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Coast Guard

Agency Information Collection Activities Under OMB Review

AGENCY: Coast Guard, DOT.

ACTION: Request for comments.


SUMMARY: In compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, this 
notice announces that the Information Collection Reports (ICRs) 
abstracted below have been forwarded to the Office of Management and 
Budget (OMB) for review and comment. The ICRs describe the nature of 
the information collections and their expected burden. The Federal 
Register Notice with a 60-day comment period soliciting comments on the 
following collections of information was published on February 5, 1999 
(64 FR 5851). The Coast Guard received no comments on that notice.

DATES: Comments must be submitted on or before June 2, 1999.

ADDRESSES: Send comments to the Office of Information and Regulatory 
Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, 725-17th Street, NW, 
Washington, DC 20503, Attention USCG Desk Officer.
    Copies of the complete Information Collection Requests are 
available in the public docket USCG-1999-5042 on the Internet at 
http:dms.dot.gov and also from Commandant (G-SII-2), U.S. Coast Guard 
Headquarters, room 6106, (Attn: Barbara Davis), 2100 2nd Street, SW., 
Washington, DC 20593-0001. The telephone number is 202-267-2326.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Barbara Davis, Office of Information 
Management, 202-267-2326, for questions on this document. Documents as 
indicated in this notice are available for inspection or copying at the 
Docket Management Facility, U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), 
room PL-401, 400 Seventh Street SW., Washington, DC 20590-001, between 
10 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays. The 
telephone number is 202-366-9329. You may also electronically access 
the public docket for this notice on the Internet at http://
dms.gov.gov. For questions on viewing material in the docket, contact 
Dorothy Walker, Chief, Dockets, Department of Transportation, telephone 


Request for Comments

    The Coast Guard requests comments on the purposed collection of 
information to determine whether it is necessary for the proper 
performance of the functions of the Department, including: (1) its 
practical utility; (2) the accuracy of the Department's estimated 
burden of the proposed information collection; (3) ways to enhance the 
quality, utility and clarity of the information to be collected; and 
(4) ways to minimize the burden of the collection of information on 
respondents, including the use of automated collection techniques or 
other forms of information technology.
    A comment to OMB is best assured of having its full effect if OMB 
receives it within 30 days of publication.

Information Collection Requests

    Title: Tank Vessel Examination Letter (CG-840S-1 & 2) Certificate 
of Compliance, Boiler/Pressure Vessel Repairs, Cargo Gear Records, and 
Shipping Papers.
    OMB Control Number: 2115-0504.
    Type of Request: Extension of currently approved collection.
    Affected Public: Vessel owners and operators.
    Form(s): CG-840S-1 and CG-840S-2.
    Abstract: The requirements for reporting Boiler/Pressure/Valve 
Repairs, maintaining Cargo Gear Records, and Shipping Papers, issuing 
Certificate of Compliance and Tank Vessel Examination Letters provide 
the marine inspector with available information on the condition of a 
vessel and its equipment. It also contains information on the vessel 
owner and lists the type and amount of cargo that has been or is being 
transported. These requirements all relate to the promotion of safety 
of life at sea and protection of the marine environment.
    Annual Estimated Burden Hours: 21, 531.

    Title: Self-propelled Liquefied Gas Vessels.
    OMB Control Number: 2115-0113.
    Type of request: Extension of currently approved collection.
    Affected Public: Vessel owners and operators.
    Form(s): N/A.
    Abstract: The reporting and recordkeeping requirements are needed 
to ensure compliance with U.S. regulations for the design and operation 
of liquefied gas carriers. The regulations also address cargo 
operations, handling and safety.
    Annual Estimated Burden Hours: 4,070.

    Title: Instructional Material for Lifesaving, Fire Protection and 
Emergency Equipment.
    OMB Control Number: 2115-0576.
    Type of Request: Extension of currently approved collection.
    Affected Public: Equipment manufacturers.
    Form(s): N/A.
    Abstract: Manufacturers are required to produce instructional 
materials for vessel operators on lifesaving, fire protection, and 
emergency equipment. The material is used during training sessions and 
    Annual Estimated Burden Hours: 8,512.

    Title: Alternate Compliance Program--Record of Inspections.
    OMB Control Number: 2115-0626.
    Type of Request: Extension of currently approved collection.
    Affected Public: Classification societies.
    Form(s): N/A.
    Abstract: Information for this report is only collected when an 
owner or operator of an inspected vessel voluntarily decides to 
participate in the U.S. Coast Guard's Alternate Compliance Program. The 
information collected will be used to assess compliance prior to 
issuance of a Certificate of Inspection.
    Annual Estimated Burden Hours: 190.

    Title: Requirements for Lightering of Oil and Hazardous Material 
    OMB Control Number: 2115-0539.
    Type of Request: Extension of currently approved collection.
    Affected Public: Vessel owners and operators.
    Form(s): N/A.
    Abstract: The information for this report allows crew members of 
U.S. vessels to provide proper and timely response to an emergency, to 
minimize personnel injuries or deaths and prevent environmental damage 
from an oil or hazardous material spill. The information is used during 
training sessions and during emergencies.
    Annual Estimated Burden Hours: 315.

    Issued in Washington, DC on April 19, 1999.
G.N. Naccara,
Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard, Director of Information and Technology.
[FR Doc. 99-10994 Filed 4-30-99; 8:45 am]