MARCHANT, KENNY (a Representative from Texas)


Police Week: by, E818• [16MY]

Articles and editorials

Man Who Would Not Quit—A Tenacious Texan Wins His 10-Year Fight for a New Constitutional Amendment, People (publication), E722• [8MY]

Bills and resolutions cosponsored

Abortion: ensure that women seeking an abortion receive an ultrasound and the opportunity to review the ultrasound before giving informed consent to receive an abortion (see H.R. 3805), H114 [23JA]

——— prohibit discrimination against the unborn on the basis of sex or race (see H.R. 3541), H221 [31JA]

——— prohibit Federal assistance for telemedicine abortions and ban interstate abortions using telemedicine technology (see H.R. 5731), H2645 [10MY]

——— prohibit Federal education funding for elementary and secondary schools that provide on-campus access to abortion providers (see H.R. 6173), H5200 [24JY]

——— protect pain-capable unborn children in the District of Columbia (see H.R. 3803), H114 [23JA]

African Growth and Opportunity Act: add South Sudan to list of eligible countries and extend third country fabric program (see H.R. 5986), H3974 [21JN]

Antigua and Barbuda: suspend aid, cooperate with U.S. officials, transfer seized assets, make contributions to victims, and condition international loans relative to Stanford Financial Group fraud (see H. Res. 507), H160 [24JA]

Armed Forces: ensure repeal of ‘‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’’ does not infringe upon the free exercise of religion and rights of conscience of members, including chaplains (see H.R. 3828), H221 [31JA]

——— ensure that Reserve members who have served on active duty or performed certain active service receive credit toward early receipt of non-regular service retired pay (see H.R. 181), H5711 [2AU]

——— expand eligibility for concurrent receipt of retired pay and veterans’ disability compensation to all members retired for disability regardless of disability rating percentage (see H.R. 186), H5711 [2AU]

Aviation: require certain air carriers and their agents and ticket agents to disclose certain costs and fees (see H.R. 3867), H374 [1FE]

Brig. Gen. Robert E. Galer Post Office Building, Gainesville, TX: designate (see H.R. 6589), H6536 [29NO]

Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act: approve renewal of import restrictions (see H.R. 5986), H3974 [21JN]

Business and industry: empower States to require online retailers to collect and remit State sales and use taxes (see H.R. 3179), H1101 [29FE]

Clean Air Act: reduce number of boutique fuels (see H.R. 1412), H1428 [20MR]

Commission To Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities: establish (see H.R. 6655), H7360 [19DE]

Committee on POW and MIA Affairs (House, Select): establish (see H. Res. 111), H966 [27FE]

Committee To Investigate and Report on the Attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya (House, Select): establish (see H. Res. 824), H7264 [18DE]

Congress: approve permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline (see H.R. 3811), H158 [24JA]

——— prohibit securities and commodities trading based on nonpublic information relating to Congress and require additional reporting of securities transactions by Members and employees (see H.R. 1148), H220 [31JA]

Credit: improve definitions of points and fees in connection with a mortgage transaction (see H.R. 4323), H6344 [13NO]

Crime: constitutional amendment to protect the rights of crime victims (see H.J. Res. 106), H6314 [23OC]

Defense Production Act: clarify interpretation does not allow confiscation of personal property or forced conscription into the Armed Forces, unwilling labor, or relinquishing of goods or services without compensation (see H. Con. Res. 110), H2289 [27AP]

Dept. of HHS: collaborate with other departments on epilepsy education and awareness programs (see H. Res. 298), H3808 [19JN]

——— ensure religious conscience protections relative to insurance coverage of certain women’s preventive health services (see H.R. 3897), H948 [21FE] (see H.R. 3982), H903 [16FE]

——— establish and implement a Pancreatic Cancer Initiative (see H.R. 733), H1846 [16AP]

Dept. of Homeland Security: prohibit appropriated funds from being used to pay for an abortion (see H.R. 5646), H2813 [16MY]

——— prohibit from granting deferred action or otherwise suspending effectiveness or enforcement of immigration laws (see H.R. 5957), H3916 [20JN]

——— prohibit implementation of certain immigration policies regarding the exercise of prosecutorial discretion (see H.R. 5953), H3808 [19JN]

——— provide certain information to intellectual property right owners of semiconductor chip products to facilitate identification of suspected counterfeit microchips (see H.R. 6012), H4828 [11JY]

Dept. of Justice: revise certain accessibility regulations for the disabled relative to pools at public accommodations or provided by public entities (see H.R. 4256), H2289 [27AP]

Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA): modify textile and apparel rules of origin (see H.R. 5986), H3974 [21JN]

EPA: amend the renewable fuel program to allow domestic alternative fuel to be used to satisfy a portion of the required applicable volume of renewable fuel (see H.R. 3773), H697 [13FE]

Families and domestic relations: constitutional amendment on parental rights (see H.J. Res. 110), H5010 [18JY]

FDA: improve priority review voucher incentive program for expedited review of treatments for tropical and rare pediatric diseases (see H.R. 3059), H1543 [22MR]

Federal agencies and departments: prohibit deduction of labor organization dues from the pay of Federal employees (see H.R. 2145), H1101 [29FE]

FERC: transfer permitting approval authority over construction of the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline (see H.R. 3548), H513 [6FE]

Financial institutions: improve examination of depository institutions (see H.R. 3461), H571 [7FE]

——— limit fee disclosure requirement for an automatic teller machine to the screen of that machine (see H.R. 4367), H2570 [9MY]

——— provide certain credit unions with the authority to make additional member business loans (see H.R. 1418), H1101 [29FE]

Firearms: more comprehensively address the interstate transportation of firearms or ammunition (see H.R. 4269), H2289 [27AP]

Foreign trade: apply countervailing duties to nonmarket economy countries (see H.R. 4105), H1099 [29FE]

Fraternal organizations: tribute to tax-exempt fraternal benefit societies for charitable works and volunteer activities in communities across the country (see H. Con. Res. 116), H3164 [18MY]

FRS: improve functioning and transparency of the Board of Governors and the Federal Open Market Committee (see H.R. 4180), H2647 [10MY]

Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund: ensure that amounts credited are used for harbor maintenance (see H.R. 104), H79 [18JA]

Health: repeal mandate that new employees of certain employers be automatically enrolled in the employer’s health benefits plan (see H.R. 2206), H1915 [17AP]

Hobby Protection Act: amend to make unlawful the provision of assistance or support in violation of that Act (see H.R. 5977), H6001 [13SE]

Immigration: prohibit Federal funding for lawsuits seeking to invalidate specific State laws that support enforcement of Federal immigration laws (see H.R. 3842), H218 [31JA]

Insurance: repeal medical loss ratio requirements for health insurance (see H.R. 2077), H1978 [18AP]

Iran: condemn continued persecution, imprisonment, and sentencing of Youcef Nadarkhani on the charge of apostasy (see H. Res. 556), H1101 [29FE]

——— express importance of preventing acquisition of nuclear weapons capability and continue economic and diplomatic pressure to secure nonproliferation agreement (see H. Res. 568), H1367 [16MR]

——— provide for a comprehensive strategy to counter growing presence and hostile activity in the Western Hemisphere (see H.R. 3783), H476 [3FE]

Israel: reaffirm strategic relationship with the U.S., direct the President to submit reports on U.S. actions to enhance this relationship, and assist in the defense of Israel (see H.R. 4133), H1978 [18AP]

Law enforcement officers: allow Federal officers indicted in State courts for actions related to protection of a victim of a violent crime to petition to remove case to Federal court (see H.R. 4309), H5923 [12SE]

March of Dimes Foundation: mint coins in recognition and celebration (see H.R. 3187), H2329 [7MY]

Marine Corps: mint coins in commemoration of the Centennial of Marine Corps Aviation, and to support construction of the Marine Corps Heritage Center (see H.R. 1621), H5202 [24JY]

Medicare: exclude customary prompt pay discounts from manufacturers to wholesalers from the average sales price for drugs and biologicals (see H.R. 905), H3807 [19JN]

——— include screening computed tomography colonography as a colorectal screening test (see H.R. 4165), H6397 [15NO]

Members of Congress: eliminate automatic salary adjustments (see H.R. 6721), H7516 [31DE]

——— prohibit receipt of pay after October 1 of any fiscal year in which a concurrent budget resolution and regular appropriations bills have not been approved (see H.R. 3643), H2813 [16MY]

National Credit Union Administration: clarify authority to improve credit union safety and soundness (see H.R. 3993), H5631 [1AU]

National Eagle Scout Day: designate (see H. Res. 716), H4604 [28JN]

NLRB: disapprove rule relative to representation election procedures (see H.J. Res. 103), H901 [16FE]

——— permit employers to pay higher wages to their employees who are working under a union contract (see H.R. 4385), H2072 [24AP]

Obama, President: appoint special counsel to investigate operations transferring firearms to drug cartels where U.S. law enforcement personnel do not monitor such firearms (see H. Res. 532), H374 [1FE]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: ensure coverage offered under multi-State qualified health plans offered in exchanges is consistent with the Federal abortion funding ban (see H.R. 4971), H2267 [27AP]

——— prevent from establishing health care provider standards of care in medical malpractice or medical product liability cases (see H.R. 816), H6535 [29NO]

——— repeal provisions relative to annual period for disenrollment from Medicare Advantage plans to elect to receive original Medicare fee-for-service benefits (see H.R. 1580), H2288 [27AP]

Paul Brown U.S. Courthouse, Sherman, TX: designate (see H.R. 6633), H6765 [12DE]

Power resources: clarify that a State has the sole authority to regulate hydraulic fracturing on Federal land within the boundaries of the State (see H.R. 4322), H1804 [29MR]

Presidential appointments: disapprove appointment of certain officers or employees during a congressional recess of less than 3 days and express that such appointments are unconstitutional (see H. Res. 509), H115 [23JA]

——— prevent payment for services to individuals appointed during a Senate recess to fill a vacancy that existed when the Senate was in session (see H.R. 3770), H1916 [17AP]

Presidents of the U.S.: clarify that Executive orders infringing on congressional powers and duties or requiring expenditure of funds not specifically appropriated has no force or effect (see H. Con. Res. 98), H376 [1FE]

Pro Football Hall of Fame: mint coins in recognition and celebration (see H.R. 4104), H2569 [9MY]

Public debt: constitutional amendment to require that an increase in the Federal debt requires approval from a majority of the legislatures of the several States (see H.J. Res. 99), H376 [1FE]

——— disapprove the President’s exercise of authority to increase the debt limit (see H.J. Res. 98), H28 [17JA]

Public welfare programs: prohibit waivers relative to compliance with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program work requirements (see H.R. 6140), H5079 [19JY]

Schools: prohibit Federal education funding for elementary or secondary schools that provide access to emergency postcoital contraception (see H.R. 4046), H801 [15FE]

Securities: protect transactions in the U.S. from enforcement of certain excise taxes imposed by foreign governments (see H.R. 6616), H6587 [3DE]

Taiwan: resume normal diplomatic relations (see H. Con. Res. 122), H2813 [16MY]

Tariff: footwear (see H.R. 2697), H1807 [29MR]

Taxation: allow a credit to pass-thru entities for hiring unemployed individuals receiving unemployment compensation (see H.R. 3681), H376 [1FE]

——— establish ABLE accounts to pay for qualified disability expenses of family members with disabilities (see H.R. 3423), H5009 [18JY]

——— expedite consideration of comprehensive tax reform legislation (see H.R. 6169), H5200 [24JY]

——— extend allowance for bonus depreciation for certain business assets (see H.R. 4196), H1362 [13MR]

——— extend Bush administration tax cuts, provide alternative minimum tax relief, and extend increased expensing limitations (see H.R. 8), H5200 [24JY]

——— extend exclusion from gross income of discharges of qualified principal residence indebtedness (see H.R. 4336), H1804 [29MR]

——— make permanent and expand the temporary minimum credit rate for the low-income housing tax credit program (see H.R. 3661), H7264 [18DE]

——— make permanent the expansion of certain tax benefits for adoption (see H.R. 4373), H6298 [28SE]

——— modify and extend the nonbusiness energy property credit (see H.R. 6398), H7360 [19DE]

——— modify certain rules applicable to real estate investment trusts (see H.R. 5746), H3662 [7JN]

——— provide for a permanent exclusion from gross income for employer-provided educational assistance (see H.R. 4137), H5766 [10SE]

——— rename the section of the Internal Revenue Code known as the spousal individual retirement account as the Kay Bailey Hutchison Spousal IRA (see H.R. 6647), H6701 [11DE]

——— repeal certain tax increases (see H.R. 4064), H901 [16FE]

——— repeal the individual and employer health insurance mandates (see H.R. 6048), H4603 [28JN]

——— support and strengthen tax incentives for retirement savings (see H. Con. Res. 101), H901 [16FE]

——— treat amounts paid for umbilical cord blood banking services as medical care expenses (see H.R. 1614), H5711 [2AU]

Telecommunications: prohibit universal service support of commercial mobile service through the Lifeline program (see H.R. 3481), H5860 [11SE]

Transportation Security Administration: transfer unclaimed money recovered at airport security checkpoints to United Service Organizations, Inc. (USO) (see H.R. 2179), H28 [17JA]

Veterans: expand eligibility for concurrent receipt of military retired pay or combat-related compensation with service-connected disability benefits and eliminate phase-in period for such benefits (see H.R. 303, 333), H5630 [1AU]

Wallenberg, Raoul: award Congressional Gold Medal (see H.R. 3001), H1571 [26MR]

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day: designate (see H. Res. 601), H6344 [13NO]

Bills and resolutions introduced

Taxation: allow qualified scholarship funding corporations to access tax-exempt financing for alternative private student loans (see H.R. 6209), H5326 [26JY]

Constitutional authority statements

Taxation: allow qualified scholarship funding corporations to access tax-exempt financing for alternative private student loans (H.R. 6209), H5327 [26JY]


Abortion: protect pain-capable unborn children in the District of Columbia (H.R. 3803), H5448• [31JY]

Carrollton, TX: tribute to Carrollton Black Cemetery, E1181• [29JN]

Community Powered Revitalization (organization): tribute, E450• [27MR]

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week: observance, E154• [7FE]

Congress: prohibit Members and employees from using nonpublic information derived from their official positions for personal benefit (S. 2038), E163• [8FE]

Constitutional amendments: anniversary of ratification of 27th Amendment relative to congressional compensation, E722• [8MY]

Coppell, TX: anniversary of Boy Scout Troop 840, E301• [1MR]

——— Mockingbird Elementary School recipient of Character Education Partnership (organization) National School of Character award, E1715• [23OC]

FRS: require an audit of the Board of Governors and Federal Reserve banks (H.R. 459), H5139 [24JY]

Girl Scouts: anniversary, E1718•, E1719• [23OC]

——— tribute to Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, E1718• [23OC]

——— tribute to Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains, E1719• [23OC]

Grapevine, TX: anniversary of Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District, E571• [18AP]

——— anniversary of Unity Church in Grapevine, E1472• [11SE]

Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act: repeal health-care related provisions (H.R. 6079), H4765• [10JY], H4788, H4805• [11JY], E1242• [12JY]

Irving, TX: anniversary of Boy Scout Troop 175, E1046• [15JN]

——— anniversary of Boy Scout Troop 508, E1373• [1AU]

——— Dept. of Commerce Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient, E1814• [27NO]

Israel: independence anniversary, E669• [26AP]

——— reaffirm strategic relationship with the U.S., direct the President to submit reports on U.S. actions to enhance this relationship, and assist in the defense of Israel (S. 2165), H4888• [17JY]

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.: grand opening of Farmers Branch, TX, campus, E433• [22MR]

Moldova: extend normal trade relations status (H.R. 6156), H6416• [16NO]

National MPS Awareness Day: observance, E813• [16MY]

National Teacher Appreciation Week: observance, E731• [8MY]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: repeal amendments which disqualify expenses for over-the-counter drugs under health savings accounts and health flexible spending arrangements, H3614• [7JN]

——— repeal (H.R. 6079), H4765• [10JY], H4788, H4805• [11JY], E1242• [12JY]

Police Week: observance, E818• [16MY]

Rice University: anniversary, E1239• [12JY]

Russia: extend normal trade relations status (H.R. 6156), H6416• [16NO]

Social Security: prohibit the display of account numbers on Medicare cards (H.R. 1509), H7313 [19DE]

Southlake, TX: tribute to Carroll Senior High School boys’ and girls’ cross country teams, E54• [23JA]

——— tribute to Carroll Senior High School boys’ and girls’ swimming and diving teams, E893• [29MY]

——— tribute to Carroll Senior High School football team, E65• [24JA]

——— tribute to Carroll Senior High School National Merit Scholarship finalists, E890• [25MY]

——— tribute to Carroll Senior High School Odyssey of the Mind team, E935• [31MY]

——— tribute to Carroll Senior High School student council, E920• [31MY]

——— tribute to Carroll Senior High School students for participation in Texas Forensic Association State Tournament, E898• [30MY]

——— tribute to Carroll Senior High School students selected to Texas Music Educators Association All-State Band, E893• [29MY]

——— tribute to Carroll Senior High School winterguard team, E883• [22MY]

Stinnett, Paige: Texas Music Educators Association All-State Women’s Choir selectee, E888• [25MY]

Taiwan: anniversary of lifting of martial law, E1271• [18JY]

——— anniversary of Six Assurances guidelines, E1271• [18JY]

——— provide with U.S.-built multirole fighter aircraft to strengthen self-defense capability against increasing military threat from China (H.R. 2992), E226• [17FE]

Taxation: expedite consideration of comprehensive tax reform legislation (H.R. 6169), H5676• [2AU]

——— extend Bush administration tax cuts, provide alternative minimum tax relief, and extend increased expensing limitations (H.R. 8), H5583 [1AU]

——— increase participation in medical flexible spending arrangements, H3614• [7JN]

——— repeal excise tax on medical devices (H.R. 436), H3614• [7JN]

Votes: position on missed, E419• [22MR]

Remarks in House relative to

Leave of absence: granted, H1540 [22MR]


Anderson, Nate, E192• [14FE]

Atkin, Thomas F., E726• [8MY]

Chamblee, Virginia, E1540• [14SE]

Dixon, Billie, E684• [27AP]

Dodd, John and Betty, E1377• [1AU]

Gatlin, Roger, E981• [5JN]

Gravley, Milburn R., E1737• [9NO]

Hall, Representative, H6450 [27NO]

Hill, Donald E., E484• [29MR]

Johnson, Ashley, E1806• [27NO]

Kantor, Colin, E882• [22MY]

Kreighauser, Courtney, E908• [30MY]

Marchant, Hobart C., E520• [16AP]

Mingus, Lillian E. Christopher, E1732• [2NO]

Orr, Warren, E93• [31JA]

Thompson, Gary, E573• [18AP]

Thompson, Paula and Homer, E1895• [11DE]