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MYRICK, SUE WILKINS (a Representative from North Carolina)

      Intelligence services: authorizing appropriations (H.R. 5743), 
        H3305 [31MY]
  Articles and editorials
      Backdoor Found in ZTE Android Phones, Michael Lee, ZDNet 
        (Internet site), H3097 [17MY]
  Bills and resolutions cosponsored
      Abortion: prohibit Federal assistance for telemedicine abortions 
        and ban interstate abortions using telemedicine technology 
        (see H.R. 5731), H2645 [10MY]
      ------protect pain-capable unborn children in the District of 
        Columbia (see H.R. 3803), H803 [15FE]
      Agriculture: authorize the interstate traffic of unpasteurized 
        milk and milk products in final package form for human 
        consumption between States that allow the sale of such 
        products (see H.R. 1830), H159 [24JA]
      Animals: prohibit conducting of invasive research on great apes 
        (see H.R. 1513), H802 [15FE]
      Antigua and Barbuda: suspend aid, cooperate with U.S. officials, 
        transfer seized assets, make contributions to victims, and 
        condition international loans relative to Stanford Financial 
        Group fraud (see H. Res. 507), H2570 [9MY]
      Budget: eliminate adjustment for disaster funding (see H.R. 
        4386), H1976 [18AP]
      ------require the President to provide a report detailing the 
        sequester required by the Budget Control Act (see H.R. 5872), 
        H3362 [31MY]
      ------subject the pay of the President, Vice-President, and 
        Members of Congress to any sequestration order (see H.R. 
        6438), H6234 [20SE]
      Bureau of the Census: make participation in the American 
        Community Survey voluntary, except with respect to certain 
        basic questions (see H.R. 931), H115 [23JA]
      CERCLA: provide that manure is not considered a hazardous 
        substance or pollutant (see H.R. 2997), H5202 [24JY]
      China: ensure U.S. policy is guided by certain strategic 
        objectives (see H. Res. 616), H2135 [25AP]
      Commission To Accelerate the End of Breast Cancer: establish 
        (see H.R. 3067), H2569 [9MY]
      Committee To Investigate and Report on the Attack on the 
        American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya (House, Select): 
        establish (see H. Res. 824), H6702 [11DE]
      Congress: approve construction, operation, and maintenance of 
        the northern portion of the Keystone XL pipeline from the 
        Canadian border to the South Dakota/Nebraska border (see H.R. 
        6164), H5293 [25JY]
      Congressional Budget Act: amend relative to the scoring of 
        preventive health savings (see H.R. 6482), H6273 [21SE]
      Credit: prohibit Federal agencies from guaranteeing, making, or 
        insuring a mortgage secured by a residence in a jurisdiction 
        that has used eminent domain to take a residential mortgage 
        (see H.R. 6397), H6234 [20SE]
      Crime: prohibit taking minors across State lines to avoid State 
        laws requiring parental notification of abortions (see H.R. 
        2299), H1741 [28MR]
      Defense Production Act: clarify interpretation does not allow 
        confiscation of personal property or forced conscription into 
        the Armed Forces, unwilling labor, or relinquishing of goods 
        or services without compensation (see H. Con. Res. 110), H1642 
      Dept. of Agriculture: repeal the nutrition entitlement programs 
        and establish a food stamp block grant program (see H.R. 
        6567), H6307 [12OC]
      Dept. of Energy: phase out the innovative technology loan 
        guarantee program and provide taxpayer protections from 
        pending program participants (see H.R. 6213), H5326 [26JY]
      Dept. of Energy and the Environment: establish (see H.R. 4295), 
        H2813 [16MY]
      Dept. of Homeland Security: prohibit from granting deferred 
        action or otherwise suspending effectiveness or enforcement of 
        immigration laws (see H.R. 5957), H3808 [19JN]
      ------prohibit implementation of certain immigration policies 
        regarding the exercise of prosecutorial discretion (see H.R. 
        5953), H4606 [28JN]
      Dept. of Justice: revise certain accessibility regulations for 
        the disabled relative to pools at public accommodations or 
        provided by public entities (see H.R. 4256), H1570 [26MR]
      Dept. of Labor: disapprove rule relative to temporary non-
        agricultural employment of H-2B aliens in the U.S. (see H.J. 
        Res. 104), H1018 [28FE]
      Dept. of State: designate Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard 
        Corps Qods Force as a foreign terrorist organization (see H.R. 
        4228), H1742 [28MR]
      ------designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign 
        terrorist organization (see H.R. 3698), H572 [7FE]
      ------raise travel advisory for Egypt from ``Travel Alert'' to 
        ``Travel Warning'' until all detained nongovernmental 
        organization workers are given the freedom to leave Egypt (see 
        H. Res. 546), H1101 [29FE]
      ------require report on designation of Boko Haram as a foreign 
        terrorist organization (see H.R. 5822), H3662 [7JN]
      Dept. of the Interior: develop a cadastre of Federal real 
        property to assist with land management, conservation, and 
        development and identify land that no longer needs to be 
        federally owned (see H.R. 1620), H2033 [19AP]
      Dept. of Veterans Affairs: designate one U.S. city each year as 
        an ``American World War II City'' (see H.R. 2717), H1497 
      Diseases: require a Federal commitment to Alzheimer's disease 
        research to advance breakthrough treatments for people with 
        the disease (see H.R. 1897), H1846 [16AP]
      Economy: extend tax relief for all Americans and replace defense 
        sequester with responsible spending reductions (see H.R. 
        6688), H7359 [19DE]
      Europe: designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and 
        impose sanctions, provide information about Hezbollah to 
        European allies, and support Bulgaria in investigating 
        terrorist attack in Burgas (see H. Res. 834), H7360 [19DE]
      Families and domestic relations: constitutional amendment on 
        parental rights (see H.J. Res. 110), H3480 [5JN]
      FDA: improve the safety of Internet pharmacies (see H.R. 4095), 
        H1274 [7MR]
      ------strengthen ability to seek advice from external experts on 
        rare diseases, their burdens, and unmet medical needs of 
        individuals with rare diseases (see H.R. 4156), H1741 [28MR]
      Federal agencies and departments: establish programs in 
        regulatory agencies to permit the labeling of certain products 
        that do not contain any carcinogens as ``carcinogen free'' 
        (see H.R. 6601), H6428 [16NO]
      Federal Prison Industries, Inc.: require competition for 
        contracts, provide an adjustment period to phasing out 
        mandatory source status, and improve inmate access to 
        reintegration opportunities (see H.R. 3634), H1101 [29FE]
      Financial institutions: improve examination of depository 
        institutions (see H.R. 3461), H950 [24FE]
      ------limit fee disclosure requirement for an automatic teller 
        machine to the screen of that machine (see H.R. 4367), H2570 
      Food industry: improve and clarify certain disclosure 
        requirements for restaurants, similar retail food 
        establishments, and vending machines (see H.R. 6174), H5860 
      Foreign policy: enhance security, bolster regional capacity to 
        counter threats, and promote cooperation to prevent nuclear, 
        chemical, and biological weapons proliferation in the Western 
        Hemisphere (see H.R. 6067), H5079 [19JY]
      Health: extend health information technology assistance 
        eligibility to behavioral health, mental health, and substance 
        abuse professionals and facilities (see H.R. 6043), H4908 
      Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act: repeal health-care 
        related provisions (see H.R. 6079), H4775 [10JY]
      Housing: enable Federal and State chartered banks and thrifts to 
        meet the credit needs of homebuilders, and provide liquidity 
        and ensure stable credit for meeting the need for new homes 
        (see H.R. 1755), H3808 [19JN]
      Immigration: provide for visas for certain advanced science, 
        technology, engineering, or math (STEM) graduates and 
        eliminate the diversity immigrant program (see H.R. 6429), 
        H6068 [18SE]
      ------restrict community policing programs funding for States 
        that grant driver's licenses to certain illegal immigrants 
        (see H.R. 6465), H6231 [20SE]
      Information technology: preserve and advance the 
        multistakeholder governance model under which the Internet has 
        thrived (see H. Con. Res. 127), H3578 [6JN]
      Iran: provide for a comprehensive strategy to counter growing 
        presence and hostile activity in the Western Hemisphere (see 
        H.R. 3783), H77 [18JA]
      IRS: make the Free File Program permanent (see H.R. 2569), H2663 
      Israel: independence anniversary (see H. Con. Res. 115), H2034 
      Korea, Democratic People's Republic of: continue restrictions 
        against and prohibit diplomatic recognition (see H.R. 1321), 
        H3577 [6JN]
      Labor unions: protect the free choice of individual employees 
        relative to participation in labor organizations (see H.R. 
        2810), H2033 [19AP]
      March of Dimes Foundation: mint coins in recognition and 
        celebration (see H.R. 3187), H4656 [29JN]
      Medicare: establish smart card pilot program (see H.R. 2925), 
        H5130 [23JY]
      ------recognize attending physician assistants as attending 
        physicians to serve hospice patients (see H.R. 3831), H1916 
      Medicare/Medicaid: exclude pathologists from incentive payments 
        and penalties relative to the meaningful use of electronic 
        health records (see H.R. 4066), H6001 [13SE]
      National Foster Care Month: recognize goals and ideals (see H. 
        Res. 659), H2812 [16MY]
      NLRB: disapprove rule relative to representation election 
        procedures (see H.J. Res. 103), H901 [16FE]
      Nuclear weapons: strengthen U.S. strategic force posture by 
        ensuring the safety, security, reliability, and credibility of 
        the nuclear weapons stockpile (see H.R. 4178), H1498 [21MR]
      Pakistan: restrict assistance to Pakistan unless the Dept. of 
        State certifies that Pakistan is not aiding, assisting, 
        advising, or informing the Haqqani network in any capacity 
        (see H.R. 4110), H1847 [16AP]
      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: prevent from 
        establishing health care provider standards of care in medical 
        malpractice or medical product liability cases (see H.R. 816), 
        H5292 [25JY]
      ------repeal (see H.R. 6079), H4775 [10JY]
      ------repeal annual fee on health insurance providers (see H.R. 
        1370), H3267 [30MY]
      ------repeal prohibition on using medical savings account funds 
        to purchase over-the-counter medications (see H.R. 2529), 
        H1847 [16AP]
      ------repeal provisions relative to annual period for 
        disenrollment from Medicare Advantage plans to elect to 
        receive original Medicare fee-for-service benefits (see H.R. 
        1580), H1978 [18AP]
      Power resources: develop a plan to increase oil and gas 
        production under leases of Federal lands in conjunction with a 
        draw down from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (see H.R. 
        4136), H1153 [5MR]
      ------establish procedures for causes and claims relative to 
        leasing of Federal lands for exploration, production, or 
        transmission of oil, natural gas, or any other form of energy 
        (see H.R. 1032), H4907 [17JY]
      ------streamline regulatory permitting procedures and increase 
        domestic energy production (see H.R. 4301), H2329 [7MY]
      Presidential appointments: disapprove appointment of certain 
        officers or employees during a congressional recess of less 
        than 3 days and express that such appointments are 
        unconstitutional (see H. Res. 509), H27 [17JA]
      Public debt: retain authority of Congress to borrow money on the 
        credit of the U.S. and not cede this power to the President 
        (see H. Res. 826), H6675 [5DE]
      Public welfare programs: prohibit waivers relative to compliance 
        with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program work 
        requirements (see H.R. 6140), H5079 [19JY]
      Rhabdomyosarcoma Awareness Month: support goals and ideals (see 
        H. Res. 652), H5202 [24JY]
      Ronald Wilson Reagan Exclusive Economic Zone of the U.S.: 
        designate (see H.R. 6147), H5131 [23JY]
      Russia: condemn support of and transfer of weapons to regime of 
        Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and call for an end to such 
        transfers and support of sanctions against and leadership 
        transfer in Syria (see H. Res. 742), H5327 [26JY]
      Safe Drinking Water Act: amend relative to consumer confidence 
        reports by community water systems (see H.R. 1340), H1017 
      Sudan: develop strategy to end human rights violations, create 
        incentives for governments and persons to end support, and 
        reinvigorate peace efforts (see H.R. 4169), H1847 [16AP]
      Taxation: disallow refundable portion of the child credit to 
        taxpayers using individual taxpayer identification numbers 
        issued by the IRS (see H.R. 3275), H966 [27FE]
      ------establish ABLE accounts to pay for qualified disability 
        expenses of family members with disabilities (see H.R. 3423), 
        H5860 [11SE]
      ------exclude from gross income any prizes or awards received by 
        Olympic medal winners (see H.R. 6267), H5712 [2AU]
      ------expand access to Coverdell education savings accounts (see 
        H.R. 6289), H5704 [2AU]
      ------expand availability of cash method of accounting for small 
        businesses (see H.R. 4643), H2329 [7MY]
      ------provide a deduction for domestic business income of 
        qualified small businesses (see H.R. 9), H1571 [26MR]
      ------provide collegiate housing and infrastructure grants (see 
        H.R. 1327), H2569 [9MY]
      ------provide for taxpayers making donations with their income 
        tax returns to the Federal Government to pay down the public 
        debt (see H.R. 6410), H6060 [14SE]
      ------reduce excise tax rate on beer produced domestically by 
        certain small producers (see H.R. 1236), H115 [23JA]
      ------require individuals to provide their Social Security 
        number in order to claim the refundable portion of the child 
        tax credit (see H.R. 1956), H1209 [6MR]
      ------require student Social Security numbers and employer 
        identification numbers for education tax credits and disclose 
        return information to prison officials to prevent prisoner tax 
        fraud (see H.R. 4372), H2134 [25AP]
      Violence Against Women Act: reauthorize (see H.R. 4970), H2267 
  Bills and resolutions introduced
      Federal agencies and departments: grant authority to enter into 
        contracts with private sector for property management (see 
        H.R. 6264), H5629 [1AU]
      House Rules: prevent creation of duplicative and overlapping 
        Federal programs (see H. Res. 623), H2031 [19AP]
      Immigration: make detention and deportation mandatory for 
        illegal aliens convicted of drunk driving (see H.R. 3808), 
        H114 [23JA]
      Tariff: acetyl chloride (see H.R. 4593), H2066 [24AP]
      ------ammonium polyacryloyldimethyl taurate (see H.R. 4600), 
        H2066 [24AP]
      ------artificial staple fibers of viscose rayon, not carded, 
        combed, or otherwise processed for spinning (see H.R. 4585, 
        4586), H2066 [24AP]
      ------chloroacetic acid, sodium salt (see H.R. 4592), H2066 
      ------Efka 6225 (see H.R. 5254), H2273 [27AP]
      ------glyoxylic acid (see H.R. 4595), H2066 [24AP]
      ------isobutyl 4-hydroxybenzoate and its sodium salt (see H.R. 
        4601), H2066 [24AP]
      ------octanoyl chloride (see H.R. 4594), H2066 [24AP]
      ------1-propanonesulfonic acid, 2-methyl-2-[(1-oxo-2-
        propenyl)amino]-, monoammonium salt, polymer with 1-ethenyl-2-
        pyrrolidinone (see H.R. 4598), H2066 [24AP]
      ------parahydroxybenzoic acid esters and sodium esters (see H.R. 
        4599), H2066 [24AP]
      ------rayon filament tow (see H.R. 4602), H2066 [24AP]
      ------reactive black 005 (see H.R. 4588), H2066 [24AP]
      ------reactive orange 131 (see H.R. 4589), H2066 [24AP]
      ------reactive red 266 (see H.R. 4587), H2066 [24AP]
      ------sodium petroleum sulfonic acids, sodium salts (see H.R. 
        4596), H2066 [24AP]
      ------staple fibers of rayon, carded, combed, or otherwise 
        processed for spinning (see H.R. 4584), H2066 [24AP]
      ------staple fibers of viscose rayon, not carded, combed, or 
        otherwise processed for spinning (see H.R. 4582, 4583, 4603), 
        H2066 [24AP]
      ------tetraacetylethylenediamine with extenders and additives 
        mixtures (see H.R. 4597), H2066 [24AP]
      ------window shade material (see H.R. 4590, 4591), H2066 [24AP]
  Constitutional authority statements
      Federal agencies and departments: grant authority to enter into 
        contracts with private sector for property management (H.R. 
        6264), H5630 [1AU]
      Immigration: make detention and deportation mandatory for 
        illegal aliens convicted of drunk driving (H.R. 3808), H115 
      Tariff: acetyl chloride (H.R. 4593), H2070 [24AP]
      ------ammonium polyacryloyldimethyl taurate (H.R. 4600), H2071 
      ------artificial staple fibers of viscose rayon, not carded, 
        combed, or otherwise processed for spinning (H.R. 4585), H2070 
      ------artificial staple fibers of viscose rayon, not carded, 
        combed, or otherwise processed for spinning (H.R. 4586), H2070 
      ------chloroacetic acid, sodium salt (H.R. 4592), H2070 [24AP]
      ------Efka 6225 (H.R. 5254), H2285 [27AP]
      ------glyoxylic acid (H.R. 4595), H2070 [24AP]
      ------isobutyl 4-hydroxybenzoate and its sodium salt (H.R. 
        4601), H2071 [24AP]
      ------octanoyl chloride (H.R. 4594), H2070 [24AP]
      ------1-propanonesulfonic acid, 2-methyl-2-[(1-oxo-2-
        propenyl)amino]-, monoammonium salt, polymer with 1-ethenyl-2-
        pyrrolidinone (H.R. 4598), H2071 [24AP]
      ------parahydroxybenzoic acid esters and sodium esters (H.R. 
        4599), H2071 [24AP]
      ------rayon filament tow (H.R. 4602), H2071 [24AP]
      ------reactive black 005 (H.R. 4588), H2070 [24AP]
      ------reactive orange 131 (H.R. 4589), H2070 [24AP]
      ------reactive red 266 (H.R. 4587), H2070 [24AP]
      ------sodium petroleum sulfonic acids, sodium salts (H.R. 4596), 
        H2070 [24AP]
      ------staple fibers of rayon, carded, combed, or otherwise 
        processed for spinning (H.R. 4584), H2070 [24AP]
      ------staple fibers of viscose rayon, not carded, combed, or 
        otherwise processed for spinning (H.R. 4582), H2070 [24AP]
      ------staple fibers of viscose rayon, not carded, combed, or 
        otherwise processed for spinning (H.R. 4583), H2070 [24AP]
      ------staple fibers of viscose rayon, not carded, combed, or 
        otherwise processed for spinning (H.R. 4603), H2071 [24AP]
      ------tetraacetylethylenediamine with extenders and additives 
        mixtures (H.R. 4597), H2071 [24AP]
      ------window shade material (H.R. 4590), H2070 [24AP]
      ------window shade material (H.R. 4591), H2070 [24AP]
      ``Follow Me,'' Albert C. Caswell, E1944 [17DE]
      ``I'm EOD,'' Albert C. Caswell, E1943 [17DE]
      ``I'm Your Captain,'' Albert C. Caswell, E1945 [17DE]
      Dept. of Defense: authorizing appropriations for military 
        activities, prescribing personnel strengths, and military 
        construction (H.R. 4310), H3097 [17MY]
      ------making appropriations (H.R. 5856), H4949 [18JY]
      ------motorsports sponsorship funding, H4949 [18JY]
      FDA: revise and extend the user-fee programs for prescription 
        drugs and medical devices and establish user-fee programs for 
        generic drugs and biosimilars (S. 3187), H3865 [20JN]
      Gastonia, NC: anniversary of First Wesleyan Christian School, 
        E378 [19MR]
      Health: reduce health care and insurance costs through medical 
        malpractice tort reform (H.R. 5), H1455 [21MR]
      Intelligence services: authorizing appropriations (H.R. 5743), 
        H3305 [31MY]
      Office of the Director of National Intelligence: allow elements 
        of the intelligence community to share cyber threat 
        intelligence with private-sector cybersecurity entities (H.R. 
        3523), H2158 [26AP]
      ------require report to identify and assess risks from foreign 
        suppliers of information technology with ties to foreign 
        governments, H3305 [31MY]
      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: repeal provisions 
        providing for the Independent Payment Advisory Board, H1455 
      Technology: maintain security relative to information technology 
        procurement and supply chain management, H3097 [17MY]
      Violence Against Women Act: reauthorize (H.R. 4970), H2769 
      Votes: position on missed, H2345 [8MY], E1013 
        [7JN], E1055 [18JN], E1171 [28JN], 
        E1217 [10JY]
  Remarks in House relative to
      Tribute, E1039 [12JN]
      Bates, Atoine, E1945 [17DE]
      Corrothers, Angi, E1623 [21SE]
      Mayer, Jim, E1944 [17DE]
      Morris, Johnny, E1943 [17DE]