[Congressional Record Index (2012)]
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      Enact (S. 3412), S5309, S5310, S5316 [24JY], S5352 [25JY]
  Articles and editorials
      Smite the Myth That Tax Cuts Create Jobs, S7396 [4DE]
  Bills and resolutions
      Enact (see S. 3393), S5085 [17JY] (see S. 3412), S5212 [19JY]
  Cloture motions
      Enact (S. 3412): motion to proceed, S5244 [23JY]
      Provisions: Geoffrey Burr, Associated Builders and Contractors, 
        Inc., S5330 [25JY]
      ------Michael Kelsey, Nebraska Cattlemen (organization), S5323 
      ------Stephen D. Nelson, Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation, S5322 
      Enact (S. 3412), S5239 [23JY], S5265 [24JY], S5321 [25JY]
  Remarks in House
      Enact (H.R. 15), H5944 [13SE], H6171 [20SE], H6595, H6596, H6597 
        [4DE], H6626, H6659 [5DE], H6682, H6695 [11DE], H6708, H6714 
        [12DE], H6768, H6783, H6784 [13DE], H6836, H6837 [18DE], H7364 
        [20DE], H7438 [30DE]
      Enact (S. 3412), H5305, H5306 [26JY], H5336 [31JY], H5533 [1AU], 
        H5634 [2AU], H5867 [12SE], H6043, H6044 [14SE], H6563 [30NO]
      House of Representatives: prohibit sine die adjournment unless 
        the President signs H.R. 4078, Red Tape Reduction and Small 
        Business Job Creation Act, with provisions of S. 3412, Middle 
        Class Tax Cut Act as an amendment, H5306 [26JY]
  Remarks in Senate
      Enact (S. 3393), S5090 [17JY], S5093 [18JY]
      Enact (S. 3412), S5238 [19JY], S5352-S5357 [25JY], S5421, S5441, 
        S5442, S5445 [26JY], S5631 [30JY], S6877 [26NO], S6936 [27NO], 
        S7128, S7132 [29NO], S7379-S7381, S7395 [4DE], S7406-S7408, 
        S7415-S7420, S7426, S7435 [5DE], S7643, S7677 [6DE], S7692 
        [10DE], S7714, S7727 [11DE], S7757, S7781, S7784 [12DE], S8323 
        [21DE], S8383, S8418 [27DE]
      ------motion to proceed, S5265-S5268, S5270, S5271, S5275-S5288, 
        S5291 [24JY], S5321-S5347, S5349-S5352 [25JY]
      ------unanimous-consent agreement, S5339 [25JY]
      ------unanimous-consent request, S6418, S6419 [19SE]
      Taxation: extend Bush administration tax cuts, provide 
        alternative minimum tax relief, extend increased expensing 
        limitations, and provide instructions for tax reform, S5324-
        S5327, S5330-S5339, S5345, S5349-S5353 [25JY]
      ------repeal estate and generation-skipping taxes, S5336, S5340-
        S5345, S5357 [25JY], S5441, S5442 [26JY], S5840 [1AU]
  Texts of
      S. 3393, provisions, S5087-S5089 [17JY]
      S. 3412, provisions, S5216-S5218 [19JY], S5355 [25JY]