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Bureau of Land Management

Notice of Public Scoping Meetings Regarding Management Plan of 
Black Rock Desert; Nevada, California

AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, Interior.

ACTION: Notice of intent and scoping period.


SUMMARY: To prepare for the development of a Black Rock region 
management plan, a series of public scoping meetings will be held in 
July, 1997. These meetings will be conducted as workshops so that BLM 
and the concerned public can analyze the many varied issues of the 
Black Rock Desert region, leading to development of various management 
alternatives for the resources. These resources include lengthy, 
pristine sections of the Applegate/Lassen, Noble and Fremont National 
Historic Trails, related hot springs, private property, visual 
settings, the Playa and its edge or transition areas, distinctive plant 
and animal habitats, and mineral potential. Plan goals include (1) 
Managing the varied resources while providing for a wide range of 
dispersed recreational activities and opportunities in a prudent 
manner; (2) Providing economic opportunities and other human values 
within a sustainable, healthy ecosystem.

DATES: See Supplementary Information section for meeting dates and 
locations. All comments must be submitted in writing and postmarked no 
later than August 14, 1997.

ADDRESSES: Comments should be addressed to Ron Wenker, District 
Manager, Winnemucca Field Office,

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5100 E. Winnemucca Blvd., Winnemucca, Nevada 89445.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mike Bilbo or Lynn Clemons, Outdoor 
Recreation Planners, at the above Winnemucca Field Office address or 
telephone (702) 623-1500.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: In 1994 the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), 
Winnemucca District, began developing a management plan for the Black 
Rock/High Rock Canyon region of Northwestern Nevada. Due to internal 
BLM reorganization and other priorities, the planning process was 
delayed. With increased public use in the region, both casual and 
permitted, and possible resulting impacts to natural and cultural 
resources, it has become paramount to bring the planning effort back to 
the forefront and continue this initiative to completion. The initial 
1994 scoping was conducted by mail to gain a sense of the many varied 
issues in the region.
    The upcoming public meetings may also result in identification of 
new issues or concerns. Based on the initial 1994 scoping, BLM 
interdisciplinary team meetings, and public comments received since 
that time, several issues were identified, including the following: 
condition of national historic trail segments and hot springs impacted 
by off-road/off-highway vehicles and camping, increase in large-scale 
events and commercial and non-commercial activities, lack of 
appropriate facilities and interpretive means for public education and 
resource protection, appropriate visual resource management, and the 
best ways to involve interested parties, local governments, groups and 
individuals in region use and management. The Black Rock Desert 
Management Plan will also be developed as an environmental assessment, 
and may lead to Paradise-Denio and Sonoma-Gerlach Management Framework 
Plans (MFPs) amendments. These MFPs are the land use plans for the BLM 
in Winnemucca.
    Meetings: The meetings will last from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. They will 
be held on the following dates:
    July 8, 1997--Yosemite Conference Room, Red Lion Inn, 1401 Arden 
Way, Sacramento, California;
    July 9, 1997--Conference Room B, BLM State Office, 850 Harvard Way, 
Reno, Nevada;
    July 10, 1997--Gerlach Community Center, 410 Cottonwood Street, 
Gerlach, Nevada;
    July 11, 1997--Pershing County Community Center, 820 Sixth Street, 
Lovelock, Nevada; and
    July 14, 1997--BLM Surprise Resource Area Office, 602 Cressler 
Street, Cedarville, California.

    Dated: June 24, 1997.
Ron Wenker,
District Manager.
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