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Federal Aviation Administration

Notice of Intent To Request Renewal from the Office of Management 
and Budget (OMB) of Current Public Collections of Information

AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT.

ACTION: Notice of Intent to Renew 13 Currently Approved Public 
Information Collection Activities.


SUMMARY: Under the provisions of the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, 
and 5 CFR part 1320, Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements, the FAA 
invites public comment on 13 currently approved public information 
collections being submitted to OMB for renewal.

DATES: Comments must be received on or before September 3, 1996.

ADDRESSES: Comments on any of these collections may be mailed or 
delivered in duplicate to the FAA at the following address: Ms. Judith 
Street, Federal Aviation Administration, Corporate Information 
Division, ABC-100, 800 Independence Ave., SW., Washington, DC 20591.

Ms. Judith Street at the above address or on (202) 267-9895.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The FAA solicits comments on any of the 
current collections of information in order to: Evaluate the necessity 
of the collection; the accuracy of the agency's estimate of the burden; 
the quality, utility, and clarity of the information to be collected; 
and possible ways to minimize the burden of the collection.
    Following are short synopses of the 13 currently approved public 
information collection activities which will be submitted to OMB for 
review and approval.
    1. 2120-0007, Flight Engineers and Flight Navigators--FAR 63. The 
respondents are 2,881 airmen. The estimated total annual burden is 
25,420 hours. Abstract: FAA Act of 1958, Section 602 and 607 authorize 
issuance of airmen certificates and provide for examination and rating 
of flying schools. FAR 63 prescribes requirements for flight navigator 
certification and training course requirements for these airmen. 
Information collected is used to determine certification eligibility.
    2. 2120-0014, Procedures for Non-Federal Navigation Facilities--FAR 
171. The respondents are 2,398 facilities sponsors. The estimated total 
annual burden is 20,792 hours. Abstract: The non-Federal navigation 
facilities are aids to air navigation which are purchased, installed 
operated and maintained by a public entity other than the FAA and are 
available for use by the flying public. Navigation aids may be located 
at unattended remote enrollee sites or at manned airport terminal 
    3. 2120-0015, FAA Airport Master Record. The respondents are 14,000 
civil airports. The estimated total annual burden is 4,375 hours. 
Abstract: The FAA Act of 1958 directs the FAA to collect and 
disseminate information about civil aeronautics. The information is 
required to carry out FAA missions related to safety, forecasting, and 
airport engineering. The data is the basic source of data for private, 
state, Federal and governmental aeronautical charts and publications.
    4. 2120-0025, Crewmember Certificate Application. The respondents 
are aircrew members that need to be cleared to enter foreign countries. 
There are 1,401 aircrew members in this category. The estimated total 
annual burden is 165 hours. Abstract: FAA Act of 1958, Section 602 
authorizes the issuance of airmen certificates. 14 CFR parts 121 and 
135 prescribes requirements for crewmember certification. Information 
collected is used to determine applicant eligibility.
    5. 2120-0026, Flight Plans (Domestic/International). The 
respondents are 682,959 flight plans. The estimated total annual burden 
is 268,408 hours. Abstract: Federal Aviation Act of 1958, Section 307 
(49 U.S.C. 1348) authorized regulations governing the flight of 
aircraft. 14 CFR 91 prescribes requirements for filing domestic and 
international flight plans. Information is collected to provide 
protection to aircraft in flight and persons/property on the ground.
    6. 2120-0039, Air Carriers/Commercial Operators--FAR 135. The 
respondents are an estimated 3,760 air carriers and commercial 
operators. The estimated total annual burden is 347,772 hours. 
Abstract: The FAA Act of 1958, Section 604 (49 U.S.C. 1424), authorizes 
the issuance of air carriers operating certificates. 14 CFR part 135 
prescribes requirement for air carriers/commercial operators. 
Information collected shows compliance and applicant eligibility.
    7. 2120-0044, Rotorcraft External Load Operator Certificate 
Application--FAR 133. The respondents are an estimated 400 Rotorcraft 
External Load Operators. The estimated total annual burden is 3,268 
hours. Abstract: 14 CFR prescribes certification requirements for 
rotorcraft external load operations. Information is collected from 

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for initial and renewal certification as a Rotorcraft External Load 
Operator, or from currently certified operators adding additional 
aircraft or equipment.
    8. 2120-0060, General Aviation and Air Taxi Activity and Avionics 
Survey. The respondents are 19,000 commuter air carriers. The estimated 
total annual burden is 4,750 hours. Abstract: The survey is to collect 
information on the use and the characteristics of general aviation and 
air taxi aircraft. The data is used by the FAA in safety study, 
regulatory changes and formulating long-term programs and policies.
    9. 2120-0535, Anti-Drug Program for Personnel Engaged in Specified 
Aviation Activities. The respondents are 6,076 specified aviation 
employers. The estimated total annual burden is 100,276 hours. 
Abstract: Federal Aviation Regulations require specified aviation 
employers to implement and conduct FAA-Approved anti-drug plans. They 
monitor program compliance, institute program improvements, and 
anticipate program problem areas. The FAA receives drug test reports 
from the aviation industry. More detailed and specific information is 
necessary to effectively manage the anti-drug program.
    10. 2120-0543, Pilots Convicted of Alcohol or Drug Related Motor 
Vehicle Offenses or Subject to State Motor Vehicle Administrative 
Procedures. The respondents are 2184 pilots who have been/will be 
convicted of a drug- or alcohol-related traffic violation. The 
estimated annual burden is 364 hours. Abstract: The requested 
information (1) is needed to mitigate potential hazards presented by 
airmen using alcohol or drugs in flight, (2) is used to identify 
persons possibly unsuitable for pilot certification, and (3) affects 
those pilots who will be convicted of a drug- or alcohol related 
traffic violation.
    11. 2120-0575, Airworthiness Standards, Occupant Protection 
Standards for Commuter Category Airplanes. The respondents are 5 
manufacturers of seat cushions. The estimated total annual burden is 3 
hours. Abstract: The information collected will be a record of the test 
results on seat cushion flammability. The tests will be performed by 
manufacturers of seat cushions and will become a part of the type 
certification basis for the airplane.
    12. 2120-0577, Explosives Detection Systems Certification Testing. 
The respondent is the manufacturer of explosive detection systems. The 
estimated total annual burden is 1,502 hours. Abstract: Pub. L. 101-604 
requires the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration to 
certify explosives detection systems, pursuant to protocols developed 
outside the agency, prior to mandating their use. The information 
required is necessary for the FAA to perform the certification testing 
on systems submitted by manufacturers.
    13. 2120-0578, Training and Checking in Ground Icing Conditions. 
The respondents are 2175 air carriers. The estimated total annual 
burden is 87,000 hours. Abstract: The required collection that 
respondents must prepare and submit to the FAA contains those airplane 
ground deicing/anti-icing policies and procedures that ensure the 
highest level of safety during icing conditions. All Part 125 and 135 
air carriers are effected.

    Issued in Washington, DC., on June 26, 1996.
Steve Hopkins,
Manager, Corporate Information Division, ABC-100.
[FR Doc. 96-17042 Filed 7-2-96; 8:45 am]