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McCARTHY, CAROLYN (a Representative from New York)

  Bills and resolutions cosponsored
      Agriculture: ensure the humane slaughter of nonambulatory cattle 
        (see H.R. 3704), H513 [6FE]
      ------provide for a uniform national standard for the housing 
        and treatment of egg-laying hens (see H.R. 3798), H4158 [27JN]
      Animals: ensure that all dogs and cats used by research 
        facilities are obtained legally (see H.R. 2256), H220 [31JA]
      Armed Forces: improve prevention and response to sexual assaults 
        (see H.R. 3435), H5711 [2AU]
      Brigadier General Nathaniel Woodhull Post Office Building, 
        Mastic Beach, NY: designate (see H.R. 3912), H567 [7FE]
      Buffalo, NY: anniversary of Continental Connection commuter 
        plane crash (see H. Res. 543), H1135 [1MR]
      Business and industry: list employers that relocate call centers 
        overseas, make such companies ineligible for Federal grants 
        and loans, and require call center employees to disclose their 
        physical location (see H.R. 3596), H3481 [5JN]
      Commission on Freedom of Information Act Processing Delays: 
        establish (see H.R. 1564), H27 [17JA]
      Commission To Accelerate the End of Breast Cancer: establish 
        (see H.R. 3067), H159 [24JA]
      Consumers: protect from price-gouging of gasoline and other 
        fuels (see H.R. 964), H1017 [28FE]
      Corporal Kyle Schneider Post Office Building, Baldwinsville, NY: 
        designate (see H.R. 5837), H3161 [18MY]
      Cyprus: respect sovereignty and urge Turkey to end illegal 
        colonization, occupation, and interference with energy 
        resources (see H. Res. 676), H5631 [1AU]
      Dept. of Agriculture: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 
        funding (see H. Res. 760), H5861 [11SE]
      Dept. of Education: extend the reduced interest rate for Federal 
        Direct Stafford Loans (see H.R. 3826), H2072 [24AP]
      ------increase recruitment and retention of school counselors, 
        social workers, and psychologists by low-income local 
        educational agencies (see H.R. 3405), H159 [24JA]
      Dept. of HHS: establish Frontline Providers Loan Repayment 
        Program (see H.R. 531), H3163 [18MY]
      ------implement the National Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury 
        Plan (see H.R. 2600), H5766 [10SE]
      ------provide for the participation of optometrists in the 
        National Health Service Corps scholarship and loan repayment 
        programs (see H.R. 1195), H2288 [27AP]
      ------provide for the participation of physical therapists in 
        the National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program (see 
        H.R. 1426), H2813 [16MY]
      ------provide guaranteed child care assistance for low-income 
        families (see H.R. 5188), H3405 [1JN]
      Dept. of Labor: provide off-base transition training for Armed 
        Forces members (see H.R. 4051), H2813 [16MY]
      ------strengthen the U.S. workforce investment system through 
        innovation in, and alignment and improvement of, employment, 
        training, and education programs (see H.R. 4227), H3481 [5JN]
      Dept. of Veterans Affairs: clarify presumptions relating to 
        exposure of certain veterans who served in the vicinity of 
        Vietnam (see H.R. 3612), H6344 [13NO]
      ------develop a comprehensive policy to improve outreach and 
        transparency to veterans and Armed Forces members through 
        provision of information on institutions of higher learning 
        (see H.R. 4057), H3267 [30MY]
      ------establish an honorary Excellence in Veterans Education 
        Award (see H.R. 4052), H3733 [18JN]
      ------establish an ophthalmologic service and Director of 
        Ophthalmologic Services in the Veterans Health Administration 
        (see H.R. 3216), H2715 [15MY]
      Discrimination: condemn discrimination, hate crimes, racism, 
        bigotry, bullying and brutal violence perpetrated against 
        Sikh-Americans, and all acts of vandalism against Sikh 
        Gurdwaras in the U.S. (see H. Res. 785), H6060 [14SE]
      Diseases: improve diagnosis and treatment of hereditary 
        hemorrhagic telangiectasia (see H.R. 2123), H3733 [18JN]
      ------raise awareness of, and educate breast cancer patients 
        anticipating surgery regarding, the availability and coverage 
        of breast reconstruction, prostheses, and other options (see 
        H.R. 5937), H6234 [20SE]
      ------require a Federal commitment to Alzheimer's disease 
        research to advance breakthrough treatments for people with 
        the disease (see H.R. 1897), H6152 [19SE]
      Europe: designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and 
        impose sanctions, provide information about Hezbollah to 
        European allies, and support Bulgaria in investigating 
        terrorist attack in Burgas (see H. Res. 834), H7360 [19DE]
      Federal employees: provide certain benefits to domestic partners 
        (see H.R. 3485), H5860 [11SE]
      Financial institutions: improve examination of depository 
        institutions (see H.R. 3461), H1135 [1MR]
      ------limit fee disclosure requirement for an automatic teller 
        machine to the screen of that machine (see H.R. 4367), H3267 
      ------provide exception from requirement for annual privacy 
        notices for financial institutions which do not share personal 
        information with affiliates (see H.R. 5817), H6280 [21SE]
      Firearms: limit possession, sale, and other disposition by 
        persons convicted of misdemeanor sex offenses against children 
        (see H.R. 505), H476 [3FE]
      Fraternal organizations: tribute to tax-exempt fraternal benefit 
        societies for charitable works and volunteer activities in 
        communities across the country (see H. Con. Res. 116), H5860 
      Georgia (country): support enhanced security, sovereignty, and 
        territorial integrity, U.S.-Georgia Charter on Strategic 
        Partnership, NATO membership, democratic reforms, and peaceful 
        resolution of conflict (see H. Res. 526), H441 [2FE]
      Health: enhance and further research of prevention and treatment 
        of eating disorders and improve access to treatment (see H.R. 
        1448), H2072 [24AP]
      ------make the provision of technical services for medical 
        imaging examinations and radiation therapy treatments safer, 
        more accurate, and less costly (see H.R. 2104), H3808 [19JN]
      Homeless Assistance Act: amend definition of ``homeless person'' 
        to include certain homeless children and youth (see H.R. 32), 
        H220 [31JA]
      Hurricanes: express condolences to, commend resiliency and 
        courage of, and provide necessary resources for relief, 
        recovery, and rebuilding efforts of victims of Hurricane Sandy 
        (see H. Res. 820), H6505 [28NO]
      Investments: repeal certain indemnification requirements for 
        regulatory authorities to obtain access to swap data required 
        to be provided by swaps entities (see H.R. 4235), H4686 [9JY]
      Iran: condemn President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the leaders of 
        Iran for addressing the U.N. on Yom Kippur (see H. Con. Res. 
        139), H6276 [21SE]
      ------express importance of preventing acquisition of nuclear 
        weapons capability and continue economic and diplomatic 
        pressure to secure nonproliferation agreement (see H. Res. 
        568), H1306 [8MR]
      IRS: make the Free File Program permanent (see H.R. 2569), H476 
      Israel: authorize further assistance to Israel for the Iron Dome 
        anti-missile defense system (see H.R. 4229), H1642 [27MR]
      ------reaffirm strategic relationship with the U.S., direct the 
        President to submit reports on U.S. actions to enhance this 
        relationship, and assist in the defense of Israel (see H.R. 
        4133), H1363 [13MR]
      Lebanon: ensure that U.S. taxpayer dollars are not used to fund 
        terrorist entities in Lebanon (see H.R. 2215), H28 [17JA]
      Leonard Montalto Post Office Building, Staten Island, NY: 
        designate (see H.R. 6636), H7429 [21DE]
      LIHEAP: reauthorize (see H.R. 4026), H1391 [19MR]
      March of Dimes Foundation: mint coins in recognition and 
        celebration (see H.R. 3187), H4685 [9JY]
      Medicaid: improve access to advanced practice nurses and 
        physicians' assistants (see H.R. 2134), H2040 [23AP]
      ------provide payment for patient navigator services (see H.R. 
        6521), H6275 [21SE]
      ------require coverage of optometrists (see H.R. 1219), H2288 
      Medicare: ensure more timely access to home health services for 
        beneficiaries (see H.R. 2267), H2569 [9MY]
      ------establish a market pricing program for durable medical 
        equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) (see 
        H.R. 6490), H6312 [19OC]
      ------strengthen and protect hospice programs (see H.R. 3506), 
        H28 [17JA]
      Medicare/Medicaid: exclude pathologists from incentive payments 
        and penalties relative to the meaningful use of electronic 
        health records (see H.R. 4066), H6304 [9OC]
      Members of Congress: eliminate automatic salary adjustments (see 
        H.R. 3858), H441 [2FE]
      ------support and promote the respectful and dignified disposal 
        of worn and tattered U.S. flags (see H. Res. 757), H5707 [2AU]
      National Cancer Act: anniversary (see H. Res. 531), H219 [31JA]
      National Foster Care Month: recognize goals and ideals (see H. 
        Res. 659), H2812 [16MY]
      National Nurses Week: support goals and ideals (see H. Res. 
        644), H2320 [7MY]
      National Park Service: authorize studies of certain areas for 
        possible inclusion in the National Park System (see H.R. 
        6175), H5200 [24JY]
      National parks and recreation areas: repeal certain laws 
        relative to carrying certain weapons in national parks (see 
        H.R. 4063), H901 [16FE]
      New York Giants (football team): tribute (see H. Res. 544), H640 
      Nicklaus, Jack: award Congressional Gold Medal (see H.R. 4040), 
        H945 [17FE]
      Olympic Games: disapprove that U.S. uniforms were made overseas, 
        support U.S. manufacturing, and urge the U.S. Olympic 
        Committee to use U.S. designers and manufacturers for uniforms 
        in the future (see H. Res. 729), H5293 [25JY]
      Pharmaceuticals: preserve effectiveness of medically important 
        antibiotics used in treatment of human and animal diseases 
        (see H.R. 965), H5630 [1AU]
      Political campaigns: provide for additional disclosure 
        requirements for corporations, labor organizations, and other 
        entities (see H.R. 4010), H1101 [29FE]
      Postal Service: recalculate and restore retirement annuities, 
        eliminate requirement to pre-fund health benefits fund, 
        restrict facility closures, and create incentives to maintain 
        levels of service (see H.R. 3591), H2813 [16MY]
      Religion: honor historical contributions of Catholic sisters 
        (see H. Res. 689), H4158 [27JN]
      Roads and highways: extend Federal-aid highway, highway safety, 
        motor carrier safety, transit, and other Highway Trust Fund-
        funded programs (see H.R. 14), H1571 [26MR]
      Sagamore Hill National Historic Site: anniversary (see H. Res. 
        715), H4604 [28JN]
      Schools: direct certain coeducational elementary and secondary 
        schools to make information available on equality in athletic 
        programs (see H.R. 458), H726 [14FE]
      SEC: provide for the registration and oversight of national 
        investment adviser associations (see H.R. 4624), H2123 [25AP]
      Securities: provide an exemption for certain swaps and security-
        based swaps involving non-U.S. persons (see H.R. 3283), H27 
      Specialist Christopher Scott Post Office Building, Tyrone, NY: 
        designate (see H.R. 6681), H7264 [18DE]
      SSI: clarify that the value of certain funeral and burial 
        arrangements are not to be considered available resources (see 
        H.R. 4176), H2647 [10MY]
      Tariff: footwear (see H.R. 2697), H2329 [7MY]
      Taxation: allow taxpayers to designate overpayments of tax as 
        contributions to the homeless veterans assistance fund (see 
        H.R. 3352), H3404 [1JN]
      ------encourage teachers to pursue teaching science, technology, 
        engineering, and math subjects at elementary and secondary 
        schools (see H.R. 289), H5766 [10SE]
      ------expand rehabilitation credit (see H.R. 2479), H5766 [10SE]
      ------extend credit for electricity produced from certain 
        renewable resources (see H.R. 3307), H1154 [5MR]
      ------extend exclusion from gross income for employer-provided 
        health coverage to certain employee designated beneficiaries 
        (see H.R. 2088), H5860 [11SE]
      ------extend the qualifying therapeutic discovery project credit 
        (see H.R. 1988), H182 [25JA]
      ------make permanent the expansion of certain tax benefits for 
        adoption (see H.R. 4373), H4775 [10JY]
      ------provide a credit for costs of certain infertility 
        treatments (see H.R. 3522), H1978 [18AP]
      ------provide recruitment and retention incentives for volunteer 
        emergency service workers (see H.R. 376), H2288 [27AP]
      ------support and strengthen tax incentives for retirement 
        savings (see H. Con. Res. 101), H901 [16FE]
      Veterans: issue a Victory for Veterans stamp (see H.R. 6121), 
        H4863 [12JY]
      Voting: modernize voter registration, promote access to voting 
        for disabled individuals, and protect the right to vote (see 
        H.R. 5799), H3102 [17MY]
      ------require a voter-verified permanent paper ballot (see H.R. 
        5816), H3103 [17MY]
      Wallenberg, Raoul: award Congressional Gold Medal (see H.R. 
        3001), H441 [2FE]
      Wildlife: prohibit breeding and private possession of captive 
        big cats except by accredited zoos and facilities and require 
        registration of big cats currently in possession by private 
        owners (see H.R. 4122), H6344 [13NO]
      Women: ensure reasonable workplace accommodations for workers 
        whose ability to perform the functions of a job are limited by 
        pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition (see 
        H.R. 5647), H4864 [12JY]
      World War II: award Congressional Gold Medal to the First 
        Special Service Force (see H.R. 3767), H696 [13FE]
  Bills and resolutions introduced
      Diseases: improve asthma management, education, and research 
        (see H.R. 6608), H6469 [27NO]
      ------support efforts to raise awareness, improve education, and 
        encourage research of inflammatory breast cancer (see H. Res. 
        796), H6232 [20SE]
      Firearms: require face to face purchases of ammunition, 
        licensing of ammunition dealers, and reporting regarding bulk 
        purchases of ammunition (see H.R. 6241), H5525 [31JY]
      National Park Service: study ways to commemorate and preserve 
        the aviation history of Long Island, NY (see H.R. 6201), H5291 
      PLO: oppose maintenance of an official office in the District of 
        Columbia if they continue to unilaterally seek recognition of 
        a Palestinian state or form a unified government with Hamas 
        (see H. Res. 524), H158 [24JA]
  Constitutional authority statements
      Diseases: improve asthma management, education, and research 
        (H.R. 6608), H6469 [27NO]
      Firearms: require face to face purchases of ammunition, 
        licensing of ammunition dealers, and reporting regarding bulk 
        purchases of ammunition (H.R. 6241), H5525 [31JY]
      National Park Service: study ways to commemorate and preserve 
        the aviation history of Long Island, NY (H.R. 6201), H5292 
      ManuFACTS--Ex-Im Bank and Export Finance, H2474 [9MY]
      Eximbank reauthorization: Andrew N. Liveris, Dow Chemical Co., 
        H2472 [9MY]
      ------by, H2476 [9MY]
      ------Cass Johnson, National Council of Textile Organizations, 
        and Kevin Burke, American Apparel & Footwear Association, 
        H2473 [9MY]
      ------Gregory J. Junemann, International Federation of 
        Professional & Technical Engineers, H2475 [9MY]
      ------John Hardy, Jr., Coalition for Employment Through Exports, 
        and William A. Reinsch, National Foreign Trade Council, H2472 
      ------R. Bruce Josten, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, H2474 [9MY]
      ------R. Thomas Buffenbarger, International Association of 
        Machinists and Aerospace Workers, H2475 [9MY]
      ------several organizations, H2472 [9MY]
      ------Tim Keating, Boeing Co., H2473 [9MY]
      ------Todd McCracken, Small Business Exporters Association of 
        the U.S., H2472 [9MY]
  Press releases
      A4A Commends Important Reforms in Bipartisan Ex-Im Bank 
        Reauthorization Agreement: Airlines for America (A4A) 
        (organization), H2475 [9MY]
      ALPA Hails Agreement on Eximbank Reauthorization: Air Line 
        Pilots Association, International, H2474 [9MY]
      GAMA Urges Swift Action on Export Import Bank Reauthorization: 
        General Aviation Manufacturers Association, H2475 [9MY]
      U.S. Chamber's Donohue Praises House Leaders for Reaching Deal 
        on Ex-Im: U.S. Chamber of Commerce, H2475 [9MY]
      Appropriations: making for Dept. of Defense and other Federal 
        departments and agencies, rescind unobligated stimulus funds, 
        and reduce discretionary spending (H.R. 1), H7568 
      Dept. of HHS: ensure religious conscience protections relative 
        to insurance coverage of certain women's preventive health 
        services, H1029 [29FE]
      Diseases: increase in group A streptococcal infections, H5209 
      Eximbank: exceptions to required Federal Register notice 
        relative to publication of trade secrets, H2467, H2468 [9MY]
      ------reauthorize (H.R. 2072), H2465, H2467, H2468, H2472 [9MY]
      Firearms: gun control, H6818 [17DE]
      Hurricanes: implement emergency preparedness plans, H3281 [31MY]
      ------making supplemental appropriations for recovery from 
        damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, H7568 [2JA]
      John J. Cook Post Office, East Rockaway, NY: designate (H.R. 
        2079), H706 [14FE]
      Newtown, CT: condemn shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, 
        express condolences for victims, and commend school personnel 
        and first responders who responded to shootings (H. Res. 833), 
        H6818 [17DE]
      Taiwan: tribute to donations toward Hurricane Sandy relief 
        efforts, E1878 [5DE]
      Votes: position on missed, E448 [27MR], E1070 
        [19JN], E1192 [29JN]
      Women: health care for women, H1029 [29FE]
      Broder, John P., E1225 [11JY]