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McINTYRE, MIKE (a Representative from North Carolina)

      Small business: increase job creation and economic growth by 
        improving access to public capital markets for emerging growth 
        companies (H.R. 3606), H1249 [7MR]
      Conferee: H.R. 4310, Dept. of Defense appropriations for 
        military activities, prescribing personnel strengths, and 
        military construction, H6782 [13DE]
  Bills and resolutions cosponsored
      Abortion: protect pain-capable unborn children in the District 
        of Columbia (see H.R. 3803), H187 [27JA]
      Agriculture: codify exemptions for farming, forestry, and 
        ranching relative to permit requirements for dredged or fill 
        material (see H.R. 4278), H2072 [24AP]
      Arab countries: call for protection of religious minority rights 
        and freedoms (see H. Res. 732), H4907 [17JY]
      Armed Forces: authorize space-available travel on military 
        aircraft for certain current and former members of the Reserve 
        components, widows and widowers of retired members, and 
        dependents (see H.R. 4164), H1847 [16AP]
      Best Buddies International, Inc.: provide assistance to support 
        expansion and development of mentoring programs (see H.R. 
        2152), H802 [15FE]
      Business and industry: clarify exemptions for captive finance 
        companies from the definition of major swap participant and 
        from the swap clearing requirement (see H.R. 5649), H2443 
      ------list employers that relocate call centers overseas, make 
        such companies ineligible for Federal grants and loans, and 
        require call center employees to disclose their physical 
        location (see H.R. 3596), H1428 [20MR]
      CFTC: take certain actions to reduce excessive speculation in 
        energy markets (see H.R. 4457), H2030 [19AP]
      Commission To Accelerate the End of Breast Cancer: establish 
        (see H.R. 3067), H1807 [29MR]
      Community colleges: recognize valuable contributions and 
        encourage local partnerships to train and revitalize U.S. 
        workforce, inspire entrepreneurship, educate skilled workers, 
        and invest in local communities (see H. Res. 474), H1210 [6MR]
      Credit: provide exception from definition of loan originator for 
        certain loans made relative to manufactured homes and amend 
        Truth in Lending Act to modify definition of high-cost 
        mortgage (see H.R. 3849), H2288 [27AP]
      Dept. of Agriculture: issue loan guarantees for purposes of 
        financing improvements to school lunch facilities and training 
        school food service personnel (see H.R. 6481), H6273 [21SE]
      ------modify the definition of the term biobased product (see 
        H.R. 5873), H3362 [31MY]
      ------repeal a duplicative inspection and grading program for 
        catfish (see H.R. 4296), H4686 [9JY]
      Dept. of Commerce: enable concrete masonry products 
        manufacturers and importers to carry out coordinated program 
        of research, education, and promotion to improve, maintain, 
        and develop markets (see H.R. 3395), H1807 [29MR]
      Dept. of Education: establish Eunice Kennedy Shriver Institutes 
        for Sport and Social Impact (see H.R. 2152), H802 [15FE]
      ------extend the reduced interest rate for Federal Direct 
        Stafford Loans (see H.R. 3826), H2072 [24AP]
      Dept. of HHS: establish and implement a Pancreatic Cancer 
        Initiative (see H.R. 733), H5526 [31JY]
      Dept. of Labor: prohibit finalization of certain proposed child 
        labor rules relative to family farming (see H.R. 4157), H1642 
      Dept. of State: assist the establishment of a permanent and 
        international legal status necessary for global operations and 
        continue financial support for the International Commission on 
        Missing Persons (see H.R. 4344), H1811 [30MR]
      Dept. of Transportation: modify the Interstate System 
        Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Pilot Program by disallowing 
        toll facilities in North Carolina (see H.R. 4174), H1498 
      ------prioritize local comments when selecting a toll pilot 
        project (see H.R. 5713), H4828 [11JY]
      Dept. of Veterans Affairs: clarify presumptions relating to 
        exposure of certain veterans who served in the vicinity of 
        Vietnam (see H.R. 3612), H4908 [17JY]
      ------improve efficiency of processing certain claims for 
        disability compensation by veterans (see H.R. 2053), H115 
      ------provide expedited procedures for consideration of certain 
        veterans claims (see H.R. 2377), H79 [18JA]
      EPA: change the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure 
        rule with respect to certain farms (see H.R. 3158), H3808 
      ERISA: provide protection for company-provided retiree health 
        benefits (see H.R. 1322), H5292 [25JY]
      Families and domestic relations: constitutional amendment 
        relative to definition of marriage (see H.J. Res. 45), H2813 
      FDA: improve the safety of Internet pharmacies (see H.R. 4095), 
        H2134 [25AP]
      Federal agencies and departments: intensify efforts to identify, 
        prevent, and recover payment error, waste, fraud, and abuse 
        within Federal spending (see H.R. 4053), H900 [16FE]
      Financial institutions: exclude small lenders from certain Wall 
        Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act regulations (see 
        H.R. 3336), H571 [7FE]
      ------limit fee disclosure requirement for an automatic teller 
        machine to the screen of that machine (see H.R. 4367), H2570 
      Food industry: improve and clarify certain disclosure 
        requirements for restaurants, similar retail food 
        establishments, and vending machines (see H.R. 6174), H6312 
      Foreign aid: ensure that a percentage of food aid provided in 
        the form of certain agricultural commodities or their products 
        must be transported on U.S. commercial vessels (see H.R. 
        6170), H5712 [2AU]
      Foreign trade: apply countervailing duties to nonmarket economy 
        countries (see H.R. 4105), H1099 [29FE]
      Immigration: make detention and deportation mandatory for 
        illegal aliens convicted of drunk driving (see H.R. 3808), 
        H114 [23JA]
      Insurance: allow enforcement of State disclosure laws and access 
        to courts for covered Holocaust-era insurance policy claims 
        (see H.R. 890), H5130 [23JY]
      Iran: condemn continued persecution, imprisonment, and 
        sentencing of Youcef Nadarkhani on the charge of apostasy (see 
        H. Res. 556), H1018 [28FE]
      ------express importance of preventing acquisition of nuclear 
        weapons capability and continue economic and diplomatic 
        pressure to secure nonproliferation agreement (see H. Res. 
        568), H2034 [19AP]
      Israel: reaffirm strategic relationship with the U.S., direct 
        the President to submit reports on U.S. actions to enhance 
        this relationship, and assist in the defense of Israel (see 
        H.R. 4133), H1498 [21MR]
      Law enforcement officers: ensure accountability, establish 
        standards for internal investigations and hearings, guarantee 
        due process, and require enactment of relevant State laws (see 
        H.R. 1789), H3577 [6JN]
      Lions Clubs: mint coins in commemoration of centennial of 
        establishment (see H.R. 2139), H220 [31JA]
      March of Dimes Foundation: mint coins in recognition and 
        celebration (see H.R. 3187), H3363 [31MY]
      Medicaid: improve availability of assistance for certain breast 
        and cervical cancer patients in the territories (see H.R. 
        2135), H5766 [10SE]
      Medicare: ensure continued access of beneficiaries to diagnostic 
        imaging services (see H.R. 3269), H2134 [25AP]
      ------provide comprehensive cancer care planning coverage and 
        grant programs for provider education (see H.R. 3705), H5328 
      ------provide comprehensive cancer patient treatment education 
        and conduct research to improve cancer symptom management (see 
        H.R. 3790), H2715 [15MY]
      Medicare/Medicaid: exclude pathologists from incentive payments 
        and penalties relative to the meaningful use of electronic 
        health records (see H.R. 4066), H6312 [19OC]
      Motor vehicles: establish a regulatory structure to facilitate 
        production of custom cars and specialty vehicles by small 
        volume vehicle manufacturers (see H.R. 3274), H5711 [2AU]
      National Cancer Prevention Day: designate (see H. Res. 538), 
        H475 [3FE]
      National FFA Organization: mint coins in commemoration of 
        founding (see H.R. 2418), H79 [18JA]
      Nicklaus, Jack: award Congressional Gold Medal (see H.R. 4040), 
        H1498 [21MR]
      Office of Science and Technology Policy: require Federal 
        agencies to submit and obtain approval to ensure and maximize 
        the quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of scientific 
        information (see H.R. 5952), H3732 [18JN]
      Office of the Director of National Intelligence: allow elements 
        of the intelligence community to share cyber threat 
        intelligence with private-sector cybersecurity entities (see 
        H.R. 3523), H1807 [29MR]
      PLO: oppose maintenance of an official office in the District of 
        Columbia if they continue to unilaterally seek recognition of 
        a Palestinian state or form a unified government with Hamas 
        (see H. Res. 524), H187 [27JA]
      Ports: recognize importance to the U.S. economy and national 
        security, strengthen seaport-related infrastructure, and 
        express gratitude to port employees (see H. Res. 592), H1427 
      Public safety officers: extend public safety officers' death 
        benefits to fire police officers (see H.R. 1348), H3481 [5JN]
      Salem, MA: recognize as birthplace of the National Guard (see 
        H.R. 1339), H1306 [8MR]
      Schools: provide assistance for the modernization, renovation, 
        and repair of elementary and secondary school buildings and 
        community colleges (see H.R. 2948), H4685 [9JY]
      Securities: provide end user exemptions for certain derivative 
        sales (see H.R. 2682), H571 [7FE]
      Social Work Reinvestment Commission: establish (see H.R. 1106), 
        H6234 [20SE]
      Special Olympics Sport and Empowerment Act: reauthorize (see 
        H.R. 2152), H802 [15FE]
      Sports: recognize heritage of recreational fishing, hunting, and 
        shooting on public lands and ensure continued opportunities 
        for those activities (see H.R. 2834), H948 [21FE]
      SSA: require the President to transmit the annual budget without 
        revisions to Congress (see H.R. 4082), H943 [17FE]
      Sudan: develop strategy to end human rights violations, create 
        incentives for governments and persons to end support, and 
        reinvigorate peace efforts (see H.R. 4169), H2570 [9MY]
      Taxation: allow credit for amounts paid by a spouse of an Armed 
        Forces member for a new State license or certification 
        required due to permanent change in duty station of such 
        member to another State (see H.R. 3046), H1807 [29MR]
      ------clarify that any person who, for commercial purposes, 
        makes available for consumer use a machine capable of 
        producing tobacco products, is a manufacturer of tobacco 
        products (see H.R. 4134), H1811 [30MR]
      ------disallow refundable portion of the child credit to 
        taxpayers using individual taxpayer identification numbers 
        issued by the IRS (see H.R. 3275), H3481 [5JN]
      ------establish ABLE accounts to pay for qualified disability 
        expenses of family members with disabilities (see H.R. 3423), 
        H6307 [12OC]
      ------extend and increase exclusion for benefits provided to 
        volunteer firefighters and emergency medical responders (see 
        H.R. 2353), H3163 [18MY]
      ------modify incentives for production of biodiesel (see H.R. 
        2238), H182 [25JA]
      ------provide collegiate housing and infrastructure grants (see 
        H.R. 1327), H4907 [17JY]
      ------provide exception to additional estate tax for severance 
        of standing timber harvested consistent with a forest 
        management plan (see H.R. 6439), H6280 [21SE]
      ------provide for an investment credit relative to the 
        production of electricity from offshore wind (see H.R. 3238), 
        H5860 [11SE]
      ------repeal certain tax breaks for gas and oil companies and 
        refund the revenue savings to registered vehicle owners (see 
        H.R. 4231), H1808 [29MR]
      Tobacco products: clarify FDA jurisdiction over certain tobacco 
        products and protect jobs and small businesses involved in the 
        sale, manufacturing, and distribution of cigars (see H.R. 
        1639), H1154 [5MR]
      Voting: require a voter-verified permanent paper ballot (see 
        H.R. 5816), H3103 [17MY]
      Wallenberg, Raoul: award Congressional Gold Medal (see H.R. 
        3001), H1741 [28MR]
      Water: prevent finalization by the EPA or Corps of Engineers of 
        proposed guidance on identification of waters protected by the 
        Federal Water Pollution Control Act (see H.R. 4965), H2570 
      Women: improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heart 
        disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases in women 
        (see H.R. 3526), H6234 [20SE]
      World War I: establish a commission to observe centennial and 
        rededicate certain memorials as the National World War I 
        Memorial and the National World War I Museum and Memorial (see 
        H.R. 6364), H6469 [27NO]
      World War II: award Congressional Gold Medal to members of the 
        Civil Air Patrol (see H.R. 719), H1100 [29FE]
      ------award Congressional Gold Medal to the First Special 
        Service Force (see H.R. 3767), H2033 [19AP]
      Year of the Korean War Veteran: designate (see H. Res. 618), 
        H4606 [28JN]
  Pledge of Allegiance
      House of Representatives, H2722 [16MY], H5208 [25JY]
      ``Our Faith This Day,'' Albert C. Caswell, E406 [21MR]
      Dept. of Agriculture: anniversary, H2723 [16MY]
      Dept. of Defense: authorizing appropriations for military 
        activities, prescribing personnel strengths, and military 
        construction (H.R. 4310), H2792 [16MY]
      ------authorizing appropriations for military activities, 
        prescribing personnel strengths, and military construction 
        (H.R. 4310), conference report, H7392 [20DE]
      Energy and water development: making appropriations (H.R. 5325), 
        H3451 [5JN]
      Government regulations: prohibit agencies from taking any 
        significant regulatory action until the unemployment rate is 
        equal to or less than a certain level (H.R. 4078), H5284 
      ------require each agency to submit and obtain approval from the 
        Office of Science and Technology Policy for guidelines 
        ensuring and maximizing the quality of relevant scientific 
        information, H5284 [25JY]
      HeartsApart.org (organization): tribute, E647 [25AP]
      Jones, Wilbur D.: Wilmington (NC) Star-News Lifetime Achievement 
        Award recipient, E1240 [12JY]
      National Day of Prayer: observance, H2146 [26AP]
      National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute: tribute, H3586 
        [7JN], E671 [26AP]
      National Youth Sports Week: observance, H5210 [25JY]
      Navy: Virginia-class submarine program funding, H2793 [16MY]
      Small business: adjust emerging growth company definition for 
        inflation, H1249 [7MR]
      ------increase job creation and economic growth by improving 
        access to public capital markets for emerging growth companies 
        (H.R. 3606), H1249 [7MR]
      University of North Carolina at Pembroke: anniversary, 
        E351 [8MR]
      USA Cheer (organization): tribute to STUNT competition format, 
        H5026 [19JY]
      Votes: position on missed, H5309 [26JY], E168, 
        E178 [9FE], E452 [27MR], E570, 
        E575 [18AP], E822 [16MY], E994 [6JN]
      Whiteville, NC: tribute to Whiteville High School baseball team, 
        E1063 [18JN]
      Brooks, Alton G. (Tunney), E1061 [18JN]
      Butler, Samuel, E68 [24JA]
      Cantrell, Edward (Duane), E406 [21MR]
      Cantrell, Isabella, E406 [21MR]
      Cantrell, Natalia, E406 [21MR]
      Colson, Charles W., H2802 [16MY]
      Goodson, Jeremiah, E1321 [25JY]
      Hester, Dewayne C., E1062 [18JN]
      Hyland, Larry, E400 [21MR]
      Leinwand, Wallace, E1907 [11DE]
      MacLean, Hector, E1905 [11DE]
      Maffitt, John N., E1927 [13DE]
      Potter, Ralph, E1061 [18JN]
      Read, Finley, E1060 [18JN]
      Salk, Morton, E1846 [29NO]