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Financial Assistance Award (Grant)

AGENCY: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

ACTION: Grant solicitation awards for laser fusion research 


SUMMARY: Pursuant to 10 CFR 600.15, the U.S. DOE announces that it 
plans to conduct a technically competitive solicitation for basic 
research experiments in high energy density and laser matter 
interaction studies at the National Laser Users' Facility (NLUF) 
located at the University of Rochester Laboratory for Laser Energetics 
(UR/LLE). Grant Solicitation No. DE-PS03-96SF20761. Universities or 
other higher education institutions, private sector not-for-profit 
organizations, or other entities are invited to submit grant 
applications. The total amount of funding expected to be available for 
the Fiscal Year 1996 (FY96) program cycle is $700,000. Multiple awards 
are anticipated.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: James H. Solomon, Contracting Officer, 
DOE Oakland Operations Office, 1301 Clay Street, Room 700N, Oakland, CA 
94612-5208, (510) 637-1865.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Interested parties can obtain a 3\1/2\'' 
computer floppy disk of the solicitation document by submitting a 
written request; specify WordPerfect 5.0 for DOS Microsoft Word 5.0 for 
Macintosh. The solicitation document contains all the information 
relative to this action for prospective applicants. The solicitation is 
targeted for release in June 1995.
    The actual work to be accomplished will be determined by the 
experiments and diagnostic techniques that are selected for award. 
Proposed experiments and diagnostic techniques will be evaluated 
through scientific peer review against predetermined, published and 
available criteria. Final selection will be made by the DOE. It is 
anticipated that multiple grant will be awarded within available 
funding. The Unique resources of the NLUF are available to scientists 
for state-of-the-art experiments primarily in the area of interial 
confinement fusion (ICF) and related plasma physics. Other areas such 
as spectroscopy of highly ionized atoms, laboratory astrophysics, 
fundamental physics, materials science, and biology and chemistry will 
be considered on a secondary basis.
    The LLE was established in 1970 to investigate the interaction of 
high power lasers with matter. Available at the LLE for NLUF 
researchers is the upgraded OMEGA LASER, a 30 kJ UV 60 beam laser 
system (at 0.35 um) suitable for direct-drive ICF implosions, and the 
Glass Development Laser (GDL), a 1 trillion watt, single beam prototype 
for the OMEGA (at 0.35um). The systems are suitable for a variety of 
experiments including laser-plasma interactions and atomic 
spectroscopy. The NLUF program for FY96 is to concentrate on 
experiments that can be done with the OMEGA laser at the University of 
Rochester and development of diagnostic techniques suitable for the 
OMEGA system. Measurements of the laser coupling, laser-plasma 
interactions, core temperature, and core density are needed to 
determine the characteristics of the target implosions. Diagnostic 
techniques could include either new instrumentation, development of 
analysis tools, or development of targets that are applicable for 30 kJ 
implosions. [[Page 32001]] Additional information about the facilities 
and potential collaboration at the NLUF can be obtained from: Dr. James 
Knauer, Manager, National Laser User's Facility, University of 
Rochester/LLE, 250 East River Road, Rochester, NY 14623.

    Issued in Oakland, CA May 23, 1995.
Joan Macrusky,
Chief, Financial Assistance Branch, Program Acquisition and Assistance 
[FR Doc. 95-14914 Filed 6-16-95; 8:45 am]