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Part V

Department of Transportation


Federal Transit Administration


Annual List of Certifications and Assurances for Federal Transit 
Administration Grants and Cooperative Agreements; Notice

Federal Transit Administration

Annual List of Certifications and Assurances for Federal Transit 
Administration Grants and Cooperative Agreements

AGENCY: Federal Transit Administration, DOT.

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: The FTA is required by 49 U.S.C. 5307(d)(1) (formerly section 
9(e)(2) of the Federal Transit Act, as amended) to obtain specific 
annual certifications for its formula assistance program for urbanized 
areas. Through this Notice, FTA has compiled the certifications and 
assurances in one document applicable to all of the FTA grant programs 
(see Appendix A.)

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 12, 1994.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Linda Watkins Sorkin, Office of the 
Chief Counsel, Federal Transit Administration, (202) 366-1936; or 
contact the appropriate Regional Office listed below.

Region 1: Boston

States served: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode 
Island, and Massachusetts
Tel. #617-494-2055

Region 2: New York

States served: New York, New Jersey, and Virgin Islands
Tel. #212-264-8162

Region 3: Philadelphia

States served: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West 
Virginia, and District of Columbia
Tel. #215-656-6900

Region 4: Atlanta

States served: Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, 
Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Puerto Rico
Tel. #404-347-3948

Region 5: Chicago

States served: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and 
Tel. #312-353-2789;

Region 6: Dallas/Ft. Worth

States served: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico
Tel. #817-860-9663

Region 7: Kansas City

States served: Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska
Tel. #816-523-0204

Region 8: Denver

States served: Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South 
Dakota, Arizona*, and Nevada* (*these states are serviced by Region 8 
but are geographically in Region 9)
Tel. #303-844-3242

Region 9: San Francisco

States served: California, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, and the 
Northern Mariana Islands
Tel. #415-744-3133

Region 10: Seattle

States served: Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska
Tel. #206-220-7954

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: To receive a Federal grant for mass 
transportation purposes from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), 
an applicant must provide certain certifications and assurances 
required by Federal laws and regulations.
    This Notice provides the applicant the text of certifications and 
assurances required for FTA grant programs which include Discretionary 
Grants; Research, Development and Demonstration Grants; Metropolitan 
Planning Grants; Formula Assistance Grants for Urbanized Areas; Grants 
for Training Programs; Formula Assistance Grants for Elderly 
Individuals and Individuals With Disabilities; Formula Assistance 
Grants for Nonurbanized Areas; Human Resource Grants; and Planning and 
Research Grants (formerly referenced as Sections 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11(a), 
16, 18, 20, or 26 of the Federal Transit Act, as amended, now codified 
at 49 U.S.C. chapter 53.)
    The certifications and assurances are set forth as Appendix A in 
this Notice, which thus serves as a comprehensive compilation of 
Federal certification and assurance requirements to date. This document 
will be re-published annually with any changes or additions 
specifically highlighted.
    This Notice also provides the grant applicant with a single 
Signature Page, allowing the grant applicant and its attorney to 
certify compliance with all of the certifications and assurances 
pertinent to any and all grants for which the grant applicant wishes to 
apply in fiscal year 1995, (see Appendix B.)
    In addition, FTA has introduced two new electronic programs for 
applicants. The On-Line Grantee Program is offered to applicants 
through the Grant Management Information System (GMIS). This is a 
computerized system designed to assist the grantee with the management 
of grant projects and budgets. All grant applicants are encouraged to 
participate in the On-Line Grantee Program, which includes the 
opportunity to electronically certify compliance for all certifications 
and assurances as shown in Appendix A. The Electronic Grant Making and 
Management Initiative (EGMM) is a new pilot program currently offered 
to selected grantees who will be able to actually apply for a grant 
electronically. Both programs are designed to aid FTA grant applicants 
by reducing time and paper. Applicants are asked to contact their 
Regional Office shown above for more information.


    In the past, applicants for FTA grants have submitted a variety of 
certifications and assurances with each application. Subsequently, an 
applicant was required to reaffirm compliance with the earlier 
certifications and assurances with a Statement of Continued Validity 
submitted with each application.
    With the publication of this Notice, certifications and assurances 
for Federal mass transportation assistance grants will for the first 
time be contained in one document. This marks the beginning of an 
effort to assist grant applicants in reducing time and paper work in 
certifying compliance with various Federal laws and regulations. It 
coincides with the pilot program for the Electronic Grant Making and 
Management Initiative and the On-Line Grantee Program described above, 
which will further reduce the time required to process a grant 
    In order to keep an applicant well informed of its responsibility 
to meet the requirements of Federal transit laws, and aware of changes, 
deletions or additions to those requirements, this compilation will be 
published annually in conjunction with the publication of the agency's 
annual apportionment Notice, which allocates funds in accordance with 
the latest annual appropriations act.
    This publication of certifications and assurances therefore 
supersedes the requirements of FTA Circular 9100.1B, dated July 1, 
1988, ``Standard Assurances for Urban Mass Transportation 
Administration Applications,'' which is being rescinded. Other affected 
Circulars will be revised accordingly. This publication also supersedes 
the requirement to submit the Statement of Continued Validity.


    Following this introductory material is a detailed compilation of 
Certifications and Assurances (Appendix A), which is followed by a 
Signature Page (Appendix B.) The Signature Page is to be signed by the 
grant applicant and its attorney and sent to the appropriate FTA 
Regional office by: (1) The first-quarter application submission date 
published in the fiscal year apportionment announcement; or (2) with 
the first grant application of the 1995 fiscal year.
    The Signature Page, when properly signed and submitted to the FTA, 
assures FTA the applicant intends to comply with the requirements for 
the specific program involved. Both sides of the Signature Page must be 
completed, first by marking where appropriate with an `X' on the 
category selection side, and then signifying compliance by signing the 
reverse side (see Appendix B.)
    In the event the grant applicant is a participant in the Electronic 
Grant Making and Management Initiative or the On-Line Grantee Program 
described above, submission of the Signature Page may be done 
electronically. The applicant is advised to consult with the 
appropriate Regional Office prior to submission.


    49 U.S.C. 5301 et seq., 42 U.S.C. 4151, Title VI and Title VII 
of the Civil Rights Act, FTA regulations under 49 CFR and FTA 

    Issued: October 5, 1994.
Gordon J. Linton,




















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