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  Remarks in House
      Algeria: condemn human rights abuses of the Sahrawi people of 
        Western Sahara, H6741 [12DE]
      Human rights: violations, E1646 [21SE], E1963 [19DE]
      U.S. policy, E354 [8MR]
  Remarks in Senate
      Moroccan-American Treaty of Peace and Friendship: anniversary, 
        S5727 [31JY]
      U.S. policy, S5727 [31JY]
      Declaration to Moroccan-Controlled Western Sahara and Sahrawi 
        Refugee Camps in Algeria--Summary of Preliminary Observations: 
        Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights 
        (organization), E1647 [21SE]
      Moroccan Initiative in the Western Sahara: Moroccan American 
        Center for Policy, E1963-E1965 [19DE]