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[Federal Register: July 22, 1994]


Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
[Project Nos. 1417-001, 1835-013]


Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District Nebraska 
Public Power District; Notice Extending Time to Comment on Revised 
Draft Environmental Impact Statement

July 18, 1994.
    On April 1, 1994, the Commission issued a revised draft 
environmental impact statement (RDEIS) on applications for relicensing 
the Kingsley Dam Project No. 1417 and the North Plate/Keystone 
Diversion Dam No. 1835. These two hydropower projects are located on 
the North Platte, South Platte, and Platte Rivers in Nebraska. Comments 
on the RDEIS are currently due on July 25, 1994.
    Several parties have filed motions requesting or supporting an 
extension of time to comment on the RDEIS. Interior seeks an extension 
until August 12, 1994, to submit comments on the RDEIS that will 
incorporate pulse flow recommendations to be included in its revised 
recommendations under Section 10(j) of the Federal Power Act. EPA 
requests a conference on water quality issues pursuant to its EIS 
review authority, and seeks a further extension of the comment period 
on the RDEIS to September 8, 1994, to permit the conference to be held.
    Interior states that the pulse flow recommendations are its highest 
priority and, together with its other Section 10(j) recommendations, 
will form the basis for formal consultation with the Commission under 
Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act. In view of the potential 
significance of Interior's recommendations in these proceedings, the 
extension is reasonable and will be granted.\1\

    \1\Because all parties will benefit from a prompt ruling and it 
appears that no prejudice will result, this notice is being issued 
in advance of the usual 15-day period for answers to Interior's 
motion. See 18 CFR Sec. 385.213(d). After reviewing the parties' 
comments on the RDEIS and Interior's revised Section 10(j) 
recommendations, the Commission staff will determine how Interior's 
revised recommendations should be incorporated into the EIS process 
and will provide an additional opportunity for comment, if 

    EPA states that a conference is needed to assist the parties in 
evaluating the RDEIS and to discuss issues related to water quality, 
such as minimum flows to meet water quality temperature standards and 
the Commission's role under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act. 
However, by letter dated July 12, 1994, Governor Nelson of Nebraska 
questioned the need for a conference and informed the Commission that 
the State has no plans to change or reconsider its Section 401 
certifications for these projects. In view of the general nature of 
EPA's request, the advanced stage of these proceedings, and the 
information presented in Governor Nelson's letter, the Commission staff 
has determined that there is no need for a conference on water quality 
issues as part of the EIS process.
    The comment period on the RDEIS is extended to August 12, 1994. 
Anyone wishing to comment in writing on the RDEIS must do so by that 
date. Comments must be filed with the Secretary, Federal Energy 
Regulatory Commission, 825 North Capitol Street, NE., Washington, DC 
20426. Comments should clearly reference the Kingsley Dam Project No. 
1417 and the North Platte/Keystone Diversion Dam Project No. 1835 on 
the first page.
    For further information, please contact Frankie Green at (202) 501-
Lois D. Cashell,
[FR Doc. 94-17287 Filed 7-21-94; 8:45 am]