, D112 [14MR]
      ------Representative Armey, D135 [21MR]
      ------Representative Bartlett, D135 [21MR]
      ------Representative Carper, D135 [21MR]
      ------Representative George Miller, D135 [21MR]
      ------Representative Goodling, D135 [21MR]
      ------Representative Hawkins, D135 [21MR]
      ------Representative Kleczka, D101 [9MR]
      ------Representative Murphy, D135 [21MR]
      ------Representative Obey, D135 [21MR]
      ------Representative Petri, D135 [21MR]
      ------Representative Ridge, D135 [21MR]
      ------Representative Stenholm, D135 [21MR]
      Fair Labor Standards Act Amendments (H.R. 2710): Representative 
        Hawkins, D711 [31OC]
      ------Representative Murphy, D711 [31OC]
      ------Representative Sarpalius, D711 [31OC]
      Fairness in Broadcasting Act (H.R. 315) and Telephone Operator 
        Service Consumer Protection Act (H.R. 971): Gerry Brock, D157 
      ------Gregg Vogt, D157 [5AP]
      Family Medical Leave Act (H.R. 770): Representative Schroeder, 
        D34 [7FE]
      ------William J. Gainer, D34 [7FE]
      Family Planning Programs (S. 110, 120): Caroline Gaston, D250 
      ------Daniel F. Federman, D250 [9MY]
      ------Faye Wattleton, D250 [9MY]
      ------Nabors Cabaniss, D250 [9MY]
      ------Richard Glasow, D250 [9MY]
      ------Stephanie Jones, D250 [9MY]
      ------Thomas C. Kring, D250 [9MY]
      Family Planning Reauthorization Act (H.R. 930): James O. Mason, 
        D359 [15JN]
      ------Virginia Floyd, D359 [15JN]
      Family Services for Married Veterans With Service-Connected 
        Disabilities (H.R. 1931): John A. Gronvall, D217 [26AP]
      ------Representative Tom Lewis, D217 [26AP]
      Family Support Act, D302 [25MY]
      Family Support Act Regulations: Catherine Bertini, D269 [15MY]
      ------Cesar A. Perales, D269 [15MY]
      ------Constance Horner, D269 [15MY]
      ------Dennis J. Boyle, D269 [15MY]
      ------Dianne Edwards, D269 [15MY]
      ------Douglas S. Baird, D269 [15MY]
      ------Judith M. Gueron, D269 [15MY]
      ------Mark Greenberg, D269 [15MY]
      ------Michael N. Castle, D269 [15MY]
      ------Nancy Ebb, D269 [15MY]
      ------Peter M. Cove, D269 [15MY]
      ------Robert Greenstein, D269 [15MY]
      ------Robert Harris, D269 [15MY]
      ------Stanley W. Hill, D269 [15MY]
      Family Support Administration and Assistant Sec. for Human 
        Development: Catherine Bertini, D182 [12AP]
      ------Robert E. Stovenour, D182 [12AP]
      Farm Legislation: Clayton Yeutter, Sec. of Agriculture, D446 
      Farmers Home Administration: Neal S. Johnson, D137 [22MR]
      ------Roland R. Vautour, D137 [22MR]
      Farmers Home Administration Implementation of Agricultural 
        Credit Act: Jack Hertzler, D501 [1AU]
      ------Mark Boster, D501 [1AU]
      ------Neal S. Johnson, D501 [1AU]
      ------Pamela M. Dillion, D501 [1AU]
      Farmers Home Administration's Housing Programs: Clayton Yeutter, 
        Sec. of Agriculture, D141 [23MR]
      Fastener Quality Assurance Act (H.R. 777): Raymond G. Kammer, 
        D119 [15MR]
      FBI Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Practices: William 
        S. Sessions, D66 [28FE]
      FBI Appropriations: William S. Sessions, D157 [5AP]
      FBI Authority to Seize Suspects Abroad: Abraham D. Sofaer, D740 
      ------Oliver B. Revell, D740 [8NO]
      ------William P. Barr, D740 [8NO]
      FBI DNA Fingerprinting: John W. Hicks, D139 [22MR]
      FBI Drug Program and Criminal Investigative Matters: Floyd I. 
        Clarke, D102 [9MR]
      FBI Reauthorization Request for 1990 (Computer and Technology 
        System): William A. Bayse, D291 [18MY]
      FCC Appropriations: Alex Felker, D280 [17MY]
      ------Alfred C. Sikes, D562 [14SE]
      ------Andrew C. Barrett, D562 [14SE]
      ------James H. Quello, D562 [14SE]
      ------Sherrie P. Marshall, D562 [14SE]
      ------Thomas P. Stanley, D280 [17MY]
      FCC Price Gap Proposal: Dennis R. Patrick, D66 [28FE]
      FCC Reallocation of Ham Radio Frequencies: Dennis Bodson, D265 
      ------Thomas P. Stanley, D265 [11MY]
      FCC Regulation of Alternative Operator Services: Gregory Vogt, 
        D112 [14MR]
      ------Representative Cooper, D112 [14MR]
      ------Representative Rinaldo, D112 [14MR]
      FCIC, Packers and Stockyards Administration, and Office of 
        Transportation of Dept. of Agriculture: B.H. Jones, D99 [9MR]
      ------John Marshall, D99 [9MR]
      ------Kenneth Gilles, D99 [9MR]
      ------Martin F. Fitzpatrick, D99 [9MR]
      ------Roland R. Vautour, D99 [9MR]
      FDA Appropriations: Frank E. Young, D169 [10AP]
      ------James F. Dickson III, D169 [10AP]
      FDA Continuing Failure To Regulate Health Claims for Foods: 
        Frank E. Young, D710 [31OC]
      ------James B. MacRae, Jr., D749 [9NO]
      ------Robert Abrams, D710 [31OC]
      ------Thomas J. Miller, D710 [31OC]
      FDA Generic Drug Approval: Frank E. Young, D414 [11JY], D792 
      FDA Generic Drug Approval Process Investigations: Larry D. 
        Morey, D259 [10MY]
      ------Walter Kletch, D236 [3MY]
      FDA Inspection of Imported Foodstuffs: William L. Schwemer, D610 
      FEC: Daniel L. McDonald, D77 [2MR]
      ------Danny L. McDonald, D161 [6AP]
      ------John W. McGarry, D161 [6AP]
      ------Lee A. Elliott, D161 [6AP]
      Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.: Donald G. Coonley, D550 
        [12SE], D603 [27SE]
      ------Dorothy Acosta, D550 [12SE]
      ------John F. Harman, D603 [27SE]
      Federal and Congressional Campaign Finance Reform (S. 7, 56, 
        137, 242, 326, 330, 332, 359, and 597): David B. Magleby, D211 
      ------James M. Ratcliffe, D211 [25AP]
      ------Nancy M. Neuman, D211 [25AP]
      ------William Proxmire, D211 [25AP]
      Federal Assistance To Promote Rural Economic Development: Alex 
        Curtis, D272 [16MY]
      ------Ann Cole, D272 [16MY]
      ------Bob Bergland, D262 [11MY]
      ------Chris B. Page, D272 [16MY]
      ------George A. Sinner, Governor of North Dakota, D262 [11MY]
      ------George F. Alford, D262 [11MY]
      ------James M. Everett, D262 [11MY]
      ------Joe Beck, D272 [16MY]
      ------John Garrett, D272 [16MY]
      ------Kathleen Braaten, D272 [16MY]
      ------Ralph L. Tabor, D272 [16MY]
      ------Robert L. Thompson, D262 [11MY]
      ------Robert Wales, D272 [16MY]
      Federal Budget Structure Act (S. 1572): Senator Kohl, D696 
      Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act: Claudine J. 
        Weiher, D780 [16NO]
      ------Representative Atkins, D780 [16NO]
      ------Representative Durbin, D780 [16NO]
      Federal courts jurisdiction over certain multiparty, multiforum 
        civil actions (H.R. 3406): Steven Bransdorfer, D772 [15NO]
      ------William W. Schwarzer, D772 [15NO]
      Federal Credit Reform and Borrowing by Off-Budget Agencies: 
        Charles A. Bowsher, D202 [18AP]
      ------David Mullins, D202 [18AP]
      ------Robert D. Reischauer, D202 [18AP]
      Federal Crime Insurance and Flood Insurance Programs: Harold T. 
        Duryee, D401 [28JN]
      ------Representative Green, D401 [28JN]
      Federal Crop Insurance Program: John F. Harman, D579 [20SE]
      ------John Marshall, D579 [20SE]
      ------Representative Neal Smith, D579 [20SE]
      ------Sara Vogel, D579 [20SE]
      Federal Domestic Volunteer Agency Appropriations: Berryl 
        Thompson, D149 [4AP]
      ------Betty P. Manley, D149 [4AP]
      ------Derek Coelho, D149 [4AP]
      ------Donna Alvarado, D149 [4AP]
      ------John Egan, D149 [4AP]
      ------Kevin Smith, D149 [4AP]
      ------Nancy Wood, D149 [4AP]
      ------Senator Rockefeller, D149 [4AP]
      ------Winifred Dowling, D149 [4AP]
      Federal Drug Abuse Education Strategy: Lauro F. Cavazos, Sec. of 
        Education, D479 [26JY]
      Federal Drug Control Strategy: Richard G. Darman, D556 [13SE]
      ------Richard L. Thornburgh, Attorney General;, D556 [13SE]
      ------William J. Bennett, D556 [13SE]
      Federal Drug Interdiction Capabilities and Coordination of Dept. 
        of Defense: Arnold P. Jones, D339 [9JN]
      ------Edward Laughlin, D339 [9JN]
      ------James C. Irwin, D339 [9JN]
      ------John Vialet, D339 [9JN]
      ------Stephen G. Olmstead, D339 [9JN]
      ------Thomas W. Kelly, D339 [9JN]
      Federal Drug Policy: C. Peter Brock, D495 [31JY]
      ------Dawn Horrell, D495 [31JY]
      ------Elaina M. Wilcox, D495 [31JY]
      ------Elaine M. Johnson, D495 [31JY]
      ------G. Scott Dunn, D495 [31JY]
      ------Gregory L. Coler, D495 [31JY]
      ------Howard Fuller, D495 [31JY]
      ------Ira J. Chasnoff, D495 [31JY]
      ------James N. Forsberg, D495 [31JY]
      ------Mary S. Gall, D495 [31JY]
      ------Minnie Thomas, D495 [31JY]
      ------William J. Bennett, D558 [13SE]
      Federal Drug Policy Programs Affecting State and Local 
        Governments: Bob Martinez, Governor of Florida, D585 [21SE]
      ------Jim Moran, D585 [21SE]
      ------Pam Plumb, D585 [21SE]
      ------Richard F. Celeste, Governor of Ohio, D585 [21SE]
      ------Tom Bradley, D585 [21SE]
      Federal Employees Degree Training in Critical Skills Occupations 
        (H.R. 2544): Bruce L. Laingen, D488 [27JY]
      ------Constance B. Newman, D488 [27JY]
      Federal Employees' Health Benefits Program: Bernard L. Ungar, 
        D300 [24MY]
      ------Dennis Snook, D300 [24MY]
      ------Jerome D. Julius, D300 [24MY]
      Federal Employees Procedural Appeal Rights for Excepted Service 
        Personnel (H.R. 3086): Constance B. Newman, D551 [12SE]
      Federal Facilities Compliance with the Solid Waste Disposal Act: 
        Eric J. Fygi, D156 [5AP]
      ------Gary Vest, D156 [5AP]
      ------Lewis D. Walker, D156 [5AP]
      ------Nancy Stehle, D156 [5AP]
      ------William H. Parker III, D156 [5AP]
      Federal Facilities Radioactive Waste Control Act (H.R. 2708): 
        John C. Layton, D447 [19JY]
      ------Jonathan A. Cannon, D447 [19JY]
      ------Leo P. Duffy, D447 [19JY]
      Federal Fish Inspection Act (S. 1245): Ellen Haas, D684 [24OC]
      ------Frank E. Young, D684 [24OC]
      ------James W. Brennan, D684 [24OC]
      ------Joann D. Smith, D684 [24OC]
      ------Lee Weddig, D684 [24OC]
      ------Senator Mitchell, D684 [24OC]
      Federal Grain Inspection Service, Agricultural Marketing and 
        Agricultural Cooperatives: J. Patrick Boyle, D106 [13MR]
      ------Kenneth Gilles, D106 [13MR]
      ------Randall E. Torgerson, D106 [13MR]
      ------W. Kirk Miller, D106 [13MR]
      Federal Highway Administration: Richard D. Morgan, D182 [12AP]
      Federal Home Loan Bank Board and Selective Service System: M. 
        Danny Wall, D94 [8MR]
      ------Samuel K. Lessey, Jr., D94 [8MR]
      Federal Housing Administration Insurance Fund: Charles A. 
        Bowsher, D610 [28SE]
      ------Paul A. Adams, D610 [28SE]
      Federal Information Dissemination Policies and Practices: Edward 
        J. Hanley, D201 [18AP]
      ------Jerry McFaul, D295 [23MY]
      ------John J. Franke, Jr., D201 [18AP]
      ------John Penhollow, D201 [18AP]
      ------Joseph E. Clark, D295 [23MY]
      ------Joseph E. Jenifer, D414 [11JY]
      ------Representative Kleczka, D414 [11JY]
      Federal Information Policy: Christopher T. Cross, D270 [15MY]
      ------Courtenay Slater, D270 [15MY]
      ------Michael J. Boskin, D270 [15MY]
      ------Robert L. Park, D270 [15MY]
      ------Vincent P. Barabba, D270 [15MY]
      Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act Amendment: 
        Jack C. Parnell, D709 [31OC]
      ------Linda Fisher, D709 [31OC]
      ------Representative Synar, D709 [31OC]
      Federal Job Recruiting Practices: Constance B. Newman, D365 
      ------Curtis J. Smith, D365 [19JN]
      ------J.D. Walt, D365 [19JN]
      ------John Sturdivant, D365 [19JN]
      ------Libby Schnipper, D365 [19JN]
      ------Mary McLeod, D365 [19JN]
      ------P.L. Schittulli, D365 [19JN]
      ------Patricia W. Ingraham, D365 [19JN]
      ------Paul T. Weiss, D365 [19JN]
      ------Rebecca Slaven, D365 [19JN]
      ------Richard E. Endres, D365 [19JN]
      ------Robert M. Tobias, D365 [19JN]
      ------Rosslyn A. Kleeman, D365 [19JN]
      ------Sally K. Marshall, D365 [19JN]
      ------Steven M. Kreisberg, D365 [19JN]
      Federal Laws Relative to Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (H.R. 
        3277): Charles Corbett, D597 [26SE]
      ------Cy Jamison, D597 [26SE]
      ------Representative Miller, D597 [26SE]
      ------Thomas S. Neubig, D597 [26SE]
      ------Timothy Fields, Jr., D597 [26SE]
      Federal Management of Natural Resources on Indian Lands: Alan 
        Taradash, D263 [11MY]
      ------Bob Goodman, D257 [10MY]
      ------Burton Hutchinson, D263 [11MY]
      ------Clarence L. Harr, D263 [11MY]
      ------Dale Pyland, D257 [10MY]
      ------Dale Tunnel, D257 [10MY]
      ------Eddie Jacobs, D263 [11MY]
      ------Ervin Chavez, D263 [11MY]
      ------George Adams, D263 [11MY]
      ------George Brown, D257 [10MY]
      ------Jim Sims, D257 [10MY]
      ------Karen Anderson, D263 [11MY]
      ------Kevin Gover, D263 [11MY]
      ------Leonard Burch, D263 [11MY]
      ------Randy Fetterolf, D263 [11MY]
      ------Richard Ortiz, D263 [11MY]
      ------Tom Shipps, D263 [11MY]
      ------Walter Johnson, D257 [10MY]
      ------Wes Pettingill, D263 [11MY]
      Federal Maritime Commission Authorization: Elaine L. Chao, D43 
      ------Floyd H. Miller, D310 [1JN]
      ------James F. McNulty, D310 [1JN]
      ------James J. Carey, D310 [1JN]
      ------Leonard Tyler, D310 [1JN]
      ------Paul T. Smith, D310 [1JN]
      ------William A. Creelman, D310 [1JN]
      ------William C. Hearn, D310 [1JN]
      Federal Pay Raise: James Davidson, D24 [2FE]
      ------Joan Claybrook, D24 [2FE]
      ------Ralph Nader, D24 [2FE]
      ------Senator Grassley, D24 [2FE]
      ------Senator Helms, D24 [2FE]
      ------Senator Humphrey, D24 [2FE]
      ------Senator Pressler, D24 [2FE]
      ------Senator Sanford, D24 [2FE]
      Federal Railroad Administration: S. Mark Lindsey, D133 [21MR]
      Federal Reserve Reform Act (H.R. 2795): Alan Greenspan, D692 
      ------Representative Dorgan, D748 [9NO]
      ------Representative Evans, D748 [9NO]
      ------Representative Hamilton, D748 [9NO]
      Federal Reserve Reform Act (H.R. 3512): Representative Dorgan, 
        D748 [9NO]
      ------Representative Evans, D748 [9NO]
      ------Representative Hamilton, D748 [9NO]
      Federal Role in Preventing and Responding to Great Lakes Oil 
        Spills: Carol Finch, D535 [6SE]
      ------David F. Hales, D535 [6SE]
      ------David Usher, D535 [6SE]
      ------Edward J. Tennyson, D535 [6SE]
      ------J.D. Snyder, D535 [6SE]
      ------Langdon Marsh, D535 [6SE]
      ------Richard A. Appelbaum, D535 [6SE]
      ------Thomas E. Quinn, D535 [6SE]
      ------Thomas J. Schnell, D535 [6SE]
      ------Timothy Fields, Jr., D535 [6SE]
      ------Walter A. Lyon, D535 [6SE]
      ------William Yockey, D535 [6SE]
      Federal Science and Technology Information Policy: Eleanor 
        Chelimsky, D658 [12OC]
      ------Fred B. Wood, D658 [12OC]
      ------Joseph G. Coyne, D658 [12OC]
      Federal Strategies To Investigate and Prosecute Major Narcotics 
        Traffickers: Anthony Daniels, D151 [4AP]
      ------Joe Whitley, D151 [4AP]
      ------Terrence M. Burke, D151 [4AP]
      Federal Tort Claims Act (H.R. 2536): Representative Feighan, 
        D740 [8NO]
      ------Representative Gradison, D717 [1NO]
      ------Representative Richardson, D740 [8NO]
      ------Representative Wayne Owens, D717 [1NO]
      ------Senator Hatch, D717 [1NO]
      ------Stuart Gerson, D717 [1NO]
      Federal Tort Claims (H.R. 3331): Steve R. Ross, D611 [28SE]
      ------Steven Bransdorfer, D611 [28SE]
      Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendment: Adler Robert, 
        D362 [16JN]
      ------Alan Beals, D362 [16JN]
      ------Eric Draper, D362 [16JN]
      ------Ernest C. Shea, D362 [16JN]
      ------Jack Fickessen, D362 [16JN]
      ------Rebecca Hanmer, D362 [16JN]
      ------Robert Reich, D362 [16JN]
      ------Roberta J. Savage, D362 [16JN]
      ------William Norris, D362 [16JN]
      Federal-State Commission on Policies and Programs Affecting 
        Alaska Natives (H.R. 2960): Eddie Brown, D650 [10OC]
      ------James E. Torgerson, D650 [10OC]
      Federal-State Commission on Policies and Programs Affecting 
        Alaska Natives (S. 1364): Chris McNeil, D521 [3AU]
      ------David Case, D521 [3AU]
      ------Ed Warren, D521 [3AU]
      ------Eddie F. Brown, D521 [3AU]
      ------Joe Donahue, D521 [3AU]
      ------Johanna Hotch, D521 [3AU]
      ------Julie Kitka, D521 [3AU]
      ------Kay Gouwens, D521 [3AU]
      ------Lloyd Miller, D521 [3AU]
      ------Mary J. Fate, D521 [3AU]
      ------Richard Stitt, D521 [3AU]
      ------Senator Stevens, D521 [3AU]
      ------Tony Vaska, D521 [3AU]
      ------Will Mayo, D521 [3AU]
      Federal-State Coordination Efforts in Enforcing Money Laundering 
        Statutes: Boris F. Melnikoff, D713 [1NO]
      ------Chuck Morley, D713 [1NO]
      ------Gerald Lewis, D713 [1NO]
      ------Jerome S. Gagerman, D713 [1NO]
      ------John F. Lee, D713 [1NO]
      ------Joseph Madison, D713 [1NO]
      ------L. Don Sargent, D713 [1NO]
      ------Les Bender, D713 [1NO]
      ------Timothy D. Mahoney, D713 [1NO]
      Fees for Grazing of Livestock on Public Rangelands (H.R. 1670): 
        George M. Leonard, D174 [11AP]
      ------James Duffus III, D174 [11AP]
      ------Representative Skeen, D174 [11AP]
      ------Representative Stallings, D174 [11AP]
      ------Representative Synar, D174 [11AP]
      ------Roland G. Robison, D174 [11AP]
      FEMA Budget: Julius Becton, Jr., D133 [21MR], D223 [1MY]
      FERC Budget Policies: Charles G. Stalon, D138 [22MR]
      ------Charles Trabandt, D138 [22MR]
      ------Elizabeth Moler, D138 [22MR]
      ------Jerry Langdon, D138 [22MR]
      ------Martha O. Hesse, D110 [14MR], D138 [22MR]
      FERC Extension of Time Limitations on Construction of Certain 
        Hydroelectric Power Projects (H.R. 2964, 3021): Richard L. 
        Schmalensee, D653 [11OC]
      ------William G. Rosenberg, D653 [11OC]
      FERC's Proposed Policy Statement on Interim Gas Inventory 
        Charges: Charles A. Trabandt, D560 [14SE]
      ------Charles G. Stalon, D560 [14SE]
      ------Elizabeth A. Moler, D560 [14SE]
      ------Jerry J. Langdon, D560 [14SE]
      ------Martha O. Hesse, D560 [14SE]
      FERC's 5-Year Staggered Terms for Members (S. 388) and Creation 
        of the Position of Assistant Sec. of Energy for Natural Gas 
        (S. 389): Catherine Cook, D192 [17AP]
      ------Charles Curtis, D192 [17AP]
      ------Danny Conklin, D192 [17AP]
      ------George Lawrence, D192 [17AP]
      ------John C. Tuck, D192 [17AP]
      ------Nicholas Bush, D192 [17AP]
      ------Patrick Raffaniello, D192 [17AP]
      ------Robert Light, D192 [17AP]
      ------Sally Katzen, D192 [17AP]
      ------Vernon Jones, D192 [17AP]
      FHA Insurance Fund: Dennis Duquette, D557 [13SE]
      Financial Assistance To Strengthen Recruitment and Training of 
        Teachers (S. 1675, 1676): Beverly C. Glenn, D707 [31OC]
      ------Brian Dennehy, D707 [31OC]
      ------Linda Darling-Hammond, D707 [31OC]
      ------Maurice Sendak, D707 [31OC]
      ------Senator Domenici, D707 [31OC]
      ------Shirley McBay, D707 [31OC]
      ------Warren Burger, D707 [31OC]
      Financial Conditions of Federal Housing Administration and 
        Government National Mortgage Association (H.R. 1553): John M. 
        Ols, D779 [16NO]
      ------Robert P. Kalish, D779 [16NO]
      Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act 
        (H.R. 1278): Alan Greenspan, D138 [22MR]
      ------Delegate Fauntroy, D323 [6JN]
      ------Joe Whitley, D138 [22MR]
      ------L. William Seidman, D95 [8MR]
      ------M. Danny Wall, D101 [9MR]
      ------Nicholas F. Brady, Sec. of the Treasury, D56 [23FE]
      ------Representative Barnard, D323 [6JN]
      ------Representative Gonzalez, D516 [2AU]
      ------Representative LaFalce, D323 [6JN]
      ------Representative Laughlin, D323 [6JN]
      ------Representative Leach, D323 [6JN]
      ------Representative McCollum, D323 [6JN]
      ------Representative Oakar, D323 [6JN]
      ------Representative Alexander, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Annunzio, D323 [6JN]
      ------Representative Baker, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Bartlett, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Bennett, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Bereuter, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Bilirakis, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Bruce A. Morrison, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Bunning, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Clay, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Conyers, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative de la Garza, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Dicks, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Don Young, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Donnelly, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Dreier, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Gonzalez, D323 [6JN]
      ------Representative Hoagland, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Hyde, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Kanjorski, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Kaptur, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Kennedy, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative McDermott, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative McMillan, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Moody, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Stephen L. Neal, D323 [6JN]
      ------Representative Oxley, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Panetta, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Pease, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Rostenkowski, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Roth, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Roukema, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Schumer, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Sikorski, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Slattery, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Unsoeld, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Volkmer, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Wolpe, D328 [7JN]
      ------Richard G. Darman, D133 [21MR]
      ------Robert L. Clarke, D111 [14MR]
      Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act (S. 
        413): Ernest M. Fleischer, D129 [17MR]
      ------Eugene W. Kuthy, D123 [16MR]
      ------Herb Sandler, D129 [17MR]
      ------John D. Seymour, D123 [16MR]
      ------Lewis S. Ranieri, D129 [17MR]
      Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act 
        Impact on Federal Home Loan Bank System: Thurmon Connell, D653 
      Financial Services Industry: E. Gerald Corrigan, D422 [13JY]
      ------Felix G. Rohatyn, D422 [13JY]
      ------Jay O. Light, D422 [13JY]
      ------John S. Reed, D422 [13JY]
      Fiscal Policy and Economic Outlook: Alan Greenspan, D63 [28FE]
      Fiscal Year 1990 Budget Proposals: Harold Brown, D45 [21FE]
      ------Michael J. Boskin, D45 [21FE]
      ------Richard G. Darman, D43 [21FE]
      Fish and Fish Products Safety Act (H.R. 3155): Frank Young, D567 
      ------James W. Brennan, D567 [15SE]
      ------Lester Crawford, D567 [15SE]
      Fish and Wildlife Service: Steven A. Robinson, D110 [14MR]
      Fish Food Safety Program (H.R. 3369): Douglas Donegan, D750 
      ------James Benson, D750 [9NO]
      ------James Brennan, D750 [9NO]
      ------Lester Crawford, D750 [9NO]
      ------Representative Glickman, D750 [9NO]
      Fishermen's Protective Act (H.R. 2841): Carmen J. Blondin, D457 
      ------Edward E. Wolfe, Jr., D457 [20JY]
      Fishery Conservation and Management Act Funds and Review 
        Implementation of Drift Net Impact Monitoring, Assessment, and 
        Control Act: Barbara Stevenson, D279 [17MY]
      ------Barry Collier, D279 [17MY]
      ------David V. Borden, D279 [17MY]
      ------Henry Mitchell, D279 [17MY]
      ------Kate Troll, D279 [17MY]
      ------Richard J. Smith, D279 [17MY]
      ------Tim Smith, D279 [17MY]
      ------William E. Evans, D279 [17MY]
      Fishery Conservation and Management Act (H.R. 2061): Carmen J. 
        Blondin, D457 [20JY]
      ------Edward E. Wolfe, D231 [2MY]
      ------Edward E. Wolfe, Jr., D457 [20JY]
      ------James Brennan, D231 [2MY]
      ------Ted Leland, D231 [2MY]
      Flag Protection Act (H.R. 2978): Representative Don Edwards, 
        D650 [10OC]
      Flight Attendant Duty Time Act (H.R. 638): Anthony J. Broderick, 
        D284 [17MY]
      ------Representative Mineta, D284 [17MY]
      Flood Insurance: Harold T. Duryee, D236 [3MY]
      ------Representative Fascell, D236 [3MY]
      ------Representative Walter B. Jones, D236 [3MY]
      Food Safety Act Amendments (H.R. 1725): Jack Parnell, D283 
      ------John A. Moore, D283 [17MY]
      ------John M. Taylor, D283 [17MY]
      ------Richard L. Hembra, D283 [17MY]
      Food Safety and Inspection Service: Kenneth A. Gilles, D141 
      ------Lester M. Crawford, D141 [23MR]
      Food Security and Methods of Assessing Hunger: J. Michael 
        McGinnis, D143 [23MR]
      ------John W. Bode, D143 [23MR]
      ------Linda Randolph, D143 [23MR]
      Food Stamp Program Reauthorization: Catherine Bertini, D709 
      ------John Harman, D709 [31OC]
      ------Representative Wise, D709 [31OC]
      Food-Population Equation: Fred Sai, D79 [2MR]
      ------Luther Valgiddings, D57 [23FE]
      ------Ronald Trostle, D57 [23FE]
      Foreign Affairs Authorization: James A. Baker III, Sec. of 
        State, D45 [21FE]
      Foreign Agricultural Service, General Sales Manager, and Office 
        of International Cooperation and Development: Joan S. Wallace, 
        D131 [20MR]
      ------Melvin E. Sims, D131 [20MR]
      ------Richard Goldberg, D131 [20MR]
      ------Thomas O. Kay, D131 [20MR]
      Foreign Airport Security Act: Ed Stohr, D42 [9FE]
      ------L. Paul Bremer III, D42 [9FE]
      ------Ray Salazar, D42 [9FE]
      ------Representative Walsh, D42 [9FE]
      Foreign Assistance: Andrew Manatos, D247 [8MY]
      ------Arthur J. Levitt, D247 [8MY]
      ------Dean C. Lomis, D247 [8MY]
      ------John T. Joyce, D247 [8MY]
      ------Joseph D. Youssouf, D247 [8MY]
      ------Parker T. Hart, D247 [8MY]
      ------Richard L. McCall, D247 [8MY]
      ------Sharon Pauling, D247 [8MY]
      ------Stephen Hellinger, D247 [8MY]
      ------Thomas A. Dine, D247 [8MY]
      ------Thomas Stoel, D247 [8MY]
      Foreign Assistance Appropriations: Alan Woods, D122 [16MR]
      ------Allison Rosenberg, D194 [17AP]
      ------Ann B. Wrobleski, D137 [22MR]
      ------Carl Ford, Jr., D70 [1MR]
      ------Charles W. Brown, D118 [15MR], D148 [4AP]
      ------Chester A. Crocker, D194 [17AP]
      ------David Lambertson, D37 [8FE]
      ------Frank G. Vukmanic, D45 [21FE]
      ------Frederick K. Bernthal, D45 [21FE]
      ------H. Allen Holmes, D118 [15MR], D148 [4AP]
      ------James A. Baker III, Sec. of State, D115 [15MR]
      ------James F. Hoobler, D309 [1JN]
      ------James L. Woods, D194 [17AP]
      ------Jonathan Moore, D137 [22MR]
      ------John O'Donnell, D70 [1MR]
      ------Julia V. Taft, D194 [17AP]
      ------Kenneth L. Brown, D37 [8FE]
      ------Martin Roeber, D70 [1MR]
      ------Michael G. Kozak, D37 [8FE]
      ------Mostafa K. Tolba, D45 [21FE]
      ------Paul J. Hare, D33 [7FE]
      ------Paula J. Dobriansky, D37 [8FE]
      ------Richard E. Bissell, D45 [21FE], D148 [4AP]
      ------Robert Wayland, D45 [21FE]
      ------Sandra L. Vogelgesang, D137 [22MR]
      ------Walter G. Bollinger, D194 [17AP]
      Foreign Assistance Programs Appropriations (H.R. 2655): 
        Representative Fascell, D372 [20JN]
      ------Representative Gilman, D372 [20JN]
      ------Representative McHugh, D372 [20JN]
      ------Representative Obey, D372 [20JN]
      ------Representative Roth, D372 [20JN]
      ------Representative Traficant, D372 [20JN]
      Foreign Assistance Programs Appropriations (S. 808): James A. 
        Baker III, Sec. of State, D198 [18AP]
      Foreign Assistance Appropriations for Middle East: A. Peter 
        Burleigh, D207 [19AP]
      ------Carol C. Adelman, D207 [19AP]
      ------Edward S. Walker, D207 [19AP]
      ------Edward W. Gnehm, Jr., D207 [19AP]
      Foreign Assistance Oversight: Charles W. Brown, D95 [8MR]
      ------H. Allen Holmes, D95 [8MR]
      Foreign Assistance Programs: James M. Wilkinson, D125 [16MR]
      ------John A. Woodworth, D125 [16MR]
      ------Richard M. Brown, D125 [16MR]
      ------William Bodde, Jr., D125 [16MR]
      Foreign Assistance Programs Budget: Alan Woods, D228 [2MY]
      ------Charles Brown, D228 [2MY]
      ------Jonathan Moore, D227 [2MY]
      ------Reginald Bartholomew, D228 [2MY]
      Foreign Assistance Programs, Focusing on Latin America: Bernard 
        Aronson, D393 [23JN]
      ------Frederick Schieck, D393 [23JN]
      Foreign Assistance Programs, Focusing on International Finance 
        Corp., IMF, and Multilateral Investment Guaranty Agency: 
        Nicholas F. Brady, Sec. of the Treasury, D356 [15JN]
      Foreign Assistance Programs, Focusing on Multilateral 
        Development Banks, Including World Bank and International 
        Development Association: Nicholas F. Brady, Sec. of the 
        Treasury, D356 [15JN]
      Foreign Assistance Requests: Edward S. Walker, Jr.
      ------James M. Wilkinson, D88 [7MR]
      ------John A. Woodworth, D88 [7MR]
      ------Richard M. Brown, D88 [7MR]
      ------Sandy Vogelgesang, D78 [2MR]
      ------William Bodde, Jr., D88 [7MR]
      Foreign Availability Under Export Administration Act: 
        Christopher Hankins, D792 [17NO]
      ------Dennis Kloske, D792 [17NO]
      ------Stephen Hadley, D792 [17NO]
      Foreign Investment Data Collection Procedures (S. 289, 856): 
        Douglas Woodward, D412 [11JY]
      ------Elliot L. Richardson, D412 [11JY]
      ------Jerry Jasinowski, D412 [11JY]
      ------Michael R. Darby, D412 [11JY]
      ------Representative Bryant, D412 [11JY]
      ------Senator Harkin, D412 [11JY]
      ------Senator Murkowski, D412 [11JY]
      ------T. Boone Pickens, D412 [11JY]
      Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs 
        Appropriations (H.R. 2939): Representative Berman, D447 [19JY]
      ------Representative Fascell, D447 [19JY]
      ------Representative Leland, D447 [19JY]
      ------Representative Nielson, D447 [19JY]
      ------Representative Oakar, D447 [19JY]
      ------Representative Obey, D447 [19JY], D756 [13NO]
      Foreign Ownership in U.S. Airlines: Edward R. Beauvais, D632 
      ------Samuel K. Skinner, Sec. of Transportation, D632 [4OC]
      ------Timothy Pettee, D632 [4OC]
      Foreign Policy Defense Issues: Robert M. Kimmitt, D255 [10MY]
      Foreign Policy Export Controls: Dennis Kloske, D644 [5OC]
      ------Robert A. Mosbacher, Sec. of Commerce, D644 [5OC]
      Foreign Relations Authorization Act (H.R. 1487): Representative 
        Dymally, D174 [11AP]
      ------Representative Snowe, D174 [11AP]
      Foreign Repair Stations Legislation (H.R. 145, 1741): Allan 
        Larson, D397 [27JN]
      ------Anthony J. Broderick, D397 [27JN]
      ------Jeffrey N. Shane, D397 [27JN]
      ------Linda F. Powers, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Inhofe, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Lantos, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Mineta, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Pelosi, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Synar, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Watkins, D397 [27JN]
      ------Representative Wheat, D397 [27JN]
      Foreign Trade Issues: Priscilla Rabb, D99 [9MR]
      ------Robert O. Draggon, D99 [9MR]
      ------William F. Ryan, D99 [9MR]
      Foreign Trade Zone Program: Allan I. Mendelowitz, D89 [7MR]
      ------Charles Sargent, D89 [7MR]
      ------John Holl, D89 [7MR]
      ------Timothy Bergen, D89 [7MR]
      Forest Service: F. Dale Robertson, D212 [25AP]
      Forest Service Appeals Process: Anthony Colter, D286 [18MY]
      ------Chester Joy, D286 [18MY]
      ------George M. Leonard, D286 [18MY]
      ------H. Michael Anderson, D286 [18MY]
      ------James Riley, D286 [18MY]
      ------Jay Watson, D286 [18MY]
      ------John W. Harman, D286 [18MY]
      ------Mark Ray, D286 [18MY]
      ------Tony E. Schoonen, D286 [18MY]
      Forest Service Budget Request: F. Dale Robertson, D43 [9FE]
      ------George S. Dunlop, D43 [9FE], D69 [1MR]
      ------George Leonard, D69 [1MR]
      ------S. Dale Robertson, D69 [1MR]
      Forest Service Conservation Easement Purchase From New 
        Hampshire: Gordon Small, D312 [1JN]
      ------Representative Vento, D312 [1JN]
      Forest Service's Timber Accounting Practices: Brian P. Crowley, 
        D780 [16NO]
      Forestry Research and Service Facilities: James C. Overbay, D580 
      ------Jerry A. Sesco, D580 [20SE]
      Formulation of Farm Legislation: George A. Sinner, Governor of 
        North Dakota, D400 [28JN]
      ------Mike Hayden, Governor of Kansas, D400 [28JN]
      ------Representative Bereuter, D400 [28JN]
      ------Representative Dorgan, D400 [28JN]
      ------Representative Kastenmeier, D400 [28JN]
      ------Representative Richard Lehman, D400 [28JN]
      ------Representative Robert Thomas, D400 [28JN]
      ------Representative Roth, D400 [28JN]
      ------Representative Slattery, D400 [28JN]
      ------Representative Stearns, D400 [28JN]
      ------Representative Virginia Smith, D400 [28JN]
      Formulation of National Energy Plan To Affect Global Climate 
        Change: Gregg Marland, D474 [26JY]
      ------James D. Watkins, D474 [26JY]
      Fossil Energy Programs: J. Allen Wampler, D192 [17AP]
      Foster Care and Child Welfare Programs: Mary S. Gall, D313 [1JN]
      Frank E. Moss Federal Building, Salt Lake City, UT (H.R. 3311): 
        David Bigg, D741 [8NO]
      ------F. Henry Habicht II, D741 [8NO]
      ------James B. Stewart, D763 [14NO]
      ------Judah C. Sommer, D763 [14NO]
      ------Representative Panetta, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Visclosky, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Wayne Owens, D741 [8NO]
      ------Richard A. Hauser, D763 [14NO]
      ------Richard G. Austin, D741 [8NO]
      Fraud, Waste, and Apparent Conflict of Interest Associated with 
        the C-5 Aircraft: Bud Harlow, D138 [22MR]
      ------Calvin Phillips, D138 [22MR]
      ------Daniel Rak, D138 [22MR]
      ------Harry Finley, D138 [22MR]
      ------Richard Smith, D138 [22MR]
      Fraud Within Penny Stock Market: H. Wayne Howell, D542 [7SE]
      Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania Battlefields Memorial National 
        Military Park Expansion Act (H.R. 875): Jerry Rogers, D231 
      ------Representative Mrazek, D231 [2MY]
      ------Representative Slaughter of Virginia, D231 [2MY]
      Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Battlefields Memorial 
        National Military Park, VA, Boundaries (S. 1559): Charles G. 
        McDaniel, D685 [24OC]
      ------Gary W. Gallagher, D685 [24OC]
      ------Representative D. French Slaughter, D685 [24OC]
      ------Senator Warner, D685 [24OC]
      Fresh Lime Research, Promotion, and Consumer Information Act 
        (H.R. 1776): Kenneth C. Clayton, D446 [19JY]
      ------Representative Fascell, D446 [19JY]
      Fresh Mushroom Promotion, Research, and Consumer Information Act 
        (H.R. 2187): Kenneth Clayton, D469 [25JY]
      ------Representative Schulze, D469 [25JY]
      ------Representative Stallings, D469 [25JY]
      FRS Budget: Brent L. Bowen, D524 [3AU]
      ------Edward W. Kelley, D524 [3AU]
      ------Wayne D. Angell, D524 [3AU]
      FRS Monetary Policies Leading to Zero Inflation (H.J. Res. 409): 
        Representative Dorgan, D748 [9NO]
      ------Representative Evans, D748 [9NO]
      ------Representative Hamilton, D748 [9NO]
      FRS Report to Congress: Alan Greenspan, D456 [20JY]
      FRS To Adopt and Pursue Monetary Policies Leading to Zero 
        Inflation (H.J. Res. 409): Alan Greenspan, D692 [25OC]
      FSLIC Assistance Programs: Lawrence J. White, D9 [19JA]
      ------M. Danny Wall, D9 [19JA]
      ------Roger F. Martin, D9 [19JA]
      FSX Aircraft Agreement With Japan: Clyde V. Prestowitz, D104 
      ------Donald C. Hellmann, D104 [13MR]
      ------Edward C. Bursk, D104 [13MR]
      ------Frank C. Carlucci, D104 [13MR]
      ------Frank C. Conahan, D276 [16MY]
      ------Glenn Rudd, D291 [18MY]
      ------James E. Auer, D104 [13MR]
      ------Joan M. McEntee, D291 [18MY]
      ------Lawrence S. Eagleburger, D256 [10MY]
      ------Michael Matheson, D291 [18MY]
      ------Representative Bentley, D253 [9MY]
      ------Representative Gephardt, D253 [9MY]
      ------Representative Levine, D253 [9MY]
      ------Richard B. Cheney, Sec. of Defense, D256 [10MY]
      ------Robert A. Mosbacher, Sec. of Commerce, D256 [10MY]
      ------Senator Bingaman, D256 [10MY]
      ------Senator D'Amato, D256 [10MY]
      ------Senator Dixon, D256 [10MY]
      ------William Clark, Jr., D291 [18MY]
      ------William R. Hawkins, D104 [13MR]
      FSX Prototype and the Competitiveness of the U.S. Aerospace 
        Industry: Representative Levine, D56 [23FE]
      FTC Funds: Andrew Strenio, Jr., D325 [7JN]
      ------Bruce Silverglade, D325 [7JN]
      ------Craig Berrington, D325 [7JN]
      ------Daniel L. Jaffe, D325 [7JN]
      ------Daniel Oliver, D325 [7JN]
      ------Donald A. Randall, D332 [8JN]
      ------H. Martyn Owen, D332 [8JN]
      ------John S. Satagaj, D325 [7JN]
      ------Katherine McDermott, D332 [8JN]
      ------Lloyd Constantine, D332 [8JN]
      ------Mark Silbergeld, D332 [8JN]
      ------Mary L. Azcuenaga, D325 [7JN]
      ------Mel Goldberg, D332 [8JN]
      ------R. Malcolm Overby, D332 [8JN]
      ------Robert Abrams, D332 [8JN]
      ------Robert Pitofsky, D325 [7JN]
      ------Steven Calkins, D325 [7JN]
      ------Timothy Muris, D325 [7JN]
      ------Wallace S. Snyder, D325 [7JN]
      FTC Policies and Enforcement Activities Relative to Deceptive 
        Medical Advertising: Daniel Oliver, D307 [31MY]
      ------Hugh Johnson, D307 [31MY]
      ------Richard Gannon, D307 [31MY]
      Fuel Economy Issues: Steven Plotkin, D169 [10AP]
      Fuel Ethanol Imports from Caribbean Basin Countries: Allan I. 
        Mendelowitz, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Anthony, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Durbin, D214 [25AP]
      ------Vern Simpson, D214 [25AP]
      Funding for Renewal of Expiring Section 8 Housing Contracts: 
        Jack Kemp, Sec. of HUD, D535 [6SE]
      Future of the U.S. Enterprise Economy: Donald Johnson, D612 
      ------Erich Bloch, D612 [28SE]
      ------Erich Bretthauer, D612 [28SE]
      ------Gerald L. Baliles, Governor of Virginia, D558 [13SE]
      Future of U.S.-Soviet Relations: George F. Kennan, D149 [4AP]
      Future Political Status of Puerto Rico (S. 710, 711, 712): 
        Edward S.G. Dennis, D412 [11JY]
      ------Levin H. Campbell, D412 [11JY]
      ------Mary V. Mochary, D412 [11JY]
      ------Michael J. Byron, D412 [11JY]
      ------Stephen G. Breyer, D412 [11JY]
      Futures Trading Practices Act (S. 1729): Charles P. Nastro, D669 
      ------Donald B. Conlin, D669 [18OC]
      ------Harvey J. Sanner, D669 [18OC]
      ------Jack Frick, D669 [18OC]
      ------James H. Lindau, D669 [18OC]
      ------John M. Damgard, D669 [18OC]
      ------Karsten Mahlmann, D663 [17OC]
      ------Leo Melamed, D663 [17OC]
      ------Michael Braude, D669 [18OC]
      ------Neal P. Gillen, D669 [18OC]
      ------Robert E. Fink, D663 [17OC]
      ------Robert R. Peterson, D669 [18OC]
      ------Thomas F. Eagleton, D663 [17OC]
      ------Wendy L. Gramm, D663 [17OC]
      ------Willis Eken, D669 [18OC]
      ------Z. Lou Guttman, D663 [17OC]
      Garbage Backhauling on Food Distribution Trucks: Alan I. 
        Roberts, D516 [2AU]
      ------Bernard Gaillard, D516 [2AU]
      ------Bruce Weddle, D516 [2AU]
      ------Representative Christopher H. Smith, D516 [2AU]
      ------Richard Davis, D516 [2AU]
      ------Wilson S. Horne, D516 [2AU]
      GAO Assessment of the New Production Reactor Program: J. Dexter 
        Peach, D299 [24MY]
      ------Ronald W. Cochran, D299 [24MY]
      GAO Audits of Federal Housing Administration: C. Austin Fitts, 
        D600 [27SE]
      ------Charles A. Bowsher, D600 [27SE]
      ------Dennis J. Duquette, D600 [27SE]
      ------John M. Ols, Jr., D600 [27SE]
      ------Thomas Craren, D600 [27SE]
      GAO Audits of Federal Housing Administration and Government 
        National Mortgage Association of Dept. of HUD: Brian Crowley, 
        D501 [1AU]
      ------C. Austin Fitts, D520 [3AU]
      ------Charles A. Bowsher, D501 [1AU]
      ------John M. Ols, Jr., D501 [1AU]
      ------Tom Crarer, D501 [1AU]
      GAO Budget: Charles A. Bowsher, D262 [11MY]
      GAO Review of FBI's International Terrorism Program: Arnold P. 
        Jones, D389 [22JN]
      GAO Study of Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Plan: Bernard 
        L. Ungar, D221 [27AP]
      ------Curtis J. Smith, D221 [27AP]
      ------Harriet Jenkins, D221 [27AP]
      ------Thomas Komarek, D221 [27AP]
      ------Thomas S. McFee, D221 [27AP]
      GAO Study of Management of Office of Special Education and 
        Rehabilitative Services: Robert Davila, D542 [7SE]
      ------William Gainer, D542 [7SE]
      GAO survey of changes in cable rates: Richard M. Kessel, D524 
      ------John Ohls, D524 [3AU]
      GATT: Ann M. Veneman, D177 [12AP]
      ------Charles J. O'Mara, D177 [12AP]
      ------Suzanne Early, D177 [12AP]
      ------Warren Lavorel, D177 [12AP]
      General Agriculture Outlook: Ewen Wilson, D65 [28FE]
      General Aviation Accident Liability Standards Act (S. 640): 
        Charles T. Hvass, Jr., D375 [21JN]
      ------Representative Glickman, D375 [21JN]
      ------Robert Martin, D375 [21JN]
      ------Senator Kassebaum, D375 [21JN]
      General Aviation Standards Act (H.R. 1307): Representative 
        Glickman, D300 [24MY]
      General Government: Kathleen D. Koch, D148 [4AP]
      ------Paul W. Bateman, D148 [4AP]
      ------Robert G. Stanton, D148 [4AP]
      ------Thomas G. Moore, D148 [4AP]
      Genesee River Protection Act (S. 931; H.R. 2333): James W. 
        Stewart, D628 [3OC]
      ------Jerry Rogers, D699 [26OC]
      ------Representative Goodling, D699 [26OC]
      ------Representative Paxon, D628 [3OC]
      ------Senator Moynihan, D628 [3OC]
      ------Tom Reynolds, D628 [3OC]
      Geological Survey: Dallas L. Peck, D173 [11AP]
      GI Bill: Albert V. Conte, D563 [14SE]
      ------David J. Berteau, D563 [14SE]
      ------Edmund P. Looney, Jr., D563 [14SE]
      ------J.E. Taylor, D563 [14SE]
      ------John B. Conaway, D563 [14SE]
      ------John N. Faigle, D563 [14SE]
      ------Roger Bultman, D563 [14SE]
      ------Roger P. Scheer, D563 [14SE]
      Global Change Research Program (H.R. 2984): Dallas L. Peck, D489 
      ------Frederick M. Bernthal, D489 [27JY]
      ------Robert Watson, D489 [27JY]
      Global Climate Change Prevention Act (S. 1610): Clayton K. 
        Yeutter, Sec. of Agriculture, D729 [6NO]
      ------Lynn Greenwalt, D729 [6NO]
      ------R. Neil Sampson, D729 [6NO]
      Global Defense Matters: William J. Crowe, Jr., D128 [17MR]
      Global Environment Changes (H.R. 37, 2734, 2984, 333): Barry 
        Johnson, D782 [16NO]
      ------James Fouts, D782 [16NO]
      ------James Mahoney, D782 [16NO]
      ------John Skinner, D782 [16NO]
      ------William A. Nitze, D699 [26OC]
      Global Environment Research Policy Act (H.R. 980): Dallas L. 
        Peck, D244 [4MY]
      ------William E. Evans, D244 [4MY]
      Global Spread of Chemical and Biological Weapons: James 
        LeMunyon, D229 [2MY]
      ------Max Turnipseed, D229 [2MY]
      ------Paul Fredenberg, D229 [2MY]
      ------Paul Wisgerhof, D229 [2MY]
      ------Richard Perle, D229 [2MY]
      ------Roger Harrison, D229 [2MY]
      ------William von Raab, D229 [2MY]
      Global Warming Trend: Dallas L. Peck, D246 [8MY]
      ------Daniel L. Albritton, D45 [21FE]
      ------George Woodwell, D246 [8MY]
      ------James E. Hansen, D246 [8MY]
      ------Jerry D. Mahlman, D246 [8MY]
      ------Linda Fisher, D243 [4MY]
      ------Ralph J. Cicerone, D246 [8MY]
      ------Stephen H. Schneider, D246 [8MY]
      ------V. Ramanathan, D246 [8MY]
      Government Check Cashing Act (S. 906): Howard B. Brown, D320 
      ------Jerome S. Gagerman, D320 [6JN]
      ------John P. Kelly, Jr., D320 [6JN]
      ------Peggy Miller, D320 [6JN]
      ------Richard A. Loundy, D320 [6JN]
      ------Robert J. Sell, D320 [6JN]
      ------Robert L. Stevens, D320 [6JN]
      ------Rosemary Dunlap, D320 [6JN]
      ------William E. Douglas, D320 [6JN]
      Government Efforts to Combat Acquired Immune Deficiency 
        Syndrome: Frank E. Young, D32 [7FE]
      ------Gary Noble, D32 [7FE]
      ------Samuel Matheny, D32 [7FE]
      ------Samuel Thier, D32 [7FE]
      Government Efforts To Combat Terrorism: Brian M. Jenkins, D546 
      ------Morris D. Busby, D546 [11SE]
      ------Noel Koch, D546 [11SE]
      ------Oliver B. Revell, D546 [11SE]
      ------Robert H. Kupperman, D546 [11SE]
      ------Stansfield Turner, D546 [11SE]
      Government Ethics Standards (H.R. 3660): Representative Barton, 
        D772 [15NO]
      ------Representative Bennett, D772 [15NO]
      ------Representative Dannemeyer, D772 [15NO]
      ------Representative Early, D772 [15NO]
      ------Representative Fazio, D772 [15NO]
      ------Representative Foley, D772 [15NO]
      ------Representative Livingston, D772 [15NO]
      ------Representative Michel, D772 [15NO]
      ------Representative Obey, D772 [15NO]
      Government Inspectors General's Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Hotline 
        Operation: Bob Edgell, D753 [13NO]
      ------Brian P. Crowley, D753 [13NO]
      ------Dina Rasor, D753 [13NO]
      ------Nancy Kusen, D753 [13NO]
      ------Phillip T. Doe, D753 [13NO]
      ------William M. Diefenderfer III, D753 [13NO]
      Government Regulation of Pesticides on Food and Threat of 
        Fungicide EBDC to Human Health: Charles M. Benbrook, D589 
      ------Jim Hightower, D589 [22SE]
      ------Linda J. Fisher, D589 [22SE]
      ------Robert M. Goodman, D589 [22SE]
      Government Response to the Pan American Airways Flight 103 
        Disaster: Aphrodite Tsaris, D167 [7AP]
      ------Burt Ammerman, D167 [7AP]
      ------Clayton E. McManaway, D167 [7AP]
      ------Doug Garcyznski, D167 [7AP]
      ------Eleanor Bright, D167 [7AP]
      ------Elizabeth Delude-Dix, D167 [7AP]
      ------Janine Boulanger, D167 [7AP]
      ------Joan M. Clark, D167 [7AP]
      ------Monte R. Belger, D167 [7AP]
      ------Peter Lowenstein, D167 [7AP]
      ------Raymond A. Salazar, D167 [7AP]
      Government Role in Scientific Research, Education and 
        Innovation: Donald F. Horning, D161 [6AP]
      ------Frank Press, D161 [6AP]
      ------H. Guyford Stever, D161 [6AP]
      ------Lewis M. Branscomb, D161 [6AP]
      Grain Reserve Policy: Richard Hancock, D596 [26SE]
      Grand Island National Recreation Area (H.R. 1472): F. Dale 
        Robertson, D220 [27AP]
      ------Larry Henson, D396 [27JN], D685 [24OC]
      ------Representative Davis, D220 [27AP]
      ------Representative Kildee, D220 [27AP]
      Grants for Critical Languages, Area Studies in Elementary and 
        Secondary Schools, and To Improve Foreign Language Instruction 
        (S. 1540, 1690): Charles MacCormack, D707 [31OC]
      ------Christine Brown, D707 [31OC]
      ------Helene Zimmer-Loew, D707 [31OC]
      ------Jeanne W. Cook, D707 [31OC]
      ------Margaret Dyer, D707 [31OC]
      ------Nicholas Daniloff, D707 [31OC]
      ------Ray Clifford, D707 [31OC]
      ------Richard Unsworth, D707 [31OC]
      Groundwater Monitoring at Land Disposal Facilities: Jonathan A. 
        Cannon, D219 [27AP]
      ------Richard L. Hembra, D219 [27AP]
      Groundwater Research Activities (H.R. 37): Harry Mussman, D630 
      ------John N. Fisher, D630 [3OC]
      ------Rebecca W. Hanmer, D630 [3OC]
      GSA Acquisition of Certain Public Buildins: Richard G. Austin, 
        D727 [3NO]
      GSA Appropriations: Raymond A. Fontaine
      ------Richard G. Austin, D37 [8FE]
      ------William B. Early, Jr.
      ------William R. Barton, D42 [9FE]
      GSA Building and Lease Prospectuses: David Bigg, D741 [8NO]
      ------F. Henry Habicht II, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Panetta, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Visclosky, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Wayne Owens, D741 [8NO]
      ------Richard G. Austin, D741 [8NO]
      GSA Building Project Survey Report: David Bigg, D741 [8NO]
      ------F. Henry Habicht II, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Panetta, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Visclosky, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Wayne Owens, D741 [8NO]
      ------Richard G. Austin, D741 [8NO]
      GSA's Fiscal Year 1990 Capital Improvement and Leasing Programs: 
        David L. Bibb, D371 [20JN]
      ------Milton Socolar, D371 [20JN]
      ------Representative Clarke, D371 [20JN]
      ------Representative Myers, D371 [20JN]
      ------W. Louis Bisette, Jr., D371 [20JN]
      Guns and Drugs: Edward C. Ezell, D710 [31OC]
      ------Phil Orsini, D710 [31OC]
      ------William B. Rosenblatt, D710 [31OC]
      Haitian Detention and Interdiction: Alan Kreczko, D336 [8JN]
      ------Jim Buck, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Fascell, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Fauntroy, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Lawrence J. Smith, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative William Lehman, D336 [8JN]
      ------Richard W. Aherne, D336 [8JN]
      ------Walter T. Leland, D336 [8JN]
      Handgun Violence Prevention Act (S. 1236): Edward S.G. Dennis, 
      ------Edward S.G. Dennis Jr., D810 [21NO]
      ------James Baker, National Rifle Association
      Hard Mineral Mining in the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone: Edward 
        Cassidy, D244 [4MY]
      ------James Lawless, D244 [4MY]
      Harpers Ferry National Historical Park Additional Land (S. 85): 
        Bradley D. Nash, D154 [5AP]
      ------Denis Galvin, D154 [5AP]
      ------Senator Byrd, D154 [5AP]
      Harry S. Truman National Historic Site, MO (H.R. 419): Gerald 
        Patton, D443 [19JY]
      ------Representative Skelton, D113 [14MR]
      ------Representative Wheat, D113 [14MR]
      ------Senator Bond, D443 [19JY]
      ------William P. Mott, Jr., D113 [14MR]
      Hatch Act Reform Amendments (S. 135): Constance B. Newman, D466 
      ------Edward G. Dennis, D466 [25JY]
      ------Mary F. Wieseman, D466 [25JY]
      ------Moe Biller, D466 [25JY]
      ------Senator McConnell, D466 [25JY]
      ------Vincent R. Sombrotto, D466 [25JY]
      Hazardous Materials Transportation Act and Uniform Safety Act 
        Amendments (H.R. 3520): Bernard Gaillard, D740 [8NO]
      ------James L. Kolstad, D740 [8NO]
      ------Representative Applegate, D740 [8NO]
      ------Representative Christopher H. Smith, D740 [8NO]
      ------Representative Tony P. Hall, D740 [8NO]
      ------Representative Traxler, D740 [8NO]
      Health and Human Service Aspects of Homelessness: Freda Mitchem, 
        D615 [29SE]
      ------Lisa Mihaly, D615 [29SE]
      ------Renee Johnson, D615 [29SE]
      ------Scott Crohn, D615 [29SE]
      Health and Safety Issues Related to Medical Devices: Charles 
        A.Bowsher, D730 [6NO]
      ------Eleanor Chelimsky, D730 [6NO]
      Health and Safety of Workers: Peter Brush, D282 [17MY]
      Health Care Financing Administration: Dorcas R. Hardy, D173 
      ------Louis B. Hays, D173 [11AP]
      Health Care for Veterans Living in Remote and Rural Areas: 
        Carroll Raoul, D769 [15NO]
      ------Clarence Nixon, D769 [15NO]
      ------Daniel H. Winship, D769 [15NO]
      ------Edward J. Derwinski, Sec. of Veterans Affairs, D769 [15NO]
      ------Francis Goldstein, D769 [15NO]
      ------Gary Burns, D769 [15NO]
      ------George Andries, D769 [15NO]
      ------James Powell, D769 [15NO]
      ------Jim Deremo, D769 [15NO]
      ------Jim Nier, D769 [15NO]
      ------John Woods, D769 [15NO]
      ------Marjorie Quandt, D769 [15NO]
      ------Patrick Hart, D769 [15NO]
      ------Ray Seerup, D769 [15NO]
      ------Robert Daisey, D769 [15NO]
      Health Care Services for Aging Veterans: Daniel H. Winship, D191 
      ------Representative Florio, D191 [13AP]
      Health Effects of Air Pollution: Bailus Walker, Jr., D198 [18AP]
      ------Christopher Green, D198 [18AP]
      ------E. Regis McFadden, Jr., D198 [18AP]
      ------Homer Boushey, D198 [18AP]
      ------Michael K. Schonbrun, D198 [18AP]
      ------Morton Lippmann, D198 [18AP]
      ------Philip J. Landrigan, D198 [18AP]
      ------Robert F. Phalen, D198 [18AP]
      ------Thomas Godar, D198 [18AP]
      Health Hazards in High Technology Industries: Philip J.: 
        Bierbaum, D401 [28JN]
      Health Insurance and the Uninsured: Representative Pease, D165 
      ------Representative Sabo, D165 [6AP]
      Health Insurance Market for Small Business (S. 768): David A. 
        Raine, D393 [23JN]
      ------Jane Ramshaw-Reed, D393 [23JN]
      ------John C. Lewin, D393 [23JN]
      ------Kelly Buckland, D393 [23JN]
      ------Lisa M. Carroll, D393 [23JN]
      ------Lynn Etheredge, D393 [23JN]
      ------Mark Merlis, D393 [23JN]
      ------Ronald P. Sandmeyer, D393 [23JN]
      ------W.W. Naylor, D393 [23JN]
      Health Resources and Services Administration: John H. Kelso, 
        D130 [20MR]
      Health Strategies for U.S. Children: Stanley Foster, D221 [27AP]
      Help For the Working Poor: Representative George Miller, D67 
      ------Representative Henry, D67 [28FE]
      ------Representative Petri, D67 [28FE]
      ------Representative Tauke, D67 [28FE]
      ------Senator Gore, D67 [28FE]
      High-Definition Television: Alfred C. Sikes
      ------Craig Fields, D139 [22MR]
      ------Craig I. Fields, D258 [10MY]
      ------Robert Shafer, D258 [10MY]
      High Performance Computing: D. Allan Bromley, D630 [3OC]
      ------D. William A. Wuff, D630 [3OC]
      ------David B. Nelson, D630 [3OC]
      ------Stephen L. Squires, D630 [3OC]
      High-Speed Rail and Magnetically Levitated (Maglev) 
        Transportation Systems in U.S.: Gilbert E. Carmichael, D664 
      ------Paul Reistrup, D664 [17OC]
      ------Richard A. Uher, D664 [17OC]
      ------Richard Katz, D664 [17OC]
      ------Senator Reid, D664 [17OC]
      High Technology, Focusing on Role of the Government in Assisting 
        Ventures: Claude Barfield, D337 [8JN]
      ------Craig I. Fields, D337 [8JN]
      ------Ralph E. Gomory, D337 [8JN]
      Higher Education, Educational Research, and Libraries: Kenneth 
        D. Whitehead, D94 [8MR]
      ------Patricia Hines, D94 [8MR]
      Highway Trust Funds Collections as a Result of Fuel Tax Evasion: 
        Charles H. Brennan, D700 [26OC]
      ------Eugene R. McCormick, D700 [26OC]
      ------Harvey S. Rosen, D700 [26OC]
      Highways Emergency Relief Funds (S. 1775): Ian Buckle, D682 
      ------Jameel Ahmad, D682 [23OC]
      ------Lawrence Zensinger, D682 [23OC]
      ------Patrick Kelly, D682 [23OC]
      ------Senator Wilson, D682 [23OC]
      ------Thomas D. Larson, D682 [23OC]
      Hispanic Elderly--America's Failure To Care: Joyce Berry, D564 
      Historic Sites, Buildings, and Antiquities Act (H.R. 2582): 
        Jerry L. Rogers, D611 [28SE]
      ------Representative McNulty, D611 [28SE]
      Homeless Children: Broderick Johnson, D633 [4OC]
      ------Cindy Freidmutter, D633 [4OC]
      ------Eve Dubrow, D633 [4OC]
      ------Irwin Redlener, D633 [4OC]
      ------Jean Ciborowski, D633 [4OC]
      ------John Voight, D633 [4OC]
      ------Nancy Boxhill, D633 [4OC]
      Homeless in U.S. and the Need for Public Housing: Abraham 
        Biderman, D71 [1MR]
      ------Raymond L. Flynn, D71 [1MR]
      ------Robert Chappell, D71 [1MR]
      Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act (H.R. 94): Edward M. Wall, D79 
      ------William McDade, D79 [2MR]
      House of Representatives and Joint Committees Appropriations: 
        Donnald K. Anderson, D19 [31JA]
      ------Edward F. Willett, D19 [31JA]
      ------Jack Russ, D19 [31JA]
      ------James T. Molloy, D19 [31JA]
      ------Ray Smock, D19 [31JA]
      ------Robert V. Rota, D19 [31JA]
      ------Ward M. Hussey, D19 [31JA]
      ------William M. Narva, D19 [31JA]
      House of Representatives' Incoming Mail Backlog: Robert V. Rota, 
        D242 [4MY]
      Housing and Community Development Act (H.R. 1180): 
        Representative Espy, D291 [18MY]
      ------Representative McDade, D291 [18MY]
      ------Representative Traficant, D550 [12SE]
      ------Representative Wyden, D550 [12SE]
      Housing for the Elderly: Jack Kemp, Sec. of HUD, D479 [26JY]
      Housing Programs: R.J. Vogel, D266 [11MY]
      Housing Rehabilitation Programs: James Logue, D569 [18SE]
      ------John C. Weicher, D569 [18SE]
      ------Melvin Adams, D569 [18SE]
      How Lender Liability Under Superfund Affects Small Businesses: 
        Glenn Unterberger, D525 [3AU]
      ------Sally Narey, D525 [3AU]
      How Will American Small Business Develop a Presence in Europe 
        1992: Frank Fargo, D552 [12SE]
      ------Susan S. Engeleiter, D552 [12SE]
      Human Genome Initiative: Francis S. Collins, D744 [9NO]
      ------James D. Watson, D744 [9NO]
      ------Maynard Olson, D744 [9NO]
      ------Nancy S. Wexler, D744 [9NO]
      ------Patricia King, D744 [9NO]
      ------Robert W. Wood, D744 [9NO]
      ------Senator Domenici, D744 [9NO]
      Human Nutrition Information Service, Food and Nutrition Service 
        and Farm Credit Agencies: Eric P. Thor, D156 [5AP]
      ------James T. Heimbach, D156 [5AP]
      ------John W. Bode, D156 [5AP]
      ------Marvin R. Duncan, D156 [5AP]
      ------Scott Dunn, D156 [5AP]
      Human Rights Violations in the Angolan Civil War: Gibson 
        Lanpher, D183 [12AP]
      Humanitarian Assistance to Afghanistan: Larry Crandall, D489 
      ------Peter Tomsen, D489 [27JY]
      Hunger and Poverty Among Single Persons--Is There a Safety Net 
        for Them?: Scott G. Dunn, D361 [15JN]
      Hunger in Rural America: G. Scott Dunn, D282 [17MY]
      ------James Heimbach, D282 [17MY]
      ------Myron Johnsrud, D282 [17MY]
      Hydroelectric Projects (S. 635): John Echeverria, D288 [18MY]
      ------John Turner, D288 [18MY]
      ------Kristina Nygaard, D288 [18MY]
      ------Victor Roque, D288 [18MY]
      Hydroelectric Regulation: Charles A. Trabandt, D607 [28SE]
      ------Charles G. Stalon, D607 [28SE]
      ------Conley L. Moffett, D607 [28SE]
      ------David R. Conrad, D607 [28SE]
      ------Elizabeth A. Moler, D607 [28SE]
      ------Fred Ayer, D607 [28SE]
      ------Gail A. Greeley, D607 [28SE]
      ------Garth Jackson, D607 [28SE]
      ------James R. Colquhoun, D607 [28SE]
      ------Jerry J. Langdon, D607 [28SE]
      ------John Echeverria, D607 [28SE]
      ------Kerry E. Adams, D607 [28SE]
      ------Martha O. Hesse, D607 [28SE]
      ------Nancy Foster, D607 [28SE]
      ------Nick Lenssen, D607 [28SE]
      Hydrogen Research and Development Program (H.R. 2793): Leonard 
        A. Harris, D674 [18OC]
      ------Representative Akaka, D674 [18OC]
      ------Robert S. Martin, D674 [18OC]
      ICC Appropriations: Heather J. Gradison, D65 [28FE]
      Idaho Wilderness (S. 371): Cecil Andrus, Governor of Idaho, D453 
      ------Douglas Scott, D453 [20JY]
      ------F. Dale Robertson, D453 [20JY]
      ------John Mumma, D453 [20JY]
      ------Karin Sheldon, D453 [20JY]
      ------Karl W. Mote, D453 [20JY]
      ------Michael Medberry, D453 [20JY]
      ------Thomas Roederer, D453 [20JY]
      ------Tim Mueller, D453 [20JY]
      ------Virgil Cromer, D453 [20JY]
      Identification of Priority Practices and Countries Under the 
        ``Super 301'' and ``Special 301'' Provisions of the Omnibus 
        Trade and Competition Act: Carla A. Hills, D337 [8JN]
      Illiteracy: Anice Powell, D289 [18MY]
      ------Bob Bickerton, D289 [18MY]
      ------Catherine Bertini, D241 [4MY]
      ------Clennie Murphy, D241 [4MY]
      ------Dan Lacy, D289 [18MY]
      ------David B. Cox, D289 [18MY]
      ------Dexter Manley, D289 [18MY]
      ------Eric Burch, D241 [4MY]
      ------Forrest P. Chisman, D241 [4MY]
      ------Gloria Wattles, D241 [4MY]
      ------Gwendolyn Jones, D289 [18MY]
      ------Helen Crouch, D289 [18MY]
      ------J. William Straughan, Jr., D241 [4MY]
      ------Kay Wright, D241 [4MY]
      ------Landra Reid, D241 [4MY]
      ------Lauro F. Cavazos, Sec. of Education, D241 [4MY]
      ------Nancy Seminoff, D241 [4MY]
      ------Nicholas Veliotes, D289 [18MY]
      ------Paul V. Delker, D241 [4MY]
      ------Regina Boyd, D289 [18MY]
      ------Robert T. Jones, D241 [4MY]
      ------Sharon Darling, D289 [18MY]
      ------Theodore Wischropp, D289 [18MY]
      ------Wally Amos, D289 [18MY]
      IMF's Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility: David C. Mulford, 
        D299 [24MY]
      Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments (H.R. 150, 478, 525, 
        639, 1286, 1306, 1313, 2304, 2407): Francis R. Donovan, D587 
      ------James A. Puleo, D587 [21SE]
      ------Jerome C. Ogden, D587 [21SE]
      ------Kent M. Ballantyne, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Donnelly, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Dymally, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Gilman, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Hunter, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Mineta, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Pickett, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Tom Campbell, D587 [21SE]
      Immigration and Nationality Act Amendment (H.R. 2138): Michael 
        Pistor, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Barton, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Boxer, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Gunderson, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Levine, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Mineta, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Pelosi, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Porter, D457 [20JY]
      ------Richard E. Norton, D354 [14JN]
      ------Richard L. Williams, D457 [20JY]
      Immigration and Naturalization Act Amendment (H.R. 3333): David 
        Milhollan, D717 [1NO]
      ------Jack Shaw, D717 [1NO]
      ------Lowell Dodge, D717 [1NO]
      ------Richard Williams, D717 [1NO]
      Immigration and Naturalization Requirements Modernization: Alan 
        C. Nelson, D357 [15JN]
      ------Elliott Barkan, D357 [15JN]
      ------Harry Pachon, D357 [15JN]
      ------Reed Ueda, D357 [15JN]
      Immigration Level and Preference System (S. 358, 448): Alan C. 
        Nelson, D80 [3MR]
      ------Cecilia Munoz, D80 [3MR]
      ------Dan Stein, D80 [3MR]
      ------Eleanor Chelimsky, D80 [3MR]
      ------Eugene K. Lawson, D80 [3MR]
      ------Frank Kittredge, D80 [3MR]
      ------Joan M. Clark, D80 [3MR]
      ------Melinda C. Yee, D80 [3MR]
      Immigration Nursing Relief Act (H.R. 1507): David William, D307 
      ------J. Jarrett Clinton, D307 [31MY]
      ------James Puleo, D307 [31MY]
      ------Representative Ackerman, D307 [31MY]
      Immigration Reform and Control Act (H.R. 3374): Alan C. Nelson, 
        D283 [17MY]
      ------Arnold P. Jones, D283 [17MY]
      ------Kevin E. Moley, D283 [17MY]
      ------Lawrence Siskind, D259 [10MY]
      ------Paul W. Virtue, D750 [9NO]
      ------Richard L. Fogel, D750 [9NO]
      ------Shellyn G. McCaffrey, D283 [17MY]
      Impact Aid, Bilingual and Immigrant Education, and School 
        Improvement Programs: Alicia Coro, D65 [28FE]
      ------Beryl Dorsett, D65 [28FE]
      Impact of Abortion: C. Everett Koop, D126 [16MR]
      ------Ralph R. Reed, D126 [16MR]
      Impact of Accounting and Regulatory Procedures on the Debt 
        Problem of Developing Countries: Allen Mendelowitz, D396 
      ------Robert J. Herrmann, D396 [27JN]
      ------William Taylor, D396 [27JN]
      Impact of Budget Problems on SBA Assistance Programs: Charles 
        Hertzberg, D448 [19JY]
      ------Edwin T. Holloway, D448 [19JY]
      ------Lawrence R. Rosenbaum, D448 [19JY]
      Impact of Current Tax Laws on Small Business: Arthur S. Hoffman, 
        D555 [13SE]
      ------Frank S. Swain, D555 [13SE]
      ------H.A. True, D555 [13SE]
      ------John J. Motley, III, D555 [13SE]
      ------Lyda B. Nickell, D555 [13SE]
      ------Michael J. Knight, D555 [13SE]
      ------Robert Macy, Jr., D555 [13SE]
      ------Roy H. Hunt, D555 [13SE]
      ------Rusell V. Michaletz, D555 [13SE]
      ------Thomas E. Reardon, D555 [13SE]
      ------Tom Goodner, D555 [13SE]
      Impact of Developing Countries' Debt on U.S. Trade: B. Mark 
        Kenny, D669 [18OC]
      ------Charles McKay, D669 [18OC]
      ------Fred R. Jones, D669 [18OC]
      ------James L. Adams, Jr., D669 [18OC]
      ------James S. Cox, D669 [18OC]
      ------Robert A. Mosbacher, Sec. of Commerce, D669 [18OC]
      Impact of Drugs on Children and Families: Dave Stewart, D745 
      ------Johnnie M. Lewis, D745 [9NO]
      ------Mike Duran, D745 [9NO]
      ------Reed V. Tuckson, D745 [9NO]
      ------Robert Vaughn, D745 [9NO]
      Impact of Enterprise Zone Program on Small Business Growth and 
        Development: Beverly Dawes, D377 [21JN]
      ------Iric Nathanson, D377 [21JN]
      ------Jack Kemp, Sec. of HUD, D585 [21SE]
      ------Lous Jambois, D377 [21JN]
      ------Representative Oakar, D377 [21JN]
      ------Richard Cowden, D585 [21SE]
      ------Robert Woodson, D585 [21SE]
      ------Stephen B. Heintz, D377 [21JN]
      ------Stuart Butler, D585 [21SE]
      ------Tom Helgesen, D377 [21JN]
      Impact of Global Warming on Food Crops of Developing Countries: 
        Allen Teramura, D255 [10MY]
      ------Brent Blackwelder, D255 [10MY]
      ------R.A. Houghton, D255 [10MY]
      ------Richard E. Bissell, D255 [10MY]
      ------Robert H. Miller, D255 [10MY]
      ------William E. Riebsame, D255 [10MY]
      Impact of Illegal and Unfair Foreign Trade Practices on 
        Interstate Commerce: Carla A. Hills, D78 [2MR]
      ------Robert A. Mosbacher, Sec. of Commerce, D78 [2MR]
      Impact of Institutional Investors on Corporate Governance, 
        Takeovers, and Capital Markets: Andrew C. Sigler, D626 [3OC]
      ------Bevis Longstreth, D626 [3OC]
      ------David P. Feldman, D626 [3OC]
      ------Edward V. Regan, D626 [3OC]
      ------Francisco L. Borges, D626 [3OC]
      ------Robert A.G. Monks, D626 [3OC]
      ------Robert G. Kirby, D626 [3OC]
      Impact of Military Base Closings on Federal Civilian Employees: 
        Curtis J. Smith, D427 [13JY]
      ------David Berteau, D427 [13JY]
      ------Representative Ben Campbell, D427 [13JY]
      ------Representative Boxer, D427 [13JY]
      ------Representative Hopkins, D427 [13JY]
      ------Representative Porter, D427 [13JY]
      ------Representative Saxton, D427 [13JY]
      Impact of Proposed Acid Rain Control on Coal Production and 
        Marketing: Representative Mollohan, D112 [14MR]
      Impact of Proposed FDA User Fees on Small Business: David 
        Holveck, D345 [13JN]
      ------George K. Meszaros, D345 [13JN]
      ------J. Bert Bunnell, D345 [13JN]
      ------James S. Benson, D345 [13JN]
      ------Larry Blansett, D345 [13JN]
      Impact of Research and Delivery of Medical Care of the Dept. of 
        Veterans Affairs: Daniel H. Winship, D654 [11OC]
      Impact of Sequestration Under Gramm-Rudman-Hollings on Dept. of 
        Defense: Joseph J. Went, D737 [8NO]
      ------Leon A. Edney, D737 [8NO]
      ------Monroe W. Hatch, D737 [8NO]
      ------Robert RisCassi, D737 [8NO]
      ------Sean O'Keefe, D737 [8NO]
      Impact of Gorbachev Initiatives on Policy and Budget Issues: 
        Donald S. Zagoria, D39 [9FE]
      ------James A. Thomson, D39 [9FE]
      ------John D. Steinbruner, D39 [9FE]
      Impact of Gorbachev Reforms for U.S. Security: Arnold Horelick, 
        D153 [5AP]
      ------Christopher Donnelly, D153 [5AP]
      ------Stephen M. Meyer, D153 [5AP]
      ------Steven Rosefield, D170 [11AP]
      ------William E. Odom, D153 [5AP]
      Impact of War and Famine in Sudan: John Prendergast, D53 [23FE]
      ------Julia V. Taft, D53 [23FE]
      ------Kenneth L. Brown, D53 [23FE]
      ------Representative Wolf, D53 [23FE]
      ------Roger Winter, D53 [23FE]
      ------Walter G. Bollinger, D53 [23FE]
      Impeachment of Alcee L. Hastings: Albert Blocker, D444 [19JY]
      ------Andrew Chilsolm, D454 [20JY], D495 [31JY]
      ------Antonio Cantu, D454 [20JY]
      ------Betty Williams, D483 [27JY]
      ------Carolyn McIver, D454 [20JY]
      ------Charles T. Duncan, D495 [31JY]
      ------Christopher Mazzella, D463 [24JY]
      ------Cynthia Rogers, D444 [19JY]
      ------Dale Bird, D436 [18JY]
      ------David Attenburger, D454 [20JY]
      ------David Thomas, D430 [14JY]
      ------Donna M. Mendez, D430 [14JY]
      ------Edward Rogers, D483 [27JY]
      ------Eleanor Golar-Williams, D454 [20JY]
      ------Essie Thompson, D430 [14JY]
      ------Flauren J. Vickers, D467 [25JY]
      ------Geoffrey Santini, D459 [21JY]
      ------Glenn Whittle, D467 [25JY]
      ------Hemphill Pride, D436 [18JY]
      ------Henry Latimer, D483 [27JY]
      ------James Deichert, D407 [10JY]
      ------James L. King, D463 [24JY]
      ------Jeffrey Miller, D432 [17JY]
      ------Jimmy Harmon, D495 [31JY]
      ------Kendall Schull, D495 [31JY]
      ------Kenneth M. Robinson, D495 [31JY]
      ------Lanny Sumpter, D467 [25JY]
      ------Marilyn Carter, D483 [27JY]
      ------Martha Rogers, D417 [12JY]
      ------Martin R. Raskin, D495 [31JY]
      ------Matthew J. Perry, D483 [27JY]
      ------Patricia Thomas, D467 [25JY]
      ------Pearl Dabreau, D483 [27JY]
      ------Representative Bryant, D179 [12AP]
      ------Representative Gekas, D179 [12AP]
      ------Robert I. Richter, D444 [19JY]
      ------Robert Ruiz, D467 [25JY]
      ------Senora Avery, D444 [19JY]
      ------Simon S. Selig III, D495 [31JY]
      ------Steven Clark, D459 [21JY]
      ------Terrence Anderson, D180 [12AP]
      ------Tom Dowd, D467 [25JY]
      ------Wayne McDonald, D430 [14JY]
      ------Wendy Loucks, D436 [18JY]
      Impeachment of Walter L. Nixon, Jr.: David S. Overlock, D555 
      ------David Stewart, D541 [7SE]
      ------Kenneth White-Spunner, D541 [7SE]
      ------Representative Don Edwards
      ------Representative Sensenbrenner, D555 [13SE]
      ------Wiley Fairchild, D541 [7SE]
      Implementation of Indian Water Rights Policy: Ann D. McLaughlin, 
        D161 [6AP]
      ------David Getches, D161 [6AP]
      ------Michael J. Clinton, D161 [6AP]
      Implementation of Public Law 100-656: Mitchell F. Crusto, D782 
      Implementation of Steel Trade Liberalization Program (H.R. 
        3275): Eric I. Garfinkel, D702 [27OC]
      ------Frank W. Luerssen, D702 [27OC]
      ------Jon E. Jensen, D702 [27OC]
      ------Lynn R. Williams, D702 [27OC]
      ------S. Linn Williams, D702 [27OC]
      ------Thomas C. Graham, D702 [27OC]
      Implementation of the Compact of Free Association with the 
        Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia: David 
        Heggestad, D438 [18JY]
      ------James D. Berg, D438 [18JY]
      ------Larry Morgan, D438 [18JY]
      ------Lourdes Pangelinan, D438 [18JY]
      ------Peter A. Sybinsky, D438 [18JY]
      ------Peter Guerrero, D438 [18JY]
      ------Steven Sanders, D438 [18JY]
      Implementation of the Computer Security Act: James J. Hearn, 
        D243 [4MY]
      ------Milton J. Socolar, D243 [4MY]
      ------Raymond Kammer, D243 [4MY]
      ------Representative Brooks, D243 [4MY]
      ------Representative Glickman, D243 [4MY]
      Implementation of the Inspector General Act: Bill D. Colvin, 
        D608 [28SE]
      ------Derek J. Vander Schaaf, D608 [28SE]
      ------John C. Layton, D608 [28SE]
      ------John C. Martin, D627 [3OC]
      ------June G. Brown, D608 [28SE]
      ------Raymond Maria, D627 [3OC]
      ------Richard P. Kusserow, D627 [3OC]
      ------Sherman M. Funk, D608 [28SE]
      Implementation of the Liability Risk Retention Act: David 
        Bossman, D234 [3MY]
      ------David Gates, D234 [3MY]
      ------Edward Barrett II, D234 [3MY]
      ------George Shaffer, D234 [3MY]
      ------James T. McIntyre, D234 [3MY]
      ------Jane W. Molloy, D234 [3MY]
      ------John H Salisbury, D234 [3MY]
      ------Karl W. Koch, D234 [3MY]
      ------Lucien P. Laborde, Jr., D234 [3MY]
      ------Michael J. Mullen, D234 [3MY]
      ------Susanne Howard, D234 [3MY]
      Implementation of the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act: 
        Andrew A. Procasini, D234 [3MY]
      ------Carla A. Hills, D234 [3MY]
      ------Robert A. Perkins, D234 [3MY]
      ------Stephen M. Lovett, D234 [3MY]
      ------William T. Archey, D234 [3MY]
      Importance of Scenic Byways to National Tourism: Derrick A. 
        Crandall, D192 [17AP]
      ------F. Dale Robertson, D192 [17AP]
      ------J. Jackson Walter, D192 [17AP]
      ------John Archer, D192 [17AP]
      ------Lester P. Lamm, D192 [17AP]
      ------O.L. Moore, D192 [17AP]
      ------Representative Oberstar, D192 [17AP]
      ------Representative Vucanovich, D192 [17AP]
      ------Steve Richer, D192 [17AP]
      ------William H. Whyte, D192 [17AP]
      Improved Penalty Administration Tax Act (H.R. 2528): Arthur L. 
        Nims III, D323 [6JN]
      ------Dana Trier, D323 [6JN]
      ------Frank Swain, D323 [6JN]
      ------Michael J. Murphy, D323 [6JN]
      ------Shirley D. Peterson, D323 [6JN]
      Improving Aviation Security (H.R. 1659): Darlene M. Freeman, 
        D213 [25AP]
      ------Robert Knisely, D213 [25AP]
      Improving Childhood Education Programs: Arnold Hiatt, D47 [22FE]
      ------Frank Doyle, D47 [22FE]
      ------Irving Harris, D47 [22FE]
      ------Matina Horner, D47 [22FE]
      ------Richard Munro, D47 [22FE]
      ------Robert Mercer, D47 [22FE]
      Improving Compensated Work Therapy and Other Services and 
        Assistance Furnished to Homeless Veterans (S. 846): Arthur 
        Blank, D352 [14JN]
      ------Clement J. Zablocki, D352 [14JN]
      ------David W. Gorman, D352 [14JN]
      ------Frank R. DeGeorge, D352 [14JN]
      ------James N. Magill, D352 [14JN]
      ------John A. Gronvall, D352 [14JN]
      ------Kenneth A. Klauck, D352 [14JN]
      ------Paul Errera, D352 [14JN]
      ------Ralph J. Ibson, D352 [14JN]
      ------Samuel J. Walsh, D352 [14JN]
      ------Spencer Falcon, D352 [14JN]
      ------Thomas A. Sherwood, D352 [14JN]
      Improving Disadvantaged Minority Health Programs: Herbert 
        Nickens, D546 [11SE]
      ------Jane Delgado, D546 [11SE]
      ------Louis W. Sullivan, Sec. of HHS, D546 [11SE]
      ------Representative Richardson, D546 [11SE]
      ------Representative Stokes, D546 [11SE]
      Improving Health of the Poor--Development Cornerstone: Nyle 
        Brady, D165 [6AP]
      Improving Information Available for Emergency Response Personnel 
        (H.R. 2813): Representative Meyers, D763 [14NO]
      ------Representative Weldon, D763 [14NO]
      ------Robert Wall, D763 [14NO]
      Improving Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act: James M. Hughes, 
        D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Atkins, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Don Young, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Panetta, D506 [1AU]
      ------Representative Regula, D506 [1AU]
      Improving Senate Legislative Efficiency (S. Res. 131): Senator 
        Kassebaum, D670 [18OC]
      Improving SSI Program: Louis D. Enoff, D307 [31MY]
      ------Representative Bartlett, D307 [31MY]
      ------Representative Donnelly, D307 [31MY]
      ------Representative Slattery, D307 [31MY]
      Improving the Image of Civil Servants: Constance B. Newman, D402 
      ------David Lilly, D402 [28JN]
      ------Gerry Grahn, D402 [28JN]
      ------Kenneth Klasinski, D402 [28JN]
      ------Malcolm A. Martin, D402 [28JN]
      ------Marilyn R. Povenmire, D402 [28JN]
      ------Paul A. Volcker, D402 [28JN]
      ------Ruth L. Kirschstein, D402 [28JN]
      Improving the Management of Certain Public Lands in Minnesota 
        (H.R. 2783): Billy R. Templeton, D548 [12SE]
      ------Marvin J. Sonosky, D548 [12SE]
      Improving Trade Relations With Poland and Hungary: William 
        Bodde, D342 [12JN]
      In Vitro Fertilization Clinics: William MacLeod, D103 [9MR]
      Incarceration of Drug Offenders: Addis Dolente, D466 [25JY]
      ------Alan James, D466 [25JY]
      ------Bruce Wald, D466 [25JY]
      ------John Buchanan, D466 [25JY]
      ------Michael N. Castle, Governor of Delaware, D466 [25JY]
      ------Thomas Coughlin, D466 [25JY]
      Incidence of Aflatoxin in 1988 Corn Crop: W. Kirk Miller, D150 
      Inclusions in National Wild and Scenic Rivers System (H.R. 644): 
        Denis Galvin, D505 [1AU]
      ------James Thompson, D505 [1AU]
      ------Representative Hank Brown, D505 [1AU]
      ------Representative Staggers, D505 [1AU]
      Increase Effectiveness of State Energy Conservation Programs (S. 
        247): Carol Tombari, D228 [2MY]
      ------Cherry Duckett, D228 [2MY]
      ------Frank M. Stewart, D228 [2MY]
      ------Fred Tucker, D228 [2MY]
      ------Henry Lee, D228 [2MY]
      ------John R. Berg, D228 [2MY]
      ------William Concannon, D228 [2MY]
      Increase Public Debt Statutory Limit (H.R. 3024): Representative 
        Archer, D491 [28JY]
      ------Representative Rostenkowski, D491 [28JY]
      Increase Public Debt Sratutory Limit (H.J. Res. 280): Robert R. 
        Glauber, D444 [19JY]
      ------Senator Heinz, D444 [19JY]
      Increasing the Settlement Authority of the Attorney General for 
        Certain Claims (H.R. 972) and State and Local Law Enforcement 
        Compensation Act (H.R. 650): Brent O. Hatch, D138 [22MR]
      ------Charles P. Smith, D138 [22MR]
      ------Eric J. Fygi, D138 [22MR]
      ------Representative Nelson, D138 [22MR]
      ------Representative Stark, D138 [22MR]
      ------Representative Vucanovich, D138 [22MR]
      ------Thomas Kelley, D138 [22MR]
      Indian Affairs: Bill Martin, D274 [16MY]
      ------Curtis Canard, D274 [16MY]
      ------David Allison, D274 [16MY]
      ------Dewey Schwalenberg, D274 [16MY]
      ------E. William Rice, D274 [16MY]
      ------Edward Danks, D18 [31JA]
      ------Elmer Manatowa, D274 [16MY]
      ------Geneve Savala, D18 [31JA]
      ------Hilda A. Manuel, D335 [8JN]
      ------James L. Welsh III, D274 [16MY]
      ------Jefferson Begay, D18 [31JA]
      ------Joe Walker, D274 [16MY]
      ------John Washakie, D274 [16MY]
      ------Kevin Gover, D274 [16MY]
      ------Louis Day, D18 [31JA]
      ------Manuel Lujan, Jr., Sec of the Interior, D335 [8JN]
      ------Oliver Revell, D335 [8JN]
      ------Richard Baldes, D274 [16MY]
      ------Robert B. Haley, D335 [8JN]
      ------Roger Patterson, D274 [16MY]
      ------Richard J. Elroy, D18 [31JA]
      ------Starr Weed, D274 [16MY]
      ------Steven Suagee, D274 [16MY]
      ------Timothy A. Vollmann, D274 [16MY]
      ------William Aubrey, D18 [31JA]
      Indian Contract Preference Reform Act (1714): William P. 
        Ragsdale, D323 [6JN]
      Indian Development Finance Corp. (S. 143): Bruce Kaiser, D483 
      ------Daniel Press, D483 [27JY]
      ------David Brunt, D483 [27JY]
      ------David C. Harrison, D483 [27JY]
      ------Eddie F. Brown, D483 [27JY]
      ------Leonard Haskie, D483 [27JY]
      ------Raymond Goetting, D483 [27JY]
      ------Steve Stallings, D483 [27JY]
      Indian Federal Acknowledgment Administrative Procedure Act (S. 
        611): Allogan Slagle, D245 [5MY]
      ------Arlinda Locklear, D245 [5MY]
      ------Bruce Duthu, D245 [5MY]
      ------Darrell Wadena, D245 [5MY]
      ------Don Widdis, D245 [5MY]
      ------Douglas L. Bell, D245 [5MY]
      ------Faith Roessel, D245 [5MY]
      ------Helen Gindrat, D245 [5MY]
      ------Hilda Manuel, D245 [5MY]
      ------Jack Campisi, D245 [5MY]
      ------Jack Trope, D245 [5MY]
      ------Kent Tupper, D245 [5MY]
      ------Lynn Forcia, D245 [5MY]
      ------Michael Mason, D245 [5MY]
      ------Phil Alexis, D245 [5MY]
      ------Ray White, D245 [5MY]
      ------Raymond Fogelson, D245 [5MY]
      ------Russel Barsh, D245 [5MY]
      ------Scott Keep, D245 [5MY]
      ------Stanley G. Jones, D245 [5MY]
      ------Stewart Rafert, D245 [5MY]
      ------Violet Mitchell, D245 [5MY]
      ------William C. Sturtevant, D245 [5MY]
      Indian Health Service: Everett R. Rhoades, D49 [22FE]
      Indian Land Claims: Art Wang, D59 [27FE]
      ------Bill Sterud, D59 [27FE]
      ------Cory McFarland, D59 [27FE]
      ------Doug Sutherland, D59 [27FE]
      ------Gabriel Landry, D59 [27FE]
      ------Harry Sachse, D59 [27FE]
      ------Henry John, D59 [27FE]
      ------James Waldo, D59 [27FE]
      ------John Ladenburg, D59 [27FE]
      ------John McCarthy, D59 [27FE]
      ------Kaleen Cottingham, D59 [27FE]
      ------Karl Anderson, D59 [27FE]
      ------Michael J. McCormick, D59 [27FE]
      ------Nancy Shippentower, D59 [27FE]
      ------Representative Dicks, D59 [27FE]
      ------Roleen Hargrove, D59 [27FE]
      ------Ron Crowe, D59 [27FE]
      ------Senator Adams, D59 [27FE]
      ------Senator Gorton, D59 [27FE]
      Indian Participation in Government Procurement Contracting: Dan 
        Press, D193 [17AP]
      ------Edward Lone Fight, D193 [17AP]
      ------Horace J. Crouch, D193 [17AP]
      ------Jay Cooper, D193 [17AP]
      ------Johnnie L. Albertson, D193 [17AP]
      ------Phillip Martin, D193 [17AP]
      ------Ray Goetting, D193 [17AP]
      ------Robert Perry, D193 [17AP]
      ------William P. Brown, D193 [17AP]
      Indian Preference System in Purchase of Goods and Services (S. 
        321): Conrad Edwards, D263 [11MY]
      ------Dan Press, D263 [11MY]
      ------Don Asbra, D263 [11MY]
      ------Edward Danks, D263 [11MY]
      ------George Bennett, D263 [11MY]
      ------Jefferson Begay, D263 [11MY]
      ------Richard Coando, D263 [11MY]
      ------William P. Ragsdale, D263 [11MY]
      ------William Richardson, D263 [11MY]
      Indian Rights: A. Melvin McDonald, D32 [7FE]
      ------Annie D. Wauneka, D32 [7FE]
      ------Anthony Daniels, D37 [8FE]
      ------Bradley H. Patterson, Jr., D19 [31JA]
      ------Byron T. Brown, D32 [7FE]
      ------Donald Asbra, D24 [2FE]
      ------Donald James, D24 [2FE]
      ------Franz Springer, D24 [2FE]
      ------Joe Flett, D19 [31JA]
      ------John Paddock, D24 [2FE]
      ------Johnny Donaldson, D24 [2FE]
      ------Kraig Kendall, D24 [2FE]
      ------Larry Ward, D24 [2FE]
      ------Leonard Garment, D19 [31JA]
      ------Louis F. Claiborne, D19 [31JA]
      ------Pat C. Miller, D24 [2FE]
      ------Phillip Hogen, D37 [8FE]
      ------Phillip Martin, D19 [31JA]
      ------Reid P. Chambers, D19 [31JA]
      ------Richard A. Stacy, D37 [8FE]
      ------Richard Ramirez, D24 [2FE]
      ------Robert Morehouse, D37 [8FE]
      ------Russell Means, D19 [31JA]
      ------Steve McNamee, D37 [8FE]
      ------Steven N. Marcia, D24 [2FE]
      ------Twila Martin-Kekahbah, D19 [31JA]
      ------William Lutz, D37 [8FE]
      ------William Price, D37 [8FE]
      ------Wilma Mankiller, D19 [31JA]
      Indian-Related Matters: Ann Dore McLaughlin, D54 [23FE]
      ------Archibald Cox, D54 [23FE]
      ------Erwin Griswold, D54 [23FE]
      ------Harold Tyler, D54 [23FE]
      ------Mike Clinton, D54 [23FE]
      ------Ross O. Swimmer, D54 [23FE]
      ------Timothy A. Vollmann, D54 [23FE]
      ------William P. Ragsdale, D54 [23FE]
      Indian Self-Determination Act: Dorothy Dupree, D340 [9JN]
      ------Edward Thomas, D340 [9JN]
      ------Everett J. Rhoades, D340 [9JN]
      ------James Sizemore, D340 [9JN]
      ------John Lionel, D340 [9JN]
      ------Laurence Kenmille, D340 [9JN]
      ------S. Bobo Dean, D340 [9JN]
      ------Thomas Acevedo, D340 [9JN]
      ------Twila Martin-Kekahbah, D340 [9JN]
      ------William P. Ragsdale, D340 [9JN]
      ------William R. Allen, D340 [9JN]
      Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Access and Enhancement Act 
        (H.R. 3209): F. Eugene Hester, D781 [16NO]
      ------Representative Jontz, D781 [16NO]
      Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Expansion Act (H.R. 3600): F. 
        Eugene Hester, D781 [16NO]
      ------Representative Jontz, D781 [16NO]
      Indians' Religious Practices (S. 1124): Allan J. West, D608 
      ------Ivan Sidney, D608 [28SE]
      ------Jerry L. Rogers, D608 [28SE]
      ------Leonard Haskie, D608 [28SE]
      ------Mahealani Ing, D608 [28SE]
      ------Michael Woodruff, D608 [28SE]
      ------Reid Chambers, D608 [28SE]
      ------Reuben Snake, D608 [28SE]
      ------Robert Tippeconnic, D608 [28SE]
      ------Scott Matheson, D608 [28SE]
      ------Walt Lara, D608 [28SE]
      ------Will Mayo, D608 [28SE]
      Individual Retirement Accounts: Dallas L. Salisbury, D615 [29SE]
      ------George R. Shaffer, D615 [29SE]
      ------Jonathan S. Skinner, D615 [29SE]
      ------Julianne S. Thrift, D615 [29SE]
      ------Lawrence H. Summers, D615 [29SE]
      ------Nicholas F. Brady, Sec. of the Treasury, D615 [29SE]
      Indochinese Refugees: David Lambertson, D38 [8FE]
      ------Jonathan Moore, D38 [8FE]
      ------Representative Pelosi, D38 [8FE]
      Indoor Air Quality Act (H.R. 1530): Bobbie Lively-Diebold, D457 
      ------F. Henry Habicht, D604 [27SE]
      ------Philip Bierbaum, D604 [27SE]
      ------Representative Kennedy, D457 [20JY]
      ------Sandra Eberle, D604 [27SE]
      ------Thomas Burke, D457 [20JY]
      ------Thomas Walker, D604 [27SE]
      Indoor Air Quality Act (S. 657): Allan S. Bisk, D234 [3MY]
      ------Charles Lamielle, D234 [3MY]
      ------David Schlein, D234 [3MY]
      ------Erich Bretthauer, D234 [3MY]
      ------Marjorie Browne, D234 [3MY]
      ------Paul Cammer, D234 [3MY]
      ------Philip Bromberg, D234 [3MY]
      ------Stephen Brobeck, D234 [3MY]
      ------Stephen Shapiro, D234 [3MY]
      Infectious Waste: Michael J. Seah, D471 [25JY]
      ------Michael J. Torma, D471 [25JY]
      ------Pasquale Esposito, D471 [25JY]
      ------Peter Guerrero, D471 [25JY]
      ------William A. Buckendorf, D471 [25JY]
      Information Age to Rural America: Jack Van Mark, D657 [12OC]
      ------Jonathan I. Kislak, D657 [12OC]
      ------Neal S. Johnson, D657 [12OC]
      ------Representative Boucher, D657 [12OC]
      ------Representative Cooper, D657 [12OC]
      ------Representative Craig Thomas, D657 [12OC]
      ------Representative E. Thomas Coleman, D657 [12OC]
      ------Representative Gunderson, D657 [12OC]
      ------Representative Skelton, D657 [12OC]
      Infomercials and Marketing Small Business Government Grant and 
        Loan Programs for Profit: David O'Donnell, D232 [2MY]
      ------Frank S. Swain, D232 [2MY]
      ------Jeff Mitchell, D232 [2MY]
      ------Jeff Padden, D232 [2MY]
      ------William Johnson, D232 [2MY]
      ------William McCleod, D232 [2MY]
      Infrastructure Problems: Burton Stallwood, D241 [4MY]
      ------Francisco L. Borges, D241 [4MY]
      ------Howard Yerusalim, D241 [4MY]
      ------James Rout, D241 [4MY]
      ------Nancy S. Rutledge, D241 [4MY]
      ------Representative Anthony, D241 [4MY]
      ------Virginia B. Rutledge, D241 [4MY]
      Inhibit the Proliferation of Ballistic and Cruise Missiles in 
        the Middle East (S. 208): Henry Sokolski, D707 [31OC]
      ------James LeMunyon, D707 [31OC]
      ------Norman Wulf, D707 [31OC]
      ------Richard A. Clarke, D707 [31OC]
      ------Senator Bingaman, D707 [31OC]
      ------Senator DeConcini, D707 [31OC]
      ------Senator Gore, D707 [31OC]
      ------Senator McCain, D707 [31OC]
      INS Budget: Henry Wray, D406 [29JN]
      ------Michael Roper, D406 [29JN]
      Inspection, Testing, and Certification of Fasteners (H.R. 3000): 
        Bill D. Colvin, D801 [20NO]
      ------Charles Wilson, D801 [20NO]
      ------Donald Keil, D801 [20NO]
      ------James E. Schiele, D801 [20NO]
      ------John F. Sullivan, D801 [20NO]
      ------Raymond G. Kammer, D801 [20NO]
      ------Representative Dingell, D801 [20NO]
      ------Steven R. Schonholz, D801 [20NO]
      Inspection of Fish Products (H.R. 3508): Douglas Donegan, D750 
      ------James Benson, D750 [9NO]
      ------James Brennan, D750 [9NO]
      ------Lester Crawford, D750 [9NO]
      ------Representative Glickman, D750 [9NO]
      Institute for Defense Analysis Report on Acquisition: David 
        Graham, D264 [11MY]
      Insurance Issues: Fred Wolf, D208 [19AP]
      Insured Broker Deposits and Federal Depository Institutions: H. 
        Robert Heller, D282 [17MY]
      ------L. William Seidman, D282 [17MY]
      ------M. Danny Wall, D282 [17MY]
      ------Robert L. Clarke, D282 [17MY]
      ------Senator Murkowski, D282 [17MY]
      Integrity of the Defense Acquisition System: H. Lawrence Garrett 
        III, D94 [8MR]
      ------John J. Welch, Jr., D94 [8MR]
      Intellectual Property, Domestic Productivity and Trade: Carla A. 
        Hills, D471 [25JY]
      ------Wendell Willkie II, D471 [25JY]
      Intelligence, Research, Development and Testing for Defense 
        Agencies: Craig I. Fields, D216 [26AP]
      ------John Krings, D216 [26AP]
      ------Robert A. Moore, D216 [26AP]
      Intelligence Matters: Intelligence Officials, D369 [20JN]
      Intelligence Services Authorization Act (H.R. 2748): Constance 
        B. Newman, D543 [7SE]
      ------Jim Fox, D543 [7SE]
      ------John Otto, D543 [7SE]
      ------Suzanne Bender, D543 [7SE]
      Intelligence Services Staff and Retirement and Disability System 
        Appropriations (H.R. 2748): Representative Beilenson, D629 
      ------Representative Hyde, D629 [3OC]
      Interagency Council on the Homeless: James Stimpson, D120 [15MR]
      ------John Ols, D120 [15MR]
      Interagency Groundwater Research Committee (H.R. 2734): Harry 
        Mussman, D630 [3OC]
      ------John N. Fisher, D630 [3OC]
      ------Rebecca W. Hanmer, D630 [3OC]
      Inter-American Development Bank Authorizations: David C. 
        Mulford, D257 [10MY]
      ------John Petty, D257 [10MY]
      Intergovernmental Personnel Act: Bernard Ungar, D371 [20JN]
      ------Dorothy Meletzke, D371 [20JN]
      ------James Campell, D371 [20JN]
      ------Jeff Fenstermacher, D371 [20JN]
      ------Joyce E. Felder, D371 [20JN]
      ------Kenneth F. Dawsey, D371 [20JN]
      ------Leonard Klein, D371 [20JN]
      ------Richard J. Greene, D371 [20JN]
      ------Thomas S. McFee, D371 [20JN]
      Intermodal Shipping Act (H.R. 2498): Heather J. Gradison, D360 
      ------James C. Carey, D360 [15JN]
      ------Karl Bakke, D360 [15JN]
      Internal Revenue Code (H.R. 1864): Representative Crane, D237 
      Internal Revenue Code's Civil Penalty Provisions: Arthur L. Nims 
        III, D46 [21FE]
      ------Lawrence B. Gibbs, Jr., D46 [21FE]
      International Air Transportation Service Included in GATT: 
        Richard B. Self, D781 [16NO]
      International Aspects of Oil Spill Prevention, Cleanup, and 
        Compensation: Arthur Markos, D423 [13JY]
      ------Brian Hoyle, D423 [13JY]
      ------Elaine L. Chao, D423 [13JY]
      ------James E. O'Neil, D423 [13JY]
      ------Karin Sheldon, D423 [13JY]
      ------Paul A. Yost, Jr., D423 [13JY]
      ------Senator Mitchell, D423 [13JY]
      ------Timothy Fields, D423 [13JY]
      International Boundary and Water Commission, International 
        Fishermen's Commission, and Bilateral Science and Technology 
        Agreements: Clyde R. Moore, D106 [13MR]
      ------Frederick M. Bernthal, D106 [13MR]
      ------Michael J. Matheson, D106 [13MR]
      ------Narendra N. Gunaji, D106 [13MR]
      ------Robert C. McEwen, D106 [13MR]
      International Business Studies Appropriations (H.R. 1369): 
        Representative Goodling, D135 [21MR]
      ------Representative Williams, D135 [21MR]
      International Cooperation in Mapping the Human Genome: James D. 
        Watson, D678 [19OC]
      ------Robert W. Wood, D678 [19OC]
      International Debt Crisis: Charles H. Dallara, D208 [19AP]
      International Development and Finance Act (H.R. 2494): Delegate 
        Fauntroy, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Bunning, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Gonzalez, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Leach, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Wylie, D667 [17OC]
      International Drug Cartels: Bruce M. Carnes, D549 [12SE]
      ------David G. Binney, D549 [12SE]
      ------David L. Westrate, D549 [12SE]
      ------Timothy McNally, D549 [12SE]
      ------William M. Baker, D549 [12SE]
      International Economic Issue, Lesser Developed Countries Debt 
        Crisis, and Impact on U.S. Financial System: Allan 
        Mendelowitz, D8 [4JA]
      International Economic Issues: L. William Seidman, D9 [19JA]
      ------Manuel H. Johnson, D9 [19JA]
      ------Robert L. Clarke, D9 [19JA]
      International Family Planning Act: Representative Atkins, D586 
      ------Representative Christopher Smith, D586 [21SE]
      ------Representative Green, D586 [21SE]
      ------Richard E. Bissell, D586 [21SE]
      International Fund for Ireland: Representative Donnelly, D217 
      ------Representative Foley, D217 [26AP]
      International Heroin Production: David L. Westrate, D506 [1AU]
      ------Melvyn Levitsky, D506 [1AU]
      ------Thomas H. Reese III, D506 [1AU]
      International Money Laundering: Bryan Bruh, D633 [4OC]
      ------Larry A. Potts, D771 [15NO]
      ------Robert B. Serino, D633 [4OC]
      ------Salvatore R. Martoche, D633 [4OC], D771 [15NO]
      ------Terrence M. Burke, D771 [15NO]
      ------William Rosenblatt, D633 [4OC]
      International Money Laundering, Focusing on Law Enforcement and 
        Foreign Policy: Carl T. Solberg, D601 [27SE]
      ------David G. Wilson, D601 [27SE]
      ------Donald F. Reid, D601 [27SE]
      ------Earl B. Hadlow, D601 [27SE]
      ------Terrence M. Burke, D601 [27SE]
      International Narcotics Control Activities: David L. Westrate, 
        D329 [7JN]
      ------Fred Schieck, D329 [7JN]
      ------Mark Dion, D329 [7JN]
      ------Michael Skol, D329 [7JN]
      International Narcotics Control Activities and Andean 
        Initiative: Frank Conahan, D666 [17OC]
      ------John Walters, D673 [18OC]
      ------Michael Lane, D666 [17OC]
      ------Parker Borg, D673 [18OC]
      ------Paul A. Yost, D666 [17OC]
      ------Stephen Duncan, D666 [17OC]
      ------Terrence Burke, D673 [18OC]
      ------Thomas Kelly, D666 [17OC]
      International Narcotics Control Budget Request: Ann B. 
        Wrobleski, D66 [28FE]
      International Narcotics Control Strategy Report: Ann B. 
        Wrobleski, D154 [5AP]
      ------David L. Westrate, D154 [5AP]
      International Organizations Budget Estimates: Sandra 
        Vogelgesang, D239 [4MY]
      ------Thomas R. Pickering, D239 [4MY]
      International Securities Enforcement Cooperation Act (H.R. 
        1396): David S. Ruder, D134 [21MR]
      International Securities Enforcement Cooperation Act (S. 646): 
        Alan Greenspan, D350 [14JN]
      ------Alan S. MacDonald, D350 [14JN]
      ------David S. Ruder, D356 [15JN]
      ------John G. Heimann, D350 [14JN]
      ------John M. Hennessy, D356 [15JN]
      ------Lord Camoys, D356 [15JN]
      ------Robert D. Hormats, D350 [14JN]
      ------Stephen H. Axilrod, D356 [15JN]
      International Standards: Raymond G. Kammer, D471 [25JY]
      ------Representative Dymally, D471 [25JY]
      International Technology Transfer: George P. Millburn, D448 
      ------Kenneth S. Pedersen, D448 [19JY]
      ------Peter J. devos, D448 [19JY]
      ------Richard Williamson, D448 [19JY]
      ------Thomas Murrin, D448 [19JY]
      International Trade Administration, Bureau of Export 
        Administration, and Civil Rights Commission Appropriations: 
        Paul Freedenberg, D136 [22MR]
      ------W. Allen Moore, D136 [22MR]
      ------William B. Allen, D136 [22MR]
      Interpretation of Citizenship as it Affects Ownership and 
        Operation of Vessels Engaged in Coastwise Trade: James M. 
        MacDonald, D390 [22JN]
      ------Karl Bakke, D390 [22JN]
      Investing in High-Yield Bonds by FSLIC-Insured Depository 
        Institutions: Frank J. Philippi, D77 [2MR]
      ------Michael A. Burnett, D77 [2MR]
      ------Richard L. Fogel, D77 [2MR]
      IRS: Michael J. Murphy, D111 [14MR]
      IRS Management Improvement Programs: Gene L. Dodaro, D47 [22FE]
      ------Lawrence B. Gibbs, Jr., D47 [22FE]
      IRS Senior Employee Misconduct Problems: Fred T. Goldberg, D487 
      ------Jennie Stathis, D487 [27JY]
      ------Michael Murphy, D487 [27JY]
      IRS' Taxpayer Telephone Assistance Program: Jennie S. Stathis, 
        D119 [15MR]
      ------Robert Lebaube, D119 [15MR]
      Is Science for Sale?--Conflicts of Interest v. the Public 
        Interest: Erich Bloch, D347 [13JN]
      ------James Wyngaarden, D347 [13JN]
      Jamaica's Proposed Comprehensive International Antinarcotics 
        Plan: Michael N. Manley, D729 [6NO]
      Japanese Patent Policy: A.E. Hirsch, Jr., D63 [28FE]
      ------Alan Lourie, D63 [28FE]
      ------Michael K. Kirk, D63 [28FE]
      Japanese Space Industry: Courtney Stadd, D632 [4OC]
      ------J. Michael Farren, D632 [4OC]
      ------Jeffrey Manber, D632 [4OC]
      ------S. Linn Williams, D632 [4OC]
      Job Training Assistance: Jack Kelepinger, D124 [16MR]
      ------Marian W. Edelman, D124 [16MR]
      ------Susan Dunn, D124 [16MR]
      ------William H. Kolberg, D124 [16MR]
      ------William Shinn, D124 [16MR]
      Job Training Partnership Act Amendment To Improve Delivery of 
        Services (H.R. 2039): Elizabeth H. Dole, Sec. of Labor, D406 
      ------Gerald Peters, D580 [20SE]
      ------Lawrence H. Thompson, D406 [29JN]
      Job Training Partnership Act Budget To Strengthen Program of 
        Employment and Training Assistance (S. 543): Ann Abel, D263 
      ------Arturo Vazquez, D98 [9MR]
      ------Elizabeth H. Dole, Sec. of Transportation, D263 [11MY]
      ------Frank La Mere, D263 [11MY]
      ------John C. Gartland, D263 [11MY]
      ------Lilliam Barrios-Paoli, D263 [11MY]
      ------Marion Pines, D263 [11MY]
      ------Robert Ivry, D263 [11MY]
      ------Senator Lautenberg, D263 [11MY]
      ------W. Perry Gaines, D263 [11MY]
      ------Elton Jolly, D98 [9MR]
      ------Hal Norgard, D98 [9MR]
      ------Jerry E. Abramson, D98 [9MR]
      ------Richard F. Celeste, Governor of Ohio, D98 [9MR]
      Job Training Services (H.R. 3266): Representative Guarini, D572 
      Joint Production Venture: James F. Rill, D573 [19SE]
      Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail (H.R. 1159): James 
        M. Ridenour, D736 [7NO]
      ------Representative George Miller, D736 [7NO]
      ------Representative Shumway, D736 [7NO]
      ------Representative Slattery, D736 [7NO]
      Judicial Independence--Discipline and Conduct (H.R. 1620, 1930, 
        2181): Abner J. Mikva, D402 [28JN]
      ------Frank M. Coffin, D220 [27AP]
      ------John C. Godbold, D220 [27AP]
      ------Thomas M. Boyd, D348 [13JN]
      ------Walter K. Stapleton, D220 [27AP]
      Judiciary Nomination: Alan M. Dershowitz, D733 [7NO]
      ------Edwin L. Nelson, D733 [7NO]
      ------G. Thomas Van Bebber, D733 [7NO]
      ------John M. Walker, Jr., D733 [7NO]
      ------Susan W. Wright, D733 [7NO]
      Kampuchea: Al Santoli, D341 [12JN]
      ------Chang Song, D341 [12JN]
      ------Dith Pran, D341 [12JN]
      ------Richard Holbrooke, D341 [12JN]
      ------Robert M. Kimmitt, D341 [12JN]
      Kino Missions National Monument in Arizona (H.R. 2843): James M. 
        Ridenour, D724 [2NO]
      ------Representative Kolbe, D724 [2NO]
      Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, ND, 
        Acquisition of Additional Lands Containing Indian Burial 
        Grounds (S. 1230): Jerry Rogers, D548 [12SE]
      Labor Shortages and Poverty Surplus: Charles Atkins, D15 [27JA]
      ------Elizabeth H. Dole, Sec. of Labor, D15 [27JA]
      ------Marcia Townley, D15 [27JA]
      ------Patricia Wright, D15 [27JA]
      ------Renee Goldinger, D15 [27JA]
      ------Taffie Lloyd, D15 [27JA]
      ------Wendy M. Dipilato, D15 [27JA]
      Labor Statistics Adopted by International Labor Conference at 
        Geneva: Anthony G. Freeman, D714 [1NO]
      ------Brian Glade, D714 [1NO]
      ------Edward Potter, D714 [1NO]
      ------Elizabeth H. Dole, Sec. of Labor, D714 [1NO]
      ------F.M. Lunnie Jr, D714 [1NO]
      ------Janet L. Norwood, D714 [1NO]
      ------Rudy Oswald, D714 [1NO]
      Labor-Management Services and Departmental Management for Labor: 
        David M. Walker, D106 [13MR]
      ------Thomas C. Komarek, D106 [13MR]
      Lake Andes-Wagner and Marty II Irrigation Projects, South Dakota 
        (S. 202): David C. Campbell, D560 [14SE]
      ------George S. Mickelson, Jr., Governor of South Dakota, D560 
      ------Joe D. Hall, D560 [14SE]
      ------John Stevenson, D560 [14SE]
      ------Marc L. Goldhammer, D560 [14SE]
      ------Roger Patterson, D560 [14SE]
      ------Scott Parsley, D560 [14SE]
      ------Senator Daschle, D560 [14SE]
      ------Senator Pressler, D560 [14SE]
      ------Stephen N. Cournoyer, Jr., D560 [14SE]
      Lake Meredith Salinity Control Project (H.R. 1143): Joseph Hall, 
        D515 [2AU]
      ------Representative Combest, D515 [2AU]
      ------Representative Hefley, D515 [2AU]
      ------Representative Sarpalius, D515 [2AU]
      Lake Meredith Salinity Control Project (S. 486): Joe D. Hall, 
        D560 [14SE]
      ------John C. Williams, D560 [14SE]
      ------Roger Patterson, D560 [14SE]
      ------Senator Bentsen, D560 [14SE]
      Land Settlement Claims of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians (H.R. 
        932): Representative Dicks, D57 [23FE]
      Laser Programs and the B-2 Bomber Program: Dennis Cole, D95 
      ------Robert Dempsey, D95 [8MR]
      Latin and Central America Regional and Inter-American 
        Foundation: Debra Szekely, D212 [25AP]
      ------Fred Schieck, D212 [25AP]
      ------Michael G. Kozak, D212 [25AP]
      ------Richard Brown, D212 [25AP]
      Law Enforcement Activities of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife 
        Service: Eugene Hester, D134 [21MR]
      ------Frank Dunkle, D134 [21MR]
      ------Howard Larsen, D134 [21MR]
      ------Joseph S. Marler, D134 [21MR]
      ------William Ashe, D134 [21MR]
      Leadville Mine Tunnel Drainage Treatment Plant, CO (S. 1275): 
        Joe D. Hall, D561 [14SE]
      ------Max Dodson, D561 [14SE]
      ------Roger Patterson, D561 [14SE]
      Legal Issues Raised by the Termination of Oliver L. North's 
        Retirement Pay: E.D. Stumbaugh, D670 [18OC]
      ------Eugene W. Hickok, Jr., D670 [18OC]
      ------James Hinchman, D670 [18OC]
      ------Larry Rivers, D670 [18OC]
      ------Lawrence Lamade, D670 [18OC]
      ------Peter Shane, D670 [18OC]
      Legislation Enacted in 1986 Relative to Extraterritorial 
        Jurisdiction Over Terrorists Acts Abroad: Alvin P. Adams, D307 
      ------Oliver B. Revell, D307 [31MY]
      ------Ronald K. Noble, D307 [31MY]
      Legislation Relative to Assault Weapons and Other Firearms: 
        Representative Berman, D164 [6AP]
      ------Representative Porter, D164 [6AP]
      ------Representative Wyden, D164 [6AP]
      Legislation Relative to Refugees: Alan C. Nelson, D164 [6AP]
      ------Jonathan Moore, D164 [6AP]
      ------Nancy Kingsbury, D164 [6AP]
      ------Representative Cardin, D164 [6AP]
      ------Representative Gilman, D164 [6AP]
      ------Representative Sikorski, D164 [6AP]
      Legislation to Promote Small Business in Rural Areas (S. 863, 
        1051): Arlen Kangas, D339 [9JN]
      ------Edwin T. Holloway, D339 [9JN]
      ------Jeff Doose, D339 [9JN]
      ------John Jackson, D339 [9JN]
      ------John R. Cox, D339 [9JN]
      ------Richard Palank, D339 [9JN]
      ------Terrence F. Stone, D339 [9JN]
      ------Wayne S. Foren, D339 [9JN]
      Legislative Branch Appropriations: Charles A. Bowsher, D19 
      ------Edward W. Ray, D34 [7FE], D245 [5MY]
      ------George M. White, D34 [7FE]
      ------Henry K. Giugni, D34 [7FE], D187 [13AP]
      ------Jack Russ, D34 [7FE]
      ------James H. Billington, D245 [5MY]
      ------Joseph E. Jenifer, D245 [5MY]
      ------Representative Hamilton, D19 [31JA]
      ------Representative Rostenkowski, D19 [31JA]
      ------Robert D. Reischauer, D187 [13AP]
      ------Senator Ford, D34 [7FE]
      ------Senator Kennedy, D34 [7FE]
      ------Senator Roth, D19 [31JA]
      ------Walter J. Stewart, D187 [13AP]
      Leveraged Buyout Transactions and Corporate Takeovers: Donald L. 
        Plusquellic, D38 [8FE]
      Leveraged Buyouts and Foreign Ownership of U.S. Airlines: 
        Representative Carr, D629 [3OC]
      ------Representative DeFazio, D629 [3OC]
      ------Representative Dorgan, D629 [3OC]
      ------Samuel K. Skinner, Sec. of Transportation, D636 [4OC]
      Liberalizing Social Security Retirement Test and Repealing 
        Certain Social Security Benefits: Louis D. Enoff, D302 [25MY]
      ------Nancy Gordon, D302 [25MY]
      ------Representative Archer, D302 [25MY]
      ------Representative Armey, D302 [25MY]
      ------Representative Coble, D302 [25MY]
      ------Representative Hastert, D302 [25MY]
      ------Representative Houghton, D302 [25MY]
      ------Representative John G. Rowland, D302 [25MY]
      Library of Congress: James H. Billington, D25 [2FE]
      Library Services and Construction Program Funds: Anne Matthews, 
        D175 [11AP]
      ------Charles E.M. Kolb, D175 [11AP]
      ------Dale Thompson, D175 [11AP]
      ------Dorothy Elliot, D175 [11AP]
      ------F. William Summers, D175 [11AP]
      ------Gary Strong, D175 [11AP]
      ------George Abrams, D175 [11AP]
      ------Jane Hatch, D175 [11AP]
      ------R. Earl Beck, D175 [11AP]
      ------Samuel Morrison, D175 [11AP]
      ------Sara Parker, D175 [11AP]
      Limit Federal Antitrust Exemption and Reaffirm State Regulation 
        of Insurance Business (S. 719): Charles G. Brown, D199 [18AP]
      ------Craig A. Berrington, D199 [18AP]
      ------Earl Pomeroy, D199 [18AP]
      ------Erland Stevens, D199 [18AP]
      ------J. Robert Hunter, D199 [18AP]
      ------James Serota, D199 [18AP]
      ------John Head, D199 [18AP]
      ------Mavis A. Walters, D199 [18AP]
      ------Stephen Brobeck, D199 [18AP]
      ------Timothy Russell, D199 [18AP]
      Listing of African Elephant on Appendix I to Convention on 
        International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and 
        Flora: Constance B. Harriman, D740 [8NO]
      ------Larry Saiers, D740 [8NO]
      ------Representative Beilenson, D740 [8NO]
      ------Representative Fields, D740 [8NO]
      ------Representative Schneider, D740 [8NO]
      Local Rail Service Assistance Program Appropriations (S. 255): 
        Horace B. Edwards, D160 [6AP]
      ------Lynn Anderson, D160 [6AP]
      ------Mortimer Fuller, D160 [6AP]
      ------S. Mark Lindsey, D160 [6AP]
      ------Senator D'Amato, D160 [6AP]
      ------Senator Harkin, D160 [6AP]
      ------Senator Kassebaum, D160 [6AP]
      Location of Memorial to Women Who Served in Vietnam: Constance 
        B. Harriman, D762 [14NO]
      ------Representative Gejdenson, D762 [14NO]
      Long-Term Care Insurance for Certain Civilian Federal Employees 
        (S. 38): Bruce Boyd, D721 [2NO]
      ------Constance B. Newman, D721 [2NO]
      ------Dennis L. DeWitt, D721 [2NO]
      ------Gail Shearer, D721 [2NO]
      ------H.T. Steve Morrissey, D721 [2NO]
      ------James Firman, D721 [2NO]
      ------Joshua M. Wiener, D721 [2NO]
      ------Richard V. Minck, D721 [2NO]
      ------Senator Wilson, D721 [2NO]
      ------Vincent R. Sombrotto, D721 [2NO]
      Long-Term Energy Security: Doug Lentsch, D401 [28JN]
      ------Eric Hirst, D635 [4OC]
      ------Flora H. Milans, D739 [8NO]
      ------Gerard B. Bardon, D401 [28JN]
      ------James M. MacDonald, D401 [28JN]
      ------Thomas Purtell, D401 [28JN]
      ------Victor S. Rezendes, D739 [8NO]
      Long-Term Energy Security in Light of Alaska Oil Spill: John J. 
        Easton, Jr., D389 [22JN]
      ------Jones, Jeffery, D389 [22JN]
      Long-Term Strategies for National Savings Rate of the U.S.: 
        Representative Levine, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Tauzin, D214 [25AP]
      Los Padres National Forest, Sespe Creek, and Sisquoc River, CA. 
        Wilderness (H.R. 1473): James Overbay, D438 [18JY]
      Low-Income Housing Tax Credit: Jack Kemp, Sec. of HUD, D297 
      ------John Wilkins, D297 [23MY]
      ------Neal S. Johnson, D297 [23MY]
      LSC Reauthorization: Michael B. Wallace, D127 [16MR], D447 
      ------Representative Byron, D447 [19JY]
      ------Terrance J. Wear, D127 [16MR]
      Lumbee Recognition Act (H.R. 2335): Lonnie Revels, D596 [26SE]
      ------Patrick A. Hayes, D596 [26SE]
      ------Representative Rose, D596 [26SE]
      Magnetic Fusion Energy Program: Alexander Glass, D629 [3OC]
      ------David C. Cartwright, D700 [26OC]
      ------Eric Storm, D46 [21FE]
      ------John Gilleland, D629 [3OC]
      ------John Sheffield, D637 [4OC]
      ------Klaus Berkner, D700 [26OC]
      ------Lee A. Berry, D45 [21FE]
      ------N. Anne Davies, D644 [5OC]
      ------Robert O. Hunter, Jr., D45 [21FE], D644 [5OC]
      ------Rufon K. Linford, D45 [21FE]
      Mailing of Biological Toxins and Etiologic Agents: Frank R. 
        Heselton, D658 [12OC]
      ------John McVicar, D658 [12OC]
      Mailing of Unsolicited Sexually Oriented Advertisements (H.R. 
        1210): Kenneth H. Hearst, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Ridge, D587 [21SE]
      ------Ronald K. Noble, D587 [21SE]
      Maintaining the Integrity of Scientific Research: Brian Kimes, 
        D402 [28JN]
      ------Lyle Bivens, D402 [28JN]
      ------Robert M. Andersen, D402 [28JN]
      ------William F. Raub, D402 [28JN]
      Management and Growth of Forests in Pacific Northwest: Dean 
        Stepanek, D388 [22JN]
      ------F. Dale Robertson, D388 [22JN]
      ------Thomas Spies, D388 [22JN]
      Management of Indian Trust Fund: Eddie F. Brown, D699 [26OC]
      ------James R. Richards, D699 [26OC]
      ------Robert Hunter, D699 [26OC]
      Management of National Wildlife Refuge System: David Olsen, D551 
      ------James Duffus III, D551 [12SE]
      Management of the Defense Industrial Base: Frank C. Conahan, 
        D437 [18JY]
      ------James A. Richards, D437 [18JY]
      ------Joseph A. Moreland, D437 [18JY]
      ------Robert C. McCormack, D437 [18JY]
      Managing Work-Related Injuries in the Postal Service: Joel S. 
        Trosch, D611 [28SE]
      ------L. Nye Stevens, D611 [28SE]
      Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing for Commercial Operators (S. 
        561): Arthur W. Johnson, D356 [15JN]
      ------Fred A. Hardin, D356 [15JN]
      ------Gene S. Berghoffen, D356 [15JN]
      ------Jerry T. Verkler, D356 [15JN]
      ------Joseph Farrell, D356 [15JN]
      ------Karl M. Landgrebe, D356 [15JN]
      ------Lawrence M. Mann, D356 [15JN]
      ------Michael O'Connell, D356 [15JN]
      ------Representative Luken, D356 [15JN]
      ------Richard B. Stone, D356 [15JN]
      ------Richard E. Briggs, D356 [15JN]
      ------Roger Horn, D356 [15JN]
      ------Samuel K. Skinner, Sec. of Transportation, D356 [15JN]
      ------Senator Wilson, D356 [15JN]
      ------William R. Ward, D356 [15JN]
      Marine Fisheries: Alex M. Jernigan, D288 [18MY]
      ------Arni Thomson, D288 [18MY]
      ------David Harville, D288 [18MY]
      ------Edward D. Evans, D288 [18MY]
      ------Edward McCulla, D288 [18MY]
      ------John G. Peterson, D288 [18MY]
      ------Paul Mulready, D288 [18MY]
      ------Robert P. Jones, D288 [18MY]
      Marine Mammals Protection Act Amendments To Require Disclosure 
        of Information Regarding Tuna Fishing Methods (H.R. 2926, 
        2948): E. Charles Fullerton, D636 [4OC]
      ------James E. Douglas, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Boxer, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Levine, D636 [4OC]
      Marine Protection (S. 587, 588, 1178, 1179): Donald Boesch, D465 
      ------John Bullard, D465 [25JY]
      ------John DeGrove, D465 [25JY]
      ------John J. Terpstra, D465 [25JY]
      ------John Lampe, D465 [25JY]
      ------Margaret A. Davidson, D465 [25JY]
      ------Rebecca Hanmer, D465 [25JY]
      ------Robert Engler, D465 [25JY]
      Marine Research Act (S. 587): Carolyn Carp, D416 [12JY]
      ------Charles Ehler, D416 [12JY]
      ------Charles Fox, D416 [12JY]
      ------Howard Levenson, D416 [12JY]
      ------Jessica Landman, D416 [12JY]
      ------Linda Eichmiller, D416 [12JY]
      ------Paul Brouha, D416 [12JY]
      ------Representative Pallone, D416 [12JY]
      ------Robert Patterson, D416 [12JY]
      Maritime Administration authorization (H.R. 1486): Paul D. 
        Butcher, D139 [22MR]
      ------Representative Lent, D214 [25AP]
      ------Representative Walter B. Jones, D214 [25AP]
      ------William A. Creelman, D139 [22MR]
      Market Reform Act (S. 648): George S. Bissell, D287 [18MY]
      ------Jeffrey B. Lane, D287 [18MY]
      ------John Phelan, D287 [18MY]
      ------Joseph Hardiman, D287 [18MY]
      ------Leo Melamed, D287 [18MY]
      ------Nicholas F. Brady, Sec. of the Treasury, D695 [26OC]
      Mass Mailings That Deceive or Mislead Senior Citizens About 
        Matters Relative to Social Security: Dennison Hatch, D801 
      ------Kenneth M. Hearst, D801 [20NO]
      ------Martha A. McSteen, D801 [20NO]
      ------Ralph Galliano, D801 [20NO]
      ------Representative Stark, D801 [20NO]
      ------Senator Heinz, D801 [20NO]
      ------Senator Pryor, D801 [20NO]
      Mass Mortality of Bottlenose Dolphins: J.R. Geraci
      ------William E. Evans, D253 [9MY]
      Materials Requirements by the Nuclear Weapons Council: Paul F. 
        Kavanaugh, D75 [2MR]
      ------Robert C. Duncan, D75 [2MR]
      ------Robert T. Herres, D75 [2MR]
      ------Ronald W. Cochran, D75 [2MR]
      ------Troy E. Wade II, D75 [2MR]
      Medicaid Infant Mortality Initiatives: Lawton M. Chiles, D38 
      ------Representative Hyde, D38 [8FE]
      Medical Care Quality Research and Improvement Act (H.R. 1692): 
        Louis W. Sullivan, Sec. of HHS, D301 [24MY]
      Medical Overview and Medical in the Navy: James A. Zimble, D93 
      ------William Mayer, D93 [8MR]
      Medical Practice Guidelines: Thomas Reardon, D107 [13MR]
      Medicare, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, and Child Health: 
        Rae Grad, D95 [8MR]
      ------Representative George Miller, D95 [8MR]
      ------Representative Hawkins, D95 [8MR]
      ------Representative Leland, D95 [8MR]
      ------Representative Pelosi, D88 [7MR]
      ------Representative Waxman, D88 [7MR]
      ------Representative Weiss, D88 [7MR]
      ------Representative Williams, D95 [8MR]
      Medicare and Medicaid Budget Priorities in the 1990's: Richard 
        G. Darman, Director, OMB, D143 [23MR]
      Medicare and Medicaid Reconciliation Provisions: Donald Muse, 
        D336 [8JN]
      ------Guy King, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative McDermott, D336 [8JN]
      ------Ross Anthony, D336 [8JN]
      Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Repeal Act (H.R. 3607): 
        Representative Rostenkowski, D781 [16NO]
      Medicare Contractors Program: Arthur Lifson, D63 [28FE]
      ------Bill Horton, D63 [28FE]
      ------Michael Zimmerman, D63 [28FE]
      ------Richard Kusserow, D63 [28FE]
      ------Sally Wood, D63 [28FE]
      ------Terry Coleman, D63 [28FE]
      Medicare Coverage for Services of Psychologists (H.R. 774): 
        Representative McDermott, D84 [6MR]
      ------Senator Rockefeller, D84 [6MR]
      Medicare Inpatient Hospital Capital Expenditure Act Amendments 
        (H.R. 712): Keith Anderson
      Medicare Physician Payment Reform: Philip R. Lee, D301 [25MY]
      ------Representative Slattery, D301 [25MY]
      ------Representative Wayne Owens, D301 [25MY]
      Medicare Program, Focusing on Volume of Physician Services: 
        Allan S. Detsky, D362 [16JN]
      ------David G. Murray, D362 [16JN]
      ------Everett F. Bryant, D362 [16JN]
      ------James S. Todd, D362 [16JN]
      ------John M. Eisenberg, D362 [16JN]
      ------Joseph F. Boyle, D362 [16JN]
      ------Louis B. Hays, D362 [16JN]
      ------Louis Sullivan, Sec. of HHS, D362 [16JN]
      ------Michael Soper, D362 [16JN]
      ------Walter B. Maher, D362 [16JN]
      Medicare Quality of Care: Richard P. Kusserow, D151 [4AP]
      ------Thomas G. Morford, D151 [4AP]
      Medicare Status: Donald A. Young, D80 [3MR]
      ------Karen Davis, D80 [3MR]
      ------Kathleen N. Lohr, D80 [3MR]
      ------Lynn Etheredge, D80 [3MR]
      ------Marilyn Moon, D80 [3MR]
      ------Uwe Rheinhardt, D80 [3MR]
      Mental Health in Nursing Homes--Barriers and Solutions: Ross 
        Anthony, D525 [3AU]
      Mental Illness Research, Education, and Clinical Centers (S. 
        86): Arthur Blank, D352 [14JN]
      ------Clement J. Zablocki, D352 [14JN]
      ------David W. Gorman, D352 [14JN]
      ------Frank R. DeGeorge, D352 [14JN]
      ------James N. Magill, D352 [14JN]
      ------John A. Gronvall, D352 [14JN]
      ------Kenneth A. Klauck, D352 [14JN]
      ------Paul Errera, D352 [14JN]
      ------Ralph J. Ibson, D352 [14JN]
      ------Samuel J. Walsh, D352 [14JN]
      ------Spencer Falcon, D352 [14JN]
      ------Thomas A. Sherwood, D352 [14JN]
      Merchant Marine Memorial Act (H.R. 668): Bruce J. Carlton, D488 
      ------Frederic J. Grady, D488 [27JY]
      ------Grady W. Horton, D488 [27JY]
      Merchant Marine Service During World War II Constitutes Active 
        Military Service (H.R. 44): Bruce J. Carlton, D488 [27JY]
      ------Frederic J. Grady, D488 [27JY]
      ------Grady W. Horton, D488 [27JY]
      Merger of Organized Crime Strike Forces With U.S. Attorney's 
        Office: Edward S.G. Dennis, D371 [20JN]
      ------Senator Specter, D371 [20JN]
      Merit Systems Protection Board: Daniel R. Levinson, D70 [1MR]
      ------Frank Gearde, Jr., D70 [1MR]
      ------Mary F. Wieseman, D70 [1MR]
      Military Base Closures and Realignments: Jack Edwards, D75 [2MR]
      ------Robert A. Stone, D75 [2MR], D94 [8MR]
      Military Construction: Benjamin F. Montoya, D242 [4MY]
      ------John A. Woodworth, D182 [12AP]
      ------Joseph A. Ahearn, D242 [4MY]
      ------Michael P. Downs, D242 [4MY]
      ------Peter J. Offringa, D242 [4MY]
      ------Robert A. Stone, D242 [4MY]
      Military Construction in Central America, Persian Gulf, and 
        Pacific Ocean: Richard L. Armitage, D132 [21MR]
      Military Coproduction Agreements with Foreign Countries: Glenn 
        A. Rudd, D137 [22MR]
      ------Joseph E. Kelley, D137 [22MR]
      ------Morton R. Dworken, Jr., D137 [22MR]
      Military Health Programs: Barbara A. Goodwin, D122 [16MR]
      ------Clara L. Admas-Enders, D122 [16MR]
      ------Frank F. Ledford, Jr., D122 [16MR]
      ------James A. Zimble, D122 [16MR]
      ------Mary Hall, D122 [16MR]
      ------Monte B. Miller, D122 [16MR]
      ------William Mayer, D122 [16MR]
      Military Personnel: Allen K. Ono, D86 [7MR]
      ------John I. Hudson, D86 [7MR]
      Military Sealift Requirements and National Policy: Bill Verdon, 
        D422 [13JY]
      ------Duane H. Cassidy, D422 [13JY]
      ------Everett Pyatt, D422 [13JY]
      ------John J. Stocker, D422 [13JY]
      ------Michael Sacco, D422 [13JY]
      ------Representative Bennett, D422 [13JY]
      ------William A. Creelman, D422 [13JY]
      Military Strategy and Operational Requirements for NATO Defense 
        and Rapid Reinforcement: Colin L. Powell, D197 [18AP]
      ------Duane H. Cassidy, D197 [18AP]
      ------Thomas C. Richards, D197 [18AP]
      Military Strategy and Operational Requirements of the Maritime 
        Oriented Unified Commands and U.S. Forces: Henry C. Stackpole 
        III, D205 [19AP]
      ------Huntington Hardisty, D205 [19AP]
      ------Louis C. Menetrey, D205 [19AP]
      Military Strategy Oriented to Developing Countries' Defense and 
        Unconventional Warfare: H. Norman Schwarzkopf, D209 [25AP]
      ------James J. Lindsay, D209 [25AP]
      ------Richard C. Ustick, D209 [25AP]
      Mine Reclamation and Bonding Requirements: Carl E. Wisler, D89 
      ------David G. Unger, D89 [7MR]
      ------James Duffus III, D89 [7MR]
      ------Robert F. Burford, D89 [7MR]
      ------Robert H. Gentile, D89 [7MR]
      Mineral Lands Leasing Act (H.R. 489): Lawless James, D296 [23MY]
      ------T.S. Ary, D296 [23MY]
      Mineral Leasing Act (H.R. 643): James E. Cason, D66 [28FE]
      ------Representative Rahall, D277 [16MY]
      Mineral Resources Exploration and Recovery Program on Certain 
        Portions of the Seabed (H.R. 2440): Edward Cassidy, D654 
      ------Virginia Tippi, D654 [11OC]
      Minerals Management Service: Robert E. Kallman, D45 [21FE]
      Minimum Wage: Elizabeth H. Dole, Sec. of Labor, D80 [3MR]
      Mining Experimental Program on Critical Minerals (H.R. 491): 
        James Lawless, D296 [23MY]
      ------T.S. Ary, D296 [23MY]
      Mining and Minerals Policy Act (H.R. 1705): James Lawless, D296 
      ------T.S. Ary, D296 [23MY]
      Mining Law (S. 1126): Charles E. Roybal, D325 [7JN]
      ------Curtis McVee, D325 [7JN]
      ------David W. Delcour, D325 [7JN]
      ------Don Smith, D325 [7JN]
      ------Gary Langley, D325 [7JN]
      ------Geoffrey G. Snow, D325 [7JN]
      ------George M. Leonard, D325 [7JN]
      ------John L. Neff, D325 [7JN]
      ------John Leshy, D325 [7JN]
      ------Lynn A. Greenwalt, D325 [7JN]
      ------Michael McCloskey, D325 [7JN]
      ------Philip M. Hocker, D325 [7JN]
      ------Putnam Livermore, D325 [7JN]
      ------Representative Craig, D325 [7JN]
      ------Robert F. Burford, D325 [7JN]
      ------Russell C. Babcock, D325 [7JN]
      ------Stephen D. Alfers, D325 [7JN]
      ------Stewart L. Udall, D325 [7JN]
      ------T.S. Ary, D325 [7JN]
      Minority Ownership of Broadcast Stations: Alan Shurberg, D565 
      ------J. Clay Smith, Jr., D565 [15SE]
      ------James L. Winston, D565 [15SE]
      ------John Payton, D565 [15SE]
      ------Marilyn Fife, D565 [15SE]
      ------Patricia Niekamp, D565 [15SE]
      ------Percy Sutton, D565 [15SE]
      ------Richard Ramirez, D565 [15SE]
      ------Roderick Porter, D565 [15SE]
      ------Roy Huhndorf, D565 [15SE]
      ------William E. Kennard, D565 [15SE]
      Miscellaneous Revenue Issues: Kenneth Gideon, D658 [12OC]
      ------Representative Gray, D658 [12OC]
      ------Representative Harold E. Ford, D658 [12OC]
      ------Representative Jacobs, D658 [12OC]
      ------Representative Stallings, D658 [12OC]
      ------Representative Studds, D658 [12OC]
      ------Representative Williams, D658 [12OC]
      Mismanagement and Manipulation of Ramstein Air Base Club Funds: 
        Bradley C. Hosmer, D779 [16NO]
      ------Derek J. Vander Schaaf, D779 [16NO]
      ------James F. Boatright, D779 [16NO]
      ------Karen R. Keesling, D779 [16NO]
      ------Michael A. Nelson, D779 [16NO]
      ------R.A. Grimaldi, D779 [16NO]
      ------Richard Pascoe, D779 [16NO]
      ------Thomas J. Hickey, D779 [16NO]
      ------William M. Minotti, D779 [16NO]
      Missile and Proliferation Control Act (S. 1421): Henry Sokolski, 
        D707 [31OC]
      ------James LeMunyon, D707 [31OC]
      ------Norman Wulf, D707 [31OC]
      ------Richard A. Clarke, D707 [31OC]
      ------Senator Bingaman, D707 [31OC]
      ------Senator DeConcini, D707 [31OC]
      ------Senator Gore, D707 [31OC]
      ------Senator McCain, D707 [31OC]
      Missile Control Act (S. 1227): Henry Sokolski, D707 [31OC]
      ------James LeMunyon, D707 [31OC]
      ------Norman Wulf, D707 [31OC]
      ------Richard A. Clarke, D707 [31OC]
      ------Senator Bingaman, D707 [31OC]
      ------Senator DeConcini, D707 [31OC]
      ------Senator Gore, D707 [31OC]
      ------Senator McCain, D707 [31OC]
      Missile Technology Control Regime: Henry Sokolski, D705 [30OC]
      ------James LeMunyon, D705 [30OC]
      ------Jim Hinds, D419 [12JY]
      ------Jim LeMunyon, D419 [12JY]
      ------Norm Wulf, D419 [12JY]
      ------Norman Wulf, D705 [30OC]
      ------Richard A. Clarke, D705 [30OC]
      ------Vincent DeCain, D419 [12JY]
      Moderate Rehabilitation Housing Program: Paul A. Adams, D248 
      Modernization of Academic Research Facilities: Frederick 
        Humphries, D357 [15JN]
      ------Richard Traina, D357 [15JN]
      ------Richard Wood, D357 [15JN]
      ------Sean Rush, D357 [15JN]
      ------Thomas Cole, D357 [15JN]
      Modernization of Nuclear Weapons Complex: Anthony J. Celebrezze, 
        D15 [27JA]
      ------Cecil D. Andrus, Governor of Idaho, D15 [27JA]
      ------Christine O. Gregoire, D15 [27JA]
      ------J. Winston Porter, D15 [27JA]
      ------John F. Ahearne, D15 [27JA]
      ------Richard A. Meserve, D15 [27JA]
      ------Richard F. Celeste, Governor of Ohio, D15 [27JA]
      ------Roy Romer, Governor of Colorado, D15 [27JA]
      ------Senator Adams, D15 [27JA]
      ------Senator Metzenbaum, D15 [27JA]
      Modernization Proposals for Weapons Production: J. Dexter Peach, 
        D13 [25JA]
      ------Keith O. Fultz, D13 [25JA]
      ------Peter N. Brush, D13 [25JA]
      ------Richard Starostecki, D13 [25JA]
      ------Troy E. Wade II, D13 [25JA]
      ------William R. Bibb, D13 [25JA]
      Modernizing Circulating Coins (H.R. 505): Donna Pope, D418 
      ------Representative James A. Hayes, D418 [12JY]
      Modifying and Strengthening Certain Dept. of Veterans Affairs' 
        Home Loan Guaranty Provisions and Benefits to Vietnam Veterans 
        Disabled as Result of Exposure to Toxic Herbicide: Angelo R. 
        Mozilo, D385 [22JN]
      ------Anthony J. Principi, D385 [22JN]
      ------Brian Hawkins, D385 [22JN]
      ------Burton C. Wood, D385 [22JN]
      ------Dennis Cullinan, D385 [22JN]
      ------Frank Watts, D385 [22JN]
      ------James B. Hubbard, D385 [22JN]
      ------Jim Irvine, D385 [22JN]
      ------John C. Bollinger, D385 [22JN]
      ------John Taylor, D385 [22JN]
      ------Kathleen W. Shepherd, D385 [22JN]
      ------Linda K. Bumbalo, D385 [22JN]
      ------Richard E. O'Dell, D385 [22JN]
      ------Richard F. Schultz, D385 [22JN]
      ------Richard S. Christian, D385 [22JN]
      ------Senator Daschle, D385 [22JN]
      ------Senator Kerry, D385 [22JN]
      Modifying Medicare Policies To Improve the Health Care System in 
        Rural America: Bruce Behringer, D293 [22MY]
      ------Dani M. Cossette, D293 [22MY]
      ------David W. Bush, D293 [22MY]
      ------Jeffrey Human, D293 [22MY]
      ------John Mengenhausen, D293 [22MY]
      ------Pat McGill, D293 [22MY]
      ------Paul G. FitzPatrick, D293 [22MY]
      ------Ralph Tabor, D293 [22MY]
      ------Tom Harward, D293 [22MY]
      Monetary Policy: Alan Greenspan, D43 [21FE]
      Monitored Retrievable Storage Review Commission Report: Alex 
        Radin, D721 [2NO]
      ------Dole E. Klein, D721 [2NO]
      ------Frank L. Parker, D721 [2NO]
      Motor Carrier Safety Laws: John Andelin, D198 [18AP]
      ------Paul Rothberg, D198 [18AP]
      ------Richard P. Landis, D198 [18AP]
      ------Steve Herman, D198 [18AP]
      Motor Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Act (S. 1224): Brooks Yeager, D541 
      ------Deborah Bleviss, D541 [7SE]
      ------Earl Landesman, D541 [7SE]
      ------Hal Bracken, D541 [7SE]
      ------Helen Petrauskas, D541 [7SE]
      ------James J. MacKenzie, D541 [7SE]
      ------Jerry L. Benefield, D541 [7SE]
      ------Marina N. Whitman, D541 [7SE]
      ------Owen Bieber, D541 [7SE]
      ------R.R. Bolz, D541 [7SE]
      ------Senator Metzenbaum, D541 [7SE]
      ------Senator Nickles, D541 [7SE]
      ------Toni Harrington, D541 [7SE]
      ------Warren D. Noteware, D541 [7SE]
      ------William D. Cotter, D541 [7SE]
      Motor Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Standards: Charles Ebinger, D149 
      ------Clarence M. Ditlow III, D149 [4AP]
      ------Helen O. Petrauskas, D149 [4AP]
      ------Howard M. Smolkin, D149 [4AP]
      ------John R. Berg, D149 [4AP]
      ------Marina V.N. Whitman, D149 [4AP]
      ------Richard D. Morganstern, D149 [4AP]
      Movement of Sport Programming Onto Cable Television: Edward O. 
        Fritts, D759 [14NO]
      ------Francis T. Vincent, D759 [14NO]
      ------James Boaz, D759 [14NO]
      ------John Turchiano, D759 [14NO]
      ------Paul Tagliabue, D759 [14NO]
      ------Preston Padden, D759 [14NO]
      ------Representative Schumer, D759 [14NO]
      ------Representative Shays, D759 [14NO]
      ------Roger L. Werner, Jr., D759 [14NO]
      ------Senator Lieberman, D759 [14NO]
      ------Stephen F. Ross, D759 [14NO]
      Municipal and Hazardous Material Waste Crisis: Howard Levenson, 
        D389 [22JN]
      ------Representative Kanjorski, D389 [22JN]
      ------Representative Richardson, D389 [22JN]
      ------Sylvia Lowrance, D389 [22JN]
      Municipal Solid Waste Source Reduction and Recycling Act (S. 
        1112): Bill Rathje, D376 [21JN]
      ------Howard Levenson, D376 [21JN]
      ------Jim Leiter, D376 [21JN]
      ------Jonathan A. Cannon, D376 [21JN]
      ------Victor Bell, D376 [21JN]
      Mutual Legal Assistance With the Bahamas in Criminal Matters 
        (Treaty Doc. 100-17): Edward G.S. Dennis, D198 [18AP]
      ------Mary Mochary, D198 [18AP]
      Mutual Legal Assistance With Belgium in Criminal Matters (Treaty 
        Doc. 100-16): Edward G.S. Dennis, D198 [18AP]
      ------Mary Mochary, D198 [18AP]
      Mutual Legal Assistance With Canada in Criminal Matters (Treaty 
        Doc. 100-14): (testimony): Edward G.S. Dennis, D198 [18AP]
      ----------Mary Mochary, D198 [18AP]
      Mutual Legal Assistance With Great Britain in Criminal Matters 
        Relative to Cayman Islands (Treaty Doc. 100-8): Edward G.S. 
        Dennis, D198 [18AP]
      ------Mary Mochary, D198 [18AP]
      Mutual Legal Assistance With Thailand in Criminal Matters 
        (Treaty Doc. 100-18): Edward G.S. Dennis, D198 [18AP]
      ------Mary Mochary, D198 [18AP]
      Mutual Legal Cooperation Treaty With Mexico (Treaty Doc. 100-
        13): Edward G.S. Dennis, D198 [18AP]
      ------Mary Mochary, D198 [18AP]
      Namibia Independence--Process and Progress: Herman J. Cohen, 
        D456 [20JY]
      Narcotics Review in Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean 
        Region: Ann B. Wrobleski, D112 [14MR]
      ------David L. Westrate, D112 [14MR]
      Narcotics Review in Southeast Asia and Pacific: Ann B. 
        Wrobleski, D119 [15MR]
      ------David L. Westrate, D119 [15MR]
      Narcotics Review in Southwest Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and 
        Africa: Ann B. Wrobleski, D138 [22MR]
      ------Thomas G. Byrne, D138 [22MR]
      NASA Appropriations: Dale D. Myers
      ------Dale D. Myers, D40 [9FE]
      ------David Doniger, D149 [4AP]
      ------Frank Martin, D103 [9MR]
      ------George A. Rodney, D135 [21MR]
      ------George Hallinan, D123 [16MR]
      ------James B. Odom, D123 [16MR]
      ------James C. Fletcher, D142 [23MR]
      ------James Larimer, D190 [13AP]
      ------James Odom, D67 [28FE]
      ------John B. Winch, D123 [16MR]
      ------John Swihart, D149 [4AP]
      ------Lawrence R. Greenwood, D123 [16MR]
      ------Lennard A. Fisk, D72 [1MR]
      ------Lennard Haslim, D190 [13AP]
      ------Noel W. Hinners, D40 [9FE], D164 [6AP]
      ------Norris Krone, D149 [4AP]
      ------Paul Kutler, D190 [13AP]
      ------Raymond Tanner, D123 [16MR]
      ------Representative Watkins, D190 [13AP]
      ------Richard E. Rowberg, D149 [4AP]
      ------Richard H. Truly, D40 [9FE], D72 [1MR]
      ------Robert F. Thompson, D123 [16MR]
      ------Robert O. Aller, D90 [7MR]
      ------Robert Savely, D190 [13AP]
      ------Ronald Wickens, D149 [4AP]
      ------Stephanie L. Miller, D202 [18AP]
      ------Thomas Campbell, D40 [9FE]
      ------William F. Ballhaus, Jr., D149 [4AP]
      NASA Appropriations (H.R. 1759): Representative Nelson, D543 
      ------Representative Roe, D543 [7SE]
      ------Representative Valentine, D543 [7SE]
      ------William F. Ballhaus, Jr., D217 [26AP]
      NASA Appropriations, Focusing on Commercial Space Activities: 
        James T. Rose, D280 [17MY]
      ------Stephanie Lee-Miller, D280 [17MY]
      NASA Initiative To Gather Data Required To Understand the Forces 
        of Global Change: Don L. Anderson, D92 [8MR]
      ------Lennard A. Fish, D92 [8MR]
      ------Sally K. Ride, D92 [8MR]
      NASA Space Transportation System Budget: Arnold Aldrich, D262 
      ------Charles J. Donlan, D262 [11MY]
      ------George A. Rodney, D262 [11MY]
      ------James R. Thompson, D262 [11MY]
      ------Joseph Mahon, D262 [11MY]
      ------Lowell K. Zoller, D262 [11MY]
      ------Richard H. Truly, D262 [11MY]
      ------Seymour C. Himmel, D262 [11MY]
      National Aerospace Plan: Donald B. Rice, D514 [2AU]
      ------Henry R. Finley, D514 [2AU]
      ------Richard H. Truly, D514 [2AU]
      National Affordable Housing Act (S. 566): A. Bruce Rozet, D367 
      ------Andres Garcia, D452 [20JY]
      ------Andy Raubeson, D310 [1JN]
      ------Ann Klinger, D320 [6JN]
      ------Barbara Bannon-Harwood, D339 [9JN]
      ------Barbara H. Percy, D367 [20JN]
      ------Barry Zigas, D325 [7JN]
      ------Bill Mitchell, D316 [2JN]
      ------Brenda Torpy, D367 [20JN]
      ------Brian Hays, D325 [7JN]
      ------Bruce Rozet, D452 [20JY]
      ------Charles L. Edson, D367 [20JN]
      ------Cindi Herrera, D316 [2JN]
      ------Clare McCulla, D362 [16JN]
      ------Conrad E. Egan, D367 [20JN]
      ------Corinne Jochum, D316 [2JN]
      ------Dale C. Landon, D367 [20JN]
      ------Daniel B. Grady, D367 [20JN]
      ------Daniel J. Wuenschel, D310 [1JN]
      ------David Echols, D362 [16JN]
      ------David Perel, D339 [9JN]
      ------David Schwartz, D310 [1JN]
      ------David Stanley, D320 [6JN]
      ------David W. Balcer, D339 [9JN]
      ------Dean Weatherly, D339 [9JN]
      ------Dennis Popp, D316 [2JN]
      ------Don Gustafson, D316 [2JN]
      ------Earl Phillips, D362 [16JN]
      ------Ed Schwartz, D325 [7JN]
      ------Edward D. DiPrete, Governor of Rhode Island, D320 [6JN]
      ------Edward I. Koch, D320 [6JN]
      ------Edward J. McLaughlin, D452 [20JY]
      ------Eleanor G. White, D452 [20JY]
      ------Ella Thompson, D362 [16JN]
      ------Emily P. Achtenberg, D367 [20JN]
      ------Eric Eichler, D325 [7JN]
      ------Eric Straughter, D452 [20JY]
      ------Ernest Coleman, D375 [21JN]
      ------Esther Piper, D316 [2JN]
      ------Eugene J. Burger, D367 [20JN]
      ------Floyd Carter, D362 [16JN]
      ------Fred Brancato, D310 [1JN]
      ------Gail Cincotta, D339 [9JN]
      ------George Butts, D339 [9JN]
      ------George Voinovich, D320 [6JN]
      ------Ira Gribin, D339 [9JN]
      ------Irene Johnson, D362 [16JN]
      ------Jacqueline Rogers, D367 [20JN]
      ------James P. Moran, Jr., D452 [20JY]
      ------Janet S. Charlton, D362 [16JN]
      ------Jay Rose, D452 [20JY]
      ------Joel Rubenzahl, D325 [7JN]
      ------John A. McCauley, D362 [16JN]
      ------John J. Morris, D339 [9JN]
      ------John Koelemij, D367 [20JN]
      ------John Papandrea, D339 [9JN]
      ------John Pritscher, D320 [6JN]
      ------John Sidor, D325 [7JN]
      ------John Simon, D362 [16JN]
      ------John Van Ness, D362 [16JN]
      ------Jonathan Zimmer, D310 [1JN]
      ------Joseph Riley, D320 [6JN]
      ------Juliet Massey-Duhan, D316 [2JN]
      ------Karney Hodge, D339 [9JN]
      ------Kathleen L. Rollason, D316 [2JN]
      ------Kirsten S. Moy, D325 [7JN]
      ------L. Earnest Beresh, D375 [21JN]
      ------Larry Dale, D325 [7JN]
      ------Larry Yates, D367 [20JN]
      ------Laverne R. Joseph, D316 [2JN]
      ------Lawrence Simons, D367 [20JN]
      ------Leland Brendsel, D325 [7JN]
      ------Leonard S. Rubenstein, D316 [2JN]
      ------Marilyn Melkonian, D367 [20JN]
      ------Martin Levine, D367 [20JN]
      ------Marvin Markus, D325 [7JN]
      ------Marvin Siflinger, D367 [20JN]
      ------Maxeen Green, D452 [20JY]
      ------Michael A. Stegman, D362 [16JN]
      ------Michael C. Piper, D310 [1JN]
      ------Michael Dukakis, Governor of Massachusetts, D320 [6JN]
      ------Mitch Snyder, D310 [1JN]
      ------Moises Loza, D375 [21JN]
      ------Patrick G. Halpin, D320 [6JN]
      ------Raymond L. Flynn, D310 [1JN]
      ------Richard A. Shatten, D320 [6JN]
      ------Richard Baron, D452 [20JY]
      ------Richard Bowers, D452 [20JY]
      ------Richard H. Bradfield, D316 [2JN]
      ------Richard M. Daley, D452 [20JY]
      ------Robert B. O'Brien, Jr., D339 [9JN]
      ------Robert Edlestein, D339 [9JN]
      ------Robert Hayes, D310 [1JN]
      ------Robert L. Armstrong, D452 [20JY]
      ------Robert Lawson, Jr., D325 [7JN]
      ------Robert Marshall, D375 [21JN]
      ------Roberta Youmans, D367 [20JN]
      ------Ron Jones, D375 [21JN]
      ------Ronald L. Williams, D310 [1JN]
      ------Sara E. Johnson, D367 [20JN]
      ------Senator Lautenberg, D320 [6JN]
      ------Senator Lieberman, D320 [6JN]
      ------Shirley Wiseman, D339 [9JN]
      ------Stephen A. Somers, D316 [2JN]
      ------Steven Banks, D310 [1JN]
      ------Steven Goldfinger, D310 [1JN]
      ------Ted Key, D375 [21JN]
      ------Terrence R. Duvernay, D325 [7JN]
      ------Thomas W. Honeycutt, D375 [21JN]
      ------Vince Lane, D452 [20JY]
      ------Wade J. Henderson, D452 [20JY]
      ------Walter Webdale, D325 [7JN]
      ------Warren Lasko, D325 [7JN]
      ------Willard Gourley, Jr., D339 [9JN]
      ------William H. Lacy, D339 [9JN]
      ------William N. Martin, D375 [21JN]
      National Agricultural Weather Information System Act (H.R. 
        1880): Leo Mayer, D235 [3MY]
      ------Ronald McPherson, D235 [3MY]
      National Archives and Record Service and the Tax Court: Arthur 
        L. Nims, D94 [8MR]
      ------Don W. Wilson, D94 [8MR]
      National Biological Diversity Conservation and Environmental 
        Research Act (H.R. 1268): George M. Leonard, D284 [17MY]
      ------J. Doug Buffington, D284 [17MY]
      ------Peter R. Jutro, D284 [17MY]
      ------Thomas E. Lovejoy, D284 [17MY]
      National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of 
        Environmental Health Science: David Rall, D137 [22MR]
      ------Samuel Broder, D137 [22MR]
      National Commission on Natural Resources Disasters (H.R. 1011) 
        and Review Management of the Tongass National Forest: George 
        Leonard, D117 [15MR]
      ------Representative Herger, D117 [15MR]
      ------Representative Young of Alaska, D117 [15MR]
      National Commission on the Public Service: William H. Rehnquist, 
        D237 [3MY]
      National Crisis in Drug Abuse Treatment: Charles Schuster, D516 
      ------Frederick Goodwin, D516 [2AU]
      ------Gene Haislip, D516 [2AU]
      ------Janet Shickles, D516 [2AU]
      ------Louis W. Sullivan, Sec. of HHS, D516 [2AU]
      ------Richard Kohler, D472 [25JY]
      ------Thomas Coughlin, D472 [25JY]
      National Drug Control Strategy: Anthony P. Travisono, D549 
      ------Charles B. Meeks, D549 [12SE]
      ------Daniel Blue, Jr., D549 [12SE]
      ------Fred B. Ugast, D549 [12SE]
      ------John S. Gustafson, D549 [12SE]
      ------Joseph P. Riley, D549 [12SE]
      ------Sterling Johnson, Jr., D549 [12SE]
      ------Thomas J. Quinn, D549 [12SE]
      National Drug Control Strategy, Focusing on International 
        Supply: Billy Allsbrook, D627 [3OC]
      ------Donald J. Atwood, D627 [3OC]
      ------John C. Lawn, D627 [3OC]
      ------Robert W. Burgreen, D627 [3OC]
      ------William S. Sessions, D627 [3OC]
      National Drug Control Strategy and Black America: Beny Primm, 
        D567 [15SE]
      ------David L. Westrate, D567 [15SE]
      ------Frankie Coates, D567 [15SE]
      ------Frederick K. Goodwin, D567 [15SE]
      ------Melvyn Levitsky, D567 [15SE]
      ------William J. Bennett, D567 [15SE]
      National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program Funding (S. 629): 
        Dallas L. Peck, D166 [7AP]
      ------George K. Bernstein, D166 [7AP]
      ------Julius W. Becton, Jr., D166 [7AP]
      ------Lacy Suiter, D166 [7AP]
      ------Robert L. Ketter, D166 [7AP]
      ------Senator Cranston, D166 [7AP]
      National Economic Outlook: Lawrence Chimerine, D26 [2FE]
      ------Michael J. Boskin, D50 [22FE]
      ------Richard Rahn, D26 [2FE]
      ------Robert Litan, D58 [23FE]
      ------William Niskanen, D58 [23FE]
      National Endowment for Democracy in 1990: Carl Gershman, D611 
      ------Representative Solarz, D611 [28SE]
      National Endowment for the Arts: Frank S.M. Hodsoll, D12 [24JA]
      National Endowment for the Humanities: Lynne V. Cheney, D14 
      National Energy Policy Act (S. 324): Armond M. Cohen, D732 [7NO]
      ------Charles J. Cicchetti, D732 [7NO]
      ------Cheryl Harrington, D732 [7NO]
      ------J. Steve Herod, D696 [26OC]
      ------James L. Wolf, D732 [7NO]
      ------Joshua Bar-Lev, D732 [7NO]
      ------Larry Hobart, D732 [7NO]
      ------Linda G. Stuntz, D696 [26OC]
      ------Lydia M. Pastuszek, D732 [7NO]
      ------Stephen B. Harding, D732 [7NO]
      ------Ted Williams, D696 [26OC]
      ------Thomas D. Morron, D732 [7NO]
      National Flood Insurance Program Reauthorization: Francis 
        Passarelli, D306 [31MY]
      ------Glenn Loney, D306 [31MY]
      ------James D. Croft, D306 [31MY]
      ------Janice Smith, D306 [31MY]
      ------John H. McDowell, D306 [31MY]
      National Forest Planning Process: Deborah Baker, D690 [25OC]
      ------Dennis Lemaster, D690 [25OC]
      ------Evans Brock, D690 [25OC]
      ------F. Dale Robertson, D690 [25OC]
      ------James Geisinger, D690 [25OC]
      ------James Riley, D690 [25OC]
      ------Jay Hair, D690 [25OC]
      ------Jeff Olson, D690 [25OC]
      ------V. Alaric Sample, D690 [25OC]
      National Groundwater Research Act (H.R. 2734): Robert Bendick, 
        Jr., D516 [2AU]
      National Guard and Reserve Authorization: Barbara S. Pope, D100 
      ------John B. Rosamond, D100 [9MR]
      ------John G. McMerty, D100 [9MR]
      ------Michael P. Downs, D100 [9MR]
      ------Richard K. Chambers, D100 [9MR]
      ------Roger C. Bultman, D100 [9MR]
      ------Shirley M. Carpenter, D100 [9MR]
      ------William A. Navas, Jr., D100 [9MR]
      ------William Mayer, D100 [9MR]
      National Guard and Reserve Readiness: Donald Burdick, D56 
        [23FE], D162 [6AP]
      ------Edmund P. Looney, Jr., D162 [6AP]
      ------F.N. Smith, D162 [6AP]
      ------Herbert R. Temple, D162 [6AP]
      ------Grant S. Green, Jr., D56 [23FE]
      ------J.D. Smith, D56 [23FE]
      ------Phillip Killey, D162 [6AP]
      ------Richard A. Davis, D56 [23FE]
      ------Roger P. Scheer, D162 [6AP]
      ------Stephen M. Duncan, D56 [23FE], D162 [6AP]
      ------William F. Ward, D56 [23FE], D162 [6AP]
      National Guard Procurement of Unisys Computers and Related 
        Software: Donald Burdick, D183 [12AP]
      ------Herbert R. Temple, Jr., D183 [12AP]
      National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institute of 
        Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institute 
        of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders: Claude Lenfant, 
        D141 [23MR]
      ------Jay Moskowitz, D141 [23MR]
      ------Murray Goldstein, D141 [23MR]
      ------Philip E. Gorden, D141 [23MR]
      National High-Performance Computer Technology Act (S. 1067): 
        Craig Fields, D375 [21JN]
      ------David Nagel, D474 [26JY]
      ------Gene O. Gabbard, D375 [21JN]
      ------Gray Collins, D375 [21JN]
      ------J. William Poduska, D474 [26JY]
      ------Jacob T. Schwartz, D474 [26JY]
      ------James H. Clark, D474 [26JY]
      ------John A. Rollwagen, D375 [21JN]
      ------Karl-Heinz A. Winkler, D474 [26JY]
      ------Raj Reddy, D474 [26JY]
      ------Richard T. Liebhaber, D375 [21JN]
      ------Robert W. Lucky, D375 [21JN]
      ------Roger Schwantes, D375 [21JN]
      ------Sheryl L. Handler, D375 [21JN]
      National Highway Fatality and Injury Reduction Act (S. 1007): 
        B.J. Campbell, D664 [17OC]
      ------Brian O'Neill, D664 [17OC]
      ------Carl P. Valenziano, D664 [17OC]
      ------Charles L. Spilman, D664 [17OC]
      ------Charles L. Waddell, D664 [17OC]
      ------David C. Viano, D664 [17OC]
      ------James V. Ouellet, D664 [17OC]
      ------Michael Williams, D664 [17OC]
      ------Paul Jones, D664 [17OC]
      ------Ralph Hingson, D664 [17OC]
      ------Robert Ford, D664 [17OC]
      ------Robert K. Anzinger, D664 [17OC]
      ------Robert Rasor, D664 [17OC]
      ------Susan P. Baker, D664 [17OC]
      National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Appropriations 
        (S. 673): A. Benjamin Kelley, D153 [5AP]
      ------Albert J. Slechter, D153 [5AP]
      ------Barry Felrice, D153 [5AP]
      ------Brian O'Neill, D153 [5AP]
      ------Clarence Ditlow, D153 [5AP]
      ------David Snyder, D153 [5AP]
      ------Howard M. Smolkin, D189 [13AP]
      ------James E. Reagan, D153 [5AP]
      ------Joan Claybrook, D153 [5AP]
      ------Robert A. Rogers, D153 [5AP]
      ------Robert Munson, D153 [5AP]
      National Indian Forest and Woodland Enhancement Act (S. 1289): 
        Gary Morishima, D680 [20OC]
      ------Lawrence Waukau, D680 [20OC]
      ------Patrick Hayes, D680 [20OC]
      ------Zane Jackson, Sr., D680 [20OC]
      National Institute of Dental Research and the National Institute 
        of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: Anthony S. Fauci, D143 
      ------Harald A. Loe, D143 [3AP]
      National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Appropriations 
        (S. 673): A. Benjamin Kelley, D153 [5AP]
      ------Albert J. Slechter, D153 [5AP]
      ------Barry Felrice, D153 [5AP]
      ------Brian O'Neill, D153 [5AP]
      ------Clarence Ditlow, D153 [5AP]
      ------David Snyder, D153 [5AP]
      ------James E. Reagan, D153 [5AP]
      ------Joan Claybrook, D153 [5AP]
      ------Robert A. Rogers, D153 [5AP]
      ------Robert Munson, D153 [5AP]
      National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke: Claude 
        Lenfant, D141 [23MR]
      ------Jay Moskowitz, D141 [23MR]
      ------Murray Goldstein, D141 [23MR]
      ------Philip E. Gorden, D141 [23MR]
      National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health: Donald 
        Millar, D216 [26AP]
      National Institute of Standards and Technology Authorization: 
        Ernest Ambler, D90 [7MR]
      ------Francis A. McGarry, D142 [23MR]
      ------Joseph F. Caponio, D90 [7MR]
      ------Raymond G. Kammer, D90 [7MR]
      ------Representative Weldon, D142 [23MR]
      ------William Connelly, D142 [23MR]
      ------William D. Manly, D90 [7MR]
      National Institute on Aging and the Alcohol, Drug Abuse and 
        Mental Health Administration: Frederick K. Goodwin, D162 [6AP]
      ------John D. Mahoney, D162 [6AP]
      ------T. Franklin Williams, D162 [6AP]
      National Mediation Board: Walter C. Wallace, D212 [25AP]
      National Memorial Museum of the American Indian Within the 
        Smithsonian Institution (H.R. 2668): Bill Diamond, D268 [12MY]
      ------Diane Coffey, D268 [12MY], D456 [20JY]
      ------George Horse Capture, D268 [12MY]
      ------Lloyd K. New, D268 [12MY]
      ------Lonnie Revels, Sr., D268 [12MY]
      ------Mrs. Wilmot H. Kidd III, D268 [12MY]
      ------Oren Lyons, D268 [12MY]
      ------Pamela Mann, D268 [12MY], D456 [20JY]
      ------Peggy C. Cafritz, D268 [12MY]
      ------Representative Dorgan, D456 [20JY]
      ------Representative Rangel, D456 [20JY]
      ------Representative Weiss, D456 [20JY]
      ------Rick Hill, D268 [12MY]
      ------Robert McC. Adams, D268 [12MY], D456 [20JY]
      ------Robert McCormick, D268 [12MY]
      ------Ruth Revels, D268 [12MY]
      ------Senator Bingaman, D268 [12MY]
      ------Senator Inouye, D456 [20JY]
      ------Suzan S. Harjo, D268 [12MY]
      National Museum of the American Indian: Robert McC. Adams, D102 
      National Ocean Policy Study on Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: Dennis D. 
        Kelso, D453 [20JY]
      ------Paul A. Yost, Jr., D453 [20JY]
      ------William D. Stevens, D453 [20JY]
      National Ocean Policy Study on Tuna Management Activities: 
        August Felando, D453 [20JY]
      ------Carmen J. Blondin, D453 [20JY]
      ------Gertrude I. Nishihara, D453 [20JY]
      ------James J. Scripps, D453 [20JY]
      ------Michael Franks, D453 [20JY]
      ------Peter S. Fithian, D453 [20JY]
      ------Peter T. Coleman, Governor of American Samoa, D453 [20JY]
      ------Richard Shomura, D453 [20JY]
      ------Ronald J. Hays, D453 [20JY]
      ------William Paty, D453 [20JY]
      National Ocean Policy Study on U.S. Position on Carbon Dioxide 
        Emissions: Alden Meyer, D758 [14NO]
      ------Allan Bromley, D758 [14NO]
      ------Christopher Flavin, D758 [14NO]
      National Ocean Policy Study To Review Plan of Dept. of Commerce 
        To Restructure National Weather Service: Bob Ryan, D696 [26OC]
      ------David Powell, Jr., D696 [26OC]
      ------Elbert W. Friday, D696 [26OC]
      ------John A. Knauss, D696 [26OC]
      ------Kerry A. Emanuel, D696 [26OC]
      ------Richard F. Hallgren, D696 [26OC]
      ------Robert Sheets, D696 [26OC]
      National Park Service: William P. Mott, Jr., D148 [4AP]
      National Park Service Appropriations: Richard A. Hauser, D34 
      ------Robert D. Bush, D34 [7FE]
      ------William P. Mott, Jr., D34 [7FE], D56 [23FE]
      National Park System Review Board (H.R. 1484): J. Jackson 
        Walter, D291 [18MY]
      ------James M. Ridenour, D291 [18MY]
      ------Representative Ravenel, D291 [18MY]
      ------Representative Udall, D427 [13JY]
      ------Representative Vento, D427 [13JY]
      National Prospectus on Groundwater: David Jones, D763 [14NO]
      ------Marian Mlay, D763 [14NO]
      ------Russel Wyer, D763 [14NO]
      National Savings Rate of the U.S. and its Trading Partners: 
        Robert D. Reischauer, Director, CBO, D208 [19AP]
      ------Senator Heinz, D208 [19AP]
      ------Senator Roth, D208 [19AP]
      National School Lunch Act and Child Nutrition Act Amendments 
        (H.R. 24): John W. Bode, D141 [23MR]
      National Security Issues: Sergey F. Akhromeyev, D460 [21JY]
      National Superconductivity and Competitiveness Act: Bill R. 
        Appleton, D711 [31OC]
      ------Elton Kaufman, D711 [31OC]
      ------John Whetten, D711 [31OC]
      National Telecommunications and Information Agency 
        Appropriations: Janice Obuchowski, D586 [21SE], D713 [1NO]
      National Trade Policy Agenda: Carla A. Hills, D67 [28FE]
      ------Robert A. Mosbacher, Sec. of Commerce, D218 [26AP]
      National Voluntary Service and Educational Opportunity Act (H.R. 
        948) and National Community Service Act (H.R. 1000): 
        Representative Bonior, D119 [15MR]
      ------Representative Kennelly, D119 [15MR]
      ------Representative McCurdy, D119 [15MR]
      ------Representative Morella, D119 [15MR]
      ------Representative Panetta, D119 [15MR]
      ------Representative Udall, D119 [15MR]
      National Voter Registration Act (H.R. 15), and Universal Voter 
        Registration Act (H.R. 17): Ken Hechler, D134 [21MR]
      ------Ralph Munro, D134 [21MR]
      ------Rebecca D. Vigil-Giron, D134 [21MR]
      ------Representative Bennett, D134 [21MR]
      ------Representative Conyers, D134 [21MR]
      ------Representative Horton, D134 [21MR]
      National Voter Registration Act (S. 874): Althea T.L. Simmons, 
        D234 [3MY]
      ------Ann Ober, D234 [3MY]
      ------Donald W. Blevins, D234 [3MY]
      ------Dorothy W. Joyce, D234 [3MY]
      ------J. Michael Libs, D234 [3MY]
      ------Judy Crockett, D234 [3MY]
      ------Nancy M. Neuman, D234 [3MY]
      ------Randall G. Phillips, D234 [3MY]
      ------Representative Swift, D234 [3MY]
      ------Representative William M. Thomas, D234 [3MY]
      ------Susan H. Fitz-Hugh, D234 [3MY]
      National Wetlands Policy Forum of the Conservation Foundation: 
        G. Wilson Scaling, D201 [18AP]
      ------Ralph Morgenweck, D201 [18AP]
      ------William E. Evans, D201 [18AP]
      NATO Burdensharing and European Construction Programs: Edwin S. 
        Leland, D137 [22MR]
      ------John A. Woodworth, D137 [22MR]
      Natural Gas: Charles Schusterman, D247 [8MY]
      ------Danny Conklin, D247 [8MY]
      ------Ewin Rothschild, D247 [8MY]
      ------Gordon Gooch, D247 [8MY]
      ------J. Allen Wampler, D247 [8MY]
      ------Kenneth Lay, D247 [8MY]
      ------Lee Liberman, D247 [8MY]
      ------Nicholas Bush, D247 [8MY]
      ------Robert McPhail, D247 [8MY]
      ------William Scherman, D247 [8MY]
      Navy Acquisition of ADP Equipment: Derek J. Vander Schaaf, D740 
      ------Ralph Carlone, D740 [8NO]
      ------Roger MacNamara, D749 [9NO]
      ------Roy G. Chisholm, D749 [9NO]
      Navy Aircraft Depot Maintenance: Pete Demayo, D137 [22MR]
      Navy and Marine Corps Missions: Raymond M. Walsh, D87 [7MR]
      ------Stanley R. Arthur, D87 [7MR]
      ------W.G. Carson, Jr., D87 [7MR]
      Navy Military Construction: B.F. Montoya, D118 [15MR]
      Navy Procurement Appropriations: Charles H. Pitman, D264 [11MY]
      ------Everett Pyatt, D264 [11MY]
      ------Robert F. Dunn, D264 [11MY]
      Navy Ship Overhaul Policies: Everett Pyatt, D126 [16MR]
      ------Guy H. Curtis, D126 [16MR]
      ------Peter M. Hekman, Jr., D126 [16MR]
      ------Representative AuCoin, D126 [16MR]
      ------Representative Bates, D126 [16MR]
      Needs of Native American Veterans: Allen Clark, D759 [14NO]
      ------Arthur Lewis, D759 [14NO]
      ------Edwin Chappabitty, D759 [14NO]
      ------Jerry Haney, D759 [14NO]
      ------John Fulton, D759 [14NO]
      ------John Meyers, D759 [14NO]
      ------R.J. Vogel, D759 [14NO]
      ------Raymond B. Morris, D759 [14NO]
      ------Raymond Field, D759 [14NO]
      ------Samuel Apuna, D759 [14NO]
      ------Stephen Parmison, D759 [14NO]
      ------Ted Twist, D759 [14NO]
      ------Tom Collins, D759 [14NO]
      Negotiated Rulemaking Act (H.R. 743): Marshall J. Breger, D236 
      ------Neil R. Eisner, D236 [3MY]
      ------Robert P. Baker, D236 [3MY]
      Negotiations on Conventional Forces in Europe: Andrew J. 
        Goodpaster, D160 [6AP]
      ------Phillip A. Karber, D160 [6AP]
      ------Stanley R. Sloan, D160 [6AP]
      Netherlands Environmental Ministerial and Intergovernmental 
        Panel on Climate Change: Frederick M. Bernthal, D801 [20NO]
      ------Robert W. Corell, D801 [20NO]
      ------William K. Reilly, D801 [20NO]
      Nevada Wilderness (S. 974): Barbara Agonia, D462 [24JY]
      ------Dave Alberswerth, D462 [24JY]
      ------Don Earnest, D462 [24JY]
      ------George M. Leonard, D462 [24JY]
      ------Mark Trinko, D462 [24JY]
      ------Max Christiansen, D462 [24JY]
      ------Peter Morros, D462 [24JY]
      ------Representative Bilbray, D462 [24JY]
      ------Representative Vento, D756 [13NO]
      ------Representative Vucanovich, D462 [24JY]
      ------Roger Scholl, D462 [24JY]
      ------Senator Bryan, D462 [24JY]
      ------Senator Reid, D462 [24JY]
      ------Von Sorensen, D462 [24JY]
      Nevada Wilderness Act (H.R. 2066): Brian MacKay, D667 [17OC]
      ------Larry Henson, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Bilbray, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Vucanovich, D667 [17OC]
      ------Senator Bryan, D667 [17OC]
      ------Senator Reid, D667 [17OC]
      ------Steven R. Briggs, D667 [17OC]
      Nevada Wilderness Protection Act (S. 974; H.R. 2320, 2352): 
        Brian MacKay, D667 [17OC]
      ------Larry Henson, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Bilbray, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Vucanovich, D667 [17OC]
      ------Senator Bryan, D667 [17OC]
      ------Senator Reid, D667 [17OC]
      ------Steven R. Briggs, D667 [17OC]
      New York and Long Island Lighting Co. Agreement to Close 
        Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant: Anthony F. Earley, D750 [9NO]
      ------Mario M. Cuomo, Governor of New York, D750 [9NO]
      ------Representative Hochbrueckner, D750 [9NO]
      ------Representative McGrath, D750 [9NO]
      ------Representative Ritter, D750 [9NO]
      ------Representative Solomon, D750 [9NO]
      ------W. Henson Moore, D750 [9NO]
      Night Vision Goggles in the Military: Clyde A. Hennies, D133 
      ------David A. Rosenthal, D133 [21MR]
      ------David E. Broadnax, D133 [21MR]
      ------Ellis D. Parker, D133 [21MR]
      ------Thomas D. Reese, D133 [21MR]
      NIH Budget: Ada S. Hinshaw, D222 [1MY]
      ------Anthony S. Fauci, D222 [1MY]
      ------Carl Kupfer, D222 [1MY]
      ------Claude Lenfant, D222 [1MY]
      ------David F. Rall, D222 [1MY]
      ------Donald Lindberg, D222 [1MY]
      ------Duane Alexander, D222 [1MY]
      ------Franklin Williams, D222 [1MY]
      ------Harald Loe, D222 [1MY]
      ------James B. Wyngaarden, D222 [1MY]
      ------Jay Moskowitz, D222 [1MY]
      ------Lawrence E. Shulman, D222 [1MY]
      ------Murray Goldstein, D222 [1MY]
      ------Philip E. Schambra, D222 [1MY]
      ------Phillip Gorden, D222 [1MY]
      ------Robert A. Whitney, Jr., D222 [1MY]
      ------Ruth L. Kirschstein, D222 [1MY]
      ------Samuel Broder, D222 [1MY]
      Niobrara River, NE, Segment Designated Wild and Scenic (S. 280): 
        Allen Steuter, D154 [5AP]
      ------Beryl Kuhre, D154 [5AP]
      ------Denis Galvin, D154 [5AP]
      ------George Lincoln, D154 [5AP]
      ------Howard Lamb, D154 [5AP]
      ------Kevin J. Coyle, D154 [5AP]
      ------Larry Shepperd, D154 [5AP]
      ------Representative Hoagland, D154 [5AP]
      ------Representative Smith of Nebraska, D154 [5AP]
      ------Robert Hilski, D154 [5AP]
      ------Ronald Klataske, D154 [5AP]
      ------Senator Exon, D154 [5AP]
      ------Senator Kerrey, D154 [5AP]
      NOAA Atmospheric and Satellite Programs Authorization (H.R. 
        2427): Representative Scheuer, D532 [4AU]
      ------Representative Schneider, D532 [4AU]
      NOAA Budget: Alan R. Thomas, D151 [4AP]
      ------Elbert W.F. Friday, Jr., D151 [4AP]
      ------Kent Burton, D151 [4AP]
      ------Thomas N. Pyke, Jr., D151 [4AP]
      NOAA Budget Estimates: William E. Evans, D209 [25AP]
      NOAA Fleet Modernization Act (H.R. 897): Francis D. Moran, D220 
      ------John Ols, D220 [27AP]
      ------Richard F. Pittenger, D220 [27AP]
      NOAA Satellite Oceanography: Richard F. Pittenger, D220 [27AP]
      ------Robert W. Correll, D220 [27AP]
      ------Shelby G. Tilford, D220 [27AP]
      ------Thomas N. Pyke, Jr., D220 [27AP]
      NOAA and EPA Budgets: Thomas Maginnis, D90 [7MR]
      ------Tudor T. Davies, D90 [7MR]
      Nomination of Marion V. Creekmore, Jr., To Be Ambassador to the 
        Sri Lanka and To Serve Concurrently as Ambassador to the 
        Maldives: Marion V. Creekmore, Jr., D619 [2OC]
      Nomination of Adis M. Vila To Be Assistant Sec. of Agriculture: 
        Adis M. Vila, D767 [15NO]
      Nomination of Alan C. Raul To Be General Counsel of the Dept. of 
        Agriculture: (testimony), D267 [12MY]
      Nomination of Alfred C. Sikes to the FCC: E. Ray Moore, Jr., 
        D494 [31JY]
      ------E.E. McAteer, D494 [31JY]
      ------Peggy Coleman, D494 [31JY]
      Nomination of Allen B. Clark To Be Assistant Sec. of Veterans 
        Affairs for Veterans Liaison and Program Coordination: Allen 
        B. Clark, D589 [22SE]
      Nomination of Alvin P. Adams, Jr., To Be Ambassador to Haiti: 
        Alvin P. Adams, Jr., D608 [28SE]
      Nomination of Andrew C. Barrett to the FCC: E. Ray Moore, Jr., 
        D494 [31JY]
      ------E.E. McAteer, D494 [31JY]
      ------Peggy Coleman, D494 [31JY]
      Nomination of Anthony J. Principi To Be Deputy Sec. of Veterans 
        Affairs: Anthony J. Principi, D124 [16MR]
      Nomination of Arthur D. Spatt To Be District Judge: Arthur D. 
        Spatt, D769 [15NO]
      Nomination of Bernard W. Aronson To Be Assistant Sec. of State 
        for Inter-American Affairs: Bernard W. Aronson, D293 [22MY]
      Nomination of Brian W. Clymer To Be Urban Mass Transportation 
        Administrator: Brian W. Clymer, D544 [8SE]
      Nomination of Bruce S. Gelb To Be Director of the USIA: Bruce S. 
        Gelb, D166 [7AP]
      Nomination of Bryce L. Harlow To Be Deputy Under Sec. of the 
        Treasury for Legislative Affairs: Bryce L. Harlow, D326 [7JN]
      Nomination of Carla Hills To Be U.S. Trade Representative: 
        Anthony Harrigan, D15 [27JA]
      ------Carla Hills, D15 [27JA]
      ------James E. Burke, D15 [27JA]
      ------Robert S. Strauss, D15 [27JA]
      Nomination of Carol T. Crawford To Be Assistant Attorney 
        General: Carol T. Crawford, D263 [11MY]
      Nomination of Catalina V. Villalpando To Be Treasurer of the 
        U.S.: Catalina V. Villalpando, D768 [15NO]
      Nomination of Charles E. Hess To Be Assistant Sec. of 
        Agriculture, D267 [12MY]
      Nomination of Charles E. Redman To Be Ambassador to Sweden: 
        Charles E. Redman, D247 [8MY]
      Nomination of Charles H. Dallara To Be Deputy Under Sec. of the 
        Treasury for International Affairs: Charles H. Dallara, D249 
      Nomination of Charles W. Hostler To Be Ambassador to Bahrain: 
        Charles W. Hostler, D619 [2OC]
      Nomination of Chas. W. Freeman, Jr. To Be Ambassador to Saudi 
        Arabia: Chas. W. Freeman, Jr., D619 [2OC]
      Nomination of Chic Hecht To Be Ambassador to the Bahamas: Chic 
        Hecht, D293 [22MY]
      Nomination of Clayton Yeutter To Be Sec. of Agriculture: Clayton 
        Yeutter, D23 [2FE]
      Nomination of Colin L. Powell To Be Chairman of Joint Chiefs of 
        Staff: Colin L. Powell, D576 [20SE]
      Nomination of Constance B. Harriman To Be Assistant Sec. of the 
        Interior: Constance B. Harriman
      Nomination of Curtis V. McVee To Be Federal Cochairman of the 
        Alaska Land Use Council: Curtis V. McVee, D607 [28SE]
      Nomination of D. Allan Bromley To Be Director of the Office of 
        Science and Technology Policy: D. Allan Bromley, D458 [21JY]
      ------Senator Lieberman, D458 [21JY]
      Nomination of Daphne W. Murray to be Director of Institute of 
        Museum Services: Daphne W. Murray, D585 [21SE]
      ------Representative Archer, D585 [21SE]
      Nomination of David C. Mulford To Be Under Sec. of the Treasury: 
        David C. Mulford, D267 [12MY]
      Nomination of David C. O'Neal To Be Assistant Sec. of the 
        Interior for Land and Mineral Management: David C. O'Neal, 
        D607 [28SE]
      Nomination of David E. Lewis To Be Assistant Sec. of Veterans 
        Affairs: David E. Lewis, D745 [9NO]
      Nomination of David J. Gribbin III To Be Assistant Sec. of 
        Defense for Legislative Affairs: David J. Gribbin III, D287 
      Nomination of David J. Smith to the Rank Ambassador During His 
        Tenure of Service as Chief Negotiator for Defense and Space: 
        David J. Smith, D633 [4OC]
      Nomination of David P. Prosperi to the Depts. of Transportation 
        and Commerce, D268 [12MY]
      Nomination of Deborah W. Smith To Be Assistant Sec. of Commerce 
        for Technology Policy: Deborah W. Smith, D744 [9NO]
      Nomination of Della M. Newman To Be Ambassador to New Zealand: 
        Della M. Newman, D341 [12JN]
      Nomination of Dennis B. Underwood To Be Commissioner of the 
        Bureau of Reclamation, Dept. of the Interior: Dennis B. 
        Underwood, D607 [28SE]
      Nomination of Dick Cheney To Be Sec. of Defense: Representative 
      ------Senator Simpson, D108 [14MR]
      ------Senator Wallop, D108 [14MR]
      Nomination of Donald E. Kirkendall To Be Dept. of the Treasury 
        Inspector General: Donald E. Kirkendall, D768 [15NO]
      Nomination of Donald J. Atwood To Be Deputy Sec. of Defense: 
        Donald J. Atwood, D153 [5AP]
      Nomination of Donald P. Gregg to be Ambassador to Korea: Donald 
        P. Gregg, D357 [15JN]
      Nomination of Donna R. Fitzpatrick To Be Assistant Sec. of 
        Energy: Donna R. Fitzpatrick, D154 [5AP]
      Nomination of E. Elliott Donald To Be Assistant Administrator of 
        the EPA: E. Donald Elliott, D670 [18OC]
      Nomination of Edward F. Brown To Be Assistant Sec. of the 
        Interior: Arcadio Gastelum, D368 [20JN]
      Nomination of Edward G. Lewis To Be Assistant Sec. of Veterans 
        Affairs for Information Resources Management: Edward G. Lewis, 
        D634 [4OC]
      Nomination of Edward J. Derwinski To Be Sec. of Veterans 
        Affairs: Cooper T. Holt, D68 [1MR]
      ------E. Philip Riggin, D68 [1MR]
      ------John F. Heilman, D68 [1MR]
      ------John Sommer, D68 [1MR]
      ------R. Jack Powell, D68 [1MR]
      ------Richard E. O'Dell, D68 [1MR]
      Nomination of Edward J. Lodge To Be District Judge: Edward J. 
        Lodge, D769 [15NO]
      Nomination of Edward J. Perkins To Be Director General of 
        Foreign Service: Edward J. Perkins, D570 [19SE]
      Nomination of Edward T. Timperlake To Be Assistant Sec. of 
        Veterans Affairs for Congressional and Public Affairs: Edward 
        T. Timperlake, D589 [22SE]
      Nomination of Edward W. Nottingham To Be District Judge: Edward 
        W. Nottingham, D769 [15NO]
      Nomination of Elaine L. Chao To Be Deputy Sec. of 
        Transportation: Elaine L. Chao, D178 [12AP]
      Nomination of Elizabeth M. Tamposi To Be Assistant Sec. of State 
        for Consular Affairs: Elizabeth M. Tamposi, D601 [27SE]
      ------Senator Rudman, D601 [27SE]
      Nomination of Eric I. Garfinkel To Be an Assistant Sec. of 
        Commerce: Eric I. Garfinkel
      Nomination of Ferdinand F. Fernandez To Be Circuit Judge: 
        Ferdinand F. Fernandez, D263 [11MY]
      Nomination of Francis A. Keating II To Be Dept. of HUD General 
        Counsel: Francis A. Keating II, D422 [13JY]
      Nomination of Frank E. Bailey To Be Assistant Sec. of 
        Agriculture, D267 [12MY]
      Nomination of Frank H. Habicht II To Be Deputy Administrator of 
        EPA: Frank H. Habicht II, D263 [11MY]
      Nomination of Frank Q. Nebeker To Be Chief Judge of the Court of 
        Veterans' Appeals: Frank Q. Nebeker, D270 [15MY]
      ------John F. Heilman, D270 [15MY]
      Nomination of Franklin Rill To Be Assistant Attorney General: 
        Franklin Rill, D357 [15JN]
      Nomination of Galen J. Reser to the Dept. of Transportation, 
        D268 [12MY]
      Nomination of Gene McNary To Be INS Commissioner: Arnoldo S. 
        Torres, D627 [3OC]
      ------Cecilia Munoz, D627 [3OC]
      ------Cheryl Epps, D627 [3OC]
      ------Daniel A. Stein, D627 [3OC]
      ------Gene McNary, D627 [3OC]
      ------Mario Moreno, D627 [3OC]
      ------Melinda C. Yee, D627 [3OC]
      ------Michael Zamba, D627 [3OC]
      Nomination of Gerald L. Olson To Be Assistant Sec. of HHS for 
        Legislation: Gerald L. Olson, D326 [7JN]
      Nomination of Gilbert E. Carmichael To Be Administrator of the 
        Federal Railroad Administration: Gilbert E. Carmichael, D465 
      Nomination of Glen A. Holden To Be Ambassador to Jamaica: Glen 
        A. Holden, D608 [28SE]
      Nomination of Gordon K. Durnil To Be U.S. Commissioner on the 
        International Joint Commission, U.S. and Canada: Gordon K. 
        Durnil, D601 [27SE]
      Nomination of Gwendolyn S. King To Be Commissioner of Social 
        Security: Gwendolyn S. King, D465 [25JY]
      ------John N. Sturdivant, D465 [25JY]
      Nomination of Harry M. Snyder To Be Director of Office of 
        Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement: Harry M. Snyder, 
        D435 [18JY]
      Nomination of Henry A. Holmes To Be Ambassador at Large for 
        Burdensharing: Henry A. Holmes, D633 [4OC]
      Nomination of Henry E. Catto To Be Ambassador to Great Britain: 
        Henry E. Catto, D179 [12AP]
      Nomination of Hollis S. McLoughlin To Be Assistant Sec. of the 
        Treasury for Policy Development: Hollis S. McLoughlin, D249 
      Nomination of Ivan Selin To Be Under Sec. of State for 
        Management: Ivan Selin, D269 [15MY]
      Nomination of J. Daniel Howard To Be Under Sec. of the Navy: J. 
        Daniel Howard, D520 [3AU]
      Nomination of J. Michael Davis To Be Assistant Sec. of Energy: 
        J. Michael Davis, D435 [18JY]
      Nomination of Jack Kemp To Be Sec. of HUD: Jack Kemp, D15 [27JA]
      Nomination of Jacqueline K. Brown To Be Assistant Sec. of 
        Energy: Jacqueline K. Brown, D435 [18JY]
      Nomination of James B. Wyngaarden To Be an Associate Director of 
        Office of Science and Technology Policy: D. Allan Bromley, 
        D702 [27OC]
      ------James B. Wyngaarden, D702 [27OC]
      Nomination of James D. Berg To Be Executive Vice President of 
        the OPIC: James D. Berg, D608 [28SE]
      Nomination of James D. Watkins To Be Sec. of Energy: Senator 
        Wilson, D47 [22FE]
      Nomination of James E. Cason To Be Assistant Sec. of Agriculture 
        for Natural Resources and Environment: James E. Cason, D600 
      ------Senator Hatfield, D600 [27SE]
      Nomination of James E. Cason To Be Assistant Sec. of 
        Agriculture: David Harrison, D631 [4OC]
      ------George T. Frampton, Jr., D631 [4OC]
      ------James E. Cason, D631 [4OC]
      ------Jay Hair, D631 [4OC]
      ------M. Rupert Cutler, D631 [4OC]
      ------Mark Rey, D631 [4OC]
      ------Max Peterson, D631 [4OC]
      ------Patty McDonald, D631 [4OC]
      Nomination of James R. Cheek To Be Ambassador to Sudan: James R. 
      Nomination of James R. Lilley To Be Ambassador to the People's 
        Republic of China: James R. Lilley, D187 [13AP]
      Nomination of Janet G. Mullins To Be Assistant Sec. of State for 
        Legislative Affairs: Janet G. Mullins, D44 [21FE]
      Nomination of Janice Obuchowski To Be Assistant Sec. of 
        Commerce: James H. Quello, D416 [12JY]
      ------Janice Obuchowski, D416 [12JY]
      Nomination of Jeffrey N. Shane To Be Assistant Sec. of 
        Transportation: Jeffrey N. Shane, D356 [15JN]
      Nomination of Jerome G. Cooper To Be Assistant Sec. of the Air 
        Force: Jerome G. Cooper, D810 [21NO]
      Nomination of Jo Ann D. Smith To Be Assistant Sec. of 
        Agriculture, D267 [12MY]
      Nomination of Joanne K. Webb To Be Director of the Dept. of 
        Veterans Affairs' National Cemetery Service: Joanne K. Webb, 
        D634 [4OC]
      Nomination of John A. Betti to be Under Sec. of Defense: John A. 
        Betti, D520 [3AU]
      Nomination of John C. Monjo To Be Ambassador to Indonesia, D268 
      Nomination of John C. Tuck To Be Under Sec. of Energy: John C. 
        Tuck, D154 [5AP]
      Nomination of John D. Macomber To Be President of Eximbank: John 
        D,. Macomber, D452 [20JY]
      Nomination of John E. Frohnmayer To Be Chairperson, National 
        Endowment for the Arts: John E. Frohnmayer, D589 [22SE]
      ------Senator Hatfield, D589 [22SE]
      ------Senator Packwood, D589 [22SE]
      Nomination of John E. Robson To Be Deputy Sec. of the Treasury: 
        John E. Robson
      Nomination of John F. Turner To Be Director of U.S. Fish and 
        Wildlife Service: John F. Turner, D463 [24JY]
      Nomination of John G. Tower To Be Sec. of Defense: John G. Tower
      ------Paul M. Weyrich, D18 [31JA]
      ------William E. Jackson, Jr., D18 [31JA]
      ------William G. Phillips, D18 [31JA]
      Nomination of John J. Easton, Jr., To Be Assistant Sec. of 
        Energy: John J. Easton, Jr., D435 [18JY]
      Nomination of John M. Farren To Be Under Sec. of Commerce for 
        International Trade: John M. Farren, D326 [7JN]
      Nomination of John M. Sayre To Be Assistant Sec. of the Interior 
        for Water and Science: John M. Sayre, D607 [28SE]
      Nomination of John W. Weicher To Be Assistant Sec. of HUD: John 
        W. Weicher, D544 [8SE]
      Nomination of Johnny Young To Be Ambassador to Sierra Leone: 
        Johnny Young
      Nomination of Joseph B. Gildenhorn To Be Ambassador to 
        Switzerland: Joseph B. Gildenhorn, D444 [19JY]
      Nomination of Joseph V. Reed to the Rank of Ambassador During 
        His Tenure as Chief of Protocol for the White House: Joseph V. 
        Reed, D166 [7AP]
      Nomination of Joy A. Silverman To Be Ambassador to Barbados: Joy 
        A. Silverman, D608 [28SE]
      Nomination of Julia C. Bloch To Be Ambassador to Nepal, D520 
      Nomination of Kate L. Moore To Be Assistant Sec. of 
        Transportation: Kate L. Moore, D356 [15JN]
      Nomination of Kay C. James To Be Assistant Sec. of HHS for 
        Public Affairs: Kay C. James, D249 [9MY]
      Nomination of Keith L. Brown To Be Ambassador to Denmark: Keith 
        L. Brown, D444 [19JY]
      Nomination of Kenneth B. Kramer and John J. Farley III To Be 
        Associate Judge of the Court of Veterans Appeals: John J. 
        Farley III, D555 [13SE]
      ------Kenneth B. Kramer, D555 [13SE]
      Nomination of Kenneth L. Brown To Be Ambassador to Ivory Coast: 
        Kenneth L. Brown, D594 [26SE]
      Nomination of Kenneth W. Gideon To Be Assistant Sec. of the 
        Treasury for Tax Policy: Kenneth W. Gideon, D326 [7JN]
      Nomination of Kyo R. Jhin To Be SBA Chief Counsel for Advocacy: 
        Kyo R. Jhin, D769 [15NO]
      Nomination of LaJuana S. Wilcher To Be Assistant Administrator 
        of the EPA: LaJuana S. Wilcher, D670 [18OC]
      Nomination of Lannon Walker To Be Ambassador to Nigeria: Lannon 
      Nomination of Lawrence S. Eagleburger To Be Deputy Sec. of 
        State: Lawrence S. Eagleburger
      Nomination of Leon Snead To Be Dept. of Agriculture Inspector 
        General: Leon Snead, D767 [15NO]
      Nomination of Linda M. Combs To Be Assistant Sec. of the 
        Treasury: Linda M. Combs, D465 [25JY]
      Nomination of Lou Gallegos To Be Assistant Sec. of the Interior: 
        Lou Gallegos
      Nomination of Louis A. Williams To Be Assistant Sec. of Defense 
        for Public Affairs: Louis A. Williams, D287 [18MY]
      Nomination of Louis W. Sullivan To Be Sec. of HHS: Judy Brown, 
        D52 [23FE]
      Nomination of Luigi R. Einaudi To Be Permanent U.S. 
        Representative to the OAS: Luigi R. Einaudi, D589 [22SE]
      Nomination of Manuel Lujan, Jr., To Be Sec. of the Interior: 
        Allan T. Howe, D15 [27JA]
      ------Barry Tindall, D15 [27JA]
      ------George T. Frampton, Jr., D15 [27JA]
      ------Jan Hartke, D15 [27JA]
      ------Manuel Lujan, Jr., D15 [27JA]
      ------Michael S. Clark, D15 [27JA]
      ------Nick Benton, D15 [27JA]
      ------Thomas F. Donnelly, D15 [27JA]
      Nomination of Margaret D. Tutwiler To Be Assistant Sec. of State 
        for Public Affairs: Margaret D. Tutwiler, D44 [21FE]
      Nomination of Mark G. Hambley To Be Ambassador to Qatar: Mark G. 
      Nomination of Mark L. Edelman To Be Deputy Administrator of AID: 
        Mark L. Edelman, D365 [19JN]
      Nomination of Martin C. Faga To Be Assistant Sec. of the Air 
        Force: Martin C. Faga, D544 [8SE]
      Nomination of Martin L. Allday To Be Dept. of the Interior 
        Solicitor: Martin L. Allday
      Nomination of Marvin J. Garbis To Be District Judge: Marvin J. 
        Garbis, D595 [26SE]
      ------Representative Bentley, D595 [26SE]
      ------Senator Mikulski, D595 [26SE]
      ------Senator Sarbanes, D595 [26SE]
      Nomination of Melinda Harman To Be District Judge: Melinda 
        Harman, D154 [5AP]
      Nomination of Melva G. Wray To Be Director of the Office of 
        Minority Economic Impact: Melva G. Wray, D727 [3NO]
      Nomination of Melvin F. Sembler To Be Ambassador to Australia: 
        Melvin F. Sembler, D341 [12JN]
      Nomination of Michael H. Armacost To Be Ambassador to Japan: 
        Michael H. Armacost, D187 [13AP]
      Nomination of Michael J. Boskin To Be Chairman, Council of 
        Economic Advisers: Michael J. Boskin, D15 [27JA]
      Nomination of Michael P. Skarzynski To Be Assistant Sec. of 
        Commerce: Michael P. Skarzynski, D4355 [18JY]
      Nomination of Michael P. Skarzynski to be Assistant Sec. of 
        Commerce: Michael P. Skarzynski, D452 [20JY]
      Nomination of Michael R. Darby to the Dept. of Transportation, 
        D268 [12MY]
      Nomination of Michael R. Deland To Be Chairman of the Council on 
        Environmental Quality: Michael R. Deland, D465 [25JY]
      Nomination of Michael Ussery To Be Ambassador to Morocco: 
        Michael Ussery, D619 [2OC]
      Nomination of Nicholas M. Salgo To Be Assistant Special 
        Negotiator for Property Issues with Rank of Ambassador: 
        Nicholas M. Salgo, D601 [27SE]
      Nomination of of Conrad K. Cyr To Be Circuit Judge: Conrad K. 
        Cyr, D595 [26SE]
      ------Senator Cohen, D595 [26SE]
      ------Senator Mitchell, D595 [26SE]
      Nomination of Pamela A. Rymer To Be Circuit Judge: Pamela A. 
        Rymer, D154 [5AP]
      Nomination of Paul D. Coverdell To Be Director of the Peace 
        Corps: Paul D. Coverdell, D193 [17AP]
      ------Timothy Carroll, D193 [17AP]
      Nomination of Paul D. Wolfowitz To Be Under Sec. of Defense for 
        Policy: Paul D. Wolfowitz, D205 [19AP]
      Nomination of Penne P. Korth To Be Ambassador to Mauritius, D594 
      Nomination of Peter F. Secchia To Be Ambassador to Italy: Peter 
        F. Secchia, D247 [8MY]
      Nomination of Phillip D. Brady to the Dept. of Commerce, D268 
      Nomination of Quincy M. Krosby To Be Assistant Sec. of Commerce: 
        Quincy M. Krosby, D544 [8SE]
      Nomination of Raoul L. Carroll To Be General Counsel of the 
        Dept. of Veterans Affairs: Raoul L. Carroll, D589 [22SE]
      Nomination of Rebecca B. Smith To Be District Judge: Rebecca B. 
        Smith, D595 [26SE]
      ------Senator Robb, D595 [26SE]
      ------Senator Warner, D595 [26SE]
      Nomination of Reggie B. Walton To Be Associate Director for 
        National Drug Control Control Policy: Charles A. Gruber, D320 
      ------Dewey Stokes, D320 [6JN]
      ------Karst Besteman, D320 [6JN]
      ------Lois Olson, D320 [6JN]
      ------Lynn C. Slaber, D320 [6JN]
      ------Reggie B. Walton, D320 [6JN]
      Nomination of Reginald Bartholomew To Be Under Sec. of State for 
        Coordinating Security Assistance Programs: Reginald 
        Bartholomew, D193 [17AP]
      Nomination of Reginald J. Brown To Be AID Assistant 
        Administrator for Program and Policy Coordination: Reginald J. 
        Brown, D608 [28SE]
      Nomination of Richard C. Breeden to the SEC: Richard C. Breeden, 
        D560 [14SE]
      Nomination of Richard H. Solomon To Be Assistant Sec. of State: 
        Richard H. Solomon, D341 [12JN]
      Nomination of Richard J. Kerr To Be Deputy Director of the CIA: 
        Richard J. Kerr, D63 [28FE]
      Nomination of Richard T. McCormack To Be Under Sec. of State for 
        Economic and Agricultural Affairs: Richard T. McCormack, D168 
      Nomination of Richard W. Boehm To Be Ambassador to Oman: Richard 
        W. Boehm
      Nomination of Robert A. Mosbacher To Be Sec. of Commerce, D11 
      Nomination of Robert B. Zoellick To Be Counselor of the Dept. of 
        State: Robert B. Zoellick, D44 [21FE]
      Nomination of Robert C. Bonner To Be District Judge: Robert C. 
        Bonner, D154 [5AP]
      Nomination of Robert D. Orr To Be Ambassador to India: Robert D. 
        Orr, D341 [12JN]
      Nomination of Robert M. Kimmitt To Be Under Sec. of State for 
        Political Affairs: Robert M. Kimmitt, D44 [21FE]
      Nomination of Robert R. Glauber To Be Under Sec. of the 
        Treasury: Robert R. Glauber, D267 [12MY]
      Nomination of Robert R. Randlett To Be AID Assistant 
        Administrator for Legislative Affairs: Robert R. Randlett, 
        D608 [28SE]
      Nomination of Rockwell A. Schnabel To Be Under Sec. of Commerce: 
        Rockwell A. Schnabel, D435 [18JY]
      Nomination of Roger Bolton To Be Assistant Sec. of the Treasury 
        for Public Affairs and Public Liaison: Roger Bolton, D249 
      Nomination of Ronald E. Ray To Be Assistant Sec. of Veterans 
        Affairs for Human Resources and Administration: Ronald E. Ray, 
        D745 [9NO]
      Nomination of Rufus H. Yerxa To Be Deputy U.S. Trade 
        Representative: Rufus H. Yerxa
      Nomination of S. Anthony McCann To Be Assistant Sec. of Veterans 
        Affairs for Finance and Planning: S. Anthony McCann, D589 
      Nomination of S. Jay Plager To Be Circuit Judge: Frederick 
        Ikenson, D680 [20OC]
      Nomination of Sean C. O'Keefe To Be Comptroller of the Dept. of 
        Defense: Sean C. O'Keefe, D287 [18MY]
      Nomination of Sherrie P. Marshall to the FCC: E. Ray Moore, Jr., 
        D494 [31JY]
      ------E.E. McAteer, D494 [31JY]
      ------Peggy Coleman, D494 [31JY]
      ------Sherrie P. Marshall, D494 [31JY]
      Nomination of Sherrie S. Rollins To Be Assistant Sec. of HUD: 
        Sherrie S. Rollins, D544 [8SE]
      Nomination of Shirley D. Peterson To Be Assistant Attorney 
        General: Shirley D. Peterson, D263 [11MY]
      Nomination of Shirley Temple Black To Be Ambassador to 
        Czechoslovakia: Shirley Temple Black, D444 [19JY]
      Nomination of Sidney L. Jones to be Assistant Sec. of the 
        Treasury for Economic Policy: Sidney L. Jones, D660 [16OC]
      Nomination of Sidney L. Williams To Be Deputy U.S. Trade 
        Representative: Sidney L. Williams, D288 [18MY]
      Nomination of Skirma A. Kondratas To Be Assistant Sec. of HUD: 
        Skirma A. Kondratas, D544 [8SE]
      Nomination of Stanley E. Morris To Be Deputy Director for Supply 
        Reduction, Office of National Drug Control Policy: Stanley E. 
        Morris, D577 [20SE]
      Nomination of Stella G. Guerra To Be Assistant Sec. of the 
        Interior: Stella G. Guerra
      Nomination of Stephen A. Wakefield To Be Dept. of Energy 
        General: Stephen A. Wakefield, D435 [18JY]
      Nomination of Stephen J. Markman To Be U.S. Attorney: Stephen J. 
        Markman, D696 [26OC]
      Nomination of Stephen R. Hanmer To Be Deputy Director of ACDA: 
        Steven R. Hanmer, D601 [27SE]
      Nomination of Stuart M. Gerson To Be Assistant Attorney General: 
        Senator Heinz, D595 [26SE]
      ------Senator Specter, D595 [26SE]
      ------Stuart M. Gerson, D595 [26SE]
      Nomination of Susan J. Crawford To Be Dept. of Defense Inspector 
        General: Susan J. Crawford, D810 [21NO]
      Nomination of Terence A. Todman To Be Ambassador to Argentina: 
        Terence A. Todman, D193 [17AP]
      Nomination of Thomas C. Dawson II To Be Executive Director of 
        IMF: Thomas C. Dawson II, D570 [19SE]
      Nomination of Thomas E. Collins III To Be Assistant Sec. of 
        Labor for Veterans Employment and Training: Senator Cochran, 
        D589 [22SE]
      ------Thomas E. Collins III, D589 [22SE]
      Nomination of Thomas F. Stroock To Be Ambassador to Guatemala: 
        Thomas F. Stroock, D589 [22SE]
      Nomination of Thomas J. Colamore to the Dept. of Commerce, D268 
      Nomination of Thomas J. Duesterberg To Be Assistant Sec. of 
        Commerce: Thomas J. Duesterberg, D465 [25JY]
      Nomination of Thomas J. Murrin To Be Deputy Sec. of Commerce: 
        Thomas J. Murrin, D344 [13JN]
      ------Wendell L. Willkie II, D344 [13JN]
      Nomination of Thomas P. Malady To Be Ambassador to the Vatican: 
        Thomas P. Malady, D444 [19JY]
      Nomination of Thomas R. Pickering To Be U.S. Representative to 
        the U.N.: Thomas R. Pickering, D53 [23FE]
      Nomination of Thomas Ratchford To Be an Associate Director of 
        Office of Science and Technology Policy: D. Allan Bromley, 
        D702 [27OC]
      ------Thomas Ratchford, D702 [27OC]
      Nomination of Vaughn R. Walker To Be District Judge: Charles 
        Hanger, D745 [9NO]
      ------Diane Wick, D745 [9NO]
      ------Ina L. Gyemant, D745 [9NO]
      ------Jack Friedenthal, D745 [9NO]
      ------Julianne Malveaux, D745 [9NO]
      ------Kevin Wadsworth, D745 [9NO]
      ------Louise H. Renne, D745 [9NO]
      ------Stephen Gillers, D745 [9NO]
      ------Terence Hallinan, D745 [9NO]
      ------Thomas Bourke, D745 [9NO]
      ------Vaughn R. Walker, D745 [9NO]
      Nomination of Vernon A. Walters To Be Ambassador to the Federal 
        Republic of Germany: Vernon A. Walters, D179 [12AP]
      Nomination of Victor Stello, Jr. To Be Assistant Sec. of Energy 
        for Defense Programs: James D. Watkins, Sec. of Energy, D767 
      ------Victor Stello, Jr., D767 [15NO]
      Nomination of W. Henson Moore To Be Deputy Sec. of Energy: W. 
        Henson Moore, D154 [5AP]
      Nomination of Wade F. Horn To Be Chief of the Children's Bureau 
        and Commissioner of the Administration of Children, Youth and 
        Families: Wade F. Horn, D465 [25JY]
      Nomination of Walter J.P. Curley To Be Ambassador to France: 
        Walter J.P. Curley, D247 [8MY]
      Nomination of Warren A. Lavorel To Be Coordinator for 
        Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Warren A. Lavorel, D570 
      Nomination of Warren G. Leback To Be Administrator of Maritime 
        Administration: Warren G. Leback, D632 [4OC]
      Nomination of Wendell L. Willkie II To Be General Counsel of the 
        Dept. of Commerce: Wendell L. Willkie II, D153 [5AP]
      Nomination of William A. Brown To Be Ambassador to Israel: 
        William A. Brown
      Nomination of William G. Rosenberg To Be Assistant Administrator 
        for EPA: William G. Rosenberg, D193 [17AP]
      Nomination of William H. Taft IV To Be U.S. Permanent 
        Representative to Council of NATO: William H. Taft IV, D444 
      Nomination of William H. Young To Be Assistant Sec. for Nuclear 
        Energy: William H. Young, D727 [3NO]
      Nomination of William J. Bennett To Be Director of National Drug 
        Control Policy: Gordon Cawelti, D75 [2MR]
      ------Jose G. de Lara, D75 [2MR]
      Nomination of William K. Reilly To Be EPA Administrator: William 
        K. Reilly, D18 [31JA]
      Nomination of William L. Jacobsen, Jr. To Be Ambassador to 
        Guinea-Bissau: William L. Jacobsen, Jr., D594 [26SE]
      Nomination of William Lucas To Be Assistant Attorney General: 
        Alvin Holmes, D444 [19JY]
      ------Arnoldo Torres, D454 [20JY]
      ------Arthur L. Johnson, D444 [19JY]
      ------Charles Reynolds Meeks, D454 [20JY]
      ------Drew Days, D444 [19JY]
      ------Elaine Jones, D454 [20JY]
      ------Eleanor Jositis, D454 [20JY]
      ------Elsie Scott, D454 [20JY]
      ------Henry Sanders, D454 [20JY]
      ------Joe Reed, D444 [19JY]
      ------John H. Buchanan, Jr., D454 [20JY]
      ------Johnnie Landon, D454 [20JY]
      ------Judith Lichtman, D454 [20JY]
      ------Ralph Neas, D454 [20JY]
      ------Victor J. Baum, D444 [19JY]
      ------William Cunningham, D454 [20JY]
      ------William L. Taylor, D444 [19JY]
      ------William Lucy, D454 [20JY]
      Nomination of William M. Diefenderfer III To Be Deputy Director 
        of OMB: William M. Diefenderfer III, D247 [8MY]
      Nomination of William P. Albrecht to the CFTC: William P. 
        Albrecht, D767 [15NO]
      Nomination of William P. Barr To Be an Assistant Attorney 
        General: William P. Barr, D154 [5AP]
      Nomination of William P. Glade To Be USIA Associate Director for 
        Educational and Cultural Affairs: William P. Glade, D633 [4OC]
      Nomination of Zinora M. Mitchell To Be an Associate Judge: 
        Zinora M. Mitchell, D776 [16NO]
      Nomination of Deborah W. Smith To Be Assistant Sec. of Commerce 
        for Technology Policy: Deborah W. Smith, D744 [9NO]
      Noncareer and Career Appointees to the Senior Executive Service: 
        Bernard Ungar, D700 [26OC]
      ------Constance B. Newman, D700 [26OC]
      Nondiscriminatory Treatment to Products of the People's Republic 
        of Hungary (H.R. 1594): Representative Archer, D532 [4AU]
      ------Representative Cox, D532 [4AU]
      ------Representative Gibbons, D532 [4AU]
      ------Representative Rostenkowski, D532 [4AU]
      ------Representative Schneider, D532 [4AU]
      ------Representative Schulze, D532 [4AU]
      Nonresident State Income Tax (S. 800): James W. Wetzler, D344 
      ------Joseph C. Small, D344 [13JN]
      ------Senator Dodd, D344 [13JN]
      ------Senator Lautenberg, D344 [13JN]
      ------Senator Lieberman, D344 [13JN]
      ------Thomas H. Kean, Governor of New Jersey, D344 [13JN]
      ------William A. O'Neill, Governor of Connecticut, D344 [13JN]
      North American Wetlands Conservation Act (H.R. 2322, 2587): 
        Maryanne Bach, D471 [25JY]
      ------Representative Conte, D471 [25JY]
      ------Representative Dingell, D471 [25JY]
      North American Wetlands Conservation Act (S. 804): Charles H. 
        Collins, D310 [1JN]
      ------David Neave, D310 [1JN]
      ------Lonnie L. Williamson, D310 [1JN]
      ------Lynn A. Greenwalt, D310 [1JN]
      ------Matthew B. Connolly, D310 [1JN]
      ------R. Max Peterson, D310 [1JN]
      ------Steve Robinson, D310 [1JN]
      ------Thomas Massengale, D310 [1JN]
      Northern Forest Lands Study: George M. Leonard, D699 [26OC]
      NRC: James Curtiss, D132 [21MR]
      ------Kenneth C. Rogers, D132 [21MR]
      ------Kenneth M. Carr, D132 [21MR]
      ------Lando W. Zech, Jr., D132 [21MR]
      ------Thomas M. Roberts, D132 [21MR]
      NRC Authorization (H.R. 1549): James R. Curtiss, D66 [28FE]
      ------Kenneth Carr, D66 [28FE]
      ------Kenneth Rogers, D66 [28FE]
      ------Lando W. Zech, Jr., D66 [28FE]
      ------Representative Hochbrueckner, D427 [13JY]
      ------Representative Ritter, D427 [13JY]
      ------Representative Sharp, D427 [13JY]
      ------Representative Udall, D427 [13JY]
      ------Thomas Roberts, D66 [28FE]
      NRC Office of Inspector and Auditor in Its Investigation of 
        Roger Fortuna: Martin Malsch, D657 [12OC]
      ------Roger Fortuna, D657 [12OC]
      ------Victor Stello, D657 [12OC]
      ------William Parler, D657 [12OC]
      NRC Oversight: James R. Curtiss, D57 [23FE]
      ------Kenneth Carr, D57 [23FE]
      ------Kenneth Rogers, D57 [23FE]
      ------Lando W. Zech, Jr., D57 [23FE]
      ------Thomas Roberts, D57 [23FE]
      NRC Reorganization of Functions (S. 946): James R. Curtiss, D444 
      ------Joseph M. Farley, D444 [19JY]
      ------Kenneth C. Rogers, D444 [19JY]
      ------Kenneth M. Carr, D444 [19JY]
      ------Thomas M. Roberts, D444 [19JY]
      NRC Security Clearance Program: Hugh Thompson, D120 [15MR]
      ------Keith O. Fultz, D120 [15MR]
      NRC Standardization and Licensing Reform: James R. Curtiss, D265 
      ------Lando W. Zech, Jr., D265 [11MY]
      ------Thomas R. Roberts, D265 [11MY]
      NSF: James L. Powell, D127 [16MR]
      ------Mary Good, D118 [15MR]
      NSF Appropriations: Erich Bloch, D143 [3AP]
      NSF and Office of Science and Technology Policy Appropriations: 
        Erich Bloch, D148 [4AP]
      ------William R. Graham, Jr., D148 [4AP]
      NTSB Appropriations: James L. Kolstad, D94 [8MR]
      Nuclear and Missile Proliferation: Reginald Bartholomew, D288 
      ------Ronald F. Lehman II, D288 [18MY]
      ------William H. Webster, D288 [18MY]
      Nuclear Fission, Commercial Waste Management, and Uranium Supply 
        and Enrichment Activities: Mary A. Novak, D106 [13MR]
      ------Samuel Rousso, D106 [13MR]
      Nuclear Material Production Cutoff as an Arms Control Mechanism: 
        Bob Barker, D295 [23MY]
      ------Carson Mark, D295 [23MY]
      ------John Birely, D295 [23MY]
      ------Kathleen Bailey, D322 [6JN]
      ------Paul Stokes, D295 [23MY]
      ------Representative Green, D322 [6JN]
      ------Representative Wyden, D322 [6JN]
      ------Robert Walsh, D295 [23MY]
      ------Roger Harrison, D295 [23MY]
      ------Robert Linhard, D322 [6JN]
      ------Troy E. Wade III, D322 [6JN]
      Nuclear Test Ban Readiness Program: Ray Kidder, D216 [26AP]
      ------Troy E. Wade II, D216 [26AP]
      Nuclear Testing Issues: Aaron Tovish, D745 [9NO]
      ------C. Paul Robinson, D745 [9NO]
      ------Eugene J. Carroll, Jr., D745 [9NO]
      ------John O. Pastore, D745 [9NO]
      ------Kathleen Bailey, D745 [9NO]
      Nuclear Weapons Complex Environmental Priorities: Bruce Diamond, 
        D160 [6AP]
      ------H. Christopher Grundler, D160 [6AP]
      ------Lisa Friedman, D160 [6AP]
      ------Raymond P. Berube, D160 [6AP]
      ------Roger P. Whitfield, D160 [6AP]
      ------Troy E. Wade II, D160 [6AP]
      Nuclear Weapons Requirements: Robert C. Duncan, D189 [13AP]
      ------Robert Herres, D189 [13AP]
      ------Troy E. Wade II, D189 [13AP]
      Nursing Home Reform: Bruce Spitz, D290 [18MY]
      ------C. Ross Anthony, D290 [18MY]
      ------Catherine R. Price, D290 [18MY]
      ------Dana Petrowsky, D290 [18MY]
      ------G. Janet Tulloch, D290 [18MY]
      ------Kenny Whitlock, D290 [18MY]
      ------Linda M. Rhodes, D290 [18MY]
      ------Mary Ousley, D290 [18MY]
      ------Susan A. Rourke, D290 [18MY]
      Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (H.R. 3028): Frank E. 
        Young, D524 [3AU]
      ------J. Michael McGinnis, D524 [3AU]
      ------Representative Moakley, D524 [3AU]
      ------Representative Neil Smith, D524 [3AU]
      ------Representative Sharp, D524 [3AU]
      ------Senator Hatch, D524 [3AU]
      ------Senator Metzenbaum, D524 [3AU]
      Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (S. 1425): Corrine Jochum, 
        D753 [13NO]
      ------Daniel W. Nixon, D753 [13NO]
      ------E. Linwood Tipton, D753 [13NO]
      ------Ellen Haas, D753 [13NO]
      ------Frank E. Young, D753 [13NO]
      ------George Burditt, D753 [13NO]
      ------John R. Cady, D753 [13NO]
      ------Nancy Chapman, D753 [13NO]
      ------Nancy Wellman, D753 [13NO]
      ------Sherwin Gardner, D753 [13NO]
      Nutrition Monitoring: Ann Chadwick, D586 [21SE]
      ------J. Michael McGinnis, D586 [21SE]
      Nutrition Monitoring Program (S. 253): Darlene A. Dougherty, 
        D393 [23JN]
      ------J. Burton Eller, Jr., D393 [23JN]
      ------J. Michael McGinnis, D393 [23JN]
      ------James T. Heimbach, D393 [23JN]
      ------Representative George Brown, D393 [23JN]
      ------Sushma Palmer, D393 [23JN]
      Observance of National Children's Day: Representative Kennedy, 
        D628 [3OC]
      Occupational Health and Safety in Workplaces Under Contract With 
        the Government (H.R. 1095): Representative Feighan, D740 [8NO]
      ------Representative Gradison, D717 [1NO]
      ------Representative Richardson, D740 [8NO]
      ------Representative Wayne Owens, D717 [1NO]
      ------Senator Hatch, D717 [1NO]
      ------Stuart Gerson, D717 [1NO]
      Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission: E. Ross 
        Buckley, D212 [25AP]
      Ocean and Coastal Programs Authorization Act (H.R. 1668): 
        Representative Hertel, D532 [4AU]
      ------Representative Scheuer, D532 [4AU]
      ------Representative Schneider, D532 [4AU]
      Office of Assistant Sec. of HHS Appropriations: James F. Dickson 
        III, D169 [10AP]
      Office of Environmental Quality Appropriations (S. 1089): A. 
        Alan Hill, D310 [1JN]
      ------Edwin Johnson, D310 [1JN]
      ------Frank G. Vukmanic, D310 [1JN]
      ------Michael McCloskey, D310 [1JN]
      ------Nicholas Robinson, D310 [1JN]
      ------Richard Sanderson, D310 [1JN]
      ------William A. Nitze, D310 [1JN]
      Office of Indian Education's Policies and Programs: Carol 
        Barbero, D703 [27OC]
      ------Daniel Bonner, D703 [27OC]
      ------Jo Jo Hunt, D703 [27OC]
      ------Karen J. Funk, D703 [27OC]
      ------Lorena Bahe, D703 [27OC]
      ------Neal Shedd, D703 [27OC]
      ------Roger Bordeaux, D703 [27OC]
      ------Tom Corwin, D703 [27OC]
      Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs: S. Jay Plager, 
        D515 [2AU]
      Office of Justice Programs and U.S. Marshals Service: Richard B. 
        Abell, D81 [3MR]
      ------Stanley E. Morris, D81 [3MR]
      Office of National Drug Control Policy: William J. Bennett, D182 
      Office of National Drug Control Policy Budget: William J. 
        Bennett, D310 [1JN]
      Office of Science and Technology Policy: Robert L. Post, D111 
      ------William R. Graham, Jr., D111 [14MR]
      Office of Surface Mining: Robert H. Gentile, D132 [21MR]
      Office of Surface Mining Budget Request: Robert H. Gentile, D42 
      Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement: Harry M. 
        Snyder, D573 [19SE]
      Office of Territorial and International Affairs and BLM: David 
        Heggestad, D207 [19AP]
      ------Robert F. Burford, D207 [19AP]
      Office of the Sec. of the Treasury, Federal Law Enforcement 
        Training Center, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and 
        Inspector General: Charles F. Rinkevich, D118 [15MR]
      ------David M. Nummy, D118 [15MR]
      ------Michael R. Hill, D118 [15MR]
      ------Peter H. Daly, D118 [15MR]
      Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and ITC Authorizations: 
        Anne E. Brunsdale, D92 [8MR]
      ------Joshua Bolten, D92 [8MR]
      ------Michael Doyle, D92 [8MR]
      Office on Environmental Quality Reauthorization and 
        Implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act: A. 
        Alan Hill, D89 [7MR]
      ------Jennifer J. Wilson, D89 [7MR]
      Oil Pollution Liability and Compensation Act (H.R. 1465): 
        Representative Anderson, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Cardin, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Chandler, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Davis, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Don Young, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Gallo, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative George Miller, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Hammerschmidt, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Henry, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Levine, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative McDermott, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Nowak, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Pelosi, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Richardson, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Rinaldo, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Saxton, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Scheuer, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Schneider, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Sikorski, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Stangeland, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Studds, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Tauzin, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Torricelli, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Traficant, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Udall, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Wayne Owens, D636 [4OC]
      Oil Pollution and Hazardous Substances to National Resources 
        Compensated Pursuant to Federal Law: Cecil Hoffman, D302 
      ------Charles N. Ehler, D302 [25MY]
      ------Gordon Johnson, D302 [25MY]
      ------Lee P. Breckenridge, D302 [25MY]
      ------Louise Wise, D302 [25MY]
      Oil Pollution Liability and Compensation Act (S. 1066): Charles 
        J. DiBona, D376 [21JN]
      ------Clifton E. Curtis, D376 [21JN]
      ------Joseph F. Canny, D376 [21JN]
      ------Kenneth W. Gideon, D376 [21JN]
      ------Pamela A. Miller, D376 [21JN]
      ------Paul R. Huard, D376 [21JN]
      ------Representative Lipinski, D376 [21JN]
      ------Robert A. Roland, D376 [21JN]
      ------Senator Reid, D376 [21JN]
      ------Senator Stevens, D376 [21JN]
      ------Tim Mahoney, D376 [21JN]
      Oil Pollution Prevention, Response, Liability and Compensation 
        Act (H.R. 3027): Edward J. Tennyson, D543 [7SE]
      ------Erich Bretthauer, D543 [7SE]
      ------James Makris, D543 [7SE]
      ------Joel D. Sipes, D543 [7SE]
      ------John Robinson, D543 [7SE]
      Oil Shale Mining Claims Patents (S. 30; H.R. 2392): David 
        Alberswerth, D495 [31JY]
      ------James M. Hughes, D495 [31JY]
      ------John A. Davis, Jr., D495 [31JY]
      ------Kathleen C. Zimmerman, D495 [31JY]
      ------Ronald W. Cattany, D495 [31JY]
      ------Senator Armstrong, D495 [31JY]
      Oil Spill Damage to National Parks in Alaska: Boyd Evison, D190 
      Oil Spill Legislation (S. 771): Charles J. DiBona, D376 [21JN]
      ------Clifton E. Curtis, D376 [21JN]
      ------Joseph F. Canny, D376 [21JN]
      ------Kenneth W. Gideon, D376 [21JN]
      ------Pamela A. Miller, D376 [21JN]
      ------Paul R. Huard, D376 [21JN]
      ------Representative Lipinski, D376 [21JN]
      ------Robert A. Roland, D376 [21JN]
      ------Senator Reid, D376 [21JN]
      ------Senator Stevens, D376 [21JN]
      ------Tim Mahoney, D376 [21JN]
      Oil Spill Liability and Compensation: Amy Kyle, D402 [28JN]
      ------Jeffrey N. Shane, D402 [28JN]
      ------Jim Makris, D402 [28JN]
      ------Paul A. Yost, Jr., D265 [11MY]
      ------Representative Walgren, D402 [28JN]
      ------Samuel K. Skinner, Sec. of Transportation, D265 [11MY]
      Oil Spill Response: Clyde T. Lusk, Jr., D478 [26JY]
      ------Dennis D. Kelso, D478 [26JY]
      ------James L. Makris, D478 [26JY]
      ------Representative Lagomarsino, D478 [26JY]
      ------Representative Saxton, D478 [26JY]
      ------Representative Schneider, D478 [26JY]
      Oil Spill Technology: Alfred W. Lindsey, D438 [18JY]
      ------Ed Cassidy, D438 [18JY]
      ------Joel D. Sipes, D438 [18JY]
      Oil Spills in Coastal Waters: Christopher J. Daggett, D422 
      ------Ed Roland, D422 [13JY]
      ------Eric J. Williams III, D422 [13JY]
      ------Larry A. Murdock, D422 [13JY]
      ------Paul A. Yost, Jr., D422 [13JY]
      ------Representative Machtley, D422 [13JY]
      ------Representative Schneider, D422 [13JY]
      ------Robert L. Bendick, Jr., D422 [13JY]
      ------Ronald E. Lambertson, D422 [13JY]
      ------Sam Gillespie, D422 [13JY]
      ------Senator Pell, D422 [13JY]
      ------Senator Roth, D422 [13JY]
      ------William A. Monson, D422 [13JY]
      Old Growth Forests of the Northwest: Representative Unsoeld, 
        D371 [20JN]
      Older American Volunteer programs: Donna Alvarado, D60 [27FE]
      Oldest and poorest Social Security beneficiaries: Louis D. 
        Enoff, D298 [23MY]
      ------Nancy Gordon, D298 [23MY]
      OMB Appropriations: Richard G. Darman, D189 [13AP], D239 [4MY], 
        D300 [24MY]
      OMB Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs 
        Reauthorization: Representative Bates, D505 [1AU]
      ------Representative Delay, D470 [25JY]
      ------Representative Hastert, D505 [1AU]
      ------Representative Major R. Owens, D505 [1AU]
      ------Representative Sisisky, D470 [25JY]
      ------Representative Waxman, D470 [25JY]
      ------Representative Weiss, D470 [25JY]
      ------Representative Wise, D470 [25JY]
      ------Senator Sarbanes, D470 [25JY]
      OMB Response to Management Problems in U.S. Government: Richard 
        G. Darman, D641 [5OC]
      Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (H.R. 3299): Representative 
        Alexander, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Anderson, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Applegate, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Archer, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Bartlett, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Ben Jones, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Bonior, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Carper, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Christopher Smith, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Clay, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Clinger, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Conte, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Dannemeyer, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Don Young, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Donnelly, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Dorgan, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Frenzel, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Gekas, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative George Miller, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Gibbons, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Gingrich, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Goodling, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Hammerschmidt, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Hastert, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative John G. Rowland, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Kennelly, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Kildee, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Levin, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Markey, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Oberstar, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Panetta, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Penny, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Petri, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Rhodes, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Rinaldo, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Rohrabacher, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Roukema, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Shaw, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Stenholm, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Udall, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Visclosky, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Walter B. Jones, D587 [21SE]
      ------Representative Watkins, D587 [21SE]
      Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act: Carla A. Hills
      Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act Implementation: Carla A. 
        Hills, D210 [25AP]
      ------Irvin J. Elkin, D210 [25AP]
      ------Jason Berman, D210 [25AP]
      ------Wayne Bennett, D210 [25AP]
      Onsite Inspection Agency: Roland Lajoie, D78 [2MR]
      Open Space--The American Landscape in the 21st Century: John A. 
        Miranowski, D291 [18MY]
      Operation of Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board: Bernard 
        L. Ungar, D471 [25JY]
      ------Francis X. Cavanaugh, D471 [25JY]
      ------Ian Dingwall, D471 [25JY]
      Operation of Foreign Trade Zones Program: Allan I. Mendelowitz, 
        D688 [24OC]
      ------Anne Brunsdale, D688 [24OC]
      ------Eric I. Garfinkel, D688 [24OC]
      ------Representative Hutto, D688 [24OC]
      ------Representative Kaptur, D688 [24OC]
      ------Samuel Banks, D688 [24OC]
      ------Senator Wallop, D688 [24OC]
      Operational Requirements of B-2 Bomber and Report on Initial 
        Flight and Testing Program: Bruce Hinds, D458 [21JY]
      ------Jack Welch, D458 [21JY]
      ------John T. Chain, Jr., D458 [21JY]
      ------Larry D. Welch, D458 [21JY]
      ------Rick Couch, D458 [21JY]
      Operations of Dept. of Defense Memoranda of Understanding and 
        Related Issues: Alfred Volkman
      ------Derek J. Vander Schaaf
      OPM, Executive Residence and Office of Federal Procurement: 
        Allan V. Burman, D156 [5AP]
      ------Constance Horner, D156 [5AP]
      ------Robert G. Stanton, D156 [5AP]
      OPM and Federal Procurement Policy Budget Estimates: Allan V. 
        Burman, D196 [18AP]
      ------Constance Horner, D196 [18AP]
      Organic Act of Guam Amendment (H.R. 2024): Beatrice P. Emsley, 
        D487 [27JY]
      ------Delegate Blaz, D487 [27JY]
      ------Joe T. San Agustin, D487 [27JY]
      ------Joseph F. Ada, D487 [27JY]
      ------Larry Morgan, D487 [27JY]
      ------Pedro G. Cruz, D487 [27JY]
      Organized Crime Strike Forces: David Helfrey, D545 [8SE]
      ------Douglas P. Roller, D545 [8SE]
      ------Eugene H. Methvin, D545 [8SE]
      ------James Harmon, D545 [8SE]
      ------Jeremiah T. O'Sullivan, D545 [8SE]
      ------Kurt W. Muellenberg, D545 [8SE]
      ------L. Eades Hogue, D545 [8SE]
      ------Lynn Slaby, D545 [8SE]
      ------Peter F. Vaira, D545 [8SE]
      ------Philip B. Heymann, D545 [8SE]
      ------Richard L. Thornburgh, Attorney General, D545 [8SE]
      ------Robert Bonner, D545 [8SE]
      ------Robert Morgenthau, D545 [8SE]
      ------Samuel K. Skinner, Sec. of Transportation, D545 [8SE]
      OTA Budget: John H. Gibbons, D262 [11MY]
      ------Senator Kennedy, D262 [11MY]
      ------Senator Stevens, D262 [11MY]
      Overcrowding in Federal Prisons: J. Michael Quinlan, D488 [27JY]
      Oversight on the Implementation of the Federal Onshore Oil and 
        Gas Reform Act and the Geothermal Steam Act Amendments: Cy 
        Jamison, D611 [28SE]
      ------F. Dale Robertson, D611 [28SE]
      ------James Duffus III, D611 [28SE]
      ------Perry R. Hagenstein, D611 [28SE]
      Oversight on TVA's Conservation Programs: James J. Jura, D406 
      ------Marvin T. Runyon, D406 [29JN]
      Overview of the District of Columbia: David A. Clarke, D378 
      ------Marion S. Barry, Jr., D378 [21JN]
      Ozone Layer and Global Warming: William K. Reilly, D129 [17MR]
      Pace of Democratic Reforms and Status of Human Rights in Eastern 
        Europe: Curtis W. Kamman, D654 [11OC]
      ------Dorin Tudoran, D654 [11OC]
      ------Representative Hoyer, D654 [11OC]
      ------Richard Schifter, D654 [11OC]
      Pacific Basin Forum: Representative Levine, D585 [21SE]
      ------Richard Fairbanks, D585 [21SE]
      ------Richard H. Solomon, D585 [21SE]
      ------Roger Brooks, D585 [21SE]
      Panama Canal Commission Budget: Dennis P. McAuliffe
      ------William R. Gianelli
      Panama Canal Commission Compensation and Retirement Eligibility 
        (H.R. 1347): Michael Rhode, Jr., D438 [18JY]
      ------Robert Page, D438 [18JY]
      Panama Canal Commission--Harassment of Employees: Eugene 
        Fischer, D292 [18MY]
      ------Michael G. Kozak, D292 [18MY]
      ------Michael Rhode, D292 [18MY]
      ------Richard C. Brown, D292 [18MY]
      Panama Canal Compensation Fund Act Amendments (H.R. 1348): 
        Michael Rhode, Jr., D438 [18JY]
      ------Robert Page, D438 [18JY]
      Paper and Print Preservation: James H. Billington, D244 [4MY]
      ------Jeffery D. Denit, D244 [4MY]
      Paperwork Reduction Act: Carol Miller, D363 [16JN]
      ------Cynthia Kendall, D341 [12JN]
      ------D. Kaye Gapen, D341 [12JN]
      ------David Doniger, D363 [16JN]
      ------Earl H. Hess, D363 [16JN]
      ------Gary Bass, D363 [16JN]
      ------Gerald Graff, D363 [16JN]
      ------James L. Martin, D363 [16JN]
      ------Janet L. Norwood, D341 [12JN]
      ------Jay Plager, D363 [16JN]
      ------Jerry J. Berman, D341 [12JN]
      ------John Diebold, D341 [12JN]
      ------Kenneth B. Allen, D341 [12JN]
      ------Mark Richardson, D363 [16JN]
      ------Ralph V. Carlone, D341 [12JN]
      ------Richard H. Hopf III, D341 [12JN]
      ------Richard M. Patterson, D363 [16JN]
      Paperwork Reduction Act Reauthorization: Jennifer Silk, D487 
      ------John Martonik, D487 [27JY]
      ------Peter Infante, D487 [27JY]
      ------Representative Bates, D505 [1AU]
      ------Representative Delay, D470 [25JY]
      ------Representative Glickman, D487 [27JY]
      ------Representative Hastert, D505 [1AU]
      ------Representative Major R. Owens, D505 [1AU]
      ------Representative Sisisky, D470 [25JY]
      ------Representative Waxman, D470 [25JY]
      ------Representative Weiss, D470 [25JY]
      ------Representative Williams, D487 [27JY]
      ------Representative Wise, D470 [25JY]
      ------S. Jay Plager, D515 [2AU]
      ------Senator Sarbanes, D470 [25JY]
      Paperwork Reduction Act and Its Impact on Small Business: Allan 
        V. Burman, D541 [7SE]
      ------Denise Norberg, D541 [7SE]
      ------Elaine Acevedo, D541 [7SE]
      ------Frank S. Swain, D541 [7SE]
      ------Leo G. Lauzen, D541 [7SE]
      ------Representative Sisisky, D541 [7SE]
      ------S. Jay Plager, D541 [7SE]
      Parallel Track Proposal for Clinical Drug Development: James O. 
        Mason, D456 [20JY]
      Parental and Medical Leave Act: Barbara Hoffman, D24 [2FE]
      ------Dana Freidman, D24 [2FE]
      ------Esther Wender, D24 [2FE]
      ------Jeff Carter, D24 [2FE]
      ------Joe Kroll, D24 [2FE]
      ------John Motley, D24 [2FE]
      ------Mary W. Roberts, D24 [2FE]
      ------Patricia Ashley, D24 [2FE]
      ------Susan D. Hamilton, D24 [2FE]
      Paris Conference on Cambodia--Implications for U.S. Policy: 
        Richard Solomon, D562 [14SE]
      Paris Conference on Chemical Weapons Use: William F. Burns, D11 
      Paris Economic Summit: C. Fred Bergsten, D408 [10JY]
      ------Goldman Sachs, D408 [10JY]
      ------Jeffrey Sachs, D408 [10JY]
      ------Nicholas F. Brady, Sec. of the Treasury, D448 [19JY]
      ------Robert Hormats, D408 [10JY]
      Patent and Trademark Office, National Telecommunications and 
        Information Administration, and U.S. Travel and Tourism 
        Administration: Alfred C. Sikes, D130 [20MR]
      ------Charles E. Cobb, D130 [20MR]
      ------Donald J. Quigg, D130 [20MR]
      Patent Provisions Relative to Animals (H.R. 1556): Kevin W. 
        O'Connor, D557 [13SE]
      Patents in Space Act (H.R. 2946): Alan J. Kreczro, D636 [4OC]
      ------James Denny, D588 [21SE]
      ------James F. Denny, D636 [4OC]
      ------Robert F. Kempf, D636 [4OC]
      ------Robert Kempf, D588 [21SE]
      ------Susan Biniaz, D588 [21SE]
      Payees in the Social Security and SSI Programs: Louis D. Enoff, 
        D139 [22MR]
      Payment for Outpatient Hospital Surgery Under Medicare: J.B. 
        Silvers, D169 [10AP]
      ------Kerry Kemp, D169 [10AP]
      ------Michael Mangano, D169 [10AP]
      ------Michael Zimmerman, D169 [10AP]
      Payment of Inner-City and Rural Hospitals Under Medicare: 
        Representative Dorgan, D271 [15MY]
      ------Representative Flippo, D271 [15MY]
      ------Representative Slattery, D271 [15MY]
      ------Representative Synar, D271 [15MY]
      ------Representative Tauke, D271 [15MY]
      ------Richard P. Kusserow, D271 [15MY]
      Peace and Famine Relief in Sudan (H. Con. Res. 58): Richard E. 
        Bissell, D88 [7MR]
      Peace Corps Authorization: Loret M. Ruppe, D57 [23FE]
      Peace Corps, Eximbank, OPIC, African Development Foundation, and 
        Inter-American Foundation Budgets: Deborah Szekely, D319 [6JN]
      ------Leonard H. Robinson, Jr., D319 [6JN]
      ------Paul D. Coverdell, D319 [6JN]
      ------Robert O. Draggon, D319 [6JN]
      ------William F. Ryan, D319 [6JN]
      Peacekeeping Operations, African Development Foundation, and 
        American Schools and Hospitals Abroad: David A. Santos, D93 
      ------Edward S. Walker, D93 [8MR]
      ------Leonard Robinson, D93 [8MR]
      ------Loret M. Ruppe, D93 [8MR]
      ------Shaw Smith, D93 [8MR]
      Pecan Promotion and Research Act (H.R. 3387): Daniel D. Haley, 
        D635 [4OC]
      Pemigewasset River Study Act (S. 1524): Herbert S. Cables, D685 
      ------Kevin J. Coyle, D685 [24OC]
      ------Patricia P. Schlesinger, D685 [24OC]
      ------Senator Humphrey, D685 [24OC]
      ------Stephen D. Blackmer, D685 [24OC]
      Penalties for Improper Medicare Referral Arrangements (H.R. 
        939): Michael Zimmerman, D313 [1JN]
      ------Richard P. Kusserow, D313 [1JN]
      Pending Lease Prospectuses: David L. Bibb, D629 [3OC]
      Pensions: David Ball, D772 [15NO]
      ------Raymond Maria, D772 [15NO]
      Percentage of Agricultural Commodities Exported From Great Lakes 
        Port Facilities (H.R. 3002): Representative Oberstar, D587 
      ------Representative Obey, D587 [21SE]
      ------Robert S. Silberman, D587 [21SE]
      Performance Standards and Labeling Requirements for Plumbing 
        Products (S. 583): Amy Vickers, D632 [4OC]
      ------Craig Selover, D632 [4OC]
      ------Duane Cutler, D632 [4OC]
      ------Edward R. Osann, D632 [4OC]
      ------George Bliss, D632 [4OC]
      ------Patrick J. Higgins, D632 [4OC]
      ------Peter A.A. Berle, D632 [4OC]
      ------Representative Atkins, D632 [4OC]
      ------Robert M. Gants, D632 [4OC]
      ------Senator Fowler, D632 [4OC]
      Petroglyph National Monument Establishment Act (S. 286): Brien 
        Culhane, D482 [27JY]
      ------Bruce Craig, D482 [27JY]
      ------Harvard Ayers, D482 [27JY]
      ------J. Jackson Walter, D482 [27JY]
      ------Representative Richardson, D482 [27JY]
      ------Representative Schiff, D482 [27JY]
      Physician Payment Assessment Commission: Philip R. Lee, D212 
      Physician Payment Review Commission Report: Philip R. Lee, D136 
      Physician Payments Under Medicare: Paul B. Ginsberg, D129 [17MR]
      ------Peter Braun, D129 [17MR]
      ------Phillip R. Lee, D129 [17MR]
      ------William C. Hsiao, D129 [17MR]
      Pick-Sloan Missouri River Basin Program: C. Dale Duvall, D336 
      ------Representative Craig Thomas, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Roberts, D336 [8JN]
      ------Representative Virginia Smith, D336 [8JN]
      PLO Attempt to Obtain Statehood Status at WHO (H.R. 2145): Shaw 
        Smith, D243 [4MY], D253 [9MY]
      ------Representative Lantos, D253 [9MY]
      Police Corps Program (H.R. 2798): Representative Dornan, D724 
      ------Senator Specter, D724 [2NO]
      Policy Options Toward South Africa: Gretchen Eick, D627 [3OC]
      ------Herman J. Cohen, D627 [3OC]
      ------Jim Martin, D627 [3OC]
      ------Neil Upmeyer, D627 [3OC]
      ------Pauline Baker, D627 [3OC]
      ------Senator Kennedy, D627 [3OC]
      Polish and Hungarian Democracy Initiative (H.R. 3402): 
        Representative Broomfield, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Fascell, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Grandy, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Hamilton, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Kaptur, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Roberts, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Rostenkowski, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Tauke, D667 [17OC]
      ------Representative Wylie, D667 [17OC]
      Political Situation in Hong Kong and Issues Relative to 
        Immigration: Kent Wiedemann, D762 [14NO]
      ------Representative Porter, D762 [14NO]
      ------Richard Norton, D762 [14NO]
      Political Status of Puerto Rico: Dennis Nieves, D430 [14JY]
      ------John H. Buchanan, Jr., D430 [14JY]
      ------Luis Acle, Jr., D430 [14JY]
      ------Monserrate Flores, D430 [14JY]
      ------Senator Simon, D430 [14JY]
      ------Timothy Glidden, D430 [14JY]
      Political Unrest in the People's Republic of China: Richard 
        Williams, D243 [4MY]
      Politics of Hunger in the Sudan: Edward L. Saiers, D79 [2MR]
      ------Julia Taft, D79 [2MR]
      ------Kenneth Brown, D79 [2MR]
      ------Representative Wolf, D79 [2MR]
      Pollution of Marine and Coastal Waters (S. 1178): Carolyn Carp, 
        D416 [12JY]
      ------Charles Ehler, D416 [12JY]
      ------Charles Fox, D416 [12JY]
      ------Howard Levenson, D416 [12JY]
      ------Jessica Landman, D416 [12JY]
      ------Linda Eichmiller, D416 [12JY]
      ------Paul Brouha, D416 [12JY]
      ------Representative Pallone, D416 [12JY]
      ------Robert Patterson, D416 [12JY]
      Pollution of Marine and Coastal Waters (S. 1179): Carolyn Carp, 
        D416 [12JY]
      ------Charles Ehler, D416 [12JY]
      ------Charles Fox, D416 [12JY]
      ------Howard Levenson, D416 [12JY]
      ------Jessica Landman, D416 [12JY]
      ------Linda Eichmiller, D416 [12JY]
      ------Paul Brouha, D416 [12JY]
      ------Representative Pallone, D416 [12JY]
      ------Robert Patterson, D416 [12JY]
      Pony Express National Historic Trail (S. 374): Jerry Rogers, 
        D548 [12SE]
      ------Senator Bryan, D548 [12SE]
      Postal Service Annual Report: Anthony M. Frank, D167 [7AP]
      ------Comer S. Coppie, D167 [7AP]
      ------Lewis A. Cox, D167 [7AP]
      ------Michael S. Coughlin, D167 [7AP]
      Postal Service Discipline Practices: Joseph J. Mahon, D296 
      ------L. Nye Stevens, D296 [23MY]
      Postal Service Operation: Anthony M. Frank, D96 [8MR]
      ------Bert H. Mackie, D96 [8MR]
      ------Ira D. Hall, D96 [8MR]
      ------John L. Ryan, D96 [8MR]
      ------John N. Griesemer, D96 [8MR]
      ------Robert Setrakian, D96 [8MR]
      ------Susan E. Alvarado, D96 [8MR]
      ------Tirso del Junco, D96 [8MR]
      Postal Service Oversight: Henry R. Folsom, D120 [15MR]
      ------Janet D. Steiger, D120 [15MR]
      ------John W. Crutcher, D120 [15MR]
      ------L. Nye Stevens, D120 [15MR]
      ------Patti B. Tyson, D120 [15MR]
      ------W.H. Trey LeBlanc III, D120 [15MR]
      Postal Service's Drug Testing Program: Joel S. Trosch, D184 
      Postal Service's Express Mail Contract: James L. Orlando, D524 
      ------P. Peter Chalos, D524 [3AU]
      ------Representative Jacobs, D524 [3AU]
      ------Representative Tom Campbell, D524 [3AU]
      Postal Service's Real Estate Acquisition Program: L. Nye 
        Stevens, D678 [19OC]
      ------Stanley W. Smith, D678 [19OC]
      Postemployment Restrictions Act (H.R. 2267): Arthur L. Nims III, 
        D402 [28JN]
      ------Edward S.G. Dennis, D402 [28JN]
      ------George C. Paine II, D402 [28JN]
      ------Walter K. Stapleton, D402 [28JN]
      Postemployment Restrictions for Federal Officers and Employees: 
        Frank Q. Nebeker, D220 [27AP]
      ------John C. Keeney, D220 [27AP]
      ------Judith H. Bello, D220 [27AP]
      ------R. James Woolsey, D220 [27AP]
      ------Representative Hank Brown, D220 [27AP]
      ------Representative Kaptur, D220 [27AP]
      ------Representative Wolpe, D220 [27AP]
      ------Senator Thurmond, D220 [27AP]
      Potato Research and Promotion Act Amendments (H.R. 2257): 
        Kenneth Clayton, D469 [25JY]
      ------Representative Schulze, D469 [25JY]
      ------Representative Stallings, D469 [25JY]
      Potomac River Air Cushion Vehicle Transportation System: Steve 
        Barsony, D558 [13SE]
      Prescription Drug Manufacturer Pricing and Policy and Their 
        Impact on Medicaid: Derek Hodel, D777 [16NO]
      ------Donna Schmidt, D777 [16NO]
      ------Guido Adriaenssens, D777 [16NO]
      ------Guido Sermeus, D777 [16NO]
      ------Jake Green, D777 [16NO]
      ------Leona Bivens, D777 [16NO]
      ------Norrie Wilkins, D777 [16NO]
      ------R. Michael Berryman, D777 [16NO]
      ------Tery Baskin, D777 [16NO]
      Prescription Drug Prices: Dennis M. Styrsky, D436 [18JY]
      ------George B. Rathmann, D436 [18JY]
      ------Gerald J. Mossinghoff, D436 [18JY]
      ------J. Bruce Laughrey, D436 [18JY]
      ------Louis B. Hays, D436 [18JY]
      ------William Mincy, D436 [18JY]
      ------Winston Barton, D436 [18JY]
      Presentation of the STS-29 Crew on Their Recent Flight in Space: 
        James F. Buchli, D184 [12AP]
      ------James P. Bagian, D184 [12AP]
      ------John E. Blaha, D184 [12AP]
      ------Michael L. Coats, D184 [12AP]
      Preservation of Coastal and Great Lakes Environmental Quality 
        (H.R. 2647): Rebecca Hanmer, D580 [20SE]
      ------Virginia Tippie, D580 [20SE]
      Preservation of Historic Property Throughout the Nation (H.R. 
        999): Jerry Rogers, D89 [7MR]
      ------Paul W. Johnson, D89 [7MR]
      ------Representative Boggs, D89 [7MR]
      ------Robert D. Bush, D89 [7MR]
      President Bush's Request for Mars and Lunar Missions: David C. 
        Black, D598 [26SE]
      ------Richard Truly, D598 [26SE]
      Presidential Emergency Board To Investigate Eastern Airlines 
        Dispute With Collective Bargaining Units (H.R. 1231): 
        Representative Anderson, D113 [14MR]
      ------Representative Hammerschmidt, D113 [14MR]
      ------Representative Oberstar, D113 [14MR]
      Presidential Veto of Appropriations Items: Arnold Cantor, D171 
      ------James C. Miller III, D171 [11AP]
      ------James D. Davidson, D171 [11AP]
      ------Lawrence A. Hunter, D171 [11AP]
      ------Louis Fisher, D171 [11AP]
      ------Neil E. Devins, D171 [11AP]
      ------Raymond C. Scheppach, D171 [11AP]
      ------Representative Don Edwards, D171 [11AP]
      ------Senator Byrd, D171 [11AP]
      ------Senator Dixon, D171 [11AP]
      ------Senator Hatfield, D171 [11AP]
      ------Senator Humphrey, D171 [11AP]
      ------Senator McCain, D171 [11AP]
      ------Senator Thurmond, D171 [11AP]
      President's Andean Initiative: Melvyn Levitsky, D735 [7NO]
      ------Michael J. Byron, D735 [7NO]
      ------Terrence Burke, D735 [7NO]
      President's Annual International Narcotics Control Strategy 
        Report: William von Raab, D228 [2MY]
      President's Budget Proposal: James L. Blum, D97 [9MR]
      ------Robert D. Reischauer, D97 [9MR]
      President's National Drug Control Strategy: William J. Bennett, 
        D563 [14SE]
      President's Plan to Reform the Savings and Loan Industry: 
        Nicholas F. Brady, Sec. of the Treasury, D68 [1MR]
      Preventing Newly Established Agencies From Increasing the Public 
        Debt Through Unauthorized Borrowing (H.R. 3469): David W. 
        Mullins Jr., D711 [31OC]
      ------Harry S. Havens, D711 [31OC]
      ------James L. Blum, D711 [31OC]
      ------Representative Stark, D711 [31OC]
      ------Robert R. Glauber, D711 [31OC]
      Price Fixing Prevention Act (H.R. 1236): J. Joseph Curran, Jr., 
        D134 [21MR]
      ------Jeffery I. Zuckerman, D360 [15JN]
      ------Michael Boudin, D360 [15JN]
      ------Robert Abrams, D134 [21MR]
      Prince William Sound Maritime Safety Improvement (H.R. 2158): 
        Charles N. Ehler, D266 [11MY]
      ------Dennis Kelso, D266 [11MY]
      ------Joel D. Sipes, D266 [11MY]
      Prince William Sound Oil Spill Emergency Response Act: Clyde T. 
        Lusk, Jr., D458 [21JY]
      ------Dennis D. Kelso, D458 [21JY]
      ------Fred G. Garibaldi, D458 [21JY]
      ------Hans Crump-Wiesner, D458 [21JY]
      ------Joe T. McMillan, D458 [21JY]
      ------Joel D. Sipes, D458 [21JY]
      ------Pamela A. Miller, D458 [21JY]
      ------William F. O'Keefe, D458 [21JY]
      Priorities in Agricultural Research Programs: Alice Pell, D366 
      ------Charles Benbrook, D366 [20JN]
      ------Charles E. Hess, D366 [20JN]
      ------Chip Morgan, D366 [20JN]
      ------John W. Harmon, D366 [20JN]
      ------Michael J. Phillips, D366 [20JN]
      ------William E. Marshall, D366 [20JN]
      Problems Facing Small Business in Obtaining Export Financing: 
        Allan Mandell, D654 [11OC]
      ------Arthur Obestar, D654 [11OC]
      Problems in the Savings and Loan Industry: Andrew S. Carron, D18 
      ------Charles A. Bowsher, D23 [2FE]
      ------David W. Gleeson, D40 [9FE]
      ------Edward S.G. Dennis, Jr., D40 [9FE]
      ------H. Joe Selby, D40 [9FE]
      ------James D. Wolfensohn, D31 [7FE]
      ------Lowell L. Bryan, D18 [31JA]
      ------O. Jay Tomson, D91 [8MR]
      ------Paul A. Volcker, D31 [7FE]
      ------Paul M. Horvitz, D18 [31JA]
      ------Richard L. Thornburgh, Attorney General, D40 [9FE]
      ------Thomas P. Rideout, D91 [8MR]
      ------William S. Haraf, D91 [8MR]
      Problems of the Working Poor: Elizabeth H. Dole, Sec. of Labor, 
        D221 [27AP]
      Procedure for Executive Departments Contracting of Advisory and 
        Assistance Services (S. 166): Allan V. Burman, D788 [17NO]
      ------Francis A. Keating, II, D788 [17NO]
      ------Philip A. Odeen, D788 [17NO]
      ------Richard Ong, D788 [17NO]
      ------Whitney N. Seymour, Jr., D788 [17NO]
      ------William A. Morrill, D788 [17NO]
      Processing of Claims by Veterans Benefits Administration: R.J. 
        Vogel, D254 [9MY]
      Program of Voluntary National Service: Alex Byrd, D98 [9MR]
      ------Bobby Heard, D98 [9MR]
      ------Catherine Powers, D98 [9MR]
      ------Ernest L. Boyer, D98 [9MR]
      ------John Buchanan, D98 [9MR]
      ------Katy Evans, D98 [9MR]
      ------Peter Waite, D98 [9MR]
      ------Robert J. Rothstein, D98 [9MR]
      ------Senator Bumpers, D98 [9MR]
      ------Senator Graham, D98 [9MR]
      ------Senator Moynihan, D98 [9MR]
      Programs Administered by U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service: 
        Allen I. Mendelowitz, D713 [1NO]
      ------Susan Schwab, D713 [1NO]
      Prohibiting Certain Practices Involving Use of Telephone 
        Equipment for Advertising and Solicitation (H.R. 2921): Jack 
        L. Brock, Jr., D456 [20JY]
      Prohibiting Discrimination Against Handicapped (H.R. 2273): Evan 
        J. Kemp, Jr., D557 [13SE]
      ------Jay Rochlin, D557 [13SE]
      ------Larry Roffee, D581 [20SE]
      ------Roland Mross, D581 [20SE]
      Prohibiting Injunctive Relief Against Judicial Officers (S. 
        590): Harry L. Carrico, D691 [25OC]
      ------Joseph R. Weisberger, D691 [25OC]
      ------M. Caldwell Butler, D691 [25OC]
      ------Phillip J. Roth, D691 [25OC]
      ------Thomas C. Nurre, D691 [25OC]
      Prohibiting Smoking on Aircraft Flights (H.R. 160, 561, 598, 
        817): Eileen B. Claussen, D390 [22JN]
      ------John S. Kern, D390 [22JN]
      ------Representative C.W. Young, D390 [22JN]
      ------Representative Delay, D390 [22JN]
      ------Representative Durbin, D390 [22JN]
      ------Representative Gilman, D390 [22JN]
      ------Representative Robert L. Thomas, D390 [22JN]
      ------Ronald M. Davis, D390 [22JN]
      ------Senator Lautenberg, D390 [22JN]
      Proliferation of Chemical and Biological Weapons: William H. 
        Webster, D68 [1MR]
      Promoting Travel in U.S. and Implementation of National Tourism 
        Policy Act: Bob Liming, D696 [26OC]
      ------Clint Blackwood, D696 [26OC]
      ------Cord Hansen-Sturm, D696 [26OC]
      ------Frank Sain, D696 [26OC]
      ------John Waihee, Governor of Hawaii, D696 [26OC]
      ------Rockwell A. Schnabel, D696 [26OC]
      Proposal To Detail U.S. Capitol Police Officers to the District 
        of Columbia Police Force: Delegate Fauntroy, D360 [15JN]
      ------Frank A. Kerrigan, D360 [15JN]
      ------Henry Giugni, D360 [15JN]
      ------Isaac Fulwood, Jr., D360 [15JN]
      ------Jack Russ, D360 [15JN]
      Proposals to Revise Corporate Takeover Procedures, Including S. 
        1658, 1794 and 1244: Senator Metzenbaum, D801 [20NO]
      ------Senator Sanford, D801 [20NO]
      ------Senator Shelby, D801 [20NO]
      ------Senator Specter, D801 [20NO]
      Proposed Budget Estimates: S. Mark Lindsey, D75 [2MR]
      ------W. Graham Claytor, Jr., D75 [2MR]
      Proposed Budget for American Battle Monuments Commission and 
        Selective Service System: A.J. Adams, D82 [6MR]
      ------John S. Doyle, Jr., D82 [6MR]
      ------Samuel K. Lessey, Jr., D82 [6MR]
      Proposed Budget for Army and Navy Military Construction 
        Programs: B.F. Montoya, D82 [6MR]
      ------Henry J. Hatch, D82 [6MR]
      ------Michael P. Downs, D82 [6MR]
      ------Paul W. Johnson, D82 [6MR]
      ------Peter J. Offringa, D82 [6MR]
      Proposed Budget for Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Naval Petroleum 
        Reserve, and U.S. Geological Survey: Allan J. Wampler, D82 
      ------Dallas L. Peck, D82 [6MR]
      Proposed Termination of Landsat 4 and 5: Dallas L. Peck, D90 
      ------James R. Donald, D90 [7MR]
      ------Shelby Tilford, D90 [7MR]
      ------Thomas N. Pyke, Jr., D90 [7MR]
      ------Thomas P. Quinn, D90 [7MR]
      Prosecution of Environmental Crimes at the Dept. of Energy's 
        Nuclear Weapons Complex: John Layton, D643 [5OC]
      ------Paul R. Thomson, Jr., D643 [5OC]
      ------R. Patrick Whitfield, D643 [5OC]
      ------Richard Stewart, D643 [5OC]
      Prospective Payment Assessment Commission: Stuart H. Altman, 
        D212 [25AP]
      Prospects for Development of U.S. High-Definition Television 
        Industry: Craig I. Fields, D502 [1AU]
      ------James Tietjen, D502 [1AU]
      ------Juan Benitez, D502 [1AU]
      ------Pat H. Hubbard, D502 [1AU]
      ------Peter McCloskey, D502 [1AU]
      ------Philip C. Webre, D502 [1AU]
      ------Richard Solomon, D502 [1AU]
      ------Robert D. Reischauer, D502 [1AU]
      ------Tom Long, D502 [1AU]
      ------W. David Montgomery, D502 [1AU]
      Prospects for U.S.-Soviet Relations: Alex Knovolav, D252 [9MY]
      ------Andrey A. Kokoshin, D252 [9MY]
      ------Roal'd Sagdeyev, D252 [9MY]
      ------V. Larionov, D252 [9MY]
      Protect Our Children from Cigarettes Act (H.R. 1250): 
        Representative Tallon, D470 [25JY]
      ------Ronald Davis, D470 [25JY]
      Protecting Antarctica Environment: James N. Barnes, D545 [8SE]
      ------Lee Kimball, D545 [8SE]
      ------Peter E. Wilkniss, D545 [8SE]
      ------R. Tucker Scully, D545 [8SE]
      Protection and Interpretation of Lechuguilla Cave at Carlsbad 
        Caverns National Park, D376 [21JN]
      Protection for Operation of Interest and Currency Swap 
        Agreements (S. 396): Doug Comer, D171 [11AP]
      ------Frank G. Sinatra, D171 [11AP]
      ------John Jerome, D171 [11AP]
      ------Mark Brickell, D171 [11AP]
      ------William Perlstein, D171 [11AP]
      Protection of Archaelogical Sites in Chaco Culture National 
        Historical Park, NM (S. 798): Alan Downer, D482 [27JY]
      ------Anna Sofaer, D482 [27JY]
      ------Jerry L. Rogers, D482 [27JY]
      ------Mark Leone, D482 [27JY]
      ------Representative Richardson, D482 [27JY]
      Protection of Certain Computer Programs (S. 198): Bruce M. 
        Kennedy, D206 [19AP]
      ------David Laird, D206 [19AP]
      ------Heidi Roizen, D206 [19AP]
      ------Jon Shirley, D206 [19AP]
      ------Luanne James, D206 [19AP]
      ------Michael J. Lyons, D206 [19AP]
      ------Ralph Oman, D206 [19AP]
      ------Troy Cooper, D206 [19AP]
      Protection of Coastal and Great Lakes Environmental Quality 
        (H.R. 2647): Kent Burton, D397 [27JN]
      ------Rebecca Hanmer, D397 [27JN]
      ------Robert Perciasepe, D397 [27JN]
      Protection of Environment From Oil Spill Damage and Compensation 
        for Cleanup Costs (S. 686, 687, 1066, 1223): Charles J. 
        DiBona, D458 [21JY]
      ------Dennis D. Kelso, D458 [21JY]
      ------Douglas B. Baily, D458 [21JY]
      ------James E. Tierney, D458 [21JY]
      ------John G. Catena, D458 [21JY]
      ------Joseph A. Farrell III, D458 [21JY]
      ------Karin Sheldon, D458 [21JY]
      ------Kenneth O. Eikenberry, D458 [21JY]
      ------Kenneth R. Dickerson, D458 [21JY]
      ------Samuel K. Skinner, Secretary of Transportation, D458 
      ------Thomas C. Jorling, D458 [21JY]
      ------Thomas James, D458 [21JY]
      Protection of Firefighters: Clyde A. Bragdon, D72 [1MR]
      ------James Makris, D72 [1MR]
      ------John Pendergrass, D72 [1MR]
      ------Representative Meyers, D72 [1MR]
      ------Representative Weldon, D72 [1MR]
      ------Representative Wheat, D72 [1MR]
      Protection of Indian Rights: Arnita Parton, D251 [9MY]
      ------Arthur Justice, D44 [21FE]
      ------Barry Williamson, D268 [12MY]
      ------Benjamin Binder, D268 [12MY]
      ------Betty Brintnall, D44 [21FE]
      ------Bruce Nicholson, D270 [15MY]
      ------Chris Tucker, D251 [9MY]
      ------Christine Brown, D44 [21FE]
      ------Chuck Norman, D251 [9MY]
      ------Craig Vanderwagon, D59 [27FE]
      ------David Small, D44 [21FE]
      ------Denise Dougherty, D270 [15MY]
      ------Dom Nessi, D59 [27FE]
      ------Elizabeth Shiek, D44 [21FE]
      ------Fred Merritt, D251 [9MY]
      ------Gene Poteet, D251 [9MY]
      ------Greg Pyles, D251 [9MY]
      ------Harold Bentley, D289 [18MY]
      ------Hollis Roberts, D289 [18MY]
      ------Ivan L. Sidney, D59 [27FE]
      ------Ivan Sidney, D289 [18MY]
      ------James G. Perry, D44 [21FE]
      ------James Spaulding, D251 [9MY]
      ------Jeffery P. Southwick, D268 [12MY]
      ------Jerome Maine, D44 [21FE]
      ------John Gobert, D270 [15MY]
      ------John Taylor, D59 [27FE]
      ------John Washakie, D59 [27FE]
      ------Joyce Roy, D44 [21FE]
      ------Ken Young, D268 [12MY]
      ------Keneitha Haigler, D44 [21FE]
      ------Kenneth Ross, D44 [21FE]
      ------Larry Blythe, D44 [21FE]
      ------Larry D. Morey, D270 [15MY]
      ------Mark Fischer, D289 [18MY]
      ------Mary Limpy, D268 [12MY]
      ------Michael O'Connell, D289 [18MY]
      ------Ollie Locust, D44 [21FE]
      ------Patricia Tramper, D44 [21FE]
      ------Richard Curry, D268 [12MY]
      ------Richard J. Elroy, D251 [9MY]
      ------Robert Robertson, D19 [31JA]
      ------Steve Moore, D268 [12MY]
      ------Thurmon Parton, D251 [9MY]
      ------Timothy A. Vollmann, D289 [18MY]
      ------Tina Jordan-Walker, D289 [18MY]
      ------Tony Marceca, D44 [21FE]
      ------Velma Decker, D268 [12MY]
      ------Vern Ingraham, D268 [12MY]
      ------William Anoatubby, D289 [18MY]
      ------William Foster, D289 [18MY]
      ------William Mehojah, D44 [21FE]
      ------William P. Ragsdale, D59 [27FE]
      ------William Walker, D289 [18MY]
      ------Wilma Mankiller, D289 [18MY]
      ------Yvonne Curry, D268 [12MY]
      Protection of Older Individuals Relative to Employee Benefit 
        Plans (S. 1511, 1293): Burt Fretz, D602 [27SE]
      ------Carolyn Betts, D602 [27SE]
      ------Charles A. Shanor, D602 [27SE]
      ------Chris Mackaronis, D602 [27SE]
      ------Douglas S. McDowell, D602 [27SE]
      ------Fred Rumak, D602 [27SE]
      ------Harry Sousa, D602 [27SE]
      ------Horace B. Deets, D602 [27SE]
      ------James D. Short, D602 [27SE]
      ------Kevin McCarthy, D602 [27SE]
      ------Mark Dichter, D602 [27SE]
      ------Rosalie G. Silberman, D602 [27SE]
      Protection of Older Workers Relative to Employee Benefit Plans 
        (H.R. 3200): Charles A. Shanor, D588 [21SE]
      ------Rosalie G. Silberman, D588 [21SE]
      Protection of Segment of Genesee River, NY (S. 931): Gerald 
        Patton, D443 [19JY]
      ------Kevin J. Coyle, D443 [19JY]
      ------Senator Moynihan, D443 [19JY]
      ------William Hoyt, D443 [19JY]
      Protection of the Appalachian Trail in Vermont: Herbert Cables, 
        D426 [13JY]
      ------Stephen Sease, D426 [13JY]
      Public Investment in Infrastructure: Alan Blinder, D448 [19JY]
      ------Donald H. Straszheim, D448 [19JY]
      ------Jack Meyer, D448 [19JY]
      ------James Tobin, D448 [19JY]
      Public Lands Management Improvement (H.R. 2783): Dean E. 
        Stepanek, D426 [13JY]
      ------Rod Sando, D426 [13JY]
      Public Rangeland Fee Act (H.R. 775): George M. Leonard, D174 
      ------James Duffus III, D174 [11AP]
      ------Representative Skeen, D174 [11AP]
      ------Representative Stallings, D174 [11AP]
      ------Representative Synar, D174 [11AP]
      ------Roland G. Robison, D174 [11AP]
      Public Safety and Justice; Financing and Other Uses; and 
        Economic Development: Fred Ugast, D388 [22JN]
      ------Frederick D. Cook, Jr., D388 [22JN]
      ------Kim A. Taylor, D388 [22JN]
      ------Larry Polansky, D388 [22JN]
      ------Rogers, Judith, D388 [22JN]
      ------Wendall W. Webster, D388 [22JN]
      Public Utilities Bankruptcy and Reorganization Guidelines (H.R. 
        681): Larry M. Smukler, D644 [5OC]
      ------Representative Douglas, D644 [5OC]
      ------Representative Robert C. Smith, D644 [5OC]
      Public Works and Economic Development Act (H.R. 2015) and 
        Appalachian Regional Development Act and Related Bills: Ford 
        C. Quillen, D302 [25MY]
      ------Representative Applegate, D300 [24MY]
      ------Robert M. Rauner, D300 [24MY]
      ------Sara Y. Stuckey, D300 [24MY]
      Public Works Projects: Charles H. Percy, D28 [3FE]
      ------Charles L. Brieant, Jr., D28 [3FE]
      ------Elliott Carroll, D28 [3FE]
      ------George M. White, D28 [3FE]
      ------Harry McPherson, D28 [3FE]
      ------L. Ralph Mecham, D28 [3FE]
      ------Raymond A. Karam, D28 [3FE]
      ------Richard A. Hauser, D28 [3FE]
      ------Richard G. Austin, D28 [3FE]
      ------Robert Esnard, D28 [3FE]
      ------William J. Diamond, D28 [3FE]
      ------William L. Ensign, D28 [3FE]
      Puerto Rico Referendum on Political Status (S. 712): Carlos 
        Romero-Barcelo, D744 [9NO]
      ------Delegate Fuster, D744 [9NO]
      ------Fernando Martin, D744 [9NO]
      ------Manuel R. Orallana, D744 [9NO]
      ------Rafael Hernandez-Colon, Governor of Puerto Rico, D744 
      ------Ruben Berrios, D744 [9NO]
      ------Scott G. Dunn, D744 [9NO]
      ------Senator Simon, D768 [15NO]
      Purchase of Broadcasting Time by Candidates for Public Office 
        (S. 743, 744, 1009): Catherine Farrell, D511 [2AU]
      ------Jan Crawford, D511 [2AU]
      ------Leavitt J. Pope, D511 [2AU]
      ------Senator McConnell, D511 [2AU]
      Quality of Financial Audits: Frederick D. Wolf, D45 [21FE]
      Quality of Fish Products Intended for Human Consumption (H.R. 
        2511): Douglas Donegan, D750 [9NO]
      ------James Benson, D750 [9NO]
      ------James Brennan, D750 [9NO]
      ------Lester Crawford, D750 [9NO]
      ------Representative Glickman, D750 [9NO]
      Quality of Fish Products Intended for Human Consumption (H.R. 
        3481): Douglas Donegan, D750 [9NO]
      ------James Benson, D750 [9NO]
      ------James Brennan, D750 [9NO]
      ------Lester Crawford, D750 [9NO]
      ------Representative Glickman, D750 [9NO]
      Quality of Life in the Military and Base Realignment and Closure 
        Commission: Abraham A. Ribicoff, D77 [2MR]
      ------D.R. Bushey, D77 [2MR]
      ------David W. Sommers, D77 [2MR]
      ------Jack Edwards, D77 [2MR]
      ------James R. Craig, D77 [2MR]
      ------Julius Gates, D77 [2MR]
      Quality of U.S. Education Statistics and Information Gathering 
        Efforts by Dept. of Education: Emerson J. Elliott, D714 [1NO]
      ------Ernest Boyer, D714 [1NO]
      ------Frederick Mulhouser, D714 [1NO]
      ------George Hall, D714 [1NO]
      ------Gordon M. Ambach, D714 [1NO]
      ------Lois-Ellin Datta, D714 [1NO]
      ------Ramsay Shelden, D714 [1NO]
      Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Reform (S. 438): 
        David Harrison, D326 [7JN]
      ------Ernest DuBester, D326 [7JN]
      ------G. Robert Blakey, D326 [7JN]
      ------James E. Long, D326 [7JN]
      ------James L. Harrison, Sr., D326 [7JN]
      ------John C. Keeney, D326 [7JN]
      ------Mark Reinhardt, D326 [7JN]
      ------Michael Waldman, D326 [7JN]
      ------Philip Lacovara, D326 [7JN]
      ------Robert D. Raven, D326 [7JN]
      ------Steve Twist, D326 [7JN]
      Racketeer Influenced Criminal Organizations Reform Act (H.R. 
        1046): John C. Keeney, D244 [4MY]
      Racketeering Suit Against the Teamsters Union and Federal Labor 
        Policy: Benito Romano, D149 [4AP]
      ------Edward S.G. Dennis, D179 [12AP]
      ------Floyd I. Clarke, D179 [12AP]
      ------James T. Grady, D149 [4AP]
      ------Lane Kirkland, D179 [12AP]
      ------Larry Gold, D179 [12AP]
      ------Maria Raymond, D179 [12AP]
      ------Richard G. Hunsucker, D179 [12AP]
      ------William J. McCarthy, D149 [4AP]
      Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (H.R. 2372): Representative 
        Feighan, D740 [8NO]
      ------Representative Gradison, D717 [1NO]
      ------Representative Richardson, D740 [8NO]
      ------Representative Wayne Owens, D717 [1NO]
      ------Senator Hatch, D717 [1NO]
      ------Stuart Gerson, D717 [1NO]
      Radiation Victims Fair Treatment Act (S. 982): James Kane, D521 
      ------Pat Broudy, D521 [3AU]
      ------Senator Bryan, D521 [3AU]
      ------Senator Reid, D521 [3AU]
      ------Senator Warner, D521 [3AU]
      ------Stuart E. Schiffer, D521 [3AU]
      ------Thomas R. Thomsen, D521 [3AU]
      ------William Fletcher, D521 [3AU]
      Railroad Drug Abuse Prevention Act (H.R. 1208): James L. 
        Kolstad, D219 [27AP]
      ------S. Mark Lindsey, D219 [27AP]
      Railroad Reorganization Public Interest Protection Act (S. 
        1631): Anthony J. Kruglinski, D648 [6OC]
      ------Daniel R. Murray, D648 [6OC]
      ------James J. Kennedy, Jr., D648 [6OC]
      ------Jesse R. Smart, D648 [6OC]
      ------Merrill L. Travis, D648 [6OC]
      ------Patricia A. Hahn, D648 [6OC]
      ------Robert W. Kleinman, D648 [6OC]
      ------Roger Whelan, D648 [6OC]
      ------Ross Kapon, D648 [6OC]
      ------William Bradford, D648 [6OC]
      Railway Labor Act Collective Bargaining Agreements (S. 544): 
        Bruce H. Simon, D129 [17MR]
      ------Charles M. Tatelbaum, D129 [17MR]
      ------Elliott M. Seiden, D129 [17MR]
      ------Farrell P. Kupersmith, D129 [17MR]
      ------Harvey Miller, D129 [17MR]
      ------Henry A. Duffy, D129 [17MR]
      ------Joseph Guerrieri, D129 [17MR]
      ------L.E. Creel III, D129 [17MR]
      ------Theodore Eisenberg, D129 [17MR]
      ------William E. Anderson, D129 [17MR]
      ------William E. Winpisinger, D129 [17MR]
      Raising of Calves for Veal (H.R. 84): R.D. Plowman, D322 [6JN]
      ------Representative Bennett, D322 [6JN]
      REA: Jack Van Mark, D133 [21MR]
      ------Roland R. Vautour, D133 [21MR]
      Reauthorization of Performance Management and Recognition 
        Systems: Bernard L. Ungar, D438 [18JY]
      ------Constance B. Newman, D438 [18JY]
      Reauthorization of the Commodity Donation Programs in the 1990 
        Farm Bill: Bob Sindt, D770 [15NO]
      ------Dan Hailey, D770 [15NO]
      ------G. Scott Dunn, D770 [15NO]
      ------James L. Solomon, D770 [15NO]
      ------John W. Harman, D770 [15NO]
      Recent Developments in Eastern Europe: Curtis Kamman, D397 
      Recent Developments in South Asia: John Kelly, D693 [25OC]
      ------Richard Schifter, D693 [25OC]
      Recent Events in Panama: Maxwell R. Thurman, D664 [17OC]
      Recent Increases in Petroleum Prices as a Result of the Valdez 
        Oil Spill: Edwin S. Rothschild, D192 [17AP]
      ------Gray Davis, D192 [17AP]
      ------Joe T. McMillan, D192 [17AP]
      ------John H. Lichtblau, D192 [17AP]
      ------Phillip R. Chisholm, D192 [17AP]
      ------Representative Bates, D192 [17AP]
      ------Senator Bryan, D192 [17AP]
      ------Senator Cranston, D192 [17AP]
      ------Tom Potter, D192 [17AP]
      ------Tracy Stanton, D192 [17AP]
      ------W. Henson Moore, D192 [17AP]
      Reclamation of Abandoned Mined Lands by Active Mining Operations 
        (H.R. 2719): Brent Wahlquist, D438 [18JY]
      ------Gary Merritt, D438 [18JY]
      ------Representative Boucher, D438 [18JY]
      ------Representative Clinger, D438 [18JY]
      Recommendations for Dept. of Defense Acquisition Policy Agenda: 
        David R. Graham, D305 [31MY]
      ------Linda S. Brandt, D305 [31MY]
      ------R. James Woolsey, D305 [31MY]
      Recommendations for Report on Budget: Alan Woods, D49 [22FE]
      Recommendations for the Dept. of Defense Acquisition Policy 
        Agenda and the Dept. of Defense Industrial and Technological 
        Base: Christopher B. Galvin, D316 [2JN]
      ------Frank H. Menaker, D316 [2JN]
      ------Frank Lewis, D316 [2JN]
      ------Philip A. Odeen, D316 [2JN]
      Recommendations of the Commission on Base Realignment and 
        Closure: Hayden Bryan, D149 [4AP]
      Recommendations of the National Commission on the Public 
        Service: Alan W. Heifetz, D260 [10MY]
      ------Anthony M. Frank, D277 [16MY]
      ------Bruce L. Birchman, D260 [10MY]
      ------Diana E. Murphy, D260 [10MY]
      ------Erich Bloch, D277 [16MY]
      ------Frank M. Coffin, D260 [10MY]
      ------James B. Wyngaarden, D220 [27AP]
      ------James Fletcher, D220 [27AP]
      ------James P. Churchill, D260 [10MY]
      ------Paul A. Volcker, D208 [19AP]
      ------Richard L. Fogel, D220 [27AP]
      ------Thomas S. McFee, D220 [27AP]
      ------Seymour Fier, D260 [10MY]
      Recruitment and Retention of Physicians and Dentists in Veterans 
        Health Services and Research Administration, D693 [25OC]
      Recycling of Municipal Solid Waste: Jonathan A. Cannon, D419 
      ------Representative Dreier, D426 [13JY]
      ------Representative Henry, D426 [13JY]
      ------Representative Hochbrueckner, D419 [12JY]
      ------Representative Skelton, D426 [13JY]
      ------Representative Torres, D426 [13JY]
      ------Representative Walgren, D419 [12JY]
      ------Representative Wyden, D419 [12JY]
      ------Senator Heinz, D426 [13JY]
      Redesignation of Certain Public Buildings (H.R. 2890, 3318), 
        Least Cost Financing for Public Buildings, Consolidation of 
        EPA and Dept. of Justice in District of Columbia: David L. 
        Bibb, D597 [26SE]
      ------F. Henry Habicht II, D597 [26SE]
      ------Harry H. Flickinger, D597 [26SE]
      ------Kenneth R. Sparks, D597 [26SE]
      ------L. Nye Stevens, D597 [26SE]
      ------Paul Chistolini, D597 [26SE]
      ------Representative Brooks, D597 [26SE]
      ------Representative Costello, D597 [26SE]
      ------Richard G. Austin, D597 [26SE]
      ------Richard Roth, D597 [26SE]
      Reducing Entry of Illegal Drugs Into the U.S.: Ann B. Wrobleski, 
        D183 [12AP]
      ------Anthony E. Daniels, D183 [12AP]
      ------John C. Lawn, D183 [12AP]
      Reducing Imbalances Among Major Surplus and Deficit Nations: Ed 
        Lincoln, D605 [27SE]
      ------Gary Hufbauer, D605 [27SE]
      Reducing Incentive To Shift Funding to Current Fiscal Year Once 
        Sequestration Has Passed and Requirement That Congress Use CBO 
        Economic and Technical Assumptions: Senator Conrad, D696 
      Reducing Threat of Catastrophic Chemical Accidents (H.R. 2585): 
        Bruce Maillet, D389 [22JN]
      ------Melvin Holden, D389 [22JN]
      ------Richard Abrams, D389 [22JN]
      Reducing Time Surviving Spouse Must Have Been Married To Be 
        Eligible To Receive Dependency and Indemnity Compensation 
        (H.R. 1336): Kenneth E. Easton, D354 [14JN]
      Reduction in Tax Rate on Long-Term Capital Gains: Alan J. 
        Auerbach, D108 [14MR]
      ------Charles E. Walker, D108 [14MR]
      ------Dennis Ross, D108 [14MR]
      ------Paul C. Roberts, D108 [14MR]
      ------Randolph Weiss, D108 [14MR]
      ------Robert S. McIntyre, D108 [14MR]
      ------Ronald A. Pearlman, D108 [14MR]
      ------Senator Boschwitz, D108 [14MR]
      ------Senator Bumpers, D108 [14MR]
      ------Thomas Barthold, D108 [14MR]
      ``Re-Emergence of Methamphetamine'': Daniel Bent, D688 [24OC]
      ------David Westrate, D688 [24OC]
      ------Jerome Jaffee, D688 [24OC]
      Reference to Easton, PA, in the Official Title of the 
        Metropolitan Statistical Area (H.R. 1211): Representative 
        Ritter, D397 [27JN]
      ------S. Jay Plager, D397 [27JN]
      ------Sal Panto, D397 [27JN]
      Referendum on Future Political Status of Puerto Rico (S. 710-
        712): Alan C. Raul, D422 [13JY]
      ------Arnold R. Tompkins, D422 [13JY], D768 [15NO]
      ------Carlos Romero-Barcelo, D758 [14NO]
      ------Carolyn L. Merck, D768 [15NO]
      ------Charles E. Seagrave, D768 [15NO]
      ------Eric Negron, D758 [14NO]
      ------Francisco Catala, D768 [15NO]
      ------Gerardo Carlo, D758 [14NO]
      ------James M. Murphy, Jr., D768 [15NO]
      ------James W. Brennan, D422 [13JY]
      ------Jamie B. Fuster, D768 [15NO]
      ------Jeffrey N. Shane, D422 [13JY]
      ------Jose Berrocal, D768 [15NO]
      ------Kenneth W. Gideon, D422 [13JY], D758 [14NO]
      ------Linda G. Morra, D768 [15NO]
      ------Luis A. Ferre, D758 [14NO]
      ------Manuel Rodriguez-Orellana, D758 [14NO]
      ------Pedro Parilla, D768 [15NO]
      ------Rafael Hernandez-Colon, Governor of Puerto Rico, D310 
        [1JN], D758 [14NO]
      ------Ruben Berrios-Martinez, D310 [1JN], D758 [14NO]
      ------Ruben B. Martinez, D316 [2JN]
      ------Shirley D. Peterson, D758 [14NO]
      Reform of AFDC Quality Control: Catherine Bertini, D248 [8MY]
      Reforming Federal Deposit Insurance System (H.R. 1278): 
        Frederick D. Wolf, D312 [1JN]
      ------Robert R. Glauber, D312 [1JN]
      Reforming Federal Deposit Insurance System (S. 413): Al 
        Williams, D115 [15MR]
      ------Kenneth L. Robinson, D115 [15MR]
      ------Michelle Meier, D115 [15MR]
      ------Peggy Miller, D115 [15MR]
      ------Robert L. Gnaizda, D115 [15MR]
      Reforming Unemployment Compensation System: Mary A. Wyrsch, D301 
      ------Representative AuCoin, D301 [24MY]
      ------Representative Bruce A. Morrison, D301 [24MY]
      ------Representative Wyden, D301 [24MY]
      ------William J. Gainer, D301 [24MY]
      Refugee Admissions: Lawrence S. Eagleburger, D566 [15SE]
      Regional Marine Research Trust Fund (S. 588): Carolyn Carp, D416 
      ------Charles Ehler, D416 [12JY]
      ------Charles Fox, D416 [12JY]
      ------Howard Levenson, D416 [12JY]
      ------Jessica Landman, D416 [12JY]
      ------Linda Eichmiller, D416 [12JY]
      ------Paul Brouha, D416 [12JY]
      ------Representative Pallone, D416 [12JY]
      ------Robert Patterson, D416 [12JY]
      Regional Presidential Primaries and Caucuses Act (S. 377): 
        Althea T.L. Simmons, D234 [3MY]
      ------Ann Ober, D234 [3MY]
      ------Dorothy W. Joyce, D234 [3MY]
      ------J. Michael Libs, D234 [3MY]
      ------Judy Crockett, D234 [3MY]
      ------Nancy M. Neuman, D234 [3MY]
      ------Randall G. Phillips, D234 [3MY]
      ------Representative Swift, D234 [3MY]
      ------Representative William M. Thomas, D234 [3MY]
      ------Susan H. Fitz-Hugh, D234 [3MY]
      Regulate Pesticide Chemical Residues in Food (S. 722): Charles 
        M. Benbrook, D321 [6JN]
      ------David B. Roe, D321 [6JN]
      ------Ellen Haas, D321 [6JN]
      ------Frank E. Young, D321 [6JN]
      ------Gary Booth, D321 [6JN]
      ------Jack C. Parnell, D321 [6JN]
      ------Sherwin Gardner, D321 [6JN]
      ------Victor J. Kimm, D321 [6JN]
      Regulation of Nuclear Energy and Enhancement of Safety at Dept. 
        of Energy Facilities (S. 1304): Christian Holmes, D707 [31OC]
      ------David L. Mallino, D707 [31OC]
      ------George B. Merrick, D707 [31OC]
      ------Leo Zeferetti, D707 [31OC]
      ------Richard B. Stewart, D707 [31OC]
      ------Stephen Wakefield, D707 [31OC]
      Regulation of Telephone Company Rates: Dennis R. Patrick, D68 
      Regulatory and Technical Issues Affecting the Radio Broadcasting 
        Industry: Roy Stewart, D699 [26OC]
      Regulatory Flexibility Act (Public Law 96-354): Bernard S. 
        Browning, D665 [17OC]
      ------Frank S. Swain, D665 [17OC]
      ------Glen Cahilly, D665 [17OC]
      ------John H. Vandel, D665 [17OC]
      ------John S. Satagaj, D665 [17OC]
      ------Representative Ireland, D665 [17OC]
      ------Representative Sisisky, D665 [17OC]
      ------Representative Upton, D665 [17OC]
      ------Sally L. Douglas, D665 [17OC]
      Rehabilitation Tax Credit: J. Jackson Walter, D323 [6JN]
      ------James M. Ridenour, D323 [6JN]
      ------John Shannahan, D323 [6JN]
      Rehabilitative Medicine and Research Programs: Danile H. 
        Winship, D558 [13SE]
      Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine: Anna C. Goldoff, D115 [15MR]
      ------Jerome A. Barron, D115 [15MR]
      ------Scott G. Denman, D115 [15MR]
      ------Thomas G. Krattenmaker, D115 [15MR]
      Reinstitution of ``Must Carry'' Rules of FCC: Daniel F. Jaffe, 
        D691 [25OC]
      ------David J. Brugger, D691 [25OC]
      ------Edward O. Fritts, D691 [25OC]
      ------James P. Mooney, D691 [25OC]
      ------John G. Kompas, D691 [25OC]
      ------Paul F. Crouch, D691 [25OC]
      ------Preston R. Padden, D691 [25OC]
      ------Robert L. Johnson, D691 [25OC]
      ------Stephen R. Effros, D691 [25OC]
      Relationship Between Bilateral Trade Agreements and GATT: C. 
        Michael Aho, D105 [13MR]
      ------Doral S. Cooper, D105 [13MR]
      ------Guy F. Erb, D105 [13MR]
      ------Jeffery Schott, D105 [13MR]
      ------Pat Choate, D105 [13MR]
      ------Robert J. Morris, D105 [13MR]
      ------S. Fred Bergsten, D105 [13MR]
      Relief for Elderly Eviction and Foreclosure Act (H.R. 1062): 
        Representative Gekas, D401 [28JN]
      Relocation of Facilities at Gateway National Recreation Area, 
        Sandy Hook (H.R. 2835): George Grant, D471 [25JY]
      ------Gerald Patten, D471 [25JY]
      ------James M. Sherman, D471 [25JY]
      ------Representative Pallone, D471 [25JY]
      ------Richard Gardner, D471 [25JY]
      Removing Restrictions on Certain Property Located in Calcasieu 
        Parish, LA (H.R. 1097): Billy Templeton, D710 [31OC]
      ------Representative Hayes, D710 [31OC]
      Removing Restriction on a Parcel of Land in Roanoke, VA, To Be 
        Used as a Veterans' Home (H.R. 310): Ernest B. Glynn, D288 
      ------Representative Lewis F. Payne, D66 [28FE]
      ------Representative Olin, D66 [28FE]
      ------Robert F. Burford, D66 [28FE], D288 [18MY]
      ------Senator Warner, D288 [18MY]
      Removing Relative Payment of Pension to Veterans Furnished 
        Hospital Care by VA (H.R. 1334): Kenneth E. Eaton, D354 [14JN]
      Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technology 
        Competitiveness Act (H.R. 1216): John R. Berg, D217 [26AP], 
        D297 [23MY]
      Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technology 
        Competitiveness Act (S. 488): Dan Seligman, D356 [15JN]
      ------James Wolf, D356 [15JN]
      ------John R. Berg, D356 [15JN]
      ------Robert E. Chaney, D356 [15JN]
      ------Scott Sklar, D356 [15JN]
      ------Senator Fowler, D356 [15JN]
      ------Terry Q. Alarcon, D356 [15JN]
      Reorganization of Public Utility Companies (S. 46): Dan Borson, 
        D475 [26JY]
      ------James Monk, D475 [26JY]
      ------John P. Arnold, D475 [26JY]
      ------Larry Smukler, D475 [26JY]
      ------Leonard M. Rosen, D475 [26JY]
      ------Normam Stahl, D475 [26JY]
      ------Richard Levin, D475 [26JY]
      ------Roger Whelan, D475 [26JY]
      ------Senator Humphrey, D475 [26JY]
      ------Senator Rudman, D475 [26JY]
      Repeal Estate Tax Inclusion Relative to Valuation Freezes (S. 
        659, 838, 849): Charles E. Walker, D280 [17MY]
      ------Dana Trier, D280 [17MY]
      ------Joseph A. Pechman, D280 [17MY]
      ------Richard F. Rosser, D280 [17MY]
      ------Roy D. Nyberg, D280 [17MY]
      ------Senator Exon, D280 [17MY]
      ------Senator Hollings, D280 [17MY]
      ------Sijbren Cnossen, D280 [17MY]
      ------Thomas E. Swanstrom, D280 [17MY]
      Report of the 1989 Commission on Executive, Legislative, and 
        Judicial Salaries: A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr., D18 [31JA]
      ------Frank M. Coffin, D18 [31JA]
      ------Fred Wertheimer, D18 [31JA]
      ------Lloyd N. Cutler, D18 [31JA]
      Report of the Commission on Base Realignment and Closure: 
        Abraham A. Ribicoff, D70 [1MR]
      ------Frank Conahan, D70 [1MR]
      ------Jack Edwards, D70 [1MR]
      ------Robert A. Stone, D70 [1MR]
      ------Robert F. Hale, D70 [1MR]
      Report on Damage to Federal Facilities by Hurricane Hugo and 
        California Earthquake: David Bigg, D741 [8NO]
      ------F. Henry Habicht II, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Panetta, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Visclosky, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Wayne Owens, D741 [8NO]
      ------Richard G. Austin, D741 [8NO]
      Require State Coastal Zone Management Agencies to Prepare Water 
        Quality Improvement Plans for Approval by Sec. of Commerce (S. 
        1189): Armando J. Carbonell, D520 [3AU]
      ------Rebecca W. Hanmer, D520 [3AU]
      ------Sarah Taylor, D520 [3AU]
      ------Ted Danson, D520 [3AU]
      ------Thomas Maginnis, D520 [3AU]
      ------Wayne Beam, D520 [3AU]
      Requiring Disclosure of Financial Institutions' Community 
        Reinvestment Evaluations and Ratings (S. 909): Howard B. 
        Brown, D320 [6JN]
      ------Jerome S. Gagerman, D320 [6JN]
      ------John P. Kelly, Jr., D320 [6JN]
      ------Peggy Miller, D320 [6JN]
      ------Richard A. Loundy, D320 [6JN]
      ------Robert J. Sell, D320 [6JN]
      ------Robert L. Stevens, D320 [6JN]
      ------Rosemary Dunlap, D320 [6JN]
      ------William E. Douglas, D320 [6JN]
      Rescheduling South Africa's Debt: R. Richard Newcomb, D505 [1AU]
      Research, Data Collection, Education, Technical Assistance, and 
        Regulation of Groundwater Quality Relative to Agriculture: 
        Edgar W. Duskin, D685 [24OC]
      ------George W. Wallingford, D685 [24OC]
      ------Gordon Kissel, D685 [24OC]
      ------Jay Vroom, D685 [24OC]
      ------Kevin Kessler, D685 [24OC]
      ------Maureen Hinkle, D685 [24OC]
      ------Ron Rivinius, D685 [24OC]
      ------Senator Kerrey, D685 [24OC]
      ------Senator Kohl, D685 [24OC]
      ------Terry L. Nipp, D685 [24OC]
      Research and Development, Navy, Weapons, and Tracked Combat 
        Vehicles Procurement: P.F. McCarthy, D172 [11AP]
      ------T.F. Faught, Jr., D172 [11AP]
      ------William S. Chen, D172 [11AP]
      Research and Development in the Construction Industry: David 
        Cheney, D551 [12SE]
      ------Jesse A. Pfeiffer, D551 [12SE]
      ------Richard Wright, D551 [12SE]
      ------Ronald Morony, D551 [12SE]
      Research and Development Portion of Defense Budget With Emphasis 
        on Navy Portion: Paul McCarthy, D77 [2MR]
      ------Raymond M. Franklin, D77 [2MR]
      ------Thomas F. Faught, Jr., D77 [2MR]
      Research and Development Portion of Strategic Defense 
        Initiative: George L. Monahan, Jr., D111 [14MR]
      Research and Special Programs Administration: George W. Tenley, 
        Jr., D99 [9MR]
      Reserve Forces Authorization: Edmund P. Looney, Jr., D100 [9MR]
      ------Phillip G. Killey, D100 [9MR]
      ------Roger P. Scheer, D100 [9MR]
      Resolution Trust Corp.: Alan Greenspan, D631 [4OC]
      ------David Cooke, D635 [4OC]
      ------Jack Kemp, Sec. of HUD, D631 [4OC]
      ------John Dugan, D635 [4OC]
      ------John E. Robson, D631 [4OC]
      ------John Robson, D635 [4OC]
      ------L. William Seidman, D631 [4OC]
      ------Lamar Kelly, D635 [4OC]
      ------Nicholas F. Brady, Sec. of the Treasury, D631 [4OC]
      ------William Roelle, D635 [4OC]
      ------William Taylor, D635 [4OC]
      Restoration of Gray Wolves in Yellowstone National Park (H.R. 
        2786): James Ridenour, D456 [20JY]
      ------Jeff M. Sirmon, D456 [20JY]
      ------Senator Burns, D456 [20JY]
      ------Senator Simpson, D456 [20JY]
      Restructuring Food Assistance--Time for a Change?: Christopher 
        Goldthwait, D391 [22JN]
      ------Peter D. Whitney, D391 [22JN]
      ------Philip L. Christenson, D391 [22JN]
      Results of Flight of STS-34: Ellen S. Baker, D782 [16NO]
      ------Franklin Chang-Diaz, D782 [16NO]
      ------Michael J. McCulley, D782 [16NO]
      ------Shannon W. Lucid, D782 [16NO]
      Revenue Increases and Spending Reductions Contained in the 
        President's Proposed Budget: Dana L. Trier, D115 [15MR]
      Revenue Issues: Kenneth Gideon, D700 [26OC]
      ------Representative Archer, D700 [26OC]
      ------Representative Crane, D700 [26OC]
      ------Representative Ireland, D700 [26OC]
      ------Representative Kanjorski, D700 [26OC]
      ------Representative Shaw, D700 [26OC]
      ------W. Henson Moore, D700 [26OC]
      Revenue Proposals: Representative Callahan, D191 [13AP]
      ------Representative Robert L. Thomas, D191 [13AP]
      ------Representative Sid Morrison, D191 [13AP]
      ------Representative Wyden, D191 [13AP]
      ------William J. Flaherty, D191 [13AP]
      Review ABA Role in Screening of Judicial Nominations: Arthur J. 
        Schwab, D316 [2JN]
      ------Harold R. Tyler, Jr, D316 [2JN]
      ------John W. Kern III, D316 [2JN]
      ------Richard L. Thornburgh, Attorney General, D316 [2JN]
      ------Robert D. Raven, D316 [2JN]
      Review Appraisal of Stumpage Value for Timber Sold From the 
        Tongass National Forest: George M. Leonard, D212 [25AP]
      Review Climatic Changes and Agriculture: Alan R. Thomas, D207 
      ------Orville Bentley, D207 [19AP]
      ------Shelby Tilford, D207 [19AP]
      Review Dept. of Agriculture Water Quality Initiative: Charles E. 
        Hess, D378 [21JN]
      Review Dept. of Defense Acquisition of Commercial Products: Al 
        Herman, D273 [16MY]
      ------Dan B. Pinick, D273 [16MY]
      ------John M. Fluke Jr., D273 [16MY]
      ------John McGowan, D273 [16MY]
      ------Naomi M. Williamson, D273 [16MY]
      ------Robert Rossow III, D273 [16MY]
      Review Dept. of Defense Plans for Evaluating Modernization 
        Alternatives for Close Air Support: Frank Kendall III, D319 
      ------Glenn Otis, D319 [6JN]
      ------John E. Krings, D319 [6JN]
      ------Joseph Ralston, D319 [6JN]
      Review Dept. of Energy Radiation Health Effects Research 
        Program: Alice M. Stewart, D512 [2AU]
      ------Anthony Robbins, D512 [2AU]
      ------Bob Wages, D512 [2AU]
      ------David Day, D512 [2AU]
      ------Edward Radford, D512 [2AU]
      ------James D. Watkins, D512 [2AU]
      ------Jesse Abney, D512 [2AU]
      ------John Till, D512 [2AU]
      ------Margaret Seminario, D512 [2AU]
      ------Mike Davidson, D512 [2AU]
      ------Senator Wirth, D512 [2AU]
      Review Dept. of HUD Management of the Moderate Rehabilitation 
        Program: Alvin Tucker, D279 [17MY]
      ------Edward W. Brooke, D279 [17MY]
      ------Fred Bush, D279 [17MY]
      ------John H. Greer, D279 [17MY]
      ------Judith S. Siegel, D279 [17MY]
      ------Patrick J. Neri, D279 [17MY]
      ------Paul A. Adams, D279 [17MY]
      ------Richard Shelby, D279 [17MY]
      Review Dept. of State Inspector General's Report on 
        International Narcotics Control Programs in Peru and Bolivia: 
        David L. Westrate, D482 [27JY]
      ------Melvyn Levitsky, D482 [27JY]
      ------Sherman M. Funk, D482 [27JY]
      Review Extent to Which Exposure to Fumes from Diesel Engines in 
        Closed Workplaces Are Affecting Health and Safety of Workers: 
        Alan C. McMillan, D514 [2AU]
      ------David C. O'Neil, D514 [2AU]
      Review Food Safety Issues: Jack Parnell, D353 [14JN]
      ------John A. Moore, D353 [14JN]
      Review GAO Report on El Salvador: Diehl McKalip, D332 [8JN]
      ------Frank C. Conahan, D332 [8JN]
      ------Michael Kozak, D332 [8JN]
      Review International Environmental Agenda for the 101st 
        Congress: Fred S. Singer, D210 [25AP]
      ------Gus Speth, D210 [25AP]
      ------Russell Train, D210 [25AP]
      Review Japanese Trade Barriers Relative to U.S. Forest Products: 
        Alan Dunn, D383 [22JN]
      ------Barry M. Cullen, D383 [22JN]
      ------Donald M. Phillips, D383 [22JN]
      ------Robert G. Anderson, D383 [22JN]
      ------Robert L. Donnelly, D383 [22JN]
      Review of Certain Acquisitions of Voting Securities of Air 
        Carriers (H.R. 3443): Representative Anderson, D687 [24OC]
      ------Representative Bryant, D662 [16OC]
      ------Representative Clinger, D687 [24OC]
      ------Representative DeFazio, D687 [24OC]
      ------Representative Dingell, D687 [24OC]
      ------Representative Don Young, D662 [16OC]
      ------Representative Frost, D662 [16OC]
      ------Representative Hammerschmidt, D687 [24OC]
      ------Representative Inhofe, D662 [16OC]
      ------Representative Oberstar, D687 [24OC]
      ------Representative Packard, D687 [24OC]
      Review of Legislative Recommendations of Certain Veterans 
        Organizations: Don R. Pears, D209 [19AP]
      ------Jimmy T. Smith, D209 [19AP]
      ------Mary R. Stout, D209 [19AP]
      ------Walter W. Krueger, D209 [19AP]
      Review of the International Aspects of the President's Drug 
        Control Strategy: Melvyn Levitsky, D551 [12SE]
      ------Steve Duncan, D551 [12SE]
      ------William J. Bennett, D551 [12SE]
      Review Outcome of Economic Summit in Paris: David C. Mulford, 
        D454 [20JY]
      ------Richard T. McCormack, D454 [20JY]
      Review Outcome of International Environmental Agenda of Paris 
        Economic Summit: C. Fred Bergsten, D521 [3AU]
      ------Frederick M. Bernthal, D521 [3AU]
      ------Gus Speth, D521 [3AU]
      ------William K. Reilly, D521 [3AU]
      Review Physician Payment Reforms Under the Medicare Program: 
        Alan R. Nelson, D210 [25AP]
      ------Edwin P. Maynard, D210 [25AP]
      ------Frank Delay, D210 [25AP]
      ------George W. Weinstein, D210 [25AP]
      ------Jacek B. Franaszek, D210 [25AP]
      ------Jane McDermott, D210 [25AP]
      ------Joseph F. Boyle, D210 [25AP]
      ------Robert Graham, D210 [25AP]
      ------Senator Hatch, D210 [25AP]
      Review Political and Military Implications of EEC Economic 
        Integration: Lawrence S. Eagleburger, D383 [22JN]
      ------Robert Hormats, D383 [22JN]
      ------Robert Hunter, D383 [22JN]
      Review President's Proposed Budget Request: Kathryn S. Schmoll, 
        D171 [11AP]
      ------Lennard A. Fisk, D171 [11AP]
      ------Louis Lanzerotti, D171 [11AP]
      ------Sean Solomon, D171 [11AP]
      Review Printing Chapters of Title 44 of U.S. Code: Fred Wood, 
        D296 [23MY]
      ------George Lord, D296 [23MY]
      ------Joseph Jenifer, D296 [23MY]
      ------Ray Rist, D296 [23MY]
      Review Recent Navy Accidents, D804 [20NO]
      Review Recommendations of Commission on Base Realignment and 
        Closure: Charles Williams, D171 [11AP]
      ------James Doebler, D171 [11AP]
      ------James McCarthy, D171 [11AP]
      ------Robert A. Stone, D171 [11AP]
      ------Robert Rauner, D171 [11AP]
      Review Rural Economic Development: Representative E. Thomas 
        Coleman, D405 [29JN]
      Review Scientific Base for Food Inspection: David Carney, D452 
      ------James Marsden, D452 [20JY]
      ------Jo Ann Smith, D452 [20JY]
      ------John Bailar, D452 [20JY]
      ------Lester M. Crawford, D452 [20JY]
      ------Michael Pullen, D452 [20JY]
      ------Thomas Grumbly, D452 [20JY]
      Review Second Report of Federal Reserve Board on Monetary 
        Policy: Alan Greenspan, D501 [1AU]
      Review Status of Export Enhancement Program: Allan Mendelowitz, 
        D497 [31JY]
      ------Richard Crowder, D497 [31JY]
      Review Sustainability of Forest Resources: Barry Flamm, D374 
      ------Bob Rumpf, D374 [21JN]
      ------Bruce Miles, D374 [21JN]
      ------Carl Jordan, D374 [21JN]
      ------Daniel Simberloff, D374 [21JN]
      ------Douglas E. McClelland, D374 [21JN]
      ------F. Dale Robertson, D374 [21JN]
      ------Frances A. Hunt, D374 [21JN]
      ------Fred Cubbage, D374 [21JN]
      ------George Leonard, D374 [21JN]
      ------Jim Roberts, D374 [21JN]
      ------John Heissenbuttel, D374 [21JN]
      ------Leonard George, D374 [21JN]
      ------Teddy Goldsmith, D374 [21JN]
      ------Walter Jarck, D374 [21JN]
      Review the Operations of the Office of the Senate Sergeant at 
        Arms and Office of the Architect of the Capitol: Brian 
        Nakamura, D92 [8MR]
      ------George M. White, Architect of the Capitol, D92 [8MR]
      Review U.S. Action and Decisionmaking on Recent Coup in Panama: 
        Maxwell R. Thurman, D804 [20NO]
      Review USDA Transfer of No Net Cost Funds Collected Pursuant to 
        Budget Deficit Reduction Act: Keith Bjerke, D514 [2AU]
      Revise and Strengthen Food Safety Laws, Including Federal Food, 
        Drug, and Cosmetic Act (S. 722): Anne Bloom, D714 [1NO]
      ------Edward Groth III, D714 [1NO]
      ------Janet Hathaway, D714 [1NO]
      ------Jay J. Vroom, D714 [1NO]
      ------Marlyn Jorgensen, D714 [1NO]
      ------Michael Taylor, D714 [1NO]
      Revise Boundary of Gettysburg National Military Park (H.R. 
        3248): Jerry Rogers, D699 [26OC]
      ------Representative Goodling, D699 [26OC]
      Revise Boundary of Gettysburg National Military Park (S. 1594): 
        Herbert S. Cables, D685 [24OC]
      ------Senator Heinz, D685 [24OC]
      ------Senator Specter, D685 [24OC]
      Revise Habeas Corpus (S. 88, 1757, 1760): Albert M. Pearson, 
        D738 [8NO]
      ------Charles Clark, D738 [8NO]
      ------Donald P. Lay, D738 [8NO]
      ------Lewis F. Powell, Jr., D738 [8NO]
      ------Patrick E. Higginbotham, D738 [8NO]
      ------Paul H. Roney, D738 [8NO]
      ------Stephen Reinhardt, D738 [8NO]
      ------William J. Holloway, Jr., D738 [8NO]
      Revitalize the Defense Industrial Base (H.R. 486): George 
        Woloshyn, D370 [20JN]
      ------Joan M. McEntee, D370 [20JN]
      ------Richard E. Donnelly, D370 [20JN]
      RICO Reform Act (H.R. 1046): Daniel Goelzer, D457 [20JY]
      ------John Douglas, D457 [20JY]
      Rio Grande American Canal Extension Act (H.R. 512): Jack St. 
        John, D456 [20JY]
      ------Narendra Gunaji, D456 [20JY]
      ------Representative Ronald D. Coleman, D456 [20JY]
      Risks and Implications of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome--
        HIV Testing in Nontraditional Laboratories and Home: Donald 
        Berns, D142 [23MR]
      ------Frank E. Young, D142 [23MR]
      ------James Rundell, D142 [23MR]
      ------Patricia Johns, D142 [23MR]
      Rocky Mountain National Park, CO, Additional Lands (S. 737): 
        James Thompson, D288 [18MY]
      Rocky Mountain National Park, CO, Boundary Adjustment (H.R. 
        1606): Representative Hank Brown, D505 [1AU]
      ------Representative Staggers, D505 [1AU]
      Role of Education and Human Resources in Restoring U.S. 
        Productivity: Michael L. Dertouzos, D234 [3MY]
      ------Richard K. Lester, D234 [3MY]
      ------Robert M. Solow, D234 [3MY]
      ------Suzanne Berger, D234 [3MY]
      Role of Federal Borrowing and Loan Guarantees in Raising Funds 
        Necessary To Finance the Resolution of Insolvent Thrift 
        Institutions: Daniel P. Kearney, D711 [31OC]
      ------David W. Mullins Jr., D711 [31OC]
      ------Harry S. Havens, D711 [31OC]
      ------James L. Blum, D711 [31OC]
      ------L. William Seidman, D711 [31OC]
      ------Representative Stark, D711 [31OC]
      ------Robert R. Glauber, D711 [31OC]
      Role of Financial Institutions in Restoring Economic Vitality in 
        Rural Communities: Larry Farmer, D153 [5AP]
      ------Murray D. Lull, D153 [5AP]
      ------Neal J. Barber, D153 [5AP]
      ------Stephen C. McConnell, D153 [5AP]
      ------Will Kitchen, D153 [5AP]
      Role of Methanol as Potential Alternative Fuel in Our Future 
        Energy Policy: Carmen DiFiglio, D664 [17OC]
      ------Charles L. Gray, Jr., D664 [17OC]
      ------Donald R. Buist, D664 [17OC]
      ------James MacKenzie, D664 [17OC]
      ------Linda G. Stuntz, D664 [17OC]
      ------Richard D. Wilson, D664 [17OC]
      ------Robert Friedman, D664 [17OC]
      ------Steven E. Plotkin, D664 [17OC]
      ------Theodore R. Eck, D664 [17OC]
      Role of Military in International Drug Interdiction Operations: 
        Fred F. Woerner, D586 [21SE]
      ------Stephen M. Duncan, D586 [21SE]
      Role of Private Voluntary Organizations in the U.S. Foreign 
        Assistance Program: Richard E. Bissell, D298 [23MY]
      Role of U.S. Embassy and VOA in Recent China Uprising: 
        Representative Chandler, D360 [15JN]
      ------Representative Solarz, D360 [15JN]
      ------Richard C. Williams, D360 [15JN]
      ------Richard W. Carlson, D360 [15JN]
      Rome and Moscow Processing for Soviet Emigrees: Gerald Coyle, 
        D562 [14SE]
      ------Jewel S. Lafontant, D562 [14SE]
      ------Nancy R. Kingsbury, D562 [14SE]
      Rongelap: Henry I. Kohn, D781 [16NO]
      ------Jeton Anjain, D781 [16NO]
      ------John L. Meinhardt, D781 [16NO]
      ------Oscar de Brum, D781 [16NO]
      ------Stella Guerra, D781 [16NO]
      Rural Economic Development: Clayton Yeutter, Sec. of 
        Agriculture, D70 [1MR]
      ------Representative Dorgan, D322 [6JN]
      ------Representative Glickman, D322 [6JN]
      ------Representative Hatcher, D322 [6JN]
      ------Representative Penny, D322 [6JN]
      ------Representative Skelton, D322 [6JN]
      ------Representative Synar, D322 [6JN]
      ------Representative Upton, D322 [6JN]
      ------Representative Watkins, D322 [6JN]
      Rural Economic Development Act (H.R. 3581): Roland R. Vautour, 
        D739 [8NO]
      Safeguards To Protect the Rights of Beneficiaries of the Social 
        Security Representative Payee System: Audrey Madyun, D321 
      ------Betty Broadhead, D321 [6JN]
      ------Child L. Curtis, D321 [6JN]
      ------Elizabeth Freeland, D321 [6JN]
      ------Kim P. Gaines, D321 [6JN]
      ------Linda J. Olson, D321 [6JN]
      ------Louis D. Enoff, D321 [6JN]
      ------Mary Miller, D321 [6JN]
      ------Michael A. Teefy, D321 [6JN]
      Safety, Modernization, and Environmental Cleanup of Dept. of 
        Energy's Nuclear Weapons Facilities: James S. Moore, D23 [2FE]
      ------John F. Ahearne, D23 [2FE]
      ------Raymond P. Berube, D23 [2FE]
      ------Richard W. Starostecki, D23 [2FE]
      ------Ronald W. Cochran, D23 [2FE]
      ------Troy E. Wade II, D23 [2FE]
      Safety Impact of Airline Acquisitions (S. 1277): Henry Duffy, 
        D430 [14JY]
      ------Hubert H. Humphrey III, D430 [14JY]
      ------Jeffrey N. Shane, D430 [14JY]
      ------Paul Scura, D430 [14JY]
      ------Philip Baggaley, D430 [14JY]
      ------Russell J. Greenberg, D430 [14JY]
      Salary Increases for Judges (H.R. 1930): Thomas M. Boyd, D348 
      Sale of Certain Alaska Property to Leroy W. Shebal (S. 620): 
        Billy R. Templeton, D548 [12SE]
      ------Senator Stevens, D548 [12SE]
      Sale of F-16 Aircraft Technology and Codevelopment of FSX 
        Aircraft With Japan (S.J. Res. 113): Carl W. Ford
      ------Frank C. Conahan, D266 [11MY]
      ------George Sousa, D249 [9MY]
      ------Glenn Levis, D249 [9MY]
      ------Joseph E. Kelley, D249 [9MY]
      ------Lawrence S. Eagleburger, D2367 [3MY]
      ------Representative Bruce, D312 [1JN]
      ------Representative Fascell, D312 [1JN]
      ------Representative Leach, D312 [1JN]
      ------Representative Solarz, D312 [1JN]
      ------Richard B. Cheney, Sec. of Defense, D2367 [3MY]
      ------Richard S. Felsmer, D249 [9MY]
      ------Robert A. Mosbacher, Sec. of Commerce, D2367 [3MY]
      ------Ronald W. Yates, D249 [9MY]
      ------Senator Danforth, D249 [9MY]
      Sale of F-16 to Pakistan: Arthur Hughes, D514 [2AU]
      ------Representative Weiss, D514 [2AU]
      ------Teresita Schaffer, D514 [2AU]
      Sale of M1A2 Tanks and Other Equipment to Saudi Arabia: Arthur 
        H. Hughes, D735 [7NO], D787 [17NO]
      ------Edward W. Gnehm, Jr., D735 [7NO], D787 [17NO]
      ------Richard A. Clarke, D735 [7NO], D787 [17NO]
      Sale of Public Lands to Clark County, NV (H.R. 1485): George 
        Abbey, D213 [25AP]
      ------Representative Bilbray, D213 [25AP]
      ------Robert F. Burford, D213 [25AP]
      Sale of Public Lands to Clark County, VA (S. 624): George B. 
        Rice, D333 [8JN]
      ------Jeff van Ee, D333 [8JN]
      ------Manuel J. Cortez, D333 [8JN]
      ------Oden Hillary, D333 [8JN]
      ------Senator Bryan, D333 [8JN]
      ------Senator Reid, D333 [8JN]
      Sale of Railroad (S. 1005): Darrell Rensink, D383 [22JN]
      ------Heather J. Gradison, D383 [22JN]
      ------James A. Runde, D383 [22JN]
      ------James J. Kennedy, Jr., D383 [22JN]
      ------James Voytko, D383 [22JN]
      ------John Swartz, D383 [22JN]
      ------Senator Harkin, D383 [22JN]
      Savings and Loan Industry: Alan Greenspan, D52 [23FE]
      ------Barney R. Beeksma, D85 [7MR]
      ------Charles A. Bowsher, Comptroller General, D108 [14MR]
      ------Charles J. Koch, D85 [7MR]
      ------Charles J. Zwick, D98 [9MR]
      ------Frank E. McKinney, Jr., D98 [9MR]
      ------Frederick D. Wolf, D108 [14MR]
      ------H.M. Osteen, Jr., D98 [9MR]
      ------James L. Blum, D80 [3MR]
      ------Jerome Blank, D105 [13MR]
      ------Jonathan E. Gray, D85 [7MR]
      ------Kenneth D. Seaton, D85 [7MR]
      ------Kenneth T. Rosen, D85 [7MR]
      ------Kent W. Colton, D105 [13MR]
      ------L. William Seidman, D63 [28FE]
      ------M. Danny Wall, D68 [1MR]
      ------Nicholas F. Brady, Sec. of the Treasury, D46 [22FE]
      ------Peter Treadway, D80 [3MR]
      ------Richard G. Darman, D75 [2MR]
      ------Richard L. Fogel, D108 [14MR]
      ------Robert L. Clarke, D63 [28FE]
      ------William Ferguson, D80 [3MR]
      ------Willard Gourley, Jr., D105 [13MR]
      Savings and Loan Industry Restructuring Proposals: L. William 
        Seidman, D75 [2MR]
      SBA Budget: Bill Whitehurst, D227 [2MY]
      ------Michael B. Wallace, D227 [2MY]
      ------Robert D. Raven, D227 [2MY]
      ------Susan S. Engeleiter, D227 [2MY]
      ------Terence J. Wear, D227 [2MY]
      ------Thomas F. Smegal, Jr., D227 [2MY]
      SBA Certificate of Competency Program: Albert A. Matera, D329 
      ------Eleanor T. Spector, D329 [7JN]
      ------Ida Ustad, D329 [7JN]
      ------Robert J. Maffitt, D329 [7JN]
      ------Thomas Dumaresq, D329 [7JN]
      School Bus Loading Zone Safety Act (H.R. 3107): Jeffrey Miller, 
        D723 [2NO]
      Science, Technology, and Strategic Economic Policy Budget: Alvin 
        Trivelpiece, D98 [9MR]
      ------Clyde V. Prestowitz, Jr., D98 [9MR]
      ------Frank Press, D98 [9MR]
      ------Robert H. Rosenweig, D98 [9MR]
      Science and Mathematics in Education: Charles E. Hess, D300 
      ------Frank Cipolla, D300 [24MY]
      ------Frank Newman, D297 [23MY]
      ------James B. Wyngaarden, D300 [24MY]
      ------James D. Watkins, Sec. of Energy, D300 [24MY]
      ------John J. Murphy, D297 [23MY]
      ------John Moore, D300 [24MY]
      ------Robert W. Brown, D300 [24MY]
      ------Victoria Bergin, D297 [23MY]
      Science and Technological Literacy Act (H.R. 3122): Bassam Z. 
        Shakhashiri, D711 [31OC]
      ------Christopher Cross, D711 [31OC]
      ------Linda Roberts, D711 [31OC]
      ------Ray Uhalde, D711 [31OC]
      Science and Technology Initiatives in Poland and Hungary: Gary 
        Waxmonsky, D658 [12OC]
      ------Ian Baird, D658 [12OC]
      ------Jack Siegel, D658 [12OC]
      ------Peter Jon de Vos, D658 [12OC]
      Science and Technology Policy: Christopher T. Hill, D607 [28SE]
      ------Daniel F. Burton, Jr., D607 [28SE]
      ------Donald N. Langenberg, D607 [28SE]
      ------Erich Bloch, D615 [29SE]
      ------Frank Press, D615 [29SE]
      ------George A. Keyworth II, D615 [29SE]
      ------H. Guyford Stever, D615 [29SE]
      ------Herbert A. Simon, D615 [29SE]
      ------Joseph Bordogna, D607 [28SE]
      ------Lewis M. Branscomb, D607 [28SE]
      ------Richard A. Anthes, D607 [28SE]
      ------Robert B. Costello, D607 [28SE]
      Seafood Inspection (H.R. 1387): Douglas Donegan, D750 [9NO]
      ------James Benson, D750 [9NO]
      ------James Brennan, D750 [9NO]
      ------Lester Crawford, D750 [9NO]
      ------Representative Glickman, D750 [9NO]
      Seafood Safety and Inspection: Frank E. Young, D666 [17OC]
      ------James W. Brennan, D318 [5JN], D666 [17OC]
      ------Joann D. Smith, D666 [17OC]
      ------Nancy Ridley, D318 [5JN]
      ------Representative Dorgan, D666 [17OC]
      ------Representative Glickman, D666 [17OC]
      ------Suzanne Montero, D318 [5JN]
      Seafood Safety Program Measures (H.R. 2511, 1387): Frank E. 
        Young, D328 [7JN]
      ------James Brennan, D328 [7JN]
      ------Joann Smith, D328 [7JN]
      Sec. of Agriculture: Clayton K. Yeutter, Sec. of Agriculture, 
        D258 [10MY]
      Sec. of Commerce, Under Sec. of Commerce for Technology 
        Administration, and National Institute of Standards and 
        Technology: Ernest Ambler, D110 [14MR]
      ------Raymond G. Kammer, D110 [14MR]
      ------Robert A. Mosbacher, Sec. of Commerce, D110 [14MR]
      Sec. of Defense: Dick Cheney, Sec. of Defense, D643 [5OC]
      Sec. of Energy: James D. Watkins, Sec. of Energy
      Sec. of HHS: Louis W. Sullivan, D125 [16MR]
      Sec. of Labor, Howard University and Departmental Management for 
        Education: Charles E.M. Kolb, D99 [9MR]
      ------Elizabeth H. Dole, Sec. of Labor, D99 [9MR]
      ------James E. Cheek, D99 [9MR]
      Sec. of State: James A. Baker III, Sec. of State, D110 [14MR]
      Sec. of Transportation: Samuel K. Skinner, D49 [22FE]
      Sec. of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, and River Basin 
        Commissions: C. Dale Duvall, D48 [22FE]
      ------Frederick Doyle, D48 [22FE]
      ------Gerald M. Hansler, D48 [22FE]
      ------James J. Corbalis, Jr., D48 [22FE]
      ------Manuel Lujan, Jr., Sec. of the Interior, D48 [22FE]
      ------Warner M. Depuy, D48 [22FE]
      Sec. of the Treasury: Nicholas F. Brady, Sec. of the Treasury, 
        D194 [17AP]
      SEC Appropriations: David S. Ruder, D153 [5AP], D208 [19AP]
      SEC Funds and Legislation to Improve Protection of Investors: 
        David S. Runer, D197 [18AP]
      Secrecy Surrounding Criminal Investigations During Course of 
        Investigations: John C. Keeney, D515 [2AU]
      Secret Service and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms: John 
        Simpson, D100 [9MR]
      ------Stephen E. Higgins, D100 [9MR]
      Section 89 Nondiscrimination Rules of the Tax Reform Act 
        Applicable to Employer-Provided Fringe Benefits: Anthony C. 
        Williams, D249 [9MY]
      ------Bruce Carswell, D249 [9MY]
      ------Dana Trier, D249 [9MY]
      ------Deborah Walker, D249 [9MY]
      ------Donald C. Alexander, D249 [9MY]
      ------Donald H. Skadden, D249 [9MY]
      ------James H. Lagos, D249 [9MY]
      ------Joseph K. Peery, D249 [9MY]
      ------Karl E. Hansen, D249 [9MY]
      ------Kathi Child, D249 [9MY]
      ------Mary Kelley, D249 [9MY]
      ------Representative LaFalce, D249 [9MY]
      ------Ron Danilson, D249 [9MY]
      ------Sandy Galef, D249 [9MY]
      ------Senator Domenici, D249 [9MY]
      ------William J. Burckley, D249 [9MY]
      ------William W. Richardson, D249 [9MY]
      Section 89 of the Tax Reform Act Impact on Small Business: Ann 
        Houle, D187 [13AP]
      ------Dana Trier, D187 [13AP]
      ------Earlyn Church, D187 [13AP]
      ------James Lagos, D187 [13AP]
      ------Reed Stigen, D187 [13AP]
      ------Ron Morris, D187 [13AP]
      ------Senator Symms, D187 [13AP]
      ------Terry Neese, D187 [13AP]
      ------Valerie Hansen, D187 [13AP]
      ------William McGehee, D187 [13AP]
      Securities Law Enforcement Remedies Act (H.R. 975): David S. 
        Ruder, D446 [19JY]
      Security Clearance of Federal Employees: Mary C. Lawton, D103 
      ------Steven Garfinkel, D103 [9MR]
      Select Committees on Hunger, Narcotics Abuse and Control and 
        Children, Youth, and Families (H. Res. 84): Representative 
        Bliley, D50 [22FE]
      ------Representative Boggs, D50 [22FE]
      ------Representative Coughlin, D50 [22FE]
      ------Representative Emerson, D50 [22FE]
      ------Representative George Miller, D50 [22FE]
      ------Representative Gilman, D50 [22FE]
      ------Representative Leland, D50 [22FE]
      ------Representative Rangel, D50 [22FE]
      SEMATECH: Craig Fields, D741 [8NO]
      ------Glenn McLoughlin, D741 [8NO]
      ------John N. Olds, D741 [8NO]
      ------Representative Levine, D741 [8NO]
      Sentencing Option Act (H.R. 2985): Jack Welborn, D563 [14SE]
      ------Michael Quinlan, D563 [14SE]
      Seriousness and Extent of Groundwater Contamination: Eric Olson, 
        D502 [1AU]
      ------Jeannie Jenkins, D502 [1AU]
      ------John N. Fischer, D502 [1AU]
      ------Linda Bruemmer, D502 [1AU]
      ------Rebecca Hanmer, D502 [1AU]
      ------Robert Long, D502 [1AU]
      ------Roger Strelow, D502 [1AU]
      Services Trade Deficit: Linda Powers, D724 [2NO]
      ------Richard Self, D724 [2NO]
      Sexual Abuse of Indian Children: David Breault, D47 [22FE]
      ------Eidell Wasserman, D47 [22FE]
      ------Elizabeth Little Elk Garriott, D47 [22FE]
      ------Elizabeth Shiek, D47 [22FE]
      ------Howard Davidson, D47 [22FE]
      ------Jane Burnley, D47 [22FE]
      ------Karen Artichoker, D47 [22FE]
      ------Kenneth Hodder, D47 [22FE]
      ------Larry and Anne Blythe, D47 [22FE]
      ------Linda Guy, D47 [22FE]
      ------Margaret Allen, D47 [22FE]
      ------Penny Coleman, D47 [22FE]
      ------Robert Delaware, D47 [22FE]
      ------Roxanne Howard, D47 [22FE]
      ------William A. Thorne, D47 [22FE]
      Ship Defense Against Cruise Missiles: Bill W. Thurman, D111 
      ------George N. Gee, D111 [14MR]
      ------George R. Meinig, D111 [14MR]
      ------John E. Krings, D111 [14MR]
      ------Luther F. Schriefer, D111 [14MR]
      Shipbuilding and Conversion: Everett Pyatt, D230 [2MY]
      ------John W. Nyquist, D230 [2MY]
      ------Peter M. Hekman, D230 [2MY]
      Shipbuilding Industrial Base: Richard E. Donnelly, D264 [11MY]
      Simplification of Corporate Minimum Tax (H.R. 1761): John 
        Wilkins, D336 [8JN]
      Simplification of the Antidiscrimination Rules Applicable to 
        Taxation in Certain Employee Benefit Plans (H.R. 1864): Dana 
        Trier, D232 [2MY]
      ------Frank S. Swain, D232 [2MY]
      ------Representative LaFalce, D232 [2MY]
      Single Poll Closing Time in Continental U.S. for Presidential 
        Elections (H.R. 18): Representative Swift, D151 [4AP]
      ------Representative William M. Thomas, D151 [4AP]
      Single Poll-Closing Time for Presidential Elections (S. 136): 
        Althea T.L. Simmons, D234 [3MY]
      ------Ann Ober, D234 [3MY]
      ------Donald W. Blevins, D234 [3MY]
      ------Dorothy W. Joyce, D234 [3MY]
      ------J. Michael Libs, D234 [3MY]
      ------Judy Crockett, D234 [3MY]
      ------Nancy M. Neuman, D234 [3MY]
      ------Randall G. Phillips, D234 [3MY]
      ------Representative Swift, D234 [3MY]
      ------Representative William M. Thomas, D234 [3MY]
      ------Susan H. Fitz-Hugh, D234 [3MY]
      Situation in Lebanon: John Kelly, D470 [25JY]
      Situation in Panama: Colin L. Powell, D647 [6OC]
      ------Dick Cheney, Sec. of Defense, D647 [6OC]
      ------Michael Kozak, D648 [6OC]
      65-m.p.h. Speed Limit Research Results: Jeffrey Miller, D479 
      ------Norman Schneider, D479 [26JY]
      ------Representative Pallone, D479 [26JY]
      Size of Big Thicket National Preserve, TX (S. 1302): Maxine 
        Johnston, D685 [24OC]
      Skills of U.S. Workforce and Requirements of the Workplace: 
        Anthony P. Carnevale, D712 [31OC]
      ------Badi G. Foster, D712 [31OC]
      ------Larry Hirshhorn, D712 [31OC]
      ------Owen Peagler, D712 [31OC]
      ------Rae Linefsky, D712 [31OC]
      ------Robert A. Knight, D712 [31OC]
      ------Robert T. Jones, D712 [31OC]
      ------Thiery Noyelle, D712 [31OC]
      ------William H. Kolberg, D712 [31OC]
      Small Business Health Insurance Market: Mark V. Nadel, D662 
      Small Business Investment Act (H.R. 2971): Susan S. Engeleiter, 
        D506 [1AU]
      Small Business Problems in Complying With Paperwork Requirements 
        of OSHA: Benjamin Cooper, D384 [22JN]
      ------David M. Showers, D384 [22JN]
      ------David W. Loving, D384 [22JN]
      ------Don Flowers, D384 [22JN]
      ------John Bishop, D384 [22JN]
      ------Leo Carey, D384 [22JN]
      ------Representative Sisisky, D384 [22JN]
      ------Ronald J. Streck, D384 [22JN]
      ------Stephen George, D384 [22JN]
      ------Thomas J. Godwin, D384 [22JN]
      Smithsonian Institution Minority Employment Practices: John R. 
        Kinard, D112 [14MR]
      ------Robert McC. Adams, D208 [19AP]
      ------Roger G. Kennedy, D112 [14MR]
      ------W. Richard West, Jr., D208 [19AP]
      Social Security Administration's Independent Agency Status(S. 
        216): Donald F. Walsh, D316 [2JN]
      ------Gene Lehrmann, D316 [2JN]
      ------John N. Sturdivant, D316 [2JN]
      ------Joseph F. Delfico, D316 [2JN]
      ------Louis W. Sullivan, Sec. of HHS, D316 [2JN]
      ------Martha McSteen, D316 [2JN]
      ------P. Royal Shipp, D316 [2JN]
      ------Richard M. Ball, D316 [2JN]
      ------Robert J. Myers, D316 [2JN]
      ------Senator Pryor, D316 [2JN]
      Social Security Administration's Toll-Free Telephone System and 
        the Quality of Its Service: Dorcas R. Hardy, D168 [10AP]
      ------John N. Sturdivant, D168 [10AP]
      ------Joseph F. Delfico, D168 [10AP]
      ------Judith Price, D168 [10AP]
      ------Katheryn Lippert, D168 [10AP]
      ------Myra Baillie, D168 [10AP]
      ------William Bechill, D168 [10AP]
      Social Security Benefits for Adopted Children and Stepchildren: 
        Louis D. Enoff, D165 [6AP]
      ------Representative Lancaster, D165 [6AP]
      ------Representative McEwen, D165 [6AP]
      Social Security Providing Account Statements to Individuals 
        Covered (S. 1079): Donald F. Walsh, D316 [2JN]
      ------Gene Lehrmann, D316 [2JN]
      ------John N. Sturdivant, D316 [2JN]
      ------Joseph F. Delfico, D316 [2JN]
      ------Louis W. Sullivan, Sec. of HHS, D316 [2JN]
      ------Martha McSteen, D316 [2JN]
      ------P. Royal Shipp, D316 [2JN]
      ------Richard M. Ball, D316 [2JN]
      ------Robert J. Myers, D316 [2JN]
      ------Senator Pryor, D316 [2JN]
      Social Security Solvency Protection Act (H.R. 3505): Gwendolyn 
        S. King, D724 [2NO]
      ------Mary F. Fuller, D724 [2NO]
      ------Representative Frenzel, D724 [2NO]
      ------Representative Rostenkowski, D724 [2NO]
      ------Robert D. Reischauer, D724 [2NO]
      ------Senator Moynihan, D724 [2NO]
      Social Security Trust Fund Surplus: Alicia Munnell, D291 [18MY]
      ------Robert Reischauer, D291 [18MY]
      Social Security Truth in Budgeting Act (S. 1752): Senator Heinz, 
        D670 [18OC]
      Soil Conservation Service: John J. Franke, Jr., D118 [15MR]
      Solar and Renewable Energy, Fusion and Environment: John R. 
        Berg, D59 [27FE]
      ------Peter N. Brush, D59 [27FE]
      ------Robert O. Hunter, Jr., D59 [27FE]
      Soldiers' and Airmen's Home: George H. McKee, D212 [25AP]
      Solid Waste Disposal Act Amendment (H.R. 1056): Arthur A. Davis, 
        D183 [12AP]
      ------Briane McKay, D112 [14MR]
      ------Donald A. Carr, D183 [12AP]
      ------Duane Woodard, D112 [14MR]
      ------Jim Jones, D112 [14MR]
      ------Jonathan A. Cannon, D183 [12AP]
      ------Kenneth Eikenberry, D112 [14MR]
      ------Leo P. Duffy, D183 [12AP]
      ------Representative Eckart, D434 [17JY]
      ------Representative Luken, D434 [17JY]
      ------Representative Schaefer, D434 [17JY]
      ------Representative Walter B. Jones, D434 [17JY]
      ------Representative Whittaker, D434 [17JY]
      ------Richard L. Shank, D183 [12AP]
      ------Thaddeus B. Wester, D183 [12AP]
      ------Thomas C. Jorling, D183 [12AP]
      ------William H. Parker III, D183 [12AP]
      Solid Waste Disposal Act (H.R. 2597): Christopher R. Holmes, 
        D792 [17NO]
      ------Representative Wyden, D792 [17NO]
      ------Richard L. Hembra, D792 [17NO]
      ------Stephen A. Wakefield, D792 [17NO]
      Solid Waste Disposal and Safe Management of Exports (H.R. 2525): 
        Representative Porter, D487 [27JY]
      ------Representative Synar, D487 [27JY]
      ------Representative Wolpe, D487 [27JY]
      ------Scott A. Hajost, D487 [27JY]
      ------William A. Nitze, D487 [27JY]
      Solid Waste Regulation at Municipal Incinerators (H.R. 2162): 
        Representative Nancy L. Johnson, D265 [11MY]
      ------Sylvia Lowrance, D265 [11MY]
      Soviet Forces Reduction and Restructuring: Andrey A. Kokoshin, 
        D106 [13MR]
      ------Arris Pappas, D100 [9MR]
      ------Art Zuehlke, D100 [9MR]
      ------Bob Abbot, D100 [9MR]
      ------Doug MacEachin, D100 [9MR]
      Soviet Psychiatric Practices--Has Reform Reached Victims of 
        Psychiatric Abuse?: Darryl Regier, D620 [2OC]
      ------Lewis L. Judd, D620 [2OC]
      ------Nancy Ely-Raphel, D620 [2OC]
      ------Walter Reich, D620 [2OC]
      Soviet Unilateral Force Reduction and Withdrawal: Aris Pappas, 
        D567 [15SE]
      ------Dave Armstrong, D567 [15SE]
      ------Edward L. Warner III, D556 [13SE]
      ------Phillip Karber, D556 [13SE]
      ------Robert Blackwell, D567 [15SE]
      Soybean Promotion, Research and Consumer Information Act (H.R. 
        2209): J. Patrick Boyle, D335 [8JN]
      ------Representative Dyson, D335 [8JN]
      Space Program Comparative Status Assessment With Other Nations: 
        Aaron Beck, D443 [19JY]
      ------Damon Butler, D443 [19JY]
      ------Duncan Kino, D443 [19JY]
      ------James Ruffin, D443 [19JY]
      ------Jennifer Stolback, D443 [19JY]
      ------Josh Adams, D443 [19JY]
      ------Kenneth S. Pedersen, D443 [19JY]
      ------Marcia Smith, D443 [19JY]
      ------Michael Michaud, D443 [19JY]
      ------Terrence Taylor, D443 [19JY]
      Space Station Freedom Program Revisions: Robert H. Truly, D711 
      Spares: Charles H. Pitman, D258 [10MY]
      ------Edward R. Bracken, D258 [10MY]
      ------James H. Reay, D258 [10MY]
      ------Robert F. Dunn, D258 [10MY]
      ------Robert M. Moore, D258 [10MY]
      Special Access Programs: John J. Welch, Jr., D249 [9MY]
      ------Robert F. Dunn, D249 [9MY]
      ------Ronald W. Yates, D249 [9MY]
      Special Operations Forces Operation and Maintenance Budget: John 
        Russ, D111 [14MR]
      ------William J. Porter, D111 [14MR]
      Spending Limits and Public Financing for Federal Elections (S. 
        7, 56, 137, 242, 330, 332, 359, 597): Barry W. Lynn, D351 
      ------David A. Stewart, D351 [14JN]
      ------James T. Christy, D351 [14JN]
      ------Michael D. Brown, D351 [14JN]
      ------Randall Kehler, D351 [14JN]
      ------Senator Hollings, D351 [14JN]
      ------Senator Specter, D351 [14JN]
      ------Steven F. Stockmeyer, D351 [14JN]
      SSI Program: Michael Carozza, D79 [2MR]
      St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp.: James L. Emery, D70 [1MR]
      St. Marys River Wild and Scenic Designation (H.R. 76): James 
        Stewart, D563 [14SE]
      ------Representative Bennett, D563 [14SE]
      ------Representative Morella, D563 [14SE]
      ------Robert Stanton, D563 [14SE]
      Standardization of Bolt Measurement and Quality (H.R. 336): Bill 
        D. Colvin, D158 [5AP]
      ------Raymond G. Kammer, D158 [5AP]
      Standards for Certification of Laboratories Engaged in Drug 
        Testing (H.R. 33): James O. Mason, D347 [13JN]
      Stars and Stripes Newspaper Funding, Management and Censorship: 
        Edwin J. Montgomery, D49 [22FE]
      ------Jeffrey M. Cook, D49 [22FE]
      ------Jordan E. Rizer, D49 [22FE]
      ------Martin M. Ferber, D49 [22FE]
      ------William E. Hart, D49 [22FE]
      State Ad Valorem Property Taxes on Interstate Gas Transmission 
        Property (H.R. 2378), D657 [12OC]
      ------Representative Tauzin, D657 [12OC]
      ------Representative Virginia Smith, D657 [12OC]
      State and Local Treatment and Prevention Programs Relative to 
        Drug Crisis: Ann Zembroski, D521 [3AU]
      ------Christian Toledo, D595 [26SE]
      ------David Hatcher, D521 [3AU]
      ------Delvin Williams, D521 [3AU]
      ------Doug Hughes, D521 [3AU]
      ------Jeffrey A. Miller, D595 [26SE]
      ------John Lucas, D521 [3AU]
      ------June Milam, D595 [26SE]
      ------Lee Robinson, D595 [26SE]
      ------Mary A. Pentz, D595 [26SE]
      ------McAdoo, Keema, D521 [3AU]
      ------Molly Coye, D521 [3AU]
      ------Robert E. Hignite, D595 [26SE]
      ------Shannon Jones, D521 [3AU]
      ------Sidney Shankman, D521 [3AU]
      ------Thomas Freestone, D521 [3AU]
      State and Private Forestry: Allan J. West, D596 [26SE]
      State Assistance Programs and Federal Food Stamp Allocations: G. 
        Scott Dunn, D611 [28SE]
      ------Phyllis Carter, D611 [28SE]
      State Energy Conservation Programs Improvement Act (H.R. 711): 
        Eric Hirst, D283 [17MY]
      ------Frank M. Beaver, D283 [17MY]
      ------John R. Berg, D283 [17MY]
      ------Rich Gerardi, D283 [17MY]
      State Jurisdiction Over a Portion of Indian Country in Comanche 
        County, OK (H.R. 2854): Representative Lawrence J. Smith, D563 
      ------Representative Tom Lewis, D563 [14SE]
      ------Representative Watkins, D563 [14SE]
      ------Walter Mills, D563 [14SE]
      State of Intercollegiate Athletics: Representative McMillen, 
        D299 [24MY]
      ------Representative Towns, D299 [24MY]
      ------Senator Bradley, D291 [18MY]
      State of the Bank and Credit Union Insurance Funds: L. William 
        Seidman, D572 [19SE]
      ------Manuel H. Johnson, D572 [19SE]
      ------Robert Gramling, D572 [19SE]
      ------Robert L. Clarke, D572 [19SE]
      ------Roger W. Jepsen, D586 [21SE]
      State of the Local Judiciary in the District of Columbia: Fred 
        B. Ugast, D213 [25AP]
      ------Fred Cooke, D223 [1MY]
      ------Jay Stephens, D213 [25AP]
      ------Judith C. Rogers, D213 [25AP]
      ------Kim Taylor, D213 [25AP]
      ------Larry Polansky, D213 [25AP]
      State Restriction on Exports of Unprocessed Timber (S. 755): 
        D.G. Hendricks, D732 [7NO]
      ------Douglas Caffall, D732 [7NO]
      ------George Frampton, D732 [7NO]
      ------Glen Ramiskey, D732 [7NO]
      ------James P. McElroy, D732 [7NO]
      ------Neil Goldschmidt, D732 [7NO]
      ------R. Dennis Hayward, D732 [7NO]
      ------Randy Taylor, D732 [7NO]
      ------Representative DeFazio, D732 [7NO]
      ------Representative John Miller, D732 [7NO]
      ------Representative Unsoeld, D732 [7NO]
      ------Representative Williams, D732 [7NO]
      ------Rich Nafziger, D732 [7NO]
      ------Senator Gorton, D732 [7NO]
      ------Senator Packwood, D732 [7NO]
      ------Wayne Pierce, D732 [7NO]
      Statehood 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coins (H.R. 1553): 
        Barber Putnam, D643 [5OC]
      ------Donna Pope, D643 [5OC]
      ------Representative Craig, D643 [5OC]
      ------Representative Williams, D643 [5OC]
      ------T.S. Ary, D643 [5OC]
      Status and Concerns of Women Veterans: Donald E. Shasteen, D390 
      ------Frances S. Buckley, D390 [22JN]
      ------John Gronvall, D390 [22JN]
      ------Leon J. Bechet, D390 [22JN]
      ------Leonard Klein, D390 [22JN]
      ------Linda S. Caldwell, D390 [22JN]
      Status of Current and Future Use of Alternative Motor Vehicle 
        Fuels in U.S.: Charles Imbrecht, D333 [8JN]
      ------Dixon Smith, D333 [8JN]
      ------Elawin S. Larson, D333 [8JN]
      ------Fred Bowditech, D333 [8JN]
      ------George W. Roberts, D333 [8JN]
      ------John R. Berg, D333 [8JN]
      ------Milton C. Back, D333 [8JN]
      ------Robert Yuhnke, D333 [8JN]
      ------Senator Daschle, D333 [8JN]
      Status of Education in America and Direction for the Future: 
        Andrew R. Molnar, D762 [14NO]
      ------Lauro F. Cavazos, Sec. of Education, D755 [13NO]
      Status of Exxon Corp. Oil Spill Cleanup: Clyde T. Lusk Jr., D491 
      ------Dennis D. Kelso, D491 [28JY]
      ------William D. Stevens, D491 [28JY]
      Status of National Forest, Land, and Resource Management Plans: 
        George Leonard, D748 [9NO]
      Status of our Nation's Wetlands: John S. Doyle, Jr., D184 [12AP]
      ------William K. Reilly, D184 [12AP]
      Status of Plans for the 1990 Decennial Census--An Update: C. 
        Louis Kincannon, D142 [23MR]
      ------Gene Dodaro, D142 [23MR]
      Status of Soviet and Indochinese Refugees (H.R. 2022): Alan C. 
        Nelson, D217 [26AP]
      ------David L. Milhollan, D217 [26AP]
      Status of the Air Traffic Control System, With Emphasis on the 
        Controller Work Force and System Safety: Kenneth Mead, D302 
      ------Robert Whittington, D302 [25MY]
      Status of the Export Enhancement Program: Richard Crowder, D219 
      Status of U.S. Code of Conduct on Transnational Corporations: 
        Jane Becker, D771 [15NO]
      Status of U.S.-Japan Structural Impediments Initiative: David C. 
        Mulford, D453 [20JY]
      ------Richard T. McCormack, D453 [20JY]
      ------S. Linn Williams, D453 [20JY]
      Status of Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Project: Jill Lytle, D342 
      ------Keith O. Fultz, D342 [12JN]
      ------Representative Richardson, D342 [12JN]
      ------Representative Skeen, D342 [12JN]
      ------Sylvia Lowrance, D342 [12JN]
      Statutory and Constitutional Responses to Supreme Court Decision 
        in Texas V. Johnson: Representative Ackerman, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Bevill, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Douglas, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Hughes, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Jacobs, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Schuette, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Weiss, D457 [20JY]
      Steel Import Stabilization Extension Act (H.R. 904): Allan I. 
      ------Carla A. Hills, D506 [1AU]
      ------Morris Morkre, D361 [15JN]
      ------Representative Cardin, D398 [27JN]
      ------Representative Gaydos, D349 [13JN]
      ------Representative Michel, D349 [13JN]
      ------Representative Murtha, D349 [13JN]
      ------Representative Petri, D398 [27JN]
      ------Representative Regula, D349 [13JN]
      ------Representative Visclosky, D361 [15JN]
      ------Robert A. Mosbacher, Sec. of Commerce, D506 [1AU]
      Steroids Abuse: Bill Fralic, D250 [9MY]
      ------Bo Schembechler, D250 [9MY]
      ------Chuck Noll, D250 [9MY]
      ------Gene Upshaw, D250 [9MY]
      ------Harold R. Raymond, D250 [9MY]
      ------Jay Moyer, D250 [9MY]
      ------Joe Paterno, D250 [9MY]
      ------Joe Purzycki, D250 [9MY]
      ------Marty Schottenheimer, D250 [9MY]
      ------Peter Rozelle, D250 [9MY]
      ------Steve Courson, D250 [9MY]
      Stock Market Reform Act (H.R. 1609): Richard C. Breeden, D693 
      Stockmarket Decline of October 13th: John Phelan, D716 [1NO]
      Strategic Air Command: John T. Chain, Jr., D255 [10MY]
      Strategic Defense Initiative Budget: George L. Monahan, D262 
      Strategic Defense Initiative Cost Estimates: Frank C. Conahan, 
        D134 [21MR]
      ------George L. Monahan, Jr., D134 [21MR]
      Strategic Defense Initiatives: George L. Monahan, Jr., D140 
      Strategic Importance of the Panama Canal: Dennis McAuliffe, D724 
      ------Michael Kozak, D724 [2NO]
      ------Representative Crane, D724 [2NO]
      ------Richard C. Brown, D724 [2NO]
      Strategies and Examples of Sustainable Development in Developing 
        Countries: Leonard H. Robinson, Jr., D373 [20JN]
      ------Michael Lipton, D373 [20JN]
      ------Michael Whelan, D373 [20JN]
      ------Thomas E. Lovejoy, D373 [20JN]
      ------Walter V. Reid, D373 [20JN]
      Strategies for Dept. of Defense Facility Modernization and 
        Requirements in National Capital Region: Allen M. Carton, D305 
      ------David O. Cooke, D305 [31MY]
      ------James Doebler, D305 [31MY]
      ------Joseph A. Ahearn, D305 [31MY]
      ------Michael P. Downs, D305 [31MY]
      ------Patrick J. Meehan, D305 [31MY]
      ------Paul Chistolini, D305 [31MY]
      ------Paul W. Johnson, D305 [31MY]
      Strengthen and Improve U.S. Agricultural Programs: Bruce R. 
        Weber, D583 [21SE]
      ------Carroll Brunthaver, D583 [21SE]
      ------Charles Frazier, D583 [21SE]
      ------Charles M. Benbrook, D583 [21SE]
      ------Dick Perry, D583 [21SE]
      ------Jack Kintzle, D583 [21SE]
      ------John Bollingberg, D583 [21SE]
      ------Ken Cook, D583 [21SE]
      ------Louis Arnold, D583 [21SE]
      ------William Myers, D583 [21SE]
      Strengthening Federal Advisory Committee Act Management Controls 
        (S. 444): Brian C. Murphey, D115 [15MR]
      ------Henry M. Jasny, D115 [15MR]
      ------James L. Dean, D115 [15MR]
      ------Paul T. Weiss, D115 [15MR]
      ------Richard K. Berg, D115 [15MR]
      ------S. Jay Plager, D115 [15MR]
      Strengthening FRS Political Responsibility and Accountability 
        (H.R. 3066): Representative Dorgan, D748 [9NO]
      ------Representative Evans, D748 [9NO]
      ------Representative Hamilton, D748 [9NO]
      Strengthening Protection of Employees Against Reprisals for 
        Disclosing Information (S. 436): Carol T. Foreman, D85 [7MR]
      ------Donald S. Henley, Jr., D85 [7MR]
      ------Henry A. Duffy, D85 [7MR]
      ------James W. Simpkin, D85 [7MR]
      ------Jerry G. Thorn, D85 [7MR]
      ------Senator Grassley, D85 [7MR]
      ------Thomas Devine, D85 [7MR]
      ------William D. Wright, D85 [7MR]
      Strengthening the Enforcement of Motor Carrier Safety Laws (S. 
        819): David F. Snyder, D205 [19AP]
      ------Donald W. Estes, D205 [19AP]
      ------Douglas Turner, D205 [19AP]
      ------Earl Eisenhart, D205 [19AP]
      ------Ed Jack Compton, Jr., D205 [19AP]
      ------Gene Berghoffen, D205 [19AP]
      ------George Viverette, D205 [19AP]
      ------John Cook, D205 [19AP]
      ------K. Michael O'Connell, D205 [19AP]
      ------R.V. Durham, D205 [19AP]
      ------Rainey Turpin, D205 [19AP]
      ------Thomas J. Donohue, D205 [19AP]
      Student Athlete Right-To-Know Act (S. 580): Bob Hurley, D549 
      ------Dick Schultz, D549 [12SE]
      ------James Whalen, D549 [12SE]
      ------Oscar Robertson, D549 [12SE]
      ------Patricia Lucas, D549 [12SE]
      ------Representative McMillen, D549 [12SE]
      ------Richard Lapchick, D549 [12SE]
      ------Rollie Massimino, D549 [12SE]
      ------Senator Bradley, D549 [12SE]
      Study of Merrimack River, NH, for Inclusion in National Wild and 
        Scenic Rivers System (S. 1046): Herbert S. Cables, D685 [24OC]
      ------Kevin J. Coyle, D685 [24OC]
      ------Stephen D. Blackmer, D685 [24OC]
      Study on Commodities and Products That May Be Produced in 
        Conjunction with the Production of Tobacco (S. 442): Charles 
        E. Walker, D280 [17MY]
      ------Dana Trier, D280 [17MY]
      ------Joseph A. Pechman, D280 [17MY]
      ------Richard F. Rosser, D280 [17MY]
      ------Roy D. Nyberg, D280 [17MY]
      ------Senator Exon, D280 [17MY]
      ------Senator Hollings, D280 [17MY]
      ------Sijbren Cnossen, D280 [17MY]
      ------Thomas E. Swanstrom, D280 [17MY]
      Supercomputer Industry: Fred W. Weingarten, D372 [20JN]
      ------Senator Gore, D372 [20JN]
      Superconducting Supercollider: James F. Decker, D96 [8MR]
      Superconducting Supercollider Site Selection: Flora Milans, D158 
      ------Raphael G. Kasper, D158 [5AP]
      ------Robert O. Hunter, D158 [5AP]
      Supervision and Closing of Lincoln Savings and Loan Association 
        of California: Darrel Dochow
      ------Kevin O'Connell, D699 [26OC]
      ------L. William Seidman, D666 [17OC]
      ------Mike Patriarca, D699 [26OC]
      ------N. Joe Selby, D699 [26OC]
      ------Richard Breeden, D762 [14NO]
      ------William Black, D699 [26OC]
      ------William Crawford, D699 [26OC]
      Supply and Demand Relationship for Natural Gas in 1990's: Arlon 
        R. Tussing, D594 [26SE]
      ------Danny H. Conklin, D594 [26SE]
      ------George H. Lawrence, D594 [26SE]
      ------Henson W. Moore, D594 [26SE]
      ------John C. Sawhill, D594 [26SE]
      ------Kenneth L. Lay, D594 [26SE]
      ------Nicholas J. Bush, D594 [26SE]
      Supreme Court Budget: Antonin Scalia, D255 [10MY]
      ------Byron White, D255 [10MY]
      ------Sandra D. O'Connor, D255 [10MY]
      Supreme Court Ruling on the Desecration of the U.S. Flag: 
        William Barr, D447 [19JY]
      Surgeon General's Workshop on Drunken Driving, Focusing on 
        Recommendations To Reduce Alcohol-Related Accidents and 
        Increase Public Awareness of Dangers of Alcohol Abuse: C. 
        Everett Koop, D357 [15JN]
      ------Dan E. Beauchamp, D357 [15JN]
      ------Daniel L. Jaffe, D376 [21JN]
      ------DeWitt F. Helm, Jr., D376 [21JN]
      ------Diane Killory, D376 [21JN]
      ------Dick W. Hays, D376 [21JN]
      ------Douglas W. Metz, D357 [15JN]
      ------Edward O. Fritts, D357 [15JN]
      ------Fred A. Meister, D376 [21JN]
      ------James C. Sanders, D357 [15JN]
      ------Hal Shoup, D376 [21JN]
      ------Lauro F. Cavazos, Sec. of Education, D376 [21JN]
      ------Michael Beazley, D376 [21JN]
      ------William C. MacLeod, D376 [21JN]
      ------William H. Latham, D376 [21JN]
      ------William Scott, D357 [15JN]
      Tampa Bay, FL, National Estuary Program (H.R. 1063): 
        Representative C.W. Young, D371 [20JN]
      ------Representative Gibbons, D371 [20JN]
      Target Price Levels for Oats and Barley: Keith Bjerke, D748 
      Targeted Jobs Tax Credit: Representative Harold E. Ford, D323 
      ------Robert E. David, D323 [6JN]
      ------Senator Domenici, D323 [6JN]
      ------Tom Neubig, D323 [6JN]
      Task Force on Foreign Assistance: Senator Kassebaum, D66 [28FE]
      Tax Policy Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions: Alan Greenspan, 
        D26 [2FE]
      ------David M. Walker, D26 [2FE]
      ------Erich Bloch, D113 [14MR]
      ------John Wilkins, D277 [16MY]
      ------Representative Bennett, D26 [2FE]
      ------Representative Cox, D277 [16MY]
      Tax Policy Aspects of Recent Buyout Activity in Air 
        Transportation Industry: , D688 [24OC]
      ------James Lockhart, D688 [24OC]
      ------John G. Wilkins, D688 [24OC]
      ------Patrick V. Murphy, Jr., D688 [24OC]
      ------Representative Byron L. Dorgan, D688 [24OC]
      ------Representative Frost, D688 [24OC]
      Tax Return Filing Season: James R. Watts, D127 [16MR]
      ------Jennie S. Stathis, D127 [16MR]
      ------Michael J. Murphy, D127 [16MR]
      Tax Revenue Losses and Tax Administration Problems Involving 
        Independent Contractors: Michael Murphy, D276 [16MY]
      ------Paul L. Posner, D276 [16MY]
      Teamsters and Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act: 
        Anthony Giliberti, D161 [6AP]
      ------Arthur Eisenberg, D161 [6AP]
      ------Brian Carroll, D161 [6AP]
      ------Edwin H. Stier, D161 [6AP]
      ------Eugene R. Anderson, D161 [6AP]
      ------Robert E. Welsh, Jr., D161 [6AP]
      Technology Transfer: D. Allan Bromley, D644 [5OC]
      ------George P. Milburn, D313 [1JN]
      ------George T. Singely, D313 [1JN]
      ------John M. Ols, D313 [1JN]
      ------John W. Douglas, D313 [1JN]
      ------L.H. Princen, D313 [1JN]
      ------Lee Mercer, D644 [5OC]
      ------Philip S. Chen, Jr., D644 [5OC]
      ------Reid Adler, D313 [1JN]
      ------Richard Rumpf, D313 [1JN]
      Telecommunications Infrastructure: Janice Obuchowski, D636 [4OC]
      Telemarketing Fraud Prevention Act (H.R. 1354): Daniel Oliver, 
        D126 [16MR]
      Telephone Operator Service Consumer Protection Act (H.R. 971): 
        Representative Frank, D300 [24MY]
      ------Representative Roukema, D300 [24MY]
      ------Representative Shays, D300 [24MY]
      Television Advertising Restrictions During Children's 
        Programming (S. 1215): Dale Kunkel, D416 [12JY]
      ------DeWitt F. Helm, Jr., D416 [12JY]
      ------Edward O. Fritts, D416 [12JY]
      ------Frank Palumbo, D416 [12JY]
      ------Peggy Charren, D416 [12JY]
      ------Senator Metzenbaum, D416 [12JY]
      ------Senator Wirth, D416 [12JY]
      ------Sharon Robinson, D416 [12JY]
      Television Violence Act (H.R. 1391): Jeffery I. Zuckerman, D360 
      ------Michael Boudin, D360 [15JN]
      ------Senator Simon, D259 [10MY]
      Temporary Child Care for Handicapped Children and Crisis 
        Nurseries Act: Betty Stewart, D163 [6AP]
      ------Franklin Frazier, D163 [6AP]
      Tenancy of Planned Federal Triangle Complex, Washington, DC: 
        David L. Bibb, D597 [26SE]
      ------F. Henry Habicht II, D597 [26SE]
      ------Harry H. Flickinger, D597 [26SE]
      ------Kenneth R. Sparks, D597 [26SE]
      ------L. Nye Stevens, D597 [26SE]
      ------Paul Chistolini, D597 [26SE]
      ------Representative Brooks, D597 [26SE]
      ------Representative Costello, D597 [26SE]
      ------Richard G. Austin, D597 [26SE]
      ------Richard Roth, D597 [26SE]
      Term of Office for the GSA Administrator (H.R. 3529): J. William 
        Gadsby, D749 [9NO]
      Territorial Government Appropriations: Alexander Farrelly, 
        Governor of the Virgin Islands, D205 [19AP]
      ------David Heggestad, D205 [19AP]
      ------Jesse Marehalau, D205 [19AP]
      ------Kuniwo Nakamura, D205 [19AP]
      ------Mike Reidy, D205 [19AP]
      ------Oscar de Brum, D205 [19AP]
      ------Pedro Tenorio, Governor of Northern Marianas Islands, D205 
      ------Peter T. Coleman, Governor of American Samoa, D205 [19AP]
      Testing of Consumer Products (S. 891): Alexander Sevanian, D737 
      ------Holly E. Hazard, D737 [8NO]
      ------James O. Mason, D737 [8NO]
      ------Martin Stephens, D737 [8NO]
      ------Neal D. Barnard, D737 [8NO]
      ------Representative Boxer, D737 [8NO]
      ------Senator Reid, D737 [8NO]
      ------Victor J. Kimm, D737 [8NO]
      Threats of Foreign Terrorists: A. Peter Burleigh, D92 [8MR]
      ------Alvin P. Adams, Jr., D92 [8MR]
      ------Bernard Rath, D92 [8MR]
      ------John Seigenthaler, D92 [8MR]
      ------Leon Wieseltier, D92 [8MR]
      ------Nicholas A. Veliotes, D92 [8MR]
      ------Oliver B. Revell, D92 [8MR]
      ------Susan Sontag, D92 [8MR]
      Threats to National Park Animal and Plant Resources: William P. 
        Mott, Jr., D127 [16MR]
      Tied Aid Credit Practices: William F. Ryan, D248 [8MY]
      Tied Aid Credits Effects on Exports and Industrial 
        Competitiveness on International Negotiations: Charles H. 
        Dallara, D554 [13SE]
      ------Frank Kittredge, D554 [13SE]
      ------Garabed K. Armenian, D554 [13SE]
      ------John D. Macomber, D554 [13SE]
      ------Stuart K. Tucker, D554 [13SE]
      Timber Harvesting Systems and Nontimber Resources Management: 
        George M. Leonard, D771 [15NO]
      Timber Program for Tongass National Forest (S. 237, 346): David 
        A. Anderson, D63 [28FE]
      ------Donald Finney, D63 [28FE]
      ------Eric S. Laschever, D63 [28FE]
      ------George M. Leonard, D63 [28FE]
      ------Gerald J. Gray, D63 [28FE]
      ------Jerry F. Franklin, D63 [28FE]
      ------Larry Edwards, D63 [28FE]
      ------Michael Barton, D63 [28FE]
      ------Representative Don; Young of Alaska, D63 [28FE]
      ------Robert W. Loescher, D63 [28FE]
      ------Senator Stevens, D63 [28FE]
      ------William A. Thomas, Jr., D63 [28FE]
      ------William H. Banzhaf, D63 [28FE]
      Time Limit of Incarceration in District of Columbia for Civil 
        Contempt in a Child Custody Case (H.R. 2136): James E. 
        Nathanson, D295 [23MY]
      ------Representative Morella, D295 [23MY]
      ------Representative Wolf, D295 [23MY]
      Time Limit of Incarceration in District of Columbia for Civil 
        Contempt in Child Custody Cases (S. 1163): Doug Rendleman, 
        D459 [21JY]
      ------Peter J. Messitte, D459 [21JY]
      ------Senator Hatch, D459 [21JY]
      Tongass Timber Reform Act (H.R. 987): David A. Anderson, D113 
      ------Eric Laschever, D113 [14MR]
      ------George Leonard, D113 [14MR]
      Torpedo Testing and Other Weapons Programs: Frank Kendall III, 
        D87 [7MR]
      ------George N. Gee, D87 [7MR]
      ------Harold Johnson, D87 [7MR]
      ------James F. O'Bryon, D87 [7MR]
      ------John E. Krings, D87 [7MR]
      ------Robert C. Duncan, D87 [7MR]
      ------Stephen F. Loftus, D87 [7MR]
      Tourism Industry: Jonathan Linen, D600 [27SE]
      ------Noel Irwin-Hentschel, D600 [27SE]
      ------Phil Bryan, D600 [27SE]
      ------Preston R. Tisch, D600 [27SE]
      ------Ted Kleisner, D600 [27SE]
      ------Voit Gilmore, D600 [27SE]
      Toxic Substances: A.E. Conroy II, D256 [10MY]
      ------Charles Elkins, D256 [10MY]
      ------Frederick Stiehl, D256 [10MY]
      ------Gerald V. Poje, D256 [10MY]
      ------Jerry Kotas, D256 [10MY]
      ------Kirsten Oldenburg, D256 [10MY]
      ------Robert D. Kennedy, D256 [10MY]
      ------Robert L. Dostal, D256 [10MY]
      Toxics Release Prevention Act (S. 816): Ben Cooper, D584 [21SE]
      ------Bruce Maillet, D584 [21SE]
      ------David D. Doniger, D584 [21SE]
      ------Gerald Poje, D584 [21SE]
      ------H. Eugene McBrayer, D584 [21SE]
      ------John Grahm, D584 [21SE]
      ------Robert P. Miele, D584 [21SE]
      ------Robert P. Miller, D584 [21SE]
      ------Walter F. Williams, D584 [21SE]
      ------William F. O'Keefe, D584 [21SE]
      Trade and Development Program Oversight: Felton Johnston, D88 
      ------Neal Peden, D88 [7MR]
      ------Peter Kimm, D88 [7MR]
      ------Priscilla Rabb, D88 [7MR]
      Trade Policies of the Republic of Korea and Existence of Black 
        Market: Dick Helmer, D676 [19OC]
      ------James B. Donahoe, D676 [19OC]
      ------Mark Little, D676 [19OC]
      ------Sandra Kristoff, D676 [19OC]
      ------Scott Goddin, D676 [19OC]
      ------William D. Hughes, D676 [19OC]
      ------Donna M. Heivilin, D676 [19OC]
      Trade Practice Abuses at the Chicago Board of Trade and the 
        Chicago Mercantile Exchange: Cecile Trop, D52 [23FE]
      ------Michael Burnett, D52 [23FE]
      ------Richard L. Fogel, D52 [23FE]
      Trading on Position and Conflict of Interest by Former Dept. of 
        HUD Official: C. Duncan MacRae, D217 [26AP]
      ------Conrad Arnolts, D217 [26AP]
      ------John Ols, D217 [26AP]
      Transfer Authority of Sec. of Energy To Conduct Epidemiological 
        Studies of Effects of Radiation (S. 972): Christian Holmes, 
        D707 [31OC]
      ------David L. Mallino, D707 [31OC]
      ------George B. Merrick, D707 [31OC]
      ------Leo Zeferetti, D707 [31OC]
      ------Richard B. Stewart, D707 [31OC]
      ------Stephen Wakefield, D707 [31OC]
      Transfer of Certain Lands to California (H.R. 2809): Jerry 
        Rogers, D699 [26OC]
      ------Representative Goodling, D699 [26OC]
      Transfer Office of the Historian of the House of Representatives 
        to the Clerk (H. Res. 209): Donnald K. Anderson, D674 [18OC]
      ------Lewis Bellardo, D674 [18OC]
      ------Raymond W. Smock, D674 [18OC]
      ------Representative Boggs, D674 [18OC]
      Transfer or Sale of Certain Water Supply and Conservation 
        Projects (H.R. 1404, 1462, 1611): Joe Hall, D597 [26SE]
      ------Representative Ben Nighthorse Campbell, D597 [26SE]
      ------Representative Bosco, D597 [26SE]
      ------Representative Fazio, D597 [26SE]
      ------Representative Herger, D597 [26SE]
      ------Representative Shumway, D597 [26SE]
      ------William J. McDonald, D597 [26SE]
      Transgenic Animal Patent Reform Act (H.R. 1556): Daniel D. 
        Jones, D563 [14SE]
      ------Donald J. Quigg, D563 [14SE]
      ------Philip S. Chen, Jr., D563 [14SE]
      Transportation of Hazardous Materials: Barry White, D427 [13JY]
      ------Denzel L. Fisher, D427 [13JY]
      ------Hugh L. Thompson, Jr., D427 [13JY]
      ------James L. Makris, D427 [13JY]
      ------Jill Lytle, D427 [13JY]
      ------Representative Applegate, D420 [12JY]
      ------Representative Boehlert, D420 [12JY]
      ------Representative Buechner, D427 [13JY]
      ------Representative Bustamante, D420 [12JY]
      ------Representative Gallo, D420 [12JY]
      ------Representative Pallone, D427 [13JY]
      ------Travis P. Dungan, D427 [13JY]
      Transportation Trust Funds: Vic Rezendes, D262 [11MY]
      ------W. David Montgomery, D262 [11MY]
      Trauma Care Systems Planning and Development Act (H.R. 436): 
        Representative Cooper, D107 [13MR]
      Treat Hong Kong as Separate State for Purpose of Immigration 
        (H.R. 2726): Michael Pistor, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Barton, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Boxer, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Gunderson, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Levine, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Mineta, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Pelosi, D457 [20JY]
      ------Representative Porter, D457 [20JY]
      ------Richard L. Williams, D457 [20JY]
      Treatment and Care for Persons With HIV Infection and Acquired 
        Immune Deficiency Syndrome: Anthony S. Fauci, D505 [1AU]
      ------Edward D. Martin, D505 [1AU]
      ------Ellen E. Cooper, D505 [1AU]
      ------Elmer Smith, D505 [1AU]
      ------Frank E. Young, D505 [1AU]
      ------James O. Mason, D505 [1AU]
      ------Samuel C. Matheny, D505 [1AU]
      Treatment of Excess Revenues in the Catastrophic Coverage Act: 
        Daniel L. Hawley, D311 [1JN]
      ------H.T. Steve Morrissey, D311 [1JN]
      ------John D. Adams, D311 [1JN]
      ------John L. Hildreth, D311 [1JN]
      ------John Wilkins, D311 [1JN]
      ------Lawrence T. Smedley, D311 [1JN]
      ------Louis L. Sullivan, Sec. of HHS, D311 [1JN]
      ------Lovola W. Burgess, D311 [1JN]
      ------Michael Zimmerman, D311 [1JN]
      ------Representative DeFazio, D311 [1JN]
      ------Representative Fawell, D311 [1JN]
      ------Richard D. Warden, D311 [1JN]
      ------Robert D. Reischauer, D311 [1JN]
      ------Robert J. Myers, D311 [1JN]
      ------Ronald A. Pearlman, D311 [1JN]
      ------Senator Levin, D311 [1JN]
      ------Senator McCain, D311 [1JN]
      ------Senator Nickles, D311 [1JN]
      ------Senator Wallop, D311 [1JN]
      ------Thomas J. Kilcline, D311 [1JN]
      Treatment of U.S. Savings Bonds Relative to Use for Higher 
        Education Expenses (S. 353): Charles E. Walker, D280 [17MY]
      ------Dana Trier, D280 [17MY]
      ------Joseph A. Pechman, D280 [17MY]
      ------Richard F. Rosser, D280 [17MY]
      ------Roy D. Nyberg, D280 [17MY]
      ------Senator Exon, D280 [17MY]
      ------Senator Hollings, D280 [17MY]
      ------Sijbren Cnossen, D280 [17MY]
      ------Thomas E. Swanstrom, D280 [17MY]
      Tribute to Clinton P. Anderson: Jeff M. Sirmon, D376 [21JN]
      ------Representative Richardson, D376 [21JN]
      Tropical Forestry Initiative Act (H.R. 2065): George M. Leonard, 
        D323 [6JN]
      ------Representative Akaka, D323 [6JN]
      Trust Indenture Act (H.R. 1786): David S. Ruder, D312 [1JN]
      Truth In Savings Act (H.R. 736): Martha R. Seger, D276 [16MY]
      2-Year Budget Cycle (S. 29): Senator Ford, D669 [18OC]
      ------Senator Roth, D669 [18OC]
      U.N. Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and 
        Psychotropic Substances: M. Cherif Bassiouni, D512 [2AU]
      ------Mary V. Mochary, D512 [2AU]
      ------Melvyn Levitsky, D512 [2AU]
      ------Richard L. Thornburgh, Attorney General, D512 [2AU]
      U.S. Agricultural Programs: Clayton Yeutter, Sec. of 
        Agriculture, D205 [19AP]
      ------David L. McClure, D565 [15SE]
      ------Don Gingerich, D565 [15SE]
      ------Glenn Grimes, D565 [15SE]
      ------Howard F. Lyman, D565 [15SE]
      ------Jeanne Charter, D565 [15SE]
      ------Jimme L. Wilson, D565 [15SE]
      ------Leland O. Eikermann, Sr., D565 [15SE]
      ------Thomas A. Von Garlem, D565 [15SE]
      U.S. and UNESCO: John R. Bolton, D572 [19SE]
      ------Representative Leach, D572 [19SE]
      ------Representative Torres, D572 [19SE]
      ------Thomas E. Lovejoy, D572 [19SE]
      U.S. assistance to Haiti: Richard Melton, D112 [14MR]
      U.S. Citizens Abroad: Representative Alexander, D740 [8NO]
      U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Funds: Arthur S. Flemming, D384 
      ------Benjamin Hooks, D384 [22JN]
      ------Clint Bolick, D423 [13JY]
      ------Erwin Griswold, D384 [22JN]
      ------Esther Gonzalez-Arroyo Buckley, D220 [27AP]
      ------Francis S. Guess, D220 [27AP]
      ------Frank Liu, D423 [13JY]
      ------Frankie Freeman, D423 [13JY]
      ------G. Mario Moreno, D423 [13JY]
      ------Jared Blum, D423 [13JY]
      ------Linda Chavez, D384 [22JN]
      ------Louis Nunez, D384 [22JN]
      ------Mary F. Berry, D220 [27AP]
      ------Murray Friedman, D220 [27AP]
      ------Robert A. Destro, D220 [27AP]
      ------Robert L. Burgdorf, D384 [22JN]
      ------Stephen Horn, D384 [22JN]
      ------William B. Allen, D220 [27AP]
      U.S. Commission on Civil Rights' Effects on the White Mountain 
        Apache Tribe: Andrew Kane, D293 [22MY]
      ------Claudeen B. Arthur, D293 [22MY]
      ------John C. Eastman, D293 [22MY]
      ------Melvin L Jenkins, D293 [22MY]
      ------Peter S. Taylor, D293 [22MY]
      ------Reno Johnson, D293 [22MY]
      ------Robert A. Destro, D293 [22MY]
      ------William B. Allen, D293 [22MY]
      ------William H. Gillers, D293 [22MY]
      ------William J. Howard, D293 [22MY]
      U.S. Defense Budgets in a Changing Threat Environment: Paul 
        Wolfowitz, D282 [17MY]
      ------Reginald Bartholomew, D282 [17MY]
      U.S. Economic Power and Impact of Changes on National Security: 
        Jerry J. Jasinowski, D782 [16NO]
      ------Jerry J. Josinorski, D782 [16NO]
      ------Lester Thurow, D782 [16NO]
      ------Pat Choate, D782 [16NO]
      U.S. Economic Programs for Poland and Hungary: Christopher 
        Goldthwait, D636 [4OC]
      ------Curtis W. Kamman, D636 [4OC]
      ------Representative Dingell, D580 [20SE]
      ------Representative Gephardt, D580 [20SE]
      ------Representative Kaptur, D580 [20SE]
      ------Representative McMillan, D636 [4OC]
      ------Richard Brown, D636 [4OC]
      ------William E. Barreda, D636 [4OC]
      U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries 
        Service Budget: Frank M. Dunkle, D50 [22FE]
      ------James Brennan, D50 [22FE]
      U.S. Geological Survey's Radon Program: Dallas L. Peck, D371 
      ------Richard J. Guimond, D371 [20JN]
      U.S. Human Rights Policy: Richard Schifter, D38 [8FE]
      U.S. Institute for Peace: Samuel W. Lewis, D212 [25AP]
      U.S. Interest in UNESCO: Derk Kinnane-Roelofsma, D206 [19AP]
      ------Ed Feulner, D206 [19AP]
      ------Gene Lyons, D206 [19AP]
      ------Leonard Sussman, D206 [19AP]
      ------Mary H. Futrell, D206 [19AP]
      ------Paul Perrot, D206 [19AP]
      ------Terry Morton, D206 [19AP]
      ------Walter Rosenblith, D206 [19AP]
      U.S. International Food Assistance Programs: Alan Larson, D716 
      ------Christopher Goldthwait, D716 [1NO]
      ------Phillip L. Christenson, D716 [1NO]
      U.S. Labor Force Productivity in 21st Century (H.R. 2235): Janet 
        L. Norwood, D359 [15JN]
      ------Senator Simon, D359 [15JN]
      ------William E. Brock, D359 [15JN]
      U.S. Mint Appropriations (H.R. 2931): Donna Pope, D505 [1AU]
      ------Jeffery Steinoff, D505 [1AU]
      U.S. Policy in Lebanon (H. Res. 128): Edward S. Walker, Jr., 
        D312 [1JN]
      ------Robert W. Farrand, D312 [1JN]
      U.S. Policy Relative to Vietnamese Boat People: David 
        Lambertson, D402 [28JN]
      ------Delia B. Combs, D402 [28JN]
      ------James E. Taylor, D402 [28JN]
      ------Phil A. Holman, D402 [28JN]
      ------Representative Atkins, D402 [28JN]
      ------Robert Funseth, D402 [28JN]
      U.S. Policy Toward Eastern Europe: Angela Stent, D474 [26JY]
      ------Charles Gati, D474 [26JY]
      ------Karen Dawisha, D474 [26JY]
      ------William H. Luers, D474 [26JY]
      U.S. Policy Toward Indochina: David Lambertson, D619 [2OC]
      ------Dith Pran, D619 [2OC]
      ------Frederick Z. Brown, D619 [2OC]
      ------Haing S. Ngor, D619 [2OC]
      ------Kassie Neou, D619 [2OC]
      ------Ken Conboy, D619 [2OC]
      ------Richard Childress, D619 [2OC]
      ------Senator Kerrey, D619 [2OC]
      U.S. Policy Toward Marine Mammal Issues: Brian Hallman, D611 
      ------R. Tucker Scully, D611 [28SE]
      U.S. Policy Toward Panama: Bernard W. Aronson, D487 [27JY]
      ------Frank C. Conahan, D478 [26JY]
      ------R. Richard Newcomb, D487 [27JY]
      ------Representative Crane, D478 [26JY]
      ------Representative Dyson, D478 [26JY]
      ------Richard Brown, D487 [27JY]
      U.S. Relations With Vietnam: David Lambertson, D792 [17NO]
      ------Michael Young, D792 [17NO]
      ------R. Richard Newcomb, D792 [17NO]
      ------Robert Funseth, D792 [17NO]
      ------Robert Young, D792 [17NO]
      U.S. Response to the Proliferation of Biological Weapons and the 
        Impact of New Genetic Technologies: Billy Richardson, D281 
      ------David L. Huxsoll, D281 [17MY]
      ------Jim E. Hinds, D281 [17MY]
      ------Johathan King, D281 [17MY]
      ------Keith Yamamoto, D281 [17MY]
      ------Matthew S. Meselson, D281 [17MY]
      ------Representative Wayne Owens, D281 [17MY]
      ------Victor W. Sidel, D281 [17MY]
      U.S. Science and Technology Effort: Richard Muller, D67 [28FE]
      U.S. Space Command: John L. Piotrowski, D41 [9FE]
      U.S. Space Command and Ammunition Procurement, Army: Donald J. 
        Kutyna, D276 [16MY]
      ------John L. Piotrowski, D276 [16MY]
      ------Paul L. Greenberg, D276 [16MY]
      U.S. Space Command Budget: John L. Piotrowski, D292 [22MY]
      U.S. Trade and Competitiveness: Frank J. Vargo, D43 [9FE]
      ------Frank Swain, D43 [9FE]
      U.S. Trade Embargo Against Cuba: Representative Alexander, D603 
      U.S. Transportation Needs in Future Years: Samuel K. Skinner, 
        D15 [27JA]
      U.S.-Based High-Definition Television Industry: Craig I. Fields, 
        D273 [16MY]
      ------David Sarnoff, D273 [16MY]
      ------Donald F. Johnstone, D273 [16MY]
      ------J. Hal Berge, D273 [16MY]
      ------James E. Carnes, D273 [16MY]
      ------Jerry Pearlman, D273 [16MY]
      ------John Abel, D273 [16MY]
      ------John P. Stern, D273 [16MY]
      ------Kenneth Flamm, D273 [16MY]
      ------Larry French, D273 [16MY]
      ------Steve Effros, D273 [16MY]
      ------William Connolly, D273 [16MY]
      ------Sherwin T.S. Chan, D220 [27AP]
      U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement: Ann Hughes, D637 [4OC]
      ------Charles Roh, D637 [4OC]
      ------John Simpson, D637 [4OC]
      U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement Implementation: Don Herzog, 
        D166 [7AP]
      ------Joshua Bolten, D166 [7AP]
      ------Laurence G. Broderick, D166 [7AP]
      ------Lynn Gordon, D166 [7AP]
      ------Robert G. Anderson, D166 [7AP]
      ------Robert J. Muth, D166 [7AP]
      ------Samuel H. Banks, D166 [7AP]
      ------Stanley S. Dennison, D166 [7AP]
      ------Winston L. Wilson, D166 [7AP]
      U.S.-Cuba Drug Enforcement Issues and Policy: David L. Westrate, 
        D474 [26JY]
      ------Melvyn Levitsky, D474 [26JY]
      ------Michael G. Kozak, D474 [26JY]
      ------Walter T. Leland, D474 [26JY]
      ------William von Raab, D474 [26JY]
      U.S.-Cuban Relations: Armando Valladares, D580 [20SE]
      U.S.-Iranian Relations: Abraham D. Sofaer, D749 [9NO]
      ------John H. Kelly, D749 [9NO]
      U.S.-Japan Security Cooperation: Timothy W. Wright, D190 [13AP]
      ------William Clark, Jr., D190 [13AP]
      U.S.-Japan Structural Impediments Initiative To Eliminate 
        Barriers to U.S. Exports: David D. Leland, D729 [6NO]
      ------Donald M. Spero, D729 [6NO]
      ------Earnest H. Preeg, D733 [7NO]
      ------Julian C. Morris, D729 [6NO]
      ------Mitchell E. Kertzman, D729 [6NO]
      ------Pat Choate, D733 [7NO]
      ------R.K. Morris, D729 [6NO]
      ------Robert H. Rines, D733 [7NO]
      ------Robert Z. Lawrence, D733 [7NO]
      ------Rudiger Dornbusch, D733 [7NO]
      ------T. Boone Pickens, Jr., D729 [6NO]
      ------Thomas R. Howell, D729 [6NO]
      ------William T. Archey, D729 [6NO]
      U.S.-Mexico Relations: Representative Bates, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Kolbe, D328 [7JN]
      ------Representative Ronald D. Coleman, D328 [7JN]
      U.S.-Northern Mariana Islands Problems: Benjamin T. Manglona, 
        D296 [23MY]
      ------Froilan C. Tenorio, D296 [23MY]
      ------Larry L. Morgan, D296 [23MY]
      ------Pedro A. Tenorio, D296 [23MY]
      ------Pedro R. Guerrero, D296 [23MY]
      U.S.-People's Republic of China Relations: Felice D. Gaer, D768 
      ------Fred M. Zeder, D426 [13JY]
      ------Joan M. McEntee, D426 [13JY]
      ------Merle Goldman, D768 [15NO]
      ------Nancy Frame, D426 [13JY]
      ------Richard L. Williams, D426 [13JY]
      ------William F. Ryan, D426 [13JY]
      ------Winston Lord, D768 [15NO]
      U.S.-Republic of Korea Relations: Bill Clark, D478 [26JY]
      ------Carl Ford, D478 [26JY]
      ------Peter Allgeier, D478 [26JY]
      U.S.S. Pueblo: Jeremy M. Boorda, D394 [23JN]
      ------Lloyd M. Bucher, D394 [23JN]
      U.S.-Soviet Mutual and Verifiable Restrictions on Production of 
        Plutonium and Uranium (H.R. 2403): Kathleen C. Bailey, D370 
      ------Robert E. Linhard, D370 [20JN]
      ------Troy E. Wade II, D370 [20JN]
      U.S.-Soviet Relations: Alan B. Sherr, D234 [3MY]
      ------Arnold L. Horelick, D206 [19AP]
      ------David C. Jordan, D206 [19AP]
      ------Dimitri K. Simes, D179 [12AP]
      ------Donald Horowitz, D179 [12AP]
      ------Ed A. Hewett, D234 [3MY]
      ------James A. Baker III, Sec. of State, D368 [20JN]
      ------Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, D311 [1JN]
      ------Jerry Hough, D234 [3MY]
      ------John B. Dunlop, D179 [12AP]
      ------John W. Kiser III, D234 [3MY]
      ------Judy Shelton, D234 [3MY]
      ------Larry Brady, D234 [3MY]
      ------Michael Mandelbaum, D206 [19AP]
      ------Nancy Lubin, D179 [12AP]
      ------Richard F. Starr, D206 [19AP]
      ------Robert H. Legvold, D179 [12AP]
      ------Roger W. Robinson, Jr., D234 [3MY]
      ------S. Frederick Starr, D179 [12AP]
      ------Seweryn Bialer, D206 [19AP]
      ------Uri Ra'anan, D179 [12AP]
      ------Walker Connor, D179 [12AP]
      U.S.-Soviet Relations, Focusing on Arms Control Policy: Angelo 
        Codevilla, D269 [15MY]
      ------Barry Blechman, D269 [15MY]
      ------Edward L. Warner, D269 [15MY]
      ------Robert S. McNamara, D269 [15MY]
      ------Stephen Larrabee, D269 [15MY]
      ------Steven Rosefield, D269 [15MY]
      U.S.-Soviet Trade Relations: Representative Pease, D353 [14JN]
      ------Senator DeConcini, D353 [14JN]
      Uncontrolled Export of Unregistered Pesticides: J. Dexter Peach, 
        D236 [3MY]
      ------Linda Fisher, D236 [3MY]
      Under-Representation of Women and Minorities in the Foreign 
        Service: Charles Hughes, D589 [22SE]
      ------Joseph Kelley, D589 [22SE]
      ------Mary L. Garrison, D589 [22SE]
      UNICEF: Larry Bruce, D162 [6AP]
      Uniform Time Act (H.R. 18) and FEC Authorization: Danny L. 
        McDonald, D89 [7MR]
      ------John W. McGarry, D89 [7MR]
      ------Lee A. Elliott, D89 [7MR]
      Universal Access to Health Insurance for All U.S. Citizens: 
        Bonnie D. Post, D365 [19JN]
      ------C. Patrick Babcock, D365 [19JN]
      ------Carl J. Schramm, D365 [19JN]
      ------Lawrence S. Lewin, D365 [19JN]
      ------Paul G. Rogers, D365 [19JN]
      ------Rashi Fein, D365 [19JN]
      ------Robert D. Ray, D365 [19JN]
      ------Senator Kennedy, D365 [19JN]
      Unmarked Burial of Cremated Remains at Arlington National 
        Cemetery, VA (H.R. 88): A.J. Adams, D360 [15JN]
      ------John S. Doyle, Jr., D360 [15JN]
      ------Representative Bennett, D360 [15JN]
      ------Representative Kaptur, D360 [15JN]
      Update on Recent International Environment Meetings: William A. 
        Nitze, D164 [6AP]
      Upland Cotton Program: Ewen M. Wilson, D48 [22FE]
      Uranium Enrichment Reorganization Act (H.R. 2480): Keith O. 
        Fultz, D479 [26JY]
      ------Representative Hubbard, D479 [26JY]
      ------Representative McEwen, D479 [26JY]
      ------Senator Ford, D479 [26JY]
      ------W. Henson Moore, D479 [26JY]
      Uranium Enrichment (S. 83): Charles H. Montange, D206 [19AP]
      ------James E. Rushton, D206 [19AP]
      ------Jill Lancelot, D206 [19AP]
      ------Joseph M. Farley, D206 [19AP]
      ------W. Henson Moore, D206 [19AP]
      Urban and Community Forestry Act (H.R. 2144): Allan J. West, 
        D327 [7JN]
      ------Representative Schneider, D327 [7JN]
      Urban Development Action Grant Program, Economic Development 
        Administration, and Enterprise Zones: Representative Espy, 
        D673 [18OC]
      ------Representative Rahall, D673 [18OC]
      ------Representative Traficant, D673 [18OC]
      Urban Mass Transportation Administration: Alfred DelliBovi, D141 
      Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Carla A. 
        Hills, D175 [11AP]
      Use and Distribution of Funds Awarded to the Seminole Indians 
        (H.R. 2650): Representative Lawrence J. Smith, D563 [14SE]
      ------Representative Tom Lewis, D563 [14SE]
      ------Representative Watkins, D563 [14SE]
      ------Walter Mills, D563 [14SE]
      Use and Distribution of Funds Awarded to the Seminole Indians 
        (H.R. 2838): Representative Lawrence J. Smith, D563 [14SE]
      ------Representative Tom Lewis, D563 [14SE]
      ------Representative Watkins, D563 [14SE]
      ------Walter Mills, D563 [14SE]
      Use and Distribution of Funds Awarded to the Seminole Indians 
        (S. 1096, 1336): Curtis G. Berkey, D566 [15SE]
      ------Danny Billie, D566 [15SE]
      ------Dwayne Miller, D566 [15SE]
      ------James Billie, D566 [15SE]
      ------Jerry Haney, D566 [15SE]
      ------Jerry Straus, D566 [15SE]
      ------Jim Shore, D566 [15SE]
      ------Paul Niebell, D566 [15SE]
      ------Senator Boren, D566 [15SE]
      ------Senator Graham, D566 [15SE]
      ------Senator Mack, D566 [15SE]
      ------Senator Nickles, D566 [15SE]
      ------Walter Mills, D566 [15SE]
      Use of Toxic Materials in Aerospace Industry: Alan Broughton, 
        D82 [6MR]
      ------Beth Gausman, D82 [6MR]
      ------Beverly McCormick, D82 [6MR]
      ------Bonnie F. Schrum, D82 [6MR]
      ------Charles L. Elkins, D82 [6MR]
      ------Dale H. Daniels, D82 [6MR]
      ------Deborah F. Sutherland, D82 [6MR]
      ------Gary D. Vest, D82 [6MR]
      ------George Robinson, D82 [6MR]
      ------Gordon Baker, D82 [6MR]
      ------Joseph F. Peritore, D82 [6MR]
      ------Leo Carey, D82 [6MR]
      ------Lori Liberty, D82 [6MR]
      ------Peter Breysee, D82 [6MR]
      ------Robert Ballster, D82 [6MR]
      USIA, Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Commission, 
        Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission, and U.S. Sentencing 
        Commission: John G. Goudie, D48 [22FE]
      ------Marvin Stone, D48 [22FE]
      ------W. Glenn Campbell, D48 [22FE]
      ------William W. Wilkins, D48 [22FE]
      USIA Budget: Henry Hockeimer, D88 [7MR]
      ------Jorge Mas, D88 [7MR]
      ------Marvin Stone, D88 [7MR]
      ------Representative Kanjorski, D102 [9MR]
      ------Robert Gosende, D102 [9MR]
      ------Stanley Silverman, D88 [7MR]
      ------William Brock, D102 [9MR]
      Utility Customer Refund Act (H.R. 2493) and Utility Ratepayer 
        Refund Act (H.R. 1150): John G. Wilkins, D637 [4OC]
      ------Senator Wilson, D637 [4OC]
      Utilization of Pension Plan Assets in Leveraged Buyouts and 
        Related Transactions: Dana Trier, D221 [27AP]
      ------David Walker, D221 [27AP]
      ------Joseph F. Delfico, D221 [27AP]
      ------Kathleen Utgoff, D221 [27AP]
      Utilizing Older Workforce with Focus on Intergeneration Day 
        Care: Carolyn Golding, D558 [13SE]
      ------Daniel Schulder, D558 [13SE]
      ------Louis D. Enoff, D558 [13SE]
      VA Budget: Arthur S. Hamerschlag, D43 [9FE]
      ------Kenneth I. Shine, D43 [9FE]
      ------L. Thompson Bowles, D43 [9FE]
      ------R.J. Vogel, D43 [9FE]
      ------Representative Marlenee
      ------Representative Watkins, D43 [9FE]
      VA Construction Budget: Representative Bennett, D26 [2FE]
      ------Representative Bilbray, D26 [2FE]
      ------Representative Kanjorski, D26 [2FE]
      ------Susan Livingstone, D26 [2FE]
      VA Study of Postwar Psychological Problems (S. 192): Arthur 
        Blank, D352 [14JN]
      ------Clement J. Zablocki, D352 [14JN]
      ------David W. Gorman, D352 [14JN]
      ------Frank R. DeGeorge, D352 [14JN]
      ------James N. Magill, D352 [14JN]
      ------John A. Gronvall, D352 [14JN]
      ------Kenneth A. Klauck, D352 [14JN]
      ------Paul Errera, D352 [14JN]
      ------Ralph J. Ibson, D352 [14JN]
      ------Samuel J. Walsh, D352 [14JN]
      ------Spencer Falcon, D352 [14JN]
      ------Thomas A. Sherwood, D352 [14JN]
      VA Supplemental Appropriations: Thomas E. Harvey, D70 [1MR]
      Vessel Documentation, Vessel Identification, and Commercial 
        Instruments and Maritime Liens: Michael J. Schiro, D693 [25OC]
      ------Robert J. Patton, Jr., D693 [25OC]
      Vessel Modification Act: James M. MacDonald, D78 [2MR]
      ------Michael J. Schiro, D524 [3AU]
      Veterans Benefits: Babette Polzer, D340 [9JN]
      ------Bernell Dickinson, D340 [9JN]
      ------Bertie Rowland, D340 [9JN]
      ------David W. Gorman, D340 [9JN]
      ------Dennis Wyant, D340 [9JN]
      ------Donald Jones, D340 [9JN]
      ------Gary Hickman, D340 [9JN]
      ------Grady Horton, D340 [9JN]
      ------James N. Magill, D340 [9JN]
      ------Janet Steiger, D340 [9JN]
      ------John Bollinger, D340 [9JN]
      ------Lynn Denzin, D340 [9JN]
      ------R. John Vogel, D340 [9JN]
      ------Richard C. Kaufman, D340 [9JN]
      ------Richard S. Christian, D340 [9JN]
      ------Robert W. Carey, D605 [27SE]
      ------Stephen Wolansky, D340 [9JN]
      Veterans Benefits and Health Care Act (S. 13): Angelo R. Mozilo, 
        D385 [22JN]
      ------Anthony J. Principi, D385 [22JN]
      ------Arthur Blank, D352 [14JN]
      ------Brian Hawkins, D385 [22JN]
      ------Burton C. Wood, D385 [22JN]
      ------Clement J. Zablocki, D352 [14JN]
      ------David W. Gorman, D352 [14JN]
      ------Dennis Cullinan, D385 [22JN]
      ------Frank R. DeGeorge, D352 [14JN]
      ------Frank Watts, D385 [22JN]
      ------James B. Hubbard, D385 [22JN]
      ------James N. Magill, D352 [14JN]
      ------Jim Irvine, D385 [22JN]
      ------John A. Gronvall, D352 [14JN]
      ------John C. Bollinger, D385 [22JN]
      ------John Taylor, D385 [22JN]
      ------Kathleen W. Shepherd, D385 [22JN]
      ------Kenneth A. Klauck, D352 [14JN]
      ------Linda K. Bumbalo, D385 [22JN]
      ------Paul Errera, D352 [14JN]
      ------Ralph J. Ibson, D352 [14JN]
      ------Richard E. O'Dell, D385 [22JN]
      ------Richard F. Schultz, D385 [22JN]
      ------Richard S. Christian, D385 [22JN]
      ------Samuel J. Walsh, D352 [14JN]
      ------Senator Daschle, D385 [22JN]
      ------Senator Kerry, D385 [22JN]
      ------Spencer Falcon, D352 [14JN]
      ------Thomas A. Sherwood, D352 [14JN]
      Veterans Benefits Relative to the GI Bill: Albert V. Conte, D165 
      ------Representative Dornan, D165 [6AP]
      ------Representative Montgomery, D165 [6AP]
      Veterans Health Care Measures (S. 13, 165, 573, 574, 748, 900, 
        947, and 899): Anthony J. Principi, D289 [18MY]
      ------Arte Pierce, D289 [18MY]
      ------Claudette Morrissey, D289 [18MY]
      ------Dave Gorman, D289 [18MY]
      ------Donald Ivers, D289 [18MY]
      ------Ed Murphy, D289 [18MY]
      ------Gordon Mansfield, D289 [18MY]
      ------James Magill, D289 [18MY]
      ------John A. Gronvall, D185 [12AP], D289 [18MY]
      ------Margaret Stafford, D289 [18MY]
      ------Marie Winslow, D289 [18MY]
      ------Richard S. Christian, D289 [18MY]
      ------R.J. Vogel, D158 [5AP]
      ------Ronald Cowles, D289 [18MY]
      ------Samuel J. Walsh, D289 [18MY]
      ------Thomas Sherwood, D289 [18MY]
      Veterans' Home Loan Mortgage Indemnity Act (H.R. 1415): R.J. 
        Vogel, Jr., D202 [18AP]
      ------Representative Kaptur, D202 [18AP]
      Veterans Legislation: A.J. Adams, D191 [13AP]
      ------Arthur S. Hammerschlag, D191 [13AP]
      ------David M. Szumowski, D67 [28FE]
      ------Erik G. Johnson, D67 [28FE]
      ------Frank A. Athanason, D67 [28FE]
      ------Herbert D. Greff, D67 [28FE]
      ------John H. Michaels, D67 [28FE]
      ------Larry W. Rivers, D90 [7MR]
      ------Milton M. Moore, Sr., D67 [28FE]
      ------Raymond J. Costanzo, D191 [13AP]
      ------Representative Montgomery, D126 [16MR]
      ------Representative Stump, D126 [16MR]
      Veterans Programs Budget: Arthur Asbury, D83 [6MR]
      ------Conrad R. Hoffman, D83 [6MR]
      ------David Morman, D83 [6MR]
      ------David W. Gorman, D83 [6MR]
      ------Donald E. Shasteen, D83 [6MR]
      ------Donald L. Ivers, D83 [6MR]
      ------Edward J. Derwinski, Sec. of Veterans Affairs, D83 [6MR]
      ------James N. Magill, D83 [6MR]
      ------John A. Gronvall, D83 [6MR]
      ------John Dennis, D83 [6MR]
      ------John F. Sommer, Jr., D83 [6MR]
      ------John Vogel, D83 [6MR]
      ------Kenneth Shine, D83 [6MR]
      ------Linda M. Combs, D83 [6MR]
      ------Milton Korn, D83 [6MR]
      ------Paul Egan, D83 [6MR]
      ------Phillip E. Riggin, D83 [6MR]
      ------R. Jack Powell, D83 [6MR]
      ------Rose Lee, D83 [6MR]
      ------Susan Livingstone, D83 [6MR]
      ------Thomas A. Sherwood, D83 [6MR]
      ------Wilfred L. Ebel, D83 [6MR]
      Vietnam-Era Veterans: Representative McDermott, D237 [3MY]
      ------Senator Kerry, D237 [3MY]
      ------Susan Mather, D237 [3MY]
      Violence by and Against American Children: Howard Spivak, D277 
      ------Jacqueline Simms, D277 [16MY]
      ------Reggie B. Walton, D277 [16MY]
      Visual Artists Rights Act (S. 1198): Edward Damich, D368 [20JN]
      ------Jack Brown, D368 [20JN]
      ------Linda Crawley, D368 [20JN]
      ------Mark Wilson, D368 [20JN]
      ------Robert Gorman, D368 [20JN]
      ------Tom Van Sant, D368 [20JN]
      Vocational and Adult Education: Bonnie Guiton, D77 [2MR]
      Vocational Education Act Authority (H.R. 7): Eleanor Chelimsky, 
        D88 [7MR]
      ------John Wirt, D88 [7MR]
      ------Lauro F. Cavazos, Sec. of Education, D134 [21MR]
      ------Michael Feuer, D101 [9MR]
      ------Representative Goodling, D231 [2MY]
      ------Representative Hawkins, D231 [2MY]
      ------Representative Watkins, D231 [2MY]
      ------William Gainer, D88 [7MR]
      Vocational Education Act (S. 1109): Bruce Grey, D483 [27JY]
      ------Caroline DeRita, D459 [21JY]
      ------Charles Benson, D483 [27JY]
      ------Deborah Arrindell, D459 [21JY]
      ------Dale Parnell, D483 [27JY]
      ------Don Bright, D384 [22JN]
      ------Franklin B. Walter, D384 [22JN]
      ------Glen Donaldson, D459 [21JY]
      ------James R. Oglesby, D459 [21JY]
      ------Jane Adair, D483 [27JY]
      ------Jane Amero, D483 [27JY]
      ------Jewell D. Ellis, D483 [27JY]
      ------John Rowlett, D483 [27JY]
      ------John Wirt, D384 [22JN]
      ------Joyce Winterton, D384 [22JN]
      ------Kenneth Watson, D483 [27JY]
      ------Larry Rosenstock, D483 [27JY]
      ------Lauro F. Cavazos, Sec. of Education, D384 [22JN]
      ------Martha Q. Lawrence, D384 [22JN]
      ------Mildred Nichols, D459 [21JY]
      ------Moody M. Oswald, D384 [22JN]
      ------Pat Shwallie-Giddis, D459 [21JY]
      ------Paul Cole, D459 [21JY]
      ------Paul V. Sherlock, D483 [27JY]
      ------Rene Champaign, D483 [27JY]
      ------Senator Lautenberg, D459 [21JY]
      ------Stafford Nagatani, D459 [21JY]
      ------Terry Craney, D483 [27JY]
      ------Thomas E. Bass, Jr., D459 [21JY]
      ------William H. Adams, D459 [21JY]
      ------William J. Gainer, D384 [22JN]
      Vocational Education for Native Americans (S. 496): David Gipp, 
        D566 [15SE]
      ------Gerald Monette, D566 [15SE]
      ------James M. Tutt, D566 [15SE]
      ------Jo J. Hunt, D566 [15SE]
      ------Karen Funk, D566 [15SE]
      ------Mike Doss, D566 [15SE]
      ------Nelson Thompson, D566 [15SE]
      ------Roger Bordeaux, D566 [15SE]
      ------Russell Hawkins, D566 [15SE]
      ------Senator Bingaman, D566 [15SE]
      Voluntary Program for Recycling Paper Used in the Operation of 
        the House of Representatives (H. Res. 104): George M. White, 
        D447 [19JY]
      ------Judy Kowalski, D447 [19JY]
      ------Nadine Winter, D447 [19JY]
      ------Representative Green, D447 [19JY]
      Voyager II Flyby of Neptune: Lennard Fisk, D637 [4OC]
      Vulnerability of National Telecommunications Networks to 
        Computer Viruses: Jack L. Brock, Jr., D456 [20JY]
      Vulnerability of Telecommunications and Energy Resources: Benham 
        E. Morriss, D32 [7FE]
      ------Charles C. Lane, D32 [7FE]
      ------Charles H. White, D36 [8FE]
      ------David B. Hinman, D36 [8FE]
      ------Edward V. Badolato, D36 [8FE]
      ------John C. McDonald, D32 [7FE]
      ------Lee M. Paschall, D32 [7FE]
      ------Michel R. Gent, D36 [8FE]
      ------Randall W. Hardy, D36 [8FE]
      ------Richard King, D32 [7FE]
      ------Thomas A. Norman, D32 [7FE]
      ------Thomas W. Ortciger, D32 [7FE]
      Waivers Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act: Clarence 
        Thomas, D200 [18AP]
      War Powers Act and Its Impact on Military Operations: 
        Representative Hopkins, D299 [24MY]
      Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority: Alfred A. 
        DelliBovi, D118 [15MR]
      ------Carmen E. Turner, D118 [15MR]
      Waste Exports: Frederick M. Bernthal, D419 [12JY]
      ------Representative Conyers, D419 [12JY]
      ------Representative Porter, D419 [12JY]
      ------Representative Synar, D419 [12JY]
      ------Representative Wolpe, D419 [12JY]
      ------Scott Hajost, D419 [12JY]
      Waste Minimization: Jerry Kotas, D506 [1AU]
      ------John Gibbons, D506 [1AU]
      Waste Minimization and Control Act (S. 1113): Bill Rathje, D376 
      ------Howard Levenson, D376 [21JN]
      ------Jim Leiter, D376 [21JN]
      ------Jonathan A. Cannon, D376 [21JN]
      ------Victor Bell, D376 [21JN]
      Waste Reduction Act (H.R. 1457): Joel Hirschorn, D302 [25MY]
      ------Representative Wolpe, D302 [25MY]
      ------William K. Reilly, D302 [25MY]
      Water Resources Project Authorizations: G. Edward Dickey, D390 
      ------Representative Dyson, D390 [22JN]
      ------Representative Herger, D390 [22JN]
      ------Representative McCandless, D390 [22JN]
      ------Representative Regula, D390 [22JN]
      ------Representative Studds, D390 [22JN]
      ------Representative Watkins, D390 [22JN]
      Water Supply Policies of the Federal Government: C. Dale Duvall, 
        D217 [26AP]
      ------G. Edward Dickey, D217 [26AP]
      ------Howard C. ankersley, D217 [26AP]
      ------Representative Hopkins, D217 [26AP]
      ------Representative Hubbard, D217 [26AP]
      ------Representative Perkins, D217 [26AP]
      ------Roy Torkelson, D217 [26AP]
      Water Treatment Plant for Water from the Leadville Mine Drainage 
        Tunnel in Leadville, CO (H.R. 2896): Joseph Hall, D515 [2AU]
      ------Representative Combest, D515 [2AU]
      ------Representative Hefley, D515 [2AU]
      ------Representative Sarpalius, D515 [2AU]
      Watershed Projects: Galen S. Bridge, D155 [5AP]
      Weapon Systems Testing and Production Decisionmaking: James F. 
        O'Bryon, D94 [8MR]
      ------John E. Krings, D94 [8MR]
      ------Robert C. Duncan, D94 [8MR]
      Welfare Reform Proposal of Minnesota: G. Scott Dunn, D414 [11JY]
      ------John Petraborg, D414 [11JY]
      ------Representative Penny, D414 [11JY]
      Western Forest Fire Season: Dean Stepanek, D20 [31JA]
      ------George S. Dunlop, D20 [31JA]
      ------William P. Mott, D20 [31JA]
      Wetlands Conservation: David G. Davis, D283 [17MY]
      ------John Campbell, D283 [17MY]
      ------John S. Doyle, Jr., D283 [17MY]
      ------Ralph E. Heimlich, D283 [17MY]
      ------Ralph Morgenweck, D283 [17MY]
      ------William Hooke, D283 [17MY]
      Wheat, Soybeans, and Feed Grains Programs: William Bailey, D124 
      Wheat Crop Outlook: Ewen Wilson, D162 [6AP]
      White Haven National Historic Site (H.R. 1529): Herb Cables, 
        D253 [9MY]
      ------Gerald Patton, D443 [19JY]
      ------Representative Gephardt, D253 [9MY]
      ------Senator Bond, D443 [19JY]
      White House Conference on Aging: Joyce Berry, D398 [27JN]
      WIC Funds and Child Nutrition Programs: Annette Bomar, D350 
      ------Beverly Lowe, D350 [14JN]
      ------Carolyn Brown, D350 [14JN]
      ------Connie Weaver, D355 [15JN]
      ------David Heppel, D355 [15JN]
      ------Dennis Bach, D355 [15JN]
      ------Edward Cooney, D355 [15JN]
      ------Ellen Thompson, D350 [14JN]
      ------Harry Wolfe, D350 [14JN]
      ------Jonathan Kotch, D350 [14JN]
      ------Kathy Pool, D350 [14JN]
      ------Loren Bell, D355 [15JN]
      ------Mary Klatko, D350 [14JN]
      ------Minda Lazarov, D355 [15JN]
      ------Richard Blount, D355 [15JN]
      ------Robert Greenstein, D355 [15JN]
      ------Robert Robertson, D350 [14JN]
      ------Scott G. Dunn, D350 [14JN]
      ------Senator Sasser, D350 [14JN]
      ------Suzanne Hendrich, D355 [15JN]
      ------Victor Sidel, D350 [14JN]
      ------William Gahr, D350 [14JN]
      Wild and Scenic Designation for St. Marys River (H.R. 76): James 
        Stewart, D563 [14SE]
      ------Representative Bennett, D563 [14SE]
      ------Representative Morella, D563 [14SE]
      ------Robert Stanton, D563 [14SE]
      Wildlife Conservation (H.R. 132): Carmen Blondin, D700 [26OC]
      ------Edward Wolfe, D700 [26OC]
      ------Leonard Condon, D700 [26OC]
      Wildlife Suppression Assistance Act (H.R. 829): George Dunlop, 
        D69 [1MR]
      ------George Leonard, D69 [1MR]
      ------S. Dale Robertson, D69 [1MR]
      Youth Camp Safety: Henry Fowler, D580 [20SE]
      ------Larry Horinko, D580 [20SE]
      ------Linda G. Morra, D580 [20SE]
      ------Richard Svenson, D635 [4OC]
      ------Vernon N. Houk, D635 [4OC]