[Federal Register Volume 63, Number 150 (Wednesday, August 5, 1998)]
[Pages 41816-41817]
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[FR Doc No: 98-20854]



Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Notice of Amendment of License

July 30, 1998.
    Take notice that the following hydroelectric application has been 
filed with the Commission and is available for public inspection:
    a. Type of Application: Amendment of License.
    b. Project No: 346-033.
    c. Date Filed: July 20, 1998.
    d. Applicant: Minnesota Power, Incorporated.
    e. Name of Project: Minnesota Blanchard Project.
    f. Location: Morrison County, Royalton, Minnesota.
    g. Filed Pursuant to: Federal Power Act, 16 U.S.C. Section 791(a)-
    h. Applicant Contact: Mr. John A. Niemela P.E., Minnesota Power, 
Incorporated, 30 West Superior Street, Duluth, Minnesota 55802 (218) 
722-5642, extension 3329.
    i. FERC Contact: Doan Pham, (202) 219-2851.
    j. Comment Date: September 18, 1998.
    k. Description of the Filing: The licensee filed an application to 
amend the license to remove from the project boundary, about 1, 831.59 
acres of private property and 103.27 acres of fee-owned property, 
located along the Mississippi River, about 8.5 river miles upstream and 
0.8 river mile downstream of the Blanchard Dam. The licensee indicates 
these properties are not necessary for project operation and 
maintenance, do not have any value with regard to environmental 
resources enhancement, and are subject to adequate local zoning and 
land use regulation by the local government agencies.
    l. This notice also consists of the following standard paragraphs: 
B, C1, and D2.
    B. Comments, Protests, or Motions to Intervene--Anyone may submit 
comments, a protest, or a motion to intervene in accordance with the 
requirements of Rules of Practice and Procedure, 18 CFR 385.210, .211, 
.214. In determining the appropriate action to take, the Commission 
will consider all protests or other comments filed, but only those who 
file a motion to intervene in accordance with the Commission's Rules 
may become a party to the proceeding. Any comments, protests, or 
motions to intervene must be received on or before the specified 
comment date for the particular application.
    C1. Filing and Service of Responsive Documents--Any filings must 
bear in all capital letters the title ``COMMENTS'', ``RECOMMENDATIONS 
applicable, and the Project Number of the particular application to 
which the filing refers. Any of the above-named documents must be filed 
by providing the original and the number of copies

[[Page 41817]]

provided by the Commission's regulations to: The Secretary, Federal 
Energy Regulatory Commission, 888 First Street, N.E., Washington, D.C. 
20426. A copy of any motion to intervene must also be served upon each 
representative of the Applicant specified in the particular 
    D2. Agency Comments--Federal, state, and local agencies are invited 
to file comments on the described application. A copy of the 
application may be obtained by agencies directly from the Applicant. If 
an agency does not file comments within the time specified for filing 
comments, it will be presumed to have no comments. One copy of an 
Agency's comments must also be sent to the Applicant's representatives.
David P. Boergers,
Acting Secretary.
[FR Doc. 98-20854 Filed 8-4-98; 8:45 am]