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McGOVERN, GEORGE S. (a former Senator from South Dakota)

  Articles and editorials
      George McGovern, the ``Atticus Finch'' of American Politics, 
        E1941 [17DE]
      George McGovern, the Man Who Never Gave Up, E1960 [19DE]
      George McGovern--An Outstanding Leader on Children's Hunger and 
        Nutrition, E1960 [19DE]
      Robert Shrum on Friend George McGovern, the Prophet Politician, 
        E1960 [19DE]
      Think Again--George McGovern--A Lifetime of Conscience and 
        Courage, E1941-E1943 [17DE]
  Bills and resolutions relative to
      Tribute (see S. Res. 607), S7303 [30NO]
  Remarks in House relative to
      Tribute, E1295 [23JY], E1731 [2NO], E1959 [19DE]
  Remarks in Senate relative to
      Tribute, S7300 [30NO]
      Tribute (S. Res. 607), S7310 [30NO]
      Tribute to George McGovern: Rajiv Shah, AID, E1960 [19DE]
  Texts of
      S. Res. 607, tribute, S7306, S7310 [30NO]