[Congressional Record Index (2012)]
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  Bills and resolutions
      Shipping industry: make grants to States or port authorities to 
        cover the cost of repair and construction activities relative 
        to certain strategic commercial seaports (see H.R. 6253), 
        H5628 [1AU]
  Remarks in House
      Contracts: prohibit exemption from Federal Acquisition 
        Regulations and disposal of National Defense Reserve Fleet 
        vessels using less than open and transparent competition, 
        H3136 [18MY]
      Maritime Guaranteed Loan Program: funding, H4051 [26JN]
      National security: identify actions to enable qualified U.S. 
        flag capacity to meet national defense requirements, H6643 
        [5DE], E855 [18MY]
      Ships and vessels: Maritime Security Program and Cargo 
        Preference Program funding, H4623 [29JN]
  Reports filed
      America's Cup Act: Committee on Commerce, Science, and 
        Transportation (Senate) (S. 1759) (S. Rept. 112-246), S7458