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[Notice 95-016]

Government-Owned Inventions; Available for Licensing

AGENCY: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

ACTION: Notice of availability of inventions for licensing.


SUMMARY: The inventions listed below are owned by the U.S. Government 
and are available for domestic, and possibly, foreign licensing.

    Copies of patent applications cited are available from the National 
Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA 22161. Requests for 
copies of patent applications must include the patent application 
serial number. Claims are deleted from the patent applications sold to 
avoid premature disclosure.

DATES: Date published in the Federal Register.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Harry Lupuloff, Director 
of Patent Licensing, Code GP, Washington, DC 20546, telephone (202) 
358-2041, fax (202) 358-4341.

Patent Application 08/332,188: A Method of Testing and Predicting 
Failures on an Electronic System;
    filed October 17, 1994
Patent Application 08/330,144: Method for Measuring Surface Shear 
Stress Magnitude & Direction Using Liquid Crystal Coating;
    filed October 20, 1994
Patent Application 08/332,173: Method and Apparatus for Producing 
Energy by Nuclear Fusion;
    filed October 31, 1994
Patent Application 08/317,443: Autonomous Navigation Apparatus for a 
Mobile Vehicle;
    filed October 4, 1994
Patent Application 08/328,762: Method and Apparatus for Improved 
Spatial Light Modulation;
    filed October 24, 1994
Patent Application 08/319,142: Vacuum Holding Fixture and Method for 
Fabricating Pieziekectruc Polymer Acoustic Sensors;
    filed October 4, 1994
Patent Application 08/320,622: Micro Heat Pipe Panels and Method for 
Producing Same;
    filed October 6, 1994
Patent Application 08/326,804: Piezoelectric Loud Speaker;
    filed October 11, 1994
Patent Application 08/323,943: Passive Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring 
Apparatus and Method with Enhanced Fetal Heart Beat Discrimination;
    filed October 13, 1994
Patent Application 08/000,000: A Device for Testing Cables;
    filed October 14, 1994
Patent Application 08/325,723: Joint for A Variable Geometry Truss and 
Method of Constructing Same;
    filed October 14, 1994
Patent Application 08/000,000: Method of Desulphurization of Gas 
Turbine Blades;
    filed October 17, 1994
Patent Application 08/327,061: Base Passive Porosity for Drag 
    filed October 19, 1994
Patent Application 08/000,000: Imide Oligomers Endcapped with 
Phenylethynyl Phthalic Anhydrides and Polymers Therefrom;
    filed October 28, 1994
Patent Application 08/000,000: Compact Solar Simulator with A Small 
Substense Angle and Controlled Magnification Optics;
    filed October 1, 1994
Patent Application 08/331,067: A Method and Apparatus for Producing a 
substrate with Secondary Emissions;
    filed October 26, 1994
Patent Application 08/331,067: A Method of Making a Nickel Fiber 
Electrode for a Nickel Based Battery System;
    filed October 27, 1994
Patent Application 08/328,947: Diamond Composite Films for Protective 
Coatings on Metals and Method of Formation;
    filed October 25, 1994
Patent Application 07/926,117: System for Determining Aero-Dynamic 
    filed August 7, 1992
Patent Application 08/061,401: Self-Generating Oscillating Pressure 
    filed May 13, 1993
Patent Application 08/061,401: Aircraft Maneuver Envelope Warning 
    filed March 16, 1993
Patent Application 07/949,199: Retroreflector Array for Precision Laser 
    filed September 30, 1992
Patent Application 08/008,424: Flex-Gears Power Transmission System;
    filed January 25, 1993
Patent Application 08/111,230: Optically Broadcasting Wind Direction 
    filed August 23, 1993
Patent Application 08/045,337: Airplane Take-Off and Landing 
Performance Monitoring System;
    filed April 6, 1993
Patent Application 07/988,082: Method and Apparatus for Detection and 
Control of Prelasing in a Q-Switched Laser;
    filed December 3, 1992
Patent Application 08/081,893: Pulsed Mode Cathode;
    filed June 25, 1993
Patent Application 08/033,512: Wavelength Division Multi-Plexed Optical 
Integrated With Vertical Diffraction Grating;
    filed March 17, 1993
Patent Application 08/020,813: Aberration Correction of Unstable 
    filed February 22, 1993.

    Dated: January 27, 1995.
Edward A. Frankle,
General Counsel.
[FR Doc. 95-2743 Filed 2-3-95; 8:45 am]