[Congressional Record Index (2012)]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office, www.gpo.gov]

MORAN, JERRY (a Senator from Kansas)

      Agriculture: continue certain programs (S. 3240), S3852, S3869 
        [7JN], S4107 [12JN], S4152 [13JN], S4244 [18JN], S4348, S4351 
        [20JN], S4384 [21JN]
      Dept. of Defense: authorizing appropriations for military 
        activities, prescribing personnel strengths, and military 
        construction (S. 3254), S7048 [28NO], S7231, S7271, S7275 
        [29NO], S7385 [4DE]
      FDA: revise and extend the user-fee programs for prescription 
        drugs and medical devices and establish user-fee programs for 
        generic drugs and biosimilars (S. 3187), S3455 [22MY]
      FDIC: temporarily extend the Transaction Account Guarantee 
        Program (S. 3637), S7982 [12DE]
      Postal Service: improve, sustain, and transform (S. 1789), S2603 
      Roads and highways: extend Federal-aid highway, highway safety, 
        motor carrier safety, transit, and other Highway Trust Fund-
        funded programs (S. 1813), S571 [13FE], S707, S791 
        [15FE], S913 [17FE], S1367 [1MR], S1395, S1396 [5MR]
      Small business: increase job creation and economic growth by 
        improving access to public capital markets for emerging growth 
        companies (H.R. 3606), S1758 [15MR]
      Taxation: provide a temporary income tax credit for increased 
        payroll and extend bonus depreciation for certain business 
        assets (S. 2237), S4897, S4900 [11JY], S5086 [17JY]
      Violence Against Women Act: reauthorize (S. 1925), S2865 [26AP]
  Bills and resolutions cosponsored
      Abdnor, James: tribute (see S. Res. 475), S3631 [24MY]
      Abortion: prohibit discrimination against the unborn on the 
        basis of sex (see S. 3290), S5048 [16JY]
      ------protect pain-capable unborn children in the District of 
        Columbia (see S. 2103), S2394 [17AP]
      Africa: condemn atrocities and encourage efforts to end threats 
        by the Lord's Resistance Army and bring Joseph Kony and his 
        top commanders to justice (see S. Res. 402), S1932 [21MR]
      Animals: designate the North American bison as the national 
        mammal of the U.S. (see S. 3248), S3631 [24MY]
      Armed Forces: limit authority to detain U.S. citizens under 
        authorizations for use of military force (see S. 2003), S209 
      ------permit a State to issue a commercial drivers' license to a 
        member whose duty station is located in the State (see S. 
        3624), S6625 [21SE]
      Aurora, CO: condemn movie theater shootings and express 
        condolences for victims and gratitude to responders to the 
        shootings (see S. Con. Res. 53), S5304 [24JY]
      Budget: balance through reductions of discretionary and 
        mandatory spending (see S. 1316), S351 [6FE]
      ------require the President to provide a report detailing the 
        sequester required by the Budget Control Act (see S. 3228), 
        S3516 [23MY]
      Congress: approve permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline (see S. 
        2041), S163 [30JA]
      Consumers: require disclosure of terms of rental-purchase 
        agreements (see S. 881), S5305 [24JY]
      Dept. of Education: improve and expand geographic literacy among 
        students by improving professional development programs for 
        teachers offered through institutions of higher education (see 
        S. 434), S2824 [26AP]
      Dept. of HHS: ensure religious conscience protections relative 
        to insurance coverage of certain women's preventive health 
        services (see S. 2043), S262 [1FE]
      ------establish and implement a Pancreatic Cancer Initiative 
        (see S. 362), S4773 [29JN]
      Dept. of Labor: prohibit finalization of certain proposed child 
        labor rules relative to family farming (see S. 2221), S1932 
      Dept. of the Treasury: terminate the U.S. Mint Presidential $1 
        Coin Program (see S. 1385), S5978 [2AU]
      Dept. of Veterans Affairs: improve benefits for homeless 
        veterans who are women or who have dependents (see S. 3308), 
        S4726 [28JN]
      Economy: promote U.S. economic and energy security through 
        increased energy development and reduced regulatory burdens 
        (see S. 2365), S2731 [25AP]
      EPA: require regional administrators to be appointed by and with 
        the advice and consent of the Senate (see S. 3053), S3042 
      Europe: designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and 
        impose sanctions, provide information about Hezbollah to 
        European allies, and support Bulgaria in investigating 
        terrorist attack in Burgas (see S. Res. 613), S7744 [11DE]
      Families and domestic relations: constitutional amendment on 
        parental rights (see S.J. Res. 42), S5213 [19JY]
      Federal Helium Reserve: ensure expedient and responsible 
        drawdown in manner protecting private industry, scientific, 
        medical, and industrial communities, commercial users, and 
        Federal agencies (see S. 2374), S3730 [5JN]
      Financial institutions: address fee disclosure requirements (see 
        S. 3204), S4637 [26JN]
      Firearms: permit States to provide reciprocal treatment for 
        carrying of certain concealed firearms by nonresidents (see S. 
        2213), S1933 [21MR]
      ------provide that certain firearms listed as curios or relics 
        may be imported into the U.S. by a licensed importer without 
        obtaining authorization from the Depts. of State or Defense 
        (see S. 381), S1422 [6MR]
      Flag--U.S.: constitutional amendment to prohibit desecration 
        (see S.J. Res. 19), S1089 [28FE]
      Food industry: improve and clarify certain disclosure 
        requirements for restaurants, similar retail food 
        establishments, and vending machines (see S. 3574), S6454 
      FRS: require an audit of the Board of Governors and Federal 
        Reserve banks (see S. 202), S6063 [10SE]
      Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child 
        Abduction: ensure compliance by certain countries and 
        establish procedures for prompt return of children abducted to 
        other countries (see S. Res. 543), S6065 [10SE]
      Housing Act: revise census data and population requirements for 
        areas to be considered rural areas (see S. 3541), S6627 [21SE]
      Inouye, Daniel K.: tribute (see S. Res. 624), S8138 [18DE]
      International Olympic Committee: recognize a moment of silence 
        at 2012 Olympic opening ceremonies to honor those who lost 
        their lives at 1972 Munich Olympics (see S. Res. 504), S4460 
      Internet: promote a global Internet free from government control 
        and preserve and advance the multistakeholder governance model 
        currently in effect (see S. Con. Res. 50), S5383 [25JY]
      Iran: call on U.N. to take concerted actions against Iran for 
        statements calling for the destruction of Israel (see S. Res. 
        574), S6546 [20SE]
      ------condemn continued persecution, imprisonment, and 
        sentencing of Youcef Nadarkhani on the charge of apostasy (see 
        S. Res. 385), S6109 [11SE]
      ------express importance of preventing acquisition of nuclear 
        weapons capability and continue economic and diplomatic 
        pressure to secure nonproliferation agreement (see S.J. Res. 
        41), S3631 [24MY] (see S. Res. 380), S1148 [29FE]
      ------support freedom and civil liberties, and free and fair 
        elections, condemn human rights violations, and lift 
        restrictions on freedoms of assembly, association, and 
        expression (see S. Res. 386), S1194 [1MR]
      Israel: authorize further assistance to Israel for the Iron Dome 
        anti-missile defense system (see S. 2325), S2825 [26AP]
      ------commit to security as a Jewish and democratic state with 
        secure borders and condemn rocket and missile attacks in Gaza 
        by Hamas (see S. Res. 599), S6855 [15NO]
      ------reaffirm strategic relationship with the U.S., direct the 
        President to submit reports on U.S. actions to enhance this 
        relationship, and assist in the defense of Israel (see S. 
        2165), S2245 [29MR]
      Juneteenth Independence Day: designate (see S.J. Res. 45), S6628 
      Labor unions: protect the free choice of individual employees 
        relative to participation in labor organizations (see S. 
        2173), S2825 [26AP]
      Land-Grant College Act: anniversary (see S. Res. 502), S4368 
      Libya: commend U.S. public servants who died in attack on U.S. 
        consulate in Benghazi, express condolences to families of 
        victims, condemn the attack, and call for perpetrators to be 
        brought to justice (see S. Res. 551), S6270 [12SE] (see S. 
        Res. 588), S6626 [21SE]
      Lieutenant Ryan Patrick Jones Post Office Building, Westminster, 
        MA: designate (see S. 3662), S7458 [5DE]
      March of Dimes Foundation: mint coins in recognition and 
        celebration (see S. 1935), S4637 [26JN]
      McGovern, George S.: tribute (see S. Res. 607), S7303 [30NO]
      Medicare: extend Medicare-dependent hospital (MDH) program and 
        increase payments under the Medicare low-volume hospital 
        program (see S. 2620), S6064 [10SE]
      ------preserve access to ambulance services (see S. 424), S2546 
      National Adoption Day: support goals and ideals (see S. Res. 
        595), S7215 [29NO]
      National Adoption Month: support goals and ideals (see S. Res. 
        595), S7215 [29NO]
      National Baseball Hall of Fame: mint coins in recognition and 
        celebration (see S. 2036), S4369 [20JN]
      National Hunger Awareness Day: designate (see S. Res. 484), 
        S3782 [6JN]
      National Integrated Drought Information System: reauthorize (see 
        S. 3584), S6545 [20SE]
      National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: support goals and 
        ideals (see S. Res. 537), S5871 [1AU]
      National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: designate (see S. Res. 
        538), S5871 [1AU]
      Newtown, CT: condemn shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, 
        express condolences for victims, and commend school personnel 
        and first responders who responded to shootings (see S. Res. 
        621), S8071 [17DE]
      NLRB: disapprove rule relative to representation election 
        procedures (see S.J. Res. 36), S850 [16FE]
      ------permit employers to pay higher wages to their employees 
        who are working under a union contract (see S. 2371, 3221), 
        S3731 [5JN]
      ------provide for appropriate designation of collective 
        bargaining units (see S. 1843), S3977 [12JN]
      OSHA: authorize and expand the Voluntary Protection Programs to 
        include more small businesses (see S. 807), S1049 [27FE]
      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: repeal health 
        insurance tax (see S. 1880), S3785 [6JN]
      ------repeal provisions providing for the Independent Payment 
        Advisory Board (see S. 2118), S850 [16FE]
      Presidents of the U.S.: establish a moratorium on significant 
        regulations imposed by a lame duck President (see S. 2368), 
        S2731 [25AP]
      Pro Football Hall of Fame: mint coins in recognition and 
        celebration (see S. 3077), S4774 [29JN]
      Public debt: disapprove the President's exercise of authority to 
        increase the debt limit (see S.J. Res. 34), S42 [23JA]
      Red Ribbon Week: support goals and ideals (see S. Res. 578), 
        S6626 [21SE]
      Refuse disposal: facilitate recovery and beneficial use, and 
        provide for the proper management and disposal, of materials 
        generated by the combustion of coal and other fossil fuels 
        (see S. 3512), S5977 [2AU]
      Rudman, Warren: tribute (see S. Res. 604), S7215 [29NO]
      Safe Drinking Water Act: reauthorize provision of technical 
        assistance to small public water systems (see S. 2166), S1459 
      Specter, Arlen: tribute (see S. Res. 612), S7703 [10DE]
      Taxation: establish ABLE accounts to pay for qualified 
        disability expenses of family members with disabilities (see 
        S. 1872), S4674 [27JN]
      ------extend publicly traded partnership ownership structure to 
        energy power generation projects and transportation fuels (see 
        S. 3275), S3838 [7JN]
      ------oppose Federal efforts to establish a carbon tax on fuels 
        for electricity and transportation (see S. Con. Res. 61), 
        S7686 [6DE]
      ------prohibit the use of public funds for political party 
        conventions and return previously distributed funds for 
        deficit reduction (see S. 3257), S3731 [5JN]
      ------provide a tax incentive for installation and maintenance 
        of mechanical insulation property (see S. 1526), S5871 [1AU]
      ------provide an additional religious exemption from the 
        individual health coverage mandate (see S. 3695), S8203 [19DE]
      ------provide predictability and certainty in the tax law, 
        create jobs, and encourage investment (see S. 1174), S2245 
      ------repeal estate and generation-skipping taxes (see S. 2242), 
        S2166 [28MR]
      ------repeal excise tax on indoor tanning services (see S. 
        1278), S6063 [10SE]
      ------repeal sunset of adoption credit expansion and adoption 
        assistance programs and allow credit to be claimed in the year 
        expenses are incurred, regardless of when the adoption becomes 
        final (see S. 82), S7703 [10DE]
      ------require certain nonresident aliens to provide valid 
        immigration documents to claim the refundable portion of the 
        child tax credit (see S. 3083), S3281 [17MY]
      Transportation Security Administration: require compliance with 
        the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act 
        (see S. 1990), S1050 [27FE]
      Twain, Mark: mint commemorative coins (see S. 1929), S5047 
      U.S. Chamber of Commerce: anniversary (see S. Res. 482), S3781 
      Veterans: increase rates of disability compensation for veterans 
        with service-connected disabilities and dependency and 
        indemnity compensation for survivors of certain disabled 
        veterans (see S. 2259), S2242 [29MR]
      Violence Against Women Act: reauthorize (see S. 2338), S2732 
      Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: provide 
        exemptions from municipal advisor registration requirements 
        (see S. 3492), S5977 [2AU]
      Water: prevent finalization by the EPA or Corps of Engineers of 
        proposed guidance on identification of waters protected by the 
        Federal Water Pollution Control Act (see S. 2245), S2166 
      World War II: award Congressional Gold Medal to the First 
        Special Service Force (see S. 1460), S3043 [9MY]
  Bills and resolutions introduced
      Dept. of HUD: authorize use of multifamily housing subject to a 
        mortgage insured under the National Housing Act as workforce 
        residential housing (see S. 2035), S131 [26JA]
      Economy: jump-start economic recovery through formation and 
        growth of new businesses (see S. 3217), S3422 [22MY]
      EPA: allow for a reasonable compliance deadline for certain 
        States subject to the cross-State air pollution rule (see S. 
        2300), S2496 [18AP]
      Financial institutions: improve examination of depository 
        institutions (see S. 2160), S1422 [6MR]
      Gross, Alan P.: call for immediate and unconditional release 
        from detention in Cuba and urge for provision of appropriate 
        medical treatment (see S. Res. 609), S7459 [5DE]
      Pittsburg State University: tribute to football team (see S. 
        Res. 363), S208 [31JA]
      U.N. Arms Trade Treaty: prohibit funding to negotiate if such 
        treaty restricts the right to keep and bear arms (see S. 
        2205), S1790 [19MR]
      Agriculture: continue certain programs (S. 3240), S4130 [13JN], 
        S5343 [25JY], S5441 [26JY], S5836 [1AU]
      ------extend certain supplemental agricultural disaster 
        assistance programs, S5836 [1AU]
      Armed Forces: tribute to members from Kansas killed in military 
        action in Afghanistan, S3818 [7JN]
      Budget: allocation of funds, S3222 [16MY]
      ------balance, S29 [23JA]
      ------deficit, S3222 [16MY]
      Colleges and universities: address increasing levels of student 
        loan debt and default rates, S2992 [9MY]
      Congress: accomplishments of the 112th Congress, S6479 [20SE]
      Cuba: call for release of political prisoners, S7030 [28NO]
      ------remove obstacles to legal sales of U.S. agricultural 
        commodities, S7030 [28NO]
      Dept. of Agriculture: Food for Peace program funding, S4130 
      ------improve crop insurance, S5836 [1AU]
      ------oppose promotion of Meatless Monday initiative in 
        departmental newsletter, S5359 [25JY], S5441, S5442 [26JY]
      Dept. of Justice: prevent online threats to economic creativity 
        and theft of intellectual property (S. 968), S29 [23JA]
      Dept. of Labor: reform certain proposed child labor rules 
        relative to family farming, S371 [7FE], S896, S897 [17FE]
      Economy: avert ``fiscal cliff'' economic crisis through 
        bipartisan agreement on taxes and spending, S8478 [28DE]
      ------jump-start economic recovery through formation and growth 
        of new businesses (S. 1965), S30 [23JA], S1691 [15MR], S2992 
      ------jump-start economic recovery through formation and growth 
        of new businesses (S. 3217), S3461-S3463 [23MY], S3764, S3766 
        [6JN], S6722 [13NO]
      ------provide growth through small business tax relief, research 
        and innovation, veterans' business incentives, regulatory 
        relief, support for high-skilled workers, and counterfeiting 
        enforcement (S. 1866), S3764 [6JN]
      Global Entrepreneurship Week: observance, S6721 [13NO]
      Health: impact of medical research, S3702 [5JN]
      Iran: strengthen multilateral sanctions regime and expand 
        sanctions relative to the energy sector, weapons of mass 
        destruction proliferation, and human rights abuses (S. 2101), 
        S2346 [17AP]
      Kansas City, KS: University of Kansas Cancer Center application 
        for National Cancer Institute designation, S3703 [5JN]
      Koch Industries, Inc.: characterization relative to corporate 
        political contributions used for political speech, S5177 
      Leahy, Senator: tribute to casting 14,000th vote, S5359 [25JY]
      Lugar, Senator: tribute to casting 13,000th vote, S5359 [25JY]
      McConnell AFB, KS: support selection as main operating base for 
        KC-46A Tanker fleet, S5108 [18JY]
      National Cancer Research Month: observance, S3702 [5JN]
      National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial: addition of names of 
        Kansas officers, S3161 [15MY]
      National objectives: economic recovery, S4602-S4604 [26JN]
      Newtown, CT: condemn shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, 
        express condolences for victims, and commend school personnel 
        and first responders who responded to shootings, S8123 [18DE]
      Obama, President: evaluation of energy policies, S2665 [25AP]
      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: impact, S1880, S1881 
      ------impact on Medicare funding, S1880 [21MR]
      Petroleum: gasoline price levels, S2665 [25AP]
      Police Week: observance, S3161 [15MY]
      Postal Service: create a moratorium on the closure of rural post 
        offices and ensure future closures meet certain conditions, 
        S2488 [18AP]
      ------improve, sustain, and transform (S. 1789), S2488 [18AP]
      Senate: impact of partisanship, S3222 [16MY]
      ------legislative process, S8252 [20DE]
      Senate Rules: reform filibuster rules to improve daily process, 
        S8252 [20DE]
      Small business: increase job creation and economic growth by 
        improving access to public capital markets for emerging growth 
        companies (H.R. 3606), S1691, S1692, S1693 [15MR]
      Taxation: extend Bush administration tax cuts and other tax 
        relief for families making less than a certain annual income 
        and provide alternative minimum tax relief (S. 3412), S5441 
      ------extend Bush administration tax cuts and other tax relief 
        for families making less than a certain annual income and 
        provide alternative minimum tax relief (S. 3412), motion to 
        proceed, S5279 [24JY], S5341, S5343, S5345 [25JY]
      ------rates, S6479 [20SE]
      ------reform the Federal tax code, S5343 [25JY]
      ------repeal estate and generation-skipping taxes, S5341, S5343, 
        S5345 [25JY], S5441 [26JY]
      Topeka, KS: tribute to police officers killed in the line of 
        duty, S8123 [18DE]
      U.N. Arms Trade Treaty: prohibit funding to negotiate if such 
        treaty restricts the right to keep and bear arms (S. 2205), 
        S3244 [17MY]
      Violence Against Women Act: reauthorize (S. 1925), S7741 [11DE]
      Weather: effect of drought on agriculture, S5835 [1AU]
      Baker, Howard H., Jr., S2126 [28MR]
      Balfour, Andrew, S3161 [15MY]
      Barta, Roger, S8267 [20DE]
      Bethell, Bob, S3322 [21MY]
      Bloomfield, William, S3161 [15MY]
      Dole, Bob, S2126 [28MR]
      Dunlap, Kenneth O., S4456 [25JN]
      Enzbrenner, David, S3161 [15MY]
      Mikulski, Senator, S8478 [28DE]
      Swindle, Jason M., S6721 [13NO]