[Congressional Record Index (1990)]
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  Bills and resolutions
      Investigations and studies: expenses (see H. Res. 332)
      ------funding (see H. Res. 343)
      Mink, Representative: election (see H. Res. 499)
      Abuse, favoritism and mismanagement of Dept. of HUD programs: 
        (testimony), D25 [5FE]
      Abuses, mismanagement, and favoritism in Dept. of HUD programs: 
        (testimony), D408 [21JN]
      Abuses and mismanagement in public housing authorities: 
        (testimony), D31 [6FE]
      Abuses in ``M'' Account System and proposal for reform, D618 
      Acquired immune deficiency syndrome drug treatment: (testimony), 
        D537 [1AU]
      Agent orange studies: (testimony), D416 [26JN]
      All-terrain vehicle safety: (testimony), D80 [28FE]
      Appraisal reform of financial institutions: (testimony), D321 
      Army's hazardous waste reduction: (testimony), D438 [28JN]
      ASCS Inventory Management System--Building Another Hubble?: 
        (testimony), D606 [18SE]
      BIA and Trust Fund review: (testimony), D631 [25SE]
      Bringing information age to rural America: (testimony), D37 
      Budget process reform issues: (testimony), D208 [4AP]
      Bureau of Prisons' halfway house contracts, D466 [17JY], D472 
      Children at risk in the workplace: (testimony), D137 [19MR]
      Clean air in parks and wilderness areas: (testimony), D121 [9MR]
      Columbia Hospital for Women land conveyance (H.R. 2031): 
        (testimony), D669 [2OC]
      Commercial Activities Contracting Procedures Act (H.R. 4015): 
        (testimony), D245 [25AP], D253 [26AP]
      Convey certain District of Columbia lands to the Columbia 
        Hospital for Women (H.R. 2031): (testimony), D337 [23MY]
      Critical software management of the submarine combat system: 
        (testimony), D253 [26AP]
      Data protection, computers, and changing information practices, 
        D314 [16MY]
      DEA management: (testimony), D669 [2OC]
      DEA management's handling of informant allegations: (testimony), 
        D614 [19SE]
      Deposit insurance issues and deposit discipline: (testimony), 
        D677 [3OC]
      Dept. of Environmental Protection (H.R. 3847): (testimony), D38 
      Dept. of HUD abuses, mismanagement, and favoritism: (testimony), 
        D260 [30AP], D272 [2MY]
      Dept. of HUD programs abuse, mismanagement, and favoritism: 
        (testimony), D337 [23MY]
      Dept. of Justice's debt collection: (testimony), D527 [31JY]
      Dept. of Justice's discretionary drug grants: (testimony), D220 
      Dept. of Justice's efforts on banking fraud: (testimony), D129 
        [14MR], D134 [15MR]
      Dioxin water standards: (testimony), D508 [26JY]
      Disinfectant products: (testimony), D669 [2OC]
      EPA's safe drinking water program, D559 [3AU]
      Exercise of prosecutorial authority in a changing legal 
        environment: (testimony), D298 [10MY]
      Failure to manage Indian Trust Fund: (testimony), D239 [24AP]
      FDA regulations of residues of animal drugs in milk: 
        (testimony), D31 [6FE]
      Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act (S. 535): 
        (testimony), D376 [13JN]
      Federal Council on Women Act (H.R. 1187): (testimony), D494 
      Federal financial management reforms: (testimony), D606 [18SE]
      ------testimony, D600 [17SE]
      Federal fire management policy: (testimony), D346 [24MY]
      Federal tax amnesty program's feasibility and revenue impact: 
        (testimony), D499 [25JY]
      Federal Used Property for Domestic Use Act (H.R. 4026): 
        (testimony), D362 [7JN]
      FERC overview: (testimony), D716 [11OC]
      Food and agriculture councils: (testimony), D80 [28FE]
      Foreign government procurement discrimination against U.S. 
        companies: (testimony), D266 [1MY]
      Fraudulent customer acquisition practices in the long distance 
        telephone industry: (testimony), D734 [17OC]
      Government controls on sales to Iraq: (testimony), D647 [27SE]
      Government Procurement Agreements Act (H.R. 5023) and 
        Reciprocity in International Government Procurement 
        Enforcement Act (H.R. 5439): (testimony), D591 [13SE]
      Health insurance fraud: (testimony), D445 [11JY]
      Impact of Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on U.S. energy and economic 
        security (testimony), D566 [5SE]
      Impact on consumers of State motor carrier regulations: 
        (testimony), D186 [29MR]
      Integration of meat packing industry--effects on farmer and 
        consumer: (testimony), D727 [16OC]
      Intergovernmental Cash Management Improvement Act (H.R. 4279): 
        (testimony), D277 [3MY]
      IRS employee misconduct and mismanagement: (testimony), D292 
      Jordan ranch exchange: (testimony), D479 [19JY]
      Justice assistance programs: (testimony), D239 [24AP]
      Land exchanges, Part I, the JY Ranch exchange: (testimony), D277 
      Minority farming in the U.S.: (testimony), D500 [25JY]
      Mismanagement in programs for the homeless in the District of 
        Columbia: (testimony), D370 [12JN]
      Mismanagement of public housing authorities: (testimony), D121 
      National drug control enforcement strategy: (testimony), D272 
      National drug control strategy: (testimony), D201 [3AP], D220 
      National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities' minority 
        employment practices: (testimony), D408 [21JN]
      National Institute of Justice funding: (testimony), D346 [24MY]
      National policy on use of preservation techniques for permanent 
        papers (H.J. Res. 226): (testimony), D54 [21FE]
      NLRB: (testimony), D677 [3OC]
      Northrop Corp. Harrier jet and cruise missile testing 
        improprieties: (testimony), D631 [25SE]
      Northrop Corp.'s behavior and management: (testimony), D716 
      OSHA protection for chemical workers: (testimony), D487 [23JY]
      Peace Corps: (testimony), D330 [22MY]
      Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.: (testimony), D163 [26MR]
      Railroad Retirement Board insurance and retirement system: 
        (testimony), D584 [12SE]
      Significance for minority businesses of the Supreme Court 
        decision in City of Richmond vs. J.A. Croson Co., D292 [9MY]
      Slower 1st-class mail delivery standards: (testimony), D569 
      State of Federal ADP acquisition: (testimony), D591 [13SE]
      Strategies in preventing HIV transmission among intravenous drug 
        users: (testimony), D606 [18SE]
      Surety Association Act (H.R. 4179): (testimony), D355 [6JN]
      Telemarketing and boiler room frauds: (testimony), D448 [11JY], 
        D454 [12JY]
      Tongass National Forest: (testimony), D80 [28FE]
      Toxic substances testing program: (testimony), D402 [20JN]
      Transportation of hazardous materials by rail: (testimony), D80 
      U.S. insurance industry and foreign markets: (testimony), D337 
      Use of Alternate Fuels by the Postal Service--Neither Snow, Nor 
        Rain, Nor Middle Eastern Dictators Will Stop Mail: 
        (testimony), D647 [27SE]
      Witness security program and protection of foreign nationals: 
        (testimony), D89 [1MR]
      Dept. of Environmental Protection: Representative Conyers, 5710, 
        5711, 5712 [28MR]
      Abuse and Mismanagement at Dept. of HUD--Hudlums, Scoundrels, 
        HUD Alumni and Robin HUD, D768 [19OC]
      Abuses and Mismanagement at HUD--Hudlums, Scoundrels, HUD Alumni 
        and Robin HUD, D701 [10OC]
      Acquisition of ADP Equipment--Questionable Practices by the 
        Navy, Its Employees, GSA, and IBM Cost Taxpayers Millions of 
        Dollars, D758 [18OC], D768 [19OC]
      Agent Orange Coverup--A Case of Flawed Science and Political 
        Manipulation, Stopping the Flood of Cocaine With Operations 
        Snowcap--Is It Working?, D547 [2AU]
      Alternative Fuel Use by Postal Service--Increase in Fleet 
        Conversion Would Provide Benefits, D758 [18OC], D768 [19OC]
      Appropriations reform procedures for closing accounts (H.R. 
        5645), D631 [25SE]
      Bureau of Justice Assistance Discretionary Drug Treatment 
        Programs--The Great Disappearing Act, D758 [18OC], D768 [19OC]
      Buy American Act (H.R. 5439), D631 [25SE]
      Chief Financial Officer Act (H.R. 5687), D641 [26SE]
      Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Amendments (H.R. 5450): 
        (testimony), D606 [18SE]
      Computer matching and privacy protection amendments (H.R. 5450), 
        D641 [26SE]
      Computer Matching and Privacy Protection (H.R. 5450), D579 
      Consumer cost of continued State motor carrier regulation, D641 
      DEA management, D693 [5OC]
      Demand Reduction and the National Drug Control Strategy, D758 
        [18OC], D768 [19OC]
      Dept. of Justice Debt Collection--So Many Intentions So Little 
        Money, D641 [26SE]
      Draft report, D764 [23OC]
      Effectiveness of Andean Initiative--Source Country Reduction in 
        the National Drug Control Strategy, D758 [18OC], D768 [19OC]
      Establish a chief financial officer within OMB and in each 
        executive department (H.R. 5687), D631 [25SE]
      Exercise of Prosecutorial Discretion in a Changing Legal 
        Environment, D758 [18OC], D768 [19OC]
      Expired Funds Control Act (H.R. 5645), D641 [26SE]
      FDA's Continuing Failure To Prevent Deceptive Health Claims for 
        Foods, D758 [18OC], D768 [19OC]
      Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act (S. 534), D547 
      Federal employee privacy rights and standard form 86
      Foreign Contracting Audit Equity Act (H.R. 4131), 
        Intergovernmental Cash Management Improvement Act (H.R. 4279), 
        and Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act (S. 535), 
        D547 [2AU]
      Government Procurement Agreements Act (H.R. 5023), D641 [26SE]
      Government's War Against Fraud, Abuse and Misconduct in 
        Financial Institutions--Winning Some Battles but Losing the 
        War, D768 [19OC]
      Immigration Limbo or the Plight of Foreign National Witnesses 
        Used in Major Narcotics Prosecutions, D547 [2AU]
      Impact of Harrier jet testing improprieties by Northrop Corp., 
        D724 [12OC]
      Individual Surety Association Act (H.R. 4179) and national 
        policy on permanent papers (H.J. Res. 226), D547 [2AU]
      International Procurements and Waivers of the Buy American Act--
        U.S. Business at a Disadvantage, D758 [18OC], D768 [19OC]
      Issuance of subpoena to Leonard Briscoe, D384 [14JN]
      Issuance of subpoenas to former Dept. of HUD officials, D18 
      Issuance of subpoenas to former officials of Passaic Public 
        Housing Authority, D54 [21FE]
      Minority Farmer--Disappearing American Resource--Has the Farmers 
        Home Administration Been the Primary Catalyst?, D758 [18OC], 
        D768 [19OC]
      Miscellaneous measures, D125 [13MR]
      Misconduct by senior managers in the IRS, D614 [19SE], D641 
      National policy on permanent papers (H.J. Res. 226), D313 [16MY]
      Navy Seawolf Attack Submarine Is Proceeding Along Path of High 
        Technical and Financial Risks, D758 [18OC], D768 [19OC]
      Overview of FRRC, D724 [12OC]
      Peace Corps--Entering Its Fourth Decade of Service
      Pending draft report, D758 [18OC]
      Pluralism in cultural institutions receiving Federal funds
      Postal Service Realignment of First-Class Mail Delivery 
        Standards--Just Say Slow, D758 [18OC], D768 [19OC]
      Procurement agreements outside U.S. (H.R. 5023), D631 [25SE]
      Programs Administered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance--
        Questionnaire Demonstrates Communication Breakdown, D547 [2AU]
      Reciprocity in International Government Procurement Enforcement 
        Act (H.R. 5439), D641 [26SE]
      Relationship between State assistance programs and food stamp 
        allocation--two case studies, D547 [2AU]
      Status of the Implementation of Title XI, the Appraisal Reform 
        Amendments of FIRREA, D758 [18OC], D768 [19OC]
      Stopping the Flood of Cocaine With Operation Snow Cap--Is It 
        Working? and Relationship Between State Assistance Programs 
        and Federal Food Stamp Allocations, D408 [21JN]
      Surety Association Act (H.R. 4179), D508 [26JY]
      Taking a Byte Out of History--The Archival Preservation of 
        Federal Computer Records, D758 [18OC], D768 [19OC]
      Tax Administration Problems Involving Independent Contractors, 
        D768 [19OC]
      Tax administration problems involving independent contractors, 
        D701 [10OC]
      Two Case Studies, Programs Administered by the Bureau of Justice 
        Assistance--Questionnaire Demonstrates Communication 
        Breakdown, D547 [2AU]
      U.S. Government War Against Fraud, Abuse, and Misconduct on 
        Financial Instiutions--Winning Some Battles but Losing War, 
        D701 [10OC]
      U.S. Marshal Service, D102 [6MR]
      Use immunity grant to DuBois Gilliam, D125 [13MR]
  Remarks in House
      Meetings: during sessions, 21419 [1AU], 24749 [17SE], 24910 
        [18SE], 30162 [17OC]
      Mink, Representative: election (H. Res. 499), 28247 [10OC]
      Reports: permission to file, 36864 [27OC]
      Foreign Travel Expenditures, 3664, 3665 [7MR], 13664 [12JN], 
        24626 [14SE]
  Reports filed
      Agent Orange Coverup--Case of Flawed Science and Political 
        Manipulation (H. Rept. 101-672), 23477 [5SE]
      AIDS Treatment and Care--Who Cares? (H. Rept. 101-674), 23477 
      Are Scientific Misconduct and Conflicts of Interest Hazardous to 
        Our Health (H. Rept. 101-688), 23677 [10SE]
      Consumer Costs of Continued State Motor Carrier Regulations (H. 
        Rept. 101-813), 27772 [5OC]
      Dept. of HUD Abuse and Mismanagement: (H. Rept. 101-977), 37085 
      Dept. of Justice Debt Collection (H. Rept. 101-825), 28447 
      Establish a Chief Financial Officer of the U.S. Within the OMB 
        (H.R. 5687) (H. Rept. 101-818), 27938 [6OC]
      Establish Dept. of Environmental Protection (H.R. 3847) (H. 
        Rept. 101-428), 5031 [22MR]
      Executive Department Review of Performance of Foreign 
        Contractors Under Certain Procurement Contracts (H.R. 4131) 
        (H. Rept. 101-729), 25275 [21SE]
      Immigration Limbo or the Plight of the Foreign National 
        Witnesses Used in Major Narcotics Prosecutions (H. Rept. 101-
        676), 23477 [5SE]
      Management of Funds Transferred Between the Federal and State 
        Governments (H.R. 4279) (H. Rept. 101-696), 24327 [13SE]
      Misconduct by Senior Managers in the IRS (H. Rept. 101-800), 
        27668 [4OC]
      National Policy on Permanent Papers (H.J. Res. 226) (H. Rept. 
        101-680), 23477 [5SE]
      Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Reauthorization 
        (H.R. 3695) (H. Rept. 101-927), 33167 [23OC]
      Peace Corps (H. Rept. 101-824), 28447 [10OC]
      Pluralism in Cultural Institutions Receiving Federal Fund (H. 
        Rept. 101-678), 23477 [5SE]
      Programs Administered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (H. 
        Rept. 101-679), 23477 [5SE]
      Reform of Procedures for Closing Appropriation Accounts (H.R. 
        5645) (H. Rept. 101-898), 31068 [18OC]
      Relationship Between State Assistance Programs and Federal Food 
        Stamp Allocations--Two Case Studies (H. Rept. 101-675), 23477 
      Stop the Flood of Cocaine With Operation Snowcap--Is It Working 
        (H. Rept. 101-673), 23477 [5SE]
      U.S. Marshals Service--Don't Arrest Oversight (H. Rept. 101-
        420), 4459 [15MR]
      Verification of Computer Matching Information Affecting 
        Individuals' Eligibility for Federal Benefits (H.R. 5450) (H. 
        Rept. 101-768), 26311 [27SE]
      Kolter, Representative, 1176 [5FE]
      Spratt, Representative, 14032 [14JN]
  Texts of
      H. Res. 499, election of Representative Mink, 28247 [10OC]