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Environmental Impact Statements; Notice of Availability

    Responsible Agency: Office of Federal Activities, General 
Information (202) 564-7167 OR (202) 564-7153.

Weekly Receipt of Environmental Impact Statements Filed August 10, 
1998 Through August 14, 1998 Pursuant to 40 CFR 1506.9

EIS No. 980312, Revised Draft EIS, AFS, AK, Port Houghton/Cape Fanshaw 
Timber Harvest Sale Project, Implementation, Revision to Tongass 
National Forest Land Management Plan, Tongass National Forest, Chatham 
and Stikine Area, South of Juneau, AK, Due: October 16, 1998, Contact: 
Tom Parker (907) 772-5974.
EIS No. 980313, Draft EIS, AFS, ID, Spruce Moose and Moose Lake Right-
of-Way Analysis Area, Implementation, Timber Harvesting, Road 
Construction, Reforestation and Watershed Restoration, Clearwater 
National Forest, Lochsa Ranger District, Idaho County, ID, Due: October 
05, 1998, Contact: Ken Hotchkiss (208) 942-3113.
EIS No. 980314, Final EIS, JUS, WV, Federal Correctional Institution 
near the City of Glenville, Construction and Operation, Gilmer County, 
WV, Due: September 21, 1998, Contact: David J. Dorworth (202) 514-6470.
EIS No. 980315, Draft EIS, COE, MN, ND, East Grand Forks, Minnesota and 
Grand Forks, North Dakota Flood Control and Flood Protection, Red River 
Basin, MN and ND, Due: October 05, 1998, Contact: Robert J. Whiting 
(651) 290-5264.
EIS No. 980316, Draft EIS, COE, TX, NM, MN, Programatic--Fort Bliss 
Mission and Real Property Master Plan, Revised Land Use and Enhance 
Management of the Land, Airspace and Infrastructure, El Paso County, TX 
and Dona Ana and Otero Counties, NM, Due: October 05, 1998, Contact: 
Vicki Hamilton (915) 568-2774.
EIS No. 980317, Draft EIS, USA, AZ, Yuma Proving Ground Multipurpose 
Installation, Diversification of Mission and Changes to Land Use, NPDES 
General Permit and COE Section 404 Permit, Yuma and La Pas Counties, 
AZ, Due: October 05, 1998, Contact: Tracey Epperley (520) 328-2148.
EIS No. 980318, Draft EIS, NPS, PA, Gettysburg National Military Park, 
General Management Plan, Implementation, Develop a Partnership with the 
Gettysburg National Battlefield Museum Foundation, Gettysburg, PA , 
Due: October 19, 1998, Contact: John Latschar (717) 334-1124.
EIS No. 980319, Draft EIS, DOA, OK, Double Creek Watershed Plan, 
Implementation, Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention, National 
Economic Development (NED), Town of Ramona, Washington and Osage 
Counties, OK, Due: October 05, 1998, Contact: Ronnie L. Clark (405) 

Amended Notices

EIS No. 980309, Draft EIS, NPS, OR, MO, IL, NB, WY, CA, IA, KS, CO, ID, 
WA, NV, UT, Oregon, California, Moron Pioneer and Pony Express National 
Historic Trails, Implementation, Comprehensive Management and Use Plan, 
OR, CA, MO, IA, IL, KS, NB, CO, WY, ID, WA, UT and NV, Due: October 19, 
1998, Contact: Jerry Krakow (801) 539-4094.

    The notice for the above DEIS should have appeared in the 8/14/98 
Federal Register. The 45 day Comment Period is calculated from 8/14/98.

EIS No. 980311, Final EIS, COE, CA, Santa Rosa Subregional Long-Term 
Wastewater Project, Implementation, Reclaimed Water Disposal from the 
Laguna Wastewater Treatment Plant, COE Section 10 and 404 Permits, 
Sonoma County, CA, Due: September 14, 1998, Contact: Liz Varnhagen 
(415) 977-8451.

    The notices for the above FEIS should have appeared in the 8/14/98 
Federal Register. The 30 day Comment Period is calculated from 8/14/98.

    Dated: August 18, 1998.
William D. Dickerson,
Director, NEPA Compliance Division Office of Federal Activities.
[FR Doc. 98-22557 Filed 8-20-98; 8:45 am]