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[Federal Register: March 29, 1994]



Customs Service

19 CFR Part 175

[T.D. 94-5]


Country of Origin Marking for Packaged Frozen Produce; Suspension 
of Date for Compliance

AGENCY: U.S. Customs Service, Department of the Treasury.

ACTION: Notice of suspension of compliance date.


SUMMARY: This document gives notice that Customs is suspending the 
compliance date for T.D. 94-5, which was published in the Federal 
Register (58 FR 68743) on December 29, 1993. T.D. 94-5 was a final 
interpretive rule concerning the country of origin marking requirements 
for retail packages containing imported frozen produce. As numerous 
companies and trade organizations have objected that the compliance 
date set forth in that document is impracticable, Customs is suspending 
the compliance date, pending a determination based on comments received 
in response to another document published in today's Federal Register.

EFFECTIVE DATE: This suspension of the May 8, 1994 compliance date for 
T.D. 94-5 is effective March 29, 1994.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Robert Cascardo, Value and Marking 
Branch, Office of Regulations and Rulings, U.S. Customs Service, (202) 



    On December 29, 1993, pursuant to section 516 of the Tariff Act of 
1930, as amended, Customs issued T.D. 94-5, a Decision and Final 
Interpretive Rule concerning the country of origin marking requirements 
for retail packages containing imported frozen produce. 58 FR 68743 
(December 29, 1993). In T.D. 94-5, Customs reversed a previous 
determination and ruled that country of origin marking must appear on 
the front panel of such packages in specified type face and size. The 
legally effective date of the determination was February 11, 1994. 
However, parties adversely affected by the final interpretive rule were 
allowed until May 8, 1994, to bring their imported frozen packaging 
into compliance.
    Numerous individual companies and several trade organizations 
objected that even this extended date for compliance is impracticable, 
and have requested suspension of the May 8, 1994, compliance date.
    In accordance with these requests, Customs is suspending the May 8, 
1994, effective date for parties adversely affected by compliance 
obligations under T.D. 94-5. In a companion document to be published 
today in the Federal Register, Customs is giving public notice of its 
intention to adopt a new compliance date of January 1, 1995. Public 
comment is being requested on both the date for compliance with the 
requirement to place country of origin marking on the front panels of 
produce packaging, and on the specifications regarding type size and 
style set forth in T.D. 94-5.


    This notice is published in accordance with 19 U.S.C. 1516 and 
parts 134 and 175, Customs Regulations (19 CFR part 134; 19 CFR part 

Drafting Information

    The principal drafter of this document was Robert Cascardo, Value 
and Marking Branch, U.S. Customs Service. Personnel from other Customs 
offices participated in its development.
Samuel H. Banks,
Acting Commissioner of Customs.

    Approved: March 21, 1994.
John P. Simpson.
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.
[FR Doc. 94-7396 Filed 3-24-94; 4:33 pm]