[Congressional Record Index (2010)]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office, www.gpo.gov]

MILLER, CANDICE S. (a Representative from Michigan)

      FEMA: extend authorization of National Flood Insurance Program 
        and identify priorities essential to reform and ongoing stable 
        functioning of the Program (H.R. 5114), H5648 [15JY]
  Bills and resolutions cosponsored
      Abortion: ensure that women seeking an abortion are fully 
        informed relative to pain experienced by the unborn child (see 
        H.R. 5276), H3310 [11MY]
      ------prohibit discrimination against the unborn on the basis of 
        sex or race (see H.R. 1822), H8264 [8DE]
      ------prohibit taxpayer funded abortions and provide for 
        conscience protections (see H.R. 5939), H6403 (see H.R. 5939), 
        H6455 [29JY]
      al-Awlaki, Anwar: issue certificate of loss of nationality (see 
        H. Res. 1288), H2843 [22AP]
      Alcoholic beverages: support State based alcohol regulation, 
        clarify evidentiary rules for alcohol matters, and ensure 
        collection of all alcohol taxes (see H.R. 5034), H4023 (see 
        H.R. 5034), H4085 [27MY]
      American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: rescind all stimulus 
        funds that remain unobligated (see H.R. 6403), H7500 [16NO]
      Appropriations: establish an earmark moratorium, reduce 
        discretionary spending by amount saved, and establish 
        bicameral, bipartisan committee on budgetary, spending, and 
        earmark processes (see H. Res. 1289), H2843 [22AP]
      ------making full-year continuing at lower levels with certain 
        exceptions (see H.J. Res. 96), H6990 [23SE]
      Armed Forces: ensure every military chaplain has the prerogative 
        to close a prayer outside of a religious service according to 
        the dictates of the chaplain's own conscience (see H.R. 268), 
        H5303 [30JN]
      ------ensure that Reserve members who have served on active duty 
        or performed certain active service receive credit toward 
        early receipt of non-regular service retired pay (see H.R. 
        208), H6572 [30JY]
      ------express that all Americans should participate in a moment 
        of silence to reflect upon the service and sacrifice of 
        members of the Armed Forces both at home and abroad (see H. 
        Res. 1119), H933 [25FE]
      ------tribute to meritorious service of aviators shot down over, 
        or otherwise forced to land in, hostile territory yet evaded 
        enemy capture or were captured but subsequently escaped (see 
        H. Res. 925), H1028 [2MR]
      Aviation: establish limitations on the approval of cooperative 
        arrangements between 2 or more air carriers or between an air 
        carrier and a foreign air carrier (see H.R. 4788), H1359 
      ------express gratitude for contributions that U.S. air traffic 
        controllers make to keep the traveling public safe and U.S. 
        airspace running efficiently (see H. Res. 1401), H4247 [8JN]
      Business and industry: amend Federal law to encourage the 
        repatriation of jobs to the U.S. (see H.R. 5980), H6405 (see 
        H.R. 5980), H6457 [29JY]
      Civil War--U.S.: mint coins to recognize and commemorate the 
        1863 invasion of Pennsylvania, the Battle of Gettysburg, and 
        President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address (see H.R. 3712), H1441 
      Clark, William G.: tribute (see H. Res. 1534), H7615 [18NO]
      Classified information: provide penalties for disclosure of 
        classified information related to certain intelligence 
        activities (see H.R. 6506), H8786 [17DE]
      Clinton County, OH: anniversary (see H. Res. 1121), H2216 [22MR]
      Clothing industry: improve accuracy of fur products labeling 
        (see H.R. 2480), H4330 [9JN]
      Constitution Day: observance (see H. Res. 1612), H6682 [14SE]
      Corps of Engineers: prevent the spread of Asian carp into the 
        Great Lakes and their tributaries (see H.R. 4604), H4975 (see 
        H.R. 4604), H5204 [29JN]
      ------study feasibility of the hydrological separation of the 
        Great Lakes and Mississippi River Basins (see H.R. 5625), 
        H4974 (see H.R. 5625), H5202 [29JN]
      ------take action on the Chicago waterway system to prevent 
        migration of bighead and silver carps into Lake Michigan (see 
        H.R. 4472), H328 [21JA]
      Courts: provide for habeas corpus review for unprivileged enemy 
        belligerents (see H.R. 4975), H2458 [25MR]
      Crime: prevent video depictions of animal cruelty (see H.R. 
        5092), H3014 [28AP] (see H.R. 5566), H4676 [22JN]
      Dept. of Defense: require submittal of certain certifications to 
        Congress before transferring or releasing individuals detained 
        at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the custody of another country 
        (see H.R. 4490), H326 [21JA]
      ------take illegal subsidization into account in evaluating 
        proposals for contracts for major defense acquisition programs 
        (see H.R. 5298), H3824 [25MY]
      Dept. of Education: establish and administer an awards program 
        recognizing excellence exhibited by public school system 
        employees providing services to students in pre-kindergarten 
        through higher education (see H.R. 2377), H1104 [3MR]
      Dept. of Homeland Security: recognize and honor employees who 
        lost their lives in the line of duty (see H. Res. 1394), H4388 
      ------strengthen measures to protect the U.S. from terrorist 
        attacks and authorize appropriations (see H.R. 5590), H4871 
      Dept. of Justice: consult with appropriate officials within 
        other relevant Government agencies prior to making the 
        decision to prosecute certain terrorism offenses in U.S. 
        district court (see H.R. 4503), H424 [27JA]
      ------prohibit funding for prosecution in Federal courts of 
        detainees from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (see H.R. 4542), H422 
      Dept. of State: submit to Congress an annual report on exports 
        of weapons and related services by Belarus and Belarusian 
        enterprises (see H.R. 4436), H2460 [25MR]
      Dept. of Veterans Affairs: clarify presumptions relating to 
        exposure of certain veterans who served in the vicinity of 
        Vietnam (see H.R. 2254), H1744 [19MR]
      ------establish Veterans Economic Opportunity Administration 
        (see H.R. 3719), H1324 [10MR]
      Diseases: support raising awareness and educating the public 
        about Alper's disease (see H. Res. 1700), H7395 [29SE]
      District of Columbia: restore right to keep and bear arms (see 
        H.R. 5162), H5712 [19JY]
      Domestic policy: temporarily extend certain programs (see H.R. 
        5453), H4213 [28MY]
      E.W. Scripps Co.: tribute to National Spelling Bee participants 
        (see H. Res. 1494), H6574 [30JY]
      EPA: disapprove rule relative to endangerment findings and 
        regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act (see 
        H.J. Res. 77), H1027 [2MR]
      Families and domestic relations: constitutional amendment on 
        parental rights (see H.J. Res. 42), H2460 [25MR]
      ------recognize contributions of fathers in the healthy 
        development of children, support responsible fatherhood, and 
        encourage greater involvement of fathers in the lives of their 
        children (see H. Res. 1389), H3823 [25MY]
      ------require restrooms in public buildings be equipped with 
        baby changing facilities (see H.R. 4534), H422 [27JA]
      FBI: provide safeguards relative to criminal background checks 
        prepared for employment purposes (see H.R. 5300), H3482 [13MY]
      Financial institutions: advance the ability of credit unions to 
        promote small business growth and economic development 
        opportunities (see H.R. 3380), H933 [25FE]
      Foreign aid: ensure accountability for U.S. taxpayers' 
        humanitarian assistance for Palestinian refugees (see H.R. 
        5065), H2694 [20AP]
      Foreign trade: require foreign manufacturers of products 
        imported into the U.S. to establish registered agents in the 
        U.S. who are authorized to accept service of process against 
        such manufacturers (see H.R. 4678), H832 [24FE]
      Galarraga, Armando: commend for pitching a near-perfect game and 
        call on Major League Baseball to overturn the umpire's call 
        that spoiled the perfect game (see H. Res. 1425), H4246 [8JN]
      GAO: evaluate propriety of assistance provided to General Motors 
        Corp., under the Troubled Asset Relief Program (see H.R. 
        6046), H6628 [10AU]
      ------require that a vacancy in the position of Comptroller 
        General be filled only by an individual who is a licensed 
        certified public accountant and who meets other qualification 
        requirements (see H.R. 4410), H2579 [14AP]
      Great Lakes: protect and restore (see H.R. 4755), H1221 [9MR]
      Haiti: establish the Office of the Special Coordinator for 
        Assistance to Haiti and the Office of the Special Inspector 
        General for Assistance to Haiti (see H.R. 4952), H3079 [29AP]
      Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund: ensure that amounts credited are 
        used for harbor maintenance (see H.R. 4844), H4425 [14JN]
      Harwell, William E. (Ernie): tribute (see H. Res. 1328), H3201 
      Health: ensure an up or down vote on certain health care 
        legislation (see H. Res. 1188), H1595 [17MR]
      House Rules: provide for earmark reform (see H. Res. 100), H834 
      Immigration: clarify classes of individuals born in the U.S. who 
        are nationals and citizens of the U.S. at birth (see H.R. 
        1868), H556 [3FE]
      ------provide for the seizure and forfeiture of real property 
        used or intended to be used for alien smuggling (see H.R. 
        5769), H5986 [22JY]
      ------reform by securing borders, clarifying and enforcing 
        existing laws, and enabling a practical employer verification 
        program (see H.R. 3308), H648 [22FE]
      Iran: impose sanctions on those complicit in human rights abuses 
        committed against citizens or their families after the June 
        12, 2009, political processes (see H.R. 4649), H2505 [13AP]
      Iraq: condemn violence and threats against vulnerable religious 
        communities, in particular the attack against Our Lady of 
        Salvation Church in Baghdad (see H. Res. 1725), H8089 [7DE]
      ------deplore ongoing violence by Iraqi security forces against 
        the residents of Camp Ashraf and call on Iraqi Government to 
        ensure the well-being of such residents (see H. Res. 704), 
        H1324 [10MR]
      Israel: commend accession to the Organisation for Economic Co-
        operation and Development (see H. Res. 1391), H4024 (see H. 
        Res. 1391), H4085 [27MY]
      ------recognize independence anniversary and reaffirm 
        relationship with the U.S. and right of self-defense (see H. 
        Con. Res. 260), H2643 [15AP]
      ------support right to defend itself against terrorists and the 
        Israeli construction of new security fences along the border 
        of Egypt (see H. Res. 1241), H2643 [15AP]
      James L. Oberstar U.S. Dept. of Transportation Building Complex, 
        Washington, DC: designate (see H.R. 6507), H8264 [8DE]
      Japan: remedy trade violations relative to not applying 
        incentives for U.S. automobile imports under the Japan Eco-
        Friendly Vehicle Purchase Program (see H. Res. 997), H41 
      Joyce Rogers Post Office Building, Brighton, MI: designate (see 
        H.R. 5341), H3657 [19MY]
      Klein, Gerda Weissmann: Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient 
        (see H. Res. 1743), H8264 [8DE]
      Michigan Technological University: anniversary (see H. Res. 
        1564), H6163 [27JY]
      Money: prevent smuggling using stored value and prepaid cards by 
        including means of access or the value of funds in certain 
        records and reports on monetary instrument transactions (see 
        H.R. 4941), H6628 [10AU]
      National American Meat and Poultry Appreciation Day: designate 
        (see H. Res. 1199), H1744 [19MR]
      National Autism Awareness Month: designate (see H. Res. 1033), 
        H2845 [22AP]
      National Baseball Hall of Fame: mint coins in recognition and 
        celebration (see H.R. 6534), H8597 [16DE]
      National Dairy Month: support goals (see H. Res. 1368), H4024 
        (see H. Res. 1368), H4085 [27MY]
      National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Day: designate (see H. Res. 
        1294), H3125 [4MY]
      National FFA Organization: mint coins in commemoration of 
        founding (see H.R. 3464), H2579 [14AP]
      National Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) Month: 
        designate (see H. Res. 536), H3442 [12MY]
      National Mentoring Month: designate (see H. Res. 990), H328 
      National Physician Assistant Week: support goals and ideals (see 
        H. Res. 1600), H7156 (see H. Res. 1600), H7214 [28SE]
      National Runaway Prevention Month: support goals and ideals (see 
        H. Res. 1687), H7757 [30NO]
      National School Counseling Week: designate (see H. Res. 1029), 
        H327 [21JA]
      National security: improve efforts to prevent, deter, prepare 
        for, detect, attribute, respond to, and recover from an attack 
        with a weapon of mass destruction (see H.R. 5498), H4780 
      ------prevent proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and 
        prepare for attacks using such weapons (see H.R. 5057), H2697 
      National Week of Hope: support goals and ideals (see H. Res. 
        1206), H2461 [25MR]
      Oil Pollution Act: authorize advances from Oil Spill Liability 
        Trust Fund for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (see H.R. 
        5499), H4386 [10JN]
      Oklahoma: commend National Guard Agribusiness Development Team 
        for efforts to modernize agriculture and sustainable farming 
        practices in Afghanistan (see H. Res. 1110), H3442 [12MY]
      Oklahoma City, OK: remember victims of attack on the Alfred P. 
        Murrah Federal Building (see H. Res. 1206), H2461 [25MR]
      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: modify special rules 
        relating to coverage of abortion services (see H.R. 5111), 
        H3274 [6MY]
      ------repeal (see H.R. 4901, 4903), H2505 [13AP] (see H.R. 
        4919), H2642 [15AP] (see H.R. 4972), H2505 [13AP]
      Peace Officers Memorial Day: support goals and ideals (see H. 
        Res. 1299), H3125 [4MY]
      Pipelines: ensure telephonic notice of certain incidents (see 
        H.R. 6008), H6568 [30JY]
      Postal Service: ensure continuation of 6-day mail delivery 
        service (see H. Res. 173), H4247 [8JN]
      Radio Free Asia: permanently authorize (see H.R. 4886), H4873 
      Religion: reaffirm ``In God We Trust'' as the official motto of 
        the U.S. and support and encourage its public display in all 
        public buildings, public schools, and other government 
        institutions (see H. Con. Res. 274), H5819 [20JY]
      Securities: clarify exemption for certain annuity contracts and 
        insurance policies from Federal regulation (see H.R. 2733), 
        H2696 [20AP]
      Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore: designate certain lands 
        and inland water as wilderness (see H.R. 4558), H4215 [28MY]
      Small business: provide tax relief, ease regulatory burden, and 
        provide expanded access to credit (see H.R. 5554), H6043 
      ------repeal expansion of information reporting requirements for 
        certain payments to corporations (see H.R. 5141), H5921 [21JY]
      Spirit of '45 Day: observance (see H. Con. Res. 226), H6043 
      Syria: condemn transfer of Scud missiles and Iranian weapons to 
        Hezbollah, reevaluate nomination of Robert S. Ford as 
        Ambassador, enforce sanctions, and urge pressure to end 
        sponsorship of terrorists (see H. Res. 1285), H3312 [11MY]
      Taxation: allow companies to utilize existing alternative 
        minimum tax credits to create and maintain U.S. jobs (see H.R. 
        4850), H1744 [19MR]
      ------disclose certain return information relative to identity 
        theft (see H.R. 5972), H6574 [30JY]
      ------exempt certain shipping from harbor maintenance tax (see 
        H.R. 3486), H556 [3FE]
      ------make employers of spouses of military personnel eligible 
        for the work opportunity credit (see H.R. 4764), H6573 [30JY]
      ------provide incentives to encourage investment in the 
        expansion of freight rail infrastructure capacity and to 
        enhance modal tax equity (see H.R. 1806), H4023 (see H.R. 
        1806), H4084 [27MY]
      ------repeal certain shipping investment withdrawal rules and 
        provide an incentive to reinvest foreign shipping earnings in 
        the U.S. (see H.R. 2542), H2460 [25MR]
      ------repeal excise tax on medical devices (see H.R. 5095), 
        H2877 [26AP]
      Telecommunications: make more spectrum available to, facilitate 
        development of a wireless broadband network for, and provide 
        standards for spectrum needs of public safety agencies (see 
        H.R. 5081), H2695 [20AP]
      Transportation: allow public transit agencies to use Federal 
        transit funds for day-to-day operating expenses (see H.R. 
        2746), H3483 [13MY]
      U.N.: prohibit U.S. participation on the U.N. Human Rights 
        Council and prohibit contributions for purposes of paying for 
        investigation into efforts to break Israeli blockade of Gaza 
        (see H.R. 5501), H4386 [10JN]
      ------reject Iran's bid to join the Human Rights Council (see H. 
        Res. 1181), H1657 [18MR]
      U.N. Commission on the Status of Women: condemn selection of 
        Iran to serve (see H. Res. 1371), H4024 (see H. Res. 1371), 
        H4085 [27MY]
      U.S. Military History Month: support goals and ideals (see H. 
        Res. 1442), H6882 [22SE]
      Unemployment: provide additional emergency unemployment 
        compensation (see H.R. 5647), H5504 [1JY]
      Wilmington, OH: anniversary (see H. Res. 1121), H2216 [22MR]
      Yunus, Muhammad: award Congressional Gold Medal (see H.R. 2000), 
        H2799 [21AP]
  Bills and resolutions introduced
      EPA: finalize proposed rule to amend spill prevention, control, 
        and countermeasure rule to tailor and streamline requirements 
        for the dairy industry (see H.R. 5426), H4021 (see H.R. 5426), 
        H4083 [27MY]
      Terrorism: allow determination that certain individuals are 
        unlawful enemy combatants subject to trial by military 
        commissions (see H.R. 4415), H39 [12JA]
      FEMA updated flood maps: by, H4689 [23JN]
      American Sail Training Association: tribute (H. Res. 197), H2515 
      Budget: deficit, H4786 [24JN]
      ------reconciliation of the concurrent resolution relative to 
        health care reform, student loan reform, school construction 
        and renovation, and other education initiatives (H.R. 4872), 
        consideration (H. Res. 1203), H1850 [21MR]
      ------setting forth the Federal budget for 2010-2015, H3763 
      Children and youth: reauthorize child nutrition programs (S. 
        3307), consideration (H. Res. 1742), H7770 [1DE]
      Committee on Education and Labor (House): grant authority to 
        investigate underground coal mine operator compliance with 
        Federal safety laws and transmit a report on such 
        investigation (H. Res. 1363), H3677 [20MY]
      Dept. of Homeland Security: require Customs and Border 
        Protection to administer polygraph examinations to applicants 
        for law enforcement positions and require them to complete 
        certain periodic background reinvestigations (S. 3243), H8811 
      Dept. of Justice: decision to prosecute individuals involved in 
        the 9/11 terrorist attacks in Federal court in New York, NY, 
        H454 [2FE]
      ------decision to prosecute Umar F. Abdulmutallab, involved in 
        attempted airline bombing on Christmas Day, in Federal court 
        in Detroit, MI, H2768 [21AP]
      ------treatment of Umar F. Abdulmutallab after attempted airline 
        bombing on Christmas Day, H454 [2FE]
      Dept. of the Treasury: create the Small Business Lending Fund 
        Program to make capital investments in eligible institutions 
        to increase credit for small businesses (H.R. 5297), 
        consideration of Senate amendment (H. Res. 1640), H6890 [23SE]
      Depts. of Transportation and HUD and related agencies: making 
        appropriations (H.R. 5850), consideration (H. Res. 1569), 
        H6294 [29JY]
      Detroit Sportsmen's Congress (organization): anniversary, 
        E1317 [14JY]
      Economy: importance of job creation, H5728 [20JY]
      Federal employees: reduce number of civil service positions 
        within the executive branch (H.R. 5348), H6890 [23SE]
      FEMA: extend authorization of National Flood Insurance Program 
        and identify priorities essential to reform and ongoing stable 
        functioning of the Program (H.R. 5114), H5628, H5648 [15JY]
      ------extend the National Flood Insurance Program (H.R. 5569), 
        H4689 [23JN]
      Fish and fishing: add certain species of carp to the list of 
        injurious species that are prohibited from being imported or 
        shipped (S. 1421), E2061 [3DE]
      GAO: conduct study on ways the private insurance market can 
        contribute to insuring against flood damage and community 
        participation in and the regionalization of the National Flood 
        Insurance Program, H5648 [15JY]
      GPO: eliminate mandatory printing of bills and resolutions for 
        use by Congress (H.R. 4640), H7770 [1DE]
      Harwell, William E. (Ernie): tribute (H. Res. 1328), H3286 
      Health: national policy to provide health care and reform 
        insurance procedures (H.R. 3590), H1456 [16MR], H2889 [27AP]
      ------national policy to provide health care and reform 
        insurance procedures (H.R. 3590), consideration (H. Res. 
        1203), H1850 [21MR]
      House of Representatives: consideration of rule for 
        reconciliation legislation that would deem Senate version of 
        health care reform legislation passed, H1456 [16MR]
      Iran: expand economic sanctions against Iran to include 
        importation of refined petroleum (H.R. 2194), H5694 [19JY]
      ------expand economic sanctions against Iran to include 
        importation of refined petroleum (H.R. 2194), conference 
        report, H4855 [24JN]
      ------prevent proliferation and acquisition of nuclear weapons, 
        H4855 [24JN]
      Iraq: support religious and ethnic minorities (H. Res. 944), 
        E266 [26FE]
      IRS: prohibit hiring of additional employees to implement, 
        administer, or enforce health insurance reform (H.R. 5570), 
        H4786 [24JN]
      Kildee, Representative: tribute to casting 20,000th vote, H699 
      Motor vehicles: recognize contributions of dealerships and 
        provide closed dealerships an opportunity to obtain a 
        franchise when manufacturers seek partners to open future 
        dealerships (H. Res. 713), H5897 [21JY], E902 [20MY]
      Obama, President: characterization of remarks about 
        Representative Hoekstra while in Michigan, H5728 [20JY]
      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: impact on health 
        care costs, H2889 [27AP]
      Poland: express sympathy to citizens and surviving families of 
        victims of airplane crash in Russia, solidarity with people 
        and Polish-American communities, and support for restoration 
        of leadership, H2479 [13AP]
      Political campaigns: prohibit foreign influence, prevent Federal 
        contractors from making expenditures, and establish additional 
        spending disclosure requirements for Federal elections (H.R. 
        5175), consideration (H. Res. 1468), H4786 [24JN]
      Public welfare programs: repeal emergency fund for the Temporary 
        Assistance for Needy Families Program (H.R. 1277), H3677 
      Ray Township, MI: tribute to listing of Wolcott Mill Metropark 
        on the National Historic Places Register, E277 [2MR]
      Richmond, MI: tribute to Richmond High School wrestling team, 
        E847 [13MY]
      Senate: election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts special 
        election, E59 [21JA]
      Taxation: rates, H2556 [14AP]
      ------terminate advance payment of the earned income tax credit 
        (H.R. 5885), H6294 [29JY]
      Ukraine: support continued political and economic development 
        (H. Res. 981), H51 [13JA]
      Votes: position on missed, H8966 [22DE], E265 
      Wheelin' Team 457 (organization): tribute, E86 [26JA]
      WikiLeaks (Internet site): release of classified documents to 
        the news media, H7760 [1DE], H8035 [7DE]
  Remarks in House relative to
      Special order: granted, H323 [21JA], H465 [2FE], H3821 [25MY], 
        H5815 [20JY], H5918 [21JY], H7754 [30NO]
      Dickensheets, Thomas A., E359 [11MR]
      Gettelfinger, Ronald A., E1199 [24JN]
      Taylor, David, E2189 [18DE]
      Terry, Brian, H8811 [21DE]