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      Enact (S. 1813), S504, S505, S536, S538, S539, S540, S541, S543 
        [9FE], S570, S571, S572, S573, S574, S575, S576, S577, S581, 
        S582 [13FE], S639, S640, S641, S642, S645, S646, S647, S650, 
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        S1051, S1052, S1053 [27FE], S1079, S1090, S1095, S1096, S1097 
        [28FE], S1151, S1152 [29FE], S1179, S1210, S1364, S1365, S1367 
        [1MR], S1385, S1386, S1387, S1389, S1392, S1395, S1396, S1397, 
        S1398, S1399 [5MR], S1426, S1427, S1429, S1430 [6MR], S1463, 
        S1464, S1466, S1467, S1468, S1470 [7MR], S1505, S1512, S1515, 
        S1517, S1531, S1533, S1534, S1535, S1544, S1548, S1556 [8MR], 
        S1573 [12MR], S1593, S1597, S1601, S1602, S1603, S1605, S1618 
        [13MR], S1647 [14MR], S1814 [19MR]
      National Rail System Preservation, Expansion, and Development 
        Act, S1655-S1657 [14MR]
  Articles and editorials
      Conservatives Should Break Transportation Bill Gridlock, S4707 
  Bills and resolutions
      Enact (see H.R. 14), H1496 [21MR]
      Enact (H.R. 4348): consideration of conference report (see H. 
        Res. 717), H4603 [28JN]
  Cloture motions
      Enact (S. 1813), S686 [15FE], S886 [17FE], S1372 [2MR], S1410 
      ------motion to proceed, S382 [7FE], S420 [9FE]
  Conference reports
      Provisions (H.R. 4348), H4432-H4601 [28JN]
      Provide the EPA additional time to issue achievable standards 
        for industrial, commercial, and institutional boilers, process 
        heaters, and incinerators: Lisa P. Jackson, EPA, S1510, S1514 
      ------W. Randall Rawson, American Boiler Manufacturers 
        Association, S1510 [8MR]
      Provisions: Americans for Transportation Mobility Coalition, 
        S404 [9FE]
      ------Douglas W. Elmendorf, CBO, S4752 [29JN]
      ------Transportation Construction Coalition, S416 [9FE]
      Rights of conscience protection relative to Patient Protection 
        and Affordable Care Act requirements for coverage of specific 
        items and services: Allison Herwitt, Human Rights Campaign 
        (organization), S1133 [29FE]
      ------Christopher W. Hansen, American Cancer Society Cancer 
        Action Network, Inc., S1133 [29FE]
      ------Helen M. Alvare and Kim Daniel, S1117 [29FE]
      ------Jeffrey Levi, Trust for America's Health (organization), 
        S1133 [29FE]
      ------Mary Kay Henry, Service Employees International Union, 
        S1133 [29FE]
      ------Patrick J. Kennedy, S1124 [29FE]
      ------several organizations, S1133, S1134 [29FE]
      ------several pediatric and adolescent health organizations, 
        S1134 [29FE]
      Staff who worked on H.R. 4348, provisions, E1223 [11JY]
      Enact (H.R. 4348): conference report, S4751, S4752 [29JN]
      Enact (S. 1813), S382 [7FE], S686 [15FE], S1172, S1179 [1MR], 
        S1518 [8MR], S1605 [13MR], S1650 [14MR]
  Remarks in House
      Committee of Conference: tribute to members and staff, H4624, 
        H4625 [29JN], E1223 [11JY]
      Contracts: increase requirement for American-made content in 
        transportation construction projects, H3795 [19JN]
      Dept. of Education: extend the reduced interest rate for Federal 
        Direct Stafford Loans, H4619, H4620, H4626 [29JN]
      Dept. of Transportation: carry out a program to improve roadway 
        safety infrastructure in all States to enhance the safety of 
        older drivers and pedestrians, H4624 [29JN]
      ------Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program funding, H4623 
      ------Safe Routes to School Program funding, E1238 [12JY]
      Enact (H.R. 14), H1448 [21MR], H1519, H1520 [22MR], H1586, 
        H1594, H1595, H1603-H1608 [27MR], H1645, H1650, H1668, H1669 
        [28MR], H1746, H1747, H1750, H1756-H1761 [29MR], H1927, H1928, 
        H1930, H1935 [18AP], H1994 [19AP], E418 [22MR], E513, E514 
        [30MR], E539 [16AP]
      Enact (H.R. 4348): conference report, H4608, H4616-H4630, H4636, 
        H4637 [29JN], H5634 [2AU], E1176 [28JN], E1205 [9JY], E1238 
      ------consideration of conference report (H. Res. 717), H4609-
        H4614 [29JN]
      FEMA: restore financial solvency of the National Flood Insurance 
        Fund, H4619-H4623 [29JN]
      Maritime Administration: Maritime Security Program and Cargo 
        Preference Program funding, H4623 [29JN]
      Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.: pension funding relief reforms, 
        H4627, H4628, H4629 [29JN]
      Refuse disposal: facilitate recovery and beneficial use, and 
        provide for the proper management and disposal, of materials 
        generated by the combustion of coal and other fossil fuels, 
        H4623 [29JN]
      Roads and highways: remove privatized highways from 
        consideration in apportioning highway funding among States, 
        H4623 [29JN]
      Territories: Territorial Highway Program funding, H4625, H4626 
  Remarks in Senate
      Agriculture: clarify exemptions from certain Federal regulations 
        regarding maximum driving and on-duty time for drivers during 
        planting and harvest seasons, S1603, S1604 [13MR]
      ------expand exemption from certain Federal regulations for 
        farmers to transport their products across State lines in farm 
        vehicles, S1440 [7MR], S1603 [13MR]
      Antitrust policy: provide expanded coverage and eliminate 
        certain exemptions relative to railroads, S1129 [29FE], S1437 
      Budget: deficit, S1659 [14MR]
      ------reduce discretionary spending limits to offset Highway 
        Trust Fund spending, S1517, S1518, S1530, S1531 [8MR], S1604, 
        S1605 [13MR]
      Congress: accomplishments of the 112th Congress, S823 [16FE], 
        S3873 [7JN]
      ------approve permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline, S605 [14FE], 
        S1495, S1502-S1505, S1515-S1517, S1519, S1523, S1525, S1530 
        [8MR], S1596, S1609 [13MR], S1651 [14MR]
      Contracts: increase requirement for American-made content in 
        transportation construction projects, S1440 [7MR], S1602, 
        S1608 [13MR]
      Corps of Engineers: prevent the spread of Asian carp into the 
        Great Lakes and their tributaries, S4742, S4752 [29JN]
      Dept. of Education: extend the reduced interest rate for Federal 
        Direct Stafford Loans, S4735, S4743, S4757 [29JN]
      Dept. of HHS: ensure religious conscience protections relative 
        to insurance coverage of certain women's preventive health 
        services, S559 [13FE]
      Dept. of the Interior: provide full funding for the Payments in 
        Lieu of Taxes program and the Secure Rural Schools and 
        Community-Self Determination Act, S1525-S1528 [8MR], S1609 
        [13MR], S1651 [14MR]
      ------reinstate Draft Proposed Outer Continental Shelf Oil and 
        Gas Leasing Program, S1505-S1507, S1523, S1526 [8MR]
      Dept. of Transportation: allow funds to be used to repair or 
        reconstruct a bridge on non-National Highway Systems Federal-
        aid highways, S1188 [1MR]
      ------allow States to opt out of requirement to spend certain 
        percentage of surface transportation funds on enhancement 
        projects, S405 [9FE]
      ------establish national safety standards for transit agencies 
        operating heavy rail on fixed guideway, S665 [15FE]
      ------grant States use of Congested Mitigation and Air Quality 
        Improvement Program funds toward transit system programs, 
        S1131 [29FE]
      ------off-system bridge program funding, S1451 [7MR], S1535 
        [8MR], S1602 [13MR]
      ------Projects of National and Regional Significance Program 
        funding, S1131 [29FE]
      Economy: importance of job creation, S421 [9FE], S2203 [29MR]
      Enact (H.R. 4348), S3744 [6JN], S3813, S3815, S3827 [7JN], S3957 
        [12JN], S4114-S4118 [13JN], S4165, S4195 [14JN], S4659 [27JN]
      ------conference report, S4699, S4707, S4708, S4710-S4714, S4716 
        [28JN], S4735, S4741-S4744, S4747-S4764 [29JN], S4810-S4812 
        [10JY], S5178 [19JY]
      Enact (S. 1813), S364-S366 [7FE], S423-S486 [9FE], S545, S550, 
        S559, S561 [13FE], S585, S587, S593-S595, S599, S605, S607, 
        S609 [14FE], S661-S665, S671, S672, S685-S690, S692-S697 
        [15FE], S818-S822, S826, S832, S836-S838, S842 [16FE], S880, 
        S885, S886, S892 [17FE], S1072, S1073, S1077-S1083, S1085 
        [28FE], S1104-S1110, S1112-S1139, S1141, S1142, S1155, S1156 
        [29FE], S1159-S1173, S1179, S1188, S1189 [1MR], S1371-S1373 
        [2MR], S1376 [5MR], S1405, S1407-S1410 [6MR], S1434, S1435, 
        S1437, S1440-S1443, S1448-S1452 [7MR], S1495-S1497, S1502-
        S1536 [8MR], S1561-S1564, S1572, S1573 [12MR], S1583, S1589-
        S1606, S1608, S1609 [13MR], S1639, S1641, S1644, S1645, S1647-
        S1662, S1667 [14MR], S1729 [15MR], S1877 [21MR], S1955, S1986-
        S1988 [22MR], S2009, S2013 [26MR], S2049, S2050, S2056-S2059, 
        S2062, S2076 [27MR], S2135, S2149, S2157 [28MR], S2202-S2204, 
        S2206, S2208, S2209 [29MR], S2314 [16AP], S2384-S2386 [17AP], 
        S2458, S2476, S2487 [18AP], S2590 [23AP], S3067 [10MY]
      ------motion to proceed, S400-S406, S414-S417, S420-S423 [9FE]
      ------unanimous-consent agreement, S838 [16FE], S1455 [7MR], 
        S1573 [12MR], S1814 [19MR]
      ------unanimous-consent request, S1409, S1410 [6MR]
      EPA: provide additional time to issue achievable standards for 
        industrial, commercial, and institutional boilers, process 
        heaters, and incinerators, S1508-S1511, S1513, S1514, S1523, 
        S1528 [8MR], S1573 [12MR]
      FEMA: restore financial solvency of the National Flood Insurance 
        Fund, S4699 [28JN], S4735, S4743, S4755, S4757 [29JN]
      Gulf of Mexico: restore natural resources, ecosystems, 
        fisheries, marine and wildlife habitats, beaches, and coastal 
        wetland of Gulf Coast States, and provide Land and Water 
        Conservation Fund funding, S1507, S1524, S1529 [8MR], S1661 
        [14MR], S2076 [27MR], S2208 [29MR], S2476 [18AP]
      Highway Trust Fund: permit a State to elect to receive the 
        State's contribution in lieu of its Federal-aid highway 
        program apportionment, S1592 [13MR]
      Mining and mineral resources: Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund 
        funding, S4755 [29JN]
      Motor vehicles: improve safety of motorcoaches, S1188 [1MR], 
        S5178 [19JY]
      Obama, President: approve permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline 
        consistent with current law, prohibit export of crude oil 
        transported by the pipeline, and require use of U.S. iron, 
        steel, and manufactured goods in construction, S1525, S1529 
      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: protect rights of 
        conscience relative to requirements for coverage of specific 
        items and services, S1077-S1082 [28FE], S1104-S1110, S1112, 
        S1113, S1115, S1132-S1139, S1141 [29FE], S1159-S1173 [1MR]
      Pensions: reform funding rules, S1659 [14MR]
      Petroleum: make oil-producing and exporting cartels illegal, 
        S1142 [29FE]
      Power resources: provide for offshore and oil shale energy 
        development and energy-related tax incentives, S1523 [8MR], 
        S1596 [13MR], S1650, S1651 [14MR]
      Railroads: allow Federal funds made available for purchase of 
        rolling stock to be used to purchase any equipment used for 
        high-speed rail, S1652 [14MR]
      ------change railcar procurement rules for transit systems to 
        allow up to 5 years for delivery of railcars after delivery of 
        1st railcar, S559 [13FE]
      Roads and highways: assess need for environmental reviews and 
        approval requirements for certain emergency highway 
        construction projects, S1647-S1650 [14MR]
      ------increase Federal cost share for emergency relief permanent 
        repairs in extreme disasters, S1648 [14MR]
      ------prohibit imposition of new tolls on the Federal-aid 
        system, S1592 [13MR], S1648, S1649 [14MR]
      ------provide States with additional flexibility to implement 
        tolls on interstate highways, S1648, S1649 [14MR]
      ------remove privatized highways from consideration in 
        apportioning highway funding among States, S1593-S1596 [13MR]
      Senate: importance of bipartisanship, S1435 [7MR]
      Senate Rules: prevent creation of duplicative and overlapping 
        Federal programs, S1512, S1513, S1518, S1528 [8MR]
      Staff: tribute to Senators and staff who worked on S. 1813, 
        provisions, S1644 [14MR]
      Taxation: adjust gasoline tax rates with inflation, S1448-S1450 
      ------encourage alternative energy investments and job creation, 
        S1561-S1564 [12MR], S1591, S1600 [13MR]
      ------extend certain expiring provisions of the Internal Revenue 
        Code, S1523 [8MR], S1596, S1597 [13MR], S1650, S1651 [14MR]
      ------extend production tax credit for wind power, S832 [16FE]
      ------extend tax credits for clean energy programs, S1572 
        [12MR], S1599 [13MR]
      ------restrict use of abusive tax shelters and offshore tax 
        havens to inappropriately avoid Federal taxation, S1532, S1533 
      ------terminate certain energy tax subsidies and lower the 
        corporate income tax rate, S1599 [13MR], S1651 [14MR]
      Transportation: allow States to permit non-highway uses in rest 
        areas along any highway, S1534 [8MR], S1605 [13MR]
      ------allow States to spend gas taxes on their transportation 
        priorities, S1534 [8MR], S1592, S1604 [13MR]
      ------empower States with authority for most taxing and spending 
        for highway and mass transit programs, S1594, S1595 [13MR]
      ------maintain competitive market by ensuring equal treatment of 
        contract rail operators, S1536 [8MR]
      ------modify gas tax apportionment formula to ensure that the 
        percentage of funds received by a State is the same as the 
        percentage of total gas taxes paid by the State, S1535 [8MR], 
        S1601 [13MR]
  Reports filed
      Consideration of Conference Report on H.R. 4348, Provisions: 
        Committee on Rules (House) (H. Res. 717) (H. Rept. 112-558), 
        H4603 [28JN]
      Provisions: Committee of Conference (H.R. 4348) (H. Rept. 112-
        557), H4603 [28JN]
      ------Committee on Environment and Public Works (Senate) (S. 
        1813), S350 [6FE]
      Rights of Conscience Protection Relative to Patient Protection 
        and Affordable Care Act Requirements for Coverage of Specific 
        Items and Services: Sandra Fluke, Georgetown University Law 
        Students for Reproductive Justice, S1135 [29FE]
  Texts of
      H. Res. 717, consideration of H.R. 4348, provisions, H4609 
      S. 1813, provisions, S423-S484 [9FE]