[Congressional Record Index (2010)]
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KING, STEVE (a Representative from Iowa)

      Political campaigns: prohibit foreign influence, prevent Federal 
        contractors from making expenditures, and establish additional 
        spending disclosure requirements relative to Federal elections 
        (H.R. 5175), H4817 [24JN]
  Articles and editorials
      Bookie Pays Off Early, Predicts Brown Win, Joseph Curl, 
        Washington (DC) Times, H189 [19JA]
      Puerto Rican Government Wants Bilingual Nation, Latin American 
        Herald Tribune (publication), H3038 [29AP]
  Bills and resolutions cosponsored
      Abortion: ensure that women seeking an abortion are fully 
        informed relative to pain experienced by the unborn child (see 
        H.R. 5276), H3310 [11MY]
      ------prohibit taxpayer funded abortions and provide for 
        conscience protections (see H.R. 5939), H6403 (see H.R. 5939), 
        H6455 [29JY]
      Afghanistan: undermine the Taliban and their allies through 
        recognition of ethnic diversity and support of a decentralized 
        Federal political system that shifts more power to regions and 
        localities (see H. Res. 1769), H8520 [15DE]
      Agricultural Marketing Act: improve reporting on sales of 
        livestock and dairy products (see H.R. 5852), H6042 [26JY]
      Agriculture: commend National Guard Agribusiness Development 
        Teams, Dept. of Agriculture, and AID personnel for efforts to 
        modernize agriculture practices and increase food production 
        in war-torn countries (see H. Res. 1075), H1104 [3MR]
      Appropriations: audit programs, projects, and activities funded 
        through earmarks (see H.R. 113), H2261 [23MR]
      ------establish an earmark moratorium, reduce discretionary 
        spending by amount saved, and establish bicameral, bipartisan 
        committee on budgetary, spending, and earmark processes (see 
        H. Res. 1289), H2843 [22AP]
      ------making full-year continuing at lower levels with certain 
        exceptions (see H.J. Res. 96), H6879 [22SE]
      Arizona: prohibit withdrawal of certain public lands from 
        location and entry under the Mining Law (see H.R. 5665), H5500 
      Armed Forces: anniversary of soldiers killed and wounded at Fort 
        Hood, TX, in shooting incident (see H. Con. Res. 319), H6879 
      ------eliminate per-fiscal year calculation of days of certain 
        active duty or service used to reduce minimum age at which 
        Reserve component members may retire for non-regular service 
        (see H.R. 4947), H3014 [28AP]
      ------ensure that Reserve members who have served on active duty 
        or performed certain active service receive credit toward 
        early receipt of non-regular service retired pay (see H.R. 
        208), H1440 [15MR]
      ------mint coins in commemoration of Army Five-Star Generals and 
        alumni of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (see 
        H.R. 1177), H2319 [24MR]
      ------reimburse attorney fees incurred by a member due to 
        certain charges brought under the Uniform Code of Military 
        Justice who is acquitted or has the charges dismissed or 
        withdrawn (see H.R. 5374), H3871 [26MY]
      Army: anniversary (see H. Con. Res. 286), H4424 [14JN]
      Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.: anniversary (see H. 
        Con. Res. 287), H4424 [14JN]
      Budget: limit year-to-year increase in total Federal spending to 
        increases in Consumer Price Index and population (see H.R. 
        5323), H3540 [18MY]
      ------setting forth the Federal budget for 2010-2020 (see H. 
        Con. Res. 281), H4216 [28MY]
      Courts: disapprove district court ruling on California same-sex 
        marriage ban (see H. Res. 1607), H6627 [10AU]
      Credit: require, as a condition for modification of a home 
        mortgage loan held by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or insured 
        under the National Housing Act, that the mortgagor be verified 
        under the E-verify program (see H.R. 4586), H554 [3FE]
      Dept. of HHS: prohibit precluding of patients from entering into 
        any contract with their health care providers (see H.R. 6170), 
        H6879 [22SE]
      Dept. of Homeland Security: strengthen student visa background 
        checks and improve monitoring of foreign students in the U.S. 
        (see H.R. 5208), H4597 [16JN]
      Dept. of Justice: compile, and make publicly available, certain 
        data relating to the Equal Access to Justice Act (see H.R. 
        4717), H2460 [25MR]
      ------prevent participation in any lawsuit seeking to invalidate 
        certain provisions of Arizona immigration enforcement 
        legislation (see H.R. 5840), H5984 [22JY]
      Dept. of the Treasury: terminate authority under the Troubled 
        Asset Relief Program (see H.R. 4566), H556 [3FE]
      Dept. of Veterans Affairs: deem certain service in Reserve 
        components as active service for purpose of certain 
        administered laws (see H.R. 3787), H1324 [10MR]
      Depts. of the Interior and Agriculture: prohibit from taking 
        action on public lands which impede border security on such 
        lands (see H.R. 5016), H3484 [13MY]
      District of Columbia: prohibit issuance of a marriage license to 
        any same-sex couple until a referendum or initiative can be 
        held on the issue of same-sex marriage (see H.R. 4430), H1104 
      ------provide low-income parents with expanded opportunities for 
        enrolling their children in high quality schools (see H.R. 
        2556), H423 [27JA]
      ------restore right to keep and bear arms (see H.R. 5162), H5712 
      Endangered species: prohibit treatment of the gray wolf as an 
        endangered species or threatened species (see H.R. 6028), 
        H6990 [23SE]
      EPA: delay implementation of certain final rules in States until 
        accreditation classes are held in the States for a certain 
        period (see H.R. 5177), H3274 [6MY]
      ------disapprove rule relative to endangerment findings and 
        regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act (see 
        H.J. Res. 77), H1027 [2MR]
      ------prohibit funding to be used to implement or enforce a cap-
        and-trade program for greenhouse gases (see H.R. 6511), H8286 
      ------prohibit regulation of firearm ammunition or fishing 
        tackle based on material composition (see H.R. 6284), H7390 
      Families and domestic relations: recognize contributions of 
        fathers in the healthy development of children, support 
        responsible fatherhood, and encourage greater involvement of 
        fathers in the lives of their children (see H. Res. 1389), 
        H3823 [25MY]
      Federal agencies and departments: provide that major rules of 
        the executive branch shall have no force or effect unless a 
        joint resolution of approval is enacted into law (see H.R. 
        3765), H1441 [15MR]
      Federal employees: temporarily freeze pay of civilian employees 
        (see H.R. 5382), H3871 [26MY]
      Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act: clarify 
        authorized use of registered pesticides (see H.R. 6087), H6626 
      Federal-State relations: reaffirm commitment to safeguard and 
        uphold the 10th Amendment to the Constitution relative to 
        governmental powers reserved to the States or the people (see 
        H. Res. 1006), H141 [13JA]
      Firearms: provide that certain firearms listed as curios or 
        relics may be imported into the U.S. by a licensed importer 
        without obtaining authorization from the Depts. of State or 
        Defense (see H.R. 6240), H7454 [15NO]
      Foreign aid: prohibit U.S. assistance to nations that 
        consistently oppose U.S. initiatives before the U.N. (see H.R. 
        4636), H3202 [5MY]
      ------temporarily prohibit U.S. loans to the IMF to be used to 
        provide financing for any member state of the European Union 
        (see H.R. 5299), H3542 [18MY]
      Foreign countries: increase transparency regarding U.S. debt 
        instruments held by foreign governments and assess risks to 
        the U.S. of such holdings (see H.R. 5319), H3658 [19MY]
      Government-sponsored enterprises: provide on-budget status to 
        Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (see H.R. 4653), H754 [23FE]
      GPO: eliminate mandatory printing of bills and resolutions for 
        use by Congress (see H.R. 4640), H647 [22FE]
      Greensboro, GA: tribute to Springfield Baptist Church's 
        recognition by the Georgia Historical Society as the oldest 
        African-American church in Greene County, GA (see H. Con. Res. 
        312), H7156 (see H. Con. Res. 312), H7213 [28SE]
      Haiti: express condolences and support to citizens in aftermath 
        of earthquake, support relief efforts, and commend crews of 
        USNS Comfort and other naval vessels for medical relief 
        efforts (see H. Res. 1048), H603 [4FE]
      Health: ensure an up or down vote on certain health care 
        legislation (see H. Res. 1188), H1595 [17MR]
      ------intensify stem cell research showing evidence of 
        substantial clinical benefit to patients (see H.R. 877), H6880 
      ------prohibit conditioning licensure of a health care provider 
        upon participation in a health plan (see H.R. 6171), H6879 
      ------prohibit use of funds for implementation or enforcement of 
        any Federal mandate to purchase health insurance (see H.R. 
        4904), H2261 [23MR]
      Help America Vote Act: require States to certify that aliens are 
        prohibited from voting in elections for State or local office 
        as a condition of receiving funds under such Act (see H.R. 
        6492), H8030 [2DE]
      House Rules: clarify treatment of earmarks, limited tax 
        benefits, or limited tariff benefits in conferences between 
        the House and the Senate (see H. Res. 1502), H6882 [22SE]
      ------require citation of specific powers granted to Congress in 
        the Constitution be included in legislation as a basis for 
        enacting such proposed laws (see H. Res. 1754), H8089 [7DE]
      Immigration: express that State and local governments and law 
        enforcement can investigate, identify, apprehend, arrest, 
        detain, or transfer to Federal custody aliens in the U.S. to 
        assist in immigration law enforcement (see H. Res. 1384), 
        H3745 [24MY]
      ------refuse or revoke visas to aliens if in U.S. security or 
        foreign policy interests, review all visa applications before 
        adjudication, and provide for immediate dissemination of visa 
        revocation information (see H.R. 4758), H1167 [4MR]
      ------support credible and effective policies which welcome 
        lawful immigrants and nonimmigrants and also prevent the 
        unlawful entry or continued presence of unlawful foreign 
        persons (see H. Res. 1026), H424 [27JA]
      Iraq: deplore ongoing violence by Iraqi security forces against 
        the residents of Camp Ashraf and call on Iraqi Government to 
        ensure the well-being of such residents (see H. Res. 704), 
        H1519 [16MR]
      Israel: anniversary of Jerusalem reunification (see H. Con. Res. 
        271), H3078 [29AP]
      ------support relocation of U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem (see H. 
        Res. 1191), H1656 [18MR]
      ------support right to defend itself against terrorists and the 
        Israeli construction of new security fences along the border 
        of Egypt (see H. Res. 1241), H2800 [21AP]
      Medicare: allow beneficiaries direct access to physical 
        therapists without a physician referral (see H.R. 1829), H3123 
      ------repeal competitive acquisition program for durable medical 
        equipment and prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) in 
        a budget neutral manner (see H.R. 3790), H1221 [9MR]
      Middle East: support a negotiated solution to the Israeli/
        Palestinian conflict and condemn unilateral measures to 
        declare or recognize a Palestinian state (see H. Res. 1765), 
        H8520 [15DE]
      ------support Israel's right of self-defense, condemn Iranian 
        support of terrorism and threats of annihilation of Israeli 
        people, and persuade Iran to stop pursuit of nuclear weapons 
        (see H. Res. 1553), H5985 [22JY]
      Mortenson, Greg: award Congressional Gold Medal (see H.R. 6084), 
        H6626 [10AU]
      National Baseball Hall of Fame: mint coins in recognition and 
        celebration (see H.R. 6534), H8597 [16DE]
      National Chiropractic Health Month: observance (see H. Res. 
        1523), H5675 [15JY]
      National Day of Prayer: appeal district court ruling 
        constitutionality and express support for institution (see H. 
        Res. 1279), H2801 [21AP]
      ------constitutionality (see H. Res. 1273), H2845 [22AP]
      National Runaway Prevention Month: support goals and ideals (see 
        H. Res. 1687), H7757 [30NO]
      National security: deploy National Guard to assist U.S.-Mexico 
        border control activities (see H. Con. Res. 273), H3442 [12MY]
      National Week of Hope: support goals and ideals (see H. Res. 
        1206), H2461 [25MR]
      Oklahoma: commend National Guard Agribusiness Development Team 
        for efforts to modernize agriculture and sustainable farming 
        practices in Afghanistan (see H. Res. 1110), H2845 [22AP]
      Oklahoma City, OK: remember victims of attack on the Alfred P. 
        Murrah Federal Building (see H. Res. 1206), H2461 [25MR]
      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: repeal (see H.R. 
        4901), H2800 [21AP] (see H.R. 4903), H2215 [22MR] (see H.R. 
        4919), H2800 [21AP] (see H.R. 5005), H2503 [13AP]
      ------repeal provisions providing for the Independent Payment 
        Advisory Board (see H.R. 4985), H2458 [25MR]
      Power resources: extend certain tax incentives for alcohol used 
        as fuel and additional duties on ethanol (see H.R. 4940), 
        H2456 [25MR]
      Religion: reaffirm ``In God We Trust'' as the official motto of 
        the U.S. and support and encourage its public display in all 
        public buildings, public schools, and other government 
        institutions (see H. Con. Res. 274), H3201 [5MY]
      Rome Statute on the International Criminal Court: express the 
        undermining of U.S. sovereignty, declare that the U.S. should 
        not ratify, and discourage U.S. representation at review 
        conference in Uganda (see H. Con. Res. 265), H2799 [21AP]
      Slater, Robert K.: tribute (see H. Res. 792), H1104 [3MR]
      Social Security: prevent fraudulent use of account numbers by 
        allowing the sharing of Social Security data among U.S. 
        agencies for identity theft prevention and immigration 
        enforcement purposes (see H.R. 2472), H1324 [10MR]
      Taiwan: support U.N. membership (see H. Con. Res. 316), H6764 
      Taxation: allow an individual to designate a percentage of their 
        income tax liability be used to reduce the public debt and 
        require spending reductions equal to amounts so designated 
        (see H.R. 5536), H5504 [1JY]
      ------constitutional amendment on tax limitations (see H.J. Res. 
        87), H3870 [26MY]
      ------express that the value added tax is a massive tax increase 
        that will cripple families on fixed income and only further 
        push back America's economic recovery (see H. Res. 1245), 
        H3080 [29AP]
      ------express that the value-added tax is a massive tax increase 
        that will cripple families on fixed income and only further 
        push back America's economic recovery (see H. Res. 1346), 
        H3310 [11MY]
      ------increase alternative tax liability limitation for small 
        property and casualty insurance companies (see H.R. 3301), 
        H6573 [30JY]
      ------make certain tax relief permanent and permanently repeal 
        estate and gift taxes (see H.R. 6522), H8519 [15DE]
      ------modify incentives for production of biodiesel (see H.R. 
        4070), H2460 [25MR]
      ------prevent pending tax increases (see H.R. 4746), H1744 
      ------provide collegiate housing and infrastructure grants (see 
        H.R. 1547), H1221 [9MR]
      ------require payment of manufacturers' excise tax on 
        recreational equipment be paid quarterly and provide for Dept. 
        of the Treasury assessment of certain criminal restitution 
        (see H.R. 5552), H4975 (see H.R. 5552), H5204 [29JN]
      Telecommunications: make more spectrum available to, facilitate 
        development of a wireless broadband network for, and provide 
        standards for spectrum needs of public safety agencies (see 
        H.R. 5081), H7454 [15NO]
      Telephones: restrict any State or local jurisdiction from 
        imposing a new discriminatory tax on cell phone services, 
        providers, or property (see H.R. 1521), H7396 [29SE]
      Ten Commandments Weekend: designate (see H. Res. 1175), H1396 
      U.N.: prohibit U.S. participation on the U.N. Human Rights 
        Council and prohibit contributions for purposes of paying for 
        investigation into efforts to break Israeli blockade of Gaza 
        (see H.R. 5501), H4507 [15JN]
      U.S. Marshals Service: mint coins in commemoration of 
        anniversary (see H.R. 5680), H5618 [14JY]
      U.S. Men's National Soccer Team: tribute (see H. Res. 1527), 
        H5921 [21JY]
      University of Iowa: tribute to football team (see H. Res. 1092), 
        H647 [22FE]
      Venezuela: designate as a state sponsor of terrorism (see H. 
        Res. 872), H6881 [22SE]
      World Veterinary Year: designate (see H. Res. 1531), H7549 
      World War II: anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima (see H. Res. 
        1099), H755 [23FE]
  Bills and resolutions introduced
      Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act: repeal (see H.R. 
        6555), H8785 [17DE]
      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: repeal (see H.R. 
        4972), H2458 [25MR] (see H.R. 6555), H8785 [17DE]
      Food, Conservation, and Energy Act: determination on merits of 
        Pigford claims (2008), H7654 [30NO]
      Require a certain level of English proficiency as a condition 
        for Puerto Rican statehood: Mauro E. Mujica, U.S. English, 
        Inc., H3038 [29AP]
      ``At Honor's Height,'' Albert C. Caswell, H7425 [15NO]
      ``This Christmas . . .,'' Albert C. Caswell, H8933 [21DE]
      Air pollution: impact of economy-wide global warming pollution 
        emission cap and trade program, H4500 [15JN], H4626 [17JN], 
        H6147 [27JY]
      American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: impact of stimulus 
        funding, H2837 [22AP]
      Arizona: passage of State immigration enforcement legislation, 
        H3069, H3074 [29AP], H3436-H3438 [12MY], H3642 [19MY], H3691, 
        H3697 [20MY], H3864, H3867, H3868 [26MY], H4416-H4422 [14JN], 
        H4502-H4504 [15JN], H4776 [23JN]
      Armed Forces: direct the President, pursuant to the War Powers 
        Resolution, to remove the U.S. Armed Forces from Afghanistan 
        (H. Con. Res. 248), H1274 [10MR]
      ------enhance readiness by replacing current ``Don't Ask, Don't 
        Tell'' policy concerning homosexuality with a policy of 
        nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, H6863 
      ------report on gunman in Fort Hood, TX, shootings, H1420 [15MR]
      ------tribute to members for service in Iraq and Afghanistan, 
        H8932 [21DE]
      Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, Inc. 
        (ACORN): alleged involvement in voter registration fraud, 
        H2837 [22AP], H4503 [15JN]
      ------ceasing of operations, H2213 [22MR]
      Budget: balance, H6868 [22SE]
      ------constitutional amendment to require balanced (H.J. Res. 
        1), H373, H375 [26JA], H6147 [27JY]
      ------deficit, H373 [26JA], H1022 [2MR], H2871 [26AP], H4501 
        [15JN], H4770 [23JN], H5703, H5705 [19JY]
      ------reconciliation of the concurrent resolution relative to 
        health care reform, student loan reform, school construction 
        and renovation, and other education initiatives (H.R. 4872), 
        H2207, H2209 [22MR]
      ------reconciliation of the concurrent resolution relative to 
        health care reform, student loan reform, school construction 
        and renovation, and other education initiatives (H.R. 4872), 
        Senate amendments, H2635 [15AP], H2834 [22AP]
      ------reconciliation of the concurrent resolution relative to 
        health care reform, student loan reform, school construction 
        and renovation, and other education initiatives (H.R. 4872), 
        consideration (H. Res. 1203), H1847 [21MR]
      ------setting forth the Federal budget for 2010-2015, H4501 
        [15JN], H4770 [23JN]
      Calderon Hinojosa, Felipe: address to joint meeting of Congress 
        by Mexican President, H3691, H3693, H3694, H3695, H3697 [20MY]
      ------remarks on U.S. immigration policy by Mexican President, 
        H3864 [26MY]
      Children and youth: protect students from inappropriate 
        seclusion and physical restraint (H.R. 4247), H1058 [3MR]
      Colleges and universities: permit States to determine residency 
        standards for higher education purposes and cancel removal and 
        adjust status of certain long-term resident alien students, 
        H6864-H6867, H6869 [22SE]
      Congressional Progressive Caucus: characterization, H829 [24FE], 
        H923 [25FE]
      Courts: clarify and improve certain provisions relative to 
        removal of litigation against Federal officers or agencies to 
        Federal courts (H.R. 5281), Senate amendments, H8228, H8236, 
        H8256 [8DE]
      ------clarify and improve certain provisions relative to removal 
        of litigation against Federal officers or agencies to Federal 
        courts (H.R. 5281), consideration of Senate amendments (H. 
        Res. 1756), H8218 [8DE]
      ------provide funding for settlement of the Cobell class action 
        lawsuit involving Federal management and accounting of 
        individual Native American trust accounts, H7689 [30NO]
      Democratic Party: national agenda, H183 [19JA], H3637 [19MY], 
        H3807 [25MY], H4497-H4502 [15JN], H6143 [27JY], H7426 [15NO], 
        H8930 [21DE]
      Dept. of Agriculture: provide funding for settlement of claims 
        by African-American farmers who suffered discrimination in the 
        administration of farm credit and benefit programs, H7635, 
        H7640 [29NO], H7653, H7689 [30NO], H7845-H7850 [1DE]
      Dept. of Defense: authorizing appropriations for military 
        activities, prescribing personnel strengths, and military 
        construction (S. 3454), H6863-H6867, H6869 [22SE]
      ------conditions and treatment of individuals detained at 
        Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, H7745 [30NO]
      ------decision to reallocate proposed European land-based 
        missile defense system to ship-based system in North and 
        Mediterranean Seas, H7748 [30NO]
      Dept. of Homeland Security: construct a fence along the southern 
        border of the U.S., H3434-H3436 [12MY], H3640 [19MY]
      ------establish operational control over the international land 
        and maritime borders of the U.S., H3434 [12MY]
      ------strengthen efforts to develop nuclear forensics 
        capabilities to permit attribution of the source of nuclear 
        material (H.R. 730), Senate amendment, H228 [20JA]
      Dept. of Justice: assessment of Civil Rights Division decisions 
        relative to voter rights, H3479-H3481 [13MY], H4969 [29JN]
      ------investigation into constitutionality of passage of Arizona 
        immigration enforcement legislation, H3474, H3477-H3481 
        [13MY], H3691 [20MY], H4419-H4422 [14JN], H7584 [18NO]
      Dept. of Labor: advertising campaign offering assistance to 
        illegal immigrants facing wage disparities, H4776 [23JN]
      Dept. of the Interior: extend grants and other assistance to 
        facilitate a political status public education program for 
        Guam, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands (H.R. 3940), 
        Senate amendments, H7362 [29SE]
      ------make public results of blowout preventer testing prior to 
        BP P.L.C., Deepwater Horizon oil incident, H3811 [25MY]
      Earthquakes: accelerate income tax benefits for charitable 
        contributions for relief of victims in Chile and extend period 
        from which contributions for relief of victims in Haiti may be 
        accelerated (H.R. 4783), Senate amendments, H7845-H7850 [1DE]
      ------accelerate income tax benefits for charitable 
        contributions for relief of victims in Chile and extend period 
        from which contributions for relief of victims in Haiti may be 
        accelerated (H.R. 4783), consideration (H. Res. 1736), H7653 
      ------accelerate income tax benefits for charitable 
        contributions for relief of victims in Chile and extend period 
        from which such contributions for relief of victims in Haiti 
        may be accelerated (H.R. 4783), Senate amendments, H7689 
      Economy: analysis of causes and potential remedies of current 
        economic recession, H1019-H1024 [2MR], H2868-H2871 [26AP], 
        H3004, H3006 [28AP], H3431, H3432 [12MY], H4963-H4969 [29JN]
      ------comparison between policies of past Presidential 
        administrations and the Obama administration, H1018 [2MR], 
        H5706-H5709 [19JY]
      ------Federal Government control versus free enterprise, H4625-
        H4630 [17JN], H5707 [19JY], H6140-H6143 [27JY]
      ------Government bailout of automobile industry, H2633 [15AP], 
        H2835 [22AP], H4497 [15JN]
      ------Government bailout of financial institutions, H376 [26JA], 
        H638 [22FE], H2632 [15AP], H3263 [6MY], H4497 [15JN]
      ------impact of failure to extend Bush administration tax cuts, 
        H3637 [19MY], H3808 [25MY]
      ------importance of job creation, H3431, H3432 [12MY]
      ------provide financial regulatory reform, protect consumers and 
        investors, enhance Federal understanding of insurance issues, 
        and regulate the over-the-counter derivatives markets (H.R. 
        4173), H2836 [22AP], H3474 [13MY], H3809, H3810, H3811, H3812, 
        H3813 [25MY]
      ------provide financial regulatory reform, protect consumers and 
        investors, enhance Federal understanding of insurance issues, 
        and regulate the over-the-counter derivatives markets (H.R. 
        4173), conference report, H4966 [29JN]
      Employment: make permanent the E-verify program for employment 
        eligibility confirmation, H6868 [22SE]
      English language: declare as national language of U.S. (H.R. 
        1229), H3696 [20MY], H6868 [22SE]
      FAA: extend Airport Improvement Program authority (H.R. 4853), 
        House amendment, H8255 [8DE]
      ------extend Airport Improvement Program authority (H.R. 4853), 
        Senate amendment, H7851 [1DE], H8513, H8514, H8515, H8516 
      Federal-State relations: recognize historic and continuing 
        importance of Federalism and uphold States' rights, H7429 
      ------roles of the Constitution and the Declaration of 
        Independence relative to establishment of States' rights, 
        H1740 [19MR]
      FEMA: extend authorization of National Flood Insurance Program 
        and identify priorities essential to reform and ongoing stable 
        functioning of the Program (H.R. 5114), H6145 [27JY]
      ------reform National Flood Insurance Program, H3265-H3267 [6MY]
      Financial institutions: improve accountability and transparency 
        in the financial system, end ``too big to fail'', end 
        bailouts, and protect consumers from abusive financial 
        services practices, H2868-H2871 [26AP]
      Firearms: protect right to keep and bear arms, H4499 [15JN], 
        H4964 [29JN]
      Foreign policy: assess status of the war on terrorism, H3808 
      Freedom of speech: protect rights of citizens, H4499 [15JN]
      Geithner, Sec. of the Treasury: impact of previous self-
        employment tax errors on suitability to be Sec. of the 
        Treasury, H3811 [25MY]
      Giunta, Salvatore: Medal of Honor recipient, H7425 [15NO]
      Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.: SEC investigation of alleged 
        fraudulent activities relative to sale of financial product 
        tied to subprime mortgages, H3003 [28AP]
      Gulf of Mexico: Federal response to oil leak caused by oil rig 
        explosion, H4631 [17JN]
      ------waive compliance with the Jones Act to allow foreign-
        flagged vessels to assist in responding to the Deepwater 
        Horizon oil spill, H4629 [17JN]
      Hawaii: express the policy of the U.S. toward Native Hawaiians 
        and provide a process for the reorganization and recognition 
        of the Native Hawaiian government (H.R. 2314), H713, H714 
      Health: constitutionality of mandate requiring U.S. citizens to 
        have health insurance, H637 [22FE], H1388 [12MR], H1740 [19MR]
      ------national policy to provide health care and reform 
        insurance procedures, H636, H638, H641, H642, H643 [22FE], 
        H823, H824, H825, H827, H828, H829, H830, H831 [24FE], H923 
        [25FE], H956, H960, H961, H962 [26FE], H1023 [2MR]
      ------national policy to provide health care and reform 
        insurance procedures (H.R. 3590), H1388, H1390 [12MR], H1430, 
        H1432, H1433, H1434, H1435, H1436 [15MR], H1470, H1510, H1512, 
        H1513, H1515, H1516 [16MR], H1649, H1650, H1652, H1653 [18MR], 
        H1735, H1738, H1739, H1740 [19MR], H2207, H2209 [22MR], H2634, 
        H2638 [15AP], H2838-H2840 [22AP], H3115 [4MY], H3265-H3270 
        [6MY], H3813 [25MY], H4773-H4776 [23JN], H5703, H5709 [19JY], 
        H6144-H6147 [27JY], H6980 [23SE]
      ------national policy to provide health care and reform 
        insurance procedures (H.R. 3590), consideration (H. Res. 
        1203), H1847 [21MR]
      ------national policy to provide health care and reform 
        insurance procedures (H.R. 3962), H184, H188, H189 [19JA], 
        H257, H258, H259, H260, H261, H262 [20JA], H375, H378, H381 
      ------prohibit Federal funding of abortions, H6868 [22SE]
      ------prohibit Federal funding of abortions under any national 
        health care plan, H379 [26JA], H1433, H1434 [15MR], H1516 
        [16MR], H1741 [19MR], H2210-H2213 [22MR]
      ------reduce health care and insurance costs through medical 
        malpractice tort reform, H824 [24FE], H1431 [15MR]
      ------use of budget reconciliation process to revise health care 
        reform legislation, H1432 [15MR], H1470 [16MR]
      House of Representatives: consideration of rule for 
        reconciliation legislation that would deem Senate version of 
        health care reform legislation passed, H1434 [15MR], H1510 
        [16MR], H1652 [18MR]
      ------impact of partisanship, H823, H825, H826, H827, H828, 
        H829, H830 [24FE]
      ------importance of bipartisanship, H7585 [18NO]
      ------legislative priorities, H2834 [22AP]
      ------legislative process, H826, H827 [24FE], H6979 [23SE]
      House Rules: open versus restrictive rules, H3638 [19MY]
      ------require that rescission bills always be considered under 
        open rules every year (H. Res. 323), H2634 [15AP]
      Housing: reform the regulation of the housing-related 
        Government-sponsored enterprises, H2836 [22AP]
      Immigration: cancel removal and adjust status of certain long-
        term resident alien students, H8218, H8228, H8236, H8256 [8DE]
      ------enforce existing immigration laws and improve border 
        security, H4416-H4422 [14JN], H4776 [23JN], H7582-H7584 [18NO]
      ------history of legal immigration and contribution of 
        immigrants to U.S economic strength, H4965 [29JN]
      ------prevent illegal immigrants from receiving public health 
        benefits, H1435 [15MR], H1515 [16MR]
      ------reform, H3069-H3075 [29AP], H3432-H3438 [12MY], H3639-
        H3643 [19MY], H3693, H3694, H3695, H3696, H3697 [20MY], H3862, 
        H3864, H3866, H3867, H3868 [26MY], H8928 [21DE]
      Insurance: provide for cooperative governing of individual 
        health insurance coverage offered in interstate commerce, 
        H1431 [15MR]
      Intelligence services: assess validity of pre-war analysis 
        concerning rationale for use of Armed Forces in Iraq, H7584 
      Israel: support right of self-defense against imminent military 
        or nuclear threat from Iran and other countries and 
        organizations, H3862 [26MY]
      Jennings, Kevin B.: evaluation of suitability for current 
        position as Assistant Deputy Sec. of Education for the Office 
        of Safe and Drug Free Schools, H1058 [3MR]
      Korea, Democratic People's Republic of: U.S. policy, H7747 
      Law enforcement: coordinate efforts to protect U.S. border 
        cities and communities from drug trafficking, gunrunning, 
        illegal alien smuggling, violence, and kidnapping along and 
        across the border with Mexico, H3639 [19MY], H3862, H3866 
      Minimum wage: adjust minimum wage schedule for American Samoa 
        and the Northern Mariana Islands, H7362 [29SE]
      Motor vehicles: role of Federal Government in determining terms 
        of bankruptcy proceedings of Chrysler LLC, and General Motors 
        Co., H4421 [14JN]
      National security: improve border security, H3692, H3697 [20MY]
      Native Americans: authorize tribal water rights settlements, 
        H7689 [30NO]
      New York, NY: extend and improve protections and services to 
        individuals directly impacted by the terrorist attack (H.R. 
        847), E1511 [30JY]
      Obama, President: evaluation of administration, H3115, H3119, 
        H3120 [4MY]
      ------evaluation of economic policies, H640 [22FE], H924 [25FE], 
        H1735, H1738 [19MR], H3008, H3009, H3010, H3011 [28AP], H3115 
        [4MY], H4627 [17JN], H4770-H4773 [23JN]
      ------evaluation of national security policies, H7744, H7745, 
        H7747 [30NO]
      ------Executive order to ensure enforcement and implementation 
        of abortion restrictions, H2834 [22AP]
      ------host of televised bipartisan health care summit, H1018 
      ------proposal to host televised bipartisan health care summit, 
        H636 [22FE], H825, H827, H830 [24FE]
      Office of Minority and Women Inclusion: establish, H4967 [29JN]
      Onyango, Zeituni: clarification of immigration status of family 
        member of President Obama, H4421 [14JN]
      Parliamentary inquiry, H922 [25FE], H1390 [12MR]
      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: eliminate certain 
        provisions pertaining to special Medicaid and Medicare funding 
        for certain States, H2835 [22AP]
      ------repeal, H2840 [22AP], H7427-H7429 [15NO], H7585 [18NO], 
        H8931 [21DE]
      ------repeal (H.R. 4972), H3270 [6MY], H4775 [23JN], H6146 
        [27JY], H6867 [22SE]
      Political campaigns: eliminate limitations on Federal election 
        campaign contributions, H4817, H4818 [24JN]
      ------prohibit foreign influence, prevent Federal contractors 
        from making expenditures, and establish additional spending 
        disclosure requirements relative to Federal elections (H.R. 
        5175), H4817, H4818 [24JN]
      Power resources: create clean energy jobs, achieve energy 
        independence, reduce global warming pollution, and transition 
        to a clean energy economy (H.R. 2454), H6147 [27JY]
      Puerto Rico: provide for a federally sanctioned self-
        determination process (H.R. 2499), H3038 [29AP]
      ------require a certain level of English proficiency as a 
        condition for statehood, H3038 [29AP]
      Religion: historical impact of Judeo-Christian values, H7430 
      Republican Party: national agenda, H6867, H6869 [22SE]
      Senate: election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts special 
        election, H185, H186, H188, H189 [19JA], H255 [20JA], H924 
      ------legislative process, H956 [26FE]
      Taxation: clarify that wages paid to unauthorized aliens are not 
        deductible (H.R. 3580), H3072 [29AP], H3438 [12MY], H3640 
        [19MY], H6869 [22SE], H8929 [21DE]
      ------extend certain expiring provisions of the Internal Revenue 
        Code (H.R. 4213), Senate amendment, H5702 [19JY]
      ------extend estate tax relief, H8513, H8514, H8515, H8516 
      ------extend funding and expenditure authority of the Airport 
        and Airway Trust Fund (H.R. 4853), House amendment, H8255 
      ------extend funding and expenditure authority of the Airport 
        and Airway Trust Fund (H.R. 4853), Senate amendment, H7851 
        [1DE], H8513, H8514, H8515, H8516 [15DE]
      ------make certain middle class tax relief permanent, increase 
        limits on small business expensing of certain depreciable 
        assets, and extend alternative minimum tax relief, H7851 
        [1DE], H8255 [8DE], H8513, H8514, H8515, H8516 [15DE]
      ------permanently extend Bush administration tax cuts, H6982, 
        H6984 [23SE]
      ------rates, H186 [19JA], H2631, H2638 [15AP], H2872-H2875 
        [26AP], H3263 [6MY]
      ------repeal income tax, abolish the IRS, and institute a 
        national retail sales tax (H.R. 25), H2872-H2875 [26AP]
      Terrorism: require all foreign terrorists who attack the U.S. be 
        considered enemy combatants to be tried by military tribunals 
        instead of civilian courts, H7744 [30NO]
      Thanksgiving Day: observance, H7588 [18NO]
      Unemployment: provide additional emergency unemployment 
        compensation, H5702 [19JY]
      ------rates, H3761 [25MY]
      Votes: position on missed, H6124 [27JY], E201, 
        E208, E213 [23FE], E894, E897 
      WikiLeaks (Internet site): release of classified documents to 
        the news media, H7744 [30NO]
      Popps, Dean G., E696 [28AP]