[Congressional Record Index (2010)]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office, www.gpo.gov]

WOOLSEY, LYNN C. (a Representative from California)

  Bills and resolutions cosponsored
      Afghanistan: ensure funds provided for Armed Forces operations 
        are only used for safe and orderly withdrawal of U.S. military 
        forces and Dept. of Defense contractors (see H.R. 6045), H6570 
      ------require a plan for the safe, orderly, and expeditious 
        redeployment of U.S. Armed Forces (see H.R. 5015), H2642 
      Africa: commend independence anniversary of several nations (see 
        H. Res. 1405), H4873 [24JN]
      Agriculture: prohibit open-air cultivation or use of human food 
        or animal feed as host plant and establish tracking system to 
        regulate genetically engineered pharmaceutical and industrial 
        crops (see H.R. 5578), H4779 [23JN]
      American Craft Beer Week: support goals and ideals (see H. Res. 
        1297), H3203 [5MY]
      American Discovery Trail: designate (see H.R. 4671), H4872 
      Americans for the Arts (nonprofit organization): anniversary 
        (see H. Res. 1582), H6405 (see H. Res. 1582), H6457 [29JY]
      Americans With Disabilities Act: anniversary (see H. Res. 1504), 
        H5618 [14JY]
      Anacortes, WA: honor victims of Tesoro refinery fire and express 
        condolences to their families and friends (see H. Res. 1262), 
        H2641 [15AP]
      Animal Welfare Act: provide further protection for puppies (see 
        H.R. 5434), H4873 [24JN]
      Anthony J. Cortese Post Office Building, San Jose, CA: designate 
        (see H.R. 4543), H2216 [22MR]
      Antitrust policy: restore application of Federal antitrust laws 
        to the business of health insurance to protect competition and 
        consumers (see H.R. 4626), H646 [22FE]
      Arizona: withdraw Tusayan Ranger District and BLM-managed 
        Federal land in the vicinity of Kanab Creek and in House Rock 
        Valley from location, entry, and patent under mining laws (see 
        H.R. 644), H2696 [20AP]
      Armed Forces: direct the President, pursuant to the War Powers 
        Resolution, to remove the U.S. Armed Forces from Afghanistan 
        (see H. Con. Res. 248), H1168 [4MR]
      ------enhance readiness by replacing current ``Don't Ask, Don't 
        Tell'' policy concerning homosexuality with a policy of 
        nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (see H.R. 
        6520), H8520 [15DE]
      ------extend TRICARE coverage to certain dependents under the 
        age of 26 (see H.R. 4923), H2697 [20AP]
      ------mint coins in commemoration of Army Five-Star Generals and 
        alumni of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (see 
        H.R. 1177), H2261 [23MR]
      ------repeal authority to use against those responsible for 
        hijacking and crashing of commercial aircraft into the World 
        Trade Center, Pentagon, and Somerset County, PA (see H.R. 
        6282), H7390 [29SE]
      Arts in Education Week: designate (see H. Con. Res. 275), H3273 
      Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month: observance (see H. Res. 
        1316), H3078 [29AP]
      Aviation: establish limitations on the approval of cooperative 
        arrangements between 2 or more air carriers or between an air 
        carrier and a foreign air carrier (see H.R. 4788), H2642 
      ------express gratitude for contributions that U.S. air traffic 
        controllers make to keep the traveling public safe and U.S. 
        airspace running efficiently (see H. Res. 1401), H4636 [17JN]
      Bankruptcy: improve protections for employees and retirees in 
        business bankruptcies (see H.R. 4677), H2319 [24MR]
      ------make privately issued student loans dischargeable (see 
        H.R. 5043), H2877 [26AP]
      BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster Inquiry Commission: establish (see 
        H.R. 5241), H3442 [12MY]
      Business and industry: reduce use of paper and plastic bags and 
        encourage use of reusable bags (see H. Res. 1298), H2843 
      Buy American Act: increase requirement for American-made content 
        and tighten waiver provisions (see H.R. 4351), H3658 [19MY]
      California: designate Stornetta Public Lands as an Outstanding 
        Natural Area to be administered as a part of the National 
        Landscape Conservation System (see H.R. 4192), H266 [20JA]
      California State University: anniversary of system (see H. Res. 
        1117), H972 [26FE]
      Canada: urge end to commercial hunt for seals (see H. Res. 
        1314), H3078 [29AP]
      Caribbean-American Heritage Month: support goals and ideals (see 
        H. Res. 1369), H3825 [25MY]
      Catholic Charities USA (organization): anniversary (see H. Res. 
        1621), H8031 [2DE]
      Census: encourage individuals to participate in the 2010 Census 
        to ensure an accurate and complete count (see H. Res. 1096), 
        H755 [23FE]
      Census Awareness Month: designate (see H. Res. 1096), H755 
      Cesar E. Chavez Day: designate (see H. Res. 1524), H6284 [28JY]
      Chavez, Cesar E.: establish an honorary legal public holiday 
        (see H. Res. 213), H756 [23FE]
      Chemicals: provide for a phased ban on decabrominated 
        diphenylether and mixtures or products containing that 
        chemical (see H.R. 4394), H3441 [12MY]
      Children and youth: establish and implement concussion 
        management guidelines for school-aged children (see H.R. 
        1347), H3745 [24MY]
      ------promote minimum State requirements for prevention and 
        treatment of concussions caused by participation in school 
        sports (see H.R. 6172), H6879 [22SE]
      ------protect students from inappropriate seclusion and physical 
        restraint (see H.R. 4247), H472 [2FE]
      ------provide for programs and activities with respect to the 
        prevention of underage drinking (see H.R. 6241), H7388 [29SE]
      ------reauthorize child nutrition programs (see H.R. 5504), 
        H4386 [10JN]
      Civilian Conservation Corps: reestablish (see H.R. 4318), H3124 
        [4MY] (see H.R. 6456), H7643 [29NO]
      Coastal States Organization: anniversary (see H. Res. 1624), 
        H6763 [15SE]
      Colleges and universities: create jobs through the hiring of new 
        faculty and counselors at community colleges (see H.R. 4196), 
        H266 [20JA]
      Colombia: tribute to work of Constitutional Court on behalf of 
        Colombia's internally displaced persons, especially indigenous 
        peoples, Afro-Colombians, and women (see H. Res. 1224), H2459 
      Community Reinvestment Act: improve assessments of regulated 
        financial institutions (see H.R. 6334), H8941 [21DE]
      Contraceptives: establish certain duties for pharmacies to 
        ensure provision of FDA-approved contraception (see H.R. 
        5309), H7499 [16NO]
      Contracts: require accountability for personnel performing 
        private security functions under Federal contracts (see H.R. 
        2177), H6573 [30JY]
      Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild 
        Fauna and Flora: U.S. policy relative to certain endangered 
        species at the Conference of the Parties (see H. Res. 1180), 
        H1519 [16MR]
      Corps of Engineers: extend and modify the authority to accept 
        and expend funds contributed by non-Federal public entities to 
        expedite the evaluation of certain permits (see H.R. 6184), 
        H7644 [29NO]
      Courts: provide for deferred sentencing and the possibility of 
        dismissal for drug offenders (see H.R. 6059), H6570 [30JY]
      Credit: permanently increase conforming loan limits for the 
        housing-related Government-sponsored enterprises and the FHA 
        maximum mortgage amount limitations (see H.R. 2483), H3441 
      ------prohibit creditors from discriminating on account of 
        sexual orientation or gender identity when extending credit 
        (see H.R. 4376), H2800 [21AP]
      Crime: prevent video depictions of animal cruelty (see H.R. 
        5092), H2937 [27AP] (see H.R. 5566), H4676 [22JN]
      ------provide accountability for criminal acts of Federal 
        contractors and employees outside the U.S. (see H.R. 4567), 
        H471 [2FE]
      ------provide penalties for transporting minors in foreign 
        commerce for the purposes of female genital mutilation (see 
        H.R. 5137), H3202 [5MY]
      Cuba: remove obstacles to legal sales of U.S. agricultural 
        commodities and end travel restrictions (see H.R. 4645), H4247 
      Dept. of Agriculture: establish a dairy price stabilization 
        program (see H.R. 5288), H6764 [15SE]
      ------increase amount of fruits and vegetables purchased for 
        school breakfast and lunch programs (see H.R. 4333), H1169 
      Dept. of Commerce: establish a competitive grant program to 
        promote domestic regional tourism (see H.R. 4676), H3202 [5MY]
      ------establish regulatory system and research program for 
        sustainable offshore aquaculture in the U.S. Exclusive 
        Economic Zone (see H.R. 4363), H6683 [14SE]
      ------promote coastal jobs creation, promote sustainable 
        fisheries and fishing communities, and revitalize waterfronts 
        (see H.R. 4914), H4330 [9JN]
      Dept. of Defense: phase out the use of private military 
        contractors (see H.R. 4650), H754 [23FE]
      ------reduce discretionary overseas contingency operations funds 
        in budget for operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan 
        and provide a tax credit against savings from such reduction 
        (see H.R. 5353), H3701 [20MY]
      ------require emergency contraception to be available at all 
        military health care treatment facilities (see H.R. 4386), 
        H603 [4FE]
      Dept. of Education: make grants to promote the education of 
        pregnant and parenting students (see H.R. 5894), H6282 [28JY]
      Dept. of HHS: enter into agreements with States to resolve 
        outstanding Medicare reimbursement claims relative to Special 
        Disability Workload project (see H.R. 2849), H556 [3FE]
      ------establish and implement a Pancreatic Cancer Initiative 
        (see H.R. 745), H2504 [13AP]
      ------promote optimal maternity outcomes by making evidence-
        based maternity care a national priority (see H.R. 5807), 
        H5919 [21JY]
      ------reauthorize special diabetes programs for type I diabetes 
        and Indians (see H.R. 3668), H4023 (see H.R. 3668), H4084 
      ------tribute to family planning services provided under Title X 
        of the Public Health Service Act (see H. Res. 1476), H6882 
      Dept. of Homeland Security: ensure detainees are treated 
        humanely, provided adequate medical care, and granted certain 
        specific rights (see H.R. 4470), H756 [23FE]
      ------prohibit the procurement of certain items unless they are 
        domestically grown, reprocessed, reused, or produced (see H.R. 
        3116), H2937 [27AP]
      ------provide for ceremonies on or near Independence Day to 
        administer oaths of allegiance to legal immigrants whose 
        applications for citizenship have been approved (see H.R. 
        2363), H3483 [13MY]
      Dept. of HUD: authorize funds to prevent housing discrimination 
        through the use of nationwide testing and increase funds for 
        the Fair Housing Initiatives Program (see H.R. 476), H1103 
      ------provide Federal grants to urban areas for the 
        rehabilitation of critically needed recreational areas and 
        facilities and development of improved recreation programs 
        (see H.R. 3734), H1441 [15MR]
      Dept. of Justice: authorize Office of Juvenile Justice and 
        Delinquency Prevention establishment of a public awareness 
        campaign noting the link between dropping out of school and 
        incarceration (see H.R. 5091), H3824 [25MY]
      Dept. of Labor: anniversary of Women's Bureau (see H. Res. 
        1589), H6572 [30JY]
      ------establish Youth Corps programs and provide for wider 
        dissemination of the Youth Corps model (see H.R. 5376), H6764 
      ------require a heightened review process of State occupational 
        safety and health plans (see H.R. 4864), H1518 [16MR]
      Dept. of the Interior: prohibit oil and gas leasing activities 
        on certain portions of the Outer Continental Shelf (see H.R. 
        5213), H3200 [5MY]
      Dept. of the Treasury: allow amounts under the Troubled Assets 
        Relief Program to be used to provide legal assistance to 
        homeowners to avoid foreclosure (see H.R. 5510), H8520 [15DE]
      ------establish Office of the Homeowner Advocate (see H.R. 
        6304), H7454 [15NO]
      ------instruct U.S. representatives to multilateral development 
        banks to use the voice and influence of the U.S. to cancel 
        Haiti's debt to such institutions (see H.R. 4573), H556 [3FE]
      Dept. of Transportation: carry out an active transportation 
        investment program to encourage a mode shift within selected 
        communities by providing safe and convenient options to 
        bicycle and walk for routine travel (see H.R. 4722), H1324 
      ------expand the Safe Routes to School Program to high schools 
        (see H.R. 4021), H1441 [15MR]
      ------require that broadband conduit be installed as part of 
        certain highway construction projects (see H.R. 2428), H6578 
      ------study and establish a motor vehicle safety standard that 
        provides for a means of alerting blind and other pedestrians 
        of motor vehicle operation (see H.R. 734), H648 [22FE]
      Dept. of Veterans Affairs: improve appeals process and establish 
        a commission to study judicial review of the determination of 
        veterans' benefits (see H.R. 4121), H7396 [29SE]
      ------improve efficiency of processing certain claims for 
        disability compensation by veterans (see H.R. 5928), H7397 
      ------improve the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance 
        Program (see H.R. 5933), H7397 [29SE]
      ------provide expedited procedures for consideration of certain 
        veterans claims (see H.R. 5549), H7397 [29SE]
      Developing countries: authorize assistance for affordable 
        housing and sustainable urban development in developing 
        countries (see H.R. 1702), H327 [21JA]
      ------increase U.S. financial and programmatic contributions to 
        promote economic opportunities for women (see H.R. 5191), 
        H7397 [29SE]
      ------promote sexual and reproductive health of individuals and 
        couples (see H.R. 5121), H2842 [22AP]
      ------provide assistance to improve the health of newborns, 
        children, and mothers (see H.R. 5268), H3310 [11MY]
      ------provide for greater responsibility in lending and expanded 
        cancellation of debts owed to the U.S. and international 
        financial institutions by low-income countries (see H.R. 
        4405), H473 [2FE]
      Diseases: commend progress made by anti-tuberculosis programs 
        (see H. Res. 1155), H1397 [12MR]
      District of Columbia: anniversary of Langston golf course (see 
        H. Res. 526), H424 [27JA]
      ------authorize Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation to 
        establish a commemorative work (see H.R. 4195), H2505 [13AP]
      Earth Day: commemorate anniversary and honor founder, Gaylord 
        Nelson (see H. Con. Res. 255), H1744 [19MR]
      Economy: invest in innovation through research and development 
        and improve competitiveness of the U.S. (see H.R. 5116), H3278 
      Education: award grants to prepare individuals for the 21st 
        century workplace and increase global competitiveness (see 
        H.R. 5477), H6628 [10AU]
      ------improve calculation, reporting, and accountability for 
        high school graduation rates (see H.R. 1569), H5617 [14JY]
      Education for All Handicapped Children Act: anniversary (see H. 
        Con. Res. 329), H7499 [16NO]
      Employment: promote economic self-sufficiency of low-income 
        women through increased participation in high-wage, high-
        demand occupations (see H.R. 4830), H1358 [11MR]
      ------provide funds to States, local government, and community-
        based organizations to save and create local jobs through 
        retention, restoration, or expansion of services needed by 
        local communities (see H.R. 4812), H1596 [17MR]
      enetically engineered seeds, plants, or animals and ensure 
        fairness in dealings with certain biotech companies (see H.R. 
        5579), H4779 [23JN]
      Executive Office of the President: establish the Office of the 
        National Alzheimer's Project (see H.R. 4689), H4023 (see H.R. 
        4689), H4085 [27MY]
      ------require preparation of a quadrennial National 
        Manufacturing Strategy (see H.R. 4692), H3311 [11MY]
      Fair Labor Standards Act: amend certain exemptions for direct 
        care workers and improve systems for collection and reporting 
        of data on the direct care workforce (see H.R. 5902), H6282 
      Families and domestic relations: encourage development and 
        implementation of a comprehensive, global strategy for 
        preservation and reunification of families and provision of 
        permanent parental care for orphans (see H.R. 3070), H2460 
      ------prohibit discrimination in adoption or foster care 
        placements based on sexual orientation, gender identification, 
        or marital status of any prospective parent or the child 
        involved (see H.R. 4806), H2216 [22MR]
      Family and Medical Leave Act: eliminate an hours of service 
        requirement for benefits (see H.R. 389), H140 [13JA]
      Family Violence Prevention and Services Act: reauthorize (see 
        H.R. 4116), H6406 (see H.R. 4116), H6458 [29JY]
      FBI: provide additional resources for Federal investigations and 
        prosecutions of crimes related to the recent financial crisis 
        (see H.R. 3995), H2642 [15AP]
      FCC: extend time period for filing petitions to deny, 
        oppositions, and comments in the proceeding relating to 
        proposed merger of Comcast and NBC Universal (see H.R. 5020), 
        H2578 [14AP]
      FDA: ensure safe use of cosmetics (see H.R. 5786), H6628 [10AU]
      ------require dentists to provide patients with a factsheet 
        before performing any dental restoration work (see H.R. 4615), 
        H602 [4FE]
      Federal aid programs: increase AmeriCorps, Job Corps, and Peace 
        Corps funding (see H. Res. 1396), H3823 [25MY]
      ------increase benefits for seniors, veterans, and people with 
        disabilities for one month in 2011 to compensate for the lack 
        of cost-of-living adjustment (see H.R. 5987), H7397 [29SE]
      Federal employees: amend methodology for calculating the amount 
        of any Postal surplus or supplemental liability under the 
        Civil Service Retirement System (see H.R. 5746), H6406 (see 
        H.R. 5746), H6458 [29JY]
      ------express appreciation for contributions and seek ways to 
        improve safety and security during performance of official 
        duties (see H. Res. 1187), H2580 [14AP]
      Federal firefighters: provide for more accurate computation of 
        retirement benefits (see H.R. 3186), H2504 [13AP]
      FEMA: establish a grant program to improve the ability of trauma 
        center hospitals and airports to withstand earthquakes (see 
        H.R. 4852), H1517 [16MR]
      Financial institutions: advance the ability of credit unions to 
        promote small business growth and economic development 
        opportunities (see H.R. 3380), H1028 [2MR]
      ------provide for a safe, accountable, fair, and efficient 
        banking system (see H.R. 5159), H4387 [10JN]
      ------restore certain provisions of law to separate investment 
        banking from commercial banking (see H.R. 4375), H4023 (see 
        H.R. 4375), H4085 [27MY]
      Firearms: restrict ability of a person with certain Federal 
        firearms license revocations, denials, or notices, to transfer 
        business inventory firearms (see H.R. 5718), H6804 [16SE]
      Food: provide plant-based commodities under the school lunch 
        program and the school breakfast program (see H.R. 4870), 
        H2642 [15AP]
      ------require food containing bioengineered products be labeled 
        (see H.R. 6325), H7392 [29SE]
      ------require labels on food that contains, or is produced with, 
        a genetically engineered material (see H.R. 5577), H4778 
      Foreign aid: coordinate all health-related assistance, assist 
        developing countries in improving delivery of health services, 
        and assist developing countries in strengthening their 
        indigenous health workforces (see H.R. 4933), H2844 [22AP]
      ------prohibit application of restrictive eligibility 
        requirements to foreign nongovernmental organizations based on 
        provision of certain health services (see H.R. 4879), H1656 
      ------provide assistance for developing countries to promote 
        quality and universal basic education (see H.R. 5117), H3014 
      Foreign trade: clarify that fundamental exchange-rate 
        misalignment by any foreign nation is actionable under U.S. 
        countervailing and antidumping duty laws (see H.R. 2378), 
        H3274 [6MY]
      Forest Service: revise the Recreation Residence Program as it 
        applies to units derived from public domain by implementing a 
        procedure for determining cabin user fees (see H.R. 4888), 
        H4506 [15JN]
      FTC: prescribe rules prohibiting deceptive advertising of 
        abortion services (see H.R. 5652), H5819 [20JY]
      Gospel Music Heritage Month: designate (see H.J. Res. 90), H4635 
      Government-sponsored enterprises: require Fannie Mae and Freddie 
        Mac to adopt underwriting standards consistent with Dept. of 
        Energy Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs (see 
        H.R. 5766), H5675 [15JY]
      Greece: anniversary of Battle of Marathon (see H. Res. 1704), 
        H7549 [17NO]
      Gulf of Mexico: express condolences to workers who died on the 
        Deepwater Horizon oil platform, recognize other workers, and 
        commend rescuers and volunteers providing support to surviving 
        families (see H. Res. 1347), H3871 [26MY]
      ------require BP P.L.C., to establish a gulf coast recovery fund 
        to cover cleanup efforts and damage claims associated with 
        Deepwater Horizon oil spill incident (see H.R. 5520), H4507 
      Haiti Marshall Plan Committee: establish (see H. Res. 1160), 
        H1323 [10MR]
      Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund: ensure that amounts credited are 
        used for harbor maintenance (see H.R. 4844), H3202 [5MY]
      Harrington, Donald: tribute (see H. Res. 1040), H473 [2FE]
      Hazardous substances: ensure the public and environment are 
        protected from risks of chemical exposure (see H.R. 5820), 
        H6881 [22SE]
      ------prohibit use, production, sale, import, or export of 
        sodium fluoroacetate (Compound 1080) and ban use of sodium 
        cyanide for predator control (see H.R. 5643), H6164 [27JY]
      Health: provide for human stem cell research, including 
        embryonic stem cell research (see H.R. 4808), H5676 [15JY]
      ------provide for transparency in health care pricing (see H.R. 
        4700), H1104 [3MR]
      ------require group and individual insurer coverage of 
        individuals participating in approved cancer clinical trials 
        (see H.R. 716), H755 [23FE]
      Health care facilities: establish direct care registered nurse-
        to-patient staffing ratio requirements in hospitals (see H.R. 
        2273), H3658 [19MY]
      Health Insurance Rate Authority: establish (see H.R. 4757), 
        H1167 [4MR]
      Henry C. Gonzalez Post Office Building, South Gate, CA: 
        designate (see H.R. 5293), H3440 [12MY]
      Hollywood, CA: anniversary of Hollywood Walk of Fame (see H. 
        Res. 1357), H3441 [12MY]
      Housing: allow homeowners of moderate-value homes who are 
        subject to mortgage foreclosure proceedings to remain in their 
        homes as renters (see H.R. 5028), H7644 [29NO]
      ------provide grants to States for low-income housing projects 
        in lieu of low-income housing credits (see H.R. 4687), H1744 
      Human rights: combat international violence against women and 
        girls (see H.R. 4594), H601 [4FE]
      Insurance: establish a program to provide guarantees for debt 
        issued by State catastrophe insurance programs to assist in 
        financial recovery from natural catastrophes (see H.R. 4014), 
        H1656 [18MR]
      ------improve prescription drug coverage under Medicare and 
        private health insurance (see H.R. 3799), H1104 [3MR]
      ------provide parity under group health plans and insurance 
        coverage in the provision of benefits for prosthetic devices 
        and components and benefits for other medical and surgical 
        services (see H.R. 2575), H3658 [19MY]
      Intelligence services: enhance transparency and accountability 
        within the intelligence community for activities performed 
        under Federal contracts (see H.R. 963), H6572 [30JY]
      International Conference on Population and Development: provide 
        for continued support of the Program of Action (see H. Res. 
        947), H267 [20JA]
      Iran: condemn human rights violations, release political 
        prisoners, support democracy, remove terrorist designation 
        from opposition group, and impose sanctions to deter nuclear 
        program (see H. Res. 1431), H7549 [17NO]
      IRS: permit issuance of prospective guidance clarifying 
        employment status of individuals for purposes of employment 
        taxes and to prevent retroactive assessments relative to such 
        clarifications (see H.R. 6128), H6762 [15SE]
      Jacksonville, AR: commend support in creating a unique and 
        lasting partnership with Little Rock AFB, members of the Armed 
        Forces stationed there and their families (see H. Res. 1724), 
        H7548 [17NO]
      Javits-Wagner-O'Day Act: revise (see H.R. 5983), H7615 [18NO]
      Kellogg, Will Keith (W.K.): tribute (see H. Res. 1172), H2643 
      Lake Tahoe: provide for environmental restoration and forest 
        management activities in surrounding basin (see H.R. 4001), 
        H756 [23FE]
      Law enforcement: prohibit racial profiling (see H.R. 5748), 
        H5674 [15JY]
      Locatelli, Paul L.: tribute (see H. Res. 1528), H6805 [16SE]
      Mackey, Lance: tribute (see H. Res. 1189), H2262 [23MR]
      Major Charles R. Soltes, Jr., O.D. Dept. of Veterans Affairs 
        Blind Rehabilitation Center, Long Beach, CA: designate (see 
        H.R. 4360), H603 [4FE]
      Marine mammals: improve and strengthen whale conservation 
        efforts and ensure that commercial, scientific, and other 
        lethal whaling does not occur for any purpose other than 
        aboriginal subsistence (see H. Res. 1390), H6164 [27JY]
      Marquette University: honor the Centennial Celebration of Women 
        at Marquette University (see H. Res. 1161), H2845 [22AP]
      Medicaid: permit States the option to provide coverage for low-
        income individuals infected with HIV (see H.R. 1616), H555 
      Medicare: allow beneficiaries direct access to physical 
        therapists without a physician referral (see H.R. 1829), H6809 
      ------ensure more timely access to home health services for 
        beneficiaries (see H.R. 4993), H5617 [14JY]
      ------provide an option for any citizen or permanent U.S. 
        resident to buy into Medicare (see H.R. 4789), H1359 [11MR]
      ------provide coverage of comprehensive Alzheimer's disease and 
        other dementia diagnosis and services to improve care and 
        outcomes by increasing detection, diagnosis, care, and 
        planning (see H.R. 5926), H7615 [18NO]
      ------repeal outpatient rehabilitation therapy caps (see H.R. 
        43), H1656 [18MR]
      ------require the Dept. of HHS to negotiate lower covered part D 
        prescription drug prices for beneficiaries (see H.R. 4752), 
        H1103 [3MR]
      Medicare/Medicaid: enhance penalties to combat fraud, establish 
        a data-mining system and biometric technology program, and 
        support GAO study on Medicare administrative contractors (see 
        H.R. 5044), H3311 [11MY]
      Members of Congress: permit to administer the oath of allegiance 
        to applicants for naturalization (see H.R. 4862), H1744 [19MR]
      Mental Health Month: designate (see H. Res. 1258), H2641 [15AP]
      Mexico: assist in fighting drug cartels and curbing violence 
        against Mexican and U.S. citizens (see H. Res. 1032), H556 
      ------celebrate anniversaries of independence and the beginning 
        of the Mexican Revolution, recognize contributions of Mexican 
        Americans, and support closer collaboration with the U.S. (see 
        H. Res. 1604), H6809 [20SE]
      Mineta, Norman Y.: tribute (see H. Res. 1377), H8520 [15DE]
      Mining and mineral resources: improve transparency and reduce 
        trade in conflict minerals (see H.R. 4128), H424 [27JA]
      Monterey Institute of International Studies: recognize 
        contributions of James Martin Center to combat nuclear weapons 
        proliferation by training nonproliferation specialists and 
        disseminating timely information (see H. Res. 1358), H3483 
      Motor vehicles: further national deployment of electric drive 
        vehicles and strengthen and enhance national power grid 
        through the integration of such vehicles (see H.R. 4399), 
        H2642 [15AP]
      NAFTA: withdrawal (see H.R. 4759), H1168 [4MR]
      National Baseball Hall of Fame: mint coins in recognition and 
        celebration (see H.R. 6534), H8597 [16DE]
      National Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: establish 
        (see H.R. 3332), H1818 [20MR]
      National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and 
        Offshore Drilling: authorize subpoena power (see H.R. 5481), 
        H4387 [10JN]
      National Dairy Month: support goals (see H. Res. 1368), H3825 
      National discovery trails: establish (see H.R. 4671), H4872 
      National ESIGN Day: designate (see H. Con. Res. 290), H4871 
      National Estuaries Day: support goals and ideals (see H. Res. 
        1503), H6764 [15SE]
      National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day: support goals and 
        ideals (see H. Con. Res. 325), H7394 [29SE]
      National Influenza Vaccination Week: designate (see H. Res. 
        1003), H267 [20JA]
      National Lab Day: support ideals (see H. Res. 1213), H3124 [4MY]
      National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: support goals and 
        ideals (see H. Res. 1488), H7454 [15NO]
      National Public Health Week: observance (see H. Res. 1162), 
        H2461 [25MR]
      National School Lunch Act: improve access to nutritious meals 
        for young children in child care (see H.R. 4402), H2579 [14AP]
      National Urban League: anniversary (see H. Res. 1157), H1596 
      National Work and Family Month: designate (see H. Res. 1598), 
        H7156 (see H. Res. 1598), H7214 [28SE]
      Natural resources: strengthen U.S. capacity to lead 
        international community in reversing renewable natural 
        resource degradation trends (see H.R. 4959), H4873 [24JN]
      News media: promote media literacy and youth empowerment 
        programs, research impact of depictions of girls and women in 
        the media, and establish a National Task Force on Girls and 
        Women in the Media (see H.R. 4925), H5712 [19JY]
      NIH: establish Office of Mitochondrial Medicine (see H.R. 3502), 
        H3079 [29AP]
      NSF: provide grants to strengthen the capacity of high schools 
        and colleges to provide instruction in nanotechnology (see 
        H.R. 4502), H2877 [26AP]
      Oil Pollution Act: require polluters to pay the full cost of oil 
        spills (see H.R. 5214), H3312 [11MY]
      Olympic Day: support goals, congratulate Team USA for 
        accomplishments in Vancouver, Canada, and support World Fit 
        program promoting physical fitness to middle school students 
        (see H. Res. 1461), H8786 [17DE]
      Olympic games: tribute to Vancouver, Canada, for hosting winter 
        games and U.S. participants (see H. Res. 1128), H1027 [2MR]
      Pakistan: ensure inter-religious dialogue and protection of 
        religious freedom and related human rights for persons of all 
        faiths and nationalities (see H. Res. 764), H8031 [2DE]
      Pipelines: enhance pipeline safety and provide communities with 
        access to improved information concerning the equipment and 
        operations of pipeline facilities (see H.R. 6295), H7391 
      Political campaigns: reform financing of House of 
        Representatives elections (see H.R. 6116), H7397 [29SE]
      ------require shareholder authorization before a public company 
        may make certain political expenditures (see H.R. 4790), H2579 
      Postal Service: ensure continuation of 6-day mail delivery 
        service (see H. Res. 173), H2643 [15AP]
      Poverty: provide for an improved method to measure poverty to 
        enable a better assessment of the effects of certain programs 
        (see H.R. 2909), H648 [22FE]
      Power resources: establish a program to provide for workforce 
        training and education at community colleges in sustainable 
        energy (see H.R. 3731), H933 [25FE]
      Public welfare programs: extend the Emergency Contingency Fund 
        for State Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Programs 
        (see H.R. 4564), H934 [25FE]
      Radio: provide parity in performance rights to artists for use 
        of their sound recordings (see H.R. 848), H3079 [29AP]
      Real estate: prevent foreclosure of home mortgages and increase 
        availability of affordable new mortgages and affordable 
        refinancing of mortgages held by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 
        (see H.R. 6218), H7398 [29SE]
      Rehabilitation Act: provide a technical adjustment to funding 
        for independent living centers (see H.R. 5610), H4904 [28JN]
      Renewable energy: extend, expand, and improve tax incentives and 
        grant programs for renewable energy, especially solar energy 
        (see H.R. 5931), H6684 [14SE]
      Safety: improve mine and occupational safety law compliance, 
        empower workers to raise concerns, and prevent workplace 
        tragedies (see H.R. 6495), H8034 [3DE]
      ------improve mine and occupational safety law compliance, 
        empower workers to raise concerns, prevent workplace 
        tragedies, and establish rights for workplace accident victims 
        and families (see H.R. 5663), H5500 [1JY]
      Sam Sacco Post Office Building, Eureka, CA: designate (see H.R. 
        6387), H7394 [29SE]
      San Francisco Bay: provide assistance for programs and 
        activities to protect water quality (see H.R. 5061), H2640 
      San Francisco Giants (baseball team): tribute (see H. Res. 
        1760), H8353 [14DE]
      SBA: increase loan limits and provide for low-interest 
        refinancing for small businesses (see H.R. 4302), H388 [26JA]
      Schools: end discrimination based on actual or perceived sexual 
        orientation or gender identity in public schools (see H.R. 
        4530), H422 [27JA]
      ------end use of corporal punishment (see H.R. 5628), H4974 (see 
        H.R. 5628), H5203 [29JN]
      ------establish a grant program to assist schools in 
        establishing a universal free classroom breakfast program (see 
        H.R. 4325), H2505 [13AP]
      ------improve high schools and raise graduation rates while 
        ensuring rigorous standards and develop and implement 
        effective school models for struggling students and dropouts 
        (see H.R. 4181), H5819 [20JY]
      Senate Rules: request an amendment to the filibuster rule to 
        facilitate consideration of bills and resolutions (see H. Res. 
        1018), H193 [19JA]
      Senior citizens: support efforts to guarantee financial 
        security, quality and affordable health care, protection from 
        abuse and scams, and safe and livable communities with 
        adequate housing and transportation (see H. Res. 1342), H3273 
      Small business: clarify regulations relative to 
        misrepresentation through the use of pass-through business 
        (see H.R. 4420), H4215 [28MY]
      Small Business Act: amend relative to awarding contract 
        opportunities to qualified HUBZone small business concerns 
        (see H.R. 3729), H4872 [24JN]
      Social Security: eliminate abstinence-only education programs 
        (see H.R. 6283), H7390 [29SE]
      ------prohibit the display of account numbers on Government-
        issued identification cards issued in connection with benefits 
        under Medicare, Medicaid, and State Children's Health 
        Insurance Program (see H.R. 2417), H4023 (see H.R. 2417), 
        H4084 [27MY]
      ------prohibit the display of account numbers on Medicare cards 
        (see H.R. 5714), H6043 [26JY]
      ------revise medical criteria for evaluating disability in a 
        person with Huntington's disease and waive Medicare waiting 
        period for individuals disabled by Huntington's disease (see 
        H.R. 678), H8264 [8DE]
      Sudan: implement Comprehensive Peace Agreement between Sudan and 
        the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army to help ensure 
        peace and stability (see H. Res. 1588), H6764 [15SE]
      Supreme Court: disapprove closure of main entrance (see H. Con. 
        Res. 314), H6571 [30JY]
      Suzuki, Ichiro: tribute (see H. Res. 1657), H6989 [23SE]
      Taxation: accelerate income tax benefits for charitable cash 
        contributions for relief of victims of the earthquake in Haiti 
        (see H.R. 4462), H193 [19JA]
      ------allow employers a refundable credit for increasing 
        employment (see H.R. 4437), H603 [4FE]
      ------deny any deduction for advertising and marketing directed 
        at children to promote the consumption of food at fast food 
        restaurants or food of poor nutritional quality (see H.R. 
        4310), H1169 [4MR]
      ------exempt certain farmland from the estate tax (see H.R. 
        5475), H6573 [30JY]
      ------extend exclusion from gross income for employer-provided 
        health coverage to certain employee designated beneficiaries 
        (see H.R. 2625), H2844 [22AP]
      ------extend the qualifying advanced energy project credit (see 
        H.R. 5041), H2640 [15AP]
      ------extend the work opportunity credit for employers of 
        recently discharged veterans (see H.R. 5400), H7397 [29SE]
      ------impose a tax on bonuses paid by Troubled Asset Relief 
        Program recipients (see H.R. 4426), H327 [21JA]
      ------modify rules relative to the treatment of individuals as 
        independent contractors or employees (see H.R. 3408), H2460 
      ------provide additional protections for recipients of the 
        earned income tax credit and the child tax credit (see H.R. 
        5693), H5502 [1JY]
      ------provide collegiate housing and infrastructure grants (see 
        H.R. 1547), H2799 [21AP]
      ------provide incentives to encourage investment in the 
        expansion of freight rail infrastructure capacity and to 
        enhance modal tax equity (see H.R. 1806), H6763 [15SE]
      ------provide special rules for investments lost in a fraudulent 
        Ponzi-type scheme (see H.R. 1159), H387 [26JA]
      ------reduce excise tax rate on beer produced domestically by 
        certain small producers (see H.R. 4278), H1596 [17MR]
      ------reduce tobacco smuggling (see H.R. 5178), H3077 [29AP]
      ------treat computer technology and equipment as eligible higher 
        education expenses under certain college savings plans and 
        allow certain individuals a credit for contributions to such 
        plans (see H.R. 1351), H5676 [15JY]
      ------treatment of bonds issued to finance renewable energy 
        resource facilities, conservation and efficiency facilities, 
        and other specified greenhouse gas emission technologies (see 
        H.R. 3525), H834 [24FE]
      Terrorism: strike medals in commemoration of anniversary of 
        terrorist attacks and establishment of the National September 
        11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center (see H.R. 
        4684), H4215 [28MY]
      Tom Bradley Post Office Building, Los Angeles, CA: designate 
        (see H.R. 5450), H4022 (see H.R. 5450), H4084 [27MY]
      Tom Kongsgaard Post Office Building, Napa, CA: designate (see 
        H.R. 6237), H7154 (see H.R. 6237), H7211 [28SE]
      Transportation: provide States certain authority to adopt air 
        pollution reduction requirements for motor carriers providing 
        services at port facilities (see H.R. 5967), H6404 (see H.R. 
        5967), H6456 [29JY]
      Truth in Lending Act: provide coverage for credit cards issued 
        to small businesses (see H.R. 3457), H3014 [28AP]
      Tucker, C. DeLores: tribute (see H. Res. 1094), H2261 [23MR]
      U.N.: anniversary of resolution on women, peace, and security 
        (see H. Res. 1676), H7454 [15NO]
      U.N. Millennium Declaration: support ideals and objectives and 
        related Millennium Development Goals, and commend progress in 
        poverty and hunger eradication, human rights, and global 
        health initiatives (see H. Con. Res. 318), H6803 [16SE]
      Uganda: condemn terrorist attacks in Kampala (see H. Res. 1538), 
        H5818 [20JY]
      ------express that the ``Anti-Homosexuality Bill'' under 
        consideration, imposing long term imprisonment and the death 
        penalty for certain acts, threatens the protection of 
        fundamental human rights (see H. Res. 1064), H756 [23FE]
      Unemployment: provide additional emergency unemployment 
        compensation (see H.R. 6091), H6764 [15SE]
      West Virginia: honor coal miners who perished in the Upper Big 
        Branch Mine-South, extend condolences to their families, and 
        recognize efforts of emergency response workers at the mine 
        disaster (see H. Res. 1236), H2503 [13AP]
      Whistleblowing: provide whistleblower and other protections to 
        certain offshore workers (see H.R. 5749), H5675 [15JY]
      Workers Memorial Day: support goals and ideals (see H. Res. 
        375), H2506 [13AP]
      World AIDS Day: support goals and ideals (see H. Con. Res. 333), 
        H7855 [1DE]
      World Ocean Day: observance (see H. Res. 1330), H3312 [11MY]
      World Refugee Day: reaffirm goals (see H. Res. 1350), H3484 
      World War II: provide that service in the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps 
        constituted active military service for veteran classification 
        (see H.R. 1522), H3274 [6MY]
      Zimbabwe: facilitate lasting peace, rule of law, democracy, and 
        economic recovery (see H.R. 5971), H6404 (see H.R. 5971), 
        H6456 [29JY]
  Bills and resolutions introduced
      Business and industry: require employers to keep records on non-
        employees who perform labor or services for remuneration and 
        provide a special penalty for employers who misclassify 
        employees (see H.R. 5107), H2842 [22AP]
      Dept. of Labor: establish the Work-Life Balance Award (see H.R. 
        4855), H1517 [16MR]
      Elementary and Secondary Education Act: provide grants to local 
        educational agencies to encourage girls and minorities to 
        pursue studies and careers in science, mathematics, 
        engineering, and technology (see H.R. 6078), H6571 [30JY]
      Food: provide children from underserved areas with better access 
        to meals served through the summer food service program for 
        children and certain child care programs (see H.R. 4734), 
        H1027 [2MR]
      National Women's History Month: support goals and ideals (see H. 
        Res. 1174), H1358 [11MR]
      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: establish a public 
        health insurance option (see H.R. 5808), H5920 [21JY]
      Children of Fallen Heroes Scholarship Act: Representative 
        Conyers, Committee on the Judiciary (House), H3345 [12MY]
      ------Representative George Miller, Committee on Education and 
        Labor (House), H3345 [12MY]
      ``In the Quiet of the Night'', E93 [26JA]
      Afghanistan: condemn efforts to suppress freedom of the press, 
        H1413 [15MR]
      ------require a plan for the safe, orderly, and expeditious 
        redeployment of U.S. Armed Forces, H3843 [26MY], H6563 [30JY]
      ------societal impact of education for girls, H356 [26JA], H452 
      ------stop indirect U.S. payments to Afghan warlords as part of 
        security contract, H5521 [13JY]
      ------strategy for continued U.S. military presence, H14 [12JA], 
        H110 [13JA], H170 [19JA], H356 [26JA]
      Antitrust policy: restore application of Federal antitrust laws 
        to the business of health insurance to protect competition and 
        consumers (H.R. 4626), H784 [24FE]
      Armed Forces: develop and implement a plan for withdrawal of 
        troops from Afghanistan, H3514 [18MY], H3626 [19MY], H3727 
        [24MY], H4402 [14JN], H4572 [16JN], H4620 [17JN], H5659 
        [15JY], H6028 [26JY], H6649 [14SE], H6793 [16SE], H6862 
        [22SE], H7417 [15NO], H7485 [16NO], H7627 [29NO], H8278 [9DE], 
        H8981 [22DE]
      ------develop and implement a plan for withdrawal of troops from 
        Iraq, H3298 [11MY]
      ------develop and implement a plan for withdrawal of troops from 
        Iraq and Afghanistan, H2562 [14AP], H2988 [28AP], H3102 [4MY]
      ------direct the President, pursuant to the War Powers 
        Resolution, to remove the U.S. Armed Forces from Afghanistan 
        (H. Con. Res. 248), H1262 [10MR]
      ------direct the President, pursuant to the War Powers 
        Resolution, to remove the U.S. Armed Forces from Pakistan (H. 
        Con. Res. 301), H6116 [27JY]
      ------end of U.S. combat operations in Iraq, H6649 [14SE]
      ------enhance readiness by replacing current ``Don't Ask, Don't 
        Tell'' policy concerning homosexuality with a policy of 
        nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, H4203 
        [28MY], H8073 [7DE], E998 [28MY]
      Azerbaijan: independence anniversary, E964 [28MY]
      Benziger family: Sonoma Valley, CA, Business of the Year award 
        recipients, E1834 [29SE], E1898 [15NO]
      Budget: reallocate certain defense programs funds to other 
        domestic priorities, H1262 [10MR]
      ------reconciliation of the concurrent resolution relative to 
        health care reform, student loan reform, school construction 
        and renovation, and other education initiatives (H.R. 4872), 
        H1873 [21MR]
      California: tribute to 235th Engineer Co., National Guard, 
        E361 [11MR]
      California State University: anniversary of system (H. Res. 
        1117), H1081, H1082, H1083 [3MR]
      Chicago, IL: tribute to Englewood Campus of the Urban Prep 
        Charter Academy for Young Men (H. Res. 1414), H4456, H4457, 
        H4462 [15JN]
      Child Advocacy Center Month: designate (H. Res. 1313), H7712, 
        H7713 [30NO]
      Children and youth: reauthorize child nutrition programs (S. 
        3307), H7800 [1DE]
      Children's Book Week: support goals and ideals (H. Res. 1333), 
        H3347 [12MY]
      China: anniversary of persecution of Falun Gong (H. Res. 605), 
        H1477 [16MR]
      CIA: alleged espionage by Michael Furlong, H2481 [13AP]
      Committee on Education and Labor (House): grant authority to 
        investigate underground coal mine operator compliance with 
        Federal safety laws and transmit a report on such 
        investigation (H. Res. 1363), H3674 [20MY]
      Dept. of Commerce: establish a National Harmful Algal Bloom and 
        Hypoxia Program (H.R. 3650), E340 [10MR]
      Dept. of Defense: authorizing appropriations for military 
        activities and prescribing personnel strengths (H.R. 5136), 
        H4203 [28MY], E998 [28MY]
      ------provide for performance management of the defense 
        acquisition system (H.R. 5013), H2988 [28AP]
      Dept. of Education: establish and administer an awards program 
        recognizing excellence exhibited by public school system 
        employees providing services to students in pre-kindergarten 
        through higher education (H.R. 2377), H1405 [15MR]
      Dept. of Energy: anniversary of Albert Einstein Distinguished 
        Educator Fellowship Program (H. Res. 1322), H4462 [15JN]
      Dept. of Labor: establish the Work-Life Balance Award (H.R. 
        4855), H4463, H4464, H4465 [15JN]
      Dept. of Veterans Affairs: provide assistance to caregivers of 
        veterans and improve the provision of health care to veterans 
        (S. 1963), H2925 [27AP]
      Economy: extension of tax cuts for upper-income households, 
        H8568 [16DE]
      ------invest in innovation through research and development and 
        improve competitiveness of the U.S. (H.R. 5116), H3390 [12MY]
      Education: encourage young women to pursue careers and higher 
        education degrees in mathematics, science, engineering, and 
        technology, H3089 [4MY]
      ------increase Pell Grants for the children of fallen public 
        safety officers (H.R. 959), H3344, H3346 [12MY]
      FAA: extend Airport Improvement Program authority (H.R. 4853), 
        Senate amendment, H8568 [16DE]
      Families and domestic relations: improve the lives of working 
        families by providing medical, child care, and educational 
        assistance and encouraging the establishment of family-
        friendly workplaces (H.R. 3047), E156 [4FE]
      ------recognize contributions of fathers in the healthy 
        development of children, support responsible fatherhood, and 
        encourage greater involvement of fathers in the lives of their 
        children (H. Res. 1389), H4454, H4455, H4456 [15JN]
      ------support efforts of States to provide partial or full wage 
        replacement for parents and other employees to spend time with 
        a new infant or adopted child (H.R. 2339), E156 [4FE]
      Federal Water Pollution Control Act: reauthorize the National 
        Estuary Program (H.R. 4715), H2600 [15AP]
      Flatt, Lester: tribute (H. Res. 583), H338, H339 [26JA]
      Foreign aid: maternal health programs funding, H1084 [3MR]
      Foreign policy: assess status of the war on terrorism, H3626 
        [19MY], H3727 [24MY], H4402 [14JN]
      Global Youth Service Days: support goals and ideals (H. Res. 
        1240), H2896, H2897, H2898 [27AP]
      Haiti: express condolences and support to citizens in aftermath 
        of earthquake and support relief efforts, H170 [19JA]
      Health: national policy to provide health care and reform 
        insurance procedures (H.R. 3590), H1447 [16MR], H1599, H1638, 
        H1639, H1640, H1641 [18MR], H1693, H1719 [19MR], H1873 [21MR]
      International Women's Day: support goals, H1084 [3MR]
      Iraq: elections, H2244 [23MR]
      Malaria Awareness Day: observance, H2894 [27AP]
      McCann, Nathan: National Association of Secondary School 
        Principals/Virco Manufacturing Corp., Assistant Principal of 
        the Year Award recipient, H2900 [27AP]
      Messiah College: tribute to men's and women's soccer teams (H. 
        Res. 1030), H341, H342 [26JA]
      Mining and mineral resources: improve mine safety, H2903 [27AP]
      Muir Beach, CA: anniversary of Slide Ranch, E1952 [17NO]
      National Assistant Principals Week: designate (H. Res. 1131), 
        H2899, H2900 [27AP]
      National Child Abuse Prevention Month: support goals and ideals 
        (H. Res. 1293), H2898 [27AP]
      National Child Advocacy Center: anniversary (H. Res. 1313), 
        H7712, H7713 [30NO]
      National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform: 
        recommendations, H7485 [16NO]
      National Day of Recognition for Parents of Special Needs 
        Children: establish (H. Res. 1576), H7711, H7712 [30NO]
      National GEAR UP Day: support goals and ideals (H. Res. 1638), 
        H7707, H7708 [30NO]
      National Healthy Schools Day: support goals and ideals (H. Res. 
        1280), H2906, H2907 [27AP]
      National Lab Day: support ideals (H. Res. 1213), H3089 [4MY]
      National Mentoring Month: designate (H. Res. 990), H339, H340, 
        H341 [26JA]
      National Nurses Week: support goals and ideals (H. Res. 1261), 
        H3341, H3342, H3343 [12MY]
      National Nutrition Month: designate (H. Res. 274), H689, H690 
      National School Counseling Week: designate (H. Res. 1029), H342, 
        H343 [26JA]
      National security: call for adoption of smart security platform 
        for the 21st century, H5962 [22JY]
      ------call for adoption of smart security platform for the 21st 
        century (H. Res. 363), H110 [13JA], H170 [19JA], H356 [26JA], 
        H452 [2FE], H795 [24FE], H1002 [2MR], H2244 [23MR], H2671 
        [20AP], H3102 [4MY], H3250 [6MY], H3514 [18MY], H4371 [10JN], 
        H6649 [14SE]
      National Women's History Month: support goals and ideals (H. 
        Res. 1174), H1707 [19MR]
      National Work and Family Month: designate (H. Res. 1598), H7709, 
        H7710 [30NO]
      New York, NY: extend and improve protections and services to 
        individuals directly impacted by the terrorist attack (H.R. 
        847), H8777 [17DE]
      ------tribute to citizens, law enforcement officers, and first 
        responders for response to attempted terrorist attack in Times 
        Square, H3250 [6MY]
      Novato, CA: anniversary, E99 [27JA]
      ------anniversary of Frank Howard Allen Realtors (business), 
        E2090 [8DE]
      Nuclear weapons: recognize nonproliferation options for nuclear 
        understanding to keep everyone safe (NO NUKES) (H. Res. 333), 
        H2671 [20AP]
      Obama, President: evaluation of national security policies, 
        H4572 [16JN]
      Oil Pollution Act: amend the Oil Pollution Research and 
        Development Program (H.R. 2693), H3763 [25MY], H5872 [21JY]
      Onondaga Community College: tribute to men's lacrosse team (H. 
        Res. 563), H2905, H2906 [27AP]
      ------tribute to women's lacrosse team (H. Res. 561), H2904, 
        H2905 [27AP]
      Peace Corps: anniversary, E400 [17MR]
      Petraeus, David H.: confirmation to be General and Commander of 
        the International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces 
        Afghanistan, H5659 [15JY]
      Rangel, Representative: censure (H. Res. 1737), H7895 [2DE]
      Rodriguez, Juan A. (Chi-Chi): tribute (H. Res. 1430), H7704, 
        H7707 [30NO]
      Safety: improve mine and occupational safety law compliance, 
        empower workers to raise concerns, and prevent workplace 
        tragedies (H.R. 6495), H8142 [8DE]
      San Francisco, CA: anniversary of Angel Island Immigration 
        Station, E93 [26JA]
      Social Security: provide for certain clarifications and 
        extensions under Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children's Health 
        Insurance Program (H.R. 5712), H8278 [9DE]
      Sonoma, CA: anniversary of Hanna Boys Center, E592 
      Sonoma County, CA: anniversary of Guerneville School District, 
        E848 [13MY]
      ------tribute to American Philharmonic-Sonoma County, 
        E1965 [18NO]
      Sudan: implement Comprehensive Peace Agreement between Sudan and 
        the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army to help ensure 
        peace and stability, H6873 [22SE]
      Taxation: extend funding and expenditure authority of the 
        Airport and Airway Trust Fund (H.R. 4853), Senate amendment, 
        H8568 [16DE]
      ------make certain middle class tax relief permanent, increase 
        limits on small business expensing of certain depreciable 
        assets, and extend alternative minimum tax relief, H8568 
      Two Rock, CA: anniversary of Two Rock Valley Presbyterian 
        Church, E1642 [15SE]
      U.S.-Russian Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START): renewal, 
        H2671 [20AP], H7579 [18NO]
      Veterans: proposed increase in amount military retirees pay for 
        health insurance under TRICARE, H8278 [9DE]
      Votes: position on missed, H3356 [12MY], H6904 
        [23SE], H7658 [30NO], E48 [20JA], E154 
        [4FE], E292 [3MR], E343 [10MR], E375, 
        E378 [15MR], E530 [13AP], E682 [27AP], 
        E884 [19MY], E968 [28MY], E1175 
        [23JN], E1306, E1307, E1308, 
        E1309 [13JY], E1360, E1361 [19JY], 
        E1470 [29JY], E2034 [2DE], E2110 
        [9DE], E2158 [16DE]
      West Virginia: honor coal miners who perished in the Upper Big 
        Branch Mine-South, extend condolences to their families, and 
        recognize efforts of emergency response workers at the mine 
        disaster (H. Res. 1236), H2540 [14AP]
      Whistleblowing: provide whistleblower protections to certain 
        workers in the offshore oil and gas industry (H.R. 5851), 
        H6489 [30JY]
      WikiLeaks (Internet site): release of Dept. of Defense 
        classified documents to the news media related to Pakistan and 
        Afghanistan, H6563 [30JY]
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